ZRA Part 3 1-11-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, January 11th

Heat win streak montage, 50 vs Conor, John Clayton Interview


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One possession ballgame right now with over seven and a half minutes left out you can decide at the rabbit too bad terabyte. Am probably darn dry it gently pull within 19897. Pulls up jumper. Get started and gave up on fourteen while I have been down by eighteen in the eighth spot back. Absolutely. Huge and that's good so some some grades and character go bounced back on the road. Bastard yeah. Oh great performances tonight. Forty point periods when he knew. Olympic 25 point thirteen rebound and drug it. It is just rebooting the cancer now. Every game better and better. Or wake up. Eight escapes here at. What a sports. Good ball closer to. Another one of those great win for the heat won all three of the jazz 1022. On our hands and and game to watch these opportunities and it is very deserving of a couple. Three seconds. There Broadway side. He walked the red. Revolved. They look like they're retiring go to in this final period. But though Miami cable what they. A team that won all six. Please do. They don't. Say right now at times and serve for a chance to win your way into the night before that's a concert with Dave Matthews Band in Minneapolis on February 3 tonight for the big games. If you when you get hotel airfare ticket Z Dave Matthews and his band. Plus you'll be entered for a chance to at a game day experience and a chance to meet Dave Matthews Band the code or is radio text radio to 72881. And you're entered to make a four day Matt he's standing next cans and has yet to Tobin is gonna say yeah there international contest messaging data may apply don't tax and dry. Please it's WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. to omit. We'll get to our NFL playoff talk again that NFL playoff talk with John Clayton he'll join us in about fifteen minutes from now. All right guys let you heard the montage coming in either streak in six in a row last night to do an Indy databases one FTSE 1061 win there in the regular season. Since it's one he twelve. Goran Dragic twenty points not assess the sun light side sixteen points fiery about a fifteen rebounds. Four blocks were huge at the end of the game man awesome bonus trying to go strong and his manhood and Hassan says not. All my ball. Went to be a fifty point u.'s fourth area for ten from three. And a trilogy though he little scores he had 26 points and he reveled is that just does James Johnson can talk. Answered about and they were each suspended for the state James Johnson and such a heartfelt apology it was not necessary does not just an. All everybody treated so not necessarily you're not surprised that he was the guy that sent out an apology over I I guess you you know I shows that he was really discipline and self because he let his team down in its own not necessary data home. GE. Is eight. I don't know I don't know any other way to say it's usable himself accountable you know he basically he's not able to go and be up there with his teammates are you felt that that it was stupid of him self to go and throw those two pieces out there. Especially not connecting with anything you know at least if you're gonna get at the game expense his suspension and and get them get the wall a beautiful little bit yeah you know what that connecting the east and five games if he overlook all yeah yeah. Yeah like Kos and see that's what I. Teach like you throw punches Ozzie I don't think he threw punches that he tried to land. Is it your keys you stand in ordinaries of these SNC master I don't think he threw punches against finally ever want some of these guys in the end Beecher threw punches oh yeah exercise program gets embarrassing JJ knows what he's doing. These blood sport and as he's within arm's length. On his opponent to. He's gonna put in doubt if you want Steele. He I don't he threw punches he intended on landing his own poll out there. On pole if you win those punches and a bako hits the deck. Five Ainsley it is it's five games that image of Reebok go on the decks snoring. It's five games you know not fair degree of Reggie Johnson goalies are trained killer whatever man you know a camera hole. From Connie error was just defending himself and what. He's a single. And he got sent to prison. That's because he's a weapon. And James Johnson. He's a web into. Ever Goran said it best man they wanna see the smoke. Know your rights and what they smoke steel ago Rania find 101000 dollars for his dust up DeMar DeRozan and it's embarrassing here's Goran Dragic on the team being so close out another close one. Did. You know Lou we really happy that it's a Symbian the season Julio consistent through just some good did some bad games. Now finally everything just clicking together we are more stable mentally. And you know you can see that come and go against you and they've saved opponent's face a tough place we still was to believe David can we and then I made some place. If upon straight cash only. I briefcase like Jim back straightaway and I believe so would you say gym bag European gym bag with a the heat here customized by champion four by four. So apple does someone keep trucking SEB customization choppy guarantee that the hottest or by four modifications in town called champion four by fours 765023446. Or go to champion four X four dot com spots and marital high globe as a Martinez PL. Calls real flight 800 Irma. And brought to buy X in eighty when it comes the entertainment you love. X one gives you more change the way you experience CD with extended the X one. The yesterday we had a feature on the eve by Zach glow the big news I think out of that was it was a for the heat and Diaw is so different on how to treat. His busted up ankle the one among nonsurgical rehab which is participating in right now. But his or her lest we Dion is getting a second opinion and that is. Causing some tension has been described in the article on how to treat. Also there was talk about the heat you know possibly moving Hassan Whiteside I don't believe that to be true I don't think the heater going to like debt that's story really made it sound like the heat. Go to try and active for a big move at the deadline tonight. I look Riley's always willing to make the big move but I gave. Eight in less it is actually big movement looked at me salary cap clearing move. That's not happen. Eat tampering back this group and spend all that money to give them another run and then their make in the run ins outside money. Needed they could've saved money decided not to. Decide to bring the group back given chance and the chance right now would appear to be working out so why I I don't see how the heat are making any type a big move next month. And also note that stood out from the story essar which was really good but another part that's sort of stood out was that. Rival executives around believe eager are viewed justice Winslow as the heat's still will all prefer that's rock that's not fair. That's not fair throw off and that's solely because they came out of the same school together Wright's. Goal. I don't think it's that a audiences I think you brought up questions it was just Wednesday as real fit in the MBA OK fine but too little old golfer. It his whole issue was that he is more caller. And that that is a malcontent. And that's not justice and justice Winslow works board. Two local fir the whole issue was that he's trying out there. Does Austin it's a stoic thing has justices like these that cinder block when it comes to a motion. So maybe that's it that's why he's getting some of that another thing that I founded seeing too which I think could be true I think you get a lot for a somewhat sudden return. And I think it was in I think Harry Jackson wrote about it maybe in The Herald. A couple scouts around the league do not think you can get a pawn in return and that part of the reason is that rival executives. You know view. Hassan as a malcontent. And that's true or not. You know is is is up for debate. But apart that I you'd think hurts Haas suns trade value. Is. The idea. That it's. He has been able to get his career on track. Because of the structural within the heat organization. And that if he is not in that same structure. He'd eat you may resort back to some of the immaturity well I don't think that's possible are I think. Immaturity level has been tested and the reason I say that is because when they first brought him on their he had some older Brothers to really make sure that he was a line he had a lot of guys that were around him. He had Alonzo Mourning that was ultimately his big time baby sitter he and his teammates he would UT at Boschee and a lot of guys that were trying to tutor him. And keep it is. His in his mind occupied I guess you say especially when he was on the bench. Now he's the star of the show ultimately he's the big money maker he's their guy that they wanted to invest all of there time effort and money into. And yet he still seems to be. Well behaved if you wanna go that route to because I think that's probably the true test is the fact that there's nobody there now to check keep. He's got a check himself and I think that in a couple of years and that he's had so far and now nobody being able to check him for the most part maybe you do you might be able to once in awhile. But if you look at it he he's he's basically babysitting himself now so. I think he's OK with that route but again you're dealing with a lot of other organizations a lot of teams when they had him on his scouting board as that. Never really and accountable player they still have that same thought process when it comes to us on Whiteside paid dating see him. Do the little things to grow into what he is today so yes we are we biased yes we are a little biased but. But but again I don't think it's fair for the scouts are on the around the NBA to go and try to take a guy. And based on what he used to be years back today it's also a case for mr. guys distributor because of again in his. As dishonest and horse and has gotten better. Is positioned to support of course but I also don't think that it has given you fifteen and eleven and a couple blocks a game is is some tennis golf I just I don't think also that every time that he needed a big man matchup that he was successful. If we look back we look at a couple of years that he's had those big night match ups. The guys were either hurt heating go against them or when they did and he was able to play against a lot of those bigger centers in the league that. That ultimately. Took advantage of him for the most part because I don't remember ever coming back in after he'd game and talking about how this on dominated. That matchup when he was scheduled to go against the DeMarcus Cousins of the world. Whole horror or who was it for Detroit that he got on great drama and drama like I don't ever remember coming in and and hearing him dominating those match. Hello news and notes locally Chris forced to the former dolphins offensive line coach loves cocaine well not anymore he's he says that his cocaine use was kept secret. But he knew that his use was coming to an end. And the the whole video thing was kind of just. Almost him knowing that the the train was coming due to stop the cocaine used since he never used in a meeting that that video that he made was before he was going on a flight. Even though I'm pretty shirt in the video you did say he was about to go to a meeting. I know says that adorn an airplane but whenever. He's also you know doing a lot of Reading rehabilitation and has been a lot about some of the women I know what he's meeting with. And finally. Get ready for Floyd Mayweather come McGregor to focus their shamelessly. Getting into a fake Twitter before us today. Fifty cents said he could be economy Greg in a street fight no chance to sell last up. How thirty seconds may be no free content says it's have you weekly one shot you're looking at the lights this and you get a commence until he said yeah they're getting you to connect on that 130 seconds Mac you might have to catch him when he slight not looking Daley's look at. Yet from a high integrated we know you and Jacques and you better not mallet up each. We know Musharraf nine times do so but we know your top editors are gone in the fight it's it's a street fight Jacqueline. Got a gun okay you you pepper but I can't I had added I would anyone buy that. And fifty cents. Deadly tall because Greta federal fighter. What does that put up this headline in about Congo are punching a member of the Irish cartel that may have a a 900 Euro bounty on his head and said oh my money not it was like nine dollars to come and are zero to 2.2 right unless sounds a lot. Its desire to bleed jumping 2017 now they're about to bleep you open when he team. You're about to start your year off with the bank. Become a bigger responded on Twitter I am the cartel. Just had his equivalent to buy and the danger. Is not bring combat this kind of Alter Embry combat yeah I'm the danger. I Eddie also in oh that's a glitch was seen Evan that it would run arazi but he says there's no deal to announce. When asked about the about the possibility efforts are quite as a got to be well that's that are like can't be like he might be very it's very obviously a business dinner okay and he's not going to announce that there's any time to deal because whenever Ron's a -- happens a dumbed Debian is very obvious that it is happening OK they're going to make it a big surprise. Right. By its either they're never gonna to go into announce. That have a deal they want to be huge surprise but it's very obviously happened. Or Tripoli it is up on the streets is definitely not he's got some Wiki needed dumbest guy ever feud cheat on Stephanie McMahon. I mean he's been would have really be it be so remarkably stupid he's been he's been gifted CO OW WE because he married boss is gonna fireball offense. Pictures release so it's so unbelievably stood at the rotunda slip over. She's dead. She's no longer live. Aren't contenders. Does that interest you Rhonda Rouse seeds of Adobe does that does that interest you to watch that. Yeah I think it doesn't just me I just hope that with a putter in their late don't ever talked beer lady blah Brock Lesnar it's a chain of these Laura made her television debut last. To do. I don't know him. Important so he can win more important chain chain of Bay's solar she. She is a woman's mixed martial ushers in USC which was actually in USC hysterical flex and shoot it over the hill after their issues and tough enough shoes and one of the season tough enough when rather Rouse he was the coach select there and tighten everything and reveals fighter OEM deals and what does he tough enough government and it's don't culture and I don't. And I and she. She made her debut last night with with no Adobe's next T she's now it's now professional wrestler. Via cousin that that's it's very clearly the next step if you're done with mixed martial arts you're too old. And all mixed martial arts is like early thirties and a mean old right. We told can be early thirty. Right. Idea. Hearted because the woman's of his and hasn't been around long there hasn't been like thirty year old woman hangar outside but if you're in the fight game for ten years that that's on top this year should have been this good there's still a lot of old fighters stick around man. Especially if you're one of those leagues or those of the drug testing like you have say so yes she's in mixed martial she was mixed martial artist but now she's with the enemy so there you go you know. Answer it and they're wrong answer John Clayton joins us negative Q John clay and joins us next to me. Coming to coming. Every day and you start. How would I got a call brings auto mall pregame show starting at noon live from American Airlines Arena this Sunday against. Pitcher red tip off calls brings a normal home it'll cost callers. And brought to my Comcast isn't built for business makes you listening the rest this hour as well give U acute called an opportunity to win tickets to fort tactics actually to the heat and kings. That is later on this month John Clayton joins us every Thursday this time turned football season he's here those new Ryan fuels and dancers convenience store. Gas line truly sets beyond convenient hey John good morning. Good to talk CON. First thing let's start out the big story from from earlier in the week the New England Patriots got Seth wicker sham from. ESPN the magazine writes a hole. Whole long extensive piece about a possible rift between the owner and the coach and the quarterback in illegal rob Lowe's involved there. And a lot of skepticism. You got the patriots who are releasing joint statement saying that a lot it's false and then. You know the reporter asked to defend itself now the last couple games a couple days so as as our old writer or supporter yourself. I'm wondering what incentive would a reporter Seth quicker shammond is spot what is sense of what the reporter have to be making this stuff well. It is no incentive and then test such a good reporter that he's not going to be making Bob please guys try to do is. They went there and you know that there are quite anything else that can be tension between the coach and a player particularly that have been together for so long. And so when you see. For example as a visual image of Tom Brady. Don't shake it getting we've spoken to by gosh they annual and then that next thing you know he's stepping back. And then you know that Alex Guerrero was they trainer for Tom Brady was kicked off the tee and it failed is something there but also would get the look at it was weeks. Unintended consequence of all that. And that's why I think you know. If I'm I'm sure that just about everything is set. Point out was true but also what you have to look at is that what what happened more sombre he's probably gonna win MVP. That Bill Belichick would be strong candidate if not for coach of the year. And the patriots in the number one city. So if you over. Evaluate the story that you think OK so this is really bad how bad can be UP of everything still work it. But because Sealy stamps is almost like the story he wrote about these Seattle Seahawks. And the locker room yup there's a lot of attention amnesty ought wacko there's a lot of conflict in this yacht locker room but still Indiana is manageable. Thought it would get to do is don't take two days you look at it okay. You're so intentions there's some problems. Now and there's no question that there the other vehicle look at it like okay is bad about. That. Negatively. What's going on with the patriots and the answer is no it does not the one thing it's still. At least I know from the situation I don't do not believe that Tom Brady. Ask for more demanded Jimmy drop below the I traded Andy Reid and I say that is that both players at the same agents. And because of that. No topic is certainly going to say it was a I'm coming back the next couple years I don't know what you wanna do is generally. But it's like don't. A boat what does apply beyond spoke plainly your and because they have a very good for as it. It didn't help Jimmy go to another eighteen it didn't give him a just make 18324 million dollars. In a situation where in New England there was no way they're going to be able to keep. What do you make of the idea that Belichick could possibly consider leaving. I don't I don't buy any of the I think that there. The first stop. He's a patriot is got a contract is ballot which is never made an arm I might might believe. Is it making about thirteen million dollars a year. Even though I think you look at the debate as well at least seven area they eat that I've paid. Coaches were always make it more than Nick Saban didn't need it closed making eleven million dollars in college it's so lots I don't buy any of that. Belichick will be coaching the patriots next year so I don't buy that at all. Let's let's talk good about Jon Gruden here OK the former Monday Night Football broadcaster but of course self former raiders coach former Buccaneers coach. To slow about what half in ways glued in when he was first lead gold the raiders of course it was Al Davis who was running the show at that point in. You can gruden said a couple days ago when he was injured said he never wanted to leave the area it almost feels like the sun here is trying to make things right. I don't remember being down there for one of the playoff games and I have been reporting that they've Bruton would be gone someplace and so I memory. Pulled me aside after press pop. XP into a little off the that's right next to at a press conference was. Is that why didn't he keeps saying I am going to be no longer the coach of the raiders what he's saying I'm going to be fired. And look chemist I've never. Everest that is going to be fired they said he you're going to be traded. And one ended up happening. Exactly what I have been reporting that Al was going to take the opportunity. Because it was gonna be hard long term they would have reached the pay level that John Bruton was going to be. And as such great value and John Bruton was the coach ended up trading him for when volatile price. We go to Tampa Bay Buccaneers and so it was a value judgment by Al Davis. And something that really Jon Gruden had no control over. And so what all the draft choices they got the Jon Gruden and ended up happening. I'm just happy from this standpoint that you know I do this year is going to be Belichick. I got out of it going to be Tampa Bay I didn't anticipate that. You know the raiders Kabila to pick up the and million dollar a year eight. Doubt that this going to be it gets John Bruton but it storm or say in that room looking at them is they know I've never that you're gonna get tired at the center and get straight. So you believe he actually did not know of this scenario this report that you were reporting or he was just upset that you were actually putting out there. He never that. About him straight at the pot because obviously I've been saying it an area is such a long time. And I've been reporting it or you know whatever period it was and and so. You know I was atom Pollard wasn't happy to end up happening to ballot. He's such a great bit in Oakland and he was such a great coach in Oakland but again this is what I've been hearing. And I kept reporting it and he dialed supporting it a different way that. It's a matter that if you're an owner and you have great value on some things sometimes you make it feels sometimes you don't in this case Al Davis made the deal. Didn't he did not know that was going to have. Do you think Chucky bite off a little bit more than he can chew by being the play caller as well I gutsy guy coming off the couch and being the head man. Being involved in football stuff but being able to call the plays as well he's not a game up a lot. Now I think because it's so much time preparing. I doubt it if you look at what would take a look at Jon Gruden all he is scheduled the last nine years received little section where. You'll go at different points the colleges. This I'm just saying that they hate so what's going on his collar job that was going on there. And so you don't go there with the idea that he's gonna learn and it appears so much. For the nuances of the game now in the game in the future. And I see no problem at the bad at all and you know maybe at some point have very eerie to you might give it up. But having missed that for so long that they've been if you want to get in here we remember we if you've ever visited import interview. Particular training camp. The first place yet to go Toyota 4 in the morning to meet him and the opposite he's got that early. He prepares so heavily for everything. The preparation he has for the broadcasts are so intent is so no I think that the at the natural thing to do you know you do it for couple years may be in any handed over to somebody else but one thing I like what he's doing right now. He's trying to get an incredible staff. Part it has not only paid him ten million dollars a year but also gave him the ability to hire hire coaches on four year contract errant he'd. And at a higher price so it got a great staff apt one in the ability calling plays and even though he hasn't done it in nine years. He's gonna be pressure that it meant being very good at it. The number of interest in the assistance is going to be bringing on wanna shooting that always got going to be in there on the defensive side of the football specially. Remembering his days back in Tampa we had over there too so I'm pretty excited about that bubble and your backyard Seattle. Is it autumn with the buzzes in Seattle but it's personally odd for me. To see since 2003. That these guys have absolutely dominated football for so long and I think aside from like always known nine Amanda homegrown immoral. Carol Carol and make at least one year as well maybe in eleven. But for the most part these guys have been in divisional playoffs wildcard wins a game they won a Super Bowl they've they've had an impeccable resume is it weird the buzz and to on the fact that these guys aren't. I've been out of like everybody's like celebrating because you know. BBC now will be the one art and as and and the offensive line and so and have been. Chiming for Tom Cable to be fired for two years and what barrel level a lot of the plans and some of the players that never recovered. On the planet of the fact that if they are against the patriot than the one yard line they call at the intercepted as opposed to march on when it got so. One out they had standpoint a lot of people are happy I still didn't think it was going to happen but something needed to have. Because the fact that. Not a matter they weren't on the same page but it wasn't working in the Russell Wilson. Is basically running around play after play on his own almost like playing street off. The run off and it was nonexistent really at the last two years leading him to slow starts. And then you throw into the mix. They've trapped six team offensive linemen sit it out and intent and over the last couple years has not developed. The right combination of opposite wind and it's so it to all that together we something probably needed to happen. Now the question is going to be you know what this beat you to replace them very talented coaches. John and put John holds you don't get to this weekend's games coming up next all right. I'd if you wanna get amber John till you talked and it's 7863600790. Or you can text in your question on the calls Briggs auto mall Ki attacks on. 67974. Or we gets a divisional round game to John Clayton next. Hi right. That's like 786534079. When disabled four pack of tickets CB he'd take on the Sacramento Kings. At the end of January in the heat. Great win last nights at six in a row they play on Sunday afternoon 1 PM against Milwaukee office to get the pregame sort of from the arena. At noon and John clay and the professor he joins us every Thursday this time if you wanna get in 763600790. Or you can text in your question at 67974. John all the Detroit fans in my family included wanna know about the actual Matt Patricia rumor about going to the draw lines. Eight it's such a natural thing but the problem is more people were thinking that he's kind of preferred that in the giants job over the lions job and to me that's where the surprises because. When they started the surge would be a gentleman making me. Trying to make higher. The body is that they wanted to experience it coach and Matt Patricia obviously is to be a first time. And you figured it such a good relationship is gonna happen are we in the Detroit winded at your map Patricia. Mean would you rather have Matthew Stafford. Where would you rather have Eli Manning at the end of his career major quarterback and so. Thought that you you know he's going to get one of the head coaching jobs either in with the giants or the lions but adequate quite got the worry about if he'd prefer is that giant. Because then if not then you have to go a different direction. Tonight Ken Dorsey and Shula getting the axe a couple days ago anything looking. On an up side for both of those two and are they a package deal they go somewhere else. I don't know about a package deal but the first thirteen that they get surfacing on my chill is gonna be possibly Seattle. Because I know what the change in coaches with Darrel bevel and on cable or they're gonna be looking forward. Maybe a combination or something different I think that not knowing again what he pointed do you know it was Seattle probably get top of the list where Mike could end up. That could be one but again that whispers Seattle has not really emerged yet the firing yesterday but I do think that. Usual attitude toward them that may be in the mix here in Seattle and that could be a good bit. I'm Ken Dorsey post again Dan Morgan in the office up there as one of the GM guys get you know Michael Barrow Jimmy Graham got a lot of a lot of human connections over there in Seattle on the top left hand corner of the country. Any idea in the end if you look back. You know what the Darrel bevel firing is that there is goodies as a play caller and he's spent a very good job. Bill is still Russell Wilson running around making plays. And so and almost like street ball. And so now you know if you have a good quarterback coach Mike and can relate with what the quarterback and act could be a good bit annoyed that played big boat would have a great chance to come on here and obviously with the chains that are happening on the Seattle spat. You know that could be one that they can wrap that up that. If they can really get a good thing going. In his Graham Don others show. But it's hard to bring him back to ten million a year and a one of the criticism that. Barrel level receded they didn't ever really got the old value. Well what Jimmy Jimmy Graham is able to do it would really put them until this year to be that involved in the red zone. You know but he is in the red zone as far as is that match up nightmare and I got a lot of big contracts. Some contracts that are going to be let go and a lot of changes and it came so I had to keep Jimmy you have to pay more than ten Seattle not gonna do it. I John saw go to divisional round games this weekend wall sorrow at the first game Atlanta and Philadelphia Atlanta as the going to be looks like they're going to be the first team to ever. EB a favorites that's the number one seeded team in the divisional round how does Philadelphia win this game when nick pulls. I mean home field advantage is desperate play some and then it right now the oddsmakers I'm not buying it becomes about two pit bulls past the play of the game of his life. Because I think that you can beat at Atlantis getting better and better and they're peaking at the right time. And I know that he spent within win is that a great job last year mean beyond Jones a linebacker had a great game is so what it comes down to visit the other the new emission in this way is that if you have a back up quarterback and they all took it back up quarterback if they beat you Williams three games sickened when you're three games they complain six. Illusion three game and that's what happening with the old. The more he plays the more he studied. And that's part of the defense been better be spent in and is part of an old it's come out with a good game and I always setting they can win I still go with the oddsmakers like favorite topic. And you think that Drew Brees can go inside that dome there in Minnesota and go and clean up. I knew I didn't do it last year or many of the other years map at I would say no but the back that he goes in two dimensional. He has two great running back that are going to be a problem any ability that he has dealt with is Smart and all that. To be able to make plays both of the pastor and a guy that can get the ball to the running back I think this is one where again. It's breathing in case Tina advantage pre. It's you the patriots are two touchdown favorites OK if someone were going to make the best case scenario for Tennessee this weekend mall they sent. I'm waiting to hear it because remember I mean it's visited Tennessee team that was great in pulling out of surprise victory last week there's really not even a playoff. You know because you look at how they've finished down the stretch is three losses in December. The back of the gave up more points based sports market Mario it's still not doing the best seat. And because I think hamstring injury is contained in the little value and I just don't see it like he can make a case but the case is gonna sell the Tom Brady in Foxborough going against that team that was what is in the playoffs. In any worst quarterback that you senior time covering football that is in the play outside of the blockade portals. Well I don't know on me when I watched that game last week in the Tyrod Taylor kind of challenged them that was one of the worst playoff game for quarterbacking I've ever seen but now it is hard to make a case we're wait portals because. It was just like Terrelle case the end against this is too hard. That is going to choke that he didn't show based Billiton have a great game I mean it would just kind of like in some ways in Brokeback criticism watching it Tim Tebow type game. You'll open guys getting over grown. Guys that at short at this getting overthrown. You know open an anti it was just really bad the watch is so our. Yes and I know that yet even say that. You know Blake won the first meeting against its bird or I'm really put up sixteen points. Ben Roethlisberger went up fourteen Padilla to pick sixes. And so this was going to be very tough to try to reap the I don't know what this or lost by 21 I can't see it happening again with wake portal a quarter. Is is a tight game now. I really don't think so I think it though yeah it's art has everything going form now that Antonio Brown is back. The cap injury you know they've got the quality they've got the team they got a deep bench and in many ways they have played oral. John excellent job we will talk again next week before championship weekend. Hi John clean right there again joins us every Thursday. At this time wow Tom and I feel about that you must be bombed out home. I'm saying that he's saying that I'm just put him through my heart did an advantage for Pittsburg is even the fact that they have plea borders on the other side you know it's so well put it and so heartbreaking. These ID given the jaguars each hand side I mean I handing the win them. I think adding it's only a blowout city Manning it's like 233. I think you're going to be further map I think it might have won the biggest gains or had ever. The self defense he's gonna have a forty point game you're gonna need the gonna need the defense to score for you that defense is not allowing them any points firfer better off as you have but if you get the turnovers and the field positions only so much Stevens did uses this is like a retribution. Game going on here man. Usually he's the one sucked who about retribution. Ball locking a ball locking is in for a world of hurt my man if he does come out and win. If it does to about a win. Is is that the biggest goal middle finger game that we got this year it pretty big. They everybody's has taken big old bottle Blake yeah and it becomes beats Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh. But he is right at me really he put up sixty points but a nine because when a product in nine yard run of the game out of hand he gets credit for that. O Leo Leo does he offense gets credit come on be fair. Maybe they were so nervous on plate Boras that the run opened up announced don't know the defense is thinking and that's spot. That was its tomorrow once you know you know he throws latest hung by an elegant dog do in the Amgen. What is that she ran a mouth guard. People thought MJ was their return. Completely compared to LeBron Jesus. He's so all of it delusional. Now I wanted to go ahead and empty all my tools and an end and everything last week it was along a man to only two years ago Borland often yet Tobin more on the shirt screaming at an oral officer or nothing. I'm 48 you sound he. I we'll probably never stop and that's True Blue think LeBron James so that happens I'm sure we'll be a lot of people always think I saw. In comparison and a solid so outside my aside what's next comparison in dealing Jesus Oxley with the next one. How subdued did you wanna see what the bronze reaction that shootaround surrealism it would favorably book comparing himself to you who's next Gretzky. People say Gretzky set to. I ain't come up next Levitt's our show.