ZRA Part 2 8-11-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, August 11th

Raekwon McMillan injury, Xavier Woods Interview, Old Test


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Stubble. Throw two minutes from now you're back. You burst into opportunities today when a thousand bucks at its currency without our training camp or days. Our training camps not dangers of the dolphins' training camp if you haven't heard Craig McMillan last night was the latest casualties. On dog slow down on the three years Duff let's let's suites all year from the coach today needle couple tests mean and okay. Brennan hey I mean people can still be really frustrated with the story yet. Oh yeah. A few weeks and dolphins fan and not been a good time we have on the same before he walks off the field early on this season ending injury I actually thought it was a fact because they side. Everywhere on where season ending ACL and then I started learning that that was actually. The official work that's concern is guess who covers the open some like a model some Caroline Kennedy and they said ACL out the years anyone done though he I I saw some bureau this morning and I can doubled Shaq but of when I woke up this morning I specifically checked his account and he didn't have any official word so let's let's everybody did to weed out that he had the knee brace and he and and he went away an hour crisis. Edwards Anita vessels powered by four to December 2 and third on for a little speech Saturday yet he'd yell fan. Weezer or a whole lot more Sunday KC and the sunshine band. Pretty awesome okay is that why it's on the V accident attorneys 807473. That's 807 or 73733. Underground music blue chair bay romp we can responsibly. Tickets they go on sale 10 AM today H and out Tony and today is go to the ticket Miami dot com. Right now. It's chance 1000 box Texan border voice. Voice is 72881. You going to thousand box and message doubters and Atlanta to drive its currency the -- are Cheney camp portrays. On and 79 FM 14 point 362 the ticket. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami at WS advanced age. Each O'Meara Marc yeah here's what's trending now from a policy air remains headlights desk he. A thousand with concierge men's wellness concierge meant dot com. In fact Saab aero tweeted out Adam he says no one has told memory Kwan McMillan has an ACL injuries says quote unquote you must have better sources than idea. That's the case as a gay says the right right all right arrow courting gates writes I'm just wondered if anyone who actually covers the dolphins. Had his said. And that it's an ACL. And he's out for the year and and I I don't think anyone had. And under cover the story and cover of Florida Marlins and remind him announcement and I consider that this is the sale already sealed when it's not even any Ceglia the guys probably gonna get into an ACL. Is MRI's problem scheduled for an amount of people out there who report that's an AC alone he's out for the year they would do so much ballast on Twitter is it was awesome guy goes down when he gets a little side shot on the need. Everything else is still intact. Leaders he'll probably pop dirt stared slightly Nam it was Kennedy first you know an educated man got it first is relies can't hurt. Throw the pressure columns on the real media on the real reporters which is always such a struggle in this media put on a minute to get it on her yeah yeah persona say that the guy has to sell it what were rewarded coach keeps track of who reported that it's an. Find out the exact same time why does what we need to be first to tell me. That it's an ACL injury and he's out like that appearance and build their entire careers on being first I mean Adrienne bush announced he has his career because he's first on breaking MBA new page gym member who broke the news that tanning role is is considering season ending knee surgery. Ushers hell don't. And you know should she is at. Big deal for them and they're in their jobs and it's a big deal apparent journalism Prager John Gallagher beat reporter in a you know right do you think that they actually do keep some track back past I. The only thing that I ever recall ever for emperor. Hearing for the first time breaking news. Was there report on John Paul or DPP. Jump your Paul with a hand in the fireworks. New only because the guy did it dirty style with grabbing a guy in the hospital motif I know also that in chef do worry should pick insurer of indeed. Of the medical or write rights and that's the only thing I ever remember of who brokered first because it was just a slimy you know I just find it. I find the hole breaking his first news slimy it's almost like family M once chasing attorneys like. Let me go entries is amateur agree to and get. It's lost and that's not illegal for a studio say it now. Ed but it DE yeah I mean with reporters I think the acting is like that's the that's why items chapter has the career that he had so it's it's one of those things where you're appeared to be right or you're the reporter and that's why it. Breaking stories is what you do am I being in fact. That's the sort of thing that include on their resume because for employers that's a big deal they eat they want people to be Evelyn be the ones to break the story get the get eyes still there are new source superior remember Tucson. Story breaker. How to get jobs in other words why do you hire out of chapter Ager meanwhile Jeanette and bush now ski require these wired these people. Why do why they have a lot of sad that they have they have the levels excess they have because they're so well on batted. And they get fed you know different information from different sources and are able to break stories it is all about breaking stories really enough business I mean I'm not the business and that's what it is that this. Yes I don't know I I don't necessarily agree with all that's I think a lot of bit these guys like an out and shaft early gauge your motion Rouse ski I think a lot of it has to do with. You know they're very connected and as a result of how connected they are. Day eight breathing sometimes mobile they have access to information I don't think that necessarily has to mean. That they're the first ones today to give you the headline. But that is what that means I mean you make fun of Chris Broussard because all he tends to do in your opinion is agreeing urgent need information. That other people essentially are reporting. But now your saying that you can be Chris Broussard this business and end and not be made fun you know that's it that's always your complaint are crisper Sar. Crisper sarge weeded out the same thing that every other sources already happens a year. Your railing on Chris Broussard for doing exactly what you're saying doesn't matter in business Winnick a losing what status and shoot for words. Three that Slater put up there because I guess apparently Slater was at a a Mariah Carey concert like this and Slater apparently put out a tweet last night. I'm while he was that a Mariah Carey concert that says. I can confirm the dolphins believe. Rookie linebacker record McMillan towards it it's it's a ridiculous and it's the most come may. Confirm that's tiger can sorrow that somebody just told me. That they think it's it's completely even if it is true but like come on boils lately of Mariah Carey come through carelessly ridiculous. What else and that was I. I think that as a book if you want border. Who. Breaks the news. So when so let's put this let's go carrier in okay. Go one reporter. Who says curry and Irving is requesting a trade. And India another reporter shortly thereafter. Who's given new. This story in the information. The behind the scenes. Why he's request and trade. This is what happened here this is what happened here at a Mormon interest and Greg that's more interest in me rather then a that rat and the guy who first told you the headline. Thirty minutes ago. I'd rather to the whole story and I feel like. You're not are you guys horse and Adrienne bush now ski and I would argue that Adrian announced he is a wager I mean in age it other than that I read three the high free trade win a horse. Happen to break that news is he's a combative but LeBron. But typically whoa would you bombs. All modes is is a breaking story no he knew he doesn't rate in depth pieces about why the things happened amber and fears are saying that. Soul go look at Ager would Rouse he's stories and like almost as well it won't just famous for mode bonds yes but also go look at all the story and all the would have a query has it not for breaking stories will not what I want to know the biggest story of NBA free agency with Paul George. In those sorts of things that meet your career in that business you can have a problem with how the business is set up and tell me that's that's on those Italian now no I'm not that I don't look at all -- soon I I absolutely being that what would you is famous for his boje bombs and breaking story here with his ball that's if you like he's in depth pieces announcing he's never written in depth visas like I don't think that's wife brought drama is out and literally half a I am really literally have a nickname for word his him breaking stories the world's bomb everybody was noting that my BA NBA knows the Brady. Saying that they're not getting the in depth information to the hero again the headline I. Is not true. First balled into information and a bull where in regards to the specifics of the trade to me isn't the same thing as light. Oh lead Jenkins SI piece that's ten pages long on an idea in depth story about. You know why LeBron is going home. That that those are two different types of to mean two different types of of journalists on and two different types of things the blow huge bomb. Is. I think it largely over urged Asian of just breaking news and then those particulars in regards to that trade there you know there's a lot of and Brian wind worse has built his career on talking about essentially the emotions behind. Decisions in the inner workings of why aren't you all today I always there's. Sumi what's more impressive. Is rather then the initial headline is. Twenty minutes later. The reason behind that. That that's more interesting to me I think that's that's a good. Arizona State the obvious is the person that states. There's a problem here as opposed to coming up with a solution or rectifying the problem. It's like that guy in the board room that says you know oh my god this is the situation is the problem. Okay were where lesser now let's find a salute. Be aware of it unless somebody initially told us and all I'm telling you guys is you're initially tells us is a big deal in that business are not responsible for the business I'm not saying is maybe how it should be may be everything Sid. Be broken with you know attend page you know in death SI piece that I am I'm letting you know that in the journalism world in the reporting world and to be writer world. Who breaks stories is is a very big deal it's always been a big deal internals I'm a huge deal in news journalists on. I let a rom bombs all the time loser later we put a category for the. Completed from bro like its scoop Lima to decorate and I never even knew him I never even knew loads you wrote actual stories I've never had one I've never seen. Idea that is anymore I mean he's got very famous of all platform now only he's mourn like podcasting but. Right into Augusta great but he great singers that's what he's most. Known for and he's really illegal. So my thing with its Obama on the one who came up with that anyway it gently yesterday breaking that Jim Larranaga. Setting up secret meetings of carrier ring about Riley. Mean you know these is that why he told bomb you know these are the size of things that she got to do is journalists but it don't really appreciate him running with my copyright information your journal has not copyright and discovery you know we set it on the air. Your journalist Beth. These headlines about due to fire somebody ought to carried out are simply not prepared to any dollars by mail in on a Bridgestone visa prepaid card when you buy a set of four eligible Bridgestone tires were every drive data Firestone on the Miami Dolphins beat the Atlanta Falcons running three to two when he. Fails as a quarterback he was eight of 17184. Yards two touchdowns stringfellow he's a wide receiver. Yeah a good day to catches a 116 yards he had in 99 yard touchdown caps. The game was though all those wide receivers who were so excited for foot and never see that. In in a pre season game is all competing for jobs against each other this guy stringfellow. I mean who the hell knows he's gonna make the team and all those other guys a run over Tora hey I like that's that's got to play where they got you running overdue is gonna take your job. Not to do rock site at least not just the 900 touched on past that both he put a couple moves on people's couple defenders of the rat that's more Asian loaded it and liked it if the dolphins. Don't keep this guy I'm sure. I'm sure there's a few other teams that are interest. It when he caught right and then he will win it when he cut. Inside and then went back outside he's turned to speed on the sole easily. It's really aren't can't Eric's through your take America this has been about a week after weeks of football so that's Catholics by the way tiger also mention before amber continues through the headlines. I taught and told yesterday that double w.s here on Sunday ongoing I don't know it's a Sunday at American Airlines Arena 5 PM. That would be tag team champions either woods is gonna join us in about and a seminary minutes from now have a that Leyland Tiger Woods yeah smackdown here yet you know that is I know you get into medicine her. I saw a video of him before yeah you know video he's I knew I knew you wouldn't do this year and to please not do as we amonte. It you know what he's referring to their yeah I know these are renting now he's you video yet that he sees. And when you. When you mentioned that it's something Romberg but we need to be coached on before he comes pounds and what not to ask. I get a nice relationship but don't agree OK can I can I count on you to not bring that up to him. Because I mean when my illness Enron's the studio to keep that nice relationship and I W debuting tonight county and not bring that up please I mean public this probably awake tomorrow okay and then you're gonna think the listener and I'll bounce and you tell the listeners. He was he was one of it was the guy or one of the guys who was in the video that one of the videos that was released a few months back. With he'd shoot her no that's about to do Rios girl honor raising one which is weird because we Albert the Rio on that day he before isn't awful. That's for they had argued the airport yeah had a nice little spat in the airport any statement woods is one of the guys who's in one of those videos that Arabs here aren't. This is it gonna agree on a monster and get Andre Gurode and a creek auto mall friendly knowledgeable the rays you want sponsored by Sam are grilling coconut grove home of the stock and invest more to our 2017 and Miami new times right concerts man Islamist EDT guys piling back in the game counts here demands autonomous Alexis and North Miami amazed an automotive experience around nick. Break one McMillan. Left last night's game with the left knee after a year AC at least some reports say ACL out there that none none of that is can turn to Adam is not going round and I mean I think resorts still waiting on officials. Worrying about going around a concert and and tweeting. Did you not see that beast film. A girl playing came to crush during axle and and slash sponsored the other night after it was actually during slashes solo. Beast was filming a girl playing came to crash but then turned around the camera on himself and saying. Can you believe that this effort girl was playing candy crush rate now what that path. And release the video myself. He's seen things ultimately is real it's gonna he's using playing candy crush at a guns and really show. Yeah I think there's different slightly ordaining Russian guns and I need your recordings during the same solo oh my he was recording concert I think his point is who's paying attention to the concert I don't think. That he can tell her what she usually does or does it result this time why do you always defend beast no I'm saying I don't think he can tell her what to do with the concert. As of our whatever she wants to do ABC a drag to the concert maybe that's not her thing. How old was liberal mayor Logan's residence and let me shoot a candy crutch contest maybe can't address is really important. It is laughs and says of pay attention slash sell those get the schedule right. You know. That number out of the day you know should be at the hard rock on a certain day and not talent when he does support show's stars of this must be you know fifteen miles away. It didn't. Miss a midday yesterday yeah you Brian. Boehner house missile may be. Just things schedules peace who's in charge of scheduling. Yesterday repose at the heart out unbeknownst to us to which was viewed on Friday is yours was due to diseases to it is this week. Except nobody told us and so. I'd say around 1240. We get these text knocking. All off. Is that that's easy to get throughout 441 at. I'm sure I'll get right and you know version three point oh on the schedule the c'mon every week. It is an analyst at posts this is a good gonna create item on turning him they are gonna creek on the mall friendly knowledgeable abrasion on sponsored by Sam are grilling having a program of the fish stock on MS sports bar 2007 team the Miami new times icons there's man's well on the CDP I these I might get back in the game. Concierge men's dot com and by Alexis and our Miami. And amaze an automotive experience at nationals beat the Marlins breed to yesterday's Dan had his 39 homer of the season PGA championship leaderboard update. Brought to you by Edwin wild golf shop home of the ninety day. 100% guarantee. After round one haven't listener and a guy names or joy or no oldest and share of the lead at four under listener he. Tees off city 45 AM this morning. Writes anything else. And I hope not because I'm out of a matter of and perhaps degraded during disclaimers. Because it talks about the amount you can speak to us through those things I didn't really think even your passer. Five naturally my voice is certain filming. Rob can I just you here with Xavier was not to ask me about having sex with page I'm watching for the last you know you watch. Did you see oversaw a work computer there obviously and a tag team champions into its who by the way is a really Smart tuning like talk and tag team next. And definitely lives summer slam he's. Our d.s here on Sundays at American Airlines reclassify him I'm gone I'm taking my kids you know that you you know robbery now I do no kids we love it ma'am we're in just more. And joining us now on the right fuels and dancers convenience stores gas line truly steps beyond convenience. Xavier woods on the news today at their the tag team champion there's smackdown tag team champions they are immensely popular. Xavier good morning we appreciate you joining us here and let my how do you know how do you realize that you and you taxi mourners there struck gold DNA in a business that is very difficult. So I had success in because here you're a big hit now the team is a big hits. Do you realize when you realize that you have finally I guess fulfill your dream of being a successful professional wrestler. Done a pretty from the crowd told. And orbiter. If they're to their chance forums. Then. Ash but it struck Coke. Google Chrome horn when this warm or cook there from the special possible and in the there are cute in the crowd look at the music that would be an important Q. Washington should. And Americans. But how long how long did it take you you know how many appearances. With the new date did you guys then realize wow that this is more can. It. Communicate. That would wrestling eleven years. So it kicks in. Socially we don't have the margolick immediately because it's good news is it. Christine. An open air continues to everybody. Knows that you're. I don't know also. At their peak at infineon prideco. And the court went and they're. Actually were twelve of twelve what is particularly. Give people molecular including an expert in particular here because there. Right and and and and and coming I would cereal boxes and pouring cereal into kids' mouths right it's really not what you expected 1015 years ago. So argue it's a gene transplant did you go to Orlando on school or did you and of gold -- it's a governor Atlanta. I didn't know who objectives and I hate these. But I went down on. A or. So. Could sponsor of the world cruel world and they're competent. It's actually about Michelle. WV. And then when what order. The what we you're in camp and so I was in boot. And it went into the residents. That its orbit or what people want some little thing. So I say Tiger Woods of new day escaped from the massive. Massive rigmarole of pouring my video game is way into videogames rights. Walker we're going to be my Clinton and mr. duke. What is not a U want. Okay so so listeners what's his way into video games went into pop cultural what is the new courteous thing about you. The mean. Probably can't play steps so you don't know contrary to secure Sanaa. Typical to ensure comic book it and how you. In a while to build into court to act. And it's constantly in Atlanta we're actually down forcibly blocked it was sort of golden bullet compute and I've been limits in English Greek. Two new weapons forums let Q and Joseph. So would you do you reckon you in such outfits in costumes makeup that you are not recognized. Depend on the custom so. Sometimes yes sometimes no it just it will dramatic period. And my gut is usually very account wrestling based didn't know the turtles in Ukraine yes. So we made it with the wrestling crane went epic deploying in McCormick and everything. So to some people did notice but I might face some people didn't. But yet it's it's literally the best time of year for me liberty we and it doubled the paper. Thumb is that it's just like 7000 nurturing an America that's what we're really. So how crazy is your schedule especially now with a with a newborn I think you guys just have a kid like sheer I'm not mistaken so how crazy is your schedule. Obviously the wrestling is insane you're you're trying to get to every single kind of comic con event that you could possibly attend a tough and then you got into an at home like this has got to be crazy for you gotta be try. To survive right now I mean pretty much into marketable order. But could occur before the interview. You just won't sleep and closely on the so you know that's tuition can remove get a pretty good thanks so republic maneuvered mixture but he didn't Africa. But it seemed to him got to do this in the regular folks have Mike in general outlook turned on when to shoot and reckless corporate. Which is what it is to deter struggling current book I've been lucky enough to be able to the young there's a proposal. Which go to the union have this platforms outlet. McCain and so and so. We're really it was all for me it is. Some sort of when the June since. Are you could answer that question you know what would you agree on the are also this massive look at video games to sort of struck that I can mold too. And insure kids that would like me who super dirty and not so socially adept to things. Like if you're gonna be a cricket you can Zoellick you can you can love wrestling and you can be super weird. And you can still go to clubs what you gonna do so. In terms of how how some of the boards you really don't get involved with a lot of the other guys are you gonna do your isolation thing and played video games yeah yeah. Christians like I wonder how does it nerdy guy then like yourself like how does that play in in WW locker room. So exit would end up with. All the ports because all the boys love that you. There's a misconception I think those. This divide between Mike which would call. Prosecution spec but he critic chuck sooners or stuff and I think the people to more comfortable when they're able to can't support somebody when those good box of this generation not a sure. But what certain people in general. They are less able to be put classifications. There was able to couldn't boxes. So it's. The June at one of the most foreign terms that we have Morton's claims you can chrome. Because we essentially get to bond with people that we may not have on what otherwise could cut that. So I'll tell us and you hear in the W locker room before a show you got hours to know who is a guy we be surprised you're sitting down with you play video games at. And what department are you to go to my game and throw up down down and check out for yourself. Airports and went ice the next units. My book you can academic couldn't couldn't pick. Because have been given port where the magic bullet in a way to put people out there that people were very surprised to see implemented differently. Yet that would be weird I think that if one Agassi big giant hoping Russa Evans is playing video games likely with his shirt off right you sit there with a short Bob Dole has got the shirt off in the. And there are definitely times you're wrong you're not withdrawn. And commences or Hannity. Ping pong revelry. Actually on the channel so it's not a complete video games. That something may reoccur maternal and he's actually over she's a champion. What he thought. It's sort of gregarious when we add sizzle and studio it is here before yes I'm cured receivers a result he says well I'm curious because so to speak with the for a few minutes it seems like your IQ might be off the charts and isn't this thing done. And your IQ test it. Go out and we agree that we we did that as as a bit on the show a year to. Ago we did it was IQ test we did the you know the players they don't have felt critical ones early test of art that's. Yeah yeah we did a book is op out here Brett he's a former NFL player offensively and it makes me wanna see how intelligent it was a hell how lack thereof and you wanna do with them around did you what are concedes Uranus empty doing those any tests or college did. Do your ticket to college to contribute. Harvard of the south Furman University. You've got loose arm armament score but I'm pretty sure that they were like letters. Close to perfect if not perfect you know. Now and very present at Xavier woods of the news editor tag team champions and again. I'm to be there this Sunday 5 PM American Airlines Arena WB lives summer slam a heat wave to war. Tell us about your first ever always like asking even or sports show we've doubled to be superstars on in studio with us all the time. Tell me about tell me about an encounter with Vince McMahon because always get the impression. That he's. That he's mean and like he's tough and then when I asked superstars about Vince McMahon I hear nothing but but great things and how how nice season good to them. Yeah it's good he's like any other grooming and the if you come and speak to them as an adult with a backbone. Burden to respect their respect so and he's the kind of person I respect you approach. Not one. At encounter with them. Brigham if you if you come in with so believing in yourself where this is where if you don't believe. What YouTube is going to. Be it success on the show and because for the company but you're completely. So long ago that in grabs your problem. The idea for for a group like new day you when you partners to bring you how does that work that was me. So. Most are short. It was screw goes leading in the company. You divorced or kind of floating around uncle futures always with guys who's so happy amazing matches bottom for whatever reason. Just never what that it heavyweight championship instead of our terms has been met a compliment. Great guy with my own status of media freedom is in Mexico time. And so on. I was thinking it may be together. We might all too little bit better need this actually could I would not do well at all. And then to come to pursue directly to the murders has been recruit. And busting out talking and writing together and we expect and what excuse him more than it see anyone in my life you know. We're together classic is a week we ready get a train together what shows together arm and after a few months is that. Our friendship creditors grew from there and then you date is kind of blossomed into what it is it wasn't really advocate people extra distance stiffness and that's what we did. It's kind of ball. From the small idea us being the trio to what it is now in order to now which is. Us being friends and canal and I think that really comes across on screen that we are actually threatened to march. Took him in the worst forced to do gorgeous smashed your that we wanted to be the group. You prefer being in the good guy do you prefer be in the heels because I feel like being in the heels a lot more fun. It's. Had more arm of state especially because if you look cute and Milicic who later it's me. But I mean either way it did. Cool thing about what we do is that. Whether you are. Are there playing the role of the good cut for the bad guys. People in the crowd respects the craft and understand what goes into yet politicos in the goes into with a mental acumen and you have to have in order to be able to beat. And the troubled performer in the century so. As long as people are enjoying the show if they're booing me like crazy perfect picture from the crazy perfectly and it didn't do much to it. Tell us Xavier bullets are gonna tell us what this travel schedule is like love hearing about the travel schedule how many days we on the road tells about it. 200 plus. So in this country and you're I was home for two days. It's very intense and so what we talk a storm that would Mikey an internal up and down on two good script. Back to adds to the whole. Plaster of travel bureau airplane parts and other countries to some sort of so it's it's rough it's 20200 boots plus a year. And that it's hectic in its ruling let honestly wicket that produces and beat a dead horse. Quebec flicks seem to places like that was the when I was little extreme that would have happened so that it kind of makes opener. Live summer's heat wave toward 5 PM this Sunday American Airlines Arena I'll be there Xavier woods' new date tag team champions really it's all easy things on man. You're good at Xavier woods rate there of the new date sound Smart got right. Yeah a little bit too Smart little bit really small car. Doesn't remember is as eighties preacher got close to perfect. As amazed. More than aren't. Remember you got yours it's like yeah yeah I think it was a 1020004. Years yeah I think ideology just below 11100 like immediately ten ED English not good right now I'm not a good. Pick and an economist and got informed that they actually give you round 600 points or your name correctly so true. There political. This course. I would guess here let's see is job. That's again in public source shopping is a publisher presented to Daniel don't imagine it Children's Hospital kids loving family expo. It is on Saturday September 60 in the museum of discovery and science in downtown Fort Lauderdale feature over 75 activities for kids. And it's bonds vital offer an advantage on being accident attorneys the 800 cent or 73. Add to eight hundreds and we're 73733. Per ticket to more info log on to the ticket mining dot com bases in your lawyers who are really Smart guy joining us there WW again this Sunday I'm going am taking my kids are sitting on the floor doing the whole thing. And that's by the young American Airlines Arena impression their eight seats are. Inexpensively when he box inexpensive to go and check it out Texas or madam that a mass question Dominique and I got a good relationship went over to be and up Farina and now I'm glad you behave yeah I did well especially affecting you know he just had a baby last year in our lives he's got a new Indiana's video and you know if it's it was like I years ago the video just came out but it was a long time what you're doing on there is slowly as Canada aren't they doing wrong. So Anke. Thank you. And Toby and decided to dig up out or wonder licks courts. OK because we did that a couple of years ago. Where we told the ones Ehrlich had. Yeah we're having this discussion off Aaron it's funny to you because Romberg was telling. Was telling me about it. That the real one early test that when he took that he got much higher and at this with the this was quote under test because this was an abbreviated version make you. Time you have to take any contests won yet that's the thing like Robert told the one mile test right out of college were still would like studying in school mode I was in grad school. Actually that's a lot easier to take that test when you're still kind of students and you know. And you know what. Battered testing in order gotten used to think there's really got testy game and and then the older I've gotten testy taken it would test you show those multiple bar him and I thought I mean I am murder those things aren't aren't as being the speaking as just a few years. Remember what I want to look scores or if it was it was it was median Romberg and told in and Hollywood Taylor. Back which used toys and other ands and is a mysterious okay. The lowest low score was holly. Now do you think you'd think that she's smarter or less Smart now that she's in Hollywood do people get less Smart when they go Hollywood foreign and smarter and NATO Hollywood. Do cynnex it's an excess in job every day camp honestly I'll. Funny it was funny when we got the results though because she got I remember her getting a little flustered because she wasn't the idiot in the room. She was eating in the room sorry I remember her getting a little one wants to be at a low school idiots so she's kind of kind of justified it he meal we got one kick ass. I just don't test while Hollywood Taylor scored its point three how great. From a barely beater then is rob got just four where Robert is telling me on the real thing he got like a 32 which is our. In our net 303032. He's high school or hoping got 27. I thirty and Israel 31 of the University of Florida education and I. Need you to dump better guarantee of Robert. No Austro BD starter. I'm open. So actually gradually 3.2. Moms that is pretty good and then I went on the ground school and a great. In light GP it was in college and I do not remember definite was that the opry went to really hesitant to get 34 hours super disappointed sad. I was always a low B hi see students high school college zealous and this is sore I he hides behind the asks wrong emphasis on the high C low OB. High seeds here and it's good you're Panama always always. I saw that he was a model so guerra who wrote about it late last night that Hannah hill is still not certain if he's going to wind to pat being. The knee surgery you can learn your lesson the first Arab League goal rights studies the researchers hasn't gone our soon time right but he he's scared Mimi you scared of surgery and and at this point I'm wondering if that's what it is that it's a bits and more a personal decision now where he's really. Eat out concerned about having surgery per you know and some people are really scared of surgeries and so you know maybe he. Feels like he should do him some sort of alternative treatment again to see about work since it's not the exact same injury right it's a new terror. So maybe that's what he's thinking I don't know and I'm him I'm definitely getting surgery as point. And when one and yet when wanna be thinking about where are trying to get back on the football feel olds you know how long from now you know Wheatley. You know and look you what you're saying. Could totally be true but. Yeah I would wanna be thinking about it again. Probably was thinking about this time around as he had has an Angel had that big injuries before men and I hear did he get. Really her college he had surgery for mountain and I'm never gonna search and we have no idea he's ever had is I mean he could about taunts like me from Reno but you know he's never had surgery before and has light yet top that that might be Enola medium I'm more terror. I'm prospect is worsening because. I'll never forget this this is burned in the mighty memory. Watching Najeh Davenport after Najib blew his ACL this was we were young I think I was like maybe a freshman or sophomore. And Najeh Davenport this is before. That's why you would dump truck the end is for the very man that hamper incident now leno's and that's very meant legendary slept at all. Well no there's no ordinary no respect. Put this the distance it killed me watching him because he's tough guy and he's 245. To order fifty pounds. 6416 foot two running bagged you'll like a brick crap house resilient dump truck. Now of course I can't trichet report. Watching him go to rehab after his ACL surgery. Draping the towel over top of his head crying as he's doing rehab ending his knee. You know easy they make you danger need Clinton immediately post surgery and I was like so many friends govern Israel surgery toughen up there and then they loaded and I put it on a machine that crank your leg a little bit and you get more and more degrees and your severity of spending and it's just. C'mon there's women out here and around. Wean the surgical implants honor bonds that they have to sit on all the time while yelling which by the that's accidentally appreciating I don't know what you do when there in the local zero warehouses are now regular about them and then document illegal kind of have to be so painful commute to I mean how could you avoid. Would you avoid your. I don't know I know there's like different levels of pain tolerance so what that open to seeing that I was terrified and and again my remain Jews you know the growth strategies to stand the Sox up when he got home. He would get his knee drained like twice a week. How do you scare them. Jenna I. I don't know I can or can't explain I don't know why you wanna do the same route again that you just blew your real the second time around I mean I. There is entails scared of losing his job in Miami nipping on for him well that's not going to be prevented by anyway on how things surgery so yeah either way he's out I mean otherwise they they brought NJ caliper reasons they think he's out for the for the year. Yeah and also it I don't I don't know why. Portions they don't know why but it means to lose job he's got to coach. Firmly. In his corner. For now. But now it's got this guy in that manner in Mosul biodiesel and cars but he's back in town meant interest and you know mrs. gays probably loves Chris in more than Lauren colonel potter is a sense of percent. You why we did why would Shealy Kristen more than more and firm what I understand about the gazes and us as that would be true and I don't. Mean I get a gun shoot a gun towed lady lake in new in town and it's you tread lightly. Really you tread lightly at the wind she's parties. It. Amber's got some. Headlines for you including everything going all the dolphins last 2320 victory over the falcons. That's why it out that's housed on three seasons style next.