ZRA Part 3 1-12-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, January 12th

Izzy Gutierrez interview, Justise vs James Johnson, Fact Nugget


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When tickets tonight. Talk is the tears and a few minutes here. We'll talk to an NBA game nobody even into the I'm I'm especially interested you know he's he's an ESPN you know the sideline reporter. And Stan Van Gundy and maybe some other coaches to were very upset with a more ball. They're not stand it's not gonna participate. In their. He is ESPN it in his coaching responsibilities. To you in the broadcast partner. That's pregame stuff in game interviews that out because like Israel whose job that is to get an up and tiger does. I'm sure you've done horrible I'm sure he's got very good relationships with a lot of these people as well from on almost on the side of the court in an interview on. So you're you know you're kind of like telling the guy but I as a reporter who might be stands Fran. And you're trying to do your job you definitely respect the decision in my wanted to do arena can look at him. I'd I'd write and ask him I don't know. Ask them beat its actions show on the calls for Exxon marquee attacks like 67974. Guys my guys are Davies stole this bid from goal and wing go. Michael you might wind. First thing out WS. I have no idea what you're talking. A bit of a believer don't believe is why I'm guessing right he better not your firm big to another nod again does that get back at an operative rather mega bonuses prism all the bits they've been together like 32 drill hole. Is that is that they got they got busy it's hold believe or don't police it's called truth or trash talk a subsequent. Subsequent entry window that's not the same thing. I don't know the bid is I would guess best on the title it's either a true statement or something tray window is making up which is not the same thing Nazr has believer don't believe. I am saying just statements and you have to say whether you think they're coming troop and the next thing that I would say is. We eat we year. Can't possibly steal anything. From Michael in my queen go this time. Second their show. So. You got. It gives you more tell me that they did a second call believe you don't believe I would cancel cars I would stop doing. Bullied to send. The same thing. Pros they stole ideas from us that they went and got a center and you put him on the radio yeah they've actually stole and it's from ops. So to hear what when it was Mike Greenberg Michael they'd actually sold pits from us on how our order a matter. That is. Will we you know we knew it we don't we don't do good stuff of lesser amount and away we we really get rule on its. So raw numbers in a few tax on the machine about me watching it yesterday finally you know we we were very scared we want to see the movie it. Seeding kings it was remade it especially as one of our humiliations. Ball excel realty Gary Ambrose who scared her. And and we were both scared I I would only go see in the fear of robbery came with me yes I was I was in a mood and it was the morning and I had all the lights on and house all. And I decide you know it's time rent the movie it on iTunes now watched it yesterday it's really good glad to watch it it's really good bye. It's scary too and that opening scene is. Off the opening scene is scary it sets the tone for the entire movie. It's an aids it's good. It's them it's the war scene in the movie like the scariest scene I should say is the first scene in the movie but it it as a result it's that's the two home for the rest of the movie. So now you know would you know obviously the agreement that we had the dealer broker go to gather to the movies as if I was gonna do the popcorn game. How would those are games trick how would you have played. Going forward I I've I wouldn't but it would have been inappropriate I would you been able to continue the winner and it was an inappropriate outages have to pay attention to the movie and you know trying to be too scared Cantu popcorn trip horror movies dozen more. No more. You bring your getting tax in front of people who were horrified eye opening scenes at the other there are saying it's its sourcing Rupert seem not Muster not saying the quality was the order saying it's the worst thing that they can actually visually see. And imagine it's troubling him yet it's. Pretty rough yeah. I don't understand how that movie it was a mini series. Back in 1918 may be in mid eighties. Thought it was miniseries John Ritter and yes yeah it was a mini series and I never sought. I I don't understand how could've been any good. Eco is. In other special fax involved with Clough just this week and it's easy to shape shifting clown you know let's look at what it returns and the spire at the end. The the original plan would MC announced that the new. The whole spider or the splitter was an intimidating to me until the clown was weary scarier than spider yeah and I I haven't seen what you're talking about so I I. But I don't understand how they could've done what they did with the mini series back then because from the special collections and possibly. Durbin are pretty yet. Violence dual all Bordeaux headlines actual meat is code what are your right and by the way you know. Gary Colbert Report right now's your chance to win your way into the night before to consummate Dave Matthews Band February 3 in Minneapolis snipes for the big game get it. If you when you get hotel airfare ticket to see Dave Matthews and man's. Plus that we enter for a chance when he gained experience and a chance to meet the Dave Matthews and so right now tax in the cold court banned. To 72881. And your engines go to the night fourteen Matt he's in your next chance will be at 2 PM Tobin Elsa yup. It's national contests message and data rates apply on Texan drive. He speaks WT XY AM south Miami Heat and WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. The whole thing with that the director didn't want the kids that are playing in the movie which did a phenomenal job from what you've been telling us. It want tickets to see scar his guard. Outside of his costume. Or in his cause your prior to the first team being killed so the first time they ever Saul was in first time we saw more sensitive terrifying creepy in character he plays and character to. While. Yen makes sense he's a good look and did an enemy uses creepy and scary. Untie at opening scene in the movie as a it is tough watch I explained it's a rubber bullets and it's it makes me intrigued to see at that I was thinking about the rest today it's not pleasant. Michael I don't know it's Israel let's tough watched diseased conference standings right now because they're hot. They are hot right now. He are on the cat's tail to gaze back. After the epic cracked down on them by the Toronto Raptors Tuesday no Kyle Lowry by the way it about allowed 89 points the raptors couple days later the cavaliers around a 133 points the raptors lost. 34 and the bronze freaking out his teammates series here is on why he did that. Moussaoui are very accountable. You know for actually come from a world record how we could fall Har we play well we don't want another this employees. You know there we should. Newser sure Kamal where we should make. You know we're losing you know you tend to not want to make those plays or ten toothless employees get away from you we can't afford right now we're playing ball so. Shawn holder of unaccountable and canoeing and move on which we do. Every year this cat seen ghost knew this and it like it's to meet its its its just old already it's to hire some. Every year with that not trying we got to figure it out it's. It's old already. To go like that's not trying why they were short notice today or is that just that I animals I don't I don't know. They want thing. You know mixes it sounds a lot smaller plane next to LeBron James. Does not trying to look at the raptors are not 34 points in the captain 34 points better than anyone so. I guess maybe there's some of that involved and right. But it's I I don't know I don't know it's I know and what I do know is and over every year. This seem. Storyline with cat. Tired. The dolphins they have fired running back coach Danny Barrett oh. There editor and Eric Stubbs who apparently weren't acorda months ago was the first tire and Islamic in the first place that by the he was blocked by the bronze is the time. That is no longer an issue because that entire south is replaced this year Tex arrest in Robert didn't eight degrees bloc had never seen sprinting forty yards take out an efficacy safety on the Willis McGahee scream I'm moving on Ireland through. A silent. A couple more for you adult dispute regards. He's not happy techs are rights and justice ones like it's the same minister James Johnson gets he can beat him your hot. I don't know what you've ever seen them make you believe that. Things await can be kind of person. And finally a study shows that Americans aren't buying boneless chicken wings anymore. No. Problems chicken wings to the hassle out of her or she do diseases for an eye on a rare breed. Nags right in my mouth. Chicken too by the way I just chicken nuggets man you're you're preparing to search for matter are there. But sought deserted Sierras he is with us in the Rhine fuels and ounces convenient source guests lined truly steps beyond convenience is popcorn chicken the same thing is chicken nuggets pretty think their man. Non urban it's her favorite chicken nugget there are big too and and there's a limit on it. Treat the political will open probably on. The popularity. During Embraer. In an and is good a shape as you are I am I imagine you are not a breaded chicken finger eager. People targeted all the time and I cover your current brought treaty at duke it really didn't I got a new. Are you ready but I do you look at Wrigley but everyone about it and it arguing. Could I got a lesson either dazzled the line on my show today I hear you yeah. So I know you hear. What is your what is your next what's an ex NBA game what's next team you got. And those are the economy is definitely. Okay and some of Cleveland didn't let it. At this Saturday night. All it was an accident world's leading well and we get them a moment here below what I amateurs and talking about here. You know art art. Okay well you know this this affects someone like yourself because you do the sidelines were a lot of BS BN. ABC games and Stan Van Gundy recently came out and he's one of several coaches who was unhappy with your network ESPN's Goodridge. All of Alonso bull. And stand for instance. Of low bar or sees me and stay tuned for instance is not going to participate the next time that Detroit has ESPN game. It's not gonna participate with the pregame. Our responsibilities. And would be in game responsibilities which some it was a place where some like yourself. Is certainly involved and I'm wondering what do you make of that whole situation. I'm. Have to leave that coaches spitting at each other and I truly understand that a bit. Editor at their job particularly in countries in the immediate reaction. Among the coaches we're gonna get fired. A little bit too did you know to a lot of people probably and yeah Osama Carlyle group to Harlem and on the could be that this opportunity to back each other up but in terms of what it too far. Far. Are you. Look organic. You'll lose initially not anymore they've been Jeff. And in any of these players we're. Will be more willing more we could say more public and we are now I don't think people and you know the way. It isn't like I know now feel like. It even bigger cubic kind of current equation and Portland aren't in it do. I just don't find it interesting I don't know how many people really cold but Arnold story is true I don't like cause actual you know it's we're really hit it where. We are solutions aren't you Ali you know we did so. Well. And I draw I don't know where they're at our stock. You're a post installation. Art I want I doubt about it is speaking and right now. Yet there's a there's more interest on up there what would a portion of the interest and okay how would they get an awful like Trent is the right. Like one at the end it there for me it's gonna end. There were long windy out. Being a great way and that kind of background noise I don't know I just aren't that. Especially if you do if you're the Clinton 32. The opinions on what's going on there that you were anywhere and yet try. Anybody out background noise and I mean they really shouldn't be. And and also Alberts and like this is the first time the F family members are such you're extremely outspoken I mean I remember. I mean I remember in court one was in Saint Louis it his wife was. Very vocal OK and when Bolger soared to get playing time his wife was extremely vocal she used to call into the talk shows. Glen Rice when he was out there in Los Angeles. His wife used to call into the talk shows that he should Phil Jackson to be playing him more and and we would like ESPN whatever news outlets we would we would that stuff. I think that went. You could choose not to. You know read it sort listened to or care about I don't particularly care. But I think that any time a family member or in the two you know in his eyes give us house I think that anytime day or. Are are giving opinions there eat you can easily rationalize and maybe this is inside information. It additionally. Interest. No I'm not shop no wait it out. Well usually going to. So in the media. About editor. Also had you on another being quote that school happen again. Are what school app that there aren't and I ordered it kind of like the current executives are sure. Bound and if you get that shock value initially after awhile. I would probably wrote it wouldn't pollute your Twitter after would have been so. I kind of it would equip outlook are I had it been different enterprise in which it. Thank god DC that's even more secret jets and on these employed by ESP NN man he supports them well. And in the united Brothers and so I'm pretty sure that you were getting it all act like. He mentioned something that they don't I thought about a little bit but not really so. Marleau took should really wanna beat the way to right now and it being deputy hero like. I'm really happy over here are out of it. It's one thing you. Want a guy is cute and Spain the Jill sort of lived through that I'm unclear where it is. Well are you. Know. Making sure nurturing long blue professional career. You don't hoop trying to bank opt in now and not without really establishing it. And an MBA aren't on the beauty are critical likable. And why you. Don't like it while it is probably not the critic and literally waited because I get an accurate or aren't better than an oh. Or not they're actively diving there are an. I'm going to make it ought to have my back is really the opposition. And I don't senator retrieving it well but wouldn't it. Now that they were that there are I didn't I thought his phone cut out authorities to these other dude. Question for for you is is I'm sure you've heard that Dion Waiters. Is is electing to have his season ending injury get this exit action right now we're talking about this earlier have a surgery on it and clean it up and and I. Have a hard time dealing with the fact that every time the story broke it was either broken by Brian went horse threw a Cleveland or shout. Then I was out who's out now away how does this always great. From another news outlet or media as the most of the guys here every. The guys who around the team all the time why. Always break the story. Yeah I can count on you on it in high. Eight US open sort of report Lou you know I wrote and I think. It's probably below the asking and higher. Or I trip I went on to. Where that is on the people around them they more are in the Mac drag on each. Breaking stories. Depending on how can people. Well. Or not just because of clothing that even the relationship with the actual writer or have you read your piece written to go to. We're approaching when we're in New Orleans over the years aren't great story slow local. Or local people wouldn't be like well why they hate it. It's not. Likely to conquer in Honolulu eat well. Look when horse and arugula all the tactics. You probably have no connection or were you couldn't. Two the source who come here to amend benefit from it eventually so. Which hit the ball. Not that local writers couldn't it would anymore but I like. So long I eat great crop it. Every single day you don't have equity in our it people in it he went out of your control arm or kicking or providing our. I think branding Roche. Sort of see uncle called they operate our relationship and on the up. Would come in and couldn't work or. Where are. Writing couldn't Wear it it would be it would appear that over if they can you confirm who. A lot of option Israel Brett Israel years ago when he he made a very big trade OK in 2005. But. When they they traded. Eddie Jones. And they guide. Antoine Walker and Jason Williams and James it was neat that they made a very big trade. Israel was still working for Harrell back and he broke that story. And I didn't really well that could mean you're cute little bit and I'll I'll just call. Agents what we need to players or whatever and we'll let you had a late into the night to right that was. It only at William and doing the next morning or eat or Eric. And it. It went between wooed and we're we're having or any sort of on market herald Mike you are. This can you you ever called us a little bit of cross a line of any information on the players' minds giving you anything and expect you to keep your confidence to yourself. And you just excited it was it was something that would really boost your career and you just don't forget it I'm an idea of you can't do that are. And it. Brought. A little thing I would try to get across. It happens all time immediate correct a oh you're you're in a little bit life's. Name names gone hadn't done it literally. You're speak. Their names. God did it being his name rhyme with build on yeah. Iran and exactly. Iron Man good talkie the ketchup thinks Israel and nights in a go. He's talking about. What it is obviously I'm shipped direct shippers got her and those guys. Also Hoch is arrives on an MBA Kessler and grab some you know just in the in the media world you think anything that that out a reporter who has earned. One of his guys are saying different society if you're sitting there and you're trying to make it you're trying to I can't equate this because I just I don't know how this works by. Some players talking utility something to Cuba references to something going on the economy you know like. I know a lot of Bunning Todd meter what is going on in any any confides in me a lot of other people confide in me in a lot of sports and rocks are you name it and it's like one of those things were what benefit can I possibly gain right now by telling the world this because. My two seconds of fame. Can possibly hurt. His whole career risking life and people make the decision to say you know what I wanna be the first one to tell everybody about it or this and get it. Let it's hard felons that conundrum my believes. With Ricky Williams. Yells of eight good o.s of big T old when the Ricky Williams fer when the retirement Dane the death. You know the marijuana when that a regionally have been because they were tights. And does he said Ricky was it was a putt better what is led it's hard broke that story you know and and it deeds you hang on you know your friend to a frat. You hold onto the information it's your friends and you don't wanna betray your friend or are you going to be journalist guy and breaking very big story. Now let's now now now let me also promised I do not believe that it was re doing and saying odalis Tony I believe that. Ricky lanes was tout the way there are memorable that was a refuel and was telling Dan as a friend Mavis what's going molecule friends you shared information. And and damper on the journalism that's like that allows a really big story I am I to report this now did you sentiment payment. Yeah that's not a journal's story that's just that's just a friend's story and you know probably should put out there and journalism thing. But I you know Matt Damon. And hang out go to the house party and have a good time Olson goes on the air talks about it. No more calls from Matt Damon he's out but it really dams face would that type of conundrum with Ricky Williams like to shed his friend to do my job which won't. It's tough when I does the IR. I'll take humanity over overwork. Fifteen minutes he'd next. There's 2%. Ivan thank you for. What you wish for. People in Miami who were hoping for this series. And your Ferrari since. You guys taking good. As 2%. I'm tired. I have a message was as low. All by yourself slaughters them like Jeep truck capacity customization shopping guaranteed. Down the hottest for my for modifications in town called champion four by four at 786502. 3446 of achievement for X board dot com they right now let's give away a four pack of tickets to a CD heat take on the kings this January 25. So call on her five right now at 786534079. You'll say a CD heat take on the canes. Justice Winslow may return it this Sunday and he'd get another injured player back their take on Milwaukee Bucks at 1 PM you Texans show on the Coral Springs on Kia Tex signed 67974. Text or writes in. It justice Winslow got the same minutes is James Johnson and he can beat him. Winslow is a better shooter Oak Hill excellent let's explore that lets a neighbors on the service it it's it's not it's okay. That just is Winslow is as good as James Johnson knots. But but let's let's not just give opinions as good as if facts here OK let's take a look at justice Winslow in his career. With the heats but they're just want to screw with the heat and it's hard look at this season you know bead justices heard in. Let let let's look at their overall totals at the heat does that seem to be a fair barometer it's a story in Boca. Not so justice it's two plus years in James Johnson's one plus years let's look at the whole tenure at the he just is Winslow as a member of the Miami Heat. At 37 points five rebounds. He shoots 41%. Overall. And 29%. From three. Three point percentage is bad in the field goal percentage is very low. Okay. And James Johnson. In his career with the heat's. Averages. Just over twelve points per game. And five rebounds. While shooting 48%. Which is very. And 34%. From three which is average but a lot better than 29%. Meted Texas writes it he got the same minutes as James Johnson maybe he can be better although that really wouldn't have too much effect on percentages. But maybe overall he got the same ball justice Winslow. In his career with the Miami Heat averages 28 minutes a game. James Johnson in his crew at Miami Heat averages 27 minutes. So there justice put. And number of online order and James Johnson a lot better earlier than just this once and he knows Cora and he knows Cora. So I mean like like what are you talking about James Johnson c'mon. Be silly is the crowd that puts a Maria it's. Not want a city in and say justice with those of us OK I think it was I think it's an unfair label. If you read Zach closed piece on espn.com couple days ago that some some rival executives around the league. They. They are calling justice Wenzel as mine mine just as Winslow Miami's Joel Okafor that's not fair. That's not fair because is too old refers whole issue. Or at least I understood it's this whole issue in Philadelphia was you know the effort not trying hard and you know. You can even Trace it back to Angelo fur was drafted. By Philadelphia remember it was a whole big thing Indian truck three press conference. Where he's holding up the sixers Jersey and he kind of threw it down as it right right armament you make the case. You know so you connect the dots doesn't wanna beat their lack of work ethic. That that. That's he's. Just this one though does not have a lack of work ethic imports really art. Okay works really art. And it. Based on what we've seen from him shooting the basketball this year you know war may be paying off because he shot the ball a lot better this year. Danny had his first two years in the week but don't give me the days he's better shooter than James Johnson seats. Haven't seen yet. I hope they comes days of better shooter than James Johnson all worked out really well for everyone. Also. But I mean. Right now I don't see where the minutes our effort for justice Wenzel right now. You could return on Sunday. Good inevitably bodies begin drawn up eight guys in a back to back teasing when it is eight guys play and that's tough man usually play ten. And of eight guys on a pack to back as tough. That's why those last couple days Lerner really nicer is there's aggregate Elvis resume pumping to know Obama is gonna get a shoulder right healthy bodies I just don't understand the whole spasm of the shoulder to having your shoulder have spasms to. It was it was fought on Wednesday Manny Manny was pinch. He was huge. Double digit fourth quarter he was very good. And it's funny because the heat of a bunch of guys who have been performing very well on the fourth quarter and Tyler Johnson is usually one of the guys who doesn't chew very much in the fourth quarter. He's not a guy who has been doing a lot of scorn for them in the fourth quarter. And it's he I mean he was in the whole statistic about. Of the four quarter yet in the last six games laser lighting it's seven now. He plays he plays the fourth quarter he plays the entire Tyler Johnson had that streak earlier in the year. Where he was the guy who plays every minute of the fourth court dark and right now it's Josh Richardson Josh has played every minute of the fourth quarter man. Cool starting out again it just sort of back on some days. I just don't seem getting economy. Especially. The band playing so well. As justice plays a plays before. And when Dan is out there with tell what they like playing banning Kelly let me together that you 45 rate so I don't army agency on Sunday like it. It's gumbo it's. Who's got jokes man. Chokes you know about it right dudes got jokes that choke. Most don't go knock knock horrible man but it is an afternoon game was going to be nice and they got another one. Hey as well that's right up that mirror up to where. They have a five game trip sonics like Chicago Milwaukee in Brooklyn and then go to Chicago down now that are really got to Chicago both of the above limits to the police argue they are a lot of young guys they play hard. They've been a lot better than they were the sort of seize these are the 317. And did she got a study of 317 right now they are fifteen and 27. So since that's our hometown. They've given over 5042 when he too old for over twenty games as possible sample. But Chicago plays hard emirates road to come up the heat their plain bad teams like Chicago and Brooklyn Charlotte's. Hills are tough games those are not easy. Games. Susan may have. Look six game win streak is also. A five game road trip he'd been very good on the road right and you're playing what should be inferior competition there really NC stretch could you say hey. Let's rat a bunch of wins here let's continue beefing up this. This. Record feeding on on on the bottom feeders. The same time ago. The stretch eleven out of fourteen on the road very liberal votes welcome again I mean there are viewed the last two halves of the season high one seed parents. Encourage all coming together men aren't leaving themselves. The road warriors. All of the plays as low aren't believed Aaron I'm bleed out son asked believe I'm the only nation her dirty nation. Fifteen minutes he fifteen minutes Robert got a fact nugget plus we'll give our exit divisional weekend that's next. This yeah. It's. Foolish yeah. It's. Yeah. And that's Bill Belichick isn't good it's. Like the guy who takes. Big deal not a big big game not being game super serious filling in again. You should take it serious it is the official authority on big games or not to gain super serious. Texas writes he beat the raptors raptors blog the cavs obviously need it badly caps history of science that's true yeah that's that's science and math and and all that stuff. And they had a sports show which fronts comments and reverberate throughout the South Florida community got to talk about it now not at all like not able. Why do we have to talk about. When we have to talk about it. It's marathon when we don't wanna talk about but it's not sports one we have to all of a lot of important stuff happened and our community all the time that we don't talk about source sports show I know we talk about other stuff but there's a we talk was usually fun stuff. A lot of born sub happens in the south fork community. We don't have to talk loud some weather friend Tuesday trump says it's nasty things about patient community. And I was referring to his agent and he's simply also mentioned he thinks. But he Sonny's augmentation community. And yet Sox went. On a conversation yet here and lord wants to hear what Brett Romberg and zest let's think about anything that the president set. So now arts normally don't have your home we're gonna continue continually be shocked of what comes out of his mouth. Others matter why why is still a shock and awe factor with him ideas matter being shocked I don't think payment shock Danny Morrissey it's offensively to defend it. Only a total what. Well I what you really should be an elite like always collect he's able Ozzie Guillen ignition beat we should've been shocked that Ozzie Guillen said moody said about Fidel Castro he's Ozzie Guillen. You offended when it's this sense I was shocked that zoo like two weeks into the job I guess. I guess it was like the one thing you just didn't have to say and as a pensive. And Ozzie Russian and shocked that we saw Ozzie. Are those the year two and it was like you that the franchise following that showtime following them. I know. I mean that Brian Peterson playing in the outfield by the end of the year what are ridiculous season mom and I feel about this tax rates did I did I've only been missed a game not a big game. Old men and. I Langlois bass player. Got to go back on the pod casting a peek at them believer don't believe two. Trying to clean up and tax years or status those scenes always had a better record in the second half of the season. Surely be easy to find but that's true. Eric Spoelstra Miami teams always have significantly. Better records in the second half the season. That's what's kind of called out what's going on right now is that a team just finished the first half of the season the exact percent this season the six game win streak. And with a good record to seventeen hitting good record. 48 teams beat you that the second half of the year but the thing is his heat. Teams are always significantly. Better record wise in the second half of the year so ports really cool. I do worry a little bit that's those gonna have some burnout at the squad because seeing him go after the rough what you did when it was 65. A maniac gains amid an old little screens on there and raise. It doesn't look all bad it's that he's gonna be a dad Syrian and I think DL with a pregnant wife at home can sometimes win on you because like you never know when the switch is gonna go practice though like he's got a copy and everything he's. Practice has its same practice. Going reformers. Trust me he ready prison. To find out. He he Britain man as much as he thinks is your I don't think anybody is ready for kids nobody's heard. It was very new and we you don't know little losses they grow whenever any you know already don't know that there. They are great thousands of books hey let me help you out parenting and sleeping. In it they'll. My favorite people who told you that it's not that or. The so much liars. The hardest thing ever done in my life it's slow her. It's this is. To continue it's not that hard you'll be okay you oral law here in Lyon and you're not my friend anymore all the Q did the giants I would rather go to put all camp with the dolphins and go against sue. For three week say. It right now under current condition yes who'll now. You may ornery other than have another kid no Indian happening honorees the only closet Ferris soon pursuant he's really turning your I don't care for its. Suh stomp on face hiding your being crazy no I don't care man I would rather be physically beat up. And deal with kids so when you gonna try for number three. In a boy rounds. I'm an adopted Obama adopt like a ten year old or some beer from the ship my kids are listening and she's got a boy says the drop like a big halting ten year old we can mold into a football player or I'm willing to find a very good looking bigger girl who just looks like maps Lou athletic phenom in weaken proclivity to dominate women's. And I'm talking a moment procreate all that eventually Shawn Marion and you'll have late caulking grand kids who complete football from interest thing good for mayor. Should sting. Yes fact that if Forsett. Oh yeah you better believe it. Seven and ticket. It's Limbaugh they're there. Look son I'm running and that goes on Rahm. Whether it appears in the New York Times for the first time ever. That Twitter account and YET. First said. On exactly two weeks ago. No word. We did yesterday now what you're talking about. It rhymes with pit mole. What the president said Mullen who treated out. New York and York times solitude and between that swear words because I prisoner and a field day Ali on actual every single media outlet news show morning show they like Peta organization feel like they're able to sell it a quoting the president yeah yeah. Okay. Plus they secretly like you sank a quote who does definitely mechanic who doesn't. Give me permission to see certain words on here William and Don Knotts. Aren't you boy you don't have that I'm not I don't I don't. It's a fact that it. That's affect. I. Spots and course like coach Ron Ramo who I got released with the last night by the way call home again after it Friday on the net there's game tonight. Got to get them two points. In its very very important Panthers and flames got to get them two points back home tonight I'm going to see there there's younger going to be there. Yeah I plays of flights right does seem that he is I think that was the plan. It all okay so easy with this redemption game for Yonkers that we look let me look I think about what would you say that boats around is that it's reflection they are. Would you say they're award winning. Yeah they are would you say that the run is not just needs. But nurtured I wouldn't say with that tone of voice I would say it with. That just eats. That Mirotic you're. I and he I'll hold on a second. You are Mary augur he'd place of the flames. But he has not played in the game for them this month. Okay his last game what is was in December are easily cinema and I don't outlaw it says here though. You are Mary auger he's day to day because him and his agent working with flames on an exit plan. Know all those feelings coming back to wrap their eyes I can apply it in that that means an up. You you tell me he's just gonna lie down here with the team just re you know loyal as much an uneasy is not with the team. I mean he's just in in somebody's apartment on South Beach right now just elaborate up with females and bed sheets he has appeared in 22 games this year he has one goal seven point. So excited this means that we're gonna have the return of yards in the tie Russia is plus six though. Six. Of the Macintosh is a ten appendages of I mean is there can not that I did not sign yarder where nots. You wanna pick any of the road teams this weekend Romberg. Any upsets and we get include Atlanta as an upset if you want any are you picking any of the road do you come to New Orleans. Right out of the walls grew MB my usually in Atlanta an embryo into this of course well I know you might go to their favorite target and a bytes of both NFC teams yet winning on the road yet the SE roads he is winning in the AC home teams. I got New Orleans I got both Tennessee teams winning on the road I got the same as you I had a Yancey road teams in winning. Saints and out right Dalton. And and I got both home teams the AFC they attitude that we are more common and you are. Yeah we have that immutable athlete I think it's as mentally believing you know the up leaving in the upset portals enough and the only thing that's upsetting as a shirt you're wearing right now behind the glass that's the only thing that's upsetting what's upsetting about it's fantastic. It is another it's a black. Tommy bahama we can't see home leads per total per allow OK I would never aware that things does your suit a shirt today or was on. That's Fisher product. Rights. Past I. Got up next lebed's art show.