ZRA Part 2 8-9-18

Zaslow & Amber
Thursday, August 9th
Heat "rumors", Amber shook by flubs, Best announcer mess-ups

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The GT eight. And thousands. Do you feel it comes to. Our three as it tackling and talk Ezra and Danny and these we need yeah drop. This. He around the country to keep on dancing so not. Losing and the sun is expecting you to to deepen and and Jane it's kind. And he's old discovery at my county. And how easily twenty Collins read options frequently and off him into us now. Didn't exactly. Disagreement that Clinton's isn't it pretty vehement Argentines. And its and it ends up on ABC delayed Johnston Deval. I. Adding to it is and you guys we. Yeah I mean. He's against it in the yeah. Using a mock draft party got and the finalists on planes. That's what's fantasy extra Jamey Eisenberg is on Sunday. August 26 had twin peaks and Davey. Festivities start at 1 PM with a live broadcasting ever drafted Corso. John and Jamie they will go table to table and help you with you or draft a right now league commissioners you wanna sign up we leave you wanna do draft him. As you get a fifty dollar bonus car that's right it's free but space is obviously to be limited so register now advancing you money dot com it's sponsored by England. Cabins here in eagle and by twin peaks eats drinks. And seen X scenic views. So tonight guide dolphins and Buccaneers right down the road what do we. What are what are what are we what are we looking for tonight we get mad at Dovonte Clark on why does nothing tonight's plays second start tonight's. When you get upset about it Parker we gonna boss Montana hill. If he if if. All right there they're gonna use him immediately that gays as either gonna go to make him go immediately the play action pass and make him try to get the ball downfield gore. They're gonna Gordon B tree. That's that's the that's that's the two scenarios that I it's either regulatory shot immediately. Or they're going to be escorted kind of create a series there's gonna get these guys the ones. They want them to get at least a series. So I want all that lately if if the ones that they go three out very starting you don't have to go another round dandy an Indiana back and if you go three and out and then you got to American. If you have a nice little series maybe put together a plays. The X eight or nine play drive. Perfect maybe kick a field goal unit get a get a touchdown. I think you're gonna decline the field for a whole series and I think you appear but otherwise if you're doing three and out here you're going back on it. It is is everyone expected to play like everyone who we would want to play expect I don't like Arnold's I don't know why Franco play. Textures on our Frank Gore would get the Rodney and no it isn't it the play. They'll probably get another back up there after Drake brutally Malone. I think folks wanna Seattle Wilson ruled it if you wanna see was guiding most of us have no idea who hears this thing without roots in the sort of a little research and homework on. I think he's going to be the next Sproles I think he's going to be the next. I can do everything kind of guy and it seems like they're creating he say they're going to use him at running backs on their against and they're gonna use him everywhere they're gonna -- he's all he says he's in takes a raptor and he's gonna do some wildcat stuff he's gonna do some inside outside stuff. He's gonna go deep he's the dirty use him late like he is. Do basic like Sproles and got a can do just about every see he's he's not the biggest guy in the world but he's so athletic and has ability is so many things in order to create packages forum which is gonna be impressive to. I don't know you're gonna COM pre season I think going to be committed continually working on that behind closed doors but. But they're really excited about him and the opportunity that they're gonna give this kid and he used to. I see that the jets are incident trading Teddy Bridgewater which makes sense because obviously they got they got the quarterback but they also of Mattel okay who they had and Mattel has completely he global. You know run of the mill journeyman quarterback OK so the idea to have three. We are capable quarterbacks including Bridgewater. As a make a lot of sense and they signed Bridgewater believed before the draft don't case that in no they were to get Arnold would have you. It would make sense they would trade Teddy Bridgewater. And out any different but it would make sense he would trade Teddy Bridgewater who is is a very capable quarterback is on the c.s ready to return from the injury. And I know dolphin fans are gonna look at that you know bring Bridgewater back home bring it back home and he'd certainly make a great back up to ten hail although. You it would actually be an annoying things throughout the season. Where you would have a portion of the fan base and Wisconsin all for Teddy Bridgewater to be disorder but here's the thing blogs all that sounds like a nice idea. There's no chance the jets would do business with the Balkans there's no chance there's no chance to a tree here. I've been on the team weather's been in the hometown favorite at the quarterback calm like come on the second nurturing. When I was the stock losers DJ Shockley who is Georgia Bulldogs quarterback who was very decorated college. And the falcons brought him and me he was doing very well on the community like everybody loves DJ Shockley. But nobody was really barking for the got to get on the football field in the pre season you know lead standing ovation when he would get on the field everybody Lyle yet a new guy that he was. Behind. Matt Ryan to fly to Hawaii looks like record here is different to be added duds starting. Then people would have been calling for Shockley. No I understand but but I don't think I don't think the fan base is gonna go ahead and and and stand on a table for for Teddy Bridgewater when they see him serve on the Pope only does something amazing in the pre season. Then yes you might get a little bit of a turn for the worse Montana who doesn't do well but. But I think for the most part they're gonna keep Teddy away from South Florida are ready to degrade it dawn to drain form but the jets and mediate. Thus and into Miami also ensure reaffirmed his repair bronco so it's out of pieces I series did there yeah expects that's just this is CNN's accurate facts. Which are also doing with what is your current starting quarterback coming about knee issue. Then you're gonna have her back up having. Upon beanie as well right as a drill guys early you know one play away from from re aggravating an injury or sort of both of your Griffin's and your bridge waters are like you know they're they're they're coming off of possibly career ending injuries so I don't know I I don't know if I would. Risk my my my career on a ten and bomb by bringing a guy like that and you know. All signs are invited who's going to be a backup quarterback and you see claim Oslo tags are plenty David fails tonight's. If you'll notice thousand dollars right now you sex and more pace. To 72881. And that's courtesy of 792 tickets summer swindle contest CB sorry Thursday about winning a thousand dollars the next chance it's not the next hour. The national contest message in Derrick may apply don't text and drive. Speaks WE XY AM South Miami and go US at best at their BHD to Miramar plea deal. Come station. York Miami Dolphins open up the pre season in June 90 hosting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers kick off from hard rock stadium is set for 7 PM. Your Miami Marlins lost units it Louis cardinals seven to one yesterday. The Fisher off tonight's. ELN how many people showed up you got your Miami Marlins yesterday at deuce must attend that school. Time to find out how many people went to the Marlins game yesterday. Which honest attendance. Yesterday's attendance was 7306. It. One of our best. It's dinner around 7000. For quite sometime now its own pretty tight between you know security around and ran around yeah around seven. Now you know war at the point where we hear it dies attendance in the at 7000 whoever insulate our rights you know hammered with it we just Scottish drug to where you know then you step back and you realize 7000. At amazing Beasley is so Aston bad. I mean it's it's unspeakable. Lead that it's on speaker Lee low number of people to be ends meet Giuliani's Florida. They're part his organ does he used to it in 7007007000. And when not numbered does start increasing it they do start winning at some point here. This tees and taxis are a season after then it'll sounds like so much really 181000 Bocelli so many people of its consistently 151000. And really anything under 151000. At a Major League Beasley is really terrible and the Marlins every night drawl. Half of what is he really terrible mom. Do you think winning is gonna make you go to those games so we they were when. People show up and somehow gain and asked how many games they have to be winning an order for that a lot of people start showing up. They got the got to be team has or 50500. Major League Baseball here in new lease on yeah you know layouts and what about giving out bobbled it's. Put out a man Obama's people do show up for Bob Lutz. Do Sunday game unity easier look at rate at a rate calibrate their man and another one's right next to me and another one. Little low above the recollection react on short hole and DJ Khaled. DJ Khaled bobbled Sunday's. Pay. Give it. An Internet Billy's birthday tour some without us and our daily celebrating him too wonderful. My knee it will open up its season on the road against you guessed it the Orlando Magic the game is on October 17. And then again they will play be Washington Wizards on October 18. And getting messages on to it he Whiteside is it true rumors shards like I don't know what the hell is going on. And so I start looking Angel bit and I'm on I'm assuming nothing is true. Ands and then IA and and I see that one of the sources. Four way it is rumor mongering. Is coming it's going to be able but the regrets well wolf first you know for the last few days. Adding heat fans are noticing that James Johnson and Dion Waiters I guess it's their NC rampages. Had been scrubbed it not completely but they've raced a bunt to stop and you know obviously gets everyone all goalless don't burrow and saw bro and other pizza. And it's kind of weird that that Dion Waiters and lights one of the posts. Where is selling ads they maybe in trade talks or whatever in the and that's. Linked to traits got weird out of ruinous ideally that you have so blessed he's amassed Obama now now so rough laid it if you are one of those athletes would you mess of people like that's. Would you would you purposely mass of people were not horrible you can do stuff on social media to simply trying get a rise and mess with people. It's really fun not I would totally it's time he got I mean drummer didn't really play during the height of the social media age. They've and you were playing right now I LD it be fun to traveling especially to your stud in the league and yet a big following. The other to be on strike at UCLA. And things it oboe player and probably the NFL me now amenities aren't you guys a personality and is used to doing pretty handy is so popular. So so you got that going on in the heat fans is looking for anything to latch onto. But IIICF. Chris Sheridan okay shares turnovers. And yet shared and who sue. I mean has never gotten anything right about the utes. All right C it's C. Es he's he's not in LeBron leaving the beginnings and write about the I read about LeBron. And also getting some in big rate and also that's our rental abroad and also that's a 5050 he had been over this new before okay he decides it's just throw something against the wall. It's all right and now he gets to do that whole thing it's gone as the guy who knew LeBron is out on the U anything are right CE. It's your chances and those 5050 got a real on the right side. What about the so. Certainly at first props shirt and. And that's why you did it because now he gets to say that forever when the fact narrows as of 5050 proposition OK so anyway this this guy is not in tune with the heat. And and yesterday he's talking about now there's there's a there's a package deal there's a package on the table. For Hassan Whiteside and that's right with and it's the Cleveland Cavaliers well our whole bag that that there is now I want it on the table. Of Hassan Whiteside at four Tristan Thompson. And Kyle Korver. She humanity they do that and I know you can agendas at any enough about the magic about it. So like I get the bottom and I see distinct from trip that Chris shared he's the ones on us Thompson is not gonna be allowed to come to South Florida. A close call and he's been doing yeah leave cleanly so high yield it come to Miami lord and. He would want that. So bad I mean here you would like he would do so much cheating you're not as some are. I didn't. The amount. Of political awesome as Fiona. Lemon around the world world's illegals comments somehow ax man if they may want latest spin off season in Miami yeah could be good for television yeah they have done a lot of shows down there. So that's why so that's what christianity is their talk about it some people are latching onto it even though I I I don't think it's worth latching onto I I doubt there's any truth to it. You you know and I guess. In the money the money you work OK does Thompson makes about eighteen million dollars also for the next two seasons which is also length of Hassan contract. And concorde makes a seven million dollars also likes wherever I wouldn't of course of course he's a very nice letter so the money is is actually dead on on both sides and wailing sirens and what the length of the contract. Here's the problem that I have a number one decide and I think Thompson will be dark besides Andrea besides mandate that an interest in Thompson is it's a dog okay. Omelet that's but that's why you're taking Imus against Lieberman would you want Iran have not sparing. Well yeah they are at the turn on all I think that you did he do when whites and I think that's the IE tonight you're Cleveland you're trying to get rid of with her has Cleveland you've got to be a team like Cleveland as a target he got make a treat for asylum what's it like that a place where you're not a free agent destination and the only way to get players who can eat a big time type players players put up numbers. Is through trade like that deal makes it caught a sense for Cleveland almost in the world for Cleveland. That's a good deal for for for Cleveland to make that trade press on at a big time player. Wall. 1711 guys OK who leads the league in blocks that I know I am I've been his biggest defender the season so so at the chain makes a ton of censure Cleveland. I would never liked a trade for Miami because is it an any time. You you you win most trades when you get the best player in the deal. And the best Larry and that deal is by far Hassan Whiteside is to meet the heat come out of loser and treat it if you make that funny how much time is left on it's all the same. It's all the same no one's even come money noisy NA drab down no parent A draft picks involved. It admitted that and then on top of its. You know if you get Kyle Korver ankle corporates and years of Teresa went to. I got that. Late and I mean I guess it's nice and as many good players possible but hey it's rate is you didn't have to re sign Ellington mean Kyle Korver is the exact same time would you and try to get rid of Dwayne Allen some may mean. But you know you don't need as you go. There is really suffer. That's why there's not a high side six my doses actually not a lot of value there you can't yell at her team. To come in and take him at pebble over price cutting any return on our. So ideas and Chris Sheridan is prediction on what's gonna ability sewage wanna hear this thing that said it's not gonna happen. In all seriousness so I ask you why did I mean Chris Sheridan and had to have. Being in tune den at some point in order to get where he it straight I mean he he is somebody or portal had a lot of success as an NBA reporter. So and ordered to do that and you have to be connected it's I don't understand why you always discount everything pressured and Saddam not myself personally familiar with Chris Sheridan. It is what it is I know he obviously predictable on departure properly in the on the stuff you said this offseason regarding LeBron I'll thinking about I don't think he hadn't won a lakers. The rhetoric gambling on site. I mean like. Oh Anthony has it he hasn't always and I mean rain Allison get right Eddie is her getting this kind of a reason for that he hasn't always at one point use Morgan pre SP and like he has so it might be paying him more he hasn't been for a real publication and I mean. Ten years maybe even his swing and a lot of bets on the the Whiteside props. It is a lot of action going on that. Mean I'd be surprised what by gambling wants it pays half his broad line of this the source of the sketch him until someone endorses. Solid. Still summon is endorsing something you got a question its credibility. Do you think are shared desire the last decade just like Macon stop up doggedly pressure and I think this credible gets mean there's no really there's no difference to me between load of Chris Sheridan. You tweet something double check mark Herman. Are able now you're now iron on which I why are ridiculous like I killed a battle on one extreme and now you're running out there no because like I was drummer I don't. I don't have spiked I was definitely wide testing earlier because there are sitting at the report surfaced by all you can heat. Mike let's OK so now that you see another source close air and lewd check marks sharing the same report your good night here on board. With the or not I'm not completely believing because I don't think that he would make this deal. But it's not crazy so it continue on with what you're about. It says. You're crazy and meet him see him out there's and that hearing on quite letters not crazy healing not a it's crazy. He says is untrue Sheridan. Big fan of you. Reading your comments what is your guess for the heat and Riley. What path that will they take this coming season thanks he says I think they'd dump Whiteside for the best all they can get. Pretty good at try to move up from Tyler Johnson. Then. That's the good part. They waited out in the quiet situation because it's doomed to fail in Toronto. Has psyche. She humanity they do that and I know you can go to isn't going anywhere and yeah you cannot have any did not know. The drought so. Your net first brought here. How they're not that it's polite laughter and Miami are certainly next season. Here are you gonna happen a little birdie give props though for Sharon. Because I can't sit here and tell him that he is going to play a course that you're Detroit and get why Leonard. What one would think each Ryan sign of one of the best players in legal porcelain and try and sign up. Sounds like he thinks is gonna have it. Jerry has a purpose there. What about the so. Your net expert Bob here's. There and announced major college basketball yesterday you heard it mentioned as quickly. Buffeted they're allowing undrafted players to re enter school. And allowing a bleak prospects to hire agents while they're still in school. They author goes longer postseason bans suspensions. An increase recruiting restrictions for coaches who break rules their boat is reporting that the NBA and US ambassador were blind sided by this announcements. Apparently determining who these elite players are who can hire agents are going to fall on and USA basketball which is not a responsibility that you as a basketball won it certainly. My energy linebacker. Michael picked me is any dependents. But to my marry me Miami Herald. It three according. It's not Syria's. And you. Were thinking OK details that I would. All right let me tell I'm I'm gonna let you all behind the curtain here. I noticed turn music off there now you noticed when he went and you in this environment where I am is very hostile. When I went amber Amber's doing the headlines here and and Coleman's got his music in the background. Am religion exactly would happen okay. Now the sun and amber she made a flop okay and the music. When whole okay. The reason in the music when it. Cold. Is biggest Hogan wants to be able to edit he wants to be able to hit one bad apple that's all these nick captured the sounds it has the music back. Which my Ngo the reason I floods was because reading that seems story earlier this morning allows our. I loved on that story nightclubs somehow saying the word linebacker. So all I got through all the word linebacker. And his name Michael Vick may really play. And I was steal it. And so I am move along Tobin slim are DNC behind the glass their music shenanigans. And then I got nervous as I was trying to get to this story that I dirty blood diamonds and I knew that they are paying attention and then I loved. My naming her ankle. Things number one that's why LA you know let live and how they show works that's why the music went dead cold right there is told one little garment and wanted to be able to capture. The moment so can you can't do that music pretend not support of and the second thing is the kid's name is not pick. Pinkney panic like you're sure you can every single time listening and thinking what it is who may know him some love and. What I have to deal went. That's not what I'm mapping out. He's a meat picker. I tell you one of the biggest jerk in sports right now next. Seven I think it presents don't imagine it Children's Hospital kids explodes on September 8 and museum of discovery and science. Talking more than 75 steam activities that steam. As our version stamped. It's also much like Gloria main street should ascension at dot X compared sound Obama's visit its economic dot com for more info. Which is the same thing astounds our land and rights to Ramallah to undergo liners just written and I think they added ports that's why yet science. Technology. Entertainment. And all arts and aren't taxed rock acts nine now now steam. You don't do anything at this moment electorate Kabul for. So anyway. Getting press and attack trying to see people. Why would happen to the environment and work and what happens Jeff more in an environment that encourages my athletic. Early on Saturdays and actually breed far more than airliners on Saturdays as well. However. And this environment it's pressure filled. Tobin and slam are rooting for me to. While it's really very little precious little extraordinarily. Little pressure. I mean just incredible. Amounts of no pressure here. It's funny I heard make early junior talking yesterday about had he learned today he can't. Speak well because he clubs off all of us blob when you are reading something you're re more likely a plus when your reading in this business a lot of times are reading things he never read before. And so when you're reading it it's a dead Al you know that your reading out loud here pretty late with the flop. It anybody that's true for anybody if you sit downing to start reading. Anything in Bernie out loud that you never read before you'll find that it's not as easy as you think in terms of number loving especially if your talking for four hours on that. But then here they also lake. You pick on me as much as possible so they set me up for failure so the or is it a person's accent why did that the person on the show whereas the roughest time reading and counting words does the most read it. Is that why sometimes Tobin will send me headlines that are written in properly why does he do that. There and you ever have a crush on her and you kind of look. Like ever. Ever and had apparently got yourself for. I'm just saying you be able to stir greens headlines you know women are going to do every time you're out and wrong and in fact read since every day at 9 AM and 10 AM. And recorded. So you'll. Oh no no no not very. Hello I mean you're gonna come on me I'm gonna come and follow. Hey he has no doubt until you're nowadays these never learn when you read that Dominique de shell slammed. Some of the bomb. So. What the bomb bomb should tread lightly. What they are a bit less well yeah. Like you when you guys and an audience a feeling this wind gusts and I would want to and Dennis. Which by the way. There's a lot of excellent excellent player can't read. Which obviously you don't. We all know well now but there's a lot of texts I mean obviously I. It adds to that because I have a doctor you take every night. Yeah. I think I'm best that I did it does rain delay is reiterating a flagrant one hyenas. But speaking not my biggest during apparently. I deviated notary to be an amazing accomplishment against who lost money I think we are. You lawyer and not read that is the next level. So they got all the time it really easy really sad stories lately my gourd dude is realized in high school that he doesn't ought to reasonable one guy get this one are reading and it's terribly sad. Like you all you do in school if you made it to law school and you you don't know how to read at least I mean amber. You Ariel. Would be noted almost incredible. Impressive. I can't speak. Not the reading as it on the team's problems adding silencer and get it up wrong. Three. They could not so about 48 are you to do you do you do and I'll give you a few minutes here OK I guess up and it's not gonna stop me or oh my god give you future gas on it now I'm not good in my job. Also am not good in my job I don't throw everybody else under the bus well. I think it is a doctorate and bus driving it is certainly know how to throw to reverse. By you what got what you're working on okay. So I saw this last night and this this this happens actually two days ago I saw last night on the daily on this sealed up duke excuse me bots. You know we we still like uncle's stand down here right and wrong house right we like on. I didn't even do loss wrong I you know cars no drinks at them a sweet though I'm looks at about that can Amy did meet him that day that he signed his or her through the you know thirty years ago is yet deceit in four years ago James wins a game and John Carlo and AJ Ramos came to came to Robert sweet. Became a watch to demonize and it was the date that light. His 300 million dollar contract was announced that day yeah. An ailing gradually in my deal or how but ordered six brand and sweet and Alison not just what do you know. What are some did get a gig as a played an awesome let's celebrate a little bit desolate it. It is the skis so anyway we we like to Collison regardless OK and then there's this other guy OK who plays Major League Baseball he's pitcher he's called Mike. Mike flyers much seen his name right Tobin. If I never remembrances and fears buyers like buyers might flyers they may remember who he is he was a pitcher who almost killed Jon calls stand. Okay two years ago. Baseball him in the face but then again didn't hit him again this year and it got mad at everyone he was mad at everyone that Dana and brawl almost started Casey Miki Tommy Hutton was going crazy. Okay. And and then this year okay. They face off again. And Republicans could cause because now fires is in the American League pitching for the tigers are okay and he came off it and and John call lo wood is not happy. And then on the next pitch or don't call it on. You know he parked in and stance and Jon called the the bat flip but he starent flyers and rightfully so. And then after the game you know fires testing your two to say about John called sick in body you threw the ball as fake site W shut up okay and and today 88 you almost get our rights so this guy's a jerk hazardous. While couple days ago antiquities from down here we don't claim them anymore. A couple days ago he was treated from the tigers this Mike fires his trade from the tigers the Oakland Athletics. And so you know he's getting messages and not on Twitter name your Lou good that we aboard will be implement them. And someone sends him a tweet. That said. It did sensitive fires fires 64. And cents the tweets saying it Stanton in the mouth for me. A meeting as a Red Sox fan and it's Stanton in the mouth for me and fires like the tweet Miro. No way the people predict it was surreal crazy on Twitter now Stanton in the mouth for it. And he liked the tweet I think as of right now is still liked I don't think he's changed it. But he lights the tweets and people get all crazy about it's because that that is an unbelievable jerk yeah. I mean just and on believe global tour is over it's really unprofessional. Very like Stanton throughout these years dating back to when he old died okay the state has done nothing wrong. And this guy has repeatedly. Putting massive jerk. Out of it seems like a terrible person passenger. And he gets its we sent him pitch Stanton in and out for me and the likes the tweets. Now predictably. The next day you. You got when he's from my clients OK send down his Twitter accounts. OK I was packed. No no although that's always go on to claim the hack but he sends out this week say OK to clear everything up because this really got out of hands. I was being congratulated by all my real fans so I was going through all the sweets and quickly liking them. And I didn't realize someone slipped in NetSuite about stand please stop. With the outrageous tweets that's what he sent out yesterday. None of you believe him or not I would say. The evidence in the past and the back and fort. What what would have some of it may not believe that explanation. But it's always brings me back to the hole. Don't Twitter for seven years. I've never liked something by accident. I know what all the buttons mean OK. Great and maybe my thumb is not as big as might flyers the home. My fingers may not. Yeah I have it like something I had a NASA or I actually did their recently. Was it some and that something would I think I I can't I am like I mean I like stumping. Diet what does it would have been very amusing. For meat to a flight couldn't be more opposite of what I don't leave it it was it was a politically. Inspired tweet recently had that. Some would say yeah no doubt probably is something no it was something that that most people would not have appreciate it I liked probably who will who. But not only you they probably realize how she could've done on purpose. I I I would hope so I mean I don't what I what I realize it but he does is what I mean you can do it by accident is is that. I apparently I didn't really I liked it first and then I saw that had a red Hartley it must have been when I was scrolling your writes hi I am I on right now. And I hammered I'm like why does. -- whatever it you know whatever Andy pieces like what is why is this or Bret Hart. I and then and I really liked it a goal. And an unlike it but he isn't it or not representative of something I would have liked. Here's the thing of all the things. That Mike flyers can't accident then to leave like. The one thing. That he accidentally. Likes. Is the guy who tells him pitch Stanton in the. Well and was treated to him like the thing that I accidentally light was just all my timeline as I was scrolling so that's how it happened if I haven't ever accidentally like anything that was in my and sentenced. That would take it at that would that would be and then the next step is yes and awfully coincidental I feel way. If you accidentally like it like I did it then you just quickly cracked the problem and unlike which is what I did it. It's very cold winds and ultimate goal one thing. Others told bomb coming up next hey listen in training camp updates every day and it's again it's much right okay jewels and go to growth. And then took spirit originates difference or discover them it's jewels dot com buy metal loft from 100% dedicated your financial recovery fighting the insurance company is worth. And by Lexus North Miami always knees in deal. Why Leonard sends out a big thank you to. The San Antonio Spurs. Heartfelt message. Big boost to the city of San Antonio and that's the spurs right. Now mind you sources did he comes everybody. Yeah he thinks he thinks public bitch is teammates his fans the city just think everything San Antonio Spurs related when these guys report again when expressed the serpent but adding three c.s in is. Is late edition September. Mid to late September oh amateur like a week or two of camp predator camp is really short term member currently at camp OK it's. You know it's it's not. It's not the camp you think OK I blew my mind when we set that was on the media day in house X what are your start means I was there tomorrow and as a when he guy's dining as the we get back from the Bahamas like enforce these and again most am most teams don't do can't. Okay when a team like the heat go away to Atlantis. They hold that can't okayed because they're all await together. And there for like three or four days they called acts but on years where the heat don't go away which I don't think they're going away is here there's no K I mean. They come to practice in the morning. And they go home and they do whatever he wants and annexed it a comeback but there's no camp there's a curfew there's no will stay in one place is no you can't be visited by if is okay when it comes in the NBA Daley called that candy zoo world go to weight he has again when do we don't camp in. We can't call is camp does make all stomach would be Andrei. That you treaty came out it's like you were putting. But it's like it's trading but then it's not like we're putting a positive spin on it like we're all having a slumber party over here on the we thought it seems more about it. Are noble when we're talking about your people like polite Leonard's camp that's a negative content that that's never a good thing or talk let's go talk decoys camp like that's that's a bad thing. We I don't think that's as a negative connotation I just think that back. Is what you call the people surrounding an athlete but doesn't doesn't always about our series I can't tell makes me difficult they can't make things localized camp made things difficult but it's people I mean people don't insult the bronze camp. But those actually gone positive on the policy and Abbas. And very offensive. So. Tonight got the dolphins and Buccaneers and Mary gave out of PS act okay for all the folks are gonna be watching on television. You love doing your drinking games now more is gonna say this Bob Griese is not gonna know that the two of them organize yell at each unto them gonna disagree about some been and then Bob Griese is not paying attention. Alright at that point you wasted your so hammered. All right 'cause you got you drinking games OK and ice on him and be safe I don't wanna find out anyone got the stomach pumped all right is that I mean that's. That's not all our rights so it just just be careful. And and respect by the way out to the old gut OK even though. You know listen. World subject to our own flops. On the visa halftime report. Curt Terry holly Michael and Tony you look on graphic for the final two bullet points. Sometimes. Young offensive tackle right there. That's rough now Robert claims that he would not have went the route that you Lara did there. Robert you pointed out immediately and tried to make a joke calling him out of certain you know thanks for the preview of anchorman three year you know over the something a little car can't do that. The that's here here's the thing is I would like to defuse the situation because right now and that booths. You can cut it with a knife like it's it's just let it was deadly so long comfortable sick like that that two or 32 pause it was like oh my god legally or try to save the moment. I would try to make a little bit of a giggle or funny thing out of it I wouldn't try to like. Demean my play by play guy but I would try to make something funny in a situation. That we will have something to talk about may be later on her big we replay or something like that is something I want it sucked him probably comes from an era where it's not funny not to make mistakes like that Oprah probably a pro let. If Joseph balk. Made that mistake he's going to make fun of course. I don't think that someone might take stock and is coming from time where it's where it's funny to make that about your boy though. What about him. All he's got Chris Berman yeah. He's. Still can't everybody stop for ten minutes because everybody seems that not everybody can we expect James writes. I mean it's not that much stance is that when everybody has the moment I'm trying to concentrate. Chase. Mean it's so rude I can't believe it that's it so. Why is everyone all the sudden have to move that two hours to move around wait ten minutes sheets. The start of float by god that's like no one's ever worked on TV here before she's. Duncan under the I really actually can't believe what I just saw like no one here has worked on TV before. And seven people running she's. When he uses it for fifteen. Now that is not on here of course OK that was someone who EL cameras are rolling. And they decides a leak at some point to make respond without it gets very fair and you know while not the biggest environment fan. I don't how they got very fair okay there's not a lot of contacts there who think. Maybe maybe people behind the cameras weren't making things really difficult so I get very focused. Now that I've been in a studio and I see now that T I don't science that that is tough because you know you're all lit up and then you see everybody either moving the bones holding the Monica. Screens and and also people pass through your studio to get to the studio and extol all this size of a lot of commotion going on and usually when you're on air in your livelier ready to go. You gotta kinda come down to stay still so there's no distractions one guy needs to read the monitor something just want to look stupid in that spot for Smart or those who is who people behind yeah I A I'm on his side on the gets very fair. Okay well what they did to him there. Now there on somebody's side now now now there are others okay. There at that we will. But on Sony's 93 on my son your foot and throw or the small gets you would a second okay. I now now now this when you may remember from last year of it is one is is the decks to actually that that I have three here are are so bad okay. This next one. Dis. And network something like that. And ended today give you had to set the scene a little bit teams kicking a field goal. I don't remember how well plays. Without the degree nothing evidence are going up to this Google OK I remember watching this lie yet and an end to kick in armored Jay Feely. Kicker kicker kicker okay. The field goal that was attempted. I don't exaggerate might tell you. It was a good twenty yards why easily. Easily. It was awfully shank case it was twenty your words why it yours call. For Ghana's longest 46 meeting the practice floor warm ups has been a big kick for. Six of seven on the U. His sixth of may now bought but the crossbar. He'd just barely. But in the cockpit through them. It's a big event a picnic republic for Canada. That was probably one of the worst calls because not only did. I kicked go nowhere near the crossbar that was no I twenty yards to the left and Tony it was twenty yards away from the rest of the up for remember this like it was yesterday and then he tells our newest hall so badly off the crossbar and then he goes and commercial breaks and excited and it was a big kick form the plea by a guy must've thought it was more of losing his mind mortified. We watched collected at another game on May be like another game was being played another monitor masri as well as it is called look like another game. It's called picture exactly gay exactly. Now hear this all make you cringe. Okay this one it is from the NBA finals this past year. Was a key adding to it. They're more game one this is from the end of regulation in game one so very infamous play JR Smith all right. Run the clock out get the rebounds this is from ESPN radio mark Caster was a bro is very good. Okay but has been very bad moments and opted this Smith pulled everybody apparently he did they suggest that the so believable. That. He had other people full on nobody in their right mind would have done what he did. This clip. Am really makes me cringe. Good to. Doron is starting the Golden State law. Gable and my little seven my bag tied at 107. Hit them and tonic crowd. Alone my favorites and it tries to come in what was your lifeline to hero unlike every single B a the other Croat part has succumbed to her charitable. Pick up what the guy just put down and it's just one of those awkward starter moments at the beginning all the yeah okay. It's that's a stuff. Now. You're the one from the from the last Olympics it was a couple of Summers ago the last Olympics where. The guy who was calling the action he had the lanes next up. And he thought that Ryan Lochte. Was like. Six paces ahead. Of every one and that Michael Phelps was not going to metal. Denny's Colin lock. Lobbies blown everyone away and Michael Phelps is uneven and Germany and I'm not. Singh and then the race ends like I'm sorry everyone by the winds mixed up. Oh I don't remember at all. And I can you find that once thought they'd be broadcasts are seen as Elliot Friedman I'm Candace said lead quietly BC SN actually retirement and intimidating act. Yeah the at the announcers name is Elliot Friedman and arose from a couple Summers ago three Summers ago when would ever need those Summer Olympics war you know interlocking worried on trouble may be available lying in the gas again after it was those are his style. Told him yeah it was a two or three years ago what it wants. And yet illegal it was shocking when you're listening to and not only is Ryan Lochte finally got to beat Michael Phelps but Phelps apparently is not even going to metal. When do you believe it's mix up and fell Celek world record. It's it's over Rauf call. Upload and actually.