ZRA Part 3 1-19-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, January 19th

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Bringing the game on the tickets start out with most brings on all three games does tonight I get it started 630 he'd take on the Brooklyn. But it's ready to buffalo wings level volatile golf cart brought to my Comcast business billboard business. In twenty minutes from now we'll talk to IE needle. He's the these television voice of the Brooklyn nets also courses is on. And it don't CBS TN Dan Phelps they had Steelers and jaguars last week's let's timely wouldn't talks Matta fell within two. Pilots do big game not a big game come on man hit. So very big deal that's doing any championships Sunday. So what do we got to sleep here. Television. Out of you guys have heard that the way this works first vote again not a big game. Have you set a games that are going on you tell me whether you think their big games without big games that's on that role time. First up jaguars and patriots Sunday at real five. Jaguars. Patriots 48 FC. Championship now told and got a lot riding on this game guys not only are his pride and his general well being online but at the jaguars beast. Is going to pelt him with water balloons filled with clam chowder did you know that. That's that's really. Gross income by those they know that as its vice Versa the jaguars beat patriots. He gets Clinton Loveland fire squad coming in getting the players that are into the water balloons actually going to probably be much were difficult in your anticipating that's why I'm just gonna keep my enemy camp and I'm just gonna launch can out of. I'll just can't. Yeah okay all right. Blake morals if he didn't win this game man we kinda got a stop on trash right. Lady plays on the zags when we have to come up with something better to call him. Is there is there a better version of trash made illegal and recycling going yeah recite recycling Tobin right about that recycling. The cycle day I mean. It's going to call it post. Well either one compost heap is nasty but still I. Let's better than trash right nod I recycling they think recycling you know it's good for the environment alternately happy even though it's still trash aren't. Fine play as you win this game graduate contrast to recyclable series who put you could say he's fertilizer. Surgical seriously the jaguars win his functional like. It is is when it's likely because their defense of line they have they have some pretty sick guys that are okay place Campbell produced freak like. He's he's eat baby seals right. I mean if he did he Davis are hoping to get out news that's obviously work whatever eats its deadly not in a civic Tom Brady begin cold diet. Okay that you know football psychology and part of that could you imagine Belichick's post game press conference at the aged blues. Well the digits win Celtic got to translate his wife that he's put on the floor. Imagine what happens they actually Lou is the patriots put Tom Brady in the report this week you Soledad jammed man. Rumored as a leader himself trying to grind up and avocados even his fist and yup yup rays got a quack doctor doctor that Guerrero clown. And the recovery processes can be sped up when you snort the Dustin and have a policy so let's let's let's hand and then tried yet who for all Scientology's via the ball Scientology's yup. He's NFL Tom Cruise. Jaguars. Patriots. As the game. You talked about the game on the big game. Next up. Vikings Eagles Sunday 640 and at C championship that's the national football. Conference championship. Yes it's the battle. Unremarkable quarterbacks. What doesn't love that. So outside. Takes ice is winning so bullets serve as his redemption from his negative experience of the dolphins. It would be the biggest story of British redemption since the British Bulldog Davey boy Smith won the are gonna championship from Bret Hart at summer slam in Wembley Stadium. The deal. Hope you know that ago the big deal now Minnesota. They will become the first team. To playing their home stadium the symbols right they're going to be calm. The first seemed to play in their home stadium in this doable. Which depresses you a little bit to think about because it is. If you're anywhere close to my age you've had like a thousand Super Bowls played in Miami in the dolphins have not come close to him. Vikings. Eagles. NFC. Championship and you got me on the daily isn't right now. As a vigorous enough faith. The median. Soccer. And again. Given the dolphins will play in the next to roll Miami. But not. To go live. I do not bullets sets up nicely. But I do not. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. It's your game which you being shipped in the title that is not a big game sometimes. Name one. Look neat the SEC championship this year was not a big game that I Alabama and the planet they were so go to the national championship. Unemployment could not regain a putt when Sidney de. Texas writes in golden knights vs Panthers that's a big game tonight up add. And revenge game for what's the status. To go lots. And man they call taxi man. Now let's not only don't know no they don't call related content Netscape the curb and canceled the topic of his savage in me though is these kids are really considerate on what you play the theme of taxi when they're getting introduced. Tonight I believe is the game that the Panthers are honoring when rising. Is tonight the game and their they're putting up a number up in the rafters there they're put a unity you know and they're honoring him his name is going to be up in the rafters next. Next to bill Torrey right I believe. I think that's today it's tonight it is tonight so Wayne rising up is expected to be in attendance and and I think we talked about this last week where. IE. Yamon sin and what are Wayne rising his condition is like he has not been in the public eye for a very long time. And from from what I understand light key not a well I don't know yeah. Yen may not be doing so hot so as in he's not gonna be your arm around ceremonies are saying no I don't think so. Sell and is sitting and in witnessing his condition and he may make some people but sat I don't know. The Panthers are are doing the right thing and as a job I mean they're they're honoring when has he deserves so. Tonight's their old though apparently put his name up in the rafters their next bill Torre looked good job. Are in broad. Miami Heat back in action tonight they take on the Brooklyn nets. Tip off from Barclays is set for 7:30 PM that means coverage begins to break here on the ticket at 6:30 PM at Miami Heat pregame show revenge game. Revenge game is just look yeah. Try to put ourselves in April and the beginning that was so my cry and just focus on ourselves. It under the oath you know no that was the migraines impression on his ass like yeah it in my do in my eyes and does not mean. Spent a month. The ads are mean a game up on the Miami Heat after barely holding on against the Orlando Magic 1040103. LeBron James says that his team is in quote unquote struggled mill. What's the population of struggle group. I am right now probably twelve the active players on cavaliers roster. Can twelfth. LeBron James and stuff Perry were voted all star captains. LeBron says he's playing to win this year. From the east. Your starters. Are G-8 Jian is into. This into to compile. Out of we. I like you know why exactly what's in your mind. Is our boy former Marlins player now a New York thanks Jon Garland and I think that's I think that's what you've been thinking a. So when a husband and I mean Jon Garland videos all morning. And that's him. Henry Irving Joseph Allenby and DeMar DeRozan from the west Kevin Doran in need Davis DeMarcus Cousins in james' hard and the this year and LeBron and Seth Curry since there captains are going to their teens from those starters and I'll tell us not to pick within their own conference. It into an inning. Nods as a starter not televised which were extremely down. Are soft. So soft you know I saw a couple days when we saw yesterday but two mornings ago apparently on first take election RA. Stephen A Smith. What is saying how the cavaliers they would add Anthony Davis. They would be the favorites. Insulin. Why us. I mean it dad Kevin Durant they'd be the efforts. The bad stuff Corey they'd be to favor a half hours they already have the favorite without those guys they're trying to I mean if if they added. Then James Hardy and the media you know it they've they added 1986. Larry. They'd be the favorite deli the parent would Michael Jordan did they added 1993. Michael Jordan they beat it like would. So the favorites so that's it let's add guys to team's super diffuse way that Oscar on how committed Davis is a fridge in the same here as Yana slate. However there's no young listens to go blow rumors. Davis is three year on his contract after this year. Pelicans trading at Eddie Davis. And cavaliers adding emperor nothing. Possible. OC Tony Smith is very plugged in. You know it doesn't take you inside a series isn't on the cavaliers want Anthony Davis you know every team wants every good player. But hot. Is it possible that the pelicans. And because I don't know where are these rumors coming from why is this conversation. I mean it was an intimate two and on our necks of the cats is generally yet hasn't been trader for DeMarcus Cousins is is there a single. Played on outside the rod of course is there a single player on the cavaliers roster that the pelicans would want to for at least trading for these players are single player. For at the Davis no way via a single what are you could probably say would you go DeMarcus Cousins if the throw Kevin loving to at least is locked up. Trade LeBron James. Period I don't. If there is adding Anthony Davis. Now he wanted to do is still there I am I am reporting that the Miami Heat walked into needing amateur wanna team to a minor regalia they want. Shrugged and evidentiary close was because of the got saturated the runs in that Davis had. Funny. Slade counts be favorites they Anthony Davis you're brown pelicans just added great let her. And and a lot of teams would then act paid hasn't it David they add on to to compile. A history of stroke. Closed or. It's. So weird. I gets paid the big as a parent I've got by the league and all the Miami Heat want to Anthony Davis. Won. Well indeed says he's not addressing going out Rihanna anymore her. Now that he's an all star to show to capitalize and she had her shot. Through big for reader is surely he started the bottom now we hear. And if she wasn't about it back then. And you know about it now second time he's gone about this morning it but it's funny book it's. I've been derby winner baker may peel common antech commented on pennies still live ins or somebody wants to play in Miami he had him with a house tagged get me to Miami. Declare fight on Twitter just everybody knows. I comment about playing for Miami because I was talking to a former sooner and Kenny stills everybody can relax and will play anywhere that gives me a chance I'm not picky at local anywhere and strive to uplift a franchise when all games. I tweet coming suck conductor is agent called him and said what we don't. Rock payment yeah. There's a sooner Oklahoma has so many Perot. Players was was also sooner or Newser on two of Armonk NFL has so many. Oklahoma guys there's probably an Oklahoma guy on every single NFL team. Chose Miami for a reason. He likes Miami which of course makes sense what would you wanna go to Miami is my guess at Miami personnel mine he's also in you know. There there is top half of the draft so it makes you know Saleh K a east. He's not saying its team you don't want these final four teams like hey get me to Jacksonville you know Jacksonville's can be selecting either 2930. I it's ranked 3031 to 32 he knows not to be available there. What does all this is collecting these you could be available are right the agent wrote that statement baker mayfield wants the dolphins to select him around about it. On the ever man. We all know Tom Brady was held out of practice allegedly and he's had a hand injury. Doug Brown hair says pretty good probably broke his left hand. Isn't every speeches and lying. Bonds to be easy things break it rises early with up and haven't checked the waiver wire and Eminem and cut. Anybody anybody or turn Tom Brady's hand. Well be an easy name of the dead in a threat. They would be kept whether or not. Honest to god that's why they're not releasing the name of the player that is because it's because the backlash that's gonna happen and that patriot community is going to be insane but it is a line. Crazy parents on the injury report affected the batting line the pats have gone down to an eight how white paper. The Florida Panthers are back on the ice tonight skating with the Las Vegas cold nights the puck drops at 7 PM from BB anti. There's no forum doubled down on its pick of Kid Rock to perform the all star game. It would mean how they double down I think they just defended their selection usually. Yeah. What were the one of releasing that from said the man's performance you already 21 savitch Azeri won us the put out there on the rank my own. To our dates is USC into when he hit 220. Tillman wasn't you tell us whose biting heavyweight championship bright of cant wait studios vs France and got an AKA UC Drago they are trained listed in the USC lab. He dead the purse in the last time he was in the octagon I can't. He did what he dented he didn't. Is there any other big names that are fighting tomorrow didn't Cormier is by invoking who's the mayor for the leather chairs are not so much of that is because this for I also think championship. Why was it's negative it's titled it's it's not really vacated they gave the belt back to Cormier after John Jones popped. So even David Gorman is like I'm kind of looking elegant fighting for vacated title because I lost. Why why in this usually got what. What are you a seat and just take what did take the belt from John Jones and give it to Cormier who does not deserve because John Jones and eat him for the belt. Why do late Herman noted a restyled. I don't know where once like work I don't like everyone would watch that's what it is a light yet light heavyweight championship it's gonna take place over the span of you know. Three months or four months that's what the committee pulled the pulled the center. Of the map out and just let them decide the hand that's about Georgia for the have you it's outburst on the have a retirement tomorrow night there's still some members Rampage that sounds cool. Like tournaments along the tournament bowling tournament any else amber. The latest celeb to get the politics Hulk Hogan. Apparently they look us. From the GOP to have the hoax or run for US senate public form his daughter broke thinks he'd win. I have. But then when he wins and it comes in to office for the first time this plea BMW on music you like oh my god. I can't believe we actually voted him in look at him he's a magnet now. Yeah. You should've seen coming. And any else. A new stem cell treatment may increase the size of your manhood bitterly that those don't you. I eagle. He joins us next. The center Dave Corzine to wind your chance to win tickets and upcoming game at quarters mining technology harder. And your local satellite technology companies use them online and Puerto Support.Com. Spots they'll figure bulk dot com Lauderdale BMW Pembroke Pines and by Marron. Al hike Lopez and Martinez PL keep listens to take to win your right into. An upcoming heat home game tonight heater and Brooklyn road trip continues first night of back to back it's at 730 at Barclays center. Audit the pregame siren here from the you know boxer is at 630 and of course Mike Inglis has your call. On the television side at the nets and I need goal as the voice and of course you know you see on CBS at hand felt he had Steelers jaguars past weekend. He's put us in the Brian fuels and bouncers convenience stores gas signed truly sets beyond convenient eyeing the morning we appreciate you joining us here and our first thing's first is what we do wanna ask you a couple things about the NFL but as far as the heat the heat are taking on the nets here tonight. And I saw that he'd also are so orders were announced last night the MBA all star sorters. The fans voted. It's giant weed we on this show we are deeply disappointed that they have decided they are not going to televise. The drag. Chip. Me that's the whole reason to do drafted so we can watch the players get. To my right. You know a few years ago are remembered it pretty vividly the Florida Keys sit out toward the rookies so you'll start being more as. Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith rap T. And a pardon sounding great. They're young guy to get them there by eight Kenny internal goal perched on it. John Wall. If I remember correctly. What will latch. Of that group. And use that some kind of motivation for the next years. This NBA career so you're right of course are more intrigued at the public the year we know which equity go to the wrong. But I think the NBA elect did not embarrass anybody took to steal it to trickle latched it. The only player to be NBA. Could be a finished giving and there could actually get some. So we're feeling down the road. You know the NHL they do it on TV and the guy who's picked less he gets like a caller. That's pretty even right there. He gets caught our. I gather I get it from me out there looking at it in pretty rational BNP area. Try to pursue your problem or pop then they took preemptive measures that that the symptom getting in the equation. Jimmy some thoughts on what you see from the outside looking in okay sports heater concern in the heat our top four in the east they may need literally don't have a single. Player on their roster. Was ever a here in an all star game in their career in some thoughts are on the heat. Extremely well coached they play so ordered night in night out and the fact that they can mix and match. We is whoever is available by you the night. I go to my chart a mark prep work these gains. And half the guys that are prepared for market apply. Because they've been dealing with the injuries either throughout the season were recent injuries and BK to Tyler Johnson editor showed you that they don't use any excuses so that just doesn't fly in Miami is star Pat Riley continued. With Erik Spoelstra. Like the way they built their team in the got a lot of personal players there are you function being welcoming to different olds and because of that. I think in the Eastern Conference the way it's set up. There they're going to be fine I I which say that I'm surprised but ultimately outcome I'm not they always seem to find a way. To be in the mix and it would appear in their last year beyond a doubt for the terrible start. That the only thing included them from being played out even gets what nobody who want to see them in the playoffs last year so it's a testament to. Alley organization run and the fact that Eric Spoelstra get the most out of this guy and it's really impressive to watch. Since you do said he these guys in preparation for them one of the guys that we've been talking about who is the only guy and then its roster has potential of making the all star game would be Goran Dragic what are your thoughts on Dragic and no he gets. It's overlooks nationally because he's on the steam. It's funny when a player does well again the team that you copper. You tend to change your perception rather would show. Doing that its last 24 years rocket you've been in the NBA for ten years later rocket. As to open air speech step along the way Phoenix. Use been. Miami. They're plea that is sloping into it and appreciate it and killed a man is it's just one of those. Strange phenomenon that app that app in years ago remember. That just doesn't happen again to meet covered doesn't mean he's doing it again everybody Chris Gatling. Who is actually a former member of the heat as well. Chris Gatling. Would kill the nets when they played the Dallas Mavericks children every cop double double might. Fourteen minutes of action eleven points twelve boards. And man on the net acquired him and eat and children that as a net security he couldn't get anything done so which rocket guys I've always been. And it is always. Like his style. You're right he doesn't get nearly the amount attention are they sure are look at him the winner look at him beamer. And and would Miami acting he'll set the tone physical grow on an edge that he brings to the war. Prop not gonna get any holes or accolades holes certain done by he's a guy that in my mind. I probably goes onto the radar in and that's unfortunate. We. I legally owed us courtside television voice Brooklyn nets and you see it on CBS CBS NFL he and Dan felt excellent team they had the Steelers and the jaguars. This past weekend and you know more work on for the jaguars this weekend couple reasons our producer. Sir believe it or not is one of the very few jaguar fans okay is a huge market yet yes really it's very hard to believe. And also we obviously are rooting against the patriots so you saw the jaguars firsthand last weekend. I do Jackson chance this weekend ought to know. If we we sit down for the production in Egypt and even the coach and then re worked by players and the goal there's really did just apply. Only to get information which is the obvious news on here but just to get a sense. Or between the recovering in a better sense no camera no we're in the room. And Dan and I walked away from that meeting him and so to one another and the guys are either. We usually cocky. Were they truly believe that they're gonna win this game and that meant younger guys. Like Jalen Randy and older guys like the latest Campbell. Leonard four and and obviously it was it was probably a little bit about it but that's what that works for them so. Go into England do you think you're so opposite of very tall order they have no frame of reference that apple would be that was the one. Real benefit there they had film they at eight they had multiple memory. And playing the Pittsburgh Steelers they could put it up on the big screen in their facility they look. We why we dominated these guys we controlled the line of scrimmage. They just don't have that would New England or think you're gonna have to happen. Their defense and perhaps you probably underscore again we're set themselves up. Or schoolwork. Our special truth to worry. A huge role in this game it in my mind it's well and the biggest difference is that Pelletier will be ready crippling portal will look so poised and comfortable. In that fourth quarter in pressure moments. There's going to be a spy on him he's used to have to deal with more they're probably out into the war. I don't expect it must look that's what they did against Pittsburg if the Big Apple poachers Chad as one. This is the game has probably gonna have to be played Moorer in the twenties and thirties and forty. I I was one of the biggest doubters and Jacksonville's ability to go and beat the arts as well but. After speaking with callais yes I don't know what it was I felt the same sense that that you're in Powell's felt was. Mimic these guys really believe like the confidence and the guy who was unbelievable so I left. After speaking with wood with clay as. Miles we will wait a minute I got to kind of changed my tune a little bit the way I was feeling. There and where it's true has brought. Professionalism of the team obviously he's brought the production except for a church were too abstract. But. They're feeding off of that they young guys. Are buying yen and sometimes with young guys. They don't know what they don't know. I eat. I have heard a strange feeling about there's this Jacksonville team that. In this wacky. Topsy turvy and it filters and it really has been if you think about it. With everything it's on our complete we want all the way through the year champ future parents wouldn't be creating a pitcher and the object or some out the industry's global. I kept pick them because his logic tells me other. Other observations have come to the forefront. Bought it. Iron I wouldn't. Be shocked by their parent would be completely shot. Boosting somehow emerges on the other end I. I think Minnesota's got a little bit of that there's Eudora and been killed or them. I beat the vikings are gonna play on their own stadium commission over that way am I'm leading amount. Finally here I am of course you know you work for a major network parents CBS and NBC has Super Bowl this year so we were talking earlier in the showed today. This is the big network does he see it they debate hair. It's a huge disappointment for them in this year that they get the Super Bowl in the rotation. It's portals person's genome like it is big. I hit my beat yeah I know on circus sir there's an automatic audience that to quote bill been. But often times networks look on the best possible. Steps he tracked her to their game is based on the fact that you get it once every three years and we wanted to be memorable. Clearly if it's a great game that's what people will remember but the build up is such a orbit two weeks leading up to. So it's unfortunate that been that way and in my mind at least we're trim. I think it's fantastic that we get new names if people knew cheating. Are true that's what it's about the NFL has ruined you root for a few reasons. What the problem is the fact that every single year or he went straight ears and he. There was in last place Indiana so the previous season and it's finished in first place and what else the next year it happens every year and re. Band eight believes altered in the ground that they have a chair. When the student starts. At. Pretty incredible to think about the NBA which we started talk about obviously would baseball. And what hockey or has that have not in the NFL you can turn things around quickly and as we present you can sustain it. You can't have one of those one year magical corporate rights and to me it's if you get put the championship game the biggest game of the year. Create your quarterback that never suspected or Sheen that you never expect it. To Patrick which aren't. Great job fine thanks lot for joining us and we really appreciate it. I have fun night we've Garnett and am brought down the road. Hi Diana sign eagle right there again television voice of the nets and of course I Indian dance outs in June CBS games for a long time is very good. He's one of the he's one of the the more respected. Renowned two broadcasters. Especially when it comes and yet when it's March Madness on CBS he must mean he's CBS guy he does. He does the NCAA tournament to write his visa rather than yeah now. Our rights. Excellent job there. Like you know it comes out of the production meetings in Jacksonville on to us that that's that he too that's the way that when I felt being on the fail right down to fail that's a team. Why. You know really want to ask them what is his favorite movie iron eagle and who doesn't junior I mean thank god. So excuse. Us. Do you feel. That's sports grill in December kinds of us on Sunday with a certain. Opens jaguars. Who limits your jaguars. Face off against beast patriots. There's blood feud. The hang out with them. Enjoyed beer specials boneless wings you all love sports real special wings c'mon now. Championship Sunday and watch party. Easton Tobin it's Portugal pines. 220 northwest 280 avenue on surprise you do when that. Was that. I mean I would wanna watch a game with a much people yeah. Well it will the reason being is in super comedy go into the street and I wanna see the look on these days I don't wanna see everybody publicly laugh and him are. How old Dalton is to come out there is mocking him because screwed patriots man super steam no I write this axis of evil. The jaguars are America's team as we again thank you 100 you'll. But still I islet and I understand you would not I understand you wanting to CB's. Reaction. It's the patriots lose by that is outweighed to me by the possibility of the jaguars not winning and being around other people. Ice I I I I wouldn't wanna be around anyone at the dolphins were in the case championship game Seattle watched that game at home. Or around people that we trust. I don't remember what we did we did like a road rally we'll have in the arena he was team's 61. Of the using at the pace in the heat of the crap kicked out of him. That was not a good field yet and yet it's terrible you don't wanna do that but it's the best feeling when your around the bunch of people office. You're reading the same team not only a different when you're at the arena watched Boris everyone there are inevitably is on your side who he's going to a ball was adamant so there's no state super one side or the other be plenty of patriot fans to honey people who are pawn against the patriot. It and find out what our bid in a bar watching a game and then your high mining people in your and your talking bully to the people there and finally that the other team and and Osama you know like month. No I just I I don't why don't want to be. I don't wanna be upset when a play doesn't go my favor and other people happy to climb up sets that that's an awful feel. A terrible feeling that I only want the ports I crossed. First time you're not a blow it no I controlled the situation I don't want extra aggravation. Added it's my debt. What's gonna happen is the gyro is going to be the holy hell out of pitchers comic yell back the sport scotus I. That is and clam chowder is gonna write an obese nose so he knows clinch out of firing squad is coming that's scenarios on and bought it. The opposite scenario is a nightmare. Listen you know these things come with risks and and sometimes you gotta risk to get the best. You made it. Definitely. Yes and force and a wrap of the week she in terms of you in fact. Haven't got a chicken yeah. She Limbaugh. No really hold. That knows occupied JC from its. Budget round. Try it Sunnis. That's taste perfection you better believe that's these good toward winning. Wins awards. You know just days but would. Nurtured words it's all that makes it good. I'm not news factored. In are you alluded to it for the big game not a big game. Jade giant biggest thing seen. In England since Moses since it was since the British Bulldog when he took on Bret the hit man Hart. So Davey boy Smith and Bret hit man Hart and summer slam 92 was one of the best matches in the early ninety's it was front of 80000. Yeah patriotic fans flatly Wembley. Smith obviously beat. Bret Hart and one superb match they said it was one of the best matches in history humorous way of head of its time you only issue is. We're Davey boy Smith was all jacked up on crack. On a rack he was high on crack because they were smoking crack the whole night before they boarded the plane to head over to. You just try to convince me that there are drugs that reviewing fullest as 25 years ago had been nine hard haven't sat and cried the whole night correct. He forgot the whole wrestling routine that part right now. I'm Bret Hart had to ultimate carried them carry him throughout the whole match that I remember because he was higher than a hundred hippies. Wrestling in front 80000 people on cracked cracked black kid yeah it's a black. So obviously due to the abuse of crack in a lot of older recreational drugs. We're baby boy and rest in peace stylish more 39 in a susteren. But yet that's. Let's straight up don't do crack. Promo were there for an excess of 71 year Kyle championship. Better fat is so economy back don't do crack whores are facts but he won the Intercontinental champion and on track. Boy wizard which serve fact this morning is. It's illegal when it got out ship it to be smoke crack and a modular and us not graduate she went a thousand people cheering your name and be at the pinnacle and a career or go well I. That not a track. And then you'd really knows the mom are you be able to appreciate it much better. Or you just chase Jernigan it despite and think you're in front of 80000 this guy that is in doozy to big and that doozy. And I could dump. And I. Overseer or not you're not nervous you're excited I'd be nervous as all hell no and I'll never been supergenerous for the spew. These two in the food Kevin your indicator houses can work are you being compensated for this Minkow says about victory. Well you don't get that you not get now Luke what the the win lots. Their bet is the New England clam chowder wonderland. It's already did you find out that peace is so anti appearance being not getting any. Which I wouldn't that Buckingham. A look at your hand and a market I'm. Not doing it now it's going to be doused in shame. I were all on world won't Freeman and. We're predicting more on your predict okay our title I'm pulling for you and Judd Gregg. That's an eye on pat and I. That's invite cats and vikings that is the worst Super Bowl possible okay I'm Andrew Jackson vikings now. No no Jack wasn't OJ Jai. Pat and vikings. Ever do better I really really hope. Those are wrong but me and I have a hard time thinking that the patriot that I am I'm gonna here in the vikings as well as I think it will finally see a home Damon. In the Super Bowl but I mean I really really one. The jags you know. Yeah. Lung. And a. Wore out new Roberta I distill the sooner the former resident of do vote counting. I also picked John Edwards and Obama I. Now be on my own. And I being right rob. Yeah all Ambien right. Whether it's our cell mate Rick the scores of the games this weekend next.