ZRA Part 2 5-23-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, May 23rd
Steve Goldstein, NHL on ESPN, Chalmers gets called out

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So now you'll be the first incident when a thousand dollars that's you wanna start off fuel Wednesday the legendary coach the canes baseball team is Jim Moore is. He's in his last season do you eat your greens being sold right here on the ticket including the team's run in the ACC tournament they're gonna play tomorrow night against Clemson and seven and when he carried a game right here on 790 the ticket. You detects in the show's 67974. Techs are right senior ESP answer buyback hockey F the USC if you missed a few hours ago. The it's being reported that ESPN is reaching multi year five year agreement with the US cease and now take in the writes from fox. Obviously every month it's about every month USC has their paper views. That's not gonna change. But you see they USC on on FS is long and FS 20 USC on fox that that's Emery. So wall Finn and Alfred of those still is it once a month maybe once every other month. Yes once among but I have I have read of their own that they are. The and then a cut back a couple of interviews so so ESPN it's gonna get about thirty cards a year okay which and that's. We're talk in that that's every that we were talking about there that's how often they're gonna have cards. On ESPN or at least one ESPN platforms it's included is that it feels like did you see if not every week at least every two weeks that's really cool that's immediately came across yesterday. But what techsters talked about there late. I mean. Hockey must feel like well yes it. What he want me like Will Smith lake what it's like fresh prince man in the room all lions. He want me well we only want me. Once hockey David gopher hockey after not I don't know I don't know I would say what if. Basketball on point 2% growth over last year what was hockey's growth. He's. Rains brought. I think jockeys at U of c.'s ratings are down. Absorbed by the there's rumors that this this past by area this past car with the men and as the on the go all the public Pennington. Was the lowest since then in a decade it was 85000 buys it and done under a 100000 by the never do under under under bill lie is that. Tests is that we just don't want to amend and in his wrist rocket openings and real problem with passport manly if it's not Connor McGregor you'll want to hear it's been run lousy people. It's not that's that's why they're gonna pay all or they have paid whenever the deals of Brock lesser I don't know what is that that's why they're paying Brock Lesnar wouldn't pay him. Common flight all wants a really why is that why is the lesser skilled. Freak of nature fight sell more than a very skilled 150 pound. Jujitsu personalities like will what is the deal as an export. Because it's a niche sport and the only way to draw all in the casual fan is that the big name in here is ours would you want but I just like every sport you wanna what's the best. Why would you not want to watch the best when it comes to USC because they say it to niche sports. You know who or the people who actually on like mortal watching the best for the people actually understand. Mixed martial arts. You know like I like what's new steel to understand. Mixed martial arts is debatable if okay yeah CIC. That's a plate. Of readable okay is the best leave out give myself I understand what I'm watching a if you want to fly when the walks like three minutes of being on the ground and two minutes of pummeling. You're Muehlegg who wants sort tremendously down there it's fresher in the world because it mixed martial arts I would say that talent ray is probably better than it's ever been running high level striking guys in room with a crazy kicks. But I don't think that's how. How would an adult and how much is made an arsenal are everybody's craft is now you know you can't just go in there is a stand up guy you can go in there is just like judo jujitsu got a guy and it's more man can't be judo guys got to be you know you be pretty well rounded. It is like an every sport every sport benefits from having stars with a lot of exposure mean ESP and just came out with bad. List of the most famous athletes in the world there wasn't a single baseball player on the out list I honestly and of the popularity. Of the sport verses basketball there was a bunch of ask what players on the list I'm just saying Aslan has a better job in Paterson. Arnaz who watch the Basque name because of that freaky ugly looking bug Donna rich is playing now. But you'll tune into what you have seen fight if there's a Bob Sapp got its 400 pounds of the monster or some kind of sumo wrestler that's gonna tries. And and and and fighting you know it's it's weird to me it's just different. They are giving up you don't thousand dollars start out your day. Tech support jelly. To 72881. Tickets WTF wind thousands free contests you de Soto with a thousand dollars next as we don't the next hour. The national contest message and data rates may apply don't text and drive. These kids WT XY AM South Miami. And W except that each each O'Meara monitor. Mention we have a huge sports network talked Steve Goldstein about twenty minutes from now. He is we just days recover and how boy he just got done doing the Western Conference series okay Winnipeg and and Vegas and I believe he is doing the Stanley Cup final as well so no. Did he says yes of Vegas is Satan they're waiting for the winner of tonight's game seven. Washington and and Tampa soul will talk to maybe older about that Vegas club. About twenty minutes from now. The Marlins defeated the match yesterday five to one. X Kalin with. Was on the mound to give up. A run on three hits striking out eight X series wraps up tonight 7:10 PM first pets rubber rubber match huge. Game. Western Conference finals is now even at two games apiece. The racket to beat the warriors 95 to 92 years and decidedly. Ball don't look now that's up top Eric Gordon put the FDA not to sit down net suppliers. Of other dark shot green. Put three or third to the gate of the rockets developed by the. That's a great team last quarter and that's a great name did you keep calling guy that when you have the squash rumors are ever set a record that spin flashlight or disease slash name Gordon when you that was only three maiden name. Well and he's good you really do Roger overall that's ads have core rate nickname that's they call him up there on out there that you know. Eric Gordon was four of fourteen last night and I thought he was enormous for use in. It's not very often got is not shoot well. And make amber city was one of eight from three yesterday I was only make and it won his big make a timely OK in the first quarter. Cooled seats just swelled to not an air according got a couple baskets or drives at the hoop. Trying com things Alley wasn't hard and it wasn't all they both got off to very slow starts in the first quarter. And Eric Cornett a cult basket started to get things going a little bit settled everything down until hardy and really got going. In the second quarter and then that three point basket you heard right there and made from a two point game two of five point game of about. Three minutes left and forgot who did not shoot well last night I don't air recorded and played a very very big role for that team last night. Another guy who's gonna go on side by Gerald Green German eleven minutes last night I thought he was huge okay. Beginning in the fourth quarter a couple of defensive possessions and I'd Joseph Greene was. Excellent and you know mustering good because Goldstein had just twelve points in the fourth quarter I'd I'd Jo green and dental rip picked job last night. And Chris Paul man. Crisp all that fourth quarter. He had a huge three point or wood about four minutes left in the game I think he had done two other baskets in the fourth quarter as well hardened into any support. But Chris Paul I a was so good in that fourth quarter last night's. Those three guys are there by the we're just enormous for Houston. Since you're about expose some guys on a roster did you see the WSVN exposed Mario Chalmers line ask. So here's what happened OK explain to me what happened a couple of days ago. Dwyane Wade it was noted by a by Dave McManaman. From ESPN Cleveland that Dewayne wade. He has and any side by LeBron James except that when when they're done playing or when he's dumb blank he wants LeBron to sign the infamous picture. Where Dewayne is looking away when his arms out and LeBron is behind him. And he's slamming it down it was a game in Milwaukee in in the first year they were together. I have that picture. Framed in my in my whole champions in my in my home. I had that picture. And weighed a subtle quote wade will what my plugging it tickled my house sort of how champion that's putting your whole champions humble brag so wade said when he requires. That he wants LeBron to sign that picture for him and he's going to hang up in his home which is very cool. Ands. This is an answer lamppost. And Mario Chalmers. Responded on the NC Graham post something to the effect of this play never what happens without my steel rights or something like that. He stole the ball it would have began without me you're pumping again right right really beyond typical marrow choppers fashion so Steve Shapiro. WSVN seven you'll be like seizure free order roasters toaster I like him. He has a picture by the way he is a legendary. South Florida. In the new South Florida sports anchor legendary okay. And he he got back to his roots. It'll investigative journalism. In regards this claim. By Mario Chalmers here is a report from WSE and seven. We don't do often but this is investigative. Journalism. Looking into a claim from a former Miami Heat player. Dwyane Wade wants LeBron James to sign a copy of this photo wade made the pass the run made the dunk. In the 2010 season teammate Mario Chalmers commented saying the play comes off one of his skills we found. On the flag at Milwaukee starts off our rebound by the way they've dished back to LeBron for the slam. Charmer is not even on the court there and standing next and then the pinch waving his hand in the year. Henry out. You've been busted. It's perhaps the most Mario Chalmers player ever. Me what I see hints for the air for making those claims are no. Yes that's his deal he caught us dollars markets you know and there was the Big Three right. He doesn't think the third is bosh. He thinks it was a it's it's it's the most Mario Chalmers play ever. And it com is when he's not even blank he still doubting or he was on embryo unions. In surround story in today's notion was calling him a little brother until it's in my willbros here and she was working out Mario Chalmers DNC gem. I felt so good from Mario Chalmers are in the playoffs and they should the players this year when he was at the game news that the heat team. And they showed him on the big screen and he got a very big ovation. And and and you know Mario Chalmers really appreciates that in the punch him I go yeah I I felt really good for like the crowd did him rites and I felt really good for Marriott commerce in that moment. But man that that is the most Mario Chalmers moments ever. Where taking credits for starting at one of the most infamous. One of the most iconic plays. The Big Three air. And not only was he not involved in the play he was not on the ports. So yellow hats off to Steve Shapiro local legend go back to his roots still investigative journalism. And snuffed out Rio. Line out there there was vigorous re able to find anything on fox sports campaign for analyst soccer. Re able to find anything to roots roots I'll root for your roots in now I have found a commercial. Can't wait to hear I mean unbelievable. Root for your reports root root root for your roots. Does make you take massive ball you know they made it this way it was. Out. Today's game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals tip off from TD garden and set for 8:30 PM me in here and I came right here on 790 the ticket Roberts starts at 730. LeBron is upset that he's kennel. He went on a rant when a reporter told him that the LA show. That he's the slowest player by pace in the playoffs. It's game is slowing down as he gets older because after all LeBron James is apparently human. Ron was not happy there here he won on an expletive ridden rate here's. So and I can't. So is he not going to age gracefully LeBron James to give me he's gonna have a hard very hard time aging seems like all I'd go this. Well that's the dumbest believe I've ever heard that tracking bleed can kiss my ass slowest guy get out of here Telus track got tired and after the game track that belief. Number one in the NBA and how tired and after the game and quotes. A deal idea of your number one on. Hired. Any Hitler tired than 25 girls that probably journal it really is tired more tired than. And some of these young guys who are out on the floor of senate that is why he plays slower it's why he needs to take a breath every odds on user evil man. You guys are evil born after this guy like isn't are in the world after the ride is an immoral battle and but you do your games out of baton. I think are getting upset that there are questioning his his age and his ability due to no one's questioning snacks. There's no questioning so and so did excellent Arabic brought her to light the Rodgers got back up he couldn't handle. To be about to happen that guys are unbelievable. Oh please if he's not the fastest person in the game and why do he's the best personally when you it doesn't need it doesn't personally it was nobody cares and why bring that to visit and all this is a credit and professional athlete and Robert get dealt salty easy doesn't it's like to eat in the press the last stupid media but why why even if it doesn't matter why bring that to his attention and it's mutilate the values that he was the fastest player. You disclose only bring up the good the statistics and analytics. To assess your game. Oslo fingered judges came scored 44 points up to winning an unbelievable basketball game let's go ahead bring to attention the fact that he's old and slowing down. That's insulting about this. If it anything at any impressive. That he's able to slow the game down and still be the most dominant player if anything it's it's super and precedent now and that's like on a guy that he's really really good in bed but he does 58 minutes of one thing and only two minutes of the other press that it's like super present lasted an hour that's very impressed by the heat made it to the other thing. Don't think all the IRM two good minutes in sixty bad. The dolphins are routier's continued today it'll be open for reporters Ryan ten will will speak to the media for the first time in his. Injuries voices change a long time might get a little deeper and her from. Nobody's gonna do and really this is Allah glaze Campbell on a good Mets. I'm waiting to see Woody's gonna say aren't I saw I saw a lot cool footage of Saddam from the first OTAs so Sundays or get down into yellen has some linemen. Don't linemen drills in the bank and stuff Tom. Are my my whole attention this season right now is going to be unranked and oh pre season wow there is too. But just. Everybody keeps talking whatever position but the one position that matters. Nobody's really discussed how the help of rank and there's nobody knows what it's Saturday it's why is it offends me. Is that the Dalton doodle worst team in the NFL. Not many teams are gaining major improvement a quarterback all that one will worst team. And sesame. All of the they've lost it's they lost great leader and a horrible clearly had the zen I mean that's the problem I'd rather you're on the quarterback but you're going from very bad. You mediocre arguably at quarterback and at those other positions you went from very good to question mark. I'd rather lose Pro Bowl players at not as important positions and gaining huge improvement and the most important position it's. Ports. I'll take it but it's also a huge improvement though because how bad yep. Take Butler yeah that's not that doesn't doesn't really speak well for. Adults and that just speaks to help they work. But should make in the worst team in the league and mean it's sounding an improved to me. They're the worst quarterback play. There to get dramatically better quarterback play now but some other with they're going to be a war they illegal from I guess what eleventh worst personality to be easy horse. It. But if you think that those other teams. Who were worse than the last season and proved even more improve significantly which a lot of people think about browns for example then. That also might be why. Because they're being ranked against the other teams every ounce the other team's improved much more than the dolphins and the whole. Curb changes and you might think that the dolphins are going to and a lack. You're also not gonna get a good look at what this team's gonna look like rotates this is more seven on seven. X.s and knows semantics kind of practicing as opposed to bang in and finding out which teams actually made of so that's why this emphasis is going to be on guys like Brian and hell and the new wide receivers and seeing how. And and Dolan and the new tight and wouldn't agree ski great ski how they were sticky whatever the hell is name his rookie Tom. I. Dessert Kahan an SMS somewhere. Raises solid crier agree old man. Whatever man is rookie. Daddy day is getting a second interview with the pistons box exactly. Amy it's time for you. Yeah you're saying that this morning off and I've not seen over I had enough I have not seen matter that it was she interviewed what's her name again well he handed. Yes picking him and you have as they said that she's waited as the one of the favorite choices in Detroit right now I'm not to her and beyond. Beyond cool today the lightning have basically game seven and a with a trip to the Stanley Cup finals online face off from Tampa set for 8 PM. Knowledge thought Steve Goldstein he's the voice flawed hand there is he's doing the Stanley Cup on Westwood One he was went bad Vegas team in the Western Conference finals. All talked to him next. Its new Obama's seven I did to get downloaded data was newest anytime anywhere. Big sports night tonight. Last night you singled save was so good. Finally got a great game and he's MBA playoffs it's been two weeks tonight you got a major sports nights OK of course Marlins Mets road matchup. And it that's not enough for you. You got NBA game five Boston Cleveland I expect the rest that series to be tight Tia not a type game yet we're tennis is opinions in Boston where I expect every game the rest of way there'd be tied including tonight's. And he got game seven. Kampala. Washington. As they may do or don't big game not a big game is being began now Steve Goldstein courses pandas television voice. You can hear mom Westwood One in the Western Conference finals and believe he also has the Stanley Cup final is what is the right fuels. And dancers convenience stores gas signed truly sets beyond competing Goldie my read about that Westwood One Stanley Cup finals well. I really can't tell but I Obey the pregame and postgame and intermission quote I would not be actually doing the play by play well. Counts you all the that's an excellent dig right their goalie. I am not complaining and if you grow up border grinning at me pregnant that would be my immediate world now and that kind of joke. I'm until partially to include Tampa and. Okay is is there anything negative. For the NHL with Vegas its end in team in the Stanley Cup final. Question a lot of people have been talking about there. A lot of people that are. I'm eye to eye on it I am not a problem I think the only negative monitoring. A lot of NHL opposite. My mom or. Only. Between Boca. On the Minnesota Wild. He's going period. And the player personnel guy and had to go OK and I cannot I cannot explain me how arguing it. And we haven't won around. Wringing senior. I was like Alan the only Elam chip hoped you watch that quote well. Like if you move. Out. And and a trip older. Or an on going or. What happened really unreal on a chew on they can on the on the Oprah Ryan re. On eighteen year. One Y all wanted to Hawaii. Team winning goal cushion into the cup is just economic. Cooley what about. Having that knowledge about march or so and and the former head coach and now being in Vegas if you notice anything differently why are they doing so well and so successful out there and how come they couldn't do so much or they're pretty good here tell. George admitted they wouldn't division the year before and they got off to a good you know roads are one game. Com. Or you don't Girard college Italy which he had a good first we are very good check in India well. Now I asked about musher John I talk to look on I got in on a little bit when you reach here and the content out there including their coaching happened. He did not want true level where he's been meat on the market and top law. Okay abortion shall call there and commit. Important for a lead in a way and try and shut it couldn't counting around a win. Appears to show about why he couldn't or wouldn't show. So I don't have an accurate you might never ran the Robert way to do it. At a higher level on what happened when a guy and everybody we heard different iron. Merely wanting. AB and alienate the Sheikh yesterday at the money shoulder bickered and everybody would be actual athlete here. Mad and want it or and make a secret. I I between the way I surely that would opportunity. And you'll. Know or your. What caught my team. Actually all of our go to guy here. Again. Now an amateur in Charlotte and on and I literally never give up on the block got I saw first hand right now by the guys an amazing what people are. So you root for Tampa and marches so. Gets his opportunity to go and have his revenge against the lightning your first interview your first question is the marches so is how good does it feel to finally get an opportunity. To showcase your ability against the former team that piece of victory in the garbage. I would Andy Dick put them on wait I mean. At least. It week by excited to go look another program. You know get the eight and are there any way to come about and I'm. Oh. Maybe they couldn't play and that they would include an I don't really know. The Aggie Eliot happening here there and that when the tip pushed out of there and played only a limited time he had. Equally well when I. I happen. You know Lee talked on quite a bit he's got a chip on the shoulder he told me a little things that people had to. The expansion draft and they don't you guys gonna win one team. And every one of those guys in here and you would incite after a bit locker room they call themselves walking machine. And they kind of you'll on this you know. Paid all our north and shall include everybody let us go now. You know would be if that was all every expansion he would win that one get one way to actual obviously they were count. Right so like you mentioned that by most accounts okay people thought this expansion team was going to be terrible to be one of the worst teams are not the worst owner included on him about our only wanna lose by two goals as opposed to lose. By most accounts they're gonna be the worst team in the National Hockey League. Where we once every one role one like what was the big mistake about this team about this roster that it's in the complete opposite. I have Gerrard go on. On. Idol and we were there in December I mean he was surprised as anybody and a surprise to anybody. Or goaltenders. Is one goalie used by the way that he never even heard of okay. And a guy like I'm creating what like 66 or the content you need a quote when everybody else was hurt. And Auburn hair and and a lot of people thought they got a bunch of guys that economy woman wanting. I'm in order pushed around to a shut in and already developed a nobody 192021. Years old and he's not one guy they also don't have anybody at thirty by 36 usual. A bunch of guys there and they're buying. And they re all the wrong way you know Sharma out anyway some of the that. You all have bad attitude of somebody who is already looking to let me go I'm Andy Reid has fueled by. You know they've got a bunch of guys on that theme. Tom. I can be specifically and are you don't think people and good old Oscar but it probably got trick guys. That high draft pick already you can develop. And Puerto Rican in this situation and we're gonna what they're current in their former loose. All elevated airplay to deal with potential and I don't want you guys could have done. What's the atmosphere like there in Vegas for those games. It's the pregame saying that. Now he's trying to make it more elaborate and more over the top and in. And they constantly ever had an ideal and coming out I would've shortened. Showgirl and me. You understand. During the pregame I actually to be swinging and doing out there re shot watching the watching the pregame skate so. I remind me a lot of going Pampers jokingly to a just and honest and teen was good made a couple of they're here and everybody was just. You know happy about it semen and we just go crazy environment and what it's like ever really in a little down you know until the raiders. There they are the only team in. Yeah I was gonna say it seems like I but I saw you a few days ago and they isn't it. Nice to mania altered Vegas I was I actually surprising. And I knew that obviously they'd be the hot thing in town that I was surprised at how. Golden knights will and it was everywhere on every hotel every restaurant everybody was wearing the jerseys Alter out Vegas and they really haven't Greece's team. And I'm I'm I'm guessing it's because it's the first the real thing that they gave its first real professional thing that they've had to root for or and. I'd be one of those things also to you know watch from the outside. You know we look at danger and not just you know the one street the other two million people live there. People you don't live in their suburbs there. You know they they don't. They live and they live off the strip and they have a lot of pride in where they live so I probably a lot about underestimated. And because they're the only team that's why everybody's into the rock and earn our right. So the underlying story especially from an athlete world is how the hell you gonna be professional athlete in lived in Las Vegas dory at the time Hollywood these guys walking around the under the radar they considered celebrities out there yet what's the deal with the actual players themselves. Like Google you're there in December literally like 10 in the morning we went to win the Kosher by old amber showed even guys. And I literally literally went right into marshes shell in the casino and he's occasions in their for the night. He was it is like which I believe could add at Indian electronic anyway so for the most part. On the way it is now called troubling and it's about one minute out item may get. I guess you consider it I don't know trying to somewhere. I'd Weston or something. Probably eat Patrick parish in Alaska or. Lauderdale or out west and to allow compare I'll look out a little bit easier to expound on their desk that their track is shrinking is inadequate and obviously to put a new facility. And all the guys who work there and they are mourning each day in and obviously all the practicing as they don't abort the issue. So really the only time I would scorn on the air is good luck hang out elk or nine. Playing eight children don't want it Hawaii. And I. A lot of these guys you know taken around a little bit and he. You know they they they don't think it very disciplined you know you haven't heard him or anger you know guys out of an excellent photo shoot on site and able. Editor Condit to do gotten you don't want players to kind of like that a lot of ways anyway they I'm a pretty good discipline and. I would think that it's a huge blessing that this has happened is Iran has happened before the raiders are America right now they're really keeping it down and so now they have these these fans who probably weren't all hockey fans before. Since then that does her but it now other they're gonna be hockey fans for life when you ought to run like this I imagine you. People for life. I would think of at least what you're shop great scholarship for 57 years I've been. The other. Probably what he's wanted on it when it probably that the ten year on a critic probably a ten years quit and they never get there again and people will be and I agree or came in Ann Howard always sort of a big show host or would go there. Everybody always shed. First seen in the will be king and usually I somewhat individual of English. I don't care think Tariq is a game you would like I'm Nicole which right here I was sitting there and grow up in the glass were Jim Gray. Pretty good you're able to physically. Goalie here's what I want from you for tonight okay you know game seven tonight a Washington and Tampa its own bed scans a major major sporting line. With tonight's game he's one of the best ever he's never been in this spot before he may never get back. And I'd tell people about this every year when we get to a game seven this deep OK in the Stanley Cup Playoffs even if you are not. A hockey fan if you're a fan a sports. And you're not watching this game tonight okay and you sell right now to be sixty seconds sell to people warned that spot. Who are not big hockey fans that are fans of sport and why they need to watch his game tonight. Namely you'll like reading you watch Lincecum against Belmont in the conference championship game here goes the N double A tournament. One and done. Sports and the desperation when you could dish level. Pretty teams with English and goes happening lightning. And actually edit in real hockey and he's got a great wired teens wouldn't. Ever be in the playoffs without him like Reno is Jean and beat Kuerten out. From there. So your story line of trying to make or am cup final is great. And these guys they're all quite try to get their names on the Stanley Cup the sixty minute. Organic Allman diet and just cry they're probably either I go out of the game so that would be my own and I. Great job goal the F one of the Stanley Cup final. I'd like to talk about it nothing like running and amber Wilson. In the wide and the hotel in the Sergio is meant to. The what's. Club like 6 AM timer loses during the day oh. Application and judgment. On what happens and it. Seasonally. I. Knew you know. Surprising to me and don't really know because I know is it probably of course Otellini summer Miley I actually what he did any gold. Vegas. LA and I knew he was there what happens why is I when I got to Vegas IA whiz posting comments are Graham story from our area which was the hotel I'm staying at. And gold lead texted me a picture of himself playing at Daria bullets and are you near. Oh and eyes that that I got over a pointless talking he's probably Hummer and it's likely trigger a top talent show a picture of the banana was a major elements it was a picture of the tool itself not the aria bullies that are you know are you here and told me that he was of course working her last what one and that he was and biggest. And so we are sing at the same hotel we did see each other though in the same hotel I rain and into him later that night walking through the Bellagio hotel. Which we didn't know that we're both going to be in so recently it was tap this is that we ran into each other but they did already know he was in Vegas at this story sounds like a lot of money. Smells like money. It does away you know now it's gone up on the game four in Oakland last night huge huge performance next 679. Season tickets our promise is to deliver the best sports coverage in Miami. And for you the best crises we can get our pudgy little hands on it. Businesses at Little Rock. Amber or at Tobin mile an easy when families or packet take the lead or command and conquer the dragon coaster flat out deal there raft river. Only eat bark will forget political. Gloria resorts. Keep listening for York jets don't win big. Only on CM 790 NFM 1043. HD you bought tickets. Because those that are out a way of things get terrible war and am crazy time ever South Florida as hurricane season nears the weather's been while this artist's systems out there forming you don't you sit around wondering if he'll have that help you need. When it comes so if you want something. To get your priorities straight and you want somebody to take care you with something goes wrong call is goes public adjusters and your insurance claims they're gonna make you feel like a priority handle it from the jump massages new claims and given existing claimed on on. 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Hey man I don't see you with the gym in a while what's been going on I'm deputies took some time away from the house and it's that bad kids stay in my job that I come home to a wife Kim Stanley thank you that got that you walked by. He's the one we saw the ball game doing play about why. Yeah that's John gee don't you went to Connecticut school of broadcasting. After we some of the game 21 of their studio towards check out the program and I love to learn by doing style training so I actually decided to enroll and get this. The first day of classes we were in the studio that's the radio school right. Not only do at all. Audio video TV radio digital media sports broadcasting Boller that's awesome man career in sports is my dream I wish I could do that you can do check out go see his feet died konduz scheduled to tour. They have camps is nearby in North Palm Beach in Pembroke Pines it's so easy man. 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Breaking down the company beach on 95 this morning it's ill founded Atlantic full of odd looking house its client as delays old guys back to sunrise look on to simply allow extra travel time now. Gonna record them not like I console but still trapped eastbound this. Let's on the price to pay is avenue with two planes built up in bed and the million ounce as liberal vegan and I'm now colony in seven nines in it and clinical Perry aides say the ticket. It. I. Guess so I'm Wright Ayers plus let's close on detainees suffer factional war votes. Ramos from the disasters days let's nurtured some cinemas seventeen minutes from now I get another chance 1000 dollars. Every morning 7 am and debating him on our show every hour matter fact. But on our show to its most important at 7 AM and 8 am you got a chance of 1000 dollars in another opportunity coming up in about seventeen minutes are now. Thanks Steve Goldstein for joining us there tonight we really great that and you know what I never thought about deal benched him Marino comparisons go comparison. I'm never thought about major offensive player OK both guys. You know carrying their teams forever. Teams are never quite good enough today it did they are never very you know they they they never get skewed deep in the post season. You know Marino obviously got the Super Bowl. Yet another opportunity in 92 lost the EC championship game and never came close after that never came close. And Ovechkin now is is a very similar spot. Was the closest he's ever been against the Stanley Cup final and you know that this is legacy stuff. On the line tonight. So few hours ago we mentioned now ESPN ESP man shall we mention now ESPN ESPN. They reached the five year one point five billion dollar deal with USC OK either taken those rights away and fox. And not partial teal it's it's their they had all the rights OK so DOC also newspaper views noddle deal but otherwise they are ESPN. Not not fox bodies have those. Those courses like you know once. How's it is at least once month okay it was often enough and now ESPN has gotten those matches OK so ESPN to sign a five year. One point five billion dollar deal to have the broadcast rights for USC. And as one of the techsters mentioned earlier. Nearly NHL ocean sit back do like. ESP NBA's all this money college football. NFL. NBA. You got you got you got the ball. USC and it shows and sit back and elegant. And. Larry Israel lobby. The reason why don't you want me uncle Phil. At the sense that the sense of strength relative failure it non. I go oh my god all saw ministering last sixteen. Classic scene. Would he want me. It really is an amazing scene. Cold blooded men and then dad the worst dad. Makes so many promises some well. Gonna go on the triple them. He has an event that he doesn't have the balls to tell will to his face daddy's daddy's not bringing them. Tells tells filled at tellem. And it's LP is the same way. Too bad. So last night Houston evens out the best of seven series in the Western Conference finals. At two games apiece the series prices now the rest the wailing Houston's uses got to defeat our rights. We gotta be the favorite dress the way three games two games in Houston. They got do you favored to in the series don't auto I would jump all apple and then when you're talking about Golden State my guess is the series prices that at Houston as the favorite Iowa if that's the case that Obama got nickel state. Coming golden stated that if there. If you're getting odds. In a SS three with the warriors you you've got to go home state. Question for you W looking at a time check out. On your head. Or Golden State warrior players a little show great now now now is it. Is the fourth straight year for them like they've now granted this team and make him not care much only at daycare play. But they're not shock over this 220 okay. They're just where the series would be you know it's supposed to be after four games to two Tino is going to be a bad spots. After last night's game would in Houston sits on bad spots okay Houston would have been in a bats buckle to that spot. Why this team. Pat is never being in this spot where they're gonna be a little bit uncomfortable now since they edit the ring. This cooled seats and is not in our. I think Golden State has played a six game series. What during its. Other I was going to now. I don't think they've been pushed to six games. With a rants and less I'm not remembering a series last year certainly an Assad. And lest some not remembering a series last year they went to six games they've not even been pushed to a six game which they now have to. It is right get. The athlete mine were. New go one of the series ripping him he's gonna should be gamma core you. Then all of a sudden you smoke a first game then you're like re affirming. That thought doing Yemen. This these guys you guys are joke I come back and they want their rats and like OK I was at those are gut check we needed that. Then they go back in their boom again. And then all of a sudden now last night you go back to your home court. Urine fry your home fans. You're supposed to have your big. Reeve what does that word motive for reviving game two going to try to close the series out you have the chance to put these guys away and you don't. So the mentality of having the I don't really care about the regular season. As. So much is to say I'm worried about winning the NBA championship so you already have that I can take a loss mentality throughout the season I could take a loss because you know we got to 82 games I'm not too worried about trying to strive for that. Record of having the most wins in the NBA anymore that's behind me. So and I've been taken losses all year long on the chin who cares right now we got a best of seven series now we're split in 202 and we're going into Houston now. I don't moment I've I don't know I don't think now that your mentality is you know life. We could still beat these guys because they shouldn't be on the court but I don't think so I think our thing they lost that. That edge of being dad dominant franchise right now it's a reaction from last night's game at your headlines next.