ZRA Part 2 8-10-18

Zaslow & Amber
Friday, August 10th
Kelvin Benjamin vs Cam Newton, Big news from HEAT? Osweiler stinks

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So I think it thank you to our fourth annual fantasy football draft party got an apple analyst John Clayton and CBS sports fans expert Jeannie Eisenberg. It's on Sunday August 26 twin peaks in Davie okay festivities start at one got a line broadcast nets filed by the draft at four. And we want you don't hold your league stressed there okay and now league commissioners to get a fifty dollar bonus cards to bring really gone out there it's Parikh. Space is limited so we wanted to register now to get money dot com. Is sponsored by Yingli tap into your inner eagle and bites twin peaks eats drinks. And scenic views and about five minutes from now we need your first opportunity today. So 1000 dollars or right that's courtesy of 719 tickets summer swindle contests EB keyword and you insects that into 72881. End and there you go out so get back to the dolphins in a moment here did you see and that you know yesterday's the bills played the Panthers. And the the timing is as such where. In a few days ago you had Kelvin Benjamin Florida State receiver and and now Buffalo Bills whose traded there midseason last year. And I spent the first few years of his career in Carolina. Can you as a result he was a top draft pick type guy and you know I never really panned Doughty LA he's fine okay is deals and injuries but you don't never pass hasn't hasn't become at least not yet the receive their I think a lot of people. That now as part of the probably nav an accurate quarterback go and accurate enough quarterback Cam Newton held them back a little bit which. I mean look you know I I don't I don't think Cam Newton is is as great as maybe some other people do but he did win MVP a couple of years ago. So. Yesterday the bills play the Panthers pre season and TC do you see video of this where they of Robert did you see this where Cam Newton confronted Kelvin Benjamin hours before the game on the field DC this Romberg. Why I know that has been going on so the last week we can I didn't know about the whole confrontation though. Yes so yesterday and this is you know we're talking a couple of us in the game Gaza just stretch in they get their headphones on their doing their things hours for the game and and Cam Newton just. You don't want to or don't do is real calm though and he stands behind his back he locked his hands behind his back. Walton to not be it's not be overly aggressive we'll can't noting he's walking ovaries got like smile on his face and Kelvin Benjamin is talking into another duty you know and and can certainly looks like he's ready to go out there and have a nice friendly conversation matter of fact it even look like Cam Newton held his head out to shake his hand and Calvin Benton was happening it's. And then can't connect title holes old walk on his face is double bedroom he's been kind of a jerk. And and then yet had a you know. Then he had EU had Cam Newton kind of you know shoo away the other dude so it could just be cam and Kelvin Benjamin talk in one home one. And it looks very. Contentious yet dead it looked very contentious where it didn't look like I can't look like he was trying to return addresses situationally media something to simulate let's talk about outrage here like men and an end Kellen Benjamin just kept locking away yes complain that way away and as we like got findings say an end and Cam Newton just don't walk after him like hey I'm you know I'm right here and and yet album Benjamin was just it looked like there's a runaway it looked like Cam Newton was. Doing the mature being frankly IKEA like I said he had a can't block behind his back it wasn't like he was trying to fight Kelvin Benjamin it wasn't that kind of a contentious it was just like eight confronting the issue that held management apparently I know in dressed in confronting. And then it and it ends in the Calvin bedroom walking away mid sentence and then Cam Newton. Shoo him away with say you know the like I'll forget you and and then. Like so strange ex she more than they. Clearly seems like cam wanted to figure out either keep my name out of your mouth or like let's talk about this like jump ball what's the deal. And and Kelvin of what the bottom again or he's always like he's moving on these he's doing different things now. And we're not a hater talking about Cam Newton and oppressing you're not moving on if your if your blaming Cam Newton for your own lack of success I feel like you're not. And I feel like a Philly you're gonna see some than it about somebody in the press that used to be willing to act. Say that to their face as well to pierce and Calvin Benjamin after the game. German here. I'm the opposite. We'll go from August. He answered. Moving on from it looked like yeah yeah you got to move it over. And we didn't. Diplomacy trying to deceive you. All I may not like him I thought it made no mention them at bat be honest I I by camel spit in the situation pulled the trigger your here in the NF and you don't you don't really. Care about looking like the better person at that point in time like that are to be honest some. I'm kind of on Benjamin side here I'm not I'm not saying it because umpires because dollars or I'm glad that Cadillac. But but all I know cam cam I think candidate do I just. But let it go oh dude don't wanna talk to you I know you wanna try to create a little little confrontation with their make yourself look like the good guys but. Buddy buddy don't want talk tease so just body and over men keep a moment and I don't know Benjamin. I'm shocked though because you normally are very against. You don't ripping on players in the press I mean that's not and you always talk about you don't talk about other players in the process not something you do it and it even with a Y wondered situation you're normally very very against these guys spurring each other under the bus in the press. And tell management did exactly that and then couldn't handle being confronted her handling it like a man and person. The honest as I thought Calvin handle it very very manly like are saying. Look man I don't wanna talk to come out like arm Ahmad interest in trying to have a friendship with a lot of friends and satellite and I don't I don't I don't need it actually I want is it you actually watch a video on a CD socialist and anybody that anybody get hot. So Camden high political development. The awesome video I I and I wonder he'll fill this and we may be well on by the way I I don't know what's going on with cam Newton's warm up got up. But I'm here. More now he's he's he's he's resorted to sort of but honestly if you urban or clobber him for Renault bar. And your have a good time your you're doing your business and then for instance an X comes out. And an axis trying to get an explanation of why you broke up in nearly kill word we're done like work done. But yet that X wants to keep hanging around you and keep pestering you are asking you why we break out Bible what giving an answer give me a reason why are you talking about in the media get it. No it's done I'm in my outlook and well. And then back about you a few days before publicly everybody Al nil. Then yeah you probably would walk up to your acts like hey why are you still talking about really give Donna and and you moved on them like why are you mad about. These people coming and lag it and you're nagging me for real. And just let. Let him like el camino. A former MVP and he's the quarterback of a franchise in the face of the NFL Benjamin is not camera is way way up on the totem pole to comes as one. Can your bigger man you're a better man in this just move on keep moving more about your own wires. I core I don't believe for a second you would do that I mean yeah. Yeah wind one million of a sack into lightly but it would. Buddy don't wanna scrapped and what we're not into we're not in the conversing like a manage our conversation about it and were were worth it for we're not we're not conversing about our our issues like you are there one a slightly or you don't you don't wanna fight I'm gonna chase you around. That's it acumen anybody amount to be done and and move along keep them move meant that is exactly a good scenario about being at a bar enjoying your time. You're out with another group and also next comes up to you all. Yeah. Hello amendment. And every sentiment no way broke no way. Right now you're 1000 dollars like Ed you sex that would cage are right cage text that into seven to 881 you wouldn't thousand dollars are your Friday courtesy 79 he would take its summer swindle contest. National contest mess in Derry as an implied a Texan drive. CX WK XY AM South Miami. At W Passat Passat and BHD to Miramar. Radio dot com station. The table bay Buccaneers beat your Miami Dolphins yesterday 26 to 24 in pre season game one not. Albert Wilson of course is one of the big story lines of this offseason and now going into training camp and it's one of the names that we're hearing the most of ballots. Here is a little snippet of how he performs. The dolphins 42 yard they trailed six starts at 540 the clippers were to play action fake again failed now feel that's what I'm Wilson again. I'm an out route through another first down. And. And I'm I'm I'm once and again the video here of Kelvin Benjamin a camera and it's. It snowed this is strictly Taliban is not like him okay come and has Cam Newton walks over there and can't write I ran him tries to give him. You know it dot. High five handshake. And help amendments to liberate leaves him hanging in and and cameras look I'm all confused and that's when he tells did anybody get to step in man's. Must it just talk. Was this was this was a compass was cam. Going out to him and you saw Benjamin give my forearm shiver like yo you get too close. You're out yet get away yeah yeah and then camp tries again on the big handshake. And and tell amendment is delicious and strawberry. Run amok a lot you know they've lost the video more calls from Camden. He gives on the form surely backup is very much I I it looks like Cam Newton could become management Aslan enabled him and Aurilia got that he does but I mean so let's go amendment but Kenny boy cal events and. Write a book out amendments walking away he points over to the other side where Camden came from. And is clearly Tonya back and his son. It is really short trumps. Sorts came in and you don't mind just discourages that your view the islanders don't on the Haifa Weisel partners and what's what's what's what's a more often. Solidity show boy it was a Davis the linebacker Davis from Carolina I think that you know I know I don't like this is the problem. I think this was the linebacker shown up and and ask him Benjamin what the hell what kind of job you're talking to have a little bit of conversation. And also in cam shows the that is that is the linebacker yes so there was already Carolina guy talking and yet others trainer sentence from the airline and its Hawkins and noise at players players are not talk about another. They're like yeah there's oh there's a way call it literally run sort of Carolina away when. Are black and blocked a secretly write it was Carolina guys were talking on. No just you're just chopping it up and all of a sudden camps on a good opportunity come on out confront Benjamin about this because you know their talk about a block from Allergan tape. So cam comes out way pregame when guys throughout their shore around he would lose mess around during the pregame rituals. And then he interrupts the conversation between him and a what looks like that linebacker Davis. And then Kim's late OK you've got to go let me go and confront about this so. The one guy thinks is a -- Davis thinks like a little bit of a joke from a Catholic and hold -- let me let me let me couldn't handle this so Benjamin Goldman gets in the form and says yo dude back up your MySpace I'm not trying to do this right now I got a game to play leave it alone squash it and it's done I sent. Doesn't arrive here until amendments side here at any is so strange and romance like you can even watching it you're against. And married and I mean those types of attacks on a bit on the football field pregame and you have choppered over another player is nobody in nobody things added into it everybody thinks it's ridiculous that you can't. Say something now in purse and to the person who just. Rick how you in the media a few days before he is your former and we don't I don't we don't screw with us or I don't verbalize our problems that's the problem we don't wanna talk it out but I'm not. The conversation. Actually somebody came out and ripped. Romberg in the press I believe wholeheartedly. 100%. You would be trying to steps it up person and from that person I would. It would be or you'd be trashing her sane. On he hate on all. The field immediately went to come out for warm ups but if the guys tell me to leave it alone I'm done with you. I'm just gonna say do you wanted to do something or you don't do something he's an amateur team me. If your the other teammate. Went somebody you play where it. Went on some media outlet right now and say you know Romberg it was the reason Robert held me back it would him in his short arms he's the reason. The success in the NFL. You're telling me that he would just let ago. We get out and confronted him on the field and he doesn't wanna join me about it yeah. How walk away yeah. Capitol Hill one of them did and can't confront him on the field kept falling around like they're calling a locked away did he kept falling a much an ex girlfriend in a bar one explanation I got. Dumps here's also saying hey don't we don't like it don't we miss the days when guys who were on the other side of the field to the other side of the court and don't like each other not friends anymore. Don't need like that I mean I don't I don't with the NBA I don't has at least I guess I missed that a dad don't miss I liked it when the guys. Latest Lara is fun whether Ollie came out and no bogeys and a social media and some tree no talk. On idol I like it when pat Riley's define his players for helping another guy off the floor like I don't miss those guys so if we miss a lot more popular why I ain't all that talent management and cam knew it was elementary and not won a mess of the guy who's on his team anymore. It is not about that on the scene that they need to lake each other. I'm saying that if you're going to rip somebody in the press and that then enter a silly coming on in person or like a woman. I was converted me heading among come down so you rent Amber's the extra effort in the bar and out will not stop talking to me about this I'm like yo dude. We're done and we broke up leave it alone forget about it along with your life. Yet but if you're all over she spoke a ripping me as my ex and then you can't handle talking to me in person like that's a straight up bitch move. Click and call with Camden and obviously we went to elementary shaken his hand and squash him like that's cool move but it didn't wanna do it and I. I. Got inside that work toward their team. That's exactly as a clearly thinking it's okay. They keep your name out of my mouth and the Presley that's a jeweler adding that I make those comments and begin with like. If you wanna move on different Cam Newton and his you don't like Jim knew. Cool play move online order that we talk about him in order to do it or you can't handle the situation immerse. And as I regulars say but if they're not cool and is just being honest why is he going to make it seem like him in camera goes that comment don't like you. Yeah I bet deciding to get on the side now. Yeah. Yeah I got it look like I said I'd like it and call mover up front to shake hands like BI man and you will. So differently and somebody was out here talking bad about you in the press like if somebody came out in the press. Also which I'm which helps our trial is taking you out Nebraska public that he's read articles about bad Jonathan docile as you seem limited media events. And you walk up to Armando and I like play. Why are you doing what's what's the deal where we we were colleagues who have always you know whatever like we never. Had beef like what's the what's the deal and he just walks away and Blake can't even. Talk to you about it late and you would feel very differently about the situation. I think what we're learning is that these two will likely did happy when he's we'll be what are you expecting them to do in the middle of the field like target on tap an hour. No all I'm just expecting Andrew dressy isn't it looked like me and say hey man I didn't think you're a good quarterback I buy you held me back. Oh I. I I don't like you I thought you held me back. And it is them what do we go from going out and then put lipstick cams is gonna turn around walk away yeah I mean I don't think teams fight and hand him didn't seem like he was transgender veterans are gonna get find millions of dollars in European telling us. It isn't always say Iran you always say on here like the present at our jobs. You evaluate players and sometimes talking about players their performances does mean ripping players. And it's part of our original Halloween you don't know he's done so well I'll. You know how we take that though is he's you guys can do what we do so don't even bother commenting on how bad we played let me put a helmet shoulder pads on you so you go out there and do better that's what we could sensitive. We're instrument president being criticized period to get sensitive about it not my colleague an umpire called the we take a 100% you get a well listen obviously the Q did you sense it in the spot about being priced by colleagues though that's not return but that's. Cut that's out there on a different level week we get we get personal when it comes to. The than the media we're like yo dude don't sit there and critique me when you can't do anything remotely close to what I'm doing that's warm that's where we have a problem. Media it's it's it's the media's job to do that and you still have every week I got my failings are you guys keep failing to see that. Players don't care about the media but I think they could do this without your help strange that you would feel like got about somebody whose job it is to do that and not feel like that about somebody whose job it isn't to do that. Amber put dating get to where they're at their life because the media wrote something about them they got there where there are from there from all her hard work all of their talent all the things they've done throughout their life and the media was the one that got them a scholarship to Mainichi and I want to drag. I heard on TV for I'm aware that I'm aware of that but we don't not assuming we need it the unfriendly winds are pockets and honesty I see that but the players don't see that athletes don't care they really don't care but actually. On each and that's a different conversation and then went and the one having your point is that you do get as players you guys do get very sensitive and normally rail against. The media when their critical and it would be really really strange that and you be OK with another black person. There's a way for us know. Down media burst yeah so well there's always says it does awaits equal things out with a player and a college you can either what possessed you got to fight them. Or you could do stuff on the football field or do more physically than that other person it can be handled that way the media you can't. Have a running contests of the media you can't bench immediate you can't fight and he did just see there's other ways to do in terms of the media and a player we did just used on here with a mark Kelly torrent fill some and we did you see it fighting somebody with a pen is not is not gonna work that's what Jordan Phillips showed up pastors say hey what were horses do that was Kelly. Joy all children confront mark Kelly practice and a mart is saying nothing he didn't say anything to run Billups was ripping him on Twitter for nine. Saying anything to only is due to talk about me. And and we don't these things but he can't say anything to me in person. Tommy tough films everybody's Tommy and later here on Jordan Phillips diet but for some reason he hurt you're not on cam knew inside. There's this current media player to submit your employer to fire so strains but what players utilizing the media are yeah I gotta get to worry. Miami Heat at the very stark tease big nears on Twitter. You don't answer Graham. And we don't know a big music is the potential is expected to be released today so that might be all the big news here that's. That new look I. I wasn't keeping track of it. EU campus at tweets of you can't do that yesterday you know that but my guess is that he stands mad when that came out yesterday. Because it is the heat fans been sitting here you know hole opened for some type. Any kind of news okay. Now Freddie would exit here it's he's in a big trainers there's absolutely no chance that that is what they were French and that is not the case. But not when knows that OK and with the heat fan out there looking for any kind of new news this offseason. It it the heat suite big news is common and and the schedule release in which everyone knows by the way. You mean Matt says. Schedule your Lee's big news not news. Now they know it's not and every exit is just not as men because that years ago quarter especially as we all know that it's coming out say it's not ignorant. We sell about and that is an Ayers that's got a BA it's holiday be teasing a trade that doesn't happen I think it's a big that literally releases new uniform it has to be some details of its if it's. The graduate is a good match you know what it really wasn't a schedule may get something out they need to hit it. It's listening to us right now and somebody else yeah. They need to do some in SpinRite free taco night at theory yeah there's been some thing where were a dollar here or nights like they need to hit it. And come out with some then OK because they can't beat the schedule coming out today to a Mac. The PGA championship continues today with around to all. This look at the PGA championship leaderboard is sponsored by Edwin watts golf shots on the the ninety day 100%. Satisfaction guarantee serving golfers around the country since 1960. Eights. After day one and Gary Woodland is still on top of your leaderboard Rickie Fowler and guy just behind Tamil Tiger Tiger Woods Yong is even after day one. Miami Marlins a bag an action today against the New York Mets who aren't as on the hill against Wheeler first pitch 710. Began her run home. And finally the patriot I did five million dollars in incentives into Tom Brady's Koch. Good on that side your use only to make like what sixteen this year something like yeah. Get more money and that's not outlines our rights Roberts is way more money on him oh yeah a lot more let's yeah. Makes you makes you Thirtysomething a year she makes or something here on those two but you're tiger great I know she was the highest paid to how much she ranks watch yeah it's not all stupid coffee table book that was like Alan. She's she's she's still make him boo crew money like. Way more than zone which was worse of 400 million is allegedly her network can be according to the Internet lets me know and Tom Brady. Which was worse the dolphins defense adult ads television broadcast next. Did not flub at all that. There was no. And who's not afloat. What it would not come home and school. There's a lot of text and sex I am playing I can't read. Which obviously left. We'll know well dealt with this is a lot of text I mean obviously I hate it but instead that because they've been doctor you decreed bit and yeah. Saying I'm best that I did yeah it does rain delay is a reiterating a flagrant one players but speaking. Here's one of the highlights from hard rock and a hard knocks were the arc arc or the hard rock collecting both. I ain't merry meet Miami herald's. The NCAA. Men's as crusty and not since I'd be pretty bad offseason practice. We talk about practice on Vontae Parker. To 556 Germany received 20%. What just happened there. Just pick up my phone. Sean and. As far as a blank. Did casino just disappeared. In the middle of it. Yeah but doesn't make no sense. August 1 inert August 23. Goal of the anniversary a cursory. There must generate a first adversity throughout the team seemingly friendly when you agree with that I had that PG air and it is that we are and apparently. The Disney area personal struggle struggle with Brett grace tells me he cited the look let's give you wait Barbara Bush in the content source here's outlines. When. Well below love links in some ways says she was a little while with a smirk in this. No he signed an awful and I know I'm signed up. I think these guys have done a much better putting good just tells us starting quarterback the hurricanes team that was ten and help was littler smalley Chris here. California is partly thanks for the easy excuse me fighting and send it in what if I don't know. And I wanna see. Voiced its sales whereas like their team and I. Choose and his name's digit cute boys like some bliss a plus an early voice and I have. Who looks good wearing that belt. Senile I can't just lose it next weekend as you see that story. I hate when this kind of stuff happens ball. The this I guess I guess when they do it in wrestling and they do a lot of you know advertising for its coverage of the city's effort is how shows they do it go on sale months in advance so I'm sure like some of that was going Hillary is good. Is it away you'd jerks. Hate when that happens. That's why stay away from all that stuff on the Internet man about wrestling because a year just. I don't understand the people want it's it's it's you know it's like Amos roads where. You got people who go on the game thrown you know these people do know these people go on the game at don's message boards once rumors. They want to know what's going to happen. And. I doubt it why would you wanna know I'm one of those yeah. It's yeah yeah Robert you argue Robert love 1002 telling him what happened in a movie before Romberg will agree to watch the move in half to strangest thing way to be know what happens what's gonna watch it. I don't get it while I don't wanna know the results of the wrestling show. I wanna I wanna watch it I wanna and I don't know in advance what they're gonna deal. And the deceiving with some in my team at their boats only what's gonna happen I don't understand how people. Bet on rustling. And this sort of stuff leaked so I mean it's it's pretty amazing I bet on it before and I've never been successful. I'm betting on something that is six to that I know it's fixed and I continue to lose my money out. Let's talent. It's really don't. Really it's really dumb. So I think we're disappointed about something from last night's dolphin game. One win lose who the hell cares I mean brace petty led the fourth quarter drive to come back and and fort string defense. Guys were not going to be on the team you know let the box drive right down fielding get the game winning field who would no one cares about that OK but. If you are pretty disappointed about something it was that. The defense. All night long including the first team defense looked terrible okay. The pits Patrick marched down the olds the whole time he was in the game and by the way. How Janus Winston OK and Fitzpatrick got the start pitching in a Swenson is being held out they wanna get Fitzpatrick. A ton of war because he's going to start the first three games of the regular season so let's get him ready. But ingenious Winston comes in. As the second to last night I was like lol. Insulting. Like utter and insulting but I understand he's going to be suspended the first three but he just started. Yeah don't don't forget that they're just trying to get cam snaps to keep a more famous. Yes artists are Jamison is just try to get snaps to keep mormons are trying to execute snatched the ones and that's what they need. Ryan Fitzpatrick to sort during his executing snaps with the ones so as long as long as James once and is getting snaps. Underneath center or in a little bit of a game time situation I think that that's all we're looking for especially for those first three weeks. Yeah I would think you'd be way more important to bill re build up Fitzpatrick chemistry. No with the starters the analysis rate now. So if you are disappointed about something it's not just because the defense was bad all of last night to buy it. I mean just just look at the numbers for the Buccaneers quarterbacks okay. This Ryan grifter and you've never heard it before he was twentieth 26. OK Winston was a letter of thirteenth Fitzpatrick six of dates and they couldn't mix okay to deep it was terrible. And and part of the disappointments is that it's. My hearing no it's all we've been hearing in dolphins' training camp is how an error rate the dolphins defense has been due out. So I feel I feel like the series that I had to being a show of the monotony of going against the Miami Dolphins offense and beating their guys day in and day out I thought that I kind of transfer over the field once they saw something new. They kind of a little bit of confusion because I defense relies a lot on on communicating back and forth from what's on the field to have a set of field. So I think that was another main reason and then usually the beginning of the C a pre season. The opposing team doesn't break out all the the most complicated place you know we are slowly building their playbook their repertoire plays and on the defense side of the football. They're playing generic defense are bringing in some kind of crazy blitzes for the most part so basically it's a very simple. Mono mono type of style of football. And your generic same stuff to your learning when you're in high school and at the beginning your college career that the running out chargers owner runs. Pitcher powers that your boots assured me kids. Defensive scheme very minimal blitz packaging so it just seems that that the Tampa Bay Bucs talent might have been a little bit more than the Miami Dolphins talent. Money mentions the monotony of going against just the dolphins often I am referenced earlier that article I only had a chance to skim it for sound arrow. But it's he was discussing. Like we talked about earlier diets Zabian Howard has been shutting down Dovonte Parker in camp all camp. And everyone's very excited about Zabian haren his performance and that of course. Didn't have that success yesterday and that's what happens of these guys like Roberts saying is that you know these are going against it you know. This seemed the same group of receivers all day long hard or long into the kind of get used to the rhythm of that receiver. Does Howard given up passes the last about everything else was his goal when you know so other guys I IE I didn't see anything made him wrong and hop dance close enough attention by eight. I didn't I didn't I didn't see very much given up by Zabian Howard but it spores that Howard and Parker stuff like that a Anderson is the idea was. Sterger anybody anybody who's relatively decent at their position and at the professional level or who's who's a little bit better than normal you you heard guys like Ed Reed talk about a before in the past or any defensive back. By the time halftime rolls around he's able to tell. Where the ball is ultimately going to be going due to the receiver stance story that he lines up a quarterback to where he looks it's almost like the rounder is movie you know where you have a tell. And and a good defensive backfield can have a tell after he sees a play once or twice. He knows the next time they get jumpers so in in practice when they're continually running the same crap over and over and over again Miami Dolphins practice you know the player inside and out you know the scheme you know the packages. And all of a sudden on next game day you're going to guess a whole different crew differ packaging different body language from certain players it's hard for defense go and pick up on that. I don't think is Andy and crazy. They even get crazy about anything from pre season game number one knows I know people be upset about the defense and what have you I I I can't get wrapped up and up but I what I will tell you though is. IA and and again it was just the first pre season game are gonna see a bit more over the next couple weeks as well but. I have a hard time believing that brought us what makes this team I do not think that he makes this team. I I think you know sales tool of the year for a couple of years now and got us into partly as a duke. I I think spending fails as the backup quarterback for this team and and I began to get even more local Bryce petty folks it's by the way OK it was starting NFL experience. Over a couple of years to think he's he get more of a look next week to. I don't Oslo it was terrible yesterday I have a very hard time believing he makes this team. Very. Yet. Understand how is so tall and gets so many balls you must bibles that Linus right what does that awful it was to this space thing which sent Annie. Is 616. Eights right council seat. And really tall he's a big dude he. Dared. And and you almost rushing into me grid preceded who the hell cares. But then it there at the end of the first snap and run and his two minute drill and Oz while attorney attorneys run this financial. And every pass of these four geared for Arctic and dumps. You. And that the klux running it and we're making for our passions over the Middle. East and don't NFL quarterback does that. I. You're crazy but not because that. May because the defense is on a Margaret dirty shirt man that may be just all over the place the only thing is is outlet is third or fourth street at that point times are just takes a sure thing and dunks off over the running back as the tournament. I don't use that I I don't see him make in this team got frustrated as hell out of me as an offensive lineman when the ball get batted down. And and it's partially the quarterback not understand his throwing lane at that point time it could also be destructive offensive linemen don't jump set those defensive lineman to try to get their hands down especially our quick little three step drop. Or it could be affected the defensive linemen are just being lazy in the sting at the line of scrimmage. And in that case the office sublime into an attack and and make sure that the guys are worried about get another hit in the gut in the sternum and have their hands down. Some highlights from last night's game not the good ones next. This guy. And yeah case puts us in the best position to win Super Bowls and when you're all. Good job how I don't know is this going to be presented alternative. So it's going to help received an important. Updates every day on the ticket sponsored by H and H jewels in coconut grove visit them to experience the age an age difference. Or discover them HH tools dot com bimetal law firm a 100% dedicated your financial recovery fighting the insurance company is worth it. And by Lexus in North Miami always in May ease in the old are right now weekend starts in a couple hours here so no doubt insight about that. Just. You know they're Friday just starts from Ozzie collateral hours. Now works as cars on NASA finally home today we're not all driving home for the week. Yeah they're all gonna work out well you're that guy you are at I I do think he does is every Friday now and I. I envision all sorts of people listening to their radios just wanting to climb through their radio and punched us in the face and reading. As they're driving to work excited and fired up out there on Sunday morning commute to work that's what we do here response to help. Wake yup and get your day started Havel fumble lesson we talk bill sports. And then there's Gaza over here is operating on your parade on here as you embark on your work that. A Waddell is good because blessed. And month month and a half. There has not been a lot to talk about sports wise so it is pretty nice that we got some football guy on Armenian noted it's rather meaningless it's it's pretty nice have some actual deem a to talk about an actual team to talk about. Because I was not title of the Marlins. And heats Panthers hurricanes but now we actually have. A game to talk about so that their parties is good because this is Benes lol time. And of the they had this is gonna slowest. Since I've been here has been. Extraordinarily slow or even the NBA offseason. This year had very little to you it is their big guys announced immediately. So it has been it has been a rough sea at rough summer for sports but it. Her shows still done remarkably well coming up let's talk the talk about. Now one of the things that the you know is obviously it's it's talk about you finally get a game and I even those pre seizing an actual game to talk about some dolphins feared last night they lost when he six point four pages waking up now. It is turning and they took the lead late but the Buccaneers got a late field goal on their ego. And one the other thing is because it is pre season is you get that dolphins television broadcast okay. You get that broadcast last night on CBS for. And play the most cringe already know I don't blame anything OK on the plane ending on the out on even if we can't play and we have to play. But yeah. You know I'd I'd give out. The PSA is someone everyone to be safe because we all like playing out drinking games you know take a shot when Nat Moore doesn't know this player's name. Take a shot when Bob Griese is not paying attention. I mean there there's a thousand things OK if they could do for dolphin drinking games pre season style but I wanna make certain ones they say it's a dangerous game. They don't EA we don't find out and we got a stomach pumped. Don't lose any listeners because you you're so sick this morning from here you drinking game last night is god knows the hammered by the end the first quarter and bought all of the best way to sum up. Last night's broadcast. And I'm on an ambient dead serious those guys were on fire last night's. Like they wore the day or at their absolute key. They did they'd never been as good and when I say as good I mean is that. That that broadcast holy crap I mean where where could even start result robbery even mentioned earlier in the program. I got confused. I don't know. The titans AMIS OK because winter is split in the span of thirty seconds he was might just sixteen and then like just sixty. So I try and pronounce his name one all right so your guess as good as mine it was just sick in and get sick keep within spent thirty seconds. Some of the other favorites and remember last night's OK and by the way god bless Tom Garfinkel okay. Because at one point videos like the third quarter caller wrinkles in the both of them. Our man. And at one point. Now more just puts Garfinkel on the spot why salt puts him right on the spot. And has Garfinkel he wants Garfinkel to give a player who has looked great camp who's got a chance to make in the team. And like you you can't ask or think that's. Now not not that he doesn't know Boca sprinkles and operations. Yet he's the president on the business side he has nothing to do with nothing as far as the football's concerned. And other means the other notable books that he does the football. But you can't have Tom Garfinkel there and talk about a kid who thinks could make the team to take a roster spots. He put some real laid on the spine guardedly Intel is so uncomfortable and he gave it gave the quickest non answer okay but he's not answer. Anticancer I couldn't believe it's bag god bless Tom article. So what are my favorite parts was very early in the game there yesterday OK and liberal people pointed this out to me yesterday I picked up on its. James Winston doesn't get the start yesterday. Okay those Ryan Fitzpatrick James wins in a suspended the first three games of the season because of remember. He's accused of inappropriately touching a female in the actual misconduct yes yeah a new river of female over driver reluctantly yes so. So that's what he is suspended three games for. And and Dick Stockton and he says you know why he's he's suspended for the first as a favorite parts and many soap opera and and will leave and leave it at he's suspended for. Misconduct. And I mean you thought that Dick Stockton just pulled a knee slapper is Bob Griese now racking up more of an apple not sure which. Concerts did election bracket now and I think they are giggling at the fact that he. I won't. Just that he wouldn't say boy. Seamus Winston was suspended boring and Amy got caught the mop bar and they said misconduct and wants it that wound starts cracking up and I was so uncomfortable I was uncomfortable that. Dick Stockton could just stay where James went stand pat is suspended for I think I think you you have I got it enough spot Alex say say what he was accused does say he's. He's suspended first economic miss on dinosaur let me see it as he was accused of groping knew her driver and outright suspended. And then also know it laughing. Of Salerno lack of of saying it and it sort of being yeah. Namely dole on Kabul I heard ray. Sham by the way when James went and did check in again in the second quarter according to suck to be checked in for the dolphins. No all you. And I know I might be a little excited innocence of a sec into the gulf and James Owens an insect what I know do you feel as hell of a backup but you know sensitive fails. Yet check in it for the dolphins. All one of my other theater ports one is. Palin a mobilize the out rookie out of Arizona in his fourth year. Stop. Yeah leave college after three years. I mean in to see how how singer of the. So he's a rookie but it in his fourth year like OK it's like Kalin ballads in his fourth year which he bad enough they use had a long but in the same sentence he's a rookie in a sportier. Possible. And I hate it out the audio this I need to hear the audio even mean to say rookie in his first year. But this obviously. They've done so absolutely it is that might be what happened is he meant to say perseverance and he's at or near. Rookie in his fourth year. It now more one point thought head coach Ian jabs colts is is Mike Vrabel you know famed patriots linebacker Mike clear out there. Now Robert you're piling on his mistakes debate you will have bid in this. This situation this pressure cooker of a situation doing these guy broadcast report on games yourself. So how what are your thoughts on and on these mistakes they easier make Ben doesn't realize this. Now you have to pick and choose your your humor points and his ever rule out an at a guy talking about sexual misconduct his. All of you know willing love your honor I'm talking about the Letterman the other flop. It's no I really don't tell the truth I'd I don't recall the having clubs are almost over might have anything but I am I'm a little bit different when I'm in the Booth I kind of your per consummate professional. Here I kind of get a little bit more professional my vocabulary. My vocabulary might even be a little bit better than it is at 530 to 9 in the morning but it knows. There was one point OK there was one point where. Where where. Nat Moore and Bob Griese in Dick Stockton. We're trying to make some type a joke about what school Ryan Fitzpatrick went to which of course went to Harvard poorer try to make some type a joke. About what school we went to and none of them understood the joke that they were getting too and the joke. I ran about five minutes around too long the and I don't know what the joke walks but it was it was very funny it was legal red. And I think the best board though. Was early in the game you know dolphins linebacker Mike call I don't know his status it looked bad your does neat the end of getting carted off the field yeah. As he's carted off the field's OK you know the players are coming over their shaken is handed depth and up Heyman a you know although we feel better whatever it is deal on accounts. Is it the players coming up to Michael they're congratulating him congratulating him. And want to see an ending. They're actually caught regret. What wire we not allowed to play this. It's not to sound Barrett's rabbits. We don't have. Graduating and for the year is DL prettier. Like it I don't know if the is. If you're getting carted off because your knee you know that's not a good thing congrats and season ending injury. By the way did you see that Miami Hurricanes Michael Irvin the second. Is actually. It's an NCL situations so he might as well as if everything goes accordingly. He might be able to return for you the last three games of the year low four games of the year possibly if everything goes accordingly so it's it's a little bit of of a bit of a better outlook for sunnier outlook on Michael are in the second. And I had to so everyone is still with us this morning in knowing got to rough from their drinking games last night the love you all I don't want to lose any going to be sick either. So let's say duties in dealership just sixty or get sick no idea. You like to hear it doesn't sound like after another of dolphins and in game. This season or next these American sees now third. Then it'll sounds like Selma it's. Really 181000. Little sound like so many people all of it. Roughly 151000. Your. I really from any camera under sixteen. And waste now as in and a Major League Baseball team is. Really terrible. And the mall runs every all eyes drawl. Oh boy does he really has. Now believe all I just smoked the lakers an elderly and running around his mermaid pew of those games still plentiful are all wrong this win. He lowered his time I open. I'm Al Jean and house how many teams they have to be winning in order for a bit a lot of people started showing up. Dear isn't easy so completely at ways. And and Ben there done that so strange my voice sounds like Allison and eleven darts out. I thought it was the beginning a sort of what I mean it like it. It is dead on I'm not drawn cadence part but just that the tone of the voice. You go to sounds like Gasol polygamy incest or take an amber home in the back of a cab or get ready to have a good time amber just we're just talk very had a good time this is fun and tonight. Just like your business is one of those points in the match where you know can get a little dangerous and it lets it sounds they give you wanna put his vein dolphins preceding drink and just be careful solves it.