ZRA Part 2 7-11-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, July 11th
Can Riley pull Melo deal off?, LeSean McCoy story, Duncan Strokin'

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For a bit. Ruling 7 I am playing Orion and were there and members shipping container handling deal brewing for a team world soccer tournament semifinal this afternoon. 2 PM RI DBJ Wakefield and they're canning him releasing might hang ten shots from Ross out the year for the game. Limited cans are available. Get there with Mike and his crew this afternoon. And that's brought you by and 719 FM one. Four point three HD two that's a guess sounds fun actually. Sure LeBron had been expected at least pizza so here is here's the sweet no it's new information out. Here is that suite from blaze pizza and Los Angeles OK and this is from two to boot to raise us and few days ago okay. Police pizza tweets out Los Angeles. Are you ready for the king of mobile pizza parties and things capitalists and we know them and we're celebrating king james' arrival. In LA and with three Pete says on July 10 Els yesterday okay stop by any of our LA locations. Between two and 5 PM for your free pint out group motion. Let's welcome LeBron to LA the only way we know how all right so just a vet suite there's no reason to expect LeBron. They don't something that's geared around LeBron but there's no reason to expect its presence especially 'cause. They're Tanya sought by any of our Alley locations you don't know which one LeBron BX. LeBron now he response that tweet and he writes. Haven't been to a pizza party in a minutes. And then he's got like the mode viewers think. And any rights Culver City. And there's a question mark. And a couple of on Google eEye is misleading menace like apiece up but he's always out Tony as a man don't be smarting a lot of interest and he's also giving you. All location I'm an unassuming Culver City is a location as a waste pizza. I don't change my metro red army to salad Ron's gonna oversee who has recently and Whitman hired Sarah. Rights and I don't like that and any and tell what you're saying he did not show up bail and that immediately they've made an announcement before expecting America. Really he was supposed to at some point be there. I don't know Rogers officially supposed to or not but I do know that the employees there made an official announcement in the midst of everybody that saw I think they probably were expecting him to. And they may announce that the LeBron was not coming. It I think LeBron is making it sound like he's gone callers please pizza and then in the midst of it his wife put out a picture of like LeBron and and are to be in their pools so. He clearly had no intention of going to disputes and sodas and got him. So it should descend on the instrument votes. On the key full. The bad about them on a Smart. I mean it's not surprising that's. 100% or whether they didn't release it yet Smart he's entering a blazers still got a bunch beat notre please. I never tried blaze before I hear great things first to LeBron like grudge relations LA you've been christened yup. Please it's WE XY EAM South Miami. At best advance the beach. And tabulate those as a pizza party ours is being lied to told usability champions spores. Let's. Let's do some headlines here amber enormous figure out what's going on LeSean McCoy which is gonna continue to be a big story like. I even trying delighted I'm about to ambience at our in my membership first time he's made Mayo were hit not a peep about winning out of feet. Miami Heat have things happen in the nearest. Loads is reporting that Miami along with the Houston Rockets were given permission to speak with Carmelo Anthony and that they did so in Las Vegas. Loads added that air Spoelstra has been a strong advocate of signing Anthony but he wants them to play a major role for the heat at power forward. My eighty Miami Herald design that team source confirmed that the heat is intriguing and Anthony to help improve their 23 ranked scoring last season. Lucky you know were iced it where I stand on this insane for a couple weeks now I think Carmelo Anthony sentencing fit for the heat this year. Okay what is said that a few years ago. I think this year Carmelo Anthony's an instinct fit for the heat. And let's not pretend like their biggest struggle last year. Especially before Dwyane Wade came back was happening guy who could take shots late in the game and make difficult junk shots. And Dion Waiters happens he really good. And making difficult jump shots and he was sort Carmelo Anthony is one of the best in the league. And making and taking difficult jump shots so I mean it's it is specifically. An area that's the heat had a major problems with last year here's Ole Ole what what it is it stink. So if you if you wanna believe the report and apparently Carmelo Anthony he has been allowed to meet and hasn't eaten with the heat and the rockets that are down. Yes it's that he's he's he's met all that he's he's met with it says. The idiots -- many burger that are -- met with him all he is mean. You don't you don't meet with them and they have done went meet in which he. And so is met with those scenes it's come down to heat and the rockets. And if you believe the report that he'd apparently have told him that he would have a major role. So does that mean that he would because I mean throughout the season one day Kelly Alina what started it before but he the next day James Johnson was starting at the fourth and he took in never and a permanent dike. Who starred at that position we all know what the other positions of work but it it was constant. Rotating who was the starting power forward and this one Carmelo Anthony's correctly can't guard small followers anymore. At this point his career he he's a power forward and so that is what it is. But major role does that mean that he would be starting for the heat because. That creates an interesting dynamic where. Old couple little. Do we waited who has the greatest player in the history of the franchise. Has had to transition. To. A bench rule which is for the betterment of the team. What Carmelo Anthony. Who has never played a second here all right but never once squats. It's allowed to specifically say hey. I'm not coming off the bench and he's granted a major role and a starting position at pitching dynamic. I is I don't know what you do any some of that on. Is it the position he plays in the fact that we did have that position. Rotating all last season it was a US grabbed the need for it US doing Richard maybe start wizard of course and animals gun sports these were great to think that he should be sorted out of the Dion Waiters right now that's I don't know I don't know is he between wait tell you we should be starting. Hey we all right you know don't forget to. Between me and are even out and really did to a bench role before he rejoined to the Miami Heat like that happened to him in Cleveland outlets like that happened to him here. But regardless of that I think that we've talked about Carmelo I mean that's your pits to hammer it and your pitching is you're gonna have a bigger role here. Then you're gonna have a Houston that your pets. That we are mediocre team that we're further away from it that we need more help that you can have a bigger impact here because we are further away from. It is it does seem very Carmelo Anthony because his whole career has been driven toward. Going to we're he can get the most money at Neil whatever time and place. It's why he forced to trade to New York instead of waiting out free agency because if he was traded to New York cute and re signs that the bird rights in the knicks can offer more money. Where if you went the next as a free agent they would have had to trade the pieces that they trade to get caught nobody would have gotten as much money. We also know that Carmelo. According had been in the third guy that joined the heat in 2010 center Chris Bosh LeBron wade Carmelo there'll tight that was the original plan. Apparently that the three of them would come together except Carmelo couldn't do it because Carmelo. A few years before that decides aside for the most money possible. And didn't have. The shorter contract that the other guys had where they were it would become freed every decision Carmel and he's made his career has been based around money. You know money any but an also regulates what he likes lights helix bright lights and mean emulates too. Have a lot of minutes abuse our immediate. It would be very umbrellas from Dallas to choose the situation. Where he would be able to play more. And he would likely be able to play more open mind. Rick is he doesn't bring chase he's never ring chased in his career at all he could've done. Absolutely in his career he's never done that now. Is this the point where he does. And they view it you finally hit in incur malice career he's finally a point breezed into their ending fade away. And I have an opportunity that we use in view has. A shot I mean they have a shot at winning a ring. Do I go ahead and do that these be the first time in his career he really has shot or does he stay on brands with everything he's always done. And he ends up in Miami where he could have a lot you know baker impacted. Arguably the Boe later Prater and that's market or you know it's better late last year plates slip. I was on it seems like everybody. Think cities on a Houston now Marc Stein is reporting that it would be a full fledged surprised when a quote it. Mallet did not sign with the rockets Brian writes. We know that we can pull things opens big target to be able to pull this off your banker or. I think he's one gonna Houston. I I think you wind up choosing to to play for. Playing meaningful games come all the limitless and yet these guys they convince themselves hey echo in the heats. Eastern Conference wide open no LeBron their Moore is in May read this themselves tail on the news. He's area going to be a whole lot less than Easter and older player I think either way it's a win win situation for at least it's trash. From you've eaten like. O Reilly condensing. It's Pat Riley. CBC by career it's floundering. Right off. Beg me Carmelo magnitude to. It's that you scrappy. Where you are Carmela has a bag thing is gonna use things they wanted to don't use on your part like Tony you hate your guts let's let's. See that's coached many lets see you try to work out had a great point. As well area. Yeah you Carmelo. At that point. Does rightful. Kidding me they key of it getting beat the jazz 98 and nine be and some related. Syria doesn't convince them and Roman is cracking himself up by two. It doesn't he doesn't demand some right so now the heat are left with basically what we got renowned what we have last year. So next year we're looking at already at at this offseason at this point timer already looking for another season go by so I'm not trying to free to seek a. Looking at that them I'm all in 2019 free agency which has a whole lot of big time everyday looking for available I'm hoping that it's a lot more fun and I opinion from the heat's perspective is we may still be capped not what I was dry just. I just mean from the NBA generally this was the worst NBA offseason. That I remember in recent years such a snooze facts while exceeding even people like at. Please wait a few weeks to yet announced somethings they're to be getting explaining it is the sub tweed. If that's going to be the case of pat has a meeting with nick and Nicky and it's basically now you guys got checkbook open because now we've ever room. I think parents that's going to be pats big free agent year and I think that's every pats last year. He's gonna sign me for something really really nice and then I think you sell off in the sunset at 79. For eighty years old. What do they know that's that's like seven years from now fouled as he certitude that he senator okay well 174. I believe he's out. A receiver Italy went from eating a seven before my body was supreme Imus are based on your opponent pat Rosie yearly three years old. More than we make a big argument about how but I like old he wasn't there yet and my two we're talking about in 20/20 four. You know how old he can be you because your training away because they're saying that they could trade away that's when he when he or pay them that's us all why they are honest look at the. They come up put a Tory are two wings are nine and towards two blocks two steals last night. Robin stroke Duncan Robinson in units while playing cease ID to weigh one year contract with you or Miami heat's. Barry Jackson. Says that this offseason the heat have tried to move a son Ian Tyler Johnson an embryo is tailoring a New Year's also Dion Waiters name had been race that's. Most are not the most obvious news Mo Mary. In Miami Marlins fell to Demille marquis grew mercy of for Christian yell it was three for five feet drove in four products. Rights kill us. And I guess honest attendance either Tobin. You run out you want to Marley and less as the return at odds. And trying to ask him tell you that. Time to find out how many people went to the Marlins game yesterday. Week honest attendance. Yesterday's attendance was 5624. And yeah. Now we're wondered who is going to be. Which game is going to be better attended the Marlins last night's for the Miami heat's summer league game in Vegas. Can we find what the attendance was in Vegas has them on the page here. For the ingest some illegal. And just says capacity 171923. And that's clearly the capacity of the arena and not the people there and Eric is always watch next game on TV. And there was no and so is there a way to find out how many people were actually there. Because I thought that the heat's summer league team had more than the moral thrillers I'm probably gonna be wrong. Any else amber. Yet in the World Cup. Sorry but that's the screens France and moved on it to the World Cup final being Belgium one mil all right there will be determined today when England takes on Croatia at 2 PM. Cristiano Rinaldo is leaving Real Madrid he is now signed with you mantis. It's funny like. Obviously we're not involved out there what's going home with you know the best soccer leagues and what have you but it really seems like until yesterday. Where the clubs confirmed what Ronaldo is doing. It seemed like there was a lot of confusion. And no one was able to actually confirm. If Fernald though. Once in fact weaving rail Madrid and signing with Juventus. Like that. They they eat their media doesn't I eat away hours late it's. Was only good for seasonal a lot of different moving parts were there you have got machine and how they announced that the machine that eventually Real Madrid officially announce that Esther I understand but I hear it in and in this country. We we have these reports were fourteen announced that they've traded at. All four or signs that light reports we've been talking for days about how he does make in this mail I know but it it it seems based on the things I've been reading the last like week that. They were having trouble confirming whether I was a 100%. Well people people he killed were there for releasing information. I think America I think it worked out differently I think is the same sort of thing where it's like we all think something's happening we are here to report on those and it's happening but it's not official it's not officially confirmed. Are these reports have been out there forever and also like that we get. Because he's been here teams have to pay other teams a certain amount of money to good release the rights and on top of that you have to decide about the contract where I was like yeah. I really is happening but it's it's a matter of the you know official announcement this was officially. Announced. Don't really exact same thing here. And that's headlines I was trying to confirm. That one of the textures and bring an end but Jonathan's fate in his she's a reporter. Had to read it doubts that says he's garbage know that their pitch of the rockets pitch to Carmelo was about coming off the bench an inquiry the second unit. And that Miami was offering him a chance to start I can't I'm not we I'm trying to scroll through article. That Elian weirdest. In my however prefer to play for Miami were he would likely start and finish games it's it's in an article that you wrote that's right I'm I found it. So apparently that's that is the difference between the two pitches as a nuisance not planning to stardom. Let's see what's going on with this LeSean McCoy a pretty nasty situation that looks like it's it's going down the Buffalo Bills running back next. Continues once again. Carnival foods and weather authority team achieved certified meteorologist Eddie Davis former director national hurricane center on hurricane specialist Max Mayfield. And hurricane specialist Bryan Norcross can get to date on all the latest storm news this season are some coverage on it to get. It's bonds like the and T service is protecting you with each team that windows and doors of the state as hurricane season. Attain 719 FM one a four point three HD to the ticket a radio dot com station. We have a a new hit single that dropped. That an hour and a half on our show. Duncan stroke it. The hot. Want to again free coming up later this hour rights don't go to our next hour talk about Europe's Ian heavyweight division this weekend was a big weekend. Air a whole money from ESP and want to on she's the premiere anime writer reporter bill. Join us in about an hour from now so LeSean McCoy. Could find himself fan in a whole lot about war okay. As if you didn't see yesterday afternoon. AEA friend. Of the LeSean McCoy scrutiny by any wrong here of friends of LeSean McCoy is ex girlfriend at. Posted now on NC Graham. Eight picture of of the ex girlfriend. Battered and beaten the side by side of her earlier. In the day and then one in the hospital but her face and and there's a whole posts from this friend okay what you believe and as Nelson's been delete it. But there's a whole posts from this friends it. That claiming that LeSean McCoy did this. Odds that cheeks not keeping quiet anymore that everyone is now gonna know one an animal he is that he does it's Darryl always a syringes all over the house. That he beats up pays his kid before for peeing into bed at that he almost killed the family to all good. And that he is now beaten the woman for the last time so it says she's. Telling everyone what kind of guy LeSean McCoy it's and LeSean McCoy he needs since responded. On on social media and categorically denying any all of this and and that he has not had. Contact with any of these people involved in this situation. In months. And apparently the story goes a little bit deep where he has tried to evict. This ex girlfriends from a property that he owns. He has asked for some of his belongings all or some of the things that he bought for her has asked for some of that back and hasn't been able to. And it's and the story continues where apparently it is it is not LeSean McCoy who is being. Being heard it for four. Beating up this woman that he is being accused of sending someone to beat up this woman and and the point where. Where it gets a little bit and gets all the Harry I think for LeSean McCoy. Is that this person who. Went into the home and and beat up this woman was. Apparently asking for specific pieces of jewelry. Pieces of jewelry peace deal belongings that LeSean McCoy hats apparently asked for. In the past now without knows if that's true but if that is shrill. That's I mean at that that's our that's a smoking gun that it's very Dicey. For LeSean McCoy if someone is specifically asking for the things that he has who wanted back and the woman gets beaten. Look the NFL is it is is investigating into the situation Buffalo Bills to look into the situation he is denying all of its. Someone so don't be told okay now Portland. A home invasion I mean we you know that there was a home invasion that we think it was LeSean McCoy is ex girlfriend who's the pick some the identity of the victim hasn't been released it a sought it was a female. I believe she she locked herself and about them or something and with it Apollo fleets of those the please did there was a home invasion at what's on White House. Or one of his houses and it's there was a woman who's a female victim who has been hospitalized early in that that we now now. The allegations about you know who may have done it or or who they were. Told to do it buyer paid to do it IE or whatever that's all speculation and allegation would be a victim. It seems late. The lists on boy he is. But what is in South Florida are wasn't Southport during the aunts and they do the identity of the victim and and and have they released NJ cynnex yeah. That OPEC is it what they didn't initially they were saying that she is an unidentified victim optional she looked on identifiable the comparison was she looked like earlier neither are they Robbie Singh who was but they don't always immediately release the names of via Vic Thompson. When things go down. Right on both stood there in order reminded me of actually thought it was like an older picture of when was named more child beat up his girlfriend now Leo's war machine machine or what I forget her name woes that girl's name again telling you remember war machine form ratified news or was Christa back yet whose life in prison now. Yet Kristy Mac that that's what are reminded him and that's how bad whoever put their hands on this woman that talked about lord Childs and port Charles that's for my point break is that his sister and now we're Patrick's raising. Blow. And yet you know missing. You gotta take this stuff super serious. I I I'd someone beat this woman up OK again LeSean McCoy isn't the one who is being accused of beating her up the the question is whether or not LeSean McCoy cents this person to get his stuff back. And dude ended up beating up. The woman in that case LeSean McCoy is likely going to be we'll look in that case of Umpqua is career might feel. I mean we we know what happened with Ray Rice and Ray Rice you know you could you got on tape him punching the fiance and rape crisis grows over. I if if LeSean McCoy. Had somebody do this we got pictures of a woman who is being very very badly. With some quiz Kirk will be over. It if this turns out to be true. A bullet in more than just greet her mean obviously you would be facing criminal charges be sent somebody to be out his ex girlfriend why do you approve and sending it how do you prove that he sends. The guy sent him to beat all the woman had you adding improved that well first of all of you sent him to rob her for jewelry it would be you know you're he'd be responsible for anything that goes down I mean. In at least in most states you know that's but I yet. Some felony murder convictions and an a lot of states and what not worry where the original intention may have been one thing your stone heavier responsible for what happens during the commission of crime but spent. In addition to that it's you know obviously there's ways CU tried to prove that he had some connection to this person and that there is some arrangement between him and this person enemy. They'll pull all the records all the conversation he and I just whatever to try to show it to see if there's any sort of connection or if he had anything to do with us. We'd should keep in mind though and it is obviously this looks bad and it NN particularly bad because allegedly beat. The deal and was asking pretty specific items of jewelry accord had given to his ex girlfriend. However you know. Athletes are of course. And their girlfriends and wives you know our our target sometimes as well because people know. That they have these expensive items and it could be that she was robbed because those items those. Those particular items were very expensive so could've been somebody who. Knew she had this jewelry and it's it's very expensive jewelry and they were robbing her name you know and LeSean McCoy didn't have anything to do with setting it up I mean it's possible. Or could be just push John's got a couple boys are just felt that life. He's proud of him pitch and about her and what he's governor and what she has. And the boys from a city you know work. I'll. I would get this the back for. Emotional part of it man. I I I wanted to do it ma'am MB in Miami I'm one of them to do with it and they all get there is a guys that are about manulife said let's go so. What there is official official records of LeSean quite wanting to stop back here read from the story court records in Fulton County Georgia show. McCoy had been attempting since last July. To evict court and that's low and it's golf written from the home a hearing was scheduled Tuesday but was rescheduled to August 14 because of numbers sequence to enact the attorney statement also alleges that on June personal quo is participating practiced for the bills. And she was at a town McQuay directed quote his family friends and laborers. To remove cordons furniture from the home. In an attempt to evict court in the statement also alleges McQuay change the house is alarm system and remove security cameras previously addressed like corn which quickly some trouble. Little steroid thing. That's seems cut more fat like duke duke duke athletes you purported to drugs in mortgages have syringes line route like that's a humorous and I very seventies and eighties it. A growth. I used I used to get a into who used to cycle in there that was appearances there can learn how well no doubt but I'm I'm gonna make coming to make a generic comment here. Brothers usually don't use their. Like they just don't noted it. I don't think they do anything criminal on or anybody article body builders as well as I drink it all a lot of flooded villages droids you're saying it's been a couple of what is your body builders aren't. Doing what NFL football players using black guys in general black guys in the NFL. An NFL. Yeah need that they're not they're not about them not to not it's not a steroid using and I find it hard pressed him fine Brothers that do that broke normal but it is true I just. I don't think that it's a big issue at all so the whole steroid like the minute I read that I saw the girl I got beat up because it's a damn man and then I saw. The acquisition will be in the dog and then roughing up the kids not like okay. Chris Peterson but the kids the dog situation I've seen football players that are of star of their dogs before and ultimate garage is an off season. I just okay that's possible but then the steroid thing with the mile descent yes does sell the fish too there's artists are doing now. Mittal allegations Brett. But there are a. But I could see I could see the hand and the post does make it seem like she's accusing LeSean McCoy of the actual act. Go from it was a sad again it was since deleted the posts correct it. It was it does the post was directly accusing Osama write write yet and that and that is clearly not true there's like 88 easy to not do acts. The question is whether he sent someone to do. So. I don't know how credible this you know original posts. But regardless she did double down I think she deleted it but then she also Sosa right I hit you have so I don't know I deleted it sits inspired me to all of this has apparently the woman's attorneys begged her to delete. That's why. That's the only reason she do the woman's attorneys. We'll he has other woman who beat yeah beat out not n.'s Brett know that woman's three's bad but the other that's the other thing this woman's attorneys might not. One anything today yet the N and we don't know with the with the victim herself I don't think she's made any statements that we don't know what. Her you know which she's alleging her what her side of the story is earning about. Are you waiting evil Wayne for a little while now okay biggest sin and you wondered hey who what when can we hear this new hit single that dropped a couple hours ago. Food. Well your opportunity to hear the new hit single. Don't and stroke and coming action next. Yeah. Charles. Yeah no we're. Yeah. That's who I was. Okay. Yeah. There you go that's dropped about two hours ago we did it look played for you again that's the new hit single. Duncan stroke and. Don't have a right to by the name right. You got it man Duncan stroke and that's a new oil mining and airlines arena. That's the newest Miami Heat guard their Duncan Robinson signed yesterday to a two way contract. Dominating some relief from dominating summer early in the Los Erisa. That's fine. It's I don't watch first quarter of the game but it's got it from downtown what Mindanao in the first quarter that impressive but now. IA I mean look at super it is so early game all right. And stop saying it's the heat vs the Jack is okay it's guys wearing teachers against guys when he gestures. To beavers the jets up saying that Penn. Either this a good question here amber tax rates and you text the show's 67 ninths import what if LeSean McCoy did send someone a collective stuff from this one but the person and took it upon themselves to take it as far as it did. It doesn't matter in most states and in most states. Do you for example if you're an arsonist and you start a fire. And then somebody dies in the fire in union realize anybody was inside it doesn't matter your son and recharge their murder most states. You're you're so good to be responsible or where the crime les. So what does say don't friend. Jose Jose came Anke do need favoring go to my stuff from that house over there and he goes the house he beat some welcoming in trouble well yeah I have if he if if you told him to commit a crime like going into stealing her stopped. Then theoretically yes but. Obviously the key is go and and stealing the stock. Idea assuming that. He had no legal right essentially they could do about it I mean if you're telling. Different you could do something that's completely legal then it would be a bit different scenario but that doesn't seem like the case. Here by what's being alleged. Extras and here we also don't have with a Rubin Foster. The woman lied nobody be European after she'd jump pics of herself looking. Beaten and of course you would force has history of that so everyone jumped to force it all of whom falters then again. But it but that woman did a terrible. Disservice to to every woman who. Is afraid but still ends up having the guts to come forward. And and face their accuser. And and face and you know the person who who beat them up. That woman did a terrible terrible disservice because now. People would get to reference tape but remember Ruben Foster. His girlfriend she lied and made the whole thing not so now we get to say the same thing in this spot because that stupid woman. Boom made the whole thing up because she was mad at Ruben Foster she did a terrible terrible disservice lets me every woman who comes forward. Answer a few you do it is okay to reserve judgment now you know before we do have all the facts I mean this is just coming out staying on. The word of yet we have the word out of one person a sentiments ramming a accusing LeSean McCoy of being involved and that's. So we don't actually know he was involved we don't even really know much of what happens. Of course so I don't think that we should. Accused LeSean McCoy of doing anything but it's if in fact it was found Alps that he had something to do with us and of course that would. Be that it I mean it. Look at that would be terrible drills admired Hitler jealous that OK because there's been an issue. On record. On on legal legal record that he is slight to get some stuff back to her and that he has had problems with this woman the paper jolt that. So but hey beat because that woman. Who falsely accused Ruben Foster text or gets to write and and you gotta take it seriously and military. Medal at false. You could also argue on the other side that he was trying to take care of it legally. And so why would eager to Nasional I mean you think you can make that are Newser well -- the new hearing was armed in August so it was like a month away from another coming up then yeah and you had mentioned something about emergency hearing I don't have the article in front of me but yeah I mean you know why would he do this before he the hearing on the south I mean you can make that argument as well but normally just. Wait the next few weeks and let your lawyers handle it. Robbery of don't think he's vote for the first time this week in any areas you reckon and I checked out. Hens and chickens alligator Larry probable but I response for you and but the postcard and or formally known as Tiki bar sandbar. You're good to go there at a Saturday Sunday Friday. Thursday and Andrew writes. Rob Erica thinks every day of the week is the weekend then as we have three should live your life man every day as the weekend. It was full Gordon Hayward mrs. trilogy of Lee's. Unbelievable and it. Zero. OK if any they get me help me. A pretty. Only. It Guerrero you know. Another. Birdie. Would. Army's concern. That it's yeah. And he plays the professionals foreigners that dominant athlete when he says. In this and house of four women now we has four women that have to bitch at him all day and mom these guys happy Boulez to cycle together Wednesday happy one weekend of every month that he's always have via at an event had appearance fiset on. The it's. Now we've. Insincere allow ever and he is with it was looks hideous. Me. And it's yeah yeah. In the way of giggles. If she's like oh my god bless so Curtis he's a BC nightly. She Stoner days heading happy the white was likely open for a boy to do you avoid that scenario. Well. Amber's got your headlines next.