ZRA Part 2 6-13-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, June 13th
Ainge to trade Kyrie?, Draymond Green snubbed Tristan Thompson, Miami to host World Cup matches?

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Stated tickets that it's going away soon but don't worry so I'm excited about the radio dot com map for months now hopefully it works. Because the governor and they don't worry. But worry I'll embarrassed yesterday and man. Yeah immense stakes. Like I personally was embarrassed because people listening. No the machinations of a pal his stuff works and I'm sitting around town people you know go to the real dot com -- which by the way I've had my own prolong my I really do like okay. I don't ever had in his words. Well and an amateur humans disrespect to publicize all sorry. And it's sorry. What's the weather forecast and so yeah I've had the radio dot com map for a long time now and until yesterday I I'd really really like a beaten really orderly and Dodi yet that's right. So yesterday when the real outcome that isn't working people are downloading it the first time some books yesterday and like manic I can't listeners show. Ellison every day in and ruin people's morning okay because people have their routine. They now my saints can ruin their morning to secure it was in Los that's awfully sultan born but I'm talking about how you have your routine in some people's routine is a listen to us. And then they can't listen to las and and it throws the morning off like that's that's in knowing for people understand okay. And yeah I like I was embarrassed yesterday people were complaining about it and I'm on telling people to go go you know download and I like it than people think don't lie but I really don't have the app I haven't had Vermont's that is not true because I had and I know you personally you personally can't always stood beside the senate you reluctant to look like a lot of shows on the actually I. There's so many radio stations all across that are available on the real a comment I really like the and then people or listened to as a late allows apps maximum amount I'm embarrassed. But apparently it's back up and running now so it's good because I guess that it's I mean I I find you have to be very good. So go download the Ria dot com app right now dome is your favorite show that's us you know talking about. Rating here on the new home really come home M 798 FM one a four point three HD to the ticket so. Our rights amber is out today she's back next week. If you if you're unaware if you haven't been following her stories. OK. She's all over in the Gramm and all that in and she's on my yachts. It's it's O highbrow it is you notice that you notice. That daddy showed up home and have some dinner them. Well I saw like I saw there was an older Fella and l.s like that that looks like that's got to be all other. Yet you talking about the apple but didn't fall far from the tree amber looks exactly record correctly all that really you go outside Angela's mother you think that. I'll remember what you think you think mr. this in the looks around is that who are these deadbeats sit around my house. On my feet. So it's such a highbrow vacation. Every picture their take in is out like this 00 every day he's in their Tate is out on like this a little islands and off of Spain and their role. Posing so everyone's beautiful. Why are you calling you calling me that you know my child. Everybody's thinking Golan bad. Newton and buffalo loosens. Pablo. And I listened. Nobody calls the book and I Papa and set to meet Colin and Augusta is at kemba the Jewish shock aboard. What do you think what do you think her fiance is going to call his in laws. Like what it what is he going to refer to her father has is there added sir so are perceived as safety net. Like Roberts you call either of your in laws mom or dad. Yes you actually do agree Clint I'm such a color must earn our Dana you call an army ma. Such an old school thing where you call your in laws mom and dad I told would you call your house on that. Yeah I I mean I don't and I would never consider doing that and that would seem so odd to me but now now is are there are a whole thing. Mom and dad know but I mean my yet because name is kind of like a little bit of a Spanish slang for so I think it's okay Kelly co teens monument to like so it that it's a little bit easier for me when you cross over the language. Yet call and call me in law mom heard that seems like such an odd I mean I call my mother's name. Makah Fatah. Might play your parents did your parents called there in law's mom and dad. No no they didn't actually. A first name because I 'cause I believe I I I'd. My father did that. What do you parents did that their generation called deer in law's mom and dad. My parents went together very long so I don't know what the hell they called in you real thought I'm wondering none I wanna know what his wife called Gavin you store opens close on the bench permits same to you real funny you stepfather was what did he call the mom and dad. The man who lived in your house with the who's who's red going to sort of in my doubtless. The man that used to steer your clothes after he lies about it. Another man. Another man living your home seems so on two of the best the president had a long. The long T shirt that he would Wear as you would come out of the room scratchy consolidate has drink milk at the curtain. It's another man living in their house and maybe just having your home seems that the war they. Just like them odd that you gave the Marlins this morning walked by goes right back to the Bittermann gives you to study the beggar a little bit. And. These WT XY AM South Miami. Put another me. It never gets old. Rim just some Hutus climate earlier moms it's remote tigers are shaking their heads on the counselor mentor music award to me meant. Ultimately you another man living in your house to open held real. For old enough to Amanda is fourth and fifth grades and nine and ten. And it's not pedal for you. Still weird to me I guarantee you were briefs to rob it was your mom remarried. Milk. Never seen that I had my mom actually brought one over boyfriends. 210 my games and call game in Syracuse, New York. And she drove from Windsor all the way to circuits new York and I saw the due to choose with just walk rate on the bus that you sell. And Ewing and Mike the knowledge that zero later. It's said and had a John Deere jacket on our refer Duma's John Deere for the rest of that. That expert that's got to be such a difficult situation for mothers manned. At that's what moms do boyfriends my age for gutsy oh good for her good for our. Are you any better about it now. Commitment. It is your rough man the Iraq. But a lot of them on your a lot of the guys that their problem is monologue but the orbiter but. With all the guys what we all knew we're given away as the liner yesterday entering. So yeah I think I think you're a little bit intimidated when it comes to me but they tiptoe around a little bit. I told him what he got. Very exciting boys. News is just broke him we've got winds. From the headquarters of soccer but he about those that the United States is in the World Cup. The World Cup is coming back to the United States this is an absent. The US led North American bed they're going to host the 20/20 six wolf told us they'd won the bid and won the bid. Beat that Moroccan ass didn't do they do remember a couple of years or their lawyers as liberally and how many years in a political unlike. Names and a hats rightly didn't Obama did Obama go. The meeting and and the US was on the first names that that lost in the data. Because I am I remember on this Wright's design element on talking about remember that this whole thing. I've got this open was supposed to go down in Qatar to people certainly jumping off the stadium construction because they couldn't handle it. So this a real thing that that the world club that that the United States who just won the bid for the twenty. 26 is noticed when he what is it is six US Mexico cattle jointly hosting 236. World Cup done deal. Don deal like well how about that aren't sore right. In these eight years from now yeah dude don't just sit don't just give away late like a couple months in advance. To prepare. I just. Eight years yeah I'm talking about season the day man I'm I'm worried about 810 years from you wanna hear soaring tomorrow at this year's World Cup. Isn't exactly it would make a move make a move man. Big music and tell me that that's illegal to headlines and man united say. In my head in my unborn son made in my mourn some complain that Jesus prayer of the day is years from now. The busier breaking news in the morning show and eco. That man about a might involve little head nod to them stepfather style they beat centers is good judges today three to one Stalin Castro to the fourth and RBIs. They continue that series tonight 710. As they can as they hope to take three out of four at least and they go for the sweep tomorrow so. Through oral office I thought they sent a book they sent Garland down. This is starlet is historically it. So your Tony that there was a pitcher name Arlen and a pitcher names are no shortstop named Saarland. Our locker rooms on drugs on Saturday it was second Mason saw excuse me notes whatever it appears that Muller brewer up man. I'm discern who cares at this point in our. You know me that you brought up imagine being nicknamed her having a name that rhymes with a mask our. We've ended up before you go into. This a carrier serving was do as abreast as super local drew because that's coming out soon. Real movie yet and I get that check frozen at a real yeah. Silly Kenny powers that Crocodile Dundee guts or remove it. To remove it as any you know he's a weirdo he came out mall with some more flatter at stuff this past we ate eggs quote be stupid. Only the New York doesn't that you you don't like you're influencing kids in school it's not only does his flashlight I I I told that it offends me that partly my guts not cool to be stupid Otto is endless amounts I don't have a big as you know that the world is round the disaster. If if if there's a frisbee just floating space. I thought bomblets or immigrant Linus and my new viewers like you look at this from Australia how does he think he got here. It's such stupidity it's not cool to be stupid. And carrier ring is made it sound like it's cool to be stupid and uneducated. Well there is actually carries stuff that seems to be going around right now because. Seem like he's that into committing to the Boston Celtics you remember when he got traded there they were one of the original teams or I was let's let's hope he work that's true and he's already ruled out he's not signing an extension this summer. And it's not really sure what this is gonna turn out who it is up I'll tell you what man on Danny Ainge is not stupid. Okay and he's going into the final year now is deal and eating get a whole ton out of in this past year locating get the money's already missed that bet. The most important part of the season adding a lot of us believe that Olson would have been in the finals it carrier being played okay. And I go to the final year you gave a block to get him. Okay and you know why double isn't for nothing. I brought this up. Okay and Andy goes it was shuttle bits but you can't tell me that at the spurs are going to trade Kyra coli Leonard. That the Celtics. Wouldn't consider offering up carrier quiet but really that fancy old Danny Ainge passed a concern. Is Danny Ainge responsible for the the Isiah Thomas trade as well she sharpener gonna say it's Armisen what he did for the team in the playoffs and then you know. The sister passing in electing to play in all but when his name came up I'll just like oh well. I wasn't shocked to the extent that listen this is a business and they're trying to win and it was a really good trade for Boston but. If there if they can't get a commitment from Kyra read then they're not just gonna take it up the you know why and annie's gonna walk and got nothing not a vote. But you can't tell me Danny Ainge is not gonna be interested in in trading curry every require lenders and oh by the way quite odds better in carrier. But here's here's also a thing that's and see it's gone cope with carrier and Irving want to leave Cleveland. Because he he wants even like he wants to show he can beat top guy doesn't wanna beat anyone shadows. And now all okay. Gordon Hayward is gonna be there in Boston next year and Gordon drove the player and on top of that. Jason hate him okay is looking like he may be better than those guys in the near future so all the setting curry Irving. Goes from page a wanna be the man two now on his new team. I don't know this guy like guys they could be just as good job better and I'm real soon. Well let's say the koala not a thing doesn't work out four cents Oz I don't want carrier. Plan B we know Danny Ainge has been very attracted to. Men justice Winslow. Yeah I mean but the battle that's another one of those dealers outlaw them how about they sends out a press release on Danny Ainge or shut the F file and other what country the other. It would be great admiration. Like you go to the residue whatever he can go get an all star player although I think Riley would do that are put aimed at Gillick Ainge would try and find. A better trade partner and the guy who told him shut fought. I'm not mentally it's off the table now I'm Wilson got. Was one with a sound for you because curry urban was asked because there's some new LeBron like oh if he's gonna go to Tina has a shot lead going playing for the title. Why is in Boston on the table. And so reporters ask higher yesterday wool what do you think about the possibility of reuniting with LeBron James. Billiards and as business you. Kind of experience ago to have seen a lot so I don't know if it's a series teams throw it to. Can I ask in all seriousness. Why do people who believe that the earth is flat. What are they so badly wants to believe that the earth is flat. It's politics. Okay where you know it's pure Republican. You're gonna staunchly defended. Your beliefs and you don't like the beliefs of the Democrats and the same thing the other side to Democrats feel that way about the Republicans. We want people. I believe that the earth is flat why. It's need to be flat why they why they need the earth to be flat what's wrong with science telling us. That the earth is round like why do you need to say that it's not round. Why does need to be a belief that the earth is flat and Afflalo doesn't tell you why do you need the earth to be round sites round boy science. Science. A lot of past abuse fear. It makes it really makes me angry this conversation I got to get off at. I I hate the flatter stuff I really do. Show's gonna make a headlines today Greg Hardy yesterday in his professional animated debut on Dana white's contender series. He got himself a knock out very very quickly over all did you watch it looks a lot wrong or did you watch it. Yeah I saw last I was also warned that a legal feed. My neighbor and are excellent arm and I don't the other guys are seven different trials those canceled a plus unpaid don't don't forget he had don't get to cancel. That'd immediately afterwards I'm gonna handsome Lindsay its stock in Mountain View so here is Greg Hardy little Q&A on his reaction is then why did offer my contract afterwards and here's a great party thought about that. But it's your thoughts on that news. Awesome news you you know the opportunity to show what I god don't let him go work harder and come back even better than before analysis is as exciting sort of American exports. How quickly would you like to get back to the big show. A switch you back in the ring you know whatever show it is Muslim an opportunity to fight them out of Tom life and I'm really sort of. Coming from another professional sport what is this transition be banned likened what what does this moment like compared to some of the big moments that you got on the gridiron. It was definitely a good top facility I've probably ever had you know there's not like dim octagon. To face and another man in a worthy opponents but arm. Just transition has been very hard has been some of the hardest work I've ever done it and it is made it is ten times sweeter you know. You got a lot of chatter coming into this fight how good does it feel to shut up some of those naysayers. Israel feels good living room got a message and us to ski Watson I would keep getting better economic you have fun and you're going to offer out of me. On Greg congratulations can't wait to see you in the FC thanks so much. You sound very close to. Everybody fools built us a very pleasant to filmed in formal opponent. It. Is this OK refresh our memory a little bit because and others of what shenanigans that happened in the NFL during the same time period with the Ray Rice saying the party thing. Is he the one that threw the girl on top of the firearms yes. In the bathtub or. Is also about how Mosul or in about the book and went up. But those closures just check and just what it was injured child an ultra. Is probably. Are you any else that's Atlanta man I wanna gets LeBron southern by the way. It it's true Tobin he broke the news Matt did you. Well about few. Let me tell broke the news about ten minutes ago that that feed fund has awarded. The 22 point six world hold on a minute element ornament you're saying that the US won the North American did so you're telling me we were battling against meg or which currents and I'm in North America won the data against everyone else that was bidding. And part of North America bid is the United States can all like all of North America the United States Canada and Mexico. They are going to. Be joints posts so that was North American Free Trade Agreement okay those like it's an Africa. They are shorts slick the World Cup. They are going to host the World Cup in 20/20 six and and and I would think that Miami has a real shot. To get some of the gains. Article in the wall are the gonna on the wall to go play in Mexico while I don't know that's that the without question the day years from now now. It's eight years that now would be which Celine office. And no he's not even out a couple years our rights we'll see we'll see who gets to meet president during the the World Cup can be the who. It. To see the and understand that out ball and says that he ran for president he'd win hands down Alec Baldwin said he went in down no he would. User I know not short I'm not so you can grab these trees are not causing went males who ready shore. So I imagine. Is there have been other than Abe Lincoln. Could Durbin and Harry your president finale polar has been a hawk area Alan Ball bonus. Eight Abe Lincoln looks Harry is now I think you're right about that but the darker. I don't know man ably and Eric. Our rights LeBron is having a meeting today with Cleveland we'll tell you what about next. Get back up their product more. I'm for Xbox five votes on the case of perfection award winning votes on wrong. But that is not just age two but nurtured. The warriors and the capitals. Have they're championship parade yesterday. But the warriors is their third in four years they know what they're doing. The capitals their first ever and the first in the city of of Washington DC. Since I guess walls at 92 the Redskins. But a very long time since Washington DC as had a championship celebration. So. One of the things that was spotlighted yesterday because we know what the warriors celebration things and he gets silly especially dream on green involved. And each key he revealed that he didn't shake hands. With Tristan Thompson after the game. Actress and Tom lynch quite shaking hands and and he'd been a horse for about all he adds it's embarrassing and then after that revelation from dream on green video. Actually circus like Robert you saw the video rights. Yeah I was I was pretty bad yet video and surface. Of dream on green. Actually snubbing trysts in Toms and frame on green goes he's he's hug in this one dude. And then trade among green makes a strong race beeline right past Tristan Thompson. Who clearly says something to dream on and tries to acknowledge him. And dream on just goes right by him. And apparently you can hear dream on say some until it's kind of model you don't know what he says the dream on eight he figures at the parade this is at the parade were dream on green heat. He says what he said to trysts in Toms as boldly snob I. Loses to Obama delivered well that's a real. That's actually the the minus. That's so weird but good. That's cold man. Prison tops and tries to shake his hand. So as we cut the same but I got to so our dream I really do you can't wash the ball in his face. And that this would at all okay. Pick up technical fouls early each other what ever and then shake hands out the series but face bush is man. And rob or is it don't cost can't be split your face a hadron again masters story called sandy spit in Robert's face. During the game you you read his loop di. In your face okay bill will would you shook his hand up the game we try to project him. Absolutely not so something's rocker chick cancer of the game boy and clearly trim on green face much. Look for Robert days which is very disrespectful no. If you're using a basketball to do it not so much but if you use your palm of your hand and I think the palm of his skin to skin contact is always going to be a lot worse than anything else. Face and bush is very disrespect biting no matter how you don't. And Jim what happened. Now today you apparently have. LeBron James. Who it is. The entire league is and a ball around him in his decision when free agency. Officially gets going on but I guess it's kind of officially started today because. Yup or was this what was the the Miami Heat Pat Riley flying out to Vegas meeting when was how far after the season was everything. Wall of force wolf first a wall. The finals ended really early this year okayed because eighth. The league sordid earlier this season so I feel like the finals would fly this you've sort of was it may thirty. What did the final source of the thirtieth someone like Arnold's normally starts on Mike. June 6 you know and this year the finals is a sweet. So attending even earlier so. The NBA season is over a lot earlier this year than it normally I mean it ended what are we talking like five days of our rights so. A week into June the season's over that's usually pretty rare I mean like the Miami Heat won the championship. In 2013 on June 20. Okay at its two that's in two weeks from dog the time at this one and it so. You'll the wait is for the free agency to get started so when when Pat Riley flew out to Vegas and that stern free agency you talk and a couple days into July. 'cause that's when free agency actually begins as it isn't sorted July. It seems like it's kind of gonna start today. Because LeBron is apparently meeting with Cleveland Cavaliers today to tell then his intentions. And I Antalya. I mean if he's meeting. Wit the Cleveland Cavaliers. Hinojosa at this early. Not only does he know what's up what he's clearly Tony's outs. Army and otherwise why are you meeting with and this early free agency doesn't even begin. For more for two and a half weeks from now. You're telling you you're meeting with the cavaliers. Because you do and what you what you believe is the right thing and that is telling them. I I am my intentions because last time you didn't tell them your intention last time you told them your intentions. On national television when you told everyone your intentions and clearly you regret. That being the way that you went about its. And he is giving them. Ample time. Not only before free agency Opel for the draft. Okay. He's letting them know what his intentions are there's no way that you're having a meeting. This early to tell the cavaliers anything other than Lehman Marat. And asthma and there's nothing in that meeting that LeBron is is giving the man's right he's not gonna say. I'm only staying if you do XY Lindsay if you bring in this guy if you give me this kind of power that aspect that I gonna happen right. About the power stuff OK but but. You know all stay if you wind up doing this you wind up doing this. It's difficult manner like did logos all over crackers and Africa yes that Allstate B if you if you trade her you know so and so players are right but we can't got to convince that team. To try to say the body see man. And it's all like hey go out to this guy in free agency has had no money like maybe there's there's no money for them to spend. To sign players and decide they'd never signed big time threes and no one's go Cleveland anyway so. It can't be as simple as hey I'll stay if you wind up trading for player a player BM players seem like there's so much. That goes to that so I see any other reason to meet with this team today to talk about your intentions. In less it's anything other than LeBron try to do what he thinks is the right thing to do and that's by. And that's be completely transparent. With this organization. And letting them know that he's leaving now does that mean that eight. On and on either way I'm leaving a piece out go about business or it could be. I'm leaving these are the teams that I'm considering. So if you like to work out a trade. These teams and get back to me we could try and more got something together which. By the way would have been the way that. We would've wanted Derek Jeter in the Marlins. To handle that John Carlos state situation. Like it. Party whose party let the information go that they're gonna have a meeting that it. I don't know I mean you know don't it doesn't Leavitt toward normally go the route where. You know you try and you try and figure out which side benefits. From this information. Maliki either. Neither and I don't know ambassador EM which which side do the cavaliers benefit by people knowing that there have in this meeting today does LeBron and benefit. By Ella got on the LeBron benefits. But no known or haven't their amnesty and less and less all that's trying to happen is LeBron. Letting everyone know. I am I'm telling the cavaliers way in advance I'm not trying to blind side any one like maybe maybe that's what it is maybe it's LeBron. I have to get it that's sitting there and like there's no way that he's going to be able to have a campaign for the next week and a half two weeks before Frida she starts. Where he's gonna be able to walk through that city without people being like you're leaving us again and there to be burning his Jersey can. Because as opposed to a free agency begins and and you find out he's leaving he's gone where in this case it's several weeks before he's actually. Yemen affect are I don't I don't see any benefit on this one I don't see. The news cameras being positioned outside a Cleveland novices in the next topic of where is LeBron going or is he stay or is he going. You're gonna have a massive campaign in Cleveland of of of fans that are gonna lose or mine began. If if LeBron tells the cavaliers today that he's leaving or do we find that out. I got that's gonna leak this Lecavalier of the cavaliers franchise is a leaky ship. Mean you're going to think that. Yeah the if I mean I don't the owners not community under wraps yeah you better reps and I mean. Totals of the silly he's ready to move off will run drama too I do I do believe that yes. When he he thinks he's the genius yeah thinks he can make is that he again. Is teller window worst. I think I can build a shed be about myself which is unbelievable yeah amateur and makes a lot of sense he's video honorable LeBron James cavaliers team ten seasons he won one championship so certainly he would think that he can win one without I couldn't believe that it you know the guy who who wrote a letter comics and style. That I guarantee will win a chair Richard before the so called king does. He's Collette he's put he's put out in the streets again that I'm gonna win a championship without a he's serious and am a man a month there was that was weird government after you heard it's a mother courage for a moment Alan. And at the clean up I'm so shocked by the stand Gilbert he really has a weasel ego. He's the worst mantown at eating he is just the worst. Terry. Saunders comes up through a bronze leaving what's gonna happen. I mean yet to be fun like watching this whole thing go down is gonna be fun so does seem to know where he's going to go next. The member associations. Of Canada Mexico and USA have been selected by the people congress. It went Atlantis takes. He found. It was intimidated to get they've Courtis ticket window it's your chance to win tickets and upcoming game concert or another great event accordance. Mighty tech. Knowledge and broader U local South Florida technology company visit them online and acorda scored dot com sponsor Lauderdale BMW Pembroke Pines and brought to buy your insurance attorney Anthony Lopez. Called real flight 800 per month that's Steve (%expletive) this morning. Now it was like an hour ago. And as north or her brother North America the United States Canada. Mexico. Tobin broke the story as well they all are the host country. 402026. World Cup and other World Cup begins tomorrow and Russia it's Gabon now I am I an Internet. And that's when he 26 World Cup. Is going to be hosted by North America and I I got to believe that Miami is going to get needs. My medicine take by the way when you went to that wrestling community with Hulk Hogan ember flares they play this song one Hogan walked on the stage or are intro themselves of course. They did this morning. Yeah yeah like it's supposed to do in the Jimmy Hendrix. Or over his song that he do all of this is that this was is this was his song when he was busy all media we. Yeah energy and then when he was in and then when he was NW low his song was did you it was Jimmy Hendrix. Which one with which Jimi Hendrix the trials and yes Bruce Childs yes boos shouts yeah. This yet on the next two among them a tone it down wanted to run and yet it was that this. I know I'm gonna I don't comp plan on the job done and you. Am I am. The show and yeah. Yeah. It was sham. It's solid it's. Not true yeah. I'm such a good song the great. Song always goes good with like the military videos like say Francis Drake Nellie guys Vietnam Apache helicopters flying over top kind of thing like this is. Pretty good mounted. Also in the sub now on the lyrics Kagan let's go. Obviously played fueled the DOJ and in music which would tell me just played there. Now the New York Times is saying here and eighty matches. For the World Cup in 20/20 sixth ten are gonna be held in Canada ten are going to be held in Mexico sixty. Meeting United States that's Fletcher muscle there. Okay it would be yes that's how deflection mosques our rights imports talking about the World Cup being here and to be north Americans it's cannot. And Mexico and the United States. You damn straight what 75%. Of the games you're. Three or four venues in Canada is gonna have a British Columbia or July ever that's called flex in. Yeah oh muscle. Eight year me and 800 cities you have it in in the United States like legit my talking about her. You're like Montana and Alabama's of the world I'm talking about like what massive okay cities ones are outside they need to do Miami you can do Atlanta. You can do new York and apparently says here also that that MetLife stadium in New Jersey at some say in New York is gonna have is gonna decline to the World Cup final. He's you do Miami you need to Atlanta you can do New York you can do Philadelphia. You can do Chicago you can do Los Angeles you can do Seattle you can do Houston. You can do. It's. Not that's not right dams go out Tom had sodas there's the midwest instructed them but this is meant nobody wants couldn't regrets flyover states man. Go to Oklahoma World Cup yet. Yeah you were the portal and let's go over to Missouri let's go to Missouri go they want to cut and there. I 90 Tom I and you probably don't need nine and it's and I don't know in the official word comes out of when the city together and try to find out that when will find out of Miami gets it. The to a mosque came out on his Twitter account I'm monies and again. And he says congratulations. On being awarded the points or six woke up. Can't wait especially excited to showcase the soccer past of our global Miami you gotta hosting the world and our great cities and I assume he would know you got a duty based on the venue. And based on net it you know based on the demographic yet basic demographic you have to out here. It has mining has to be one of the host cities absolutely. Yet that that's very cool and now think about a second. It's an eight years now me in my mid forties. I don't think it also Google is on he's not like he's got to be living in my home anymore at that point. Although maybe you'll be senior in college but he will be able to see boobs yet it's right at that point you know won't be is seen different to be around mobile against. Only mid forties when that rules around. Can't. Anyway. So LeBron is meeting with the cavaliers today and and we assume. Apparently the industry got a list of the cities in Miami looks like it's on the map what does that say. Well they just read out the use official united point 16. Matt came out official like Alex Leo don't know the city that's that verified account yeah and it says and it has like all these dots that this isn't very big deal and says Miami's on their Orlando's on their Atlanta's on their national Dallas Houston. As you said Seattle's on their look at a Seattle into Seattle. And Canada. Yeah Montreal Edmonton. So how many how many US says CDC is valued ate there he dates there's a lot more than a amused to rattle off all the cities the mean Bob Boston Toronto new York New Jersey Philly Baltimore Washington Cincinnati. Cincinnati. Cincinnati and Kansas City throw us bone. It's but mining is there so it what we're on the what are and one of them in Toronto on interest in the Canadian promoter of urban Toronto or Vancouver has to get out David C heated seats are on their IC OU center on. Thus in Montreal and Edmonton. Well okay did not think who. Got to Vancouver its course not to to Seattle Seattle's a major soccer honorable this man. And those who greens wrong. We'll get to just sitting now it was announced about an hour ago that 20/20 six World Cup is going to be hosted by North America. And the United States cannot Mexico's joint venture bub but 75% against are going to be in the United States sixty B eighty matches in the United States. I'll book of sorts tomorrow in Russia by. As Tobin mentions there it looks like Miami is going to be in my chest looks like mine he's going to be one of the host cities. In the United States and that is that is terrific news that's really cool Ahmanson. Very good that's got to be expensive ticket you'd assume rights. Yeah yeah. Was apparently go to the the fate came here also. It's it's not straight game it's very real. By yes it's a whisper you know man united and brown Madrid and yes is the very expensive so you were yes you'd have to assume. Now depending on its group play is the round Robin Nike you know tickets are probably to prices. But yet so it's probably pretty expense anyway. So we are saying how LeBron beat the cavaliers say let's tell it that Lisa and he's leading. Easier to tell cavaliers that he's leading or just say here here's the teams and I'm interested in. And I would like you would too if your interest in you can work on trade with these teams don't leave you with nothing or to be completely transparency. I don't wanna leave you high and dry like it did last time I would like this to be a little bit cleaner okay less messy than it was last time all belt. LeBron has its meeting today with the cavaliers he tells mom even. And then you yet kinda got to go back to hey I don't know what I'm doing and free agency and I haven't thought about arraigned as some think about a consider all aspects. You gotta kind of think that pain gets obviously phone able like he's known. The entire time import turning around just you know what do we talk and what will Webb went to the finals and Friday and ended Friday right it was like five days later. He's a pretty spell and a cavaliers and the visa team that I want to ago. We ran out of time here bolts ice someone who apparently does now where LeBron is gone next.