ZRA Part 2 6-18-18

Zaslow & Amber
Monday, June 18th
Kawhi to Heat, City of Boston, US Soccer

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To avoid so they'll be back tomorrow so and there on the show told until long vacation. To break everything down. Every Sunday boxing and then day every 10 AM Sunday mornings fighters here. Right here on am 719 FM 104.3. Eight XT tootsie and inning grounder Rouse he's likely in a lot of attention and sports senator. On ESPN throughout the day today because oh I mean. Craig and among them I'd I believe that when she made her debut wrestle media column once who like that got a lot of attention and stay right shows a bit like the big tour of doing a recession video ads wrestle mania there on it was a debut tale yeah I don't think all matches or get much attention to no no but the reason adding this is gonna get attention is for two reasons number one it was her singles debut OK so a lot more pressure on more responsibility on her. And also issues on the championship. Last night's so I do think that to get a lot of attention today and. How somebody who's never done a singles match RD of wrestling Greg got in the great question and I really shouldn't have to wait on let me let me walk that back because I really don't care but it seems like a lot since. Great question I think a lot of people agree with you on that she is not deserving of its I would be one of those people who agrees that she's not deserving of its okay but the champion. Challenged her. Okay seems fixed portion of the champions challenge are almost feels scripted does blow outs that you think your tough. Wall once you come to compete for this right now that that was that was the that was the MO OK the champion challenged Harman RX you're right she's not deserve a title shot she did not win now. Okay enough with the belt are Rosenblatt right because that's you know not. First ever singles match you know when the championship. She'll lose either without. All right but she but she definitely did not win. All right so public but it but. The boy those trying to make she was excellent last night's she's really good at this you know the microphone stuff. Need a lot of work okay but you go look past it when you great in the ring and she is. I hope she does it for a long time I don't know that's the case has hasn't she commands said that she wants have children. Sooner than later right doesn't she wants to have automotive pushed browsers are I think she has a knee she said that she seized children that she sees getting pregnant in her near future. Amid the oldest Ron I don't know how old seat held this she lets look it up. Let's see old run arouse he has because you know eventually the eggs get stale amber. If you cannot be a husband and I doesn't anatomy but those babies and I was done by the way you earned it still is welts. Now you're back in the years she's she's 31 years old but she's still got plenty of time. By yeah any time image you may want kids that might be what is she did. I she cannot tell that to plans to be part WW leapfrogged I hope that's true well unless you can have a Kindle app which a lot of the new Arthur du. Yet but if if you have a McCain I mean man like here you go on for a year. For short notice and I don't know feet ice cream in your belly in pre palace still not back very. Right now she's ever gonna come back all right but but if you yes pregnancies they build leaves she said that she wants him but if you get pregnant though you can't be out there run around here even easier for you first finally I got a little I know you're thinking you're off the day we go on every year and that and that's that's got out of sight out of mind you know it normally don't go away all right. But she is she is really good and she's fun to watch she's really good and it's and she was really good last night. Which is cool. Anyway World Cup is going on is not a ton going on sports are now it's weird this summer for us down here in South Florida because this is late the first time ever. And I am not interested in the marlins'. And I'm not I said it's last week. I'm not I'm not I'm not on any kind of boycott. Burris to right. Or anything like that. Because that he really easy to its currency dazzle now's the time and are boycotting all right Lorie has been do it lawyers didn't mean you don't do any shenanigans. Firfer you know fifteen years right now. You're at your boycotting. Boycotting don't any of the sort. I I just I just cannot Muster up the interest level OK I'm obviously down on Jeter. And and the teams really bad okay. I am I understanding up moments okay where AA you know like this weekend against Baltimore they've played well you go back last week they almost a forty sues him it's like get the last place are similar. I just can't Muster up the interest level in the marlins' right now and I I am not watch except the one game I went to M averse to going. Well go to games if you do any tickets right now this sunny CA there. But I can't. Sit out and watch nine innings on on Monday nights I don't have it in me. And the game doesn't it's until 1015 or else it was a 7 PM did you went out and you anyway as my people whatever it is 7:10 PM game. I don't have it in okay. But I still baseball and I and I do I do I do look Marlins okay out. You know when they get older Barbie doll that again and and book don't solid front runner stuff OK it was more course up or sports and interests. Our ears and your front riot Marlins on the front runner France Italy England there's a lot of room I'm on that bandwagon you care resulting that's stupid it's like a dumb thing of people they were. Oh what you don't want your team to have fans as the only one genuinely get a get a. But this is the first time that I remember that I'm I have not been in to the Marlins and as a result. It's like there's no sports go. Because obviously were at the point of the year where there's only baseball. But the feeling is not baseball beat on not watching Marlow. People go after you like. You're not a true fan if you haven't sat through the heart ache in the pain in the misery of being in these seats when we are more winning now that we're winning you're here. Well the only adding the only part that the reported that they feel as legit is the people who are sitting there in those seats when the team is terrible the winning does fuel that. But I need it if you went through losing when he does feel that. Okay upon my problem the biggest golden knights. Okay those fans they wouldn't this year it's going to be fuel some. No clue to his guns appeal of the capital's mayor of why does that matter it doesn't matter but if you're there's the route to losing him it took a while it does feel. It's so much her her award winning race you know what if the heat is one to win a championship every year for the next twenty years I never. Knew what losing a leg in pain and heartache it does not end the eighth I you know it would only be earned it'd be a bit tired and Robert. When you got McCain's when you that's McCain's five and six a game that the year before the other five and six right now and your first your morning good either rights we weren't 83. Was Eddie and Edgerrin James UCLA your first year was at the upper sheared giant killer okay you know this is so your first year there. For the guys who were there right before you or even for butch OK and I know which wasn't there when you ended up winning national championship. It became it is awesome all throughout the ninety's late they wore throughout all the eighties the what do you know one once felt as good. Minnesota felt really good guys so what if I guess the real legal battle is really wasn't on team pore though all the winning is so would have felt really really good to. But do you think that players who play for Alabama don't feel good money or or Alabama fans spell so good are you kidding you winning. Always feels good but let's take the hurricane and how it feels amazing let's take the hard core game fans and friends on the talk about it being a player like Robert. Like that hurricane fan who had that down period in the mid ninety's. And then when they got awesome again. It it it the rule award it is greater than it they were consistently all some. It always feels good but the rule war is greater if you went to scrap. It is how you better. What we're even pays better. Cauliflower mashed potatoes or be loaded baked potato with bacon cheese and sour cream man. I don't know what you're doing yet I don't I well our matches and it is calling our socks and when you cook it. So if you had put it next Obey particularly motivated and elegant sour cream and see how I got cauliflower and confused. These kids WT XY AM South Miami and WS SHD true. Ramallah and that's that. That's he went by that I agree of the was no body you going to be your two losing. It to Jim what do you want but if you all are experiencing how. All the losing is okay the winning does feel better. If it it did theirs it feels better when it comes full circle the what is your feel good no matter who wants. But if you went through some. Garbage on man the winning feels so good. I'm not a bandwagon he can't anchor a heap and adding province South Florida and he got it right and I'm like I am an economic heap and until. I was in South Florida and by the way we want that lousy what what do you users upload and it allows you would you be banned. I mean I didn't really start paying attention he told they were good obviously turning out colors and he moved to and I moved to wide move to specific Weiler lived in South Florida moved to Miami the same year that LeBron came to Miami so people I don't know moved here that I heard across the arena I probably would have that he can anyways and why don't put I don't you know but I obviously it did coincide with the he'd be in good. And now I'm still. An increase teed via an all these years later and I tell you those first three years on other than the easier Graham allegedly earning it. If you moved to a city OK if you moved to a city and and you sort supporting. The local team is accused of and wagon now if you go to straight upset right now. I would have moved to Miami in 2010. OK but at the but he weren't good when he care about them are at an event like. But but it do you think that when you moved here you know support the local teams no matter what. And why you teased the audience. That's actually be good fan. Thinking of them LSU came and I came from a city somewhere that you came from yeah I don't have a vast mall right. Writes Ryan NSA came from some other city you're ditch in the teams you watch reverend you're losing then that he had no character. And you got a statement. A series weeds of the Marlins yet this season speaking of the Marlins they lost to the Orioles ten to four yesterday. Trevor Richards give up six runs on nine hits in three and a third the concern stand for and tonight they begin at three game series against the giants it looked Smith. Takes the hill for the marlins' first hits 1015. The Marlins and stay up and see the end of that game. And went. We if you had to guess seething like. But doesn't like how many people stay up on NASA team you're listening to us so am I would imagine. No I would not think so but there are night owls you might flip on that thing. At a cabinet though the one good thing about playing Natalie. Is what time does that game likely at you're not much going on and on low at 10 no it's on TV one Hamilton and a new. And technically it's. Also are forward core I letter reportedly want out of San Antonio loads is reporting that he wants to be an ally. Even with the lakers or the clippers. But according to the LA times both those teams are concerned about. Isn't your outside a couple minutes while I think he'd do have a legitimate shot and then and if he decides to do the whole one year deal and opting out an all out of the blue which is would LeBron in Cady and all those other guys are are leaning towards doing. How much are you losing out on a Max deal for instance if he does a Maxiell how many years ago for all of our guys like six LeBron is very rare while LeBron does okay. No one else but it LeBron does it. Kevin Durant does it that's it's no one else does those one plus one deal could OK I didn't like LeBron didn't even do it right is coming off the two. Is coming up it's a two year yes LeBron do and it's who plus one need it plus one yet look the brunt of it. LeBron committed to two years with the caps and a republic is coming off that champion kept it below look look what LeBron has been doing and what to rants adjusted. No one else starts OK it's very. And had Ron Kessler Alex yet LeBron is confident enough in his ability LeBron is also a guy who's never gotten hurt. Our rights and he needs a billion dollars in endorsements okay like LeBron can do it. Katie Austin has reached a stature he would its well quite wondered hasn't had. Really I don't know it's a racecar do that this time around I think Brad is look at her whole shebang. Well you may or may be feels like he's been getting to a point is rare recent sign Holtz bank. Wade Kauai Leonard. Because he is so understated in terms of his personality we don't really know anything about him he doesn't really have the brand around them which is YE. Some people think he's trying to leave. Because if he goes to the Los Angeles and you know you guys market. Then you get maybe the brand her on GO boys immune just like Kevin Durant there's no known haven't grants aren't you it's very vocal why is like we'd like we know nothing about why you might well vocal guy he's an idea. I've compared to quietly we do not even hardly know how to write a letter commercial product ever read and speak to commercially now and it leads out of it like any stroke somewhere Al core is an Italian police telling people on Twitter on fake accounts is a Kevin Durant all over the place during a definite and very very little ball yet he's very vocal. Who eyeliner is is unusually. Why it's cut it to Tim dump him like he's very he's a very understated. Guy for what we know of him so far. So you'd have to put a whole marketing campaign around him. That I think capitalizes format if he continues to be as quietly get all he can just move to LA. And then make a billion dollars in endorsements because he's suddenly an outlet that there's going to have to be. Some sort of emergence of his personality. For you out to build a marketing campaign around him like I named him on the Saturday show. I say we were coming up with a marketing campaign to eat you put around quite Leonard and I named him the silent assassin when you could do. Marketing campaign like that it's around him and try to capitalize on the fact that he is mysterious and we don't know writing about Cambodian doors lately weapons were really only just he is silent assassin guns for hire old James bonding went on and then we may get but classy sneaker deal. Sneaker Silas got it. Our man tell leak why you just moved out of Miami I got you make me out of your marketing team mobile for making a billion dollars. He also has science he also us is signing a huge deal because he's coming often an injury that he missed 72 games as Nazis and you know like you kind of got to. I don't believe anymore unless you're talking catastrophic injuries I don't believe that that players' careers and at. Because of injury in our our medicine our science is too good it's got to really be a catastrophic injury but missed 72 games this past year you know lake EU. You can't estimate don't tell Isiah Thomas right I mean yay I get the money that's been that's an example of a guy you got to get the money and who knows what's gonna happen. Have to get the money LeBron and not do little LeBron to retire today Jimmy don't endorsements the rest his life. Mike doesn't matter LeBron career can end today. And it. Five years ago six years ago when he was sent you. No I don't we set for money but he's gonna be continuing to be able to make money through endorsements the rest of his life when it does we expect LeBron to make a billion dollars off the core yet. Yet some LeBron can can do. So am LeBron does and I think the lease money claim that. Oh it's it's pennies to LeBron when he makes my about us decide job well that's why you have guys likewise though that I think you'd like how he wants out of San Antonio if he's not. You to have a huge personality and be really dynamic player. You get that sort of level of endorsement if you stay in San atone. I I don't think you have to be in a big Marquette these days but if you're gonna be I don't know I don't have any into now I know condemned raid add endorse he did yeah I don't. Remember any he had a shoe deal we looked it up on the Saturday show. Not to. But everybody who's who's rocking dunk nobody. And it's because it if your in a Smart like San Antonio I do think that you could do it in today's world that you have to be a big personality. Type guy and it's. While under clearly is not that it's and so he I think that that's a huge reason why what are look at LeBron James and things are great this due to make you way more money off the courts. I want a piece that I. You. The World Cup it's happening. Mexico cause an earthquake. They beats Germany one mil and then people jumped in Mexico and it registered. That's an artificial earth. Could be real it was real. Massive jumps during the bolt from the Max and national soccer team registered on the richter scale it was a real. I know we're not supposed. The nine I know we're not supposed to like Mexico are right speak is there aren't Arab League soccer route he's you know we really have any big soccer around the world know it doesn't arrival I don't know what it were just terrible so it's not really feel it or -- I don't know over the weekend narrative or ceiling and diamonds in it and brawl in that in a lot of controversy over. Over US and Mexico will later Donovan I think he's I think he's an in an endorser for Wells Fargo Bank lending its promotion for Los forgo. And part of their promotion and wind on his spokesperson and in part of their promotion is. It it's it's you know who were you rooting for yes and the United States is not in who is your team were you rooting for and Landon Donovan and in the spot okay. Says he won't Mexico. And people freaked the path out OK I just told you like because who in soccer Mexico is the US biggest rival. And and and people are recaps and okay rabble preview always live with other other player organize the World Cup former teammates. Really angry lesser lawless is Matt really angry they're all really angry I don't need to Amax now. Bobble then he gave an explanation any set a couple thinks that number one apparently is father has some Mexican descent okay. And also because he says since he was kid growing up in California. That a lot of his friends that he don't do it sounded like an hour is are you pointing out how can the American Vietnamese. Because he's from Southern California he grew up. Playing soccer learning how to play soccer with a lot of Mexican kids that they were gonna grew up wrestle he says he learned how. How to doors I thought okay. EE EU grew up learning how to play soccer from a lot of Mexicans so he feels like he wants to support them. And people freak in the path. Out they were really mattered really. My pin is a bunch when the US does is makes a World Cup regatta mailing and we make the World Cup began when I'll probably start there and then we can talk about dogs are rivals. I'm not this huge soccer guy OK to be able to explain to you a 1000%. Should land indictment should you be mad and should they not whatever. All you know is Mexico USQ soccer rivals when Donovan is supporting Mexico beat doormat that's an. As an up. Brazil in Switzerland tied at Serbia beat Coastr Rica today Sweden matches up with South Korea that's at 8 AM Belgium. Place Panama 11 AM England plays team gets it name at two sides and or Tunisia because Demi attacks arrayed in and says that it's too media. Tunisia off. To me sums it I guess he lose weight amnesia as some people say I'm easier. No we says damned easy tunneling innings as the new nobody says that men. Sort of like your mashed potato you what your record matched their calculate very glad to bring Hillary got allergies this morning. Now you're you're you're you're baton like 3030 which is not that in. But Rick Scott Gump. Won his second straight US open back to back US opens. Noses and pressing here. Tired Kim Kardashian and she would not rule while running for President Obama rule out either. Maybe go. And go. And good. Perennials and that's a blind spots. How he'd do a show quiet next. World soccer tournament updates on dictator brought to you by Miller Lite the original light beer and only 96 calories great taste less feeling please. Celebrate responsibly delighted drinking overseas amber you get loose when he greeted the. I have to admit I did walls urgent mutual is who are doing as well there's a lot of wine because there was a lot of vineyards in Mallorca and the line in Mallorca is phenomenal so there is allowed a lion and there's bullet earth well. We brought pronk. Romany July dream Father's Day you'll really loose yesterday Father's Day dude I've I've been getting polluted for about a week streak and feel good about yourself. Nom I feel I'm too good on the body the body kind of little madam here now. Imus or sore and pretty soon America shakes I imagine. Wow he's human problems using there's no doubt the other the amount of consumption but every day it's been you know you're you're. The minute you do show you. Go to its suffering you'd on the boat to go on average time all right. Funny story actually sort sandbar right down the keys and you know mark once a day goes on everybody starts get a little bit heavily intoxicated but the tie it's been getting kind of wicket writes would it gets really really high around. Noon was the high tide but then it goes lol at around 5 o'clock in the afternoon so people bring their boats and an Ankara. And not realize that the tide is going out and and it's gonna basically bottom out your boat. So what I do is I get a little nervous when people start coming in next to my boat so I like like to help them out in terms of anchoring because the currents on other stuff. So we're enjoying ourselves we got flowed he's around William Brown was opera laying down on the beach area. And all of a sudden this the soul man pulls up his vote I think he had about. Two or three pros on board and I what I mean by approach was let me know what you mean by pro I mean by pro easily tell you this really means is we had it but there's a little higher professional. All the girls that just had everything and anything going on right in their dancing and have a great time. But I can see him having a little bit of a difficult time getting his boat parked up because the current and of course you wanna depart next to me. So I had to be the good samaritan and and go help him park Ingle helping grab his stern thank so all of a sudden my wife her friends you know we at the kids there and it was like a family atmosphere in the all of a sudden. This older Fella shows up with with some that just. They're out of control look in a blue everything on the sandbar out of the water like anything that was that Samar. So to freer way of typical white there you go nose and I go I must write this is so then I don't even need not just except for the white period full stop so all of a sudden I'm a chemical help them in and in my wife looks at issues what are you doing and other than I do to help him pat. She goes no you don't you needs to dress down as an I don't know how to wanted to hit the vote may. So I walk over there of course is got the three girls on the back at any time real serious out. I was being laid giants and I'll I'll I'll help of course had to have my son was awesome she could see mines there and that was the move but. I didn't I didn't notice my friend was the one I was like dude look at scum of the Potomac it's coming and had to like turn my face a little bit. And I saw what was on the back of our boat mice are old Noelle. We're in trouble and he goes yeah we got a which were Eagles were the wires and it's ultimately if you're in about 1520 minutes is that bankers that the wise America we've had an up let's go back the house. But I women had to help them out a little bit so I as I'm walking back towards my vote. All the people around me sir give mile a little bit of an applause like thank you good samaritan you know thanks for helping out metro open now and in the women are too shaken their head at me like you slimy SOB. It's a move it over by your vote. Now this morning those bonuses were. So patent follows a gap had a blade of follows states are going out there you the real MVP all right so the days we appreciate it makes you appreciate your soon to be husband okay. But he does have kids Father's Day. Mono amber I appreciate my own father while it amount filers to getting out into your around the world so whenever I have to do anything for pollard's bank. I'll just shoot him an email saying happy prospect. Loses we're pretty nice because otherwise a Philly actually at Uga is in get presents Billy no. He's rightly say I don't like I don't wily what I need to spend more money I don't need to spend any money I am good OK don't mean I don't need anything. If any subtle yet I don't I don't need you to get me breakfast in bed. Look we had people over we did a whole breakfast thing would gut it's all go all right anyway so old. On Friday after our show are just tuning in now when talking about this this morning on Friday after show we learn acquire letter while and wants out of San Antonio. Okay and the place were out right now with quite Lennar morning at a San Antonio. Is apparently the preferred destinations all Los Angeles CO lakers or clippers non us they don't simply know. But. The lakers and clippers. Seem like they might be hesitant. To. Make a trade and may make a trade out imagine look diving as in making a trade Bibi has a main tree given a significant assets okay. If they're a are concerned about quine and tell. I think every team in the NBA is going to have that same concern when having these discussions Sutton be exposed exclusive to the LA teams now this is also I think that it's okay. Let everyone. Be concerned about climate hell aren't all that does that drive the price down al-Qaeda. And to make it easier for Miami to work out a trade this is a good thing okay this a good thing. Now there are there a cobble reasons why I think that the heat are legitimately. In the conversation with quite letter number one. Is not the spurs MO it is not their history. To make this trade within the conference okay the spurs that they had their way and it is there way there and petrol. In the spurs have their way they'll treat at least they do not wanna trade in the Western Conference that is not their style okay. So let let's let's talk with let's consider that from volunteer. So let's say the spurs in a trade Amy's is again they're in control. Clot that it can go to them and say EL I wanna go to Los Angeles and the spurs can say F you fool your contract it would treat you were we want now. The problem there that the spurs run into is they got to get a team to agreed to make the trade but it spurs don't care when they send the spurs or do the best deal the spurs. You gotta find another team presumably east who is willing to take on quite winnable for getting a commitments. Well and the reason that has been able come out and say he wants to go to LA is because your letting every other team in the league no idea that he is not going to wanna scan may not rob Dan after the season they are skiing scaring every -- his people. He knows he wants but he wants me in LA is people are doing what they tend to scare everybody else in the NBA right up for the team to Los Angeles. How many local radio shows this morning are doing the same thing that we're doing when it comes through. You could possibly becoming a lot like a like a legit shot I knew it around the country yes. Oh all it. Look. Mobile look you know the and Milwaukee Bucks be one of them doesn't it was back to Milwaukee towards Milwaukee if it would become like Milwaukee is going to be like the worst place to live OK but I don't know now I I was about to say Milwaukee TO RI RS cardinal Locke is a really cool setting but I was about Singapore and Edmonton and I you know I wouldn't be about the same Milwaukee too is is being an awful place to live. I know not every team is going to be intercede here because certain teams know they don't have as good a shot. To sign this player Miami. Even if Miami's not on this list require letter. Miami is going to be confident enough for a couple of reasons to get himself a full year. OK to convince this guy and there's a couple of reasons why. Number one. Always gonna have a lifestyle there always have the whether Miami's always going to be front runner when it comes free agency all injury to shoot you just hear her weakening and down proceed got that don't mean the other thing is the heat or always go on to the confidence. In the culture surrounding your in his nation that hey. We got a year to show you that this is how we operate and were professional. And we are run like a top. Notch sports franchise and we show you that over the course of next year OK so even if mine he's not on his list the heat are going to be confident enough in their ability. To sell coli Leonard. All on staying in Miami long term. And I don't as the past OK when you trade it for Alonzo Mourning. He only had one year left on his contract when they traded for Shaquille O'Neal he only had one year left on his contract when he tripled on drugs. He was in the year okay of his contract you've done this before. They will be able trade for this player and they are confident enough in themselves to be able to sell said player so that's what. I don't I don't care that quite Leonard's out there Sany wants to go to Los Angeles lakers or clippers that means nothing that he eats okay the going to be convert enough in their ability to convince this guy that this is a great place to live. And it's a great organization to plea for quick introduction. That's your organization. Does Dwyane Wade. And you'd be stand on a table. For Miami and try to get him to come here and if that's the case does that mean that they wanna play another year or could I thought this whole tour I think LeBron gets to a point. Where it looks like it could happen and when he gets. But it's got to get the lap later stages do in relationship to the air Arnold in any relief. But I'd I think it's got to be in the late stages. Of of a possible trade would then maybe the wind reaches out otherwise between a cannibal. Now I know he knows this guy. OK I have no idea apparel businesses and French everybody's situation right right. They're probably kids got to be on the late late stages where LeBron James or Dwyane is put it over the top was like listen men and it is tight you be happy. Okay play it's not doing callebs a waiting about Miami doesn't happen. It's got to be in the late stages where maybe your phone call above until when we phone call away and close the deal that's when you again. Into rains coming back. And we don't even know that either site I don't see Dwyane doing work with recruiting don't have been of very very end stages for a way to Ian ball I mean he's given his work recruiting anybody it would be like Kayla brought upon back I want and his buddies out he's recruit anybody let yeah labor creating a guy he he doesn't really ever relationship went as far as we evaluates and why would he do that we don't even know he's coming back. Got very very very and the entire process if wheat and Ian ball we'd try to convince you Ian eagle gloat like today. I see that happening to the next generation of heat basketball. Is this possibly gonna be relying on the fact that Riley. On his send off and possibly bring in a giant. Michael continues next. It's taken this quarter as it windows your chance to win tickets in upcoming game sponsor. Of the event. Accordance Miami Heat technology partner and a local self Lotta technology company visit them on line at a court escort dot com sponsor by Lauderdale BMW Pembroke Pines and brought to buy your insurance turning anti Lopez. Call 305800. Irma. All right so yeah the World Cup going on all the way into that's you guide a bunch of teams going on tapers and it's starting about twenty minutes now. The change bid to remember which game which is the first game at 8 AM this morning though they'll put that on I will watch the hell out of there and show them. It is Sweden at south Hoover or Sweden v.s reverse ourselves South Korea all right sweetness South Korea currents I'm not get some games are looking soccer boys vs the South Koreans I've let separate good Korean though willing we like soccer so it would you know there are other big fans thought this sucker into Korea whose big fans South Korea I'd. There are no regrets the school paper and go home apparently were friends North Korea announced. Hello guys I guess so men. But no such critical arena. Aren't so anyway the talk about why Lennar are right who apparently wants out of San Antonio and I do think that he'd have a legitimate shots. I think for a couple reasons you know one. It is not San Antonio's MO send him out west and cool rival no less San Antonio and lakers big rivals are right. IA I believe that San Antonio and they're the ones in control they patrol situation okay. The they will try and trade him east all right now the matter is getting a team to accept our right outsourced and don't know what doesn't petrol. Is getting eighteen to accept any heat are absolutely Todd team and doesn't care are rights if he's requesting to go to another team the heat say listen in a year when committee to stay here a bit and on top a bit. The heat. Would then be able to offer quite mattered more money okay could you then have his rights. You'll also of the money you have the lights out yet organization and you get the money advantage over keeping them the beards and we even go somewhere else as a free agent and that's a big deal okay the question is whether team like Philadelphia or their team like Boston. Decides to make this deal because they do have better assets then Miami does. In that that's the question. And you know the team like Boston who is never in the running OK like what am what I mean by that is. Boston is very rarely one of those teams that disgruntled star player says there isn't a wanna Boston okay. They were not carrier means list. But Boston is was competent enough insane okay. We're gonna commence Kyra in a two years here when time win now Amway income isn't one of stink and guess what we're going into a year where people started talk. Hey Harry Irving has not given a tub a commitment to Boston daily trade. OK but they made the move it's a risk all right same thing happened when Boston Kevin Garnett. Last decade OK they want to make the move for Garnett Garnett and I don't go Boston. And invent political lot of commencing a lot yeah. That big if you look at it like. I get I get it's cold there but if you look at the sport's. Big sports world the black white issue. Like what did you that's what it is it's a race thing. Yet the boss you're telling me that yeah no Celtics. The Bruins. And the patriots. Who have been winning consistently from almost got the Red Sox and Red Sox the only word out of guidance in a field you know that it it's black white thing yeah 100% orbital built. You can't just live for it's are you heard he's. No different from their team yes of course it's a channel and organizations like that the organizations are great organizations and their winning organizations. It's that the players don't wanna go play it pants. You don't live there in that it likely would arm I imagine their revered when they're playing for their team. Yeah but hey I am I'm I'm I'm Beverly and lived in new bulldogs are two real live there not did you feel the halo all yeah hello yeah. Yeah I mean yeah Andy at Stanley what was that you love it I don't you love and love it until I think he actually said the words I love Boston when you come back and Obama. It is booked my flight last week up. I don't back you love bond. I don't talk to a lot of Brothers I go to Boston and come backers are the Boston but a lot of the white dudes and I've talked to that moved to Boston to go war Purdue whatever they're doing they really like Boston. I don't like the bit in the living up when the boss in the northeast area should rule. What why why why are not low balls and I'm just wondering why is a sister a hard thing. When you have those franchises. In such neighboring areas. That are so dominant in the sporting world why would she want to make them one of the people on your list. Because because maybe the times outside of sports maybe there are black and times outside comptroller of the offseason anyway it out of it but like does not sailing I've never lived in those shoes man I don't know yeah. I think it's you don't want to play for those fans you don't wanna help those pants as you feel like that spans are. I don't know. But the night is the reason it is the reason it's not a white thing it's about the racism against you picked in particular because you're playing I'm one of those teams in Europe is superstar Gergen LAQ it's it's the recent principal of its status again it's like you don't wanna it you know I can imagine you're a kid out of the race to be walking around and they don't know your kids or your wife I get it kind of got back to it's it's your it's your rates like Udall. Yeah right maybe you don't reach kids there now yeah maybe I understand that. Sure offend anyone who's from Boston it was on the show born Tonys last. But Tony it was a fact OK now the players the black players who don't wanna play there it's a race issue. That's a fact and make the rules with all the greats that have come out of the north east like that thank. I can happen like I don't get it how does that happen now among. I might be ignorant here and being and being mean stupid by saying this but. How do you cheer in Revere when they're with you boy wonder against you you have some with us. Why are dressed and racist people you racist that's where you're asking here although it's you know I mean there's all history involved with let's say rescue here Boston what YE SP one be racist. And answer. You know that's what you don't. And the racism and Boston extends well beyond sports like I ever consider it they it'll black guy another team on that game okay and and only did the other team that we're playing out gaming. Bill would ever consider yelling out the Edwards won't know. That happens Red Sox on hasn't gone basketball courts threw. And I don't know it was a baseball issue the orders study that was the when we've had this conversation before where I think that that the racism when it comes to the basketball is maybe not as overt as it is with the favourite to basically they're right there with the players of baseball you're in stands supreme protect the with a bullet when I was or perish who was the chief wrote Paris yet. Does he ever come out and talked about how horrible it is their situation and it was a love Robert Parish mandolin championship single Famer I'm sure there are great to him. Although hell I would imagine I would imagine back in the sixties like Bill Russell Wolff fully did all the winning but imagine star that bill Russell's Robin patriots'. And until he did all of the went OK I imagine does not all fun and games Bill Russell regional. Richard. And as long time ago. That's why it again that's the original conversation. Also has never analysts of these guys. And and Boston was confident of a carrier and hate what we're gonna convince him to stack. Okay and and they need to move it and heater team like that as well. OK where where I believe we will try and do that with coli letter but the fact of the matter is T a team like ball spin okay. Has much better assets. And Miami. To trade for quite wondered why is Boston and comfortable now with book is made to game seven. Of Eastern Conference finals without carrier ring without Gordon Hayward. Are they willing to trade big pieces. To get a guy and why lettered. Who is not gonna give them commitments right off the bat. I don't know the wanna do yet. They they were in game seven of the east finals are you willing as we get gladly let stays healthy it's an upgrade and go islander but are you willing to us the role way. Game seven of the east finals and getting carrier ring back end getting Gordon Hayward back for a non guaranteed requirement as major risk. That's a major major risk. And and a team like you have to hold that. Paulson is not willing to take in major major risk I would whisper as a Boston and climates are properties but they act retiree wouldn't. Be surprised. But not either mean or put them so that you know who says no carrier for quite Leonard. I also deal rent car career. But ball if he's as attend because hey they don't look man from one guy and they wanted to commitment from the other generally need to hiring. As let's look like now that is scary Terry was pretty terrible these finals again a slot I don't know but. Boston may not be willing to part with great assets for a guy who's not gonna give them commitment tonight and I'm I would agree that it's. That's what he come. Naturally come they hope that other teams scare off and like not scared. Would take major riskier. An attacks or raids and why would the lakers bothered to trade ram it they are convinced he wants to be there and right that's that's a little. It's a very how we that we wait another year. And to sign an outright alienation of the money but we just wait a year. Don't give up assets to sign right thank god let mother team develop their assets that hundreds are right. Wanted to write. So so because of all of these reasons I do believe a year in the game. I believed then and now do you want the heat to give up. Some of its asset or a final table I had Weiler why I'm fine. My thinking is that it will not be one your client will be a lot of your school. It's a major esque and guess what. And why do you feeling bad because I mean if we are truthful the heat haven't been the best at retaining. Players. Of relates annulled did retaining an act only it's only LeBron my only dwelling and Lleyton. Yeah the way you laugh but that's a com. Looking at a situation we're talking when all things are equal when he can offer the most money and he would not offering the money to Dwyane Wade went all things are equal. Offering the most money that's the way you got it that's that's I get agreed to scale okay. And the heat would be offering cool Weiler the most money. If he then leaves then that's a major black guy and that happened when LeBron. But we're talking all things are equal LeBron is like the only guy to do that's the. Lee yet except for it certain certainly senator is considered it I mean they had to operatives on not because Islam was gonna go to the mavs the rate. But did they call me had to Urban League agreed that I had my approximating a cute but it are no bosh was gonna gonna talk radio yet. But it all things are equal that it was in very willing to leave Miami. Well but it but a couple things we're not equal Hewson was offer more money originally and I don't know if someone's gonna offer us some more money but when all things are equal the money. The heat don't lose out on these cuts and and you know they'd would be able to do that was quite letter Amber's got this guy your headlines plus we continue a more on this next.