ZRA Part 2 8-21-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, August 21st

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Here they get what you to join us on September 8 that the museum of discovery and science for the Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital kids expo. We're talking more than 75 steam activities including science technology entertainment art and music. We live concerts by Genevieve goings from Disney junior Kevin Quinn who plays Zander on Disney's bumped. Plus the public's aprons cooking school will be hosting kid friendly demos throughout the event. Sponsored in part by going out and Nova Southeastern University feet and as you edge gives students a competitive advantage in their careers communities into mind. You can text into the show at 67974. This is the first time. I've seen people not like Tobin shenanigans. Are done only people loved so it's. But T it'll far but the last segment it's what I tell you take segment off. Mean you mean like the one guy as opposed to one you relate I'll hire or use my lawyer yesterday while there's a cut and yet by the way I mean. Those hide if I ever need a defense attorney all hired to open that a bad move by your pro enjoy prison but he literally on a weird zone. Thank you look at yourself. And Kurds is that our league if it is celery mr. on his bar. And then you liked my suit my not a Marlys you get drinks at it's it's a bar like in governing body our government. The Florida bar sure you have to you know go to law school board of our own and it's hard to Florida bar examine. And pass it and. They just throw you awesome what did you actually not so well. Oh. Is that your foreign accent. Yes that's what I'm talking there really has become life. The second job that you get behind becoming a realistic it's right but I'm not even a little bet my kealii what do you do for living monetary while. Managua hammy on here. I couldn't couldn't be less than her. The real estate exam and the bar exam or to very different things earned some I'd like it'd go home exhibit your rights and a review is an attorney herself. And Nancy without reaction you ask your lawyer or boxed in here very likely supermodel wife. I that you and take this as bad as ember would not have it should be like you know what. I'm an open the Romberg boxed in law firm like it and I will get hired. And we will win all the cases oh yeah definitely but that's what would happen. When Sony more cases than you and soccer bush. Yeah sure. Please it's WT XY AM South Miami at W Passat Passat and BHD to Miramar plea deal. Come station. The first AP dot 35 bowl is Alex. Your Miami Hurricanes came in the number eight's. In the country legend first time soccer world boxing record really cool you lose it you know for sure I'd be I highly affect you would but do you legislate that billiards game yes that's what would happen building. So a move nothing more crippling than an amateur going on in beating a professional oh yeah. Terrible yes be it that's how would go guys. There would be just walk until you're out and say boxed and then and you wind of the jury duty. Have you done there during their. Well I mean OK. They can stock up first time I mean did you guys I'm feeling you and I got out of it. I grilled the murderer. What are you talking about toga and you know those beautiful blue learns on the first hole on alleged. Murder. Earlier in the upper seat merry go convict the Republicans. And by the way. That's this idea that you're not supposed to look at the case what I've read in my hands is ludicrous. I can't imagine highlighted in an monastery and is silly what are you talking about a nozzles a look at the case immediately. And you Jameer recess are. If you're gonna decide on the jury or don't get me recess in the decided. A look at the case so much information on this case and decide whether the guy did it. I mean this terrible lawyer doing married I do not listen Adobe and if you have jury duty. This is the first time McCain's ads started the season and in the top ten of both the 8 PM coaches polls I mean since 2000 and I know. The use back paving now most almost. Alabama was number one on the AP top 25 clamps and two Georgia three Wisconsin for Ohio State five. Now it looks like Urban Meyer may actually bees. And saw lettuce are actually recommend isu men's get a body in the investigation. Panel is actually recommending to the president schooled it would suspend Urban Meyer. Now now they may give him some time Ames served essentially wrong because he hasn't been around by activities for two we lost them so there may be some of that gone. Arizona sending him but he's Ari served a couple weeks in a suspension so maybe that's. We'll see give him. Time served I will laugh. My pass up they may I wouldn't be surprised. Florida State is nineteenth honest AP top 45 Ellis you with McCain's face in week one. Is 25. So going to be an eight verse 25 match up and we want. Let anyone or a law firm. Chairman. Coup donated milk stuff. Is held in basically. Half Charlemagne if would you give him the title of assistant lawyer. You can't. Hello Renee analog not even a paralegal just an assistant or a lawyer so it would be your system lawyer Amin & Associates and Nelson shirt yeah. You know you you can't sit around and do and we are illegal activities all day no and no I mean I can't smoke and if I know how to get around the law missy. Okay is that justice. The point. At all in the Florida bar listening this Nomar. Setting and a stereotype government of our markets are not even lawyers play and he'll be in federal prison for doing that's prescription drugs illegal didn't think so much and thanks. Am agreeing tirade year you know. Miami Hurricanes. And veiled their new uniforms for the season opener and Alice dear all I made from recycled material for environmental awareness. They're buying and a little under winning the environmental and homing saver oceans and we found out earlier this morning that Tobin needs environments. Literal trash and one's sea turtles to that's stupid for. And it's a Cuban blogger had the last two years. And. Where's the openly and general plan against a man I no longer has at least four times a year and a donate money where's blogger had to get right into the sea turtle beach and west palm and Jupiter. Yet that's alignment or suggest in the last warriors probably been around you multiple times. 08 years twice. I'm delighted when we went to the book a couple weeks ago. There was roped off area rate in front of our son cheers and I wanted to go and dig a Michael idea I wanted to dig at all. Just to get the eggs yes. One of the Tunisian Rhonda cook turtle coliseum. While it's really guiding it looks like absolute terror here and Imus doesn't sit here and I am telling you both pays these are all. Steve is sixty turtles the eternal time Steve turtles. So if you do well. Who comes up. Steve turtles. Breezy Monday Night Football last night buried in his defeated the calls right in nineteen did anybody liked this game other than me like Tim and I are you know harassment and a football on. Mean it's pre season. Plan man at the bomb IP overstating it a tad. It's pre season a ball that happened happened on might see somebody says are reminded how the box in law firm. We weren't taker admires Kate Snow is we don't believe that everybody is is prone to defense and they all deserve it oh okay so are remarking kick Roberts sing your defense attorneys who don't believe that everybody deserves. Defending how does the system. Not a great ego is again make great defense attorney not a real quick to pick and choose your cases yeah he gets all sinners at play. The mice. But slammed the mindset of defense attorneys is not that some people don't deserve defending period any that will decide you don't have to take it paid zeppelin all the time and held and this is in line area it's Urban Meyer wiring and defend him rat bastard from there. UV OK give everybody deserves to. A defend we'd bring you on for a case says as an expert witness. What would. In my expert my expertise and and him being urban liar yet dramas imovie or if Florida yeah no more. And bird a law firm consider our way from Iraq stay in the good led slot car. And if Flacco looked last night or Boris novel idea. Is blog look pretty damn good elite. As pretty good I saw Mark Jackson throw a touchdown passes with those the only thing attendant for at that point. You know he was seven for 1549. Yards one touchdown and he rushed for 26 yards is that about last night. Jacoby percent was fourteen for 23 for 172 yards he'll. Looks really good out there his trip back there Flacco once and for nine prospects are two yards and a touchdown jailer and your bench. That. A year ago you think you think they're gonna have the bounce yellen Keiko this weekend. Now so you think so for pre season now. Obviously Tuesday and after the bills this past week is he knows it has to be a swivel against the bills then I think he can literally watch now man. Ruined yeah I think that does set that the since some bone mass bottom of the roster rookie look in look and did to Clinton when he's not looking. And encourages on the baseline. Yes. I think they are. I wouldn't be surprised. To his true then I have a little time in the NFL locker room is like a coach or come up and say where we got to or the group. We're proud definite this has shifted to reflect on to a medium. Debts he better of them serious banking revenue watch and. Miami Marlins open up a two game series against the New York Yankee is tonight's first pitch is set for 7:10 PM from Marlins park are you going problems. Not to the more this one immoral. I'm gonna go to the once more and. I know tokens particularly excited about the series is very excited to have all these Yankee fans know him now on all islands are. Awesome I just wanted to see the judge out there and create Jeanne. Bobo from the Bronx. Every game anyway Drobo. Consistently he's just some bow low with with with. Bernie Williams Jersey with the with the ketchup stain on its owns thus. Medium high socks definitely dirty white sneakers Briggs has brings his glove to the ballpark. We that was as or re talking about Bobo went through a Bobo. Miami Dolphins cornerback Tony look at says that he is feeling at closing himself. As he continues to rehab but torn Achilles from last season. He had a setback with a foot injury in practice a couple weeks. So Manila Bay is that his reasoning says he's getting back on track in hopes of the Needham. I don't know what they'll lose here Adrian Peterson has signed with the Washington Redskins. Well rhetoric as the guys that noises you know I was shocked on her that he was going over there for a little bit of a visit. But then I showed the showed a picture of Adrian Peterson where he still looks like Moses like yank its Republican after. Well it's crazy about his injured Peterson. Was the best football player on the planet and for years and now it's Kelly he's an oh do you send your peers an afterthought. I asked Obama to value things just affecting plays running back as opposed to some other kind of game changing her position I don't know that I think it's just I think you reinstated a switch thing basically killed. Grunin. Now. I think he's right every running backs on -- while its opposition an era impacts on a twelve I think the fact that he was suspended in Britain are Smart ball for so long. And and a person like him but you know they say that he's kind of these awful little bit but a lot of who have interviewed him or that it shook his hand he's just he's a different. Different person I want when you talk to him in real life and what we're oh yeah. Yeah like he's he tees. You know not all the tools and match here chart kind of thing in the butt off. But again you know he had spent some time away from. From football because he thought it was OK to go wouldn't. Grab the switch up the tree and well this kid so I I'd I thought that I was like a motor career killer for him I thought it was very similar to the Ray Rice situation man has like been have a promising time. Yes you're right subsidies does not I mean NFL's about a let me know. They're there I think Adrian Peterson we might of seen as decline either way. It's because these are on the back but he was the face of a lot of stuff happened or that whole Lewinsky since no Emily good looking at says the suspension here. Was after Longo is those stories sixteen. And don't put three games a year last year memory bounce from New Orleans to Arizona we want to. The Oilers and ever username got mad. You know as much you'd hear is the of that became after the is Yeltsin and rehab delight. Two weeks. Boller for you were planning it's them and he came out the week before he played against us and he said that you know there are about his rookie. Season and how. I think in my even have been in his rookie season their talking about how people are trying to tear him apart and he and he had the audacity. The balls and the strength we cannot say. Money and sore after games. I mean it's sort. So when you've got other guys that are 250 pounds trying to tear you apart. And he's just getting up and sang them money to soar to those games. It put a giant target polls irate on us and everybody wanted to kill everybody wanted to kill and affect he still looks the way that he is rate now. Momentum branch since he was gonna do Washington times through the hole and you'll see just I think that. This is for the name I do think the buzz is lake who's in Washington or knows court is that Alex Smith who's the quarterback yet. They're gonna do you Santander Clinton ports on talk about this rule. Later on what are CDs ever met. You red purple people year. Two per Boe what do comparable Jesus purple Jesus wanna ever met and became Italy and Tony to 2007 yeah. So that it. As crossover. Chasers. And finally my teacher Rico which means that all of the bombing America host for Sunday Night Football it's been Dan Patrick since 2008. Beaming tree and that's not so fast. 790 tax club it's gone that you can get all your breaking sports update and push notifications from all her shows and hosts on our newly fixed radio dot com map. To download it now make sure you turn on notification in the settings screen dot com your new home for everything AM 79 he had someone over three C to the ticket. Beating text into the show at 67974. Can defense attorneys is weak government contracts and offense. And he can't afford an attorney one will be provided for you none that pro bona south in the called tea. Public defender for a Snyder's wheat contract either. Public defender her super underpaid. Repaid but yes that is why one is provided for you yelled at a public defender because everybody. In this country we believe everybody. Deserves representation. Defense. Urban Meyer would not be using a public the banner nor would he be using Tobin is made up nonsense. Whopper is due and taken and I immediately since election what's he brought us the kid is who prosecute. Oh OK see you twitch sight so Urban Meyer would come TO. And have a consultation we DO. Which would by the way be protected by attorney client privilege and out of he would do so that's that's a dire you as a defense attorney and then you guys we just switch sides in become the prosecutors need prosecute him. Based on the information he provided you during the console. Asian we have it we have a saying at the box in law firm which is we need to send defeated and so we see a case that we think we can win such as Everett Myers. We flip sides and then go win the case I mean that's the record a bubble. The record above all I mean. It's just not even a little bit how it works win at all costs. A Barbie damn it that's not went up not how well part of the bar so we don't have confidentiality in fact we you know we have a all the Intel from Urban Meyer and then boom. We use those recordings and he'd be screwed. Probably at this thing is we're not we're not boxed in by the bar. Everyone else is by no limit not limit yes. Yes you guys we just have unlimited access to you all judicial resources and you'd be able to conduct these trials and wrap our arms in front of real justice because that's that's how ago. It does not your real that would do TV judging me in the eyes of the publishers including yet to all I Republican or from a for a baby to spend but. We as long as we were in the in the court of public opinion we win. That's that's what matters. Is there any other weirder. Sexual band is even Tobin has been Judge Judy. The train conductor and as you can grow Allen strengths too but I think Judge Judy is that resonate positively stranger. Than the trainer and what are booty. She probably yet which is a very thin woman now are mad at you guys yeah it is. Judge Judy moody actually wanna put back in to do their work computer. Yet cakes am I gonna get some port hub not probably some aren't or something people are so I. I just wanted warned Judy I'm sure Perry as porn for everything. Judge due out okay yup just the person that comes up looks like it's borne ads so thanks for that. Google images I mean saying spratt. Osasuna got a little familiar scenario Google images. And that wouldn't take him to a meeting is he just isn't hers down there and all portions. Apologists acts are not what we're apologizing or for judging me. And judging LA didn't say that I'm not judging Obama green red judge you a little bit of an adult. Say this is why are sexist because you know would never be questioned if you were attracted to an older man. But because I got a thing for judge booty I get judged. I think I at a certain point I might be judged no right to hold Jews somebody who is eighty years old a super hot and I wanted to hit. Pat Riley would judge me I wouldn't John is that really the exception apparently. Now judgment is no recession outside I would say do real thing. Let Tim yup. Runs the oldest you'd go. Told Christie Brinkley now 661. I think about it. What is she seventy. Prominent. Was she sounded a little frosty Brinkley becomes seven and turn him over at that point. But I imagine them you know ten years from now all be a lot of older too and probably look pretty haggard so. She still pretty awesome average Jane Fonda no god no I can't stand her know I'm not sure you're very good talking about she's so gorgeous for eighty years oh my god no not the judge LA you slam. Tony nine. Maybe thirty. Imagine Myers signal. Mean. So easy is excellent good job on some ladies sandwiched. They they. Derivative togethers on sandwiched my favorite is the data was on tour event. Comet pronouncements fingernails are arguing and you know ladies of those fingernails unum back repair. He must zoomed in real good out of it goes to call on him. But I was I was all about your comment back was like dude inning going to be the fingernails that's the problems at my problem I figured host parent for a problem. Add textures are taxing into the show that they agree with you about such huge game and it it's great to stirring. Why Judge Judy is really high seas ICC's probably go NS actually and she's a billionaire I don't even know she's good does that just the idea of being with the most powerful judge of the mall I mean that's not even. Close to a little bit trio. How she's the most she makes marred by money on television than anybody else she gets that doesn't make the most powerful judge of all durable judges that although. Supreme Court the night let's sit through she's. Filthy. Rich and she's extremely rich Mason and likely million on here and she's not really Garcia showed makes money from her show she bought out all the judge shows. Guess it'll Mozilla started in the mall needs it she on the national debt she carries any job. And she's the most powerful jobs there is something that Ruth Gator Ginsburg whatever other neighbors Saturday hurt as far more powerful the giants. Judge Judy. When I see it right up there freely she seemed eager tied to your group too little not. A little oven with the wind desert and and then. That's the People's Court and earned during. That was the original TV judges very People's Court and at first I was before judge hearing the John Marshall Islands in the CB judges night in and keep up the matter was earlier rotating judge. On people score I think there's been a funeral on people's part I think that was the the year regional courtroom at the people reality show. Know that the people the people it. The peoples of the prosecution. He'll be a great backers slim of reruns just go to think come through. Having just judge booting back our law firm and be huge and yeah I I'd I'd giver piece of the company. Thesis on the as I recall that. You'll appease the company did booty hit it. Crack himself up the mid the mid single idea if I'm not a bit. Thank him keeping an. Tax rates in the older the Berry the sweeter that your snow and I don't think that this. Hello my wife may not. Got brilliant yesterday real life I share the right is Jelena she's on the picture isn't and it gives us she had I was like whoa rely on the. None. Exactly that's why Allison she's saying that. I governing union looks like academic and. And I think that's a go to for the moms is how many kids this year. As I go to. You know basically mail on the coffin like if you haven't had kids or had a kid dished Roy your body. Or your sleeping patterns from then you have no no room to talk. She doesn't raise kids in fairness the are brilliant and she has raised kids jazz actually berth although by that. For in Paris I mean that's certainly no ought to purchaser writes try and she's had numerous miscarriages and all that's been very public about. This she's gone through I'd be out numerous times and she's title this re hormones in her body. The women have a giant watermelon promoted. That's Tyrrell. That is that more oil to tear out their arm and he'll have a new. There are there is back and but it probably perhaps some might be a bit easier if you haven't been through the children. Also maybe not a good time for you to be showing your very pregnant white pictures of the Gabriele union. With via Apple's. Very much it's a special shame a shame that he's just a midriff. Showing like maybe that's not the mood is to be like hey look at this extremely hot woman I'm salivating over. While you have a child in your ballot that continues to expand that aren't going to be as naming higher gusts now. Whenever you're not into the predators look. Not. Lie even all over your way this third line. And they're into the charm for Romberg I do this time around I think the security came down the neighborhood don't think it oh welcome summer England and the due date. Harry Truman and we just. Sit at the white did you put it doubting in my be put to death. My room had two days and it gets your why it's much like a Holmes threats that the bug known. If you're insulated furlong. Bloggers like you did I'm Roddy and ever so women are around Dexter ramp dot when they are you during pregnancy. And Ahman. And then some women don't want to touch at all during pregnancy. Well depends lot of hormones on on. Pregnant women and. They sing you a guy who has never have a child. A year urges you're attracted to Syria into it. Yeah like if it's not mine you know like if it's just some brand and Andre and after his you're saying yeah you're more into it when it's not years like really the reason that most moderates who is is like volume feel like you're carrying my child and something hot ninety DO. We actually adolescent weird. And wanting to sleep on the woman who is carrying somebody else's child to not only wanna think about the child is the thing just. Just nothing about the child a massive belly and Ernie you can make a woman that looks pregnant that doesn't have a baby. We'll have a high bridges you bridges that now a woman and smug. That's why am I why does get a woman with a big belly. There has to be like predators belly it's not just a big belly in out. I can't just fervently pray like I mean she has some sort of condition like and then selling vehicle. Legs and stuff you know like you're after six stomach tumor is what percent. Maybe. Maybe that's the ticket. Is that's every now and Aaron to some Wiegert stop. Oh my god are we gonna talk what sports there are no we probably aren't asking that. We probably are they it will be doing little part of what we are doing to see you as you've had your fair share Brescia monopoly. So you don't go to the so much you'd actually talk about sports page Kidder who movie about. Well we are talking about seeing images during this dammit segment somebody wrote and commuters talk about this multiple is going on early applicable is going on yet when we did. Heavy heavy dolphins yesterday. Does that pre season man it is it is hard outside of the dolphins. To talk too much and none of us we're I didn't watch enough for the colts game to have them. Much of an opinion you visit him about it or watch that whole game last night well the reason why the second half on pre season up. All ethical of who just wanted to tune in to see Andrew looked compact. Sought nano and I think that. You've had all this time we've just been really missing and nobody really knew your conditioning wasn't even know who's gonna play again and so. If he is getting out honestly I think you're being pro. And he actually comes I played I mean credit to him because that's got to be very very hard to do Afro us. Am I want some of that it's gonna serve actually making Mac conference a little bit more competitive and like I think like Houston kind of fell off a little bit Indy used to rule that conference. Now Jacksonville literally if you're determined that the Jacksonville Jaguars. Our our the leading four in that conference I didn't know Weytman. Well coming into your lap was six for thirteen fifty yards in interception and he was sacked twice doesn't that a Stephens a bit the worst quarterback by far we're all three of those quarterbacks are are. Who leap years ahead of them. Even even Andrew coming off Brea is way better than what they got an Indies total different team. At home when we've they've they've always been a total defense team as a way to they've built themselves up with smaller faster more I Zhao. Player the offensive lineman who's not exactly road grader he's more of a smaller. I Novo mobile style offensive lineman yelled at my wanna stop that because yes don't know seven hours and what's the pilot I yeah but as of probably knock off the philosophy it's seems dumb yeah I saw that last night some of the highlights Marshall posts. Her veto laden. He got these options are or aren't we doing we know do. Really didn't selling character he'd always catch some stuff or aren't we're we we know it. Which is exciting words it's a farm team it's a young team had not Andrew Luck voicing cartoons or cartoon colts. During the game. During the game Tuesday in the game is that his adventures of cartoon coal and he diseases. You know. Follow all hot dog you're. Lose all stereo. Be great fit sham fan behavior he's voicing all the tunes. Yeah and murder someone and. Are all so also allow the bill rule loss ago how Washington July constant level. Silver and decorated at such as he and his reactive but there was cracks himself or through. So the team that we just saw Los dynamite and couples are having a short we can come and play against the dolphins right when are going up there they're coming here. They're coming area. In his sure sure we can pre season yes it's. They would come in and do the PO whole deal of first half first series after halftime to get through adjustments excerpt. I think you're I think you're gonna see on Flacco. I think it was slider coming out being good there was a lot of buzz that the Mark Jackson was gonna take I'm not last night not of what we saw last night no post seven for fifteen you said amber. If I point nine yards or not on another October project Marciano Lamar Jackson is editor of team and he started off really. Sought a result of these are off for a four of twelve to. Game seven for 1549 yards one touchdown he brushed twice it starts. That's going to be another playmaker for the Miami Dolphins defense as well the minute that the large arson suspect on the football field tests are running around and and guys like Keiko have to start. Accounting for them all quarter wreck you know show to see a whole different sciele a lot of defense coming out of mavericks' defense this weekend as what was your critical. But again. All eyes are going to be on Ryan cannon illness offense and seeing that you go it not shoot themselves in the foot. President to drive down the that it is given to us want you to give the fans one touchdown. And you feel good gets of a nine yard line has basking in man. This is David Howard give me a little gift. Right therefore attend man and a touchdowns let's let's all little and watch all the excitement go from brace petty. This is supposed to be the thing this is what island is promised. Glorious offense and we're didn't yet know the with a dull era. CB it's a bubble for you guys. That when you guys talk in some real football. That the riveting stuff home unknowns the group riveting stuff in the pre season road talk we talked about yesterday I'd rather redundant period here at this point. Nevertheless next segments. We will do whatever you guys want is we have tool the week coming up so glad and pollen. For your tool of the week we'll see if I know on her own mines that they don't they have no idea what I'm doing every year's so which she goes adamantly. But how pleased as helping to all week next. Seven and a ticket invites you to our fourth annual fantasy football draft partied with NFL analyst John Clayton and CBS sports fantasy expert Jamey Eisenberg. That Sunday August when he takes the twin peaks and Davey festivities start at 1 PM with a live broadcast followed by John and Jamie doing their baying at four. Stays a limited syringes are now would it to get Miami dot com there's no more spots to draft or leave it at all full speed instill calm. Learn a thing or do you get the fantasy spirit with a ticket. Sponsor writing laying tapping cheer or eagle and my twin peaks eats drinks and seek years. So both of you guys a couple minutes to lineup we have an open phone line still laughed per tool the week. So call and don't leave me late for tool weekly us as I was coming back tomorrow for those of you missing out as close as low army. You will be you will be back tomorrow he will make his tramp in return. For now it's me Romberg and Tobin in studio all the Robert is missing. Goodness knows where he is. So it Meehan Tobin and studio in text into the show at 67974. Text rates and speaking of women who have had children how much Jennifer Lopez last night. You see her on the red carpet when they arrive at the via a man's. Does Sierra the red car but I saw heard professed her love for your on the stage and knows is almost tear over the radio she professed her love ball presenting a word. No pictures Syria must have achievement award all of that to Bryce who received an award last night yeah. And each I mean Emma together that long and her speech included Iraq. G including Iran it was the mode of speech. She's sitting there professing love she's like all. With I didn't realize what was possible until I was with view A-Rod the only crime that I hate I hate that more than an. That she's had 740 boyfriend's actually all of a sudden I was the one. Please ma'am so be it 750000. U wanna do you guys and Ayers. Income and it is pretty cheesy and that's social medium. The citizens of readers she's a social media era of Iran's very hole meantime Joseph Lieberman Mary. At least three or four all carried excellent mayor wants now. She was married so at some to mark. Murder at the campaign and think your brain like Marc Anthony and I think she was she married when she was very very young. Or is Marc Anthony her only other president we are thinking of is it choosing gazed at an athlete she never married him roms. And she was with I'm I'm I don't know it was memos from the one. She wits with Puff Daddy but she never married hamsters is dating pensioner is engaged to a whenever he's on by the status I was just remove burger. Well I think with. There was island romantic she was like subtly a lot of Jennifer's incident that I love that got us into first. Why should it it'll blow up because she's had boyfriends I mean who doesn't have boyfriends she's in her forties why wouldn't she had boyfriend's 64 room. He really Jackson women. It's the strangest thing it's I mean it's not the strangest thing at the sheer sexist and we only do that to women. Lacey got a few hyper until things are rolling his eyes and holding has had. But I mean we going to women it's true way it you only do it to women your night you're not considering anybody he's had in his passing really did because. Zig due to a guy's friends trying to smash Asian girls really wanna be with a guy. Doesn't try to smash a series. Do you genuinely believe women don't wanna have sex with Matt and that women wanna marry every manner when I had genuinely a belief in your heart and so you think when women don't married guy is that it's because that the guy doesn't wanna marry a mini movies are made about guys falling in love. Well you clearly don't watch prom on sky is there's a whole bunch is Jimmie Johnson release abouts. Pat rom com is semantic content should make Rob Jones. There are millions of women out there you. Who believe manages not to Mary Madden and and don't always won a married man and certainly women don't wanna marry Everyman AD. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with a women dating men. And now. If your woman your forties I would hope that you dated about a man is I would hope you're not sitting around being used and move I mean how are you a whole. Used Yahoo!. To somebody called me up on the text line today somebody called me this morning us but I think as the morning and at 5:30 am that's what does that kind of crap we get all the time. And I'm like dude be called a slut at 35 to sell pot and as I mean who without parents I mean what are you talking up and I'm excited just not even thinking that we'd. Bother me a little bit thirty I so you let it bothered me at fifteen in the I've I April 35 year old woman display. How tired men don't understand that slut shaming is counterproductive. I asked slut shaming Roberts over here acting like every woman went to get married it's why I found no robbers there I had. Are these women they don't wanna put out because they're tired they're they're afraid they're gonna look like a slot be called us will rom and not a growing up I. Charities I Romberg is a guy here. Who who is an NFL football player and spit the bid very financially sound splits to say that. And so I think he is a he's a guy who I think his his. No women may have one it's you settled down with him or seen him as a late partner material because he certainly would be a good provider. In addition CEO probably being under the UN. And cells in the icing it this company now viewed perspective. On every woman wanting to make you elect partner because they don't think that's true. Now do you think every woman who date slam wants to glaucoma for life. There is a nice about it gonna get hard I received. You are you're trying to defend her she's a useless out. And so I think they want referred to RP's I count anyone out there I think I think using your current you know that big and. It's entirely possible. You see my name back to you now that proper sausages so silly and your anyway. You're on your and it's that's still nickname I'm not gonna do it was check out the balls test if you want no more let's get told that we quickly. It's time for that Tuesday tool of the week. And lumber more. Go and get into Florida lumbered to a very good check amount on line at four lumber dot com. Kaduna for over fifty years here in South Florida so who would kick him I don't see why they are more than just numbers did that woods. Get it under way we have threats. A great juggler on this show I'm sure that'll be Mini Cooper city proud probably about. I'm getting too political treatment Ramsey armed percussion pretty much all critical quarterback to get ago. Com did you come directly at your coworkers arm and a way to help your last hope you're toward your big money summer go to jail on Ramsey. I just argument to the week. Look at my vote I figure that we get that wind I mean Jalen it's an easy it's a low pain free to choose him right now but it's interesting because I feel like Manny can't win it here in NFL player like we all. Want done to talk more and we all want more of us and then when they do talk. We say oh you haven't accomplished enough to have the opinions are you should be talking to tire co workers like that. Enrique. In great day would you have perhaps. And what got amber it's. Total weight your boy Kanye. Do you 020 whoa wait wearing and and don't limit their end to order a good in the long eight make your girl. You'd IC doesn't know so he wore really release small. Easy slides. Which really you don't doesn't have to send it has still coming behind Google it I am accurately he wore. To this wedding you know slides that I think her from his own shoe line by his heel is hanging off the back at them. Oh that you healing Kanye West here wedding news now you're asking for whatever comes to benefit. Every easily get big fashion mogul in Philly he should do better ears pull it up yet. Yeah yes you know. And god. Those are like old school Asians slippers. It of anything that's wedding appropriate try to look Kanye Kimmel liquor smokes so of course that it every Els is a very can't do wedding. A black Thailand and was down near Miami looks like analysts it was in Miami I don't hunt for two chains yeah I was two changes wedding I don't have any problem with him wearing. The slides from his own mind is that it's very Kanye West now know why they didn't. This man made no sense to me Lauren house slippers and socks he's keeping it so real. Wiki no shirt underneath the blaze out. Wow. Let's go to Lanny Lanny we got it this week Enron. Oh man. And it showed been great so that today and I same quiet type swim guys very. Anyway. Yeah play anyway and go without am exact exact whatever his name is Leo state coach again. Particular picture of us come community White House. That so. His now wife. It's such a great is his wife is alleging that he took it took a picture of his deal. While he is in the White House while he was seen out celebrating in a White House her has states and championships and I guess must of tax Herbert service deal. I kind of under. Well listen I know they're they're well these disrespectful White House I'm saying is this becomes news or you could pull it out to people you can't put on to your picture of it. This is a bit of a strange new rules for hurting even released this because I I feel like we have enough like obviously Zacks man. Oak according to his wife is a very bad dude and there's all these domestic violence allegations. And so we know all of that and we know the fallout from all of that I don't really understand why. This is a component of it all it seems a bit strange to me. Really it's not like is that I guess we're disrespectful to the White House like it's not. It's not abusive to send your wife at a picture of that like I would encourage that from IC. Another good the shenanigans that went down when we went to the White House own eyes. Real home. He tells about. One guy can probably get arrested for doing what he did. Another one is sure quote turn off the toilet paper dispenser a wall I was and other. Are more on the snacks the let's go ahead and and figure out who's who's gonna win told the week this week so we have Jalen Ramsey note. We have kind yank her wearing his sort of slice. To a wedding to to change the wedding and we had Zacks met for a team picture of his deal in the White House Romberg pretty half. Mineral Carney here. I'm not a fan of the no shirt underneath the close. To him him. She lost a lot of weight on inlets rovers is real then nonissue it's a really guys spent all the replaces Tobey and all this. Work she and you have issues or smokes and repairs. So when your go the other hog shot Fella hot shot balances ax math. Slammed me up saying we're planning a man thanks for the shout out broke. He did he did butter you up at the beginning about one while I go with Connie gang. Because I think those slides are atrocious instead of that and so stunned steam you have the deciding vote between prime days slides or Zack Smith take a picture of his deal in the White House. Gore mobile land. Your boy it Lenny. And many. Right shut out. Sat out Lanier era tool the week.