ZRA Part 2 7-12-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, July 12th

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They president and it's hard to say get into your chance to intake it's an upcoming game cons order another great event Cortes Miami Heat technology partner in your local. South Florida technology company. Visit them online and Cortes ct dot com and sponsored by. Lauderdale BMW. Pembroke Pines so that town hall meeting you know it's it's today. It's going on in 2 PM it's going on this afternoon. So you know it's so old big to do as it now says town hall meetings on a vote and rightly used. Town hall meeting it's going on today I think it as a vote November and a votes in a few months of voting is November. So is the town hall meeting today were against just you know a lot of information can be shared questions can be asked of what not to. I know there was some kind of schedule that they put out Eric and try and find it Aureus bars that people they're gonna wind up talking today at the town hall people I hear. At at 2 o'clock glitzy guy an appearance from. David Beckham and horny mosques they're going to be there are also gonna have. A city attorney. For money freedom park and then they're doing in the as a charter amendment for money free impart. That's also on the agenda. So there ego. The and you'll be going no we're going to be there are Beckham and ornate mosques. But that's that's is going on today okay. And it is it's starting at 2 PM dimension where. Where exactly this is taken place we find out where exactly it's taking place like you mentioned that folks. Who are sick and that this ought to match and it's kind of deals over the public means town hall meeting. So yeah we're talking about. The MLS soccer situation. As a town hall meeting this afternoon for the Beckham groups you know or Hamas and that gunmen their proposal where they wanna take over. The winds at Miami freedom park and got a big backlash. And it's you guys. Folks who want to keep the the golf course there are Mallory spark intact and and again like us and partly Gaza the okay. But in my entire life I've never heard more people talk on the always park and have mustered it's. It's. It's it's we're also not like golf world he rides you write and direct you to bring up a point in the average conversation Eric and earmark drama Reese. Yeah Lotta the guys go golfing their like a lot but a lot of my bill Lawrence Taylor is the re out ones that primary was sore spoke earlier right that's my Cirque. Oh you know maybe that's why you know buy it it is you know huge Julianne Moore is the law of the area that and I never be well. People are showing up to that course apparently at courses you know. Not get it and it doesn't do well and it's not a highly popular feeling like me they are popular let's talk problem with back cool works it's probably one of the most well maintained courses in the city of Miami literature read my horse but it's not apparently it's not well I. Chile's because the reason being this is what I've heard the reason being is because I've heard there's been a lot of hook up going on when you over their gulch your celeb trying to get on there you don't neutral fair. Arm and a lot of a lot of the common patrons over their seed yet so there are excited about that that that's going on. Arm just right Billy this is a very popular place big business so thriving order double or placing a scum cents right. Now Richard duchess comets and. And I actually read that he's not that that's why they start considering that landmark to begin with because it's not in the city known certain data replacing thing not a dog guys San happen. Mean any of those could figure that I'm currently on what happened places where you you know nobody's using some thing in Adobe's gonna something and then I'll decide and a developer comes then and once did you know changes in the people get all up in arms in oh yeah I love and mark. But it's not only the mosques is either late on big there's another partner involved in this I don't know like Cameron Boris from is from Tamar and Asia. But that guy is the one that has boo hoo stupid money. Late beyond stupid money billions and billions of dollars so it's not like Johnston is not correct it's not just moss and Beckham. Saint station. A mosque just like a local. He's a local phenomenal story. It'll we were talking about him Eric arsenal Marlins for some reason everybody was acting like. I Jorge mas was like a good Jillian Arum would have just never really is one of the biggest of the game itself for an end and never would've. Assembled this team and what it just common an overall and all this money and I can say where's ever re getting that from. I can actually says he's just a local fan apparently that's not quite the case current funding. Get some headlines here. These XWEXYAM. South Miami at WS at best at MB HD to Miramar plea deal. Com station. These headlines are sponsored by air Italy roundtrip flight starts from just 394. Dollars from my name minimal Lawton. Don't get it twisted that rural area I went over the last couple days and when Rivera remarks. Right thereby Trump's course. And it is blowing the hell up what I'm talking. You name it they got it going on over there like a really nice developments really nice apartment areas. Really nice Condo areas and then they're bringing in like those nice outdoor looking. You know. Boutique area malls the distance it's looking really really good over there but again you're traffickers a minor. I am I do understand that the traffic in the air or traffic could be. A concern that concerns me always horror and the effectiveness of. Also I imagine you probably don't have to re arrange somebody exits to get over to that area because Lejeune and and 836. The Shula. There's not enough right now and every single I get exit as construction r.s six. Out of touch horrible. I don't wish we should mention that. The vote that is taking place today at the town hall is a vote to get it on the ballot in November to actually happen so there is a votes that is taking place at the town hall that's to get it on the ballots. So this would be a good rails so Edison. November but it doesn't happen if this thing doesn't happen today but yet. The big thing would be in November and has happened for so. Marlins beat the brewers 54 on a walk off single place sorrow in the marlin in the twelfth here's what is on the play. Castro. And the citizens their Joseph got good ones on shall walk off wins this year now they don't win very often. But local what is their busy on they do those. That. Don't Castro had two RBIs dancer really struck out seven in six innings giving up just to run news he ousted drew bases loaded walk earning his third career RBI. Just imploring the facilitator is fifteen on the year let's do some honest to tenants. Time to find out how many people went to the mountains skiing yesterday which honest attempt. Yesterday's attendance was 5260. Fine. Wall. So it is is down below that sounds like the low. Look worldly in July given another month to be under five. DE given another give it August okay August. Under 5000. As we're trending. The F 4000 something and Marlins game. It and not too distant future. Aaron Barry Jackson is reporting that spoke remains optimistic about Panasonic. It's O says he's looked import to start the season with a whole piece on Whiteside. Eggs there they know against random as the honest. They try to hang out in make best of not so great situation. The heat have withdrawn their qualifying offer to our dare not junior not look trade's common. This they got to keep the rough spot opened there on juniors and unrestricted free agent so I see it. Oil again Carmelo whenever mother and someone. My note that you think is is a non story to James and has agreed to a two year deal with the rockets important and they heats. Withdrew their qualifying offer dare on junior senators that roster spot it's still me. Maybe Carmelo twos in the look and Carmelo calls entire career okay has been about you know what's. You know what I get the money and at this point it's going to be where can't play the most. And if that's going to be the case. He's gonna choose Miami. Now maybe imagine a little bit numb sand. IDs in wind of Jews in Houston. Most guys at this point their career they're gonna the plays they got a better chance of winning W Houston. Which he pixel pulled him or me stoke and we never seek the money the same. The money will likely be his money's on the radio overlook more yet he can probably offer more because they. Yeah depending how would my ammonium wait did he probably a problem he can probably make an EU. Yet W you. This is the the idea I would imagine is going to be splitting that eight point three million dollar mid level exception between wade. And Carmelo Anthony so it it just matters not look okay get caught all Amelie. You know pencil on to wait wait to sign a veteran minimum contract give Camellia million dollars as we a lot more match and what he's been all right I don't know. We have another reports that he did to gauge the trade market for Dion Waiters. Obvious thing to not moving amateurs in the irrigation trade market for every single guy was on under contract multiple years and Dion was on the core SN. The first time I looked like since the surgery went on. In his into Graham story on the court shoot hoops parents during a buckets. Croatia will take on France in the World Cup after beating England two to one extra time is the World Cup final. My body assume the super excited there is slight SO you realize Yugoslav inspect chrome and I know they separated from Yugoslavia awhile ago but. Has big post was him screaming his Nassau I don't watch party and then writing. And a country of four million. Pretty special that vs a country that had sixty million that were advancing. Second that it's it's that you mention that because I was explaining to leak it it's remarkable okay you get its two point six million guides put together. A world class team and when you say was four million vs sixty million an excellent sixty million for a I was explaining to my son yesterday how works when high schools play against each other you know and in sports Elliott different because he's don't know private school next year and yeah you know play against the big. I schools causing a more kids and it's imbalance that and that's essentially what happens here with Croatia. And and and and and England's where like you said dog in sixty million people but to get the wall class soccer team and formally people. But together world class soccer team it's it's so very big upset now report. Noses interesting here that LeBron James mural in Venice California was vandalized for the second time. Says it's in really dumb would a big city are you originally hate you they gave puppy needed weight over it and I think it was incredible mural ten there is on Venice Beach is Soros I was on a wall in violence. And wasted his time. Appreciate all our. All of our. LeBron James or nature to their has sold a comedy flick to Paramount's. Which is the only reason he's a Los Angeles Times I should tell Larry as he's in talks for a starring role. Not being thoughtful Hollywood Hollywood Jane it's hysterical. Out there at Hollywood tailored. Are you go. Buffalo Bills running back Shawn McCoy has hired. A prominent Atlanta defense attorney amid that police investigation and he's only got home invasion that sent his former girlfriend at a hospital. Looks bad she was allegedly beat and brought to overeat. Looks bad for LeSean. Immigrant and and making that post was advised by the victims' attorneys go by the two victims attorney experimenting and. Tim Tito is one for four with a double. In Eastern League all star game. And Pacman will an airline employees asks god we're got to do it's. So tries unit boy yelled less. A burglar. You got trapped inside this eight broom he called 911 for help. Late Leggett escape route like I went to over the week. Well we're totally panic room when he was. Do you view his use trying to brutalize and guess what in the panic Rondo is this Gabriel like the one UN check Philly he wouldn't be burglar. Yeah well global made at least I know he has only broke insulate these are recalled and now he broke in CO NS steeper. In Washington State and then I crap yes and he couldn't get out of it. He broke into this deep experience. And he couldn't get out hitting practice and that is whole live Chris it is and how ethical panic rooms yeah. Yeah have a that's why announcements that we've 55 minutes it's got a call 911 when idiots. Smarter than you broke and see you have a beer. And NATO is awesome and eat this much and they couldn't get out and do some puzzles and mind and now he's facing a charge us secretary art gallery. Idiot just put into perspective but the ratio before million croatians vs the population of the sixty million englishman. If the United States has 300 million people on the couldn't feel the team. Yes correct political team could for the goods they didn't feel good team that's now broke buying are not solid some plays are around the problem. The man was inside of the 335. People here. Tunnel crowd and now when you never want to go anywhere else. Undoubtedly be odds it's it's again it's a much later even avid Serra got a little crowd hello mile journey Islam around and the little mud she really she grunts somewhere in the midwest and doesn't look any got to Montana looked nothing like avatar can look you know what me that's scandals is on to something all right the whole foods in Miami in progress. That's pretty packed yeah where you people at the crowd it. Overwhelm. And. Yeah after 35 minutes this guy any escape Remy called 911 kid did this are usually spent an average of 58 minutes trying to get out so. They say give up not much of a. Hand clearly did call 911 that's not a when he quit the now you can point that's been the owner of the business parents that they had no way yeah. No points yesterday clues even got to clues. He sold one beer and stole breed had a Brit on out there a broken as the business to eat. And they got to wrap solve some puzzles. Says honey that's where he decided to break into are you going to be higher and army are hippies are going their. The food and try to do puzzle solving. It that's a high move no Inky went in there to solve puzzles. Escape and couldn't afford it maybe I don't know I unfairly that's what they're saying they're saying he broke in and then he inadvertently decided to try his hand schmo show. He. So funny silly pricks in body can do that we'll some beer and then right is that there's these puzzles me not I'm gonna do that you hire any couldn't get out. I do understand goblins getting out scheme remove your higher drop like those polls or demand. I had acted like I've been in here for about three hours how well it's easier and I mean I don't know like on the working here and no one's there that's what I'm confused by sounds good question. Now I mean does need to get out there for hours Turkmen. Emma and her long time he got the AC on or near the owners and a hungry you gave up he quit so hard opened don't. Stay on task got to get out here got to get anywhere in the world that I'm likely to be 55 minutes. Sober but I got out. Yes sober when we get out and model one. Tax rates in C Iran's out of that whole foods and pine rest as hot a stay at home mom. When and how we prepare a trio milk Clinton as I can imagine. In it down it's either lightning problems and find frantic dad yelled to accept Billy Corbin again man broke. It's asleep and got our hands and it. We'll obviously bring out I was getting paid monopolies for a living many Jena and I didn't let free even now I eat. When your and that kind of business we are less than seven hours away from this town nearly had a week tented out in Prague it's the sleaze and he's picketing outside. The meeting he's trying to sway the votes are right he's protecting the city of Miami call him call him. Coleman Murphy called mop let's go to them fifteen askew Hawaii's why is he going after. Greg Cody make it personal attacks very personal very very personal. Registering in multi about that next. That's it that's the greens. What's but it will not remain download radio dot com you know what I don't text doesn't. Now I know tons and LT is Lilja no context. So I says it was gone. And my mom texting that day any attended senior shill. We're hasn't passed stated very high or I surely linger. It's over the fight and getting text from the line a tale of what happened Ankiel is analyzed him on the website anymore. You know what's funny is effective until my momma got fired cubic after. But tomorrow's plan put on I got fired should delete work she almost had a manic breakdown it was like I couldn't go to work for three or four days. He didn't do what about my tickets when you know it's like written order Axl so get your take. It's my dad would really be happy in my dad be legs or your gone back being a lawyer I'm. Some. Something for Steve doesn't it actually does something in the world does you know I don't waste your time talking about sports morning. Does she know it does business Rahm we know we've been auctioning dates none yet now and some coaxing her comedy takes the bait. I can and it Bennett's go out and get a given a heads up everybody and you got entertained does it get a decent proposal situation involving duke now. You'll tango and that's right. So who won its order beef here is both guys and very personal today. Yet how opponent playing at 2 PM all I I mean I would like for them DeSoto and it's. Today had a town hall meeting at 2 PM to vote on whether or not to the the stadium issue DNA you know does the analysts the east soccer village is going to be built that freedom park. And essentially taking over you know the golf course there at Mel Reese and which again I've never heard more about to have the last few days. Apparently it's its beloved you know I've I've never single person thought Greg you don't know him Greg who don't don't take somewhere from kids don't they were McCain's only be given. Something else of the kids apparently all right I mean I guess we'll use our best guess that's guessing. Kids wanna do use you all for you soccer soccer is a look at the drawn renowned for you so it's phenomenal that. Even the kids I can't have any athletic abilities but when soccer figured out. More opportunity and soccer isn't there. You can argue its worldwide. Yes your honor and adds definitely easier to teach children socket and I methods don't but I got through the Mexican ago Imus or my daughter my oldest daughter goal. I want to wants him to get her golf scholarship. I didn't think I think it's important for its to play golf I think you should expose it's a golf and I do using bad. That kids who may be on the rise wouldn't have access to golf should be exposed to golf is you never know where that. Talent pool is you never know what you're gonna really enjoyed doing it like it's been an observers kids you never got a chance to tried all we would have loved to play. On my wife actually regrets not taking up golf because I tried to bring her a few times she she consent like I think she threw clubs afterthought I wish that I did I I regret not all my friends play even. Read at your own dead now. And you're not even forty relax too awfully hard all started to our ratings on its. It's such a horde sport calling a support most people start later in blades our new and Italy's third now when you're in your sixties you'll be happy that you've been playing golf earth alas you're probably right but I don't I. Don't know that I had it in me to try something new that I am going to initially be. Awful well here's the thing the reason why my wife wants to battle back and there are learning how to golf world but more now is. The amount of deals and the I know it's a cliche topic where you know deals are done on the golf course. But the amount of times what the president says Eagles just firm has passed. So many times throughout corporate emails. Is there any females that play golf we would like to get the females in the firm out on the golf course that. The amount is only in the it's it's amendments or Toronto which is ridiculous because there's a lot of them yeah I'll stolen much business is just silly shows enough old that because your going to your. You feel that by putting your daughter into golf beefing that professionally it's an helper one day a 150%. Learning how to gulf being able to have obviously the skills to play as a sport. And a sport is revered as gold at and as the like one of the upper Echelon whether it's 42 lady or socially inclined to whatever you wanna call it. The amount of business. And in the amount of people that play golf that you would never expect to play golf from athletes to the corporate people to. 222 bombs I used to always be surprised when I was advocated peaceful all players in the all playing golf it's political. And alt. But it did take it up until later that's growing easily still take up golf you never even tried golf Zaza and every metal and ball and you have. Never been on a golf course I had been to I had been on cobalt several times a 1000 high school go all cobalt a few times. An enemy Sunnis probably brutal but I am I mean I'd I'd yell. You pretty quiet as a eighty try enjoy it does it every life some wings owed crush the the other four unchanged and well the thing is is is not only a piece of your business suspect about a woman pull scholarship thing are heard. Through re implying that you know is a big demand for female golfers in colleges and the apparently. It is not as difficult to get. A gold scholarship as it is to get some other. Coming hoosiers are females ideal and idea have a nephew who played golf isn't tire Kamal then and I had a difficult time getting a scholarship and scholars to any you know good university for all. And then I had another nephew played football assault Simon you don't I didn't have a lot more scholarship on top. Offers because the club teams or other in the gulf direct so there's not many golf scholarships at universities can't doubt there's like universe is that you don't even have golf clearance all my friends now all female acting with in a female universities are star and evil is it CI think it's there's just not as many women who are raised on it. I tried when I was little. I'm mom. Eight golf pro and it's him and I was pretty good ethics avid an angle that I just did anybody who played golf at that age so I was vendor. Nicholas. That Nichols Jack Jack. I don't know about it I don't it was a teaching you I will century cern at wills in the short. Norman match and that I think mama literally Motorola moment or murmur Norman sitting here is Greg Norman was mice that eat the chip affair with a sharp lawyer was a Crissy ever. Oh. And another thing and talk to all the sort of towards your. Thanks so so the big revered very expensive sport and home and you wanna talk about forty toward you with the rules like you know one of the federal baseball ran for the and rules of stuff that doesn't go well with the game. All the as it works right so now they got these things called top golf which one richt on the street and opening McEnroe as well and gives a fun atmosphere to golfing you know walking around sweating your ass off on a golf course Karen are all driving a cart. Actually sitting their parting have a great time and playing like a simulated golf game. On three different levels so I just went over the top goal for the first time cup weekends ago for the TGI everything. And the amount of athletes that have never played golf before that were there hanging out having a great time swinging a club. Granted 90% of the swings were horrendous like Vilma and DJ contender gulf of civic life. They're into it now went on a cold this is pretty fun summer to go back to top golf. Have a couple cocktails bring some girls around hang out have a great time. Actually golf club and Mexico learning a little bit more interest and goal I think I would have lately helping the golf community as well go and expand a little bit more as a makes it a little bit more. Always a blade. On it makes him more he had makes it more findings that ability Unger you all got. I just don't I just don't have it in me to distort something like that. And I I feel like going to be immensely frustrated I don't think you will I totally agree and it is kind of fun I don't know why you must start something I mean you're not all of our publics the guts goes home after you like these were the eagle straight to the golf course and circle. You're not you're trying to make the whole war Permian what do you mean get extremely frustrated tigers countless golf with your buddies. Do you spend the next ten years doing you yeah yeah. Eagles out of. I love to gamble I love a good gamble everybody's been elected to Greinke light yellow and it's fun to like driving golf carts it's scary how old. You'll get exercise and not ambulances and all you sign your card meg either mom. With the wheels and everything and see some at all no I would have some carry my bag or I'm not old you're gonna go to the school we got here in Australia. I think it was certainly does a certain nine Anemia catty Erica yeah I'm handicapped in on us all to Lebanon's. You know most kids are adamant at the white outfits yeah really. Yeah I would make is say where's your white outfit put it on a home near death and where you're wearing your white jumpsuit with a number on and only a member still lets you know in the pool or the name what ever room there. Go on your way jumpsuit and in my bag and give me a martini. Has gulping can be read my Alley I don't know darn technical bid. So that votes today OK it's at 2 o'clock today get readable golf. And put soccer. Ball get rid of the golf. I hate yeah that's the reverend them actually had southern voting on it. Get rid of golf adds soccer Asia's they devote just be golf or soccer somebody saying that you slider into the senior tour. Me and undergo. You think so. Elliott heated 552 eggs a cup between I think they're trying to make I helical joke there totally understood. Then I agree. I think it's 55 for. Music. Plus or fifty I know this privacy near and in some good lord that doesn't seem like seeing the slowness sonus fifty on this and Google TV was Arnold's. Holds bill. Both gonna be a new era. I don't know clearly overvalued he does not seem old to me at all whatsoever it's not world it is not old. Eight is weird you know the look at the older you get the younger everything always still Nicholson's 48 almost. Almost. Tiger that tires that we younger that I'm entitled to senator looks rough but I don't sixty. Those greens allergies earliest I ghosts no I don't know but like you know he's rough the top of his head awful I don't audible for your slip much. Awful I could say that I know I know what I got going on Bob and I can tell about tiger. Awful upset earlier of the of the handled want to win and apparently a testament to my you guys care about your hair a lot more than women care writer. There's so much into the I'm totally cool elementary. And he's out there are three or handsome. I'm I gonna sit here was shame on your hair is also a three normally you'll hear there is also you the truth is rare ridiculous but let's be honest OK to ask Ollie you have your good. Yeah let's let's be honest EU got you and rightfully so you got some backlash yesterday with a picture with us in the offering date and you doesn't it. I'd I'd I'd cut it off but there were no gimme you know I have put your little one out. Yeah yeah. You'd do terrible and an amen amen to come do defense here OK because what you you looked very fat okay in the picture as he's ever let you. Very Saturday's eulogy clearly not pattern this play well but I'm conjure defense here because I mean you know they say like a camera adds ten pounds Alex forty pounds and you because it is you don't look like that like I. You'll probably would have no idea how to hate followed a terrible picture that's why we need somebody that's so funny because the the women a way to them. They took a photo yesterday we referred now okay. They both look like damn supermodels in the bottle at relating you to fall. Opponent angles rain Capote like everything about it like it looks filtered and it's not. And then we're over here and we take a photo with slim taken a photo and we'll. Like dog dude yeah that's a backlash duties yet you it's you know I didn't and I've probably yeah because I feel good so someone said don't be facing a shower. Moment I got the now. That is they looked terrible. It's at least rumba that he showers the morning amber looks les and shout and days and said that he. Does them well yeah. And you let a bad news conference on FaceBook I assume it's like a million Illinois yeah I didn't do that I mean every Sunday yeah. Well it's a good. Hey next week. Tickets given it can't steal all cash that's right at 6000 dollar summer swindle. With some of the key words again now between seven and six deal then text in the 72881. And that's your chance you would take all of our money ya think it's thousand dollars Summers Wendell. Coming next week dams and and I need FM one a four point three HD to the ticket a radio dot com station. Our. So. Yeah I'm I'm rob jobs keep it real here okay. We we were. We were lucky enough to be visited yesterday by Lou for a no posts are so weird tempers all peoples in the Long Will we had meant people really enjoy them and I am so end. Walkman. Brought them up so there's a problem with stuff like yes we had absolutely. No idea. That only for now was going to beer when he was going to be here that he was gonna on the ceiling we we didn't we did not. So him walking in our studio was complete its shocked and surprised. None of us had time to prepare in terms of like trying to look good for picks would have. And was I told a few minutes before that I said to you guys just randomly on a excitedly as big deal as CK it'll offering those down home credible you remember them. And Roberts are some freak outs. And a single coach mango and and and I said even if tome to peek its head and when he's on what those guys and excitement out. There's a hate dumping is that way below for more on the air. And he was eyes it has come on man and a cigarette and I steered the and it slim slim turned and the death meant some headphones. Those are small slim even know what come knows that he's down and that would know us. And limit the enemy there was a council man that I cannot permit on site and what I just feel that yet and half didn't know about every person's personal life like Roberts slim voice although sixty is a celebrity and it's it's pretty well known thing that it has the look on his face he kind of looked disappointed. And I am I idolize him to doesn't care what it is yeah on it where it is yelled that you. Now baker would if we threw up the sign language unmanned would have needed RTU. Have been messed up slam. And you've been my that's right my bad. I apologize I'm always very impressed though by a by by people who all are death I find it very impressive. How the and try to stab a tourist I'm not a precedent that because he tried to stab someone today. As Tony allegedly handed pass that was like I let Lee is he claims tourist kicked him in the head not impressed that you can't try and actually he's got about how her sentence was impressed at Oregon now noted I can't climbing up on the desk. What was an item very impressive eat away without without anybody do that with with the without hands but I was also a completely different Yuma this guy has been in trouble numerous. The trouble maker this guy who I am not impress them Medicare's arms. And so loose for rig now he he came in villages in PP you really like to hear from which was surprised me is very random man and a I don't know that everyone knows Hulu for you know it's mean tell. Incredible Hulk was on a TV shows thirty years ago a very long ago. So it to tie him mr. universe led the Eagles down many documentaries on his bodybuilding or air. Right but if I'm thinking a quaint red but if I don't think that people are gonna remember the incredible Hulk. V bodybuilding was both incredible yeah but there's just two guys in the game back in the day out Arnold and it's their lives you guys you need to know. So we can in business is very nice. And Romberg was he was speaking out okay U's use very impressed is is the most hole may hit those impressed you've been with someone that we've had either on the phone or in studio. Hands on some pants down and as world's what I couldn't possibly have the like I have been a certain events put. Back at the celebrity doesn't attend the same kind of events that I and my comics or I'm this I'm that's awesome and I'm really into that much I guess it's a so as this weekend's super condoms super I was gonna last for years and I don't implant and on this week and maybe a well I don't know I was just I was a pretty Paul men an effect at least it looks really really duties in great shape Yale is gonna say anything in his mid sixties who's good and and yeah. That's how it's him yet so rob was all excited after the show pours into the pixel violent robberies around to pick myself first no multi picture. And act and applicable. Sure of just Romberg and blue and amber too great photo yeah. I'd gone solo shot as its own. Reason being in you know why I'm so big I made a point to do this I pulled actually the loop for a move. But you support Arnold he would try to get as close to Arnold as possible because there was so much bigger than Arnold. But Arnold was so mentally tough. But he would basically verbally abuse Lou for regional and and pick on the fact of his speech and pick on its is the fact that he couldn't hear well. And he would just totally played mind games include the point were he beat Lou mentally throw a lot of these competitions and this is well documented in the pumping iron documentaries well Arnold played my spam might be right there to document or Osama and and then I made the local I Monaghan did that took the initiative to get closer to the camera to look because lose. For them if we stood side by side Lou would be bigger than me like glue was big man big man but I made the point to your closer to the camera which I knew was gonna make me look bigger. And I put my chest out a little bit slow amid a little bit of a little bit air on Lou but what happened is my movies are so big my chest. That it pulled my tee shirt so far away from my barrel that it looks like I got a massive gut. I mean someone assays indicate what wears total addiction the answers from a date Saturday to open yet. And it is a some glad that picture of just unit looks better because the picture of all the street look awful McLaren what is it. Yeah I don't so wigs right now I understand angles I understand how to photograph which something that's a loss on man apparently also people are Boston on Romberg saying he looks fat and here's the fact of the matter really he doesn't. Fat okay but in that victory your very fat on the type of person that looks so much more fatter on camera than I do own personal reality. And you. I I didn't I didn't. Accurate the spin you know so so so yet people are busts in on Romberg from the picture you know. And people are blossom on amber at guitar I see these comments bus on me they delete. Law and one called ten hill I know that like personally as I got this one got a here as it is amber hung over system and if you look on the open and you. Double salmula I don't Obama on the Twitter machine. And Twitter machine and yet another guy here it's that's telling you amber you never know when someone's initial been studio you gotta look better than that at 5:30 AM. I you got another guy here who is saint Robert looks wrestling needs to shout before amber not so much. So mean to go yeah. Still got sleepy face going on a brush has never been through that hair. And that's enough. That's rough that's not true I can tell you that's she's put it must agree there and I I don't know I did them I don't ever did I yesterday Monday you know early in life and that's always tell you. You guys think I'm dirt late eighty raising my guy mate ends when I don't wanna take. Photos yes and this is one way they I mean it's so brutal and you guys take terrible photos. The lady in here all thousand has on is a fluorescent light here like viewers like eating you could ever. I know you're throwing a lot of shade at us but it looks like you got a Packard I don't. Air ball yeah look that yet. I got I got the next thing going on I can't do anything about that even like when I'm super slim IA tournament yeah I can't do anything about them and that that just is what it is you got your the bacon a teacher onto. I don't mounted on a Mulligan quote on and a lot of I don't care about that either an impairment that. I I Geiger on the closet I'm in the door I take out whatever it wants a poem he'd jump I know it was right on lightning you have on today to Wear them. I would get a big lecture you wanted to see anti war somewhere bacon catcher who's who's winning. Late winner Eric radios so much more than television and I am bodies is bad but during my career in television. And LE radius so much mark so much pressure on high you are a lot as a woman and I love just being able to roll in here. And look like I you know I emerald and hearing a tier five there you know by I 30 in the morning which is great. And yet people are so critical of you ever post a photo that's I don't even. Do like they don't want to have any more aware and has the lazy is thing you can do I do like the you don't want to had anymore I mean. Some gamers I am proud I am on the that's necessary and I mean I had a how to on yesterday I wouldn't have gotten it has no reason why where and how it lazy. I don't believe the Evian it's it's it's you know we get about 4 in the morning again I'm not gonna do here and make up here or in the morning not. In two months I got to be on television so I'm Mike concerning guiding right out of what you look at that picture there that's what I'm tying him and me to once I got to be out on the tube so I got a good lose a little bit LB gets a venue forever connected to finish not pick GS because you don't look at and rely. You don't feel like that on televisions too many people from needed you know what I can tell everybody I went to my power fates were trying to build power and explosiveness. And now Mobutu might cutting face mind you the power. And explosiveness phase was meat eating as much as possible not exercising so I know I develop that power means a now's going to be like cut times for two months now I gotta go ahead and kind of be. A little bit more restrictive on my diet and credit more increase in our audio work. I mean here's a guy on here who be an issue is has affirmed the entire city because he says you don't look like Miami and that's a rabbi and they like your. He says that you make and prints ads. Olivia and I don't anyway Arizona islands here now in this. The idea that one. And Miami and is their way into that at least to my next subject arm in the phase right now if you can't. If you can't Tony tan that's like where a maverick and that's much from just trying to get sold hand. That it just looks better than a super pasty white pale lump but don't hear Michael lawless and I'm a juicy you'll see you get right yeah. I'm here at banana boat Amber's got you headlines next.