ZRA Part 2 6-12-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, June 12th
Dennis Rodman Nobel Peace Prize?, Kobe mad, Tool of the Week

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We're only this he. So. Is somebody. Having the ticket the accord is ticket window it's your chance it would take its upcoming game concert. Or another great event accordance. Miami Heat technology partner Neil locals up large technology company visit them online at a court escort dot com sponsored by a large deal BMW Pembroke Pines. And brought to buy your insurance attorney Anthony Lopez called real 5800. Irma. So. Robber was talking their last segment about Julio Jones Julio Jones where he's he's a holdouts of April Thomas is also hold out of these mandatory OTAs. These mini camps okay. Mean to get down to real business and about a month from now mammals don't do really. You know who has really got the guts sold out so it is right now as a big deal okay readynas having dealings as all right. Now Yemen for Mac mini camp believes that it goes up every day in increments I think your for your final days about a 141000 dollar day words. If you're missing during the season if your if you're missing a full day. A practice meetings we'll find you by basically missing your offensive meeting they'll find you by missing your work out well funded by missing practice. And they find you by missing your film session networks have to be almost twice a 1000 dollar bet. But in training camp not only the money body in training camp. You know then then then the team also has a team get a bite come training camp because then you know player loses bibles a Gallic Julio Jones. Is missing really important stuff and. Julio look let's be honest Julio has averaged in the last five years over 14100 yards of author C a we keep talking about. Jarvis Landry with a thousand yard years Julio is going well that's. The 14100 that's the thing pat patty had you not. Expect. A guy like Julio Jones to hold outs he sees what someone like two hours injury. Just got that were the browns just got tricked into pain. Jarvis Landry Julio Jones must must look at that it did this a joke okay. I mean Joseph obviously injury cannot hold Julio Jones shock he should not be in the saints he does seem stratosphere. OK as a guy that Julio Jones. The only part about Julio Jones is holed out that bothers me that will bother me to its training camp is just three years and that's the problem like that's that's. I read your Brady 37 million at all. I don't ray or what's going on their L holdout with three years in a hole that would two years is is Connery one years pretty much the standard there. We are not gonna go and as a lame duck okay. But three years so what does it mean to Julio Jones signed sealed who seasons goes once. They could have been 15 years and I'm sorry your the lives of two years ago so two years into a five year deal a moral holding out there was a 47 guaranteed public but a five year deal right fighters 71 yes so two years later into a five year deal he's gonna hold out that that's the quality to look and say yelled at and not what do you do. Everywhere I thought about the whole basketball situations so you got guys right now that are going to be doing one year deals when your max's two year deals bomb. Again in the NBA you do you keep telling me that you can't go back and went restructure the contract for Mozilla's what you can't do that not in on NBA think it's full Baltic football's only want and so you're dealing with guys that are cost going to be jumping because of the money that is the revenue that has kind of brought in and and you're dealing with. You know seven other wide receivers in the NFL within a span of two years is Julio was the highest paid. So within two years you're dealing with seven other wide receivers that are making more money than him right now so. It's one of those deals were you can't. You can go to a team and and not show up and wanna restructured deal and you're gonna cry about them not being able to pay you you're guaranteed money as well or you're not guaranteed money as well also. I am in favor of the way the basketball. Negotiations are structured like it is what it is you sign your deer you sign your name on the dotted line and you move you over the if you overplay your contract. Graduation for the team if you under play it you're getting paid sport so I think that's a good happy medium the whole basketball route or how about though. You know what someone like Julio Jones who's going to be. The first player who's the first NFL player and it would take a guy like Julio Jones and I was superstore OK who's going to be the first guy. In the NFL who decides you know what. And don't the one year deal. On don't know when your deal you know what we see all these big NBA guys do OK the rants LeBron Chris Paul. I mean maybe through exercise and you'd see a not now but. Who's gonna be the first guy in the NFL who says. Okay Julio Jones walks and their elder or play one year twenty family guaranteed OK and again the deal and not pay guess. I'm a free agent again. Giving up one point five million dollar guaranteed. Suited had won all this guy's making this order a alt one year thirty million guaranteed this year but who's the first guy. Who decides to do it now I understand you wanna get as much guaranteed money as possible. And that's what someone like Julio Jones signed a five year seventy million I don't know what guaranteed one is OK that's what they do it wanna get as much guaranteed money as possible. Really the best way to get as much guaranteed money is possible. Is it they're going on these one year deals it is every year keep paying me the most on the best wide receiver he Amy the most all this guy makes the most out. Pena more than that all right in a relief like who is going to be the first NFL guy who's got the guts to duke it take a lot of guts. Because you there is an injury risk involved so what take a lot of guts. Who do but if it works out in your favor. You're you know got like Julio Jones is gonna be the highest paid wide receiver every single year and but any legally let just seat three years if he goes three years. Any doesn't you know there's a catastrophic injury. Talking 75 million dollars guaranteed in just three years that have gone twenty by 20 X 20 five. One in order to get all these guaranteed years under the current contract he would have to played five years in this era that all laid out here we're talk about three years and maybe the value since continues to go eat. The guy who is the king of that for a similar. Situations Darrelle Revis who used to that all the time we're here to do one year deal when he feels it would get monster like thirty dollar contract that's got to make money. It's got a solid player. And it's got to be a guy who's got the guts to do because obviously there's an entry was bullet there's the injuries that we're talking. Very often CDs catastrophic. Injuries anymore likely to this instrument you know we've operations like these guys get the operation you comebacks on. You know lightly it's not very often that all dude got hurt all too many in signed that huge deals careers over happen very often. Who is not my Torrealba and pitcher. The Japanese pitcher is on the other saying that they're really concerned about him because of who he might have thought Tommy John but the they went through lists of a lot of the I. Some never really I did not having to do that Tommy John doing with the stem cell therapy doing at the platelets off a lot of other guys are electing to do and they're able to come back on only minor tears. When he comes back to be fine. Most guys are gonna come out and talked on the order because initially there there were saying that point when he is on the Kazaa a comeback player but it apparently he's got is doubtful public. He's gonna come back he's really really good. You know ECD's catastrophic rear ending injuries. Anymore it's it's it's very rare. I would like the war Scotty injury and Teddy Bridgewater like. Com. He's he's he's played football. He's kind of that he was the French has cornered. Now they started in the job although we never knew what he has to Albany's backup quarterback just barely just barely got on. But let's not only Teddy Bridgewater was like in the world on fire before he got hurt like Teddy bridge draws is guaranteed star quarterback like. It would Teddy Bridgewater was going to be an even though laid people of the vikings thought they had their guy yeah. Like whoever enactment of that bag when he got hurt people like weeping in practice because of what went down bush. It is rare it doesn't happen as much anymore but that's how it's gonna happen in the NFL you wanna get you wanna get the most money. Who's going to be the guy that's got you got to go the one year deal people are confusing the franchise tag with what we're talking about two franchise tags and take the top highest paid for at that position and and they don't negotiating with the ring and you can negotiate you could say screw the franchise tag to sign a long term deal. But if we signed a one year he signed a franchise tender there's no negotiating the money the money and you don't have to report. Let's orders let's. You XY and south. UH. Oh yeah. For example the one here franchise tender the joint ms. Landry would have some of the ball vigils for like seventeen million dollars there's no negotiating it's either sign that's a or could not sign its forty to negotiate a long term deal the gulf seafood boast or style and I in Korea. I seek icy moons ago like the big baggy pants thing going on it was seriously in ulcers is out of view as watch much that I'll watch a lot of it last night. Where trumpet and king Jon and Kate Kim Jong and that's stupid fat kid from North Korea today. That they met last night they had a whole meeting and they had a a nuclear summit and it was from it was. Idols OK it was lie able to idle the resolution ended up being like you probably I think it ended. Within the last two hours because. When we are starting to show this morning troubles holding what press conference okay leader in Singapore it's obviously a gun future but I saw I don't know the full resolution was like I was watching a lot of it last night they met three very. Long time and apparently there working towards complete denuclearization which is. Unbelievable if it's true there's this one scene I mean we're trump and king John on the needed yup the presidency United States. And the leader of North Korea okay. They're shaken hands. And it's like every every single topic altogether like they would like put one hand on each other's back in escort each other through the passageway Asian. Honestly guys he had that that the the president of the United States and the leader of North Korea there shaking. Here it's not as easy. And and then you add to the hole though the whole scene. Okay if it is not wild enough. This Dennis Rodman. You got this Rodman out there and Singapore who we know was bloodied body with Kim Jong no one. Our rights and I don't know to what effect. And we can make fought all he wants. Put it kind of seems like Dennis Rodman played at least a little bit of a role. In getting these guys to get third. And that's. Often why all the while times are now man you know we've got our. If trump left the team America. Dvd. On the table after less. I think that would be like after all had our worked after everything just Enron he's seen this movie for a bushel play on this a do or say innocently watching this is the only ones in the sequels to the interview Seth Rogen and it's his Franco's hundred. It was so bizarre so surreal we have some Rodman is there any Rodman where plank as he was on TV in my sight unseen and he's crying and he's doing the city cry for us cry now won the last armies crime because remember when he went out there to play like this basketball game this propaganda basketball game. And he any broad vin baker and Kenny understand and a couple of other players he was holding hostage there. And and and and Rodman is up there he's crying and yelling at the television yelling at the reporters out there because his. Amaral was given so much wrap Rodman. And and and the dividends that Rodman played it's usually some kind of positive in getting this was meetings on an and a possible denuclearization. Which really big deal or Portland grad degree or go back and listen to hell Willie crazy person he sound this from this is from match that basketball game is as dramas like five hours ago it initially went over there and how crazies out these guys as a shield for you to ask you listen to this. Lesson. Shouldn't. One. Who was home. Ping guys here. All of us. And Dennis. Troll. Or is that if we. You just open the door just a put people on the I'm doing things. It's. Used right you lose. You lose. Is it for fun. Debbie interview in the beginning with and her one day and he's right in. And said he was sure that while men. Sacco. And so he's on CNN yesterday and used on well the fallout from that trip received death threats and he's on these these cries. I was using this isn't who does those things. This is their youth. Went public back hold ourselves at risk. Let us all with what was it that protect it everything. Believe that we. Could go hole he could Nicole Lee dot com. It. Yeah. I probably. New things change I knew all the you all know that you currently I'm an extremely. A triple what it took all but what took the thing I want. Okay let me of students standing at the diet of course everybody's gulf war. It should ever as a great to. We living in. Well I can't believe Greek cypriots from given no of his tries Rodman deserves another did you ration. I mean if if we're Dennis Rodman and help assist did use. The whole nuclear movement over there. He has to be convention or read all these debated these silly debates are down about Michael Jordan vs LeBron James and who's the greatest of all time rob is responsible player of all time no peace prize. He had the nuclear war. Done goat. And of course you know toward the end of his it is time now on CNN last night he had to think a few people. Some people out here that some people. Ahead and pass this summer don't go on hold it or about it when. Somebody you wanna thank you go ahead and. Morrison and orders that you know all the to pivot but it still stood by me Democrats. Don't know blow. All the guys that win would mean golf Korea cannot hope they can Chuck Daly a ticket Phil Jackson the did you bus. Don't think it not good enough reason to get any better approach that everybody has supported me what all the wall these things so I don't think my kids. Hold on who's doing it on Monday on my booty banquet there. He's got to think getting better Pearl Jam. They're not open and shut daily ticket Phil Jackson the good Jeannie buss. I think it not good enough reason to get any better approach that everybody is supported me what all the wall space. So I don't think my kids Sam they still will meet up all the easiest things have gone up and down they still would mean I don't. Does what they do about it minute edit that and plus you know what I'm gonna be such a moment. That's supported me do this whole thing I. Got you don't I say this shirt they're going got a good outfit he got trump on the topic of popcorn on on the bottom is listening on the trump on the top of pot on the bottom is it's in the on marijuana. What what what nights one a nine credible. Think in any veterans rules in their support pearls pearls and there's. It you know preacher. Jamal please don't think any better approach that everybody has supported me what all the Wall Street's. He lost her easy horror of war. Roger and agree to commemorate the wreck that is no bones begin raising horde corporal like I've been at shows where he's. Standing on the side of the stage watch in the shallow I. There was once someone is it hard rock okay I forget which what do that that Irish bar is there and got house band playing and as well yet Murphy's law. And and the house spans sorts of liberals and the sorts play alive. And and and actually there the group that I'm with has actually they're with Rodman eggs on their with a buddy of mine and he's close friends with Rodman so Rodman is actually with us and this is like. 67 years ago and Republican jumps on the stage and decide you know what. I'm a singer and now. And and he sung the whole song with the damn it's good. He's so into Lowe's worlds and it was as what does that it's running doom Pearl Jam. He is a horde corporal is rampant respect. The ultimate respect I do some quick headlines stolen. While less that they beat the giants seven a five digits era is over the go ahead two run homer. As that this give themselves a win. Why letter was by this at an avid toward chipotle is it was obviously coming to the money either cedar meetings going on and it's obviously winning club and a meat as well you don't you don't guy or double medium awaits him out of proportion has the scoop on now -- torch of all is a good service but there stingy he says he's definitely a double meat on a Taurus Lisa Ngo and very stingy. Where we want to clarify is LeBron james' comments on the bronze for agencies saying that this is you be about more than basketball. As you go family he tweet us at. A look at the record show I don't have any inside information whatsoever so he's about decisions so clearly when windows. A lot of stuff as a Clinton obviously LeBron called mental you know and then McDonnell. And I wanted to funerals Sanyo and finally wanna miss this coach Bryant. Yesterday do this thing there's all this talk about goats ago around who's the greatest of all time. And so Bleacher Report to this piece where they have like a panel they had Vince Carter Paul Pierce color bright sensible to brand questions. And what came on about the bronze legacy like what should three and six Stanford's legacy. And Kobe his answer was well. He's when I was growing up all met all the matters championships that's that's where your legacy stood on and somehow LeBron James has to go find a way to win more. And so a Tweeter saw this and they said. If Kobe Bryant was on the heat cavs and LeBron the past six years in faced. The thirteenth fourteenth spurs the 151617. And eighteen wars he would have zero rings context is everything. Coke likeness. And Coke retreated out in Austria. We had to face the spurs every post season pretty much not to mention the first super team in Boston but I. 110. Yeah yeah shack. Shaq against those sports teams. I. Should. Jack. And. Joined Dan members of the shipping container and a ticket for Dan's third annual fire safety assets and file footage Alan South Beach this Thursday. If you wanna go over to fill up residency Miami dot com spoke to shower every cut is expertly prepared. Spas what crimes on whiskey bar sophisticated relaxation coming Joyce soccer tournament action by Alexis and at Miami. Always an amazing deal ends by. That's at 3 PM Thursday afternoon America LC there and he could meet. I am getting a few minutes here and sign on you get on the phone we asked you open line 7863600790. And do tool the week here except it you don't get cart courtesy of Florida lumbering gets gets are those home repair is our right to get to go and so get it right now for two weeks 78636. So. 0790. Not tonne gold on sports wise or you know LeBron is obviously the big stories can continue to be a big story. I know Romberg is all open arms about the general manager of the Golden State Warriors handing overeat a blank check essentially. To Kevin Durant spat that your will is no negotiating and him whatever he wants. You know beat a one year deal can be the five years and 200 plus million dollar Max deal. And then you got you know situation in you know place like the NFL with Julio Jones who's you know just as die able to his team is to oriented like you know. Look John's is good what he does as Kevin dreads is what he does. And Julio Jones out there. Is. It is holding out of these of these make Nancy wants a new deal. And it and here's the thing they'll. I don't think it's such a big deal. The general manager of the warriors coming out and doing that because the fact of the matter is. And again you wanna get for two of the week 786360079. To do a couple minutes here. I don't think it's a big deal because. There are there really isn't a negotiation. With superstar players. In the NBA. If your superstar player. You're going to get the Max deal is on you won't I don't know dram wants it he may wanna side to someone you do a two year deal toward paying. That's why the general manager of the worst in San I'm gonna give him whatever he wants there's no negotiation because you have. The Macs years. And the Max money. You go to the NFL. Yes the NFL has a salary cap there's no Max deal in the NFL as many years. As much money you want we gotta bounce out salary cap Major League Baseball there's no Macs anything OK there's attacks you paint there's no salary cap. And there's no Macs years for players there's no Max money for players so. You have to have a negotiation with baseball football basketball there's no negotiation. The star players or going to get. The most money that they could possibly offered matter fact. I don't Y guy like having three it's even using ancient. Now you want a nation for everything it's happening outside of basketball sponsorships and all that so. Doesn't need an agent and negotiators basketball can't. And that's why a lot of people now does not always basketball players were football players because of where everything's being slaughtered even baseball players the good use of an agent. Is more and dealing with your family babysitting meg all the all the stuff that usually an agent shouldn't do but now has to do the credit or had milk. You have for baseball for you gotta you gotta know what other guys are making what other guys are signing for. Other what what's in other deals okay EU that's that's huge responsibility that spot. But any MBA you know what the most money go possibly make it it's really that complicated. I'm segment there's other people but you higher nowadays as opposed to my princess Katy for his heels got a marketing team he's got its publicist these guys. Any kind of side business yeses here as personal assistant is my guess what for Basque region the best or not I don't think a lot of players need agent for anything are you the truth and I hate that shooting you know might my agent in the foot but I just don't. C. The way that things are slotted now on how information is so public. I don't see how old you do need an agent to negotiate things for you axis. The writer basically. Making your minimum deal you're making a maximum deal you're seeing what the guy in front of you got paid with a guy behind you got paid. It's not like you're trying to break the bank anymore and a solid every channel pull the wool over anybody's eyes are hiding injuries or that type of thing it's. It seems pretty simple to me I don't know why a lot of guys are going with the H yeah. Also due later guys who usually for a lot of things out on the table when it comes to negotiators have a lot of baloney here. The bad stuff and that's pretty much to hire an agent for the late Bowes you'll write and I trend isn't that no he doesn't need it but. Here's the thing a lot of it but I think that's pretty much the big. Responsibly and all you right channel at bats yeah you're right you don't you don't want how. Have to negotiate the but but this is why in this case of the guy and again we saw a couple open mind 76360079. For told a week. On it's why a situation like this rants. Is going to get. The maximum contract that is need for players like Kevin grants there's no negotiation. I was going to negotiate you know a guy like James Johnson who signed that deal with the heat last year. NAE agent. I think a lot of it too is like an emotional filter. I think that's what it what it is normally it's like you're trying to sell your own house you know or your own boat or something you yours yours you have that value that personal value that is like mount on March worth more than met so. Are they an agent does use usually act as like that buffer to go and separate the emotional aspect from a business. This case like the idea that Bob Meyers general manager of the wars hand in the blank check now in what every once again. I don't Hewitt. It's crazy it's crazy it's it's it's really not. And he's he is going to. Go completely maxed out or do you think Nazi ambulances were governor takes a shorter deal legacy or a deceit upon to do that currently 201819. With out. Kevin Durant money you're looking at a 105 million as well right now. Yet no he's he's powerless as a metaphor to mean less and less than twenty pounds and given new you know. I'm just wanted to start to their every now is a 105 so what is the limit again before there are getting hit with a maximum tax it's like 11. So you are going to be your general of many books over right go way over signing your own guys like it just depends on how much money the wars want to spend overall league do whatever they. So Missouri is or disconnect between the ownership and and the GM. As does the owners say. You can on television and tell everybody Democrat no way we're gonna from whatever it yet no knowledge and spending his money. That's why those inducing though because those reports came out last year with negotiations with staff and there was there was a thought from ownership to not Max him out. But he would KD where has he gets whatever he wants. Well it is if Katie says I'll I still wanna do the one on one is that incited to I don't know how long stick around here. Let's do too little week here. I. It's time for Tuesday's two of the week which is brought to you by Florida lumber of those numbers crunchers you said new banner of the hall of fame guys that's currently up in the studio thank you so much for that we get everybody yet been announced for nearly fifty years portal number's been providing service quality and experience homeowners and so Fordham is the website of port number that comes to whether or more than just slumber. I you know out because you give us your tool leak we're gonna vote and who insatiable the fifty dollar gift card courtesy of flora lumbering at those home repair started let's start things off with Lenny we haven't heard from him in a while they landing. It's nor the island. And it too much. Into it into the brat cheat and ending to a government I would like to get started on yeah. As we move. I was pretty we are guys that are where English hang on man. Do you see the video that came out of figures eulogized now analyzing everything with a bronze and got. Some is like Taliban's hands in you have to do is push a routine before game two yen got got to look at average. Here is Xavier and Xavier guides all the way. Are you gonna give Adams over the NBA can missed that little we are pressuring the Lebanese experts aren't Nicole are a little border count people. There's. They're the voting would try to prop that they were threatened the commissioner who would Eric. All right as it's a fair point Adam silver of course. Kind of pushed Jerry Colangelo on the organization. Eventually the Sam pinky resigned and then Jerry mental hired his son crying clay and flow of course now is. Has been shamed by Twitter here is Dave Dave go ahead we got. I had a lot of tools it's great but I get into a go at Max Kellerman there on ESP and Moody's and always being in the temple LeBron saying that no matter wind related the last four years what I should have been finals MVP winner Lee is no matter what. I don't do that not only are you gotta units of the winner I'd hang on to become ot not you gotta you gotta wins when the MVP. Here is hobby we got hobby god. I am met with my regularly at. Am the man not just all around us agreed yeah vacation with a Kristi it's an ensemble freak incident can never vacation a blow by blow accounts of the man. On our broken notes due in Spain. I really got its illegally on heavyweight read out one I thought we typically being real but he woke up. It would show when I 880 it or don't show because. Look at that you are they up well they got the initial result you know he's on the public media the better comedian. When is Russia. Gag in our date wouldn't bet my rent. Dave. OK don't like looking agent yeah we elected all right hang on Connie. Here's Michael Michael had you got a chance. Grow older and hi yes sly and hang on of course TO he's not going to the hall of fame induction ceremonies and do his way that's a brand. Our rights let's let's get to a year here the nominees this week LeBron and Adam silver. Max Kellerman. Hobbies booking agents and Terrell Owens we got Robert what do Norman doing a key things LeBron should and finals MVP even when he lose. I don't have that argument to. Anomaly go to you. OK I told Andrea. Love a good LeBron nomination to the weak but it really goes next element that's often and MVP with a loser kind payment I think you're I think there can be argued soft yet you know come on go home with Kellerman also I don't like any commodity that you gotta give the NDP. To a guy and the winning team they earns its so Dave you get a nominee it means you get that the target card courtesy of flawed lumber. You can start bill that when your back you ought to write how you look at. I'd hang on table iron formation okay. Right there ego says Dave is our awareness week and we'll tell you get imperfect but III did say you you get all who but it will be starting its. That's EU states that's on your way. Sorry it's. A build and former house right now actually it was done right. Day it's it's close there that do plumbing today it's becoming more aware at least halfway there I don't want I thought I smell money right Kaman sat down this morning. It's a wonderful. I'm not a waterfall but it's got a lot of misleading but I ground it's got one of those like. Spout. Like that you know in they found it yet just found guilty of the day in your pool in the sun shelf yes. The ante in tennis or out walking into a fund is up to more of a sudden you can really test is guzzle mansion you'd be float around I mean my imagines I out of madly fight at home every day get home let's say 10 am while I'm not a suitable importantly to scoop on the nose is asking them. While it cannot do that get them vitamin. TV on out there on TV out there. That can count on it smelled different in here this morning my friend I noticed. It's not like money you know we are released started in hilly kind of McGregor need to call that fairness just. Moved. Listen while Alex any don't know with a bad leg left in him. I go to definitely has the grotto load load. I am I I my I promise you my in my results are much better and and what you intend enters a criminal okay. Now on don't mean in my far off. My beloved employee utilized as you are watched insane pools on Animal Planet now such good show. Proving grottoes of what the American Ireland Italy and Massa rocks with cream this is Arizona Tuesday. I get the rock just for that Kubrick who collects these giant rock is what an artist. We get a handle on man. Can't Tony tan that's right that that's actually yeah you'd commit nearly latest innocent Rosenberg. Just like with the reflector on yourself now on the American in the leasing to accurate a raccoon off. It was yeah it's open to bring down from the beginning boxing and MMA on fighters experience climbing 10 AM on Sunday. Right here on eight and 79 FM one of Portland's reed Steve you have taken tail event. We want. Show meant no and Miami's own email Calderon knowing you did not random to go Alonso this past offseason looking good with the right training camp. By the guns main event now has made it the hard rock a couple weeks thanks like this guy told real spot and I very good so let's fighters fury to. And I am every Sunday. May she has set tones got you covered. The Rodman stop this nutty man. I don't know if you saw much of last night als watching a lot of Betsy at this summit last night in Singapore. Are you know political on yeah there's no you don't. Have you political thing it if if if the president United States. Is going to be able to negotiate. A denuclearization. When North Korea. I got a good thing right here lately there's political just. Denuclearization that everyone's read. Clap and add all that seems like a really good thing okay. But if you go back sit Issa sodas or via a political and ethnic. But it we take in sports in the ninety's okay Rodman right now is live on Good Morning America right now. After being live on CNN last night seem lip piercing to our boys yet while other disease where the same out prison was last night the last night was this morning for him and this morning is is closer to nighttime right there itself. He's he's one saint in yet that he's worn. Today all the day's notice in close today's -- I imagine somebody once they don't Rodman change clothes same date for and then we would it was a reasonable and the sunglasses as he did his other interviews as well not just. Earlier on is look you gotta look. He's got to look he's got the magaw pat on. He's got sunglasses. And his clinch or Souter to the abbreviated it's called the mag is not just you know I say make America great again not a Mecca he's got the mag a hat on. He's got the sunglass of course got piercings all over and he's awareness you aren't assured that a something to do a Merrill on those look like something about Mary sunglasses like repealed ladies Wear. So he's on he's on Good Morning America right now being interviewed by by Michael Strahan because we know that he's good friends at that stupid fat kid from North Korea. And he in in whatever way. Seems to have helped broker. This. This gathering. At the least between. Our presidents. And the leader. Of North Korea. And seemingly they are they are working toward 888. Complete denuclearization. Oh North Korea which which is unbelievable. Okay I'll watch it live last night and the shaking hands the president's and Kim Jong on. And like and that it's not it really is not. And if we would've taken sports in the ninety. You would sit in all sports all. Boortz. Which athlete is least likely. To be one who is going to help broker peace. And denuclearization. A a very dangerous country. Very volatile man. A crazy stupid little fat kid. Which athlete in the ninety's. Is least likely. Rodman would have been at the hump on the list. Rights. Yeah the very very. Very top of the list may be Jose guns ago. Maybe. Tyson. Ol Mike would have been good on my quarterback on this same kind of Plainfield as they got a crazy and I give my dozens wax poetic that one day. This is an openly gay Tyson during world broken back Tyson good one yeah. That he was yesterday. One day. Because it was all open. Please respect is open. Rodman was like five years ago it was when he was out there in North Korea when he's kilometer mile long honey kidnapped to always. He's yeah he's been living in North Korea but he's been going over there for a whole longer. And and and you know he brought easy easy took hostage and they curry and Doug Christie and Kenny Anderson and and and they went to play in this game over there this propaganda and people were. Roost. And I mean Dennis took so much heats. It was up there with those guys in light CNN was rose and don't hide behind these guys they're let's kill and him just kill him. And and Dennis is up there crying now I'm just trying to I'm trying to it's added to its attack help in any way. And and any said he he's of one day one day the doors open Mike that they was sure. How to. Rodman. And I'm watching CNN last night. And they and their and they're talking out just like Rodman. Rodman is helping. Whatever role he's playing it's it's a real legitimate rule. What was Will Smith. Character again as like a degenerate superhero there's a saving America. Ollie he's Hancock. Romans and like Hancock and Hancock Romans Hancock if you think about what is Hancock. One day. One days. What's wrong. Dennis. Hancock Rodman. Battering new. You Texans shows 67 nines for Texas Kobe won two champ measures that Shaq you do realize that writes. Look at those lineups and don't tell me Gasol is stats were up I couldn't support. Kobe mentioned earlier that you know as far as LeBron had to go through competition that I had to go through the spurs. Every single year and out to be good points except. Every year you go the spurs yet Ryan shahak. They played the spurs. 010203. Word what would actually lost the spurs and it'll four they've beaten three of those four years and three of those four years they went to the finals. You know many times Kobe played the spurs. Without Shaq. A gas. In the years that Kobe won those two chances at a Texas pointing out you do realize you want to chip so that Shaq. You wanna how many times it played the spurs in those two years that Kobe won without Shaq and guess and intensively spurs. Once. It's easier. At some point. It was so Kobe yesterday. That's the point though welcome to restock and about the handshake. The initial handshake between them and and trump I didn't talk but some may seem dumber and on the other economists in a breakaway I'm talking about oh yeah. That's a big yankees know that that's a big power move bouquet of you know who's gonna shake hands stronger regional let go over who had their fair shot to big how to you know that yeah it looks like he's got a dead fish so what it pomp. And trump. Slams it yeah yanks towards him stares him down that's deadly truck move the strong handshakes got to establish that he's the power broker. Never ever shake it's every person's hand before you know what not super soft and supple. No manual labor. I hate shaken hands in the Palmer sweaty. That's sooners have we get a greasy Hillary online like he's got looks like he's got the bit and the sweaty palm it's just so disgusting. I hate that. In I didn't really step. Kleenex in her hands on time because her palms of sorting out honest that's terrible. Weeks armor heavy. Was that his albums whether must be getting. Good job rerouted. Always got your headlines next.