ZRA Part 2 5-25-18

Zaslow & Amber
Friday, May 25th

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Five minutes are now you can have your first chance that dead I get a weekend star as a thousand dollars. Memorial Day weekend. C'mon you know I'm talking about it. All right. Actually I'm the real opportunities she's getting is adversity three opportunities because we're staying on the Levitt's our show they are they are out today and were missing until 10 AMR. Armed with a Memorial Day weekend weather is a thousand bucks that could help me to make me less bump I don't. I actually and I'm actually out until after it's an out until Thursday. The next week you are. That's right that's right you clear those of us I am not nausea I don't have to. I am I am out until Thursday. Next week. So one of the reasons I'm so concerned about going to the Bahamas as weekends is my play and play packets is on Monday. After men you counted to get back to your site and do the show on Tuesday. And my concern is because it's supposed to be such terrible latter that of the blades are gonna be canceled I'm not going to be able to get back. Yeah. I probably gamble that one. A while ago I still down yet probably go and I'd gamble wins. Not being able to get back to zip it he can't get back lake will all what for all you've probably going to be able to get back but if he can't them then what happens. It's what will then Imus Don Imus does so and then I don't know hey what you're not here either so I guess it's Tobin and Romberg adds Romberg gonna make it back up from the key is I don't know it might just be totally open solo. It would work itself out leg again there's let me get it all right this is that it might be better from from 530 tonight. I didn't have a station and an end Obama's. Wish to make that happen. Yeah I am I am not I am I'm out until Thursday after standing in the super long. Memorial weekend and I'm glad you love it's hard line taken Pedro authors about all I. I think he's doing the same thing that I am OK am I'm going up to New York for four books hobbies charity events OK at the start of next week I'm I'm pretty sure he is also. Arnold he's meant well everyone's got a note. So on on going up to new York at the start of next week for for books charity event and yes on taken the action long hunting and hunting several days there. See you go you as a real pack your parents so here here's what I am what I am not looking forward to go this weekend before I go to New York. Marty Marty see in the videos on the Internet okay of ocean drive. Miami Beach and everything as a out to go down this weekend want one a disaster. I mean I don't go down South Beach anyway. I rarely go down I'm talking a couple times a year is a black poetry and the ball memorial weekend always a big party when can we dance I was always big party weekend down South Beach. I EU can't go down there it is residency a look at Matta town of retirements out joking find. If if you're a resident got to stay away from from from South Beach this weekend paid. And thank is that yet Lyman nasal over on the beach and all about it but it the the thing with this week and I think it's probably McNamee is Griese in years past because of the weather and if the weather is what it's predicted to beat. That'd if it's a monsoon on South Beach the whole time probably won't be out and now he's there isn't somebody call mill will still come but it won't be as insane probably for the people who. Live in Miami although it. South Beach floods it's not only keeping guns out it anyways and that the odds are. I don't know I think people are here to party and you got the weather it could make things worse world where people get get a little bit nutty because there are able to do all the things they wanted to do. The restaurants and all the clubs all our our pact even more you're trying to not be outside because of the weather. It could be even worse because the weather this weekend. But as I've already seen the videos online of people acting read to kill us okay. Wins with memorial weekend as we crowd is we packed down their Z I'd be careful down this weekend. You gotta be careful. And I tip my careful I mean yes and no. Yes it. Am I want to partake. Now I want her tea and the closing night you do it any other weekend. Any of the weekend and the shenanigans. I'm not a mission semi and it's it's it's just so it's such you know it a lot and it's amateur hour is what does it really. Riding on top of cars and all sorts of stuff. Amusing to me out at the union it's amateur hour you get two ways to get on and off the Joker the Venetian causeway. The whatever the total current URE laser throwing and it's right in the at the big North Miami the 195 Vietnam. Assortment outs man and a lease out its major James as a some. Boom instead of going on as we humans scrip club plays at Columbia medical one area have you on as if you're a strip club that we can always Tibetans every where he's located at rate there of this and do our girls coming in memorial weekend in the legal and only Nittany Lion for Super Bowl if I imagine and I put the playlist out there. Who's who's just he's got a Foreman right down the road opponent tonight's actually your minister of sport the performer like for the headliner. It's it is a big big imports are short course. Yeah course. You have to get a picture girl knew of course. I guess you can understand for porn star but what about to see strippers that traveled the country because there's some big time strippers who traveled the country and you sit on billboards and I'm always thinking like. People early show up we'll just I think that's a hearing to the people that are constant. Customers. Because how do you you know she it is imports are he had an. No no one's bonus and though not. There's the performances the lake be strip personal flying in from wherever okay to try to make the extra money. But they're not flying as you know one of the performers their line into its pork okay. But these advertisements you normally see for the performers will be like big names it's. Porn stars that kind of deal you know helix stormy Daniels has gone and as we can you know a table trump thing going on net debt that's when you'll get people. Guys are like man I have to go see stormy Daniels Gerson. Well no but you are oriented dancer on the girl that apparently slept with trump what they normally don't get dances a little that's of the that's right don't they not give the they normally do they get me forward. Probably the performs normally do not give dances doubt they'd is making money by going out there are two or three times tonight. I know so much. Hey if you're lol wanna get some loot to spend over the weekend when he performers you 1000 bucks right now I gotta do six and were dropped DR OP. Text and we're dropped to 72881. 'cause it's it's it's WTF wind thousands three contest and actually it's up the next hour. The national contest master dies may apply don't text and drive. These kids WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true mirror. He Western Conference finals continued last night the rockets beat the warriors ninety to 94 word that means Houston takes C three to use Syrian lead in the outline. Eric Gordon led the rockets were 24 points Chris Paul put up twenty. Or whatnot you know is he tweaked his hamstring at them in the last minute of the game people are very concerned about Chris Paul movement or. Eric Gordon has been so much on huge fourth quarter player for this team OKE. In game number two had to get 27 points. And game four when he came back to one did not shoot the ball well but hit a monster three okay with like three and a half minutes left in that game to put them up by five I think at that point. And last night he had big fourth Cora had a huge three put them up by forward about ninety seconds left in the game. Any at a very good game overall somebody had to pick James Harden up. And I are record and has been so so so good this series for you he he went off women called BS. Our long I think that's what really triggered him. The BS flowery had his hands out. It just came by he's again to the idea you've got to be kidding he never even come close he blocked the shot he blocks North Korea now never foul them from what Maclean is blocks they have only long limousine set him off these these look. People. They they don't understand that these are the best officials in the world okay. And still they can be so bad this is a really heard sports at all it's very hard when hand like that came Beattie excuse he. You've you've gotta you gotta do the job rights. That was you gotta do it wrong it was monumental for him in that game last night you know he went off after but I think he came down the court is next trip. In just chew rained a beautiful three. He's been so all of them when he came back comic it was it was nice it was a nice little transition for him man he he definitely responded to that BS foul call. The Eastern Conference finals continues tonight with game six between the cats in the Celtics. Tipoff from snake oil salesman arena yeah separate 30 PM now now you can hear the game rate here on seven I need to take it coverage begins at 730. Ian certify that game could be the bronze final home game as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers into that game I mean not into possession of being. I'm into it and I'll I'll watch it but I can't Sam super geek out about that series do lands have been used to for monster. And I do for a monster. Wilson remembered in pencil rating against them UC LU is any higher fund for him to lose a product labeling crown on his last. Home game in front of them if that isn't packed his last game I and so we would deceive early last night and just I mean he's very tired you know hunting and amount every time we talked about being hypocrite camels are an F. The amount of money. That he has made. Since. Peter Dan Gilbert or yes projects the owner the owner Gilbert. And the amount of money that he has made since. The president took office since trump took office. Because I know a few people that are in that business the mortgage business. And I'm telling you like within the first one yet has he rolled back Paulo well. All of a dollar bond era regulation always another government is like dumping these mortgage back security back out of the market is just. Even he now and I'll mortgage of the deli hot I don't know another trying to get moderate regime and into the show which we settle this morning what we're talking about so here's the thing. Because last year when I went and visited a friend in Dallas who was in the mortgage business. The minute that president trump was elected that week. He made an extra. 300 million dollars that week. It without wasn't because no any changes trump did we got a lot of Disney has one or encourage you think Hillary Clinton to get an office I knew where she she did it would be more regulated exactly now with the whole trump thing and and the whole economics. Of Trump's campaign. Everybody just went ham and making money in the mortgage business again the real estate the developing site. The the apartments. Oh my god the amount much I can only imagine the amount I don't care about Dan Gilbert out and do it protects anymore like I'll just like portrait in Tony's got a new book from the mound just don't care because the amount of money. That he is probably made in the last. He's an error because you think about it if you're one of these I think people forget what these guys who are on the east teams are near a billionaire and you had that level success in business you're you're good business grade and you and you wanna. Be Smart switch your business ventures. And if you see a business that your spending when aid too much money on compared to perhaps the return moving forward or whatever the case you just feel like you're putting too much into it. Then you suddenly do care and even if you have. Unlimited. Financial resource has to do you still don't want to spend a goalies billionaires don't want to be an electric tax even though they can afford to be an election act's. Rich pivotal expanding my. True. Any more than number two people. Eastern Conference up rated it a man Marlins we haven't done maps are back home tonight for a three game series with the Washington Nationals stairway. Really you can't nice aren't I can't. Are you gonna Maurice. Where is he a hearing young tomorrow. Is your voice unknown now Seattle has gone to see him in person I was excited to go tomorrow I am going tomorrow I was excited and now I'm I'm dreading it because they found out. That way in Shannon's on the L would you cheer it's a no hitter. Great question. It. Google on what is request about. I I you know what. No I would not chew your way in the way in Chan no because it will get pulled anyway. Well now let's let's say that it's the ninth inning it's well let's say and I think it pitch count low let's say in the ninth again and now it let's say it's the ninth inning OK he's got the no hitter going now I would root for them to get a hit against him because screw him. He's awful he's a thief all right I wish she was out of this city he stealing money every single time he's out and announced. No I'm run for the Marlins win OK I don't care about Wei and Chen personally. Getting in no the no hitter so yes absolutely root against again no hitter got the ninth inning he's got an oh era gone. I would root for a and Keisel puzzle seeing eye single okay right through the middle the infield. But Marlins still went through the Marlins win no matter what's but yes I'll root against. Weights and getting noticed what a total like it's like the Marlins have never had a no hitter album. Terrell wade and I don't want him daddy personals so I was halfway into the perfect game nobody. That's kind of why wouldn't I want it why would she want around tend to have don't care to have success because at some point he has success then it's like okay were paint were still over paint and on Matt like okay he's pretty decent now automatic you don't you want him to be good engines were paying him a boatload of money is is not realistic I don't believe that he's in that that he can be good he's he's awfully awful man. Awful and unlawfully and are awful man. And daddy here. First pitch tonight in the Marlins game at 7:10 PM. The all NBA teams were announced first team LeBron and KD Anthony Davis James Hardy and Damian Miller. Second tee and into to compile LaMarcus Aldridge Allenby. Russell Westbrook DeMar DeRozan. Usually people when they when they mention the on his on to to combo. They skipped the last name. She skipped Iowa and lake into computers called the multiple yon eyes she just call them on the to compile on her leg at old it's fun to say. As a practiced. Are we. Third teams every all the depot currently at any town Jimmy Butler Paul George. Aren't. Dolphins quarterback Ryan to NL all. And a linebacker ray on McMillan drew close last year while rehabbing that there pairs get excited and dolphins fan boycott movies alone were now when we're talking about training room friendships yeah Boyce. While they OT days cleaning room you got anything else about another 28 Ryder ray Claude. They had themselves trainer competitions Romberg I agree the bond we're throwing tape balls. Basically. That within their best chemistry you tell me a culture you don't didn't tell you buddy cop movie right Emmerich on. Think the Sumner. Damian has requested a meeting with trailblazers ownership Tobin has determined that means he wants access. Is. This team boulevard boy yeah it. This big team boulevard. Either eateries and asked retreat to the heat supported not as if he bore Lauderdale. Dillard dale. Or who are you know which you as forgiveness on Woodside. Who's able to convince. Him that it was trader. Probably. Yeah probably meet the media like I get past it blitzes but is out there the sun light side. If you're able to get to simulate that usually speak into existence and it's on its side. If you get Damian Miller threw the Miami Heat. All's forgiven I'd probably get behind that could you possibly impacting. In the house Amber's on again last game. Donald Trump. Posthumously. Pardoned or heavy grade. I. It's if it's an attempt to get last hour. All right and you couldn't Connecticut. And a most used are bigger problem that now. Writes. At the last night. Last night the Houston Rockets went out on just his gutsy play out when you USC next. Regulators. And regulate any stealing of this property we damn good too. Can't be any teeth on the street. I don't annually to steal it you know demeanor is he's. All you thank you say now that's gone on here and deal now and it was so you know I told you this morning my first cut in here you know we're running less than I got a little runner's high. This is one of the jams I was listen to what you played the heavy metal lamb of god kill switch but that was in the vibe I was on last night when I was running and I was on late. Eighties and nineties hip hop lives last night love it. And I was going through it last night men out you know loyalists and tried to talk on idol and WA. I as Warren G decimal ice cube gone when. What else that I have going on. God I had I had it all happened last night and good old days kids 3535. Minutes straight up old school hip hop to give me going. Beta radio dot com maps the official new home of seven I need to take eagle was to us anytime anywhere that's what you want to download it today. And you all please check this out. Our rights and so last night's if you're just waking up to Houston and pulled out what that employ out and did they were they were always ahead okay Houston home on. Four a a huge key it means their biggest win twenty plus years. They win 1994. They of the warriors on the brink of elimination the rockets are game away from the Western Conference from winning the Western Conference championship. And the warriors for the second game in a row cannot get anything dawn and with the game on the line. Well they've they've never been in that situation with the steam I mean there at the backs are against the Wallin. And there and it's the rising to the occasion but they've also having face is kind of adversity before. VA if they got the ball with the game tied up or they are bold chance to tie or a chance take the lead the last couple of teams. They can not hit the shots they now make a plight and last night well look we saw the beginning of the game OK the bull and state. Did not play well the entire night it seemed it. But Golden State did not play well the entire night and they managed to weather the storm. What you knew Houston was to come out super fired up when game four on the road you tie series at two games apiece. The crowd they're news and could be super fired up and the war it was it was a tremendous crowd OK all night long. And Houston came out the first quarter. They led by eleven get a couple threes and Gerald Green that's a miracle a meeting get two threes and Gerald Green early in the game. They also had a three primaries up early in the game and there that the warriors managed to. So what's that like the rockets came out trying to throw he makers. And the wars are still able to hang around and. And the second quarter rolls around and orders start to creep back in this thing okay man. They worse who came here Melissa got their final turnover turnover numbers work. The word public 1617. As sixteen it's sixteen turnovers. I feel like most of them were in the first half to Houston's how many because I thought Houston was a nasty turn over team whose attendance. And tens lots. Tens that you take every game antenna is not a bad number. That the wars we're super. Careless and at halftime last night games tight okay in a game that the warriors trailed the entire app teams tied at. And hoarding and hole which for a too many. Proposal for seventh hole and Paul or or for twenty. At halftime and it. There's always eat that you can look at that OK you could say you know be the warriors like. High school you know we we held these guys down but it did they can't begin get all fought against score on us we're tied here it's a good. IE I would've taken the rockets perspective. Which was why now 420. Time. I didn't really that's probably the way they went into the locker as I've been on teams that we've gone in the locker room the same way that we've Carter fumbled the ball on our own fifteen yard line. We've given up interception after interception in the game was still within reach so I get that that way of looking at things. At what point in the game last night. Did they did do the footage with Steve Kurt talking to Kevin Durant about the way that Michael to like early in the fourth quarter than it was yes that aren't like that perspective met I've never seen that before they do that often when they get the camera right in there to listen with the coach is telling the bullets clearly Mike dot. They they got a Michael core that's why. Sully you know they and that Dabney of the cameras or like them are a boom Mike and he's mikes and amateur was violence that not know he was walking away as you started a kind of global. So so I would have taken the war though though the rockets perspective where I I I feel fantastic 420. These guys are gonna snap that oh halftime which you sit for the game if if hoarded and Paul. OK at halftime. Sycamores are up like I was at point five it's Ernie was talking mogul and halftime and ask him Charles Barkley when I went to the panel saying. How was this possible rate now with these guys statistics being this slow. But yeah we're talking about a basically a tie game please nuts man portly is so they guy who's the basketball was so much better when I play. You know they got so all like god. They get to halftime last night and boy at his news it was not about one game of basketball autos and animals Surrey and leave it. You watch in Eastern Conference at all. Because. That game it was funny yet a very reason why I think it's because you have to put Golden State up on a different level. I think that's why you put the west on a different level you put Houston and Golden State which are supposed to be and again look back about a week and a half ago we're talking about. People are going to get matched whoever goes in there at the NBA finals is going to get matched by either one of these teams. Clearly everybody was thinking Golden State was going to be one match and everybody but. All roms on stick in my my Houston Rockets and I think either one of the teams are gonna get mashed is well put. Played games. Can still be really great games like wiggle back if you're old school heat fan. You feel what goes heat knicks games were great to write what you law to heat knicks ultra classic games classic series. Dude go back and look at the box sports right those gains were so. Or Lee playing with possession basketball right Mike every time and on the court something mattered but the point is that you beat Portland play and still be a great day. More particularly though the ever reading and her ass straight like you're probably judging that series perhaps a little bit differently to any of the last night I didn't loading and my memories. My point sell it like with the heat knicks but the heat knicks are going to you're going to think those games are are pretty great. Regardless the last not like I closed you know they're sloppy but I don't care who wins last night and I was so into that game has a lot. But last night was good I think did you have two great teams are even when they're playing bad they're trying to still playing Arnold I am still playing an entertaining level. With the other series in the Eastern Conference calls and haven't felt that way at all and I think it's as both teams are spent. Yet that's bad blowout basketball what was get a little annoying to me but. Granted you know Paul is making the shots at the buzzer I think helix three buzzer beaters yet cholera in a couple of the shot clock buzzer but I was kind of getting tired of getting the ball up the court. Letting the shot clock run down for isolation last sec ash are Daisuke wind. Both teams are doing at this time and I was just I wouldn't happen you know gold say that a little bit more ball movement when they're getting up and on the court put. For the most part it was just like run the shot clock out and try to throw a hail Mary and a lot of the times gold sales of one that was expiring the time was expiring especially on Currie. I thought Houston was in really good position at halftime last night with the game tied and hardy men. And all four for twenty biggest. They're not gonna keep that up now hoarding and be kept it a team we don't put it was worse in the second half but he wasn't the first replicate what it was four for thirteen halftime last night. In the second half he was one of eight's OK he was warts he was what he was such a no show in the second half OK now that's the free throw line a few times. But he was worse from the floor and that was all of them he hasn't been getting to the free throw line and that's their right did last night inspections second half. Hole though was so he. He was so good in the second half last night Chris ball. Over seven in the first apparently Finnish village like seven of sixty years of going got into the game you're six and nineteen for the game but in the second half music globally gets through would. Do you guys he had heard obviously in the final minute with his hamster and we don't know how severe that injury is if it is too weak too but he's able to come back to you hold him out for game six or that that. The big story now OK there's no Election Day off. Both teams you know they'd tape the travel date the words of rockets are already back in ia and united today's Italian priest in the war is already back in Oakland as a last night or early this morning. So they're playing tomorrow there's no extra debt. And I mean you you'll your bitterness and amber and I as far as the hamstrings are like but. Dean was on the line last night there were forty seconds left the warriors. Were down by one with the ball. And Chris Paul made no effort to get back on defense that's got to tell you how that helped. Not only that but you can see that we drove the lane wanted to watch a video footage of it coming on replay and you could see when he drove the lane and he pitted on that on that right leg he could see him keep it in the air as he took the shot and fatally shot. He clearly when he planted because he's doing this all night and you think about the effort pickers Paul gave last night. A little bit more than normal rights are looking at a lot of dehydration as a person I came to my mind was he wasn't hydrated enough. Because you could see the amount effort he was bawling he was getting back on defense he was going above and beyond his normal call of duty last night he was field himself so he was all over the place. Jumping and he had that same move when he would drive the lane run out the shot clock. But he would slam his right foot in the ground and push back out. You could see he did it all the time all the time to pull in and out thing you can even hear the commentators talked about going in and come back out. And that's putting a lot of strain on his hamstring particularly it was always on that right leg so it was only a matter time with the dehydration. With the constant pounding and slamming that right leg in order to get back out and pushed back out on there was only a matter time before that hamstring have little pop and it in and pull on it. So my guess is he such a tune into an athlete on the way that his body feels that he didn't apply any pressure on it whatsoever the minute that he felt that they pull. As I've seen track guys are seen Audrey Johnson he needs no effort to get back or zero points in the biggest and it was the biggest sequence of his career. And you need to know when you had to be sat out because he knew he did so epic. I was nervous because I was like okay. One guy does that it's like oh my god that thing just pop and pull off the ball and that's when you gotta have a serious issue we're screwing your answering back your ball. I saw him get up and I saw the way he was walking which she was bending his knee. And maybe having a slight little not a jog but a little bit more of a faster pace walking and when he's spending his knee like that is hamstring missed Lex and so that's a good site. And I saw him holding its so I imagine he was feeling for a little bit of a terror. But again shrink to the locker room MRI is gonna reveal if there's any kind of muscle tearing going to let. Assume is just tweet like votes as him it's not an actual hair thing you know it's just a strain of some sort do you play him -- -- easily add insult they're gonna put just I should come out partying on seven assuming that you're not you know when it it Al you know assuming that you need. Gonna bolstering here's his thing seven Emmy is interesting. Go Americans since they strategy. Got to sit. Man you've already won one there I get it you know the possibility of you winning another one without Chris supposedly after the performance. Now it's time for James Harden Barco like it's time for human like. Get on the court did great fallout yeah that's when the MVP held eighteen yards per game ball just gave you everything he could possibly give you an I before and basically won that game for you sire for you to kind of step the shadow of Christine Elliott. You know how hard it is to win. In Golden State so that could play into us as well you figure OK we're mart gonna have a hard time winning game six anyways and Golden State so let's go ahead and. And you feel resilient in the orders are you wrote to I think it's even bigger ship OK yes you're trying to winning gold seat again but. You feel like you know put on three straight they've lost two straight adolescents who years well now. A district panel flips ideal chance to close and countless hours and they're gonna sit here you know sorry. I think he's our players you'll sit and you gotta sit out on and the reason being and imagine this imagine this freaking story line. Not only did Houston Rockets beat golds they wars possibly the greatest team ever assembled. You're doing it without Chris Paul. That would be at. That would be next level it's one thing to a beat imitate trophy is at the O'Brien trophy is I would call Larry O'Brien yeah take that O'Brien trophy in dual without your star point guard. Please bro so very easily situation actually for heat fans next. I give congratulations. Mark felt Michael will line. When he eighteenth two with a weak class until the week hall of fame class. That of course brought to my flawed lumber more than just lumber you get to X in the show 67974. Yet Texas. Saying that Steve Kerr. Secret feels great going forward Ziegler said he feels great phone for you Chris ball starts. Amid crisp all that again you've got to consider this OK. Guys and that's spot last night. There are trying to play through the injury. And Chris Paul he feels a twenty minute of the game Oz one point game Chris Paul feels the hamstring. It's it's not a dead ball more in the action it's a one point game. And he'd. Makes no ad it you payments in a lot of times out twist the ankle he tries to put the pressure on Chris Paul whatever he felt. Was so bad. That he didn't even make an efforts. To get back on the other end for Justin Tryon and put a hand in someone's face. It's the biggest sequence of his core rear on second. That hamstring muscle bulk really terrible in that. I agree but it's not like there's enough time left for him to then be able to play there and sometimes when you when you initially tweaked a muscle that initial pain is. Eight is very severe but that dissipates. As you lead over the minutes and he didn't have that. Lecture is likely to care about and I'll play in the final 222 seconds that it was time outs you get a sudden that's fine. But with the game maligned warts and tried on four which is another thing by the went right back to Paul on how how the heat and remembers the scenario the second but. The warriors finish that team thank god for for a team that is so good offensively. And it's been so here horrible fourth quarter last couple of games they. Twelve points in game 44 quarter last night I don't want points in the fourth quarter last says that in that they Nazi was. 20/20 two points. In the fourth quarter last outscored again in the fourth quarter. But Katie why did you do anything. And and that's sequence right there it's a one point Gainey I remember OK it's a one point game where is Chris Paul in the backcourt. On the floor the warriors have five on boys like 35 seconds left in the game. And the dude was on the floor whose name I don't even know. Is the one shoot the ball it's hat and look with a wide open three or some one of the problem for. But five on four. With the monster game on the line. Not only you shooting a three which is so stupid. I hate all at three point shooting a really deal it that's that's the sort of shame it's too much. Five on four. Dana possibly series on the line okay. You got why on four. The did the other they are there defender in the backcourt with no chance of recovering okay we fought it's got to be super fast in the 514. You got fired on four he can't comment back okay. And they shot you take. Not only is it a three pointer. I want. Not only is it a three pointer put the one guy on the floor when nobody knows his name I believe I believe that's the shopping dot. I think with all the success orders have had it with a three point shooting over the years it's. I don't have a huge problem with some trying for a three point salmon that is the warriors that isn't the warriors. Are. I got to go to the basket. And the very least it's got to be one of the other four it's Gotti Corey terrain Thompson agreed. Odds that's is that conversation. Is is a viable conversation is Katie and they get criticism that I. Is Yunel Kevin Durant spree in immune from criticism. Look there's a lot of story lines and in the second best player in the NBA. There's a lot of Sorenson. It's the word on the brink OK for the first time in two years. It's it's the way the worst finish that game last night. It's Hardin how bad he was its Chris Paul is gonna be able to play so all that's not losing tenant rents favor as far as taken. The attention away from him being complete. No show in the fourth. I mean the thing is with Harden is obviously he was died as well though pardon they want I mean they won game despite his performance was so over aggressive while he was bad. The reds and it means the bold move for. Like he was all for four I think what the ram was in the fourth quarter in a couple free throws which brought them within 20 with like three minutes left in the game. Elise horde in regards Jonas thing which talks up the bad shots but either eat at least make an effort there. Do rants was no where I don't. That finish man for Golden State I couldn't believe the shot indicated nobody knows took. And and of course I mean aid until we get us that gets the call here when. When the final call where a Golden State got the ball now. Openness Brito that called timeout which was a blunder man secrets he noticed that it's all experienced. Man over the last four years. You wanna be critical Steve Kurt not calm timeout at the end of last game okay. I I'm fine which trying to play in transition got four guys on the floor there wouldn't create their own shots. I'd rather not allowed Houston set up defensively but there's an argument to me and the other side where. Goal stated just twelve points at the time in the fourth quarter they couldn't they have struggled escort public drawn up a place there's there's arguments he made there you could say they box that finish I don't necessarily agree. But last night though the way they finished that game I mean you got besides that you got the play with the kids shoot in five on four which they should've taken that shot. But you get the rebounds off the missed free throw ands and and you lose the opportunity. To advance the ball. It's like they've never bitter and a late game situation so they got advanced the ball full courts not half court will lesson seven seconds left. And and then he got dream on green an all time clocks move. There's definite that the backcourt so they had to drink much drama club. Ford would you point Florida go. You don't. Event. Is that I mean drain money he's got no one and bodies got to defend their funnies eight feet away OK there's no pressure. Bubbles the ball kicks off his knee face plant into the into all hoard what are. You you would think this assembly and a big. The way that they have played at the fourth quarter below. They don't seem rarely have their backs against the wall and I don't just mean in C in it in a series in again. We most other teams are extremely dominant most of their names are coming out until last minute. That's all that's one of the questions at the scene right when this team came together with who's going to have the ball in his hands. In that final few seconds and they need it's and they haven't been in that situation much and obviously they haven't figured that outs. Toward the angle three in the game in the fourth quarter last year because or. Part of was one for six I think it was one for 1% to where I want for six in the fourth quarter. They were in that game last night because horn laden seen in the game. But Chris Paul and Eric Gordon especially man air corps has been used in legend they when the series he has been so good with the game on the line. Yet Nicole board and put them up like Forrest really great call it's a one point game. Where is out it's it's like ninety seconds left it's a one point game and Eric Gordon with the shot clock expiring. Are still the dribble shot clock down to sixth proxies over Drury. Comes into the paint golden dory judges should not worried. Sure it will. Another big play. What they want it going to. ID five and you walk here. And he was he was very good last night just like he was pretty good in game number 20 Eric Gordon. But sometimes also about when you hit that shot like Gary Gordon was four for fourteen. In game number four he hit victory in the fourth quarter. He has been so good for them. He and Chris ball picking up more demand. What clots finish from that dream on green. What a what clocks move. The tech stories in a during that was being written by Kurd get everyone involved. The man as a superstar and his coach is having to tell him to distribute the ball. And get a leeway on what I had whatever you put down a government wasn't picking it up the way that he was. The lack of attention was given Curwood even look at Germany is soccer amoeba but yes curse out of the trusts his teammates but. There's not taught and hate to don't don't beat the best player. I means it Torre is the best player in the forties I told him don't talk to beat passive yeah actually finish the conversation was keep driving and being aggressive. But look for that first have you told him be passive. Prince that's fun for everyone knows. Relay Gavin Grant. But I do hope they get some criticism today is India deserves and he's always immune Furman at. And I think that's odd and particularly doesn't deserve to be immune from an anymore now that he's Imus warriors team. Sinead don't show up in the game where the lawyers to backs are against the wall lately on the game. You deserve to get criticism just a second best player I just love. How this angelic. Golden State warrior team. We used to have the babyface skated the super clean up I can't say he's got an Amish beard and Ernie. You're not please tell us from the baby face the Arizona babyface. Understand the beard have you ever seen what he looks like that the beard. I'll tell me. Yeah just say let go back and look at ways profile picture when he was at Arizona at Arizona State Arizona. Go Aggies Arizona go back and look at his picture raising college and I mean I loved every time I went to commercial break we're showing the old Chris Paul photos to approach to and he was and how young he was. I think he's weird what you think he's weird look I. I'm not attracted to him because he looks like he's well. But it's. I think he's too and he's very attractive price also big step Corey gonna gross beer. The machines is appeared gross just up Corretja sort of went to public that is his attempt at looking older. Yeah I've got that going on holiday many can go ahead. Devlin are good hockey beard. Grenada gross beards it's I guarantee you it's super soft to the conditions at Societe delicate course man beard it's like. The most likely. Sporadic public shares under under dates here's another thing too is that age well behaved Lincoln here's another into it should be pointed out with what you sincere and Houston it's. The last two wins have been as Nazi when you're gonna see in the post season really has been against this warriors team. Down 21 on the road and the fourth quarter performances that they Pannemon tight games okay gains are coming down right to the wire right to the end. Here's some that also needs you point out. In these last two games. Against the warriors that high octane offense OK they are a bunch of guys who could scorn at the rockets have done both wins with seven guys. Seven guys is all day and Tony's played the last two games rockets both points seven guy. He may have meant to Dayton game six was six. Hurts all well and solid he doesn't have guys who play on the bench okay Bamut today. Ryan Anderson. Joseph Johnson tournament. He's he's got some guys who can play seven guys. They're do and it's the warriors with that offense okay. I had been beaten the last two games. Haven't grind it down. My team that is rotating just seven guys and the second guy Joseph Greene sixteen minutes and had any I'd play them much. Okay 26 guys. That a plane. It's very impressive. Amber's got you headlines plus or even a comparison that the heat and more member Max.