ZRA Part 2 7-14-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, July 14th

Game of thrones week, Why is Stanton not a bigger star, Zaslow and Amber fighting over music.


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 41118041. Campaign. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. I. 151000. Music fans came up to Fort Lauderdale beach to see twenty national acts perform great on the stand. Tickets for the 2017 red tide music festival on December 2 and third go on sale Friday that Friday July 21 at 10 AM. Well we have no plans to announce a single man until early August meeting confidently say this it will be big ear and it will be better than you ever imagined and that's a promise. Get your discounted tickets for a limited time getting July 21 at the ticket Miami dot com. When they're done it he will pay full brakes red dye 2017 premiums 798 have someone else for three HD to the ticket. Game throws this Sunday night. Mason. Game at the runs back on Sunday night is exciting and as the final season of game -- don't think what are we talking it's like golly. Eleven episode sets I'm right out of the does that many but I think episodes or longer is it like I think it's against the episode season but I think the absence Kabila committed to an hour fifteen I think I think all know I I think you're right that and maybe just eight episodes. But I think. Definitely not all the episodes a lot of Reading there are several that war longer than normal. Although I'm looking here on on I am DD. And it only has six episodes listed that can't be rights is settling once X right. I thought there a bit sick at me I know it's not long I know that I know that or get. British or is also argue that up yet they do in the half season amateur what they're doing like they giving us a few of says in the that Michigan lately so that's I thought that's why I thought maybe was eleven episodes where it's like six now in five later can you look it up and see what it is actually has it's very publish on had seen yet is innings and drag right. Who. Police seize a boxer that killed Apollo mammals got that Khalid tattooed guide to the big guy top Mormon cult Drago yes cues called drug called Drago yet. OK so yeah the leader of that group is is the call he's called trying to turn the language they speak this call. I know adults Radke on you're an adult Iraqis lead and and then I'll monitor behind joining him so I'm I'm on FaceBook the other day and I see. Kim did you see this thing that he put up there I believe it's for. Hard hard Jason Momo. Yet for card hurt cancer genes are the ones you watched a small moment and a number is on the body art buyers let cords on Baywatch or remove it just happened no like. Did the real bait like she was like as a you know. In his twenties early twenties or teens so what I'm getting at here is basically. It it actually brought a tear. Watching his little finger he did Saddam and and again you don't you don't get it to the very and that it's about his his painter genes are cancer what are those things are the car parts. It talks about his wife his family his kids its search software him. Talking about his life in his past life where he got his mother's side is that men and none and and and and mostly it's like it's it's actually like a real hard filled. But it's almost like he wanted to make his own little testimony Ole clash autobiography kind of thing now. Any sitters talk pennies like you know what my mom made me. The artists that I am today I was in the Nile I was young kid. I was crazy climb mountains I do you know and then he can egos and about being a painter and being a sculpture and part of making. He gets Stewart goes my one goal in life that I always wanted to be was a father. And any euros that I met my wife who that I had my kids with the he has a two or three kids. Calm all the all the colors really cool names like wolf and I commend you La or whatever the names were I don't know. But he's a grown around this kids and he's painting and he's talking about how he wants his kids to take something from him because he knows that only in about 45 years from now he's not he's no longer going to be the center of their universe. So I think that's really gum at that point I'm like. Going further into his life and how acting was so much later and it's likely he never even thought of becoming an actor. It was more of I just wanted to be like second no match by her traveling nomads they're just. Lived in a high built at TP like a total and the next thing you know he's pounding he's no he's he's he's happen. Police see the dragon lady and and in becoming our equipment. We don't know when the ball in the game is still a book police Selig like how Drago eased the you know as rains forced marriage at that in the book police scene that she's. Take eleven years old. No I probably would hold a really young in the ball and when it's like this are forced to you know. Marriage is an eleven to Walter's also really young so the then there's two seasons left tackle who's thirteen episodes I was seven and handling and the million he's my mom that tax banks lining around this is six episodes it's gonna have three episodes that are going to be about 59 minutes once it's going to be 63 and one going to be fifty. First the first from Tuesday the careers could be 71 minutes. Put that in season seven was to be alive assimilate aside January dozens out of season eight which will be will be seven episodes and they say that some of those those of you get get up to 82 yeah. Eastman school so in 20/20 oh. Known I don't know I think it's adding it's only January I don't think they're splitting it up to four. So you're telling me that this right now these six episodes where David Jones finally back final season and only getting six weeks. Be over so that people are we so pissed. I was doing headlines. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS FXP. Each O'Meara Marc yeah here's what's trending now from a concierge for many headlines desk EG no problem. A thousand with concierge men's wellness concierge mint dot com. Spoiler we see guys. These headlines are Rajiv by Dow need help finding the right Dell PCS with Intel Core processors for your business call 877 by Dell that talk to a Dell's small business tack it but I says boy you know as a spoiler. Miami Marlins return to action tonight how in the Los Angeles Dodgers. Don't know she got on murder of the books that there's no books and the though shows and books now but you will you don't looks you go bad on who dies and I'm that if there's if there's really. Good odds that she's dies you probably dies. We shall not amount thus had to really goes out against Brandon McCarthy and our respects. Some adrenaline in big and they're counting. First pitch Marlins are set for 7:10 PM I mean you're sitting here watching madam secretary and you could be watching dragons and as an NC Matt and died on the guest on an episode this last season. Want to know what you I saw that odds came out last week. You could bet on who who gets the iron throne can you do that I think you can write or who dies you know all those were fighting the iron joining in their own. And I decided I don't wanna look at it's because I don't wanna. I don't know I'd I'd still men have any type of feeling about what happens when you look at it skew all like just one random person. Sure. Again like does is it they dire they when he aren't around like young graduate. Right odds that he dies and he dies them at some point in the show odds that he dies I would say it's very likely dies plus 1000. Yeah that's that's on the good bet any money it's going to be in going to be an actor right about some. Well it's it's the final season so you made the final season who the hell cares vehicle because now at this point but that's a question what are we have actors on the show. That's question I always asks that financed so uninteresting like when we had it's Sunday. So un American spoiler right now OK so if you if you're in the middle of the season and you pile Evans. Comeback doesn't thirty seconds starting right now so we had we had Ron Perlman on the show points. And I ask myself as a hey Ron you're a huge star on the show. What happens when you get the script to the episode. That they're taking out all the sudden you have a job anymore so we don't handy yet you still have to shoot Addison and pretend like you're. What you don't really can't get a lot of her professional greatest role your career you love doing the show and I was I was like eight. Enjoyed working within your fired as I know when it's only to sing when the when necessary and find out that he's no longer gonna be on the show you mentally done. I don't remember what he said but usually the answer I get to these guys wanna ask is just that there's an understand we're going to season. The writer usually pulls them aside and saints someone does you get a script and you're not to be on the shorter more work or were killed off the character. And all these guys what asks you never told me that have been mad about. Well if you get the heads up before the Zito starts it's probably gonna happen at some point then I'm sure your agent RD out there hasn't offered in and year you know you're ready in the works sport you know what's common now. Usually tell me that that they they find out before the script that they're told before the season's start that there's going to beat up so they're going to be killed. I know without businesses such a crapshoot and you easier that your typically happy just how good job let's I don't disagree destroy nuclear and vote don't know this year. It sucks right anyway walker plus five point four. Mayweather V McGregor that worlds were hit New York City last night in a started two hours late McGregor lockdown in the white mean potent no shirt on and doing it came out instantly in the Irish flag and Connor came out wrapping big. Brutal girls that relate Killen people who Joseph so. It was that are on that island that killed. No smoke and hot girls all he had brought those two girls solace in the island yeah oh the sand the sand girls and I was in kiss right here at school and like them morally tenacity he could see her stuff from the one N one episode in there and I still you know top. Yeah that sounds riveting. I've never seen a woman and no topic didn't didn't didn't she take over thomas' these degrees blues you've ever seen some like that rights the ship was in the Apple's the end. Am boys boys and Calzaghe every gun camera these calls ultra obvious mount Soledad I'm done months old debt. You you and play anymore sound from the press conference to. Doing time every highway. You'll quit tonight. But the richt. Oh man. My biggest. Now hold on why is he referring to Connor burger quitting what does that mean the topping out tapped. Tab does retire it's a and that that you know a stupid you go to your Floyd delegate list. TMZ gotta with Chris Bosh he said he's lingering health. And he use. Says that EU it says that he's a bit about NBA comeback aviator who is in those rumors he's bad basketball and stuff yeah sounds ATM xenon senate as it is the company. Mound Blake and what's next up asked on stuff like community. I did think that that that Floyd could have done a little bit better in the delivery of talking about Dana White pimping out car McGregor obviously referring to him as. A bitch that's basically what is going to you know I mean as. He's saving up for today they do you have to do a million of these back to back to back. Another Floyd get into muddy fields is suspected land because Connors call humble way which is not a good move him at all no black dude. Like did did Floyd address that and all yesterday. Yet big the as a vocalist amber really cute talking about. Due up those quotes amber good news is talking yesterday about. That racism still exists and that he's taken my gimmick and nobody criticizes him for that. And then you know was asked about what is your Nationalists who have been trying to squash is that the press conference. Here they're talking you're talking about Floyd's reaction as it Connor. I mean though the quotes I have here in front and we don't directly addressed. OK then. It says he was disrespecting my daughter and respect him a mother of my daughter distracting black women called black. People monkeys has told disrespectful. I have a diverse team of diverse staff. When I was young I miss that some things that I should have because those young. But you live you learn he don't say those things we get to a certain age because all about growth and maturity today came out there and did it again I guess he gets older the look back and say I probably should have said. Well I don't see I did see one thing didn't dimming asked them about their fair who'd win. Them or rocky and I yeah Carter says cinema camera rock it was I mean I think he is in the rocky movie who would beat them would would rocky deal to beat down since they were like board about episode three. And then Conner could remember and he goes another one where there's like about a bunch of monkeys in the gym or something like that he said. He was here is asked by get as it is it was the guy who does Jimmy Kimmel has little sidekick is a hero Guillermo is again Rossum who wins you with a rocky three. And he goes which when drug. And mentally I was going to don't make anything of Italy and he keeps on going on to even understand what are you talking about there. Celebrity you don't dancing monkeys what do you mean rocketry has a couple of scenes as the once he or has the Jim remember before he gets disaster by. Club line where he's working on the real fancy gym. We're like he's got there's like. Vendors and there's neon lights and there's all kinds of crazy things. But then there's went after after dies for the rematch he goes back in the trees and LA with Apollo creed and it's an all black Jim. Odds are you'll think also that Saudi yeah eighties references. As rob Yangon to go into that you see a kid. That's. But today day. The evidence for for all the black women so let's watch that he did he is black from the waist down right at them as they met late. Yesterday that the point where he's just like I gather that's address we can move on and Clinton. Oh Carol whites is a 23 points led the heat or the clippers and some really played 9128 or bam I'd buy you a cut out for a second straight game. According to playoffs loads and Ramona Michelle Warren an exit how eyes on trade talks for Carmelo Anthony with the rockets and the cavs knicks agreed. To make Scott pair team who was with the kings then the noon next GA out. Empty though hit a lot of phone rang yesterday. We're daily using Macs. You doing in men. Ernie is man reportedly dare grows in the Milwaukee Bucks will have a second meeting. I'd love to meet. Second meetings that decide if you wanna have Derrick Rose and your team. Ken Rosenthal is reporting multiple teams are interested in John parlor Stanton. He's also reporting that the Phillies are interests and treating for Christian yell let's. You've seen it is surprising and it's not. I'm surprised that that the only ones still surprising to me that multiple teams won back on track tool surprising. On my guess would be that they're gonna want the monster take on a good chunk of the contract. But they're in what amounts to keep some of that contract or don't want some of the marketing money that John girl's gonna bring to your city is my guess I'm sure their big big marketing plan for job growth out of place like Miami. You can't market more a guy like John Carlos sent. Out of all places. In Miami a guy that looks like him is not all over the place. Well the first thing I would say is. Eight it's obviously typical with a baseball because it is only leaving images of the great. Yes because it is only be two. Players in the history that franchise in 25 years have never moved attends only two guys and both of them had been pitchers and it's such a Willis and it's only for news that's it only two players have ever. Mood attendance and it's not as if they have had great position players okay. Miguel Cabrera. And Ramirez. And of course now some Mike's Uncle Sam. Only two players have ever moved attendance in the history of the scene in 25 years it's controls and those increments. But it exploded on say is. I think that's one of the interesting questions. As what happens. If when this team soul. Because. I really thought. That attendance was going to improve. At Marlins park. When they got tomorrow's talk. Sitting just having the roof mom big believer in that roof okay and the stadium is also now. Mean what what would attendants have improved it. If Loria. And the Marlins did not make all the trades after the first year in the park and everyone felt like there were swindled immediately did it happen right away maybe. Maybe attendants who would have been. Decent. For the first five years in that ballpark cadets would have been I think it's the sixth year the six years in the ballpark maybe maybe it would have been rights. If that didn't happen but as turns out I'm wrong 'cause attendance is not but I mean it's. A little bit better than what they used to average and the old ballpark. So. It it'll be really X symbol winds up happening with the new owner because I mean the easy answer is what's snap LB were circling against but. Of people against league what's the new park and there really happened so I I don't. Notes that such a that's what they are just I don't understand. Individually because you have a guy who looks the way he looks. Who can do only really open to this point in time one person can do. You have a right fielder for another team out shining. John Carlos stand what do you mean for what we mean. What was it isn't which is memory fielder judge harper. A harper yeah I love but you mean nationally and yeah like in terms of mash well I know you got to develop a character municipal government. And and and my guess is and I'm sure. Musher from my guess is John prizes on PR guy hopper's got a lot of character and he also he's very outspoken build your business is capital. Build character. You're in Miami you're very good looking human being yeah I was just curious how you have to do some. And and in people say that he's but he's not actually all about pupils say that he places like he might not see in the limelight that a lot of people made that assumption that he wants to be at the limelight and actually enjoy is it in Miami where he's not where it's not he's not always able limelight that's that's what people say about him him getting out through no hammer around him a lot more. Hustling Ashley is a bigger deal and it is is locally there's no feeling for baseball Iran's 'cause he was like and every home run derby commercial spot locked there was evidence because he was the home run derby champion because the games here are mine and I don't know if I was nationally weeks leading up to it in the few baseball programs are it's like it's and it's a bomb stands on TV. It's that he's not a guy who's ignored and I mean let's face it meant he has not been on a good team. He had policies and of course and that's why he had to pay their product now. Yes it'll show up in Miami to do I don't know it's it's each seeing with the new owner. Wolf what what's gonna happen I mean our viewers we're also historical only game go to games on there's New York's I don't gossip unless the teams and you don't think so when he needs you both. I ending some people might come back to word die hard baseball fans and swore Marlins just because a nanny really glad there's not that many of those people there are those people. But it the majority of people in Miami just I mean our market isn't diehard sports period I mean our our markets definitely the type of market that. You know you have to put on and a good Sal and then people show up and then people get invested and then they might stay like with the heat. Even on the year is that you know may be are quite as great or you don't make the postseason. But the Marlins having given us now and so so long I mean the entire time I was in the South Florida Marlins been terrible I've never seen in a baseball team out here. Put it in his city were everything is free from passes to. Lifestyles to bank accounts I'm surprised and shocked that they couldn't do something. From a guy like John Carlson that's what I'm shocked about I don't care if he doesn't wanna be part of the limelight there's got to be something else that people got makes a big difference. I mean she EAU. You are not necessarily and build issued grander and yourself and you don't want to do. That's not you know your goal you don't wanna beat the piece of baseball began the season baseball Marlins that is me drama breeze harper is one of the pieces of M I'll be animals have been very largely because its they're awesome team and he's in the nation's Kaplan is incredible player. Continue the snacks. I. It's almost on when those thousand dollars play at it was wasn't us that's right starting on Monday at the training can't thousand dollar Ford it's 1000 dollars was last Saturday and and dating and then a couple times again in the afternoon. Monday through Friday next week and it could quirky Texan you made 1000 bucks. That's a training can thousand dollar four days Tony and seven I need FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. Later on the salary and wage four pack of tickets warm monster jam and is on August 5 at BB NT center. So if duration zany kids there you know the Stanley got to Fort Bragg to Easter monster team Korea August 5 wool. Give me an opportunity to windows before the end of this hour. We out leave freezing cold takes about fifteen minutes from now. At 8 o'clock gonna talk to our friend Danny wood from New Kids On The Block today they are in town on Sunday. By no I'm going to show told means going to show amber maybe year. So we had Danny on at 8 o'clock this morning I think we're gonna wake him up on the toward boss he told me. How cool that's war boss that they all have like yet to see what these guys how they live when their two warring. Is the last time they were here a couple of years ago were saying now what Danny before the show for a couple hours he's gotten a legit master bedroom. On the boss is yet. Back of the bus he can do they have separate tortoises. They all the hallmarks that every single number. Well Bennett wouldn't be so about. Going to pressure does not look like a very good times and not for musicians like that is not LA then I would want. It looks like a very grueling schedule and a very you know very difficult thing in an all those milder but then and move. I mean the Taurus I am sure there they're really nice and began seeing super filly really nights and they and they get Ratigan on PJ and does either. And yet they get it under boiler room full ball RN and like a little kitchen area -- did they each have their own separate torment quite a hectic but it's. Mike and it is why do they take the bus for close for a news so. For instance of the get up the show and on the party a little bit let me get on the bus and go to sleep in the driver drive to get an easy way to Atlanta city at that. If there having. Like back to back to back shows us the riddle to it and then all of a few nights off on the fly at a city in the poster who bring that busted an exit in the province fly into that city but of the. Why are listeners on where essentially went in the city no I mean that's that's the most officially it's the cheapest way to us on the most efficient most efficient way would be flying. Notice it's not it's a lot more expensive let me beat her own but it's more fish. My feeling officially the but it's it's cool set up that these guys have and and I realized who I was surprised and I found that they don't all fly everywhere and it wouldn't flying. Well legally we today you know a lot of people like on the it. God your sportscasters and stuff this was a bit probably Tony Kornheiser when he was imminent April botany course headers scared of flying great all those other guy pays. They fly and then the cruel all high as you know they common semis and and and buses you know all the equipment and all your production clearly operate so. That's fallen UN trucks and their goal one across the country the next game. And the broadcasters are flying from city to city to city I kind of assumed that with music artists it could work the same way right where you just get on an airplane you're just they are an hour and a half for two hours or whatever is three hours. And then you were buses are yet they're gonna take. Shooting is you know get. They're attracted and correct on the money religiously except with football schedule like there's no rhyme or reason to win the next month and in football broadcasts is a could be anywhere but with a tore schedule you're always playing the next city over. You know you you're not going from one coast to the next coast to play their two uniter two days later all is. You know that's that's why down here you know it's like hey what are the good shows you know come down here South Florida. All location is a rich source for all it's the worst in the country on occasion is a bitch for concerts and that's why. A lot of times when shows to come down here at least several nights he got to make it worth their why oh come down here anywhere else in the country EU players show. You go east north west south or thousand different cities next if you playing here in South Florida. EEE you can only go and you got to dress and it's all it's the longest state to drive back. It's it's it's a really betterment and then. It usually is for some you're dealing with a major major brands you're dealing with a possible Orlando show possible but for the most part it's Miami your Jackson all all and and sort pull my image my question am I Champa clinically West Palm Beach it's why is why a lot of ax play multiple shows must bomb you got you can't just combative one trip and you sense you know aid it we can. State of the aqsa are playing less bomber totally different accent are playing to reply. Any accident playing AAA are or not I I think some of those acts aren't necessarily. On the tour bus grind an only coming down. Because you know it's convenient in terms of the top or do we get some really big acts on here that don't necessarily common problem. You're sitting out and computer to worship people doing arena tourists let's say that's the difference right that's yeah that's a huge difference bets than that the bomber is Leo mine is too big city were major market while we get liking all the also shows that's why it. That doesn't and it is not the idea here. Maybe that's really strange to me like I Philly Miami gets at tonic it's ours we do it Tony you know as we do but there are plenty of times where. You know when it comes to say rock shows I mean how come it was auction it was such a big deal last year when Pearl Jam was your ten. She is the and we go back to Pearl Jam every night and alerted so let's set because hurled rarely ever lose your example or no. You were the idea that the answer is yeah. I. Think California concert. Us. It. Is. It is a lot of I'll I'm Lucas made you look if you did do that. There's been a long time as Zune mega to save my fans and all of cleansed of Ben has been alone. Well Tony hormones have been. Newsroom long to Tony I don't know one of the guys out. Politically endorsed brutal even indoors. This humidity so watch him up leno's show it's noted drenched. I did think it's a weird take the lead on the concerts down here. The middle of hypocrisy and all of our staying in and circle bar there really mentally and be amber there are many many big ask that we now and I didn't. In many other managers and criminal manner you know you don't you know long sophomores and trying to get fu fighters come down here. Your big gonna sell Tripoli that's we're going to new. Hey amber you know you're looking for information you're what are you some information away. Because so I keep giving you bears an immediate budget to be unacceptable I hate to add beyond except the old. And I'm like you're asking what I don't need my help Arnold. Clark has come another I'm so I would think you're right now been good fighters in 2000 and pulled on you you keep asking what fans don't come down here. Can you brands you don't like it's you've given me to play and is as saying those are the big act I would argue that. At the weekend Bruno Mars j.'s. You know hip hop and RMB electorate there are other brands. And given you those are the brands you don't like the exit I knew you had to Allah I been through fighters and Adele learn in the same ballpark right now risen about seventeen. Amber likes top 100. You when I'd like real music. I think that's the big difference. Mean that's how I had to get your eight year you I don't know that cannot get out of gaveled out there for the popular music talent and I don't think this might I don't I do you think. Metallica is in an on your day's biggest acts displayed 70000 people. I'm not sitting that they don't get a lot of heat politics saying it Guns 'N Roses gets a lot of people with those concerts we all loved Guns 'N Roses back in the day you think that's 12017. Biggest acts. So bored getting in getting these huge. Acts that are incredibly current yes on the top 100 chart. I you know regardless of whether you wanna insult that are not I would I think just from an outside perspective top 100 is probably your biggest acts in music in terms of you know I mean talking about this city can do we are and this city can draw big concerts right. I mean what what else are you trying to draw that if you're not trying to draw the most popular. I'm giving you as I wanna you know let me give you as someone who knows the way the constitution works out here and some who knows the people who the shows I'm telling you for fact. The reason that shows don't come down here for facts. And I'm just saying it seems strange to me because I've lived here for a decade in South Florida an eight and for my perspective it seems like we get a lot of big so legged duck. Like Mumford and sons and other one would remember who I mean. Who grew they're finally coming out here a couple months I'd like he'd never been down south one they're. Always warring finally coming down here in a couple months. Do you mean does anyone know that's all. I don't. I am not going to keep Perry concert down here in December but I mean I think she's a pretty big tax rate from an outside perspective yet and she can't imagine saying this from the music that I'm that these are the concert I'm the only concert I've been doing the last years Adele. I mean I'm not you know I'm not saying this from like these concerts I'm going to use this is a personal music respective. You wanna tell when I tell you that people who work in the buildings here and wit the motors and they tell me. That they have a hard time getting a lot of these attacks. Are you choosing not to believe that. I I haven't had those conversations your Tom I just think it's I I thought it was I'd take your take it South Florida doesn't get big concerts because it I feel it's on video I take. Oh OK I just need to launch a concert that I feel like he really they aren't many weeks I I but again. I'm giving you what people in the moment criticized this year the timer nineteen. Which said the right mean you're saying them imprints on doesn't come down here yet to finally Conan you know governor. Also. I. But it feels like you're choosing not to believe what people in the business of told me. I just find out on you it will tell us what hearsay I'd like to hear it from them how they say that that nobody that we don't get any big cons I don't know what I just names like ten big concert that we have it down here in the next tool in its arms for our humble and nausea you know believing what I'm telling her. God I dare you you probably know the people that I Turbo leg concerts in the next two months to not even any the other but I even BB zero. France's worst person might assert that runs the southeastern United States from our nation. And I'm friends with like a lot of big acts and both rock music and in country music acts. And all three of those people have told me it's a very difficult and presently though. I I've I've seen big country accent at. At an coral sky or ever is now up. Up north of what and my mom yes but they're not going to be driving their turn have to get all the way down trying to get them up at the theater than it is just that is way more typical thing to get them all the way down here because it may then you're making less money up there dot stop and it costs a lot more money for the promotion side of things we don't believe that should know I think those are two different. Concert grades in terms of the people who are selling out American Airlines Arena dealing people who are playing massive audio in this theater arts you give raid I mean it's too I think it's two different. You can go eat here you can go to Katy Perry your three year old kid can go to Katy Perry presently she's gonna be a different way of an easier draw every national promoter being able to say look. I'll make my money back on this ticket but if you have a band for instance. The Rolling Stones. Or. If you're gonna go the Adele routes. Of surgical and right again and it's an arena and it's an acoustic thing were people actually here and love the sound of the music where you can kind of dictate however he's gonna sound of you're dealing with an outside Tampa teeter. Did the music in the way that things are gonna sound can determine if it's raining if it's super super humid if it's windy a lot of things can affect the sound of a concert. So it it is it's him to more difficult draw for for an act to get all the way down your bring all of her fans down here all of their trucks all of their equipment. And sometimes they even have substitute drummers come in because their guys don't wanna make the trip all the way down it's it's just it's just a fact it's been probably for very long time. All right and commander said it was a different I don't I mean from colleges six perspective they might have to drive further MEM may be difficult for their crews to the equipment out there. All of Zain as anything that we have a good amount of big monster things are in the and I wish I really well. And transport truck I just don't agree with your take and we don't have concert hall and not take it'll cost you for visiting your opinion on big concerts in South Florida no I'm telling you know he came in it's your opinion that we don't have big concerts in South Florida noticing that there's no reason why I am if you wanna move how. From these different my it's gonna cost you probably twice the amount of money from going Miami to a plus same thing you can argue that was put it to you should we don't get any big concerts here. You said that was exactly what we've been arguing about we don't get any concerts don't wanna come to Miami that's that's what you're saying and say we get tons of his big concerts down a lot of ties don't really strange take that a lot of times on BUUS we don't get any big concerts are here I think that you said that that is. That that we don't yet we often don't get the big concerts here that's what we'd been arguing about how we don't get any. Oh do you think I said that we've never had a band and doesn't wanna schedule Miami and it's tore at her in his world no woman what is this conversation about that is actually what you that is exactly what the arguments back. That's sometimes we get past. You know me yeah I. I know. From the one extreme where he sometimes we get because we'll get any. What are once we don't get concerts well why I say they know me and never passes up. You have you'd say that eight so what is this whole conversation about that you tell me keep giving you this because I knew it. I keep giving you big concert could have been your group really. And number. The secret. I did football's season is gone laying in the ticket has you covered sergeant. Month. Still regular season answerable. Andrew Levine accident attorneys call 807473. That's 800. Seven or 73733. Football here right here on am 798 FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. Let's give away that for packeting it's a monster gym right now called five on the conscious I'm. 786534079. You and give you four tactics August 5 at 1 PM at the BB NT senator. Monster jam is coming to BB NT center August 5 and six to get started twenty dollars and it's got to visit monster jam dot com for more info. Wanted to watch. The Mike and the mad dog documentary. To see you what happened in my they broke up Purdue largest. Easy win insisted this was our part of the documentary. I am annoyed and I think the part of what I'm annoyed with is a feeling I get misquoted often buy it by amber. And says that that's I think that any it's whereas we know it was about the episode and yeah actually the last segment it was funny because inference dozens talk and prosperous and doesn't come here enough anymore. And vs like. It. I don't audit by the way because we're we're gonna have mr. freeze on and I screwed at the time in last segment obviously is the bomb them I I feel bad about. It's funny you detect signs all over the place dale which people agreeing with me and people dream that I'm. Is The Who the real or not agree I'm telling you and robberies wealth from people in the music isn't. I don't I don't wanna get into it's it's not there's agree or disagree about her it's. It's it's like if I tell you about my job and you Greer does his name this my doll like I don't we job works to agreeing or disagreeing. But I had a I don't I'm going into it because it's and it's annoying to me I'm the early in order anyway. Texas right now and on the Coral Springs on lucky attacks 967 ninths and four wood Willie Reid where his teachers you out if he wasn't going to re solid heat's so you do video evidence. Of Willie Reid. Dave idiot himself dinner. When his wife wearing number 35 and some a little Abacha kind of spot Igawa could grow in the middle table. Yeah they're good doing them tell I think really a Mongolian beef spot that is weird I don't know what I was going on there I don't get beat LSU the front of his Jersey but there was a number. Dance to I mean mrs. heaters in. I won't even I I only one way or yours who have money on the back. I university became fresh from practice may be just demonic change but the showers and changing facilities are practiced fully certainly not wearing his Jersey practice ice and the people he was with us all dressed up nicely. So he was ever trying to get hooked up. That are in need wanna wait that may be called an advance Leo it's a forty families aren't aware and I don't know kilometers under their pressure and and and now we are as weird. I also he has nothing to do the resound he'd die I do not these resign the at all. I mean he won a the entire league is. Moving in the direction. Playing with guys who can shoot and more fast and small EF six and on the Tino right now because I think he's so would the only visited and pulled the movement that he could be. When he came back and social media so he might try to do as. Dexter writes and as far as I'm calls and not be in marketed down here in the weighty have a guy like Bryce Harper tax rates now let's and is that good you don't see bright sauber swinging at pitches that are to resolve the ground populate the play from the plate. I saw robberies is a lot better than John calls him but. I would say that this is not the year to say that John Carlson is not good in very very good this year. I'm somewhat been our incentive but he's been really good this season oppressed by summary of their plight as I'm sure. As a burglar. Sands over rate animal for treating him. He's all about it and retreated Danny's ala and I'm not sure why the more. Like who even if he is overeat. It's not a salary cap sports it sounds of it helps you to free spacing you could then use that money another player like if you're Marlins fan and you do you think stands overeat. And what McGwire at one on the straight and makes it harder contract in the room. But but blaming her overeat and but being not salary cap sport it's like okay he's overrated and he's overpaid but. It's still good I am duties of the play. Well they bring it may be good here I mean I guess that the negative of that is if you're trying to get rid of players. It would be harder to have somebody take his contract popular. Yeah breeders' arms and nearly eight you know it it it's. It is it if you put the heat. Raising 2.5 million years being anymore that's ever million much rest on its way from the other way it Andy's rant but you could spend 2.5 million and it's like all right and we can get other good players do. You know. Because it is a good player who's considered bad investment again like our world I'm still back on track now it back contract Gilligan a letter yet. So I know I'm a don't want to stay tuned to reach rate a quicker on something bass. Surreal cinema baseless because nobody likes based lawyer sub making excuses were sport ever. I don't think that's true man online and you know I'd be down here and then you solo sellout that game that nasty crazy crowd that came in here for the world's Marco iron able to Italy on idle talk about the other day that the World Baseball Classic crowds here. Among top. Five base want ms. spears they'd ever see now we can do is pastors now we do national broadcaster saying that better in Major League Baseball networks all year round. Now what we you know we we have these conversations about soccer's well where you know I'll classic Coke comes down here it's an unbelievable crowd Blake is an MLS team I would actually here could it be sustainable down here. And seek to have those those conversations that those conversations are exclusive to South Florida regarding baseball mean that is a national problem with baseball. Based on the demographic is a very very much an aging demographic and baseball's very much struggle. In terms of bringing in the younger fan which is of course necessary for it sustainability. And even had the commissioner talking about it on ESPN radio I think it was yesterday or the day before I think he was on. I believe is Mike and Mike whoever's filling in Mike and Mike and he was talking about how. Yeah. How they're considering. How are considering. You know a day you know whether they would do an electronics breaks down whether they would put a clock on the pitcher you know these things and try to do to improve you know pace of play in all those conversations are because they know that they have a demographics problem and those conversations keep getting out that you keep coming up in every. Sports show in the country discusses you know how do you make baseball better so that's not a promise lose it did. To South Florida that there's not as much interest in baseball generally know what there's certainly is still baseball fans down here and those baseball fans are not showing up tomorrow it's part of. Those moderate these damn riders you see all these articles about the Jews ball. Stop trying to do that writers I mean Johnson finally get the season we get a tunnel home runs it while he's here who are you sure is all. It's like you know what it. Like having writing jobs. Right right over Hagler watches China uncover the controversy yeah. Exactly little Eritrean based politics the record the controversy or magna so I don't I don't all as you're really right. I know all those wet uncut the Contras and an old lose their jobs because no one's won the newsletter about singles and doubles all day long you know led to sounds like a car conversely it's an audience. And talk to Danny wood from New Kids On The Block next first one either brings up whether or not big bands come in toward on here on drones and hey new kid on the block down here.