ZRA Part 2 6-21-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, June 21st
Linda McHale had to tweet it, Amber's tush, Romberg unfiltered

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Saturday's seven I can't put our sister station the sharks. And coconut grove business improvement district present because of street scene with free fully plugged in sets. From Alex delay no body may and dreams. There were certain streets down and turn it rove into an all ages street party spots Michelle lumber and hardware. Guaranteed low prices of more than ninety years is that shell lumber dot com and the semester cogan a growth. For me and 719 FM 14 point three HD two with tickets and just as there were at everybody stay in now from our way and there you go. Mary go to tell her to marry him. Bill the bill are certain parts and so a lot of people or requesting they wanna hear the clip again are right this from the college World Series in Omagh hall Tillman plated a few minutes ago. And my body was asked how he got so overall how he got to the college World Series and buddy had jokes. The sacrifices that we personally might be here are incredible. My wife's boyfriend told his prosthetic leg on Craig's list afford me the opportunity to be here but I get a long time. And I get a chance to be an alcohol and my double wide trailer will turn into a thing a lot when I get home that we got hate on me play. But I did get checked the local library on the line so I get to get checked that yup Monday night to minister and I get enough money to afford him and his legacy in the next year. We'll be right back. Got a brilliant. You're the great American really year and now amber reporter. She is she's got to follow up right you got. Here reporter asked a question you guys keep saying as the media is very. There's video as you know a woman on the warrant as that is assuming there's been Miller port emirate of reporters got to ask a follow up right I mean come on you've got followed up. How should she in her shoes where would you rest. Mode I literally and he is the use trolling me but it. And I mean what if he was did not seriously just straight up looking you sounds like he's answered it sounds like he's gonna appalling enough I know I think I would have told him back and I asked him a serious follow up. Even though it's get for the prosthetic. I really don't you know little things even though you don't know for a 100% whether or not he's telling the truth or whether he's joked you knew what you were trying coli not you call I'll agree I call the block you've got a ask a follow up field and she didn't I don't I don't know I like that I think if she didn't know that he hauler in the clip medic and a guy like that probably would have rolled it into Pakistan are related to cash for an elegant plane ticket we yankees he seems he's he's very ready for everybody's on point yet you give your time frame and everything this is a brilliant. Able to have enough money to go and it was like back. For him. I got to the libraries so I can go on the line the funny page yet. Yup that's right single by turner doughboy attorney who has an alarm on your home but I did loan time. And I get to be in Omaha you guy ask a follow up. That's great man rent there. This door headlines Montel. It's got what you XY and south my. You accessed at HT RW is a look at the reporters that I just made famous while the way. CC this year and on a much trying to get political motives in doing that. You see this here yet another one of those instances where where someone out there it is. They had to get an opinion out on social media they had to tweak or in cement posts and just. They couldn't let the thoughts sit there had just had to share the ball OK for every one. And innocence now and now since deleted tweets from. Former four NBA head coach an MB whole femur Kevin McHale his wife she's called Lynn McCain okay. And and she's got these thoughts that she's got she never just to. You don't NW learn their lesson in the Ambien and stay ahead at the thought to stay in her story to share with friends people rounds are. You know what would happen so she she had to put it on social media. House to get out on twenty of everyone now. So many people wanna know what Lynn mic cable. Thinks about the children who'd been separated from their families at the border okay. And she sent out its sweet wondering separating ten underage children from their parents for eight to ten hours per day in daycare. Five years as any lasting effects those kids cry too. Agreement acres as they. See is she had to get bought out she just sit there head. It has been released to the world so it could hear that. And again and since deleted can make your life common it's an ounce since deleted tweets on account but deleted to I don't know I think she's been banned now dedicate it was at a trump rally S. It's presents. Its right. You know and crazy about Kent McNeil being at the trump rally. What the press tagging allows for the press app budgeted there's nothing wrong with ten Mikhail gold album a little more a loud no less than half that. The bubble to the point is though that's what the president tonight. You again on the tail that you know you can't be supported the president and work in the NBA get the hell out of here don't be stupid okay. As Don and millions of people support yet and don't be stupid all right but but this does this mean wife Lynne Mikhail. She she had to get that bought out to them. Had to know. That in her opinion. Being dropped off and daycare. Is the same thing. As kids being taken away from their parents being ripped away indefinitely and and held in whatever you want a call to can you age now rule him whatever okay. A deficit hawk camps they have five kids you know it's such stupidity. It's so stupid. She had to everyone noticed ball. Had to get out there. You've got to know what she thinks about the situation. Did the same time she is I mean she's just a I mean she's a regular citizen right timing she can't she wants to wipe our social media I mean that's my little spots and the wife Julie and we can do. Right and why delete it's cushy new holy crap this was stupid thing for me to set. Like rains and every day jealous. Twitter but she clearly realized wow I'd probably shouldn't put that out there because I have and it kills wife. But some of the force the issue realize that it's such stupid so stupid. Stupid stupid woman so opposite stupid won't I. I don't pay for the stupidity. I mean obviously that is really her thoughts now and she odd if she felt like there's anything wrong with her thought the two I would have bad spot to begin went so I think that's always. I think that's always where week is you and I both feel that way too late YE a YA did why even. Go put it out an all white put out anything controversial. Idea. When you if you're married to a public figure while you are yourself a public figure I mean you try to avoid controversy. But it if you just genuinely have got pot and that's genuinely how you feel that of course you don't see anything wrong with that thought. And so maybe you are expecting about X which is stupid which briefly when it comes to anything political. Anything political. You're going to get backlash because it in 2018 a neat being that even a hint split. Teams are even political people may. Political and 2018 or holy crap what a stupid and how do we discussed the the argument between Britney cannery and Sarah Spain which had absolutely nothing to do with politics. But because Britney cannery herself has become a political pundit. And somehow. If you'd defend Sarah Spain and it means you're a liberal even though they're their argument had nothing to do it politics or you defend brittney can read your conservative even though they weren't discussing politics. Like in just the mere existence of people now has become controversial I got in 2000 an eighteen or it's very seat can't put anything out that has anything to do with any of this stuff. Without people I. My whole thing to put our I don't care if you got an opinion like the good for you if you if you never having jacares like the Mexican border. Are OK you know good for you applaud your. But my thing is like. Why me why do people give or should not shown what the Helm kills wife that is why does the kills wife think that people wanna Bryant just. Yes that's my point on she must followers I as a means she has followers on social media wire those people following none. No no I I think what we're saying is is that the controversial. Opinion. Where you have to know this is going to be controversial to put out there. Yeah yeah how. Have to put it out there you could just keep that between you and your friends. Hey do you think that people wanna hear your point of view in your thoughts like it is so important no. Well hold on an island that's a little weird like two people aren't allowed to give opinions and you need it out anything that's our own politics about music about movies about anything like you're always giving your opinion about movies not controversial to be able cared higher opinion not controversial but we're just talking about opinions generally like some opinions of course are somewhat cargo as it might call the controversial comes politics every single opinion in this world adjust eighteens. But is controversy there's not a big league there's a literally not a single thing I could say. Right now about any political subjects. That would not be controversial onto that money trying to tell lies getting mad but trying to rationalize kids I not allowed to have and it now know how they didn't know how we all have opinions about how. Not hearing Abel was saying earlier you know I hear what we're saying here it had in the opinion that is controversial. When your public figure she's still not that's my point why not I I I I try your husband and I really don't realize we. Here or make a concerted effort we try our hardest not to get political on the show we we we we really try to not be political I don't think that's why people tune in to Sports Radio. I became very cognizant. About when I had cancer about the importance of sport as an escape for people from their every day life I don't think people tune in to sports to hear. A budget controversial police and an a bunch of you know if frustrating stopped so. We try to avoid it on the show that's the have been an you know that's that's the strategy we bought tickets. Now in our own. Why aims if our spouses or significant others are opinion aided. And they've put that out like that's a different story I do you really has to my wife. And he really is she had a political opinion that she put it on my wife and my wife put out this. No not just got on it wouldn't matter if your wife said it did you know. The sky is blue ID be the most likely trump said the skies Boyle and she's getting backlash from. Canada doesn't set at or above the skies blue oak Gilbert I think it would be but but it if monitors I don't settle in my wife just. She felt that he she hasn't she had you ever doubt that she doesn't understand the differences between daycare. And Rodriguez ought to daycare and it has been taken away the border you know what. And it's about whether or not you're OK with the kids being taken away the board not this is this is the this is making it comparable. The daycare okay that's that's the issue here in my wife and I like put that opinion out there and drug super pissed I mean. Yeah I don't agree it's because you know I agree with which lets it I vehemently do not think that. Putting your children in daycare is the same thing as your children being ripped away from you and definitely by a government I mean that scene let's have a different president agreed this week I still wanted to go into her for whatever reason. Don't agree with this week I still wouldn't want my way to put it out there I soon I'm smarter and put. That's my opinion I'm so border and to put that opinion out there at a my quite put my opinion our opinion out there and it's that. I used to you can't do that it's. I think here I extremely cognizant of these sorts of things but it's also because of the job that I met and I think a little different when you're talking about. Somebody who's not Ian who hasn't spent their lives in a roll like that she's got is not an hour it's. Geist he's got Smart option and I just got forever. I'm not dumb opinion the hall of fame but for thirty years she got Smart not it's not quite the seems him out on it like no. And CN sign up to be muzzled. But main board sob but c'mon I mean this what that but that that's kind of point up which is she's she's she is not so I got to be muzzled nor should she be muzzled but. What we're talking about some been so controversial. How does this time you keep it between us and everyone we trust and senate putting out there in the world will you we don't trust us on saying. It was so important prevalent here in the Michaela spot. You know what I did I just think that everybody's so engulfed in a reveals freedom much as literal life man if that woman wants to think that. Day. They care what opinion Leyland I don't care about you or your opinion it's so not important for you to share with. One of the war early the way that you feel. It's not gonna affect the way I go to bed and wake up or repair I don't care about you I don't care about your opinion I'm due on me I'm glad my. World we live and right now is that everybody has a voice in LA Tillman and I alleys are usually Tobin thinks that. That the world's changed everybody's become more sensitive or at earth you know things have become more controversial now I get out frankly biggest that is to say everybody now has a voice like. Before he does really. So they saw us and I think everybody you Linda Taylor dies thirty years now that people wanna hear their voices and you know what's your your boy I'm gonna demand everybody wants to have a boys I think that's overseeing. Waved it just can't rightly or like I think that everybody doubled or listen there's a lot of people are jealous of of the platform that we all happier making it. People want to be heard I think maybe that's. That's human nature to desire to be heard and desire to be recognized and in this world in this social media landscape. There's a medium for everyone to do it answered and that of course brings controversy we just didn't used to know like we never knew why. You know sports figures wife by. Thirty years ago about politics like it just wasn't there for us to know and now we now this is not good for her to gain. From from the south I don't disagree but I only things for her to lose I I don't disagree I don't I don't disagree with that. I wish you how we get in my defense sometimes. You know I don't know how she even thinks that opinion is agreed opinion but at the same time like it I think she probably should she hasn't it since. Amazed they've opinion is that is that thought to wrong then yeah. We didn't expect the content to grounding. But not the opinion and that's that's a little we're talking about just being there and I mean it caught commodity that violate Texas writes an amber are unique in your newsroom. Tim White people they know what we wouldn't respond and how about I guess maybe the one I just posted a similar picture what you're a silhouette of a select. All of my silhouette actually meet consumer inserted back and kind of annoying than where it a little bit of a baggy certain that photo a yes no I'm definitely not make it and let's make maybe next time around wearing yoga pants. So while it may. That I now know why it's the neither am I gonna make me look on insecure that doesn't go to the NBA draft. Phoenix had the first pick in the draft Sacramento. Second Natalie at third man the sport Alistair. Magic six the bull seventh cats eight. Knicks 9076. Ers have the tenth pick Lonnie walk and sports could be. The highest pick since the seventies or the Miami Hurricanes and instructive because in the top ten amber at that. Or the yeah the dumb bit dominance are not sell or I'm offended. And you shouldn't you fans and that so does I think we're taught us something you're all right. A nice look and touch OK and you're talking about Sunday in a completely different. Let me ask you. And yes it is is due G. I ask a follow plea to not ask some Big Brother or not. Yeah early. And a follow that some language. Is it let you you readily admit it enough for the top U readily admit that you would big touch right. Correct okay so do you really hard for me it isn't okay. So so it's not a bad thing for a guide to say they you have a big touch there's a lot of women in very mad. How I need to IE. We're going around 2018. If you have a big to show you're bigger scene it's fat. I've always had a huge six you you do norms and half of all a big he's always had back. Ends. When I was growing up in in high school I wish soul. Insecure about us I mean so in scare. I grew up in a speech talent. Everybody hung out of the beach all the time in high school and I would I remember like I would go and I would never turn over. I was always so insecure about scene at eat out what ever that aspect. Then. Big cart bashing and came along and they need big isn't as cool at some point. Given their and it I realize that there may not be real but regardless. They may be as cool and now and that Jennifer Lopez. And now you've had big test mania where now you know every woman a Miami has a blood implants and touch is now exists is there and very good. So it's gotten it's gotten better it's gotten better as time has gone on the city of course now I'm probably test yet. Yet because very plus women in their thirties it's as weird being with women maybe. I I Kennedy maybe it's strange because we're aging and sell. Things change but for whatever reason you get way more confident or you get as a woman and far less insecure. About your body and you learned to embrace at so yes I will readily admit and be complimented by apps shark there you go. So we definitely don't like this. With a good record Carter. Has lost the giants six to I have clicked. Graduated high it's. Continue Easter break. It was refer by the RPI the Marlins raw data started series with the Rockies on Friday. In the World Cup Bork Portugal. Be Morocco one mill you're a white top Saudi Arabia Radio One nails she you know either I agree I am sure membership and nil. Eight and admire the picture it's so you can see your boyfriend takes on to Australia I guess now I get that the on going. 11 AM France in Perot. To Pia Argentina hand Croatia and I found that snow on and that aren't you glacial let's go mad city. On a blog is on the am out of you sop to right. He camp yesterday. That he's been playing pick up games I can arena windy on the way here. And yesterday one body in a few things to say Elena. But kids know it's not that he camp. What about the idea Alex and what about though what was going on a cam Newton's camp. Some kid but talk to smack the Cam Newton can do like went back at the kid like I used to sell and get in ovals emirate did a kid that he can't he's solid record is there's a camera so he like he held back to what he's great to Cuba and brave fighting a little kid man in the look it was giggle and laugh and limit for the camera and after but he was trying to -- and went. BB Pena asked the camp at his own camp now ago. Okay well let's look at the camera like bleeding and ultimately won out them but like Brad. It's not cool to not manner now evidently. That's cool I get a lot of attacks from. From black people Latin people telling me that the large but docs have always been a desire to wait before it is halo work Kardashians. I should I should say that what you seem to lay people we're complete a very slow to get on board what people regularly. I'm all in the lord. And so we're extol. In the else. And that's headlines are NBA draft primer without our NBA draft experts. Is next. World soccer's turning an update on the ticket are brought to Glenn Miller Light you originally appeared in 96 calories really tasteless feeling. We'll celebrate responsibly that's cool it's okay. We'll please call. We'll please call. Oh please oh. A lot of patience here. We're saying the big booty all is that I'm. It was about as popular. And on the fly. Big big east it needs to be all about this hire coveted belongs to white people thought I am going to INS I understand that's the end. But there's other people who've always appreciated the whole hours oh. Yeah the word heard Asean's that's more. Controversial than anything important passes like sloppy I think Yugoslavia so yes I think probably a big sloppy I think I think you're a sloppy I don't think I can heal sloppy like Bob hamstrings quads. And I and I'd be nice uptick on a comfort but I just I need. I need that steel would be like New England you lately natural type look and your look in her out tight ally not your I thought image. The thing is Madonna's like you can tell that they're fake is that the legs don't match rampant crime rate that's. The indication that there's probably some enhancements that are going on. Got a text in here camera make it clap about the disease as an army yet. Not a guy says here amber white man here you get them. Always oh. And now I guess as DC myself pig for a white whoever wants to most of that army in this sort of stroke back. They gig yeah I use IPSec out constantly and end and edicts. Pretty clean all the time so it's kind of it's going to be about and sinker that I think not a cabinet members and critics. Although a lot out. Think pink is it when it's not that making ten mile fare as an excuse that the table to make it look. Vigor you but the one way picked one leg up you can put them back part of South Carolina I. I see models out like that when there alrighty followers mention her but worked on me IIIO. Genuinely just got like 2530. New IG followers from that last night may go by and one I can't apparently all we need to do you own to get an idea filers. Start Obama but I don't make sure we get this in OK we get. I talk about Amber's tush if you want I don't wanna make sure we get this in Europe it will blood time to it or NBA draft expertise here. Okay we only get a few minutes with him morning enemy track primer because tonight at 7 PM is the NBA draft which even if you don't know bunch the prospects he still wanna watch this. It's quite possible is real action yes it like how frustrated but hours trading yesterday on the whole quite Leonard situation out there you know what the captain to Kevin Love without notes. All right so there's a lot that can wind up happening with this draft you're tonight but as far as actual prospects. You know much wrapped that's not the stuff. Boo you unlock by it because right here in studio with us is our NBA draft expert. So television team up for our NBA draft expert here he's called Brett Romberg he knows he's been studying he's got a good idea of war everyone's gonna land tonight's. Right riot. Gear are Tobin let's hear our round started off easy for via the Andrei Eitan. We're gonna take him. The number one overall. I think Vancouver got that do OK look I bagel or not the league anymore okay so we'll have a units in the league. And Morgan say number one overall like Phoenix has the number one or you don't get to also pick who chooses an in law got teams broke the Olympics again yes it was so that lets you you're you're it sounds that your. Series the last it's on the jury's still out on the country not quite sure who's gonna select OK Greg who Ulster Tobin. Let's go at this guy's at some controversy or out of Michael Porter junior on his knees he's got some injury concern hazard on. And allegedly again. I could be getting hey again he's a guy you called haven't haven't grant the best player in the week. That a hard pass from me outlets like he did when he meets eight minutes closer goad. Except amounts of the number two they're great I really tell me. He's a vegetarian and he was raised a vegetarian and then he recently became beat and you tell me who's gonna select him Michael Porter junior who's taken him. Grant. I you know would be perfectly honest I think he might even go over to San Antonio Spurs via our right as they got so many barbecue spots out there are. Our way. Market bad for the third buys it good kid duke a player yeah these guys do it. Skinny Hillman Newton really relieved then yeah. There's a lot Kirkland and answer was it taken. I'm Sacramento is gonna take the king as exhibit a second man wow OK yeah I think he's going to be a certain aren't I glad for that to our rights. Regulators on Romberg Luka Don just. Bloated. I think he's going to heat dude are you there man that yeah. And I think Iran's influence is gonna keep mayor mayor well I think we stand here well Lou goods on ships to the heat signature to prevent the I did not see that come you don't have dropped. There's no hot tip they're gonna trade Whiteside for draft pick. Wow all right Manama patent for a top ten times not to and traffic. Little little hometowns live for Iran's Lonnie walker the fourth. Most in and the EU there you. You know I. I think he's gonna go their view them beat. I think I think he might sixes and again you man I think in my lottery pickle. Because this is really from like the Philly area or some like that you might be. And that game I think. Mole. Bob is that it hits it. Is Philippines Vietnam Obama that's who do that are pretty want to eat the Paco but since leader taken gotcha it's because of Goran it's. Influence and chaperone and throughout the city inputs is a better chance to get Jennifer Aniston over here than he does anywhere else certainly you know pasture and I am not. Who's who is an Obama gonna get selected by. More Obama is gonna go NB with the Seattle SuperSonics. If they like it's just Shawn Kemp and the things. Mean a thunder plays it's going the same you know same franchise. A Simi so calm sonics. Like that their visit about a year year year old school man to always be Supersonics deal in Delhi card I'd say it's always Joseph Robbie to me that's yours thunder it's always Supersonics and I was gonna help him out today. There's a lot of headlines Rodham rounds trek young. Yeah a little packet of Oklahoma yeah big shooter in out does that curry may be. I think he's so small I think maybe Atlanta might take him reason being is because he's kind of like the same size which Ruder Schroeder. So I think like they might wanna do and I'm like mimicking situation going on there always on a minute to get the chance. It's more younger guys in the draft roms Jerry Jackson. All of its already supplies dad lets us birth families of from the crib Michigan State kid right our rights and was your take them. You know what I for a lot of different team suffered a lot of different things are very you heard you know and then all of Italy a I I think I think he might. Grinning and I think Michael cavs could have song I can't I think he might I think I think he's gonna go to it's good pick. When told Carter junior. Wendell Carter junior yeah who's taken him. The bulls man yeah Chicago for sure he's on the bulls' radar for sure pretty here are I think he'd give it a seeker work out form to. Sure okay who is eager anymore and no RA to it several more far NBA draft expert Lloyd let's kill more cane into this guy is fringe guy. Bruce brown robs. Paul yes you may first round pick up now Bruce ground Carmelo Bergen were get rid of karma the knicks get rid Carmelo Anthony and Bruce round. They got like a year ago when OK in the final they're finally got a replacement is saying and that's why the same as a local guys domestic mix as they impressed that. Of one heated jot down all of these and let's see how many gets right okay. CB gets an exact status. Those interviews on the plane first pick in the brasserie or you know one he's got the Andre you know he's he's he doesn't know yet plea he's the jury's out I didn't sound like you're actually taking him down with one specific team. Maybe later today you find out who don't need to get selected by I don't know Woolsey from your sources are out of my and I know you don't wanna you know. Take yourself into if you don't get back into a corner with with the wrong comment wrong prediction. Okay and do we do we leave any out until literally are good Missouri has learned that we covered. And I am. And now you're ready. And say. Let's go to waste so it's gonna suck radio dot com that's right the raiders dot com now that's where are extremists and MP. Mayo dot com the new home for and 790. And FM 14 point three HD to the tickets. He attacks in the show up 67974. Does what he disappear like put out that opinion I can make deals what did on Twitter her actions don't affect you she's a grown ladies she has her own thoughts. It goes your way at the same rules would apply museum radios guilders up do you. I admire what Brian Cardinal Angelo might disagree here I am I wasn't sure onto it and says she hates black people in Amman. Mobilcom. That middle. Rights and influence. Does the western Gmail voice or in juniors actually bowling gore Hitler didn't allow opinions other either. And then looked at me and other matters why I'm pretty much the same as. I mean it is pretty much the same thing. I'm not sure height disagree that when people do say that about how often can we we are like winners and Danica. That's rentals Russian joint Taylor on the heard yesterday she must have ruled to rise quite a few times just seemed like she wants to be there. Just let it be that others or does it catch up I would say you wanna be there shouldn't be. And be very she gently did not take that job. I would say to you wanna be there she reckoning of the 3 am those good incentives here I think about the Muslims a night. I think that has brought to you the new I would imagine I don't know I have an ouster but will first saw you you're moving too you know I mean that's deep fry him spot in. Sports Radio rated. Some ID at the national mid day supply national pride in national radio spot in its economy is still I mean initial started. 10 AM and got to 11 AM yet that tanning Townsend gets 101011 AM slot. As I know it's new Easter is doesn't starts on noon eastern so 9 AM Pacific yet beads and new and yet noon Easter is glad to let our Colin Cowherd I mean those are the two shows though that the most premier real estate Eaton have for national. For national yet otherwise you wanna if you're at a local market he wanted it morning drive is the most premiere. If we don't says ourselves. But national chairman now or are you want that. That leaders yours lately or leader which is the morning on Alaska and says she's the most premiere spot but also like Tobin said I would imagine that the major. Main motivation for taking that job over a disputed would be hit the fact that she no locker has to get up at three more ball and also yes that's I. I would reason you'd still begin not pretty early right they should probably getting 67 gap against the cost them distinctly un or hello. LA there's a Mormon opportunity to speak on the show too. So no I mean that's that's the problem probably it. So I'd be I would say I will say with undisputed regionally C they gave relic no rule you know whether or not. Hot topic introduction and I mean to skip Bayless and chants are really really light joy and so. As a show went on I noticing gave her more or. Real actually talked and voice opinion so with Colin I don't know when I've watched this show I mean you. Kristy Lee he didn't talk much and she talks be Italy during her updates and stop it she didn't give much of an opinion now maybe now the joys and not roll maybe Soledad. More opportunity do that but just that podcast well as anti things very popular and they they video podcasts and everything is about yeah Iran's podcasts are like she has her own radio show. Essentially so if you're employed. By whether it's fox Disney. ESPN whoever it's going to be. What how they look upon you. Going on television minding your p.'s and q.'s it's being politically correct. Acting professionally. And then having a podcast later for your dropping F bombs saying what every doesn't say. I think the other day when jurors talking about heating hot dogs and clowns they saw us she dropped the F bomb like our FN usual clot yeah man. Did she say she's app then RDG obviously the work they bleep her out all. We got here we are now as we are here for a reason we've not now no signs recorded but if we were courted him redo our recorded bit like we've done recorded bits here before where we believe GO. Or we played our our children slain. No no no no never never to open it and it's a different like when Tillman believes you when you do when you massacre read. And then help played back the next day on air and he like his leap when they are singers out we do not I think Leslie during the podcast at NASA know the podcasts podcasts are tapes there's no way she's out there so we can get them on demanded any time and that's really is honestly the future of this business probably now. Now so. You don't think so I mean not I think the local sports go it's I mean why not as a man. What you want but the puck from the Joseph Rogan asks Joseph Rogan. Sailor but penny goes on in the senate yea he's a guy. He's the boss is a guy you duty want the guy is on par putt as are not regulated by the FCC say you can on the Internet say whatever you shoot needs me everything I can eat and that went Tobin has in doha telling dumps off. On an on air it doesn't dull on the app which should come on our app we should not regulated by the FCC we should do a bit or Romberg has his own podcasts and it's just an assistant swearing up and it just being emperors and sound embryo you are using an agreement you're doing a Romberg and ultimately we just yeah really got on your numbers and a. Like with that has in this terrible idea. Yeah now what is the worst thing you guys about it right near my brother. Or religion race like it's yeah. I think Iran does not. Leaps from unfiltered would be robbers career is not passing it over into next. Better believe it I could show and and Howard Stern calls releases they do. I root electorate says well you're you're a big manually go right all right it's. Wow is next all right OK just get right over the soft curse is a few times and ours are ours that are common ground for a long time. And Iran really like what you are going on. I don't I don't know that Christine Lee he did radio before she is owned colleague Howard I had no idea. Hollywood Taylor of course did do radio so I would say is that alone right there would mean that maybe she would talk she might she might see an opportunity to talk more I I don't know to be my guest but dom. Yeah I over you leave finally getting her own shop. So that's the next so I mean now juries in Kristy Lee's spot so then you know maybe acts abolition of and a couple of years is enjoy it turns out that's hurt but it's Christine Lee he chose to leave apparently for her and so. Hey it's Romberg. However you like you're roam over ice cubes. This. Off with this thing and Tommy give. By PowerPoint OK when we see here. You're looking at eighteen years. No no you're not. News. News. News. You can add up to eighteen years the age that in that beautiful white oak whiskey. Or. Or. It's probably. The cold is Romberg on filtered podcast of sound like we he started WEI. Publish your radio I doubt it seemed to study I can imagine Jim and I trust yeah I know you worked for Celtics dot com. And then fox Boston. They busing and then she ended up and it and now what she ever done. Seriously I really cannot wait any day you should be Kristy Lee is he's biggest amateur talent serious Beantown clinic by you on the streets. It's what's Matt did you visited there either and Eads must. Don't.