ZRA Part 2 8-7-18

Zaslow & Amber
Tuesday, August 7th
Dumb lists are dumb, Tool of the Week, Isaac Bruce interview

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Courtesy of 79. Tickets summer swindle contest. At 7:20 this morning we had to all the week. You have your choice if you win here get a fifty dollar gift card courtesy of one lumber or a night out on the town owner. Would Romberg small look she's wreck aren't. Yep here we go all of us in back on the table. All right so either fit you know guard courtesy of Florida lumber a night out with the wrong dogs mom. That's coming up at 72 money we're sort Isaac roots are as a former teammate Isaac Bruce being mad at 740 Isaac Bruce from the all time great wide receivers he's gonna join us. And you all you like he's he's here he's from here he lives down here he was at dolphin camp last week soon get his thoughts on the day and for us right yeah I think so. Now we were talking about McCain's earlier called the former players come back and how that is unusual and I think a lot of but the consequence out of a lot of those guys living in South Florida having homes in South Florida and you raised during that you know the off season and then passed they're NFL careers. With the Dole's ads are always people. Around the dolphins put in place for the dolphins and actors and you know just random you know show in just a random people all the time is that typical teens or is that also consequence shirts suitable being in south or early do you think that's happening in buffalo. As hell isn't awful right no I don't think that now it happening in in LA is adding lake in New York is adding in. Dallas is it happening and yeah I think in some places like a Democrat a little small Phillips tells the so I know like him a well Lisa hang out quite a bit what about other NFL players that didn't actually play for the team. No it's kind of rarely saw Ochocinco is out falcons' practice the other day. We years when it is here remember Delray was working with gays are on the on the dolphins are just kind of he was doing kind of some some work now who's we're we're Bryan little nom I yet that that's weird to me seeing. Players have played for other organizations. Visiting. Current and different organizations of the play for a that's that's a lot to me but the actors comedians. The musicians that I usually goes down quite often. I mean how we see every year haven't and Erik Spoelstra this year he visited the falcons and a few hours ago he visited the Seahawks. They like the plague or expulsion does that a lot of problems ever of the old and Ali yeah it does so there's no thanks I need. To Byzantine to do of winning the humor to it when trying to find Abby mediocre. Meantime trying to win. Robert did you at the mediocre Mbenga yeah hunt and a half. Did you do you see much you boy Ray Lewis on Saturday night when the hall of fame the whole speech spoke for 33 mentally I'm that isn't that what you knew it was an assault and I want I knew it was going to be a long time they cry he spoke for. Cry didn't see any the Chrysler is a clip he make anybody crying wolf here's a maybe is kids because here listen to this okay. Yeah see the visual though. They're right on the visual but it's it's it's good on audio as well okay some audio personal try to -- his own little earpiece to like he was on the on the set of a TV studio I saw he had his own little microphone Seattle music pastor be remote pin on their aggression that Israel to sit out that's already a sermon rising bear market here here's Ray Lewis he's up on the on the stage and Andy is like. Just loves his family loves his kids. Talk about told the greatest thing I'd give him as a father is that shall. All dedicated you've. Combined. The reason on which right now and every one of my kids. The touches in the hope that the kids that I give you. We touched me. Until mile. You've got so but. That's what did you see an amount. Yeah accuse some argue that love the way. It's. Kids there and pay kids to the oldest looks like twenty. Yup it was so it is an old and order on all they are so MarketWatch. And the youngest looked at me like thirteen 1213. You're only generally yeah now Dan Wheeler or not happen it's really not not even his underdog and yeah not. Does it is the young is the only the youngest daughter and start us off our premises was I'd like to be honest who here and it's true it's it's their own design that anybody can have their life and I found another and another video of it and you can see his signs in this video we hadn't seen us on before his eyes. This video you see you can you can see they clearly are going bad. There are more apply not always they're actually saying essentially sound don't get out and have no not me it never happened not Democrat that doesn't happen on an island. Camelot the are the as well as easily in 1920 years old and I groaned yeah. It is no I love it's. My why you don't mean crap all the time markets are good news all the time doing that this conversation before you and as well brother yesterday also I I got no problem with it okay he gets gets them out because it's in the mouth all right no one's asking you open your mouth all right but they go because it gets in and out of nothing wrong but that's I had no problem. I know that when you do that so would you go all right. I just tried I tried to buy the wife was like stop doing not only an hour where it dollars. Leon and apparently she announced mommy she's a mommy how come you kiss here. And she pointed to her cheek which is a good that he kisses here and I'm his acute supplement she's like she's noticing there's a difference. When she wants you to stop do and it she'll let you know she wants to stop it if I kissed her on the cheap Beers gonna picker don't see a white. I'm serious BA you what you wanna get accusing him because I another moment that it. And right now you won when a thousand dollars text that would rates rates. To 72881. At two chance 1000 dollars 798 summer swindle contest. National contest message and Derrick may apply don't tax and drive. Speaks WP XY AM South Miami at W Passat Passat and BHD to Miramar. Plea deal. Come station. I said he yesterday my younger son six is old so gives him out on the on the mount no no you tell me not to. And when he wants he saw us all and all it did not only measure abusing children nor about it the wrong it. You know like I said like big if there's like proof there's looks right now if that they do now girls develop. Some kind of data you should get an ally here numb and I don't think that that's correct to find him another on the. Don't trade on daddy issues when daddies are around not when daddy's they're our our round and dads know it as nonsense man. And when your three kissing you on the on the lips I don't think that's her daddy issues bumper you show affection and and I got it wrong. And investor wife and analysts note and I'll announce. I think that it's you know one of your daughter's it'll buck wild when she's you know all teenage girl our loving parent and as he sees. She likes the men and she stays in the matter ounce. Your wife's gonna go out let's talk for me now CC did get back to me that's me that's losing his accuser in the mouth and she is four years old. Still think Jennifer Ramallah. You can do anything and yet do any wrong is Ray Lewis. I love accuser should what are soul. They too. It was the kids think it's got to eat he yelled at my guide pizza agree that to take that momentum bears are kids are good and there's a kid is apparent on the kids I mean you got that video that down. And her friends are never gonna stop with that and then I thought I was yeah those the white duke during their true. Arugula and older widely pack was on the mouth and ray Lewis and ray ray. Parliament. The correct. The Marlins they bounce back is style. It's gotten anyone to want to. Stop all we and sends us to five and two thirds shutout innings striking out four. Big game coming up a note and six character were striking out operates eighty million dollars from those good or organized. That was your only pension home wins backyard but it. ME dot com ranked the Miami heat's offense as offseason and not offense be really bad off season as the worst in the weeks. Yeah Heidi look that you can't you can't say anything good about the heat's all season I mean. Or what are you gonna say it's good about the heat all season except when you don't date you don't want to eat a signal that was good idea is that they they re sign Ellington the same amount of money is Megan last year extremely teen friendly deal and that that was great okay. But that's not anything that you get excited to bring back the exact same team is lasted 144 games you'll one and done in the playoffs. Is Tobe and that was on answer Graham lied yesterday talking about how big it clearly and data comes never heard of bumper Robinson. But setting that. But saying that heat stroke had the worst all season of any team in the league and their thirtieth okay and the team that is ranked immediately above them at twenty Knight is the Cleveland Cavaliers. You want someone to believe that he had a worse off season and the team lost LeBron James and it's you know it's going to drop. Okay by twenty wins next season at least. They're gonna lose at least twenty more games than it lost the previous year when you are to be exact same thing meal maybe a little bit better OK it's it's a stupid. And resonate as a result it looks like every other team in the MBA actually has a plan or direction as a rain out here earlier he wanted to play and I mean they're just they're just limited right now. You know. It's as if he didn't it didn't re sign it and science and those guys that decide to keep last year than okayed and they had a little bit of money this year so what you feel better they signed the same type players that they made some moves. The moves they could meet this year. Last year you know. They they don't they all right now stay there limited have a plan and the plan. What is last year when they brought back those god is doing nothing playoff team. Worse than getting worse it makes no sense it makes no centers on the feared again if he David Aldridge had a terrible list. And I'm tired to meet people making a list. That are dulled against same thing with McCain's seat don't deserve any race for the offseason you eat it the only place you know is the Ellington and they don't deserve praise that Qaeda bringing back seen god had last year. But he don't deserve any race this offseason but to say that a team that was in the playoffs last year. And is going to be in the playoffs again next year. Had the worst offseason worsen teams that actually going to get worse next year it doesn't make cents. Should also see in the media that. There are you talking about Winslow and a possible extension and all the summer supper is assuming at the media's making up apparently they're apparently they're talking about it I thought I thought about this the minute I saw Booker sigh I'm wondering if they Booker signing every deal and a real already an injustice I guarantee you his agent are going under the heat. It trying to figure out plan to go and get a little and guess there's not a horrible horrible year note. Earlier you give Winslow OK you turned it up a notch when Dwyane shall baca until we all loved him in the playoffs or it won't. Physical and how I was I was very hard critic of justice Winslow but I mean. They had to loan and player development wells I'm also at nine a huge fan of us and a sponsor money on limited the bodies of work is certainly hasn't worked out for us last year's Texan right here. Dwyane Wade is the only real drawl when we do keep a real with Dewayne and admit they're not readily offering him in the mid level exception how about they didn't sign Ellington brought him in for that money. Sort of explain. Yeah I mean is somewhere explaining that the heat have offered doing what the heat can't offer plane. It doesn't exactly so I'm Wayne Ellington fall out of let Ellington walk. Where the cosigned for actually almost double what he did sign for and it still doesn't make a difference from what they're allowed to offer to wait I want to keep explaining. People are also making a regular saw this last night and even texture commercial and popular front bringing about James Johnson and sue Graham wiping stuff oil what's going on there. What's that about Eli is a gram of involvement and yes except particularly due out as long OEMs so we traded him for a except Korea would happen. The mean I don't I think Jan little weird minster rams I really don't think it means anything again and those slums of this less than those signs Cordoba. Slowness artists are easy C stirring things out they loses this is intimately DeMar DeRozan did this too and actually meant something sent. But. James Johnson's as a forward like he's got on its demise is Jesus cleaned is instead Graham. You know some theorize don't wanna go back and it's funnel the sweetest of and is feeling an answer and some theorize that people the players is don't like leaving as long tracker on social media anymore so they go and they have a certain amount they learn from me and I'll be. Yet don't. Sony doesn't that's not perhaps on a mocha. Whatever. He's got his government's mediators trying not to be thirtieth offseason moves to make and yesterday he signed guard Moly Newman yes or all right take that'll emerge. Speaking of signings Miami Dolphins signed former bears running back Jeremy ailing firm. Michigan State product are who was that was a a couple of years back when Michigan State was. Playing the colts football final later nearly one of their last remaining fourteens was like for their running back. No they're remember that oh I do not one machines he was really good and generally goes on a team. Ryan DNL says he expects to play in Thursday's first pre season game I'm I don't I don't Altman Rodham series he's gonna get. Tamil needs to politely yet gleeful Polonia and happening it's a little bit of different scenario than it is for most. You know quarterbacks most starting quarterbacks in the first pre season game in usually play in one series and you're on a but detailing his guard and play old. You know. And it's like all the what it gets into that gets injured you know like they he needs to go out their plight you got knew he would basically got a little bit of a revamped offensive line you a couple of starters he's going to mean to get Drake a little bit of the rock. The light at. They're gonna plan and a and a I don't subscribe to the whole you know you don't wanna play the guy too much in the pre sees as you might get hurt like that sport is dangerous and it's violence. And then get hurts all on a plate and it's nice hit guys I see guys in ten ACL US straight someone's practiced some sort of for the year I read. But that's going to happen in practice and our agreement is the latest is that once the linebacker is sought and got her yesterday's after the year. And the Steelers and a Foster there was the Steelers got center odd the card carnal setter okay. (%expletive) Yet he tore his ACL yesterday's done for the practice the -- it is in pregame warm up when guys get their fingers smoked and my ligaments are gone tendons are gone out after a sand surgery in Europe for the season yet pregame warm I don't I don't get wrapped up in and you might get it during the pre season these guys can get hurt. Any moments playing football so ten will need to get out there imply that he gets hurt not sucks sucks that. Last year haven't this school year because of a play in entry and had a bounce yes so at untouched. So caught up. We thought about us. He says don't look too far in you would be Miami Dolphins depth chart here is some gate in feet. This diet. And yeah case puts us in the best position to win Super Bowls and you don't own fan base out here. About how they can go away to wire. It's. That's why that's the competition part of it that's why you guys just keep competing every day. You never want. Have a guy actually relaxes me. Baghdad the you don't want them until most guys don't have them essentially. Put it. Just keeping punitive. Greg great stuff they have great stuff. And any else amber. Sprinklers impressed by Kenyan Drake. And says he sees why they treated age IE also win. Longing I don't hasn't wrinkle to be a whole fame and I Edwards and bring more million viewers and are now the Super Bowl trophy that's free and war. As Frank Gore and I think recourse to judge talent too but not. While I don't know why he's you know couldn't do it guy's name and his mouth my ACC's problem Kenny Drake command any dolphin that is. Roasting Jay's eyes a huge loser right now how dare you say. He's a champion did it sows francoeur. I'm Darian college but they. Lol robbery Robert Robert. Which are now Jimmy maze all of it written SP nasal sent rob acidic gore in that sentence right there. College college not NFL that's insulting which are reasonable. Essence open. And finally robbery you wouldn't trade your national Chandra for Sewell what do you welders and now. It definitely. Mean. But you think about it. While signaling he's such talent on our legs and the second one divide that's got to second on eighty get us an idea is ideologues like him to go live my attention is an entry now by the rams are ML Roberts said they are you and I don't six and they are Newsom is saying really good wine and he said I like to consider Sarah. But the bottom Terry Porter not to name any name is to sit in three because of the no business being in the unions are you it was one threat great stuff. Thirteen to. Disgrace that at the song that was the worst national territory is wont to do. So it was stupid cain's mop the floor that Oklahoma team. Anyway when December or else. And finally LeBron James is producing a shut up and dribbled docking series hole rights. All rights. It would return can be about. It is going to show an oven drivel it's going to be about the impact that athletes have now only in today's world and sort of the changing landscape. A athletes and their involvement and and things like politics that says the series or examine the changing world athletes in today's culture and political environment. The series is set to premiere in October on show to. I'm so why image from Q give into it political situation there. One guy calls have you any idea. Now adding that runs on talking and talking to LeBron has responded to sweep by round I'm guessing he's about to respond to his. And his own way series is doc is series and and make moves like that's this is one of late but a dozen dot. On Twitter that is it is something to the state senate bean I was abroad even jointly DOS about the season is below when my question in my god and you look at. LeBron is doing. This season it is their eat at this upcoming her over the next year in Hollywood it is Reid Dick jealous I'm trying to pull a dollar pair. Yet he's he's obviously doing should've been durable LeBron James is part partnering with HBO for an unscripted series called the shop. He's doing. Series on Netflix a limited series. About madame CJ walker he is doing. The inspirational high school basketball hockey series off for you to be easy going. A warriors of Liberty City dock you series. I mean just there's so many about he's doing a docking in the documentary for HBO called student athletes. He adds it's unbelievable the amount of things he's doing with his production company or next year all the sets when he went out. But talked Isaac Bruce struggle NFL with him at 74 in Colorado next day a huge night out with Robert's mom could be on the line twelve weeks 786360. 0790 get onboard that's good great stuff yeah. You become more minutes to get a warning for. 786360079. You and what you choose your your prize have paid her fifty dollar gift card. Courtesy of Florida lumber or a night out. With the robbers bound to get what you choose our rights and be careful and saying. So again told to wait 786360079. UK seven I it's it presented Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital kids expo. On September 8 it is that museum of discovery and science war talk in more than 75 steam activities. CNET as our version stem apparently okay. So you get science and technology all kinds entertainments not to sponsor like Gloria. Main street showed its engine north tonics and paradise island Bahamas visit the ticket money dot com for more info again. TV couple moments ago on board here for two or the week 786360079. NFL with Isaac Bruce. In about 1520 minutes from now rob Russell teammate there he visited dolphins camp a couple days ago few days cokes he is from here he lives down here. And her dog little melody sees golf as wide receivers against this'll have felt Lula fell. Where is one of the one of the great wide receivers. Isaak Burris you got the Ohio State situation going on where yesterday he got the folks who law are shown the full supports. For the Ohio State head football coach who is on administrative leave he they are there out there. They get signs. And chanting and then where they love or they love you know do I they rallying behind what actually rally behind the route. No I nothing that it makes no difference it's not as if the investigation and he's going to be swayed by the use. 200 people. They're already and are they supporting him are they rallying behind the idea that. He did what he was supposed to do that he did reported or they rallying behind Venus blindly support their. Cup China I don't think they care I think they're just trying to support her over twos on paid administrative leave I think they're insane at bailout Irvin it's. I think we'll know that I received fans love Urban Meyer I mean why wouldn't see yourself. I don't pay it just seems like are ridiculous frankly at Estes a silly thing to do in a situation like that's. I can't see myself ever doing that I mean when he was a head coach of Florida obviously I loved Urban Meyer because he was great for us he's he's a great football coach but I can't seem meet. I like if he was being investigated because. Of that Aaron Hernandez stopped at that time like how he was handling it or something I can't seem me be like old this seems like a good idea and out a go stand in a picket line and expressed my. Support of him considering the controversy that is surrounding him at this point and not feel a lot like what is there. Or during while I was there wasn't like local Ohio State fan you sugar makes stand by it. This guy was organizing this for Myrtle Beach and in a driving up in order banning the problem is the. A lot of signs were calling it fake news a lot of the signs are saying you know of course it's even again the new yet they were doing ESP NE goals fake news. Hey you know I it then needs you go way I suburban new in I mean they're just making a mockery of making a mockery of domestic. Ounces what they're doing they're lovers do livable. They love that stupid the ball well it was your daughter getting bleeped beaten out of her allegedly. Or your way you would feel quite differently. I was doing here again on 78636007. I and he was sold gobbled and lines let's do toll could tell. It's time for that Tuesday to love the week. Which brought few lives. The cervix South Florida's community for fifty years. With tons of them toward like a five acres of inventory and Brett great stuff Smith you can do well somebody. And then you can go visit my floor armor dot com and possibly get all those goods delivered free for Dade Broward and Palm Beach for its once favored. Guests there. On not on Dorian now every Saturday morning Mel not Nell hormel. Mel Cutley mile piper mama just Brett great stuff there. It's a race I'm with you never Marty McGee is the second national what are ESPN radio after Leavitt sort itself. All of single not a job that that's not listen I like isn't it a blessing and it's not a good show I'm saying how are there not other things agreed to listen to on the weekend. Let me ask you this what do you do when you're getting like when your shower Inger is writing your are you as a news and yes I deny it. I I wouldn't normally would prefer Ellison operating. A guy like Sports Radio. And especially when I'm getting ready to do the Saturday Schaub they get a lot of reasons I listen to it on Saturdays it's when I'm getting ready to come in here in studios to sue the. Or talk about slim when I cared and asking why are you listened bowls cast. Your questions or some balls cats I shied. What did you find it funny that people that you guys tomorrow we're in this industry that you make fun of me for a listening and that we do people did listen to us. It people more like media in listen to us we wouldn't jobs is strange thing for you to shame all. Well I want you to listen honestly it's like you know if you're an attorney when you're not at work area area you know listen to other attorneys of the job. Larry rumor. I mean Atlanta with a cup of sports employee out there and attorneys got me while yapping is like with attorneys get to you like yes you have to do all sorts of stuff outside where eater continuing education and no that's your work you're going that's your work now I don't wanna hear but a lot of you in the airport conference is still a war that's your work I don't want to hear another view it and it worked out. You listen into the other shows in the week and you listen to their. What he listens us. And it wasn't an animal would lessons as a sitting here how could I possibly was nuts writes I Anderson yeah lavatory every day all I love it. Okay Mosul there you go to a whole different deal with analytic chart and you love the let's only Dorian bell explained that it. Brett great stuff I doling Daria now that is not a show that I typically enjoy very much I I and that should be. Very bland and very serious axes mass Sanaa typically do not listen Mercer Island on a bad show. It's an ESC is not even smell kite early it's it's a popular show it's like to know is it Mel Mel carper. It's just funny get a new nap early and I. Senior junior now within and know I turn on the because I was about and my old show and our leaders right turn on that show just to hear. The sports and our hits and what people were talking about it and you happen to be on and that's where. Is there but don't lose your mind that. Let's until week here again. Did the nuggets guard ridges into an energy to iTunes yeah. I haven't Leslie thanks. Did an article on light or night outlet around dogs mom of gays be careful which one you pick let's go and then read it first and may god. Good morning guy like lumps you are my favorite but I I do. Mine and nominate that are. The Coopers did erratic and out. Nominate. I Ankara encrypt I did us. Quit your. Last week we feel our way it was those thoughtful questions so let's coming question how horrible my friend. I know I'm not much of an interview artists at all I like can't we don't technique. Seriously do you Julie and buyers out there on them I'm OK with that I hang on Enrique yeah. What it boils down to prison and Robert asked that question he also. We'll tell somebody bowel. Himself and uncle are growing in two minutes before actually asking the question I think sort of boil down to I think you pick your very good when you're -- questions. I'm just I'm not into sooner and on other people. Here's David got David we got. There urine is economic I really can't judge well. I got a call myself because what kind of oral. Twelve week we're not a real nomination. And makes me cold and that. I use agents I don't Wear daily the around dogs mom I hear you and at a dinner and we can't. I thank god they didn't they don't seem and that ears on their hundred you guys god. Dump guys. A low dollar and got. Are gonna nominate my my coworker I do you are not going up though lord our big quote. All week old or I mean slim cool so pretty cool so how do you tell me somebody's got to go to you know given some got a hint or something right. Need help build up. And loves it anyone on there here is let me see we got got a good. This is up and that is very tough series bright let you know. Well I'm Darlene. Well. And when they won't let oh credit though it done at a big trial. The pick LeBron. OK I'm terribly so excited about trying to hang on Lynn is not a fan here is Carlos Carlos you got ahead. Okay right doing guys show that the people in charge that revolution on that much. My Miami event what happened this antiquated and I think it'll open at 730. I don't they're in line in the middle where all of whom any 3845. He'd get there and coastal aren't out there and. Wasn't really DOS it's ridiculous all the public outing and then went down what they want it look like super long when I got other neat when. You line Rick make it. Who know him when he and we will do what is he did a lot of the bouncer and you set I'm I'm I'm that let me open the game they gave me like that club movement got to make it look so attractive to outside the dollars on an. And I got a laugh so cool that they walked up and about the new I was about the hurricane camera ego and he noticed way remain waited in line. Here is Bobby Bobby got that we got. I could Mardy actors. The same way you guys don't understand the reason why reporters dogging me on there and the playoff at the same way I don't understand. Our analyst and radio host and criticize starting quarterback. And it might even appreciating that I've been urged preceding day. Bet that's some I don't understand it some do a double entendre here that got the robber murderer or could try to ride terrible for the first greeted you and you. I think somebody Bob wants wait and see what channel looks like all right for a couple games our rights. All right here's the nominees are you ready amber here we go we Romberg freeze questions. We got someone who calls in what without even a nominee OK we got I didn't he stink. We got trump confer further a jab at LeBron we got the folks who run revolution lives. And we had anyone who's critical all the quarterbacks before they play a precinct dropped. And then in May again as drummer young kitten we got amber I'm going to go would be the guy who called in without anybody in nominate is is he wants Robert's mom that. Okay Romberg but he got a cold blooded criminal. Or those guys are making everybody wait outside soar and our ass off for 45 minutes an hour okay Tobin. We go to tigress viper for has been questions. Our rights you don't with Romberg there. And you know what I'm gonna go is to go with anyone who calls and without wit without its whole week we had just seems weird so he winds up winning so Izzo David. David you wince all week this week even though you did not have a tool of the week although essentially gets to nominate yourself. See you win this week how you look at. I know what eagle would be careful what your answer is. Are you with a fifty dollar gift party gets ticket prices are you going to fit you don't get guard courtesy of floor lumber or are you take the run dogs small out on an items out. I ran around to everybody but I got to go to get Kurt. All right all right yeah TV hey tell your summation hold on David okay. 016 or Amber's mom and I guess it might be because one is costing you money and the other one and you're getting money illegally and I got to Toronto it's safer I get a treat or nice I imagine she's a woman I'd expect a lot of expectation. When you fly to try to get a jury got to get rent a car drive and a whole Don town and we don't sleep two hours away from real airport itself still hold real moral you gotta go through to get his mother. But there you go out all right one day it will get someone wants to take out some new take a shot yeah congrats to David Isaac Bruce and acts. Learning English at west you can segment I would think. He is the only today's seniors and our device or computer that's the radio dot com apple. Or radio dot com that's where extremists and having us look employee to ask any where you want it you are having trouble innocent you more of. Trouble the new app you can email please email supports. Am radio dot com and let's let's get them to fix that for you radio dot com new home of eight and 798 FM one a four point three HTT at its ticket. Our rights that so let's get back some dolphins get back some NFL in one of the all time great wide receivers. What rob Russell teammates there Isaac Bruce. He's from here lives down here he's on the Iran fuels and announcers convenience stores gas signed truly steps beyond convenient. Isaak a morning we appreciate you joining us I don't. Barbara served so we we we had heard you know last week you are out there it's all in practice or write in a little bit of Biloxi. And I mean first things first all right tell us tells look at what you see you want the all time great wide receivers. Yes and thoughts on that group that you saw a match that's those the guys paying close attention to rights. Well it is beyond me going out try and stretch my tree care it went out. Our commitment that written a book alone you know the pretty good Motley crew guys. To gut it out. We we will be adopted me most you'll meet them in pretty good play on the Cuba. And the guy that. You know most cannot park and Parker. He'd be in and make a break you're right yeah I think you were pretty good and don't look look at all you put to practice that I. If you're right about the make or break because this is year number four for you know the former first round pick there. I mean you know you are you put up monster numbers by your second year in the league Isaak like. By your number four if you're going to be a big wide receiver like it's it's time to go rights. Absolutely critical about you you know you development and you know been one of the biggest thing to work it did beat. The actual time that leveled field me. Be taught me not being you know would it would deviate where it is I just don't have what I rob what Brett coming up. Through through ranks and who do we don't you don't get personal it took more time into Vietnam and he'll Wear a jacket actually show. You know what to do and how we should react the template. I he see a lot of coaches and a lot of teams nowadays they just. They focus a lot on locker room camaraderie they focus a lot are on a on a players possible cancer status to a team. And I feel like Dovonte it is. The kind of washing their hands limits as coaches don't have the patience organizations just don't have the timed at two and put up with some of the stuff that they used to put up with back in the day when we're playing. Book the importantly did it's true because you don't try you know trying to get guys. You don't break out Sunday you know you have yep yeah yeah yeah and you adopt good we're speaker. You've written that time back we do you really don't have time. And unfortunately some on them that under too rare or go to Spain to certain guys that you know are they you know. He pulled a lot it will hold an option over there aren't you know what Parker. But on you know all about to open got in the mister Dutton got there play well all the we wouldn't. And how much of factor the fact that Ryan Tennant go was out last year and you got a younger developing. Wide receiver like the voluntary Parker how much does that play. And to factor with the future of this team with him personally defect is starting quarterback wasn't able to go that woke up with them like in your career when you had you know you have yet Warner you had marked get a couple guys coming through the one year that I was there I think we had. We should we had just Barack Trent Green Bolger reelect three or four different quarter rest going to is a kept getting hurt. Right well I beat the minister that is it about twenty home. Because you talk to a guy out publicly when he but we have been if the court's order don'ts all you know the big thing about that is always always. Personal development that's well I mean it can lead all to be called to. Albeit a professional you can't leave it all to you when you win. You know that their quarterback riveted that we know it's gonna prove me because you know where when we do experimenting with a guy William Ford reported. That mattered very foundation all. You could run as a world where you can learn all the if you open or anywhere people that matter. Oh yeah do learn the lingo once you learn the lingo it real jacket at the new camera you know women to know what we used to do here is just to be kept so. I think a lot of the personal development luck and put it. I suppose though the biggest difference for you go on from school today and your first couple years in the NFL as far as. You know the way you're supposed to train the weighty keep your body rights. By the way you're supposed to eat and and like you said he you know idea how you become a professional like most the biggest adjustment for you. Bigger so it was a beat the beat a game. What game or will now meet in a book about. Eight week in Margaret you either to game or low round. On you know I did you immediately start the lack or guys. I want to be aboard the U Pro Bowl wide speak out why the old guy. I would that and do what they were or working out or trading. The court would be eight RBU bit body and more importantly I mean even got it never I never met. We can't we you know they've become a mid tour been everything that they'd be got all the all the big guy I do that it would not. But it is important that it is coming out to the player. Those who are leading the way or through the court ruled got the right is it limited Gary it would be that your brain body right. You can get Beirut go with god there were kids in your could result. I feel like you're one of those players are ahead of his time with your diet the way if you took care of herself the way that you saw your body. As your own LLC basically you see a lot of guys nowadays but got to take advantage of some of the ability that they have they don't they are there on the street during a party in quite often are shortening their NFL career but what would you say a lot of the young guys that you see just almost throwing it away. All the mail program is the poll where you are they could be brought relies were where you are an opportunity to wrap. Me you know what you meant to you give the bodies were all treated at. On you know we hear cliche like not earning the emerald bowl in me to do it so. If you do if you're if you're expecting to go out. You know. You'll they'll be all right laureate and performer on the you're right now law they'll. I mean you look at what they really beat you agree guy you can you can reap all the field. And it could come and give you for everybody is not a debate to go it is imperative that these guys realize that our community and bill entry in the bill. It could be on you when are now. What's something that you wouldn't do during the season when you are playing that's EU enjoyed when the season was over that now I can I can do this again like maybe someday you're eat that you would be a eats in the all season. You know what all of a sudden you couldn't do during the season that you couldn't wait for the season and seemed get back to doing. Well you know alone you know it is augmented their name is better it better come on with the contract I'm I did not have medical treatment all he. I mean they're completed the light that one local. And I'd I'd normally wait all the media are quick read. And and you know that that that pretty much what I do. Yeah it's jealous of the guys like Romberg I mean these big offensive line like Robert you are able. You couldn't eat everything but you order it eats in Dallas on an idea all the time today I was not I was I was discussing a look dumb all of a I'd be. This guy had more muscle fiber showing and his body and and because it was like her fourteen year in the league summit about. You're getting like two or three massage is a week. You just look at another guy shaking your head I never met a player throw my time in the NFL that that basically had his mouth shut more often that led by an example more than more than his duties to other Enron Isaac decent person speeds via. Oh absolutely yummy if you don't Lou there I mean what big about you know what what it was that. No Rory pulled me longer growth scholarships spiel on just so you know. Didn't care what the bleachers million dollar in and we will go through from spirit in New York people. In our current practice the big board or go. On absolutely couldn't get out there are no I don't upbeat being you know but I'm running at all street. RB block in and and not not political. Where were you should look at when you saw TO on a 4:40 you believe o'clock. Are you upbeat upbeat yeah maybe you don't do it on big claw I mean god really take their body. He he dug very topic in his approach to it we go we kid. And don't you know they beat it I think he made great speed and you know candidate and produce more milk. I got a question for you locally here Zach Thomas you play exact what are your thoughts about exact market in the nod to get in the hall and let me let me also premise that they do give Isaak a little control even talking about here. The main topic conversations and because we think it's a very similar player. To Brian her locker okay W certainly played against an awkward just got into the whole fame on trial first ballot and Zach Thomas can't even sniff the hall of. Sedate. Well you know it is big because you know quote very long aren't me medium bowl and tomorrow we peek at the open. When you're rich and the ball in their deep in what they did war you know longer speak beer you know we're we're dealers and that. An hour to Brandon and you know don't go to Cordoba at my best and Sam Madison. Those guys were they were were there what in their pro called urge to put into a bit. And you've written or because you're always miss him back on the spur I think you look at quarterback but that teacher and but it got there have never been final put the whole I think the bigger you know that it may be well. You know what what he would. Oh I think you've ordered the great Barbara is that what you gain or are they reap great. And I've turned into a dime Al Ray Lewis won a pain in the ass he must. Right. William is were probably already rub my beat out quite well on being here. And you know we we got to go it we gotta go to a point where you know that in there are people wrote what we. Yes show because you you spend the majority career in the ninety's and they got really good like dearly you know mid some one else went to Baltimore we sum up their but I don't even over it was planned Mac game ports. Isaak Harry. What we we know you you live down the front down here and Sherri. 300. He's also would not let folks know got going on. Brought to him illegal it and we do you let me inspected there's schools where the where there's billions weekly book airline what good are we can get a that we get a on right now currently at my gym I don't know what Lauderdale will be personal training training cultural traits or speed it up. Got to meet our dollar on Bono right now on who don't dot com. When you about. We did call 95 war but not by the the 980. Early what I got going right now. Awesome. Always like catch nobody Isaac thanks lot for joining us manned trip. That's Isaac Bruce straight they're meant when I was at my house grownups like Isaak the rookie is not for. When I was going out Isaac Bruce was like he was the man especially those first few years. With the Rand sentence don't command when he went to his first few users air before Warner consenting to add no war emblem on suitable like they were supposed Batman who. And they were really good for several years Marshall Faulk and Torry Holt. On shore or Fiji heat he used to light you know he was like the only guy on the team yet no help. And then finally they got some other guys there and they were so good for like nearly two thousands. I meant I beat. I better we 60 my head of mr. Obama talked about football players in and what they've done and and how professional they were like OPEC I was like the epitome of your professional football player where. He did everything right. Personally publicly. In that locker room you never heard I talk in the one time and I and I told the story all the time because it's one of the only stores. Was asked by to stand up when I before game at a hotel room to talk in in once in awhile Linehan or or has it would go to a certain player yet to speak to the team. And I. And I got up there in like as you start to talk east gearing up. In east talk about how much he loves the game of football and how he would his mother's legs out from under her to score a touchdown. And people like satin or chairs and just melted into their chair. When I'd be did his eyes will water and in the emotion in the intensity was man who is next level I couldn't liberals like old Mike god. Nobody speak to that nobody. Amber's gotcha headlines next.