ZRA Part 2 6-22-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, June 22nd
Taffer fake tough guy?, Soccer argument, Roms' draft grades

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And our sister station is dark and the governor grow business improvement district presented coconut grove street scene. I fully plugged in sets serve out taleo. Funny name and dreamers who shot in the streets down turn in the gremlins in all industry parties sponsor my shell lumber hardware. Guaranteed low price is more than ninety years visit shell lumber dot com and the semester coconut grove from and 790. And FM one a four point three HD to the tickets. If you're just tuning in now it's your headlines coming up a few minutes here as yet the NBA draft from last night you got World Cup from yesterday. And we won't be weakened started here it's Friday at one love sprite. I was just in the earlier tonight tomorrow or for dinner for the anniversary right so there's a lot going on growth there's a lot of construction. They're redoing like a lot of that may fair city town center so a lot of construction is going to be an issue and on our part but. Yeah reminded of the Sambora should were talking grow. There are rescue subsite talk to a guy the owner of the bar rescue. You're discussed night yesterday and our grill and government broke I had been on our rescue and then they immediately change state. We did the renovations number rescue thumbing up there and immediately changed it back it's like. So the owner the owner relayed one come on and stuff but tiger is due to a non disclosure stuff you can't really talk about a lot of stuff. But I had the other the other owner of that but I don't care unit has a very tough guy. Taps picked up well I have heard it's going to be it would be the lawyers behind its back. Yeah he's saying that calf problem releasing their staffers persona on the show he's has picked up there not real and don't want to break up there and I was opposite of what I hear does of the cameras in front among my rights. Movement juries are not picked a parent and I need does talk a big game. I need from what I hear is. Blake is and it runs with a guy who's on the show. He said that that that is how tapper is in real life. So few minutes ago Romberg played us a clip and Colin Cowherd yesterday which is into staying okay. If you just tuning in now you didn't hear it here is Colin calendars on his radio show and heard yesterday take her call out. Baker mayfield was in studio of the and he'd say you know I'm I'm a couldn't confront the radio host. And Ali what Yoshi territory through and it's unacceptable to Maine that that he's out there criticizing me. I love of bickering fill dead in here and I love it. Is it Ron Howard does not get talents like that's what we'll hear it more often here is reasserting and not watch this banker and you don't touchdown instead is. I'll like this until right now popular not want. Or you don't. Want what you don't know that. Our band is over there a student sections are there and then straight back to our sideline. One boy did you watch seriously and I watched the whole game you did seesaw to celebrate my team it's like three touchdowns before that of like that now OK after you pulled the one clip of me running right there to our fans and people that traveled willed that game first of all. And then you didn't show the rest of clip of me going to our sideline. Not an eagle you have to go to the site I don't gonna go the hospital. Or get a dull after the trusting you're not gonna go Dracula dead has ran away from everybody what you did but then came back encircled the sidelines. This is that what does a 52 clip of your show I mean come off screen at there and like you to be your teammates Ed Watson missed the game was. I know he went back to the sideline nominal and go watch the of the touchdowns and a very excited and Alan. Since you think my accusation that this doesn't this is a fact I feel like you're going for the fact I'm not a team guy. I'm selfish is that where you're shooting Guerrier. It is say no I don't think I think duke I think sometimes you judgments just a tad off and I think the judgment leak of a game is so fast and step to make the windows gets really really tight really really small. Demi decision written in college you got that Orlando brown died on the Gortat and all of that decision all of the celebration. See what people do in the league now celebration once. Hip thrusting not a fan. Speaks WE XY AM South Miami. And WS SS Ph.D. true Miramar. It would seem pretty unfair Kong colored is con cal or does porn clip with him going and celebrating with the fans. When every other touchdown that Dan must score a lot of touchdowns or every that's us on that game he's celebrating in the fashion that conned out apparently. Roofs of on the back. Koreans are as well two was totally on your side of the football fields and what he did is basically. If you're looking at if they were on the right hash he threw the ball to the left corner of the end zone. Any kind of did like a fish hook circle and ran over to the band and in the travelling fans and then ran right to the sideline is an equal to celebrate with the fans. No yes and they're traveling I don't understand. Calling Howard's point here at all I think he went easier 100%. Go and celebrate with your fans here on the ground breaker one and there are a 100% loaded and ready to go to give a bit bigger didn't come off when it's not like he picked the fight in heating Hamas too strong and I need a great job would be the perfect in his in the way that he yelled himself and his responses. What are what what was Joseph what was joys reaction. During that. Exchange earlier retailer you know machines on the show now as it rolled out. You know you can see her means sitting there rates or you'd be able to see her do this is. I own dorm on these. Florida only the anger is kind of more from from that couch and from his this Vanilla Lavar ball personally thank you yeah annually yet that you could see her I don't know I don't know literally in the Barack yeah really. And I'll say that's and joy is enjoying his the big Boller brand out of the world and and turn and it last night and enjoy is all about big Boller brands. But it is a weird studios. Mean that is a huge radio studio and he sits. Not not very radio. No you know radio ever won everyone army radio is. Everyone's everyone like like weren't weren't a small little room which I like guy I like the small room okay you're all kind of sit around a table together that's that's so TV studio. I visited CDC well that was a problem with Lovett are remember when love it's hard. Started the national show for the first years you here's the national they were in that very TV studio where they film highly questionable and remember they had. DA and Steve got in not studio during a radio show and then Mike Ryan was cut off to the side by himself and then the shipping container with a different route home. I'd much rather do their radio show in that little closet that they broadcast from. Then what they were previously we'll DMZ. Don't lately chemistry was off and and I will say is somebody's listened to that show for years I felt like the show wasn't. As good during that time because they were kind of all spread out. And in radio radio is all about chemistry and when you're used to sitting in a room a small room with people talking directly to them that would be weird to be honest TV set all spread apart. So it out Colin doesn't show by himself. So I would imagine for Colin I mean he's always on the show by himself so for him it probably doesn't bother him. That he's that it's kind of like a TV set up. But NFL monitoring in that switching it to you that very very elite browser and that room is like one quarter of the size of the room that we all sedan and here I mean that room in real life is I mean you know how they fit Arab it's so small. You know as as far as they commit does it look he's on his tip okay but your member Kabul until we had Jim Ross okay WW wolf camera was a major major Oklahoma Sooners guy okay. And he's got a personal relation apparently baker may feel and use i.'s ten great Kate. Team player. Not behavior prom and all and and bigamy feel really end on some very well. Yesterday I wasn't ready yet I I would say to consensus was a comma pretty stupid. I don't show up they look stupid answering. Dubbed they committed a very good job. That's frustrating if you're a player and and you got folks who urges today you know nitpicking. Little little clips that that help their argument as far as why your I don't know that tells the players looked Justin not a fan. Scored in MP. Over just in my opinion. This is an analyst and not a fan as his manager member. The NBA draft was last night's Phoenix had the number one Beck and drafted DI injury news out of Arizona. Sacramento except Marvin Bagley the third with the second pick from duke. Atlanta at tech lieutenant Don ticks from Slovenia and then traded him to doused. Have you seen a look at his mother Romberg we've gotten several text asking iron. And two. Getting parents and buyer opens mom. I see news and she's. Now do you. She is. Probably young to my guess is I don't know she books yeah forty maybe he'll only to just forty age he's 45 we can't. My mom I mean I'm an aero kit right now isn't borders these thirty. 30% right 30% who she was great I mean I could it mean isn't it insane I think I have a torn your own right aren't you have a question and a kiss was at high school your gold has so many girls want from bella. I actually did not know now nobody's read or even any pregnant women are high school I don't remember. We agree. High school yeah. I don't eligible guys who in my inner city I. Hi I'm Tony they have the late in Sarasota they had that they have a separate high school. For pregnant. Dry means of collateral for the Huskies for pregnant girls that you can go to jail so I know a lot of a lot of girls when they would get not that they would handle on this other. School why. Walking around sixteen years old with a girl and as a baby and a belly Amado idea. That makes us different I was actually friends of the one girl. We're say at least and and you know mixture she comes school. My feeling good signs the housing somewhere Virginia got a armor mixture she comes with baby who. But who. I am not ready for wanna lose. And round up kids by the way have you seen have birth control ladies have you seen great. And. The shark Jeff what about him he's due in the new issue for sports illustrate oh really issue is looking good. Problem and how is good Norman's face looks like get ago a bowl football that's been on the range bright New Year's list and let's face yeah Anderson I was body looks like that. I mean it is you are gonna be like taking a bath. Well you know usually the dictionary and look is the duty showed him it. When you do looks better than analysts' mean he's got to be close to seventy I mean he can get it. Crowd and Greg Norman is like Crocodile Dundee so he's Australian right but he's Euro was born in 5563. Years old man I'll. Hey man get Chrissie Everett used his brother to get him into the separate a couple of years ago right Reno and Norman museum is Matt. No he's doing those broad testosterone had its. William won't what Ozzie and amber I know I'm 75 years old and ugly important. Other look on the telly there's on the trash Knick fans now trash cans of such trash should get paid I was doing any rest she's not she trash this like this kid Kevin Knox at number nine and has the automatic thing is for nick stands stability I go over your take. I mean just being was taking them. Out announces about them trying to viral CNN's Atlantic wine walk in the fourth from Miami would be eighteenth pick in the draft. There were multiple reports that the heat are trying to trade in the first round obviously that did not happen. But we did get to post draft sound from Pat Riley held a press conference after the draft. Here's Riley saying that they cannot store after a whale. When you're free agent player like we have been since you know 20062010. You go after Kevin Durant it was a long shot we've always thought big. Who after Hayward. We've always thought big signs that didn't happen was at the K word we went right plan B and I think that's where we are we look at this is may be at a two year. Drummer playoff team where playoff contender or how are we going to improve its going to be from within or it's the possibility of some transactions that might happen a second of easy. This is say this is and possibly a top fall season for the heat fan swallow look that he may be able to make some moves maybe they're able to make a big trade I don't know but it but it they don't. This a top offseason to swallow because. Not only do they not had any salary cap space that they're normally a player OK in free agency they are not a player a and unless they can make some kind of trade. They are not a player in free agency this year. And they also just went their second out of their last three seasons without a single draft pick that includes second round pick. They went their second in three drafts without a single traffic and would this one. See at least the last two years last year they went after Hayward and the salary cap space the year before they lasted two rants they had the salary cap space this year no draft picks on a single draft pick. No infusion of youth this year although you know they're rather young team so that parts of OK but no infusion used to draft. And no wiggle room in free agency they're likely going to be attacks team. And that's two out of three seasons went one of those years you miss the glass completely. Another laws here's to a bounce from the playoffs in the first round that's that's tough to swallow but he cannot yet understand. I era. Riley's down this current spot as the postseason spot we believe that we're playoff team you know we can get better so. And I tinker the kings feels that way. And if you look at all the teams that have room out there. You know a lot of those teams obviously are you know are not the teams that are in contention. But you know there's only I think two teams that. That could really be players you know Philadelphia and maybe LA and but there's a lot of the teams to. That. I'm not so sure that they wanna spend the kind of dollars right now that they spent 26 thing. Good question for you not pumping and that's. You know we talk about all the time now you know Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra changed LeBron James is game right in and made him evolve into a better player. So you always try to claim. Not always but you basically say that you know LeBron knows the heat a lot. Terms he knows I don't play ray's yeah okay so. Safe for instance for groups and giggles. LeBron goes ahead and has agreed offseason would you be into play and have a great time and in the bronze as you know what guys. You know. All all all all all come back yeah. Ask you to party you know communal facilities have been acting like this I about. Apparently Graham thank LeBron James the civil war for for for basically. Jump starting. The fatal heart beat the Miami Heat every now does he think uber assigned to come back to all I mean again as soon. Oh what a Ichi yen from my divine say it is sort of brought to sing massively in the tables turning like. Because let's face or it out of the heat or. In. Best case scenario. Stable ground. Best case scenario stable ground the upside is what zero point zero chance that an innings gonna be anything different from what up musher. Basically so LeBron james' size but you know what guys what's going to do this and more round give you one more year comes back. As Pat Riley get up and hug LeBron James and they are certainly mend fences enamored of O'Reilly you say you so much for coming on Baghdad basically. Allowing me to leave the Miami Heat with doing one last big transaction before it settled pride in sales of. Decent Gilbert he can smooth things over and I think. They only real heat news out of last night as opposed in terms of pass moments was at Michigan forward Duncan Robinson agreed to play. In the heat's summer LE. Which mansion and I mean that nothing it is what it is I mean Pat Riley during his press conference the other tidbit was that he discussed his Twitter activity. I've treated one time I do that but Twitter camp. Won't because I need fouled a lot of people like you. And which is very interest. You actually get alerts. That I never I mean. Of anything except one picture. Abbas and his wife and myself in my life. Three camping. I think it's out there and comfort them. IOC and its inner edits out there I'll be doesn't follow me and I tweets and dumb crap. Miami Marlins are back in action tonight against the Colorado rocky is Don Mattingly was suspended for game after this. We bean ball exchange against the giants danced really was suspended for five. Stealing has appealed that suspension tonight pitching matchup Tony no no is on the hill all against John Gray 8:40 PMMR first pitch tonight tomorrow it's. World's top. The world soccer term and update brought to you by Miller Light the original late beard only 96 calories great taste less filling up please celebrate responsible. Croatia defeated Argentina three nil. Here's what is out of. Second goal of simply asking for Croatia Aldridge wants a with a little until it gets incredibly well let's look at Chris thanks for hundreds gets the last. I. Just your brand I don't. I'm spoken on what I was living his life out of they did you guys are battling a big goal afternoon hanging out together wells last week you let me ask and I was last week when Argentina was in a little we can talk to her father in law or is he Argentina is overdone yes my and my wife's family's Argentinian. So what does his he had to do the currency let me put up with you for the one afternoon and then I'm good now to lecture started nearly eighty AD I talked on the phone a daily basis until my father on the phone. Romer exit at my in laws are around every single day is a Romer doesn't quite understand the robbers also married to Cuban woman and his and her family and it is. An American religious literature in law doesn't mean I gotta be called buddy buddy. Now it is like that c'mon browns come on now Ireland. That's a foot the bill Wear a necklace right Croatia Croatia has has has clinched. Advancing to the knock out rounds. And Argentina. Argentina needs to win their final game which is next week and they need a little bit of help. From number one only to win next audience Nigeria. And they also needle and help Nigerian ice and play two day and the best case scenario fur fur Argentinian there is even if there are droll. With both those teams a draw would be okay. Or even a Nigeria went in Iceland win and Argentina is is probably screwed you need Nigeria win. Or better yet would be an ice on. Nigeria drawl. Korea France topped Peru one nil Denmark drew even with Australia one piece here. Bruised done now so I was a big one yesterday France France clinched advancing. And and Peru is now Don. In 45 minutes grocery we'll take on Brazil on office one at 11 AM Nigeria we'll take on ice landed at 2 PM Serbia. We'll take on Switzerland's. Packed hundreds. Ayman to a. And jas ever. Barry John is now the head coach of the New York Islanders what's. No way he. That's what are the pan am to be through it album is a double what he was gonna make some tree milk. He was gonna make one point eight so I guess three point six or talking aren't. Marlins owner Derek Jeter is selling his mansion in New York for fourteen. Point 75. Million putting that is due and payroll and it goes yeah. I'm in check and Dwight Howard in the naps are working on about. Aren't. And that's headlines although I should mention Nancy is debuting eight pickle fried chicken. Has got. All right Avery just tuning in now you don't know what took place the NBA draft last night look at those draft grades are. Lucky for you or NBA draft experts in studio with us next. Yeah. Let's say it's sponsored by Miller Lite stimulus last year only 96 calories pretty tasteless filling. Police celebrate responsibly. Are we calling it the world's soccer turn on those fires and so the World Cup my guess is it's like the whole thing where we can't save World Cup and have sponsors tells it that's my guess Rico via dump that haven't. So value its audited the read it's cool. Three games today and AME guide Brazil taken on Costa Rica Brazil only has won Basel a second game a cable Brazil the only one point so far and so they got to get a win there. And then you got Nigeria. They're coming up at 11 o'clock Nigeria is playing who visits a year playing. Iceland right yes the decline in the right way. I Nigerian Icelandic burger refer to the viking club among parliament such retrenchment is right no once that. Nigerian Iceland's are still very much in play to advance in that group because Argentina through two games. Only as one point so is a very big game for Iceland and Nigeria. And then at 2 o'clock he got Serbia taken on Switzerland Serbia's the only team in that group who earn three points yeah he's certainly yeah so Serbia can clinch. Advancing at a group. With a win over Switzerland as Switzerland doesn't get the win their they could be in some trouble and British Switzerland to Siemens cuts my expectation to. Now is grand soccer versions roll along. And all those decades of background in soccer. Welcome to Argentina that's our tradition is built into them like you people in Argentina must be free and FM yesterday right. Excellent I understand I mean I know some. Yes and sock her out there and Taylor twelve only. Until it's normally that wouldn't use his helmet twelve of these is wobbly there are number front is. He was talking about parent for the World Cup you're talking about how Argentina is going to happen very hard bill bits and in this year's competition because they're not very complete team apparently with a guy like Patrick I he pretends. I can't pretend to know anything obviously about our German analyst perspective but listening to him discussed it he's saying you know they basically have. Messi and then that's it they're not a complete team whereas these teams who were. Doing better this year's World Cup in group play our teams that have a lot of good players as opposed to just one great player in Libya has finally the cap. The other and I wonder it's a wonder the side icing it and I wonder soccer fan cares about it where. You know they see all messier slows it best he can't you can't blame not having teammates like a wandered soccer fans like that the way we are here. You know with LeBron always. 100% I mean not gonna be at the conversation after this game moving forward is you know Massey is not the best in the world because he. Has underperformed on the world you know world states recently he has fled and haven't ever warriors. When you are performing. And you may be have a background in football or baseball. The go to amend told. Plot breakdown basically. In my arm referring to performing I'm referring to being in in the senate are you return. Being sacked after tech news good tennis enough. From a lot of the conversations that I had in the locker room as you go through your playbook. In your mind in order for. Having my civil longevity performance if you wanna go to Brian if you if you wanted to slap I wouldn't that you go why does I hope. Because he signed my final yes your actual playbook and the plays or not to run. So for instance what has income and outlays on accuse you Nemo bumped chuckling now and I. Re having a stop or any comparison between soccer in the rest of the sports so if you are professional athlete playing football my guess is in your mind you're going over your playbook. You claim this is where you claim that there is no plays and soccer yet to see what I play longer but you don't understand basketball either you always say that putt it was a basketball. Yeah yeah have actually said before you and actually had conversations over the years on here about. Do they actually run plays and what do the coaches you on. Sideline coaches during the game you had that conversation it's the same thing with any of these sports with constant movement. Of course there's plays it's a what do you mean there's plays its formations are being there's requirements are sings there's. Assignments are things that you're required to do I never played soccer you know who did place our hope is damn daughter and you know who's good at soccer in the US. Women and so now told and nonsense attitude. Good this is standing between his daughter and a future in US soccer. His daughter could be next like adding an international again and try me again. Yeah and it a little as I mean I. It. Is giving me a damn his daughter. And a very viable career. And professional sports and it is nonsense attitude to a lesser percent B a picture yesterday of your daughter playing soccer and you know it's good soccer isn't. You're gonna tell have been a doe eyed soccer camp all week. Look you lashing out onions still she's still not nick cancel week do you tell your daughter. Your nonsense attitude towards soccer to discourage her. Now because my daughters are soccer snowflake in the men's sport which has been supposedly going to be taking over the world for thirty years. Listen your attitude only extends to the men's version of events board and we when he showed courage it. The women are showed. The note don't is that that all that we're still good in the women's nasty. And exactly what you and I said yesterday because there's no competition in terms of sports with women like if you wanna make good money. As a woman as a professional athlete. You can't you play soccer Riley you can play soccer that's when animals a viable ways to do it in this country. Whereas with men you play football you play baseball there's little that you don't know there's no professional baseball is no I just football those school those sports are taking away from soccer enemy sense the only thing that would take aways maybe WNBA and that and you know but I -- terrible for Larry got intelligence you know all their athletes who work in. We read what do you do I don't know your I don't and the country's soccer and soccer. Argentina and let them. Yesterday from a snowflake like well that email that was no I don't think it's not a train out of the Italy's. Blase so we got an email yesterday our show got an email from a guy who was probably very knowledgeable. Oh I actually seizing up and I wanted to I wanted to read it oh yeah he's already out reading on the air. So this guy this guy memory myself I am not injury this guy will get probably a very knowledgeable soccer guy. Let me down for heroes a novel okay I'm sorry I did it. I did not the time to go through that. I don't know she's it would be about one upped our budget and as you get boxing. It's not boring you're watching the sweet side of the box warning what you did except that I don't understand it it's such it's weird. Accepted that soccer fans watch I think I think. I think the counterargument to that would be that. Most soccer fans would tell you the only people who tell you it's boring body Mary. Are Americans they. It's such an isolationist attitude hasn't yet you don't seem to understand. I know you don't Cooper city was without a all of us over here who only goes to Boston and I can use to orbit to get there you guys except soccer watch any of you. More bloke I knew about this internationally and that's fine because he doesn't go anywhere and actually I am I fighting back. All the traditional pals are you. Says the person knows that boxed and I. I. Bonds and somebody national is going to win the world public what are you doing their very international powers are losing Croatia the great power. So because we as I your World Cup and winning your crawl. Sixth hole things I'm you know I ran out boxed in your box. I've because it got a Tehran's moral and whose box and who's not boxed in we had to keep our NBA draft expert outside a period in that hole so we're gonna bring him into the studio and our NBA draft expert is gonna give us a recap. Of the NBA draft last night next to create. You spurs select. He walker in the fourth. In the. It's an attempt. Assumed that I write seven times about radio dot com that's right that's our new app go to radio dot com get the new lab seemed extreme to take it whenever you won't wherever you want. Credo dot com the new home they M 790. And FM one a four point three HD student tickets. CL a couple hurricanes or drafted last night Lonnie walker when number eighteen overall to the San Antonio Spurs that's fun. Bruce brown went in the second round 42 overall to teach white do you guys see which team drafted Lee Angela bull. Moon boot. Not to. Good line. I do eat at the last pick of the draft now. Kostis. On to to cool low yacht as little brother was the final pick. Really NBA draft last members sixty. Who gets it Philadelphia. Kostis added to comply. It was the last pick that's that's the honest is little brother right there how about that I you learn that there you go. So anyway and the trap was last night maybe didn't see all of it may get stuff going on Ian Segal lottery that you know those were the big picks go those the big time players and DA you don't have. Don't know no real big surprises so it's hard to figure out which teams did well now and that's why we bring in our NBA draft experts. To give you a draft recap. And graded the teams. And that of course is Brett Romberg this. Oh my god I thought that was the beginning of two short. Blow the whistle. This czar NBA draft recap music I went from pollution or global whistled. Well look the champ probably. Yeah Jesus told slide if you don't. Good to get me anymore Adelaide music and this comes down and this is your draft expert music's playing a lame. So robberies here to recap the NBA draft. Tell us which teams graded out well which teams great up morally solvent you teed up for him I mean EC minus resolves a choice Bernama Tobin circling doctor for the analysts pieces yeah. Phoenix they take the Andrei and they also get. That do from Mattel bridges yeah Villanueva and a trade with Philly I'm a good place. I thought they did that with an awesome and the draft and truth. But to. But because they broke mommy's heart. B minus okay blouse and it and number don't overall it gets a B minus a tanker broke his mom's heart out and he can't crime national television. About your son being able to play at your workplace this course robberies are different this Mike held bridges whose mother. He went to school at Villanova his mother is HR director for the Philadelphia said he sixes. And he was drafted number ten overall by the sixers they were so excited. And then like within the hour he was sent packets Safina was gonna military issue I could she claim amateurish but any time anybody goes in that building now she's gonna have a itchy trigger always wanted to coach Brett brown because he's been named interim president is there any Wenzel was fired says any worse she's got to get in the state got sexual assault. That's that's this thing got Brad brown right guys. Many restrictions alternatives are going to be going on the Ben Rosser we do not crossed her tell anybody you know for our expert what does he got. All right next up Sacramento taken my arm as the third. Sox. You'd see city aka OK I don't know picking things up is what to do no because after. That it didn't look that great though they degrade the grave right. Right enemies say that next up look advantage going to Dallas in the trade with Atlanta a plus plus plus plus because LaMont. That's tomorrow. Right now there is clearly there in league player of the year. But until I saw his mom. He was today and then now it's like a plus plus plus we'll on the flip side this. Yet AT probable favorite. Yemen would do this come to the Republican ripping him a minus. Boat bobbled go to Orlando. I don't like it. I'm like flying. I just don't like Maine so we're gonna go to poppy. Beat me. There's a lot of walking the fourth go to San Antonio are good stuff Jeff we threw a plus. You like them don't worry picked up and on the climate us. No they just threw must improve is now he had a mother. Daylight and Iowa girl get a milk. Vietnam I would I don't get why did this mom plot Simon was top of the line did he get next book or. Cleveland they took Colleen sexton from Alabama. Come and go and I know why you like that like the lesson. Kind aren't. New York it's a Kevin Knox from Kentucky. F that little kid that's in their watching won't and they want and all of the draft party because clearly he's getting paid now because the image you can't do spotlight story on the family and have a father and reviewed and now the kids with the biggest. And it is doing the thumbs down who belongs to out anymore. Said he did thumbs down for something Boozer L honesty. Last time yet yet put your thumb up on each hand it's not yet well month. And you pointed down underneath the museum modes and did that and we use the emotion comes down. The bottom was double this thing. That dumb down at it like to thumbs down which of Al yeah I never did them have a student thumbs down for now I had a nice as you'll as Graham's knocks in the mix them to go into the B minus. What are they dropped just want the knicks fans are clamoring for is Michael Porter Jeter he went to Denver. The nuggets. Porter junior in the Colorado Avalanche. I see. I could see I'm not crazy about that no pun intended I could see. You saw they took grace Allen. Well. That's a kit from duke is guaranteed to be jealous jerk and I like it Mahoney right there oh you like it or if he's that your partner while it. And he's he's guaranteed to be terrible the MBA. All right it's. Milwaukee yesterday the great streak they've put up. Don't think it's and XUL I don't know if Villanova unlike you kind K I want to do is read that. He's an Italian JFK's can read there. That hundred presented. All right thank you understand that I'm not thanks a lot of migrating on appearance yeah. Man. Like rotten and how they feel with the team you know team's needs are well known what I was doing is is doing apparently and they are younger brother. But we're about doing favors wanted to pick his brother or you your parents was like when you're turning a profit smoke show yourself that. What else. Bruce brown he went through the Detroit Pistons in the second round freaking unbelievable steel steel. From you so it's a great. Environments. Can. All right so it's true its a good job there nearly did Ariel wall more friend what what more for NBA draft expert. Yet one more we. This one in the top five Jerry Jackson go to Memphis nor like this man I thought by the grizzlies did a great job and you know what I would have given that a beat. But since they brought in Javon Carter that point or that nasty pointer of his runner all of the court I rates it a B plus but you know sort of over the top and I got a may form. The jacket he wore. Put this no with an unbelievable crushed velvet just always grated. Turn up to make prisons get naked and in god made man they've there's been a great. As drivers are crawling on the Pullman already now that the music is perfect for you and I you know we did well last night till. Clearly yeah you can ask to watch now the water found it worked. You're welcome him also. Though that that the suns got a B minus for Dion dream and mutually a no brainer number one overall. The growth tax raising new guys know Romberg knows nothing about 95% of kids in the strap right. I would say 98 for. A version of dirty Santa. That's a horrible version of dirty sand and you pick select format like I said I never heard her. Do you know he's walking on sloppy not like not what the filthy sex thing I'm talking about what you're what you're Christmas game people who watch before you. Whole different names and then you have the ability to steal my. Yeah. That hurt I have never called by deemed dirty stamp I recall. Big swap. Yankee swap I had a lot of yards and not either tells a sixth NBA draft these are seeing and it's close secret Santa think he's an. Auto secrecy is what you actually give the get to the president keeping you don't know what he's on you get to steal you feel Cedar City now. And I yeah. It before us is that you draw a name and they all all like I guess Robin he's sure all right demeanor you know and and you've given me gifts yet to see her of stealing thirty cent as you get a room of the bunch of people you pull names out of a hat. And I've gotten so everybody please get us there is no way I you're you're planning a bootleg versions of exams. Sarasota Cohen and justice version of secret Santa but then you get all the gifts the front of the room the person who's drawn their name firstly at the number one so they get to Olympic forgive. The percent as number two behind them has the option to go grab a gift from grants and able. I think the MBA's dirty version. NBA news NBA draft is very similar to present this we do your house dirty Sarah Frist lastly do that. Yet we do it. Either celebrate always we will have our neighbors and everything what we with our neighbors so it's like 670 Sam is we we'd dirty Santa yeah. Yet college thirty say so. I think so. Sturdy and a draft is an dirty sand all over. Anti just built strains that's a sense that did the hawks needed did dirty Santo goods on Chechnya or senator Lamar now on the mavs they gave the mom the dirty Santa reality solemn walk out there on the mall like yuck dirty Santa Azores another tax rates and Romberg here a bit of the pervert that you did a great job it's historically Judy as you can dirty Santa dodges mom. There's an Naia team yet Carner percent Amber's got you headlines next.