ZRA Part 3 1-2-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, January 2nd

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Children disappointed that I mean you know season's start a road we're through injuries and there are. They're here were pretty certain quarterback. You know we look forward to next season and held will be adjustments to endure you know you throw as much as I put into a team and try and do all the right things to end you don't talking about the discipline and you lose the excuse me. Costs. Talks of a sailor. In the past DC excuse me after course. Sixty campaign. Yet to forget your character it's. Thank god totals over coming out the sports score a lot of big game on Monday that's right big game big enough it's him against. Give each other famous special little wings eve and I eat their wings along sport's growth and Libya. Necessary for an easier it was just go to go to any mugs and let us all of them. Yeah a ball or optical allow present and it jointly accident attorneys the 807 or seven free that's 807473733. V. Owner Stephen Ross there obviously at and T sustain is no reason you'd fire random case. The the real question would be if you keep the guys above him in place and he said that he is keeping them in place. Not a fan of I mean I don't know much about Chris Korea not a fan Tannenbaum. By both of them all or Morgan State what. Not necessarily. Terribly opposed to it because they do you think having some stability. Is better than continuing to to change things in and outs. Overall. They're going to pay. So obviously injury. Gil goma to urge on your page obviously injury a lot of money and overpay. To obviously injury. And I I don't the draws them. I think the end the end of his season was a perfect example. Of of. The risk in him being what are your main guys. And on the inning count I'm in a big hit in a big game as far as the the emotional level. I think players from here now are only gonna try even more and more to goad him into doing some and stupid. And he's likely take the bait. Because I mean like caught have been so bad to escalate that's what you said he was he was he was defending himself. We like Robert okay go to answer I mean I'd like like you plainly for nine years old guy I felt not safe when I stand. The game is inherently unsafe. To be feared for your safety during the game. And around my played a very different it is done and what you Kennedy you've got. With some of the monsters off the field. It's soft going down there might be a little bit different but you're on the field and everybody everybody's out there trying to get after a little bit I'm thirty. It is an issue are you willing to say they don't trust Kenyan break. Because an incident. Another was history there I was asking played a really stupid thing that he did but the history art in this is binge obviously injuries entire career so far on the my concern is is is. IC Jarvis Landry and I don't know this man so I really shouldn't be talking about on the way but to really get paid to do Romberg but. I see the money. And powering a guy like him to make him even more. Other explosive fire crybaby then. Then then then the latter of making him a little bit more veteran ask reserve professional. I see the money empowering a guy like him as opposed to you know going the other. Here's the quotes from Jarvis landry's as I was just defending myself I guess the second person is always getting high. It was just putting hands under I face mask the whistle was RD blown IRD score the touchdown like I said I was just defending myself and protect myself. And they threw the flag on meet and then he later added. I regret that my teammates and about spot and I put myself and about sought by but again I do have a career to protect somebody tries to jeopardize that I have the right to defend myself tea. Obviously Andrew goes in that game on Sunday no wing. That bills are going after him there's a history there and what the bills did you have to know notes like it's like Michael Crabtree to keep delete OK Crabtree new go into that game. That's why he hates his is his jewelry to his chest he drew. Going into that game is going to be a situation okay John obviously injury goes into this game knowing. The bills are going to be coming after him and guess what it's still more. It's still worked and he knows. Going into the game that their common form and he still. Put him seem in a situation where you know they could use in game online rose more important forum to get all crazy idea. And and we've seen it time and again from drugs when you man but they are they are going to pay him they're going to over pay him. These speeds WT XY AM South Miami. And WS SS HD true. Not at. You know I don't bought it Parker should've been a difference maker to Bobby Parker is a skill sets. Where he put a big difference maker he's can't stay on the field you can't count on him okay you can't challenge obviously injury because he's too emotional. Can't count San field. But he's Isa is a big play maker is all liable guy and a lot of guys legally do. So there's things you argued about in and of itself makes a difference. He is it that he's a solid receiver who's reliable solid even though he's not at it is the only right but sort of solid receiver he's SP paid the highest. And any receiver should a solid receiver in high speed receiver. This I hit a solid receiver should solid received the highest paid the apple it's ridiculous to me that jar with a hundred would be the highs me Nana I have to or same time the that this is no potentially with the market it it meant the dolphins do you find them LCI. I don't know marketed to take that city. We'll Selig if it could be a situation where it's like. I'll take a little bit less from the blessed that I want from then more. But you know me to stay here with you gonna paint like we'll see a situation like that. Where he's gonna if he wants fifteen million he Arctic to welcome the dolphins don't take twelve Mac LC. Texas trying to say that you know wasn't a somewhat sort of miniature player and didn't he. Have room to grow when he grew. Yet what you saw Hassan Whiteside grow as this season went on like you want to sort of confident that he can do it and I know he felt confident that dolphins can do that but then a tiger can't change his stripes in because Jarvis says that he's going to be. More mature and more reserve. When it went on another man's hand goes on to face mask and gloves get in your face in the sticky gloves he rubbed all over your face. He's gonna lose his mind again you know he's done that's just that's just the way he placed on or got to change frustrating man for someone like Adam gays were like what else do. And an easy after he's talked injury about it day in court date on and off the encouraged with a light. They liked the enthusiasm in the emotion that Jervis line you brings that team they'd like to. Granted that that look at the beginning of this year. They were willing to take some of that bad for all the good that Jervis ledger could provide for distinct both on the sideline and on the football field. Now I'm not sure I'm I'm not sure third you know of Ross is gonna make called down out of gays and Sanyo find me something different. Yeah who knows maybe ABC also defended the way that whole situation played out what else. You know maybe maybe he's got pummeled in the sky this morning and other gimme all those embarrassed. With that thrown in general Andrew is glad a very consistent reliable season with Jay Cutler gives his back he also fumbled the ball Blair for. Stepped out of bounds those again on the ball all the motivated me. If you don't wanna talk about Jonas Landry that he's he's not a big play guy is not like you do you look at the numbers over. He led the league in receptions 812 or led the league. He did not crack a thousand yards which is is read it to listen I mean you look at these other guys like us and the guys like to the top I'm. Stealing. At thirteen hundred yards. On twenty some odd less catches. It he did that often during a lawless was almost pegged as a deep threat and then also and got here Ernie Ellison he's like catch him under a thousand yards erupting but but but eight million receiving catches me. Me and Joseph it's. Had. Fewer catches. So it doesn't fit more. Catches than jars Landry 11100 yards a dozen the quarterback situation. Matter know and this is special is Angie like I guess drugs and had a couple thousand Tutsis but it's always been obviously entry lease a high yards per catch Scott and all of all these guys on this list poorer among delete the you look at the top fifty. Leading yard getters eight in in reset in in receivers this year. All of them are double duty yards for cash drugs and he's the only guy under diligence is under nine is eight point eight. It's easy ease. He's not a difference maker he's a solid receipt although it does make a difference of you have somebody you can consistently the road to who is going to Gregory yards I agree. I can't I only had a few and every black I agree I can't hate that guy when he's the best receiver in the NFL and that's of the dolphins probably and it. Also let's not forget there were a lot of the money uses defensive side of the ball are now the money is so strong element defense of some of the ball when you're dealing with a few offensive linemen that are gonna pay Google money to. And I'm interested to find out what's gonna happen pouncing more than anything your best guess older gonna keep a first for me it cult is not sup did you hear this past week that gushing over my bouncy I cannot understand it all. All that they say as best years abroad you know as a might never got a medal till Torre. Micros jog along the goal line way to get in that kill everybody else is gonna Grumman. Mike's or my hip is not going underneath that there is no way they don't keep my county I mean a war on my gosh I don't know what my how to decide what he wants to that's my guess you think you mean I want anymore. Recently it's we'll talk about recently wants to several more years nobody feels great he did tell you. I goes at a street view is he says this this me making this game is dull middle finger Stallman haters yeah it's true. Yeah playing in making this game yen because he played sixteen games Sussex in games so Leahy's call an analyst doubters don't begins past weekend. Played a barrel early on yeah yeah all my god it would caution all of my county this week. I just EEE yet you know your best guess. The best teams who leaked OK you feel it there over payment on a guy's not from. The spread that wealth to be in a bunch of good gonna get good value added to the cause of good value. And like the dolphins are about to seriously overpaid Jones slandered all we know that for sure. You have no granola. Let me guess what doesn't as in the knock it over pay him and keep them or England got. And it vacant lot and all its presence. I think drug dealer came to keep them. Especially since you didn't negotiate with them and Nazis. Embarrass advantage I had native to meet you can't trust them. I cannot trust and memory are the pitchers were on him. I know bill's gonna put up with those antics either but also that they don't pay guys like. Like they're not gonna like who who makes money on the offensive side of the integrity honesty and massive Paco to. Can we have lost moss moss is coming off two down years in Oakland like they were against him for whatever they want. The only guys in the off inside to get Peter Brady and speaking of Oakland is this group really going to be the next coach of the raiders. After the paper new rules are going to be somebody in the audience got a statement it'll burst got to. It would seem to reason though Tom Brady restoring your policy proud be a little less upset that. Bills during your balls great I mean. The emotion better candidate dodgy about Belichick he's really go yeah well no I'm not at the Denver bag is than lender may pianist slightly better mirrored Tom Brady was on there on the walls. Nor does it matter of here's Bridget who cares pages you'll fourteen and do. Make him that much better than kicking your lasts. They they have they have on drugs landry's man they do either call in and dole or is called an old man Maurice called though whenever the white guy name I mean like. It may have a month's storms Anderson but it. These airlines are brought to you by zillow zillow worth millions of photos of homes for sale and for rent historically tracing data and tools to help homebuyers find what they are looking for a zillow find your way home. We're four Panthers there on 22560. That's. That's right applicant that once again and they start big old tiger too nice and Williams and who wants at this almost every game. They want five. Driver two straight shot hours ago two points two point teach those. And that is your fifteen seconds as fours rooting goes out ulcers is like the raiders are they're they're gone hard after rude and there apparently all for mistaken ownership. In all seriousness. If you're gruden. Why don't you take that job. And I agree I'm never coming back. I've gone back to want to coach coaching guilt why are you take a blessing to you that's how did you get why collect coaching boredom. I'm not stay I don't know I wouldn't. No boring it is getting caught it book it would just be boredom as an idol TD border adult they calling men in April also much but it would be the lack competition. And just humanness new play by play I do as well yeah he's knew you would gruden maybe he would miss the competitive spirit. Let me get paid so much money he sees an iPod owner guy is jobs. I hear you aren't are not really that page about the pressure element was like you made a lot of money hurricane. He makes a lot of money now. He wanted to see the whole coaching and here's also a thing. Let's say he goes back to coaching one day that's gonna be over again time to do it forever and the Kush gig any hazard now to golf. You know it's it's what it's like Tony Romo. Willie gab jobs that are opening up backup quarterbacks as Roma was relieved he Tony. You want to leave that job you never get back you're the number one analysts on CBS you leave now. Peyton Manning or someone else gonna go take it you never get back. Who leads this gig right now which he likes these pretty good ankle and back would you want your Peyton Manning southern draw out of football game. He's funny I don't know if he'd. Ali good news commentator and overly long I don't wanna hear on prom at the draw at announced nights sound silly on the service why would gruden take that job and it's. Why is probably as you do these. Reportedly making six and a half million here right now when there week we grew what do you do for you. What I mean there's more Morgan won and we visiting our own rap and everything but yeah I mean nothing compared to coaching nothing. I'm not so several law Visio 010 criticism. Thurgood Marshall of the camera but what can they possibly give a manually 78. And that meant. Yet we can't be much more or ten Max ordered one day a week. And and I if I remember correctly it goes all the big thing going rooting ends. Greens are regiment when he was the coach that he sweetening at the facility he's an all right tiger on Roland. Can't. That was fifteen EU should don't need a lot alike now. I I don't so you so I guess I'm saying is I'll believe he's taken jobless. Tell us Susie making. In his last two years of coaching tree Foreman must have a few million is making a lot more now current and I'll believe when I see way easier job ugly wanna see it only reason I can see any offer ever being taunting is I guess if they're willing to give you an equity stake in the team like that it's. That would be immigrants. Are going to be the difference maker. Although as you still maybe on a team one day in some capacity without actually having to be the coach probably geared Jon Gruden that problem while plywood plywood the current owner give you that promised jobs. An owner isn't always easy give it TO but you don't think it ownership group would eventually. You know team up with him for small equity portion. Now isn't that kind of money. I really scan that Jeter deal Leah. Name put in a couple million and you listen to be an offer him coaching job it's every year maybe somebody will opposition leader of the Ohio. He's already done the head coaching thing in in Oakland as well are you wanna go back. Let me do some of these. Headlines is college football's on eye on all happened yesterday Georgia defeated Oklahoma 54 to 48 in double overtime here's what talent. Not a goes emotionless snap the Michel he's running to the left dangling 1 o'clock when he got to look good they thought. That's good. It looks like. Tell where I was at Georgia caller Oklahoma. I'm wondering I don't know women guest list are just. Alabama defeated Clemson twenty port six that means Georgia will face Alabama next Monday night in the national title game intently at Gillette. Hillary's guys still went to semi highest paid wide receivers the NFL Antonio Brown Deion drill Hopkins AJ green Julio Jones to Marius Thomas you feel. You've really taught us Andrea belong to a Nolan is no freaking way. Concern. But the real casual zambians some would argue. You see up knights got as low as UCF nights he's and I the signing UCF minister perfect thirteen you know after beating Auburn in the peach bowl thirty. Or it's when he settled force there was a lost in the do that right thirteen and O Neil. I was approaching mr. Imus is my guess checking it team was so good you it was funny really lived up to the billing. Was better in my game the house that game was something pretty similar. Noticeable how she'd keep the property USC comfortable my game well I mean the double overtime I know. No we're gonna tell you it was a national championship and that's an all time game and a few years from now known to remember UCF and that's all in that piece all older member. It. Mark Richt apologized for or braiding the officials storing the Orange Bowl where he grabbed it officially been put his hands on them he said that he wants to apologize for his language interpreting museum army official. It did not show the proper respect to the authorities of our game. The dolphins at pick eleven in this year's NFL drafts. When is C and no milk cannot think improper activity am running out clarity as somebody slotted at number eleven are now right now playoff. Oh yeah they try to be very rarely does less flooding no lineman for the dolphins and Odom garnered from get a card in order to yell. In a gal. Doesn't address a year black Monday in the NFL so a whole bunch of Anadarko to austerity on fire barriers still rader heard. Is the poll since July just he's he's gone out. Her Syrians retired for the cardinals. And the writers about announced that they will not make. Coaching change. And yet there was a possibility advanced Joseph was gonna get fired that's not cool I mean you're just a one yearly unifier and after one GQ was like what are you wouldn't there's that they keep animal can be sure keep him. But the other ones. Lions got a fire Caldwell got out please. The raiders they dig in gruden so they fired Del Rio. All that's a tough one like. The raiders of the host that's how a year a gun and now this year are fired or that's that's a tough situation command my movie sucks and and the bear is off John flock he got fired him two and now. You know. I'm looking for anything else that might be clay Campbell is an interesting player of the year and to show that. Clay is Campbell all escalate as Campbell for the Jacksonville Saxon bill jaguars. And possible candidate for defensive player of the year you can go home old ass on the uncle. I should mention again the Dion Waiters is going to consider having offseason ankle injury I understand how it all night code that he is said this. Just so he diminished his trade value is so that he can continue to enjoy his new pine crest Clinton's legacy at the brown sought. An amazing so metabolic. Not too far from the crew met Geron says you guys are better than ever to help the school. Whenever I at how sight of their seats are wrong and he does. Giving you bought them like I Munson abandoning. Discolored. And I am referring. Twelve people who Sharma. A man who's. Reportedly have a twelve person shower in his new mansion now only occurs and how mammogram will be Osama. I'm rural Newton. And hope. Oh hoses answers closes pose as any else ever. That's a mine fire at fifteen minutes he'd they begin a three game homestand to Moro that's next. I shot free. I got spies like champion four by fours outlawed as someone Jeep truck and SUV customizations shop be guaranteed debt modest four by four modifications in town. Golf champion four by fours 786523446. Or go to champion four X four. Dot com also like Comcast extending delivers the fastest Internet. The most Wi-Fi coverage sell your home and the most Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide only from X entity. Right so the heat begin a three game homestand tomorrow night put the Detroit Pistons. They come off of a they went on the sect madam back to back on Saturday they won in Orlando regain that Tyler Johnson had 22 points in the third quarter along at 22 was 31 in the third. And at a huge three in the fourth quarter. I know is at the Orange Bowl wants. Then every time match would score of the heat and answer each time draw huge Johnson and both those at old and had great teams. And they get a game that they desperately needed who avoid. A losing skid. So nineteen and seventeen now gone it's tomorrow night and eight you know. You're happy you're Tyler Johnson again. It was not long ago that you were very unhappy with Tyler on love Tyler Johnson right now. Besides that he was great on Saturday night's four for the entire month of December. He will lose some. Like Tyler Johnson in December and that that's our games OK Tom Johnson in December. Is better than Dion Waiters has been this year. Indisputable. So you don't deal wants take his time in coming back welcome. Believe we get it to get Dion Waiters a got a second half last year that's the guy you want back but. Arab there's any real reason to believe that that will be to god. Because war isn't higher career he's in the got a we've seen so far this year so a Dion to take its time. Feel a 100% comeback when your 1000% against biker has Tyler Johnson right now. As disorder. The news is playing a lot. Pentium waiters has played. Any points to take the possibility of any traits op the table if it Dion Waiters is is definitely staying in Miami for years. Do you want him to have the surgery do you feel good about him saying that now he thinks he's going to happen. He'd do in the doctor softens yet attorney Michael I can't hear you would you rather have a during the season so that way he's actually ready for next year. Pisa has it in the offseason is going to be a lingering thing right. I don't know what's the recovery I think I think we'd read that I heard it was that long recovery yet but I think if he has it immediately after the season then he would probably be back around the beginning but that's a good that's what we had to read the whole reason he didn't do that is because the contract negotiation was coming out. And that would have waited months appear to waited until after I was sick and parents who is mentally and waits on its most US. Eggs and months along well and that's why I'm saying like if the here and that out of position going into the post but you say post all star week. And you know you give them a little bit of a run a little bit of a shot to get another run but they don't have anything. At the end of the tunnel it do you want him there are trying to iron teams as get a dollar. No it did to return here rightly label daisy ten month out please look Roddick gonna be that the pro gonna stick around analysts say the if you get on he got cut DRI. Collapse that probably they gonna stick around here or maybe that yeah rugby barely over five yeah and they only get it asked he has to play. The only reason that they would collapse. Albeit they decide to load up and make traits again it's that's really the only reason because. Since their told who's been here ten years he always a lot better. In the second half. And on first okay so you have that and on top they're a team that has been crushed by injuries so far this season start again healthy. Il Whiteside back. Eight eat coming up you know. Tomorrow. Wool big and several days or is Saturday easy on Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday okay. And that's a lot of time in between games so James Johnson justice Winslow. That could be a game tomorrow night where they comeback of it's not tomorrow maybe it's Friday against New York like those guys especially JJ. Eggs those guys are going to be back soon. And she sought to get healthy bodies back. They're there and as. Frustrating as the season has been. Given up back personally and division. Now was division mile does. That it isn't a apply the like they're hanging around. And you're just your opening get healthy bodies back. Which looks like it's going to be sent but there's no real reasonably that this team is going to wind up collapsing. CO for the third spot his back the hornets. Thirteen and 23 what's the third spot. Oh in the in the division Alia. I shouldn't LeBron doesn't wave back. I should even abroad division big that even matter it win division literally as a matter of if they win tomorrow are they're wins mode Hakim backed deters the force. Right right that that's really it was below that is looking at the overall stance yet they're right. The league and a half game back. Of your right the final. Top four spot in the east and you know that in some ways a prep season. Text or rights and doesn't Deion have a clause saying that yes when somebody games this year. So is not like he was deepening offs are already out c.s then yeah that is true yeah does have that bonus clause can yet he's trying to play man SO all the reason you're not gonna merger now. Yeah and some games the now he can make as he did that is that he dug in trade from his new palace. And it's exactly right should I mean that isn't effective strategy great he just told the world that he feels like he's domains to have surgery. In the offseason. Frustrating for Dion Waiters. I'd on the annual strained for Dion Waiters anyway I don't think Dion Waiters has a whole heck of a lot of trade value at this point not that it's a bad contract but. Yeah I mean hello again everyone kind of knows who Dion Waiters is I really and and look he's here so he's our guy and I'm behind Dion Waiters but. Guys have Lazarus an anomaly man like he is what he is. Maybe we don't we all know that pressure. He had a bomb we'll last year to. We have a bad ankle that continuously got turned over in turn over like you didn't notice is this this injury you know was it he has no injury history before coming here. Not really yelling Dow's part of the frustrating thing from last year. Could he miss a lot of the first apple last season that he got hurt again at the end of last year. And now is doing this right now it's he had no injury history before coming here. Use it use of very healthy player. Emmys a pretty young guy had an incredible second half the season last year. It is possible that this injury is the reason overseeing the performance our scene from hands that season. And that if he was how it got the injury and got healthy his stance threes and maybe he could be our guy he wasn't like an apple lawsuits and again. And we also do it again courteous contract. Her love of the push washer try to finish up that season and duo was to pay this off season so. He canceled these fat. Mean I don't buy it. Two teachers are man has is fat his legs don't work. I'm by. A resident I give Tyler Johnson continues to play this well. Was oblivious in him because I'm rooster that contradiction you're with them playing well. Found it's not a big contract he's here and he's had a did December buy it before that not so much as eighteen and economic picture and then the year after that. Look at every teams that are lowlands to Trace remain in all of that they he aren't the ones who sought who originally inked him to that contract it was another team as it. So. You know there's at least one other team who who wanted to pay him that. There's got to be some teams out there would take dollar Johnson but I don't think veto our our engines and trains out Johnson right now. In the nominee ladies. And play rights. He's playing great for a matter of weeks and days playing great he's playing great for a guy who makes you know five million this year on. I'm worried about that bald next year because there have been charged in Thailand Johnson where. He is very consistent with the shooting and then they'll have these scorching hot games so I just don't know if you invest that much into player. Who will do that for a woody and get him back contact seller relief to get him just get an X amount of books. Whatever it takes a just. Adds is that I think it's a big worry in salary cap. You need some really one even gets a four like nineteen knowing getting a lot of terms nines and Denise hourly and eggs if if they're gonna. And you just free agency you know senator William to hates. Heat it's. I'd much rather billed as seen through trades was. I don't know but I types I'd I'd rather go through trades then. Two in the whole free agency thing and my gets grade they've hit the jackpot with LeBron and Chris Bosh. But otherwise seems always made their way through trades and somebody that you know trying to buy and a player that some other teams put in the bill for. Com and that has already been. Into that contract for year two was probably. The best scenario now vessel to do is yet finding I was fallen out of favor somewhere in. Absolutely. And I hate freed so I'd rather them trade their way. Anyway there are. They're gonna have a lot to think about on the next one we saw little more than a month music February 8 as the trade deadline next month pretty important for the steam. This used to finger did you an option. Now seem claim better Oklahoma City on the they're gonna ditch Paul George and keeps and change that now attends a tune I I think so I mean aid they've. Did you lost recently but before that they'd won like six or seven in a row. Like the old us of headlights on the book are starting to find their way yeah so maybe get rid of them they thought that he was doubling on. After the season no matter what evidence they feel like their plane well make make a little bit around the players he got to give a shot at them like it's kind of like god am nuts to. So no I I I don't think they're gonna move many more in less and less they've they've. Collapse in the next month. Right now I think they're probably and winds up keeping them. Got all of not over yet about the sport to watch big game on Monday. Because they're famous doesn't the wings drink specials all of their ointment sounding like going to literally hundreds and you know yeah I got to let indicating that town the other after. Who didn't win anything much from into the town can be took his morning. The new year new you roms and have now that I know it is it actually did start a good start doesn't drummers and saying I think every day what are we must write a guy Freeman Seawright. That's mine that's a deadline for months what happens in three months march boating season again while it's two months man. January February and march. He's giving himself all march oh and I give myself all of march is all he's really making betting season April Hudson got a story for always thinks he's in Florida. It is frustrating that we don't have that season where weakens as a lawyer out. And hide it all we will tomorrow night portrait at all little frustrating but my sister. Who is that lives in Washington just wouldn't Seattle all these years she said that you know in the winter she puts on ten to fifteen pounds for her. And then said that during the summer this is what you do occasionally get away with it. The winner code I put on electric Coca Blair's close to carry out I don't like as deceiving you know what I do and I'd like appeared tegra two beard quite heavily. Camera in the beer man a model might even make you go a little longer here in the woman looked little like hair down all know god and you can get it done tell us your turtles but again. Examine every Cambodian. It's against the damn rules man no way they get delays are going under the arms do. Yeah lets you lie give the lady I news journal. Those. Girls girls Wear you're lies girlfriends are receiving every day. Idol right in negative what did you say it is very now backed only sixteen don't know about sixteen don't know about it. Competitor query several layers on negative sixteen hide it from me on and on. Well it would be hidden is good hello players and a good. Needed it and shave your legs and like seconds later as cold to mix it it's yeah. You grab error rate. You have the built in excuse that you shaved down. You know I think about it to shave them. What he got us here and. We got prescient shooting from the hip. Should that brought you might go idle this outlawed to stop by the store and troubled schools watching the Boys and Girls Club. All supplies excepted from backpacks I letters to paper even the USB drive or give courts. So there ego and again brought you like gon rolled up South Florida woody don't want to discuss thoughts on this case the president and teachers Jackson he was cigarette formally Crozier here on Twitter. He says hate some timing fans Malik is my QB simple as that if it wasn't Graham too little won the games that we want to beat some of the teams that we did really got the AC chairmanship. Next year's going to be around you're good job I do Regis Jackson early Joseph. Next year when Emily version is not a quarterback all right gravity man correct. I. I I I real I usually grows you're a lot of credit this year I think I think the fan base is all too hard. A dual hard enough the game on Saturday look implant while kilogram to begin our senator and level Saturday but you know you act like you don't know who he it's okay. It's only is it is only you know a big time Heisman winning quarterback who who choked OK in the big game right here is who he is our right hands. He was he was very shorthanded as far as his weapons are concerned. And bottom line is dude was henin oh this year okay. Lee and you're also went up to at this yield. Went canes had a 1000 years okay the blow of a broad kind of hasn't won them yet man and he he led the drive down the field. In the line he did the same thing against George attacker. Okay and he put this team and a spot where they AE. Night that now look what what did you leave them there Soledad that's on the way it was the it would it was his responsibility atop got focused on my own don't get confused on saint here. But he was the quarterback a team that was number two in the country. Was ten and though and they wanted to this year and they kick the crap out of Notre Dame it that that's as much funny that it canes get a one year now. You're gonna say it was all defense yeah but don't we usually do look at the season everything was great to Pittsburgh. But it Pittsburgh Clemson in the mobile game and an. You know everybody's gonna ridicule Roger put Obama on a larger bonds so that is on I got a lot of respect for him in the way that he handled the media mother used her as a team the way that he goes about presents himself. He's not there again he's not he's not a guy that that you don't want your huddle. We responded after the Pittsburgh game you know anyway he got benched I know the end error and then he had a great week a practice their talk about it just. They look at didn't translate their plea Clemson all right in the AC tell teams have been translates. But he handled himself extremely well. The entire year. He is what he is okay it's a it's like he is used Dorsey and then the national championship game Dorsey don't spike intercepts Anderson they wanna get on Dorsey makes you a lot better than Nat PA semi is still. The quarterback of very major college football program yeah I mean are going to get criticism I guarantee you wanted to Campo. It'll be it'll be open competition. Should be another to be open competition in camp is always assure me I'm talking I'm talking like spring camp spring ball is always sure. But I I think I think this year deserves a ton of credit on I'm glad to meet you Jackson said opera. I I want the audible luncheon a few days ago my man John Roddy he's he's you know JC has our did you do on big deal committee. And he invited every year look he and try to use the invite me Alice's guest puts three noses guest and and you got like a player from each team sitting here tables Swedes and each is Jackson sitting with a all carry via the apple really talked much or don't yet nice kid yeah yeah well spoken nice kid man and yet it is isn't really prestigious event I had no idea a very big deal C got a player for me I we have sui an offense Lyman from Wisconsin was also sitting at our table publicity. You pretty good how big music murmurs narrow. He's learning that their members was yeah l.'s all those all sources close it wasn't you know and old kids in the T handles like probably 25 kids from each team so there'll Googlers. And all the fun event though Manley did Levy was the hose with Todd action AM. Yet you know zero. As he. At the omni hotel not downtown in downtown and yeah Els won an NC a Demetrius was an error table spills. Those cells goes event wanna rosenbergs or do. All live monitor Iraqis and only because again you know. And because and again no he is my idea you know. One more popular players a picture with Jackson and not it says so that was very us your take your picture and it's it is neither one of them now I don't care I care. It's very well and I don't think there's been a player from the University of Miami on time autism as a pack for. As Rex and burials and and who up holds himself to a certain standard like I wouldn't disdain that doses last game I would love for the majority of the kids at school. Kind of like model there. They're not a wonder education level their football weather practice with a plate with the go about the game the way they care about the teammates he really is its event and epitome of what you would want in a in a cultural music. Academic achievement is this and if he's not when he's not of football player is going to be okay. I'm Howard was Ireland Luxembourg is that it's going to be success oh yeah isn't easy being and doesn't need the plane going. Cricket Bruker can. I don't think and on the loss on Saturday takes anything away from the cane season against one another when McCain got Collison got. After they beat tactics and anyway who would you say after they'd be on the Virginia Tech game and hearing was success right. We'll know you need to Notre Dame and boggled our came after does a week after yet it immunity in an emergent and was first and then. Yea you need and getting up and it was a bit after a thirty game win. And it was a good season you checked a lot of boxes. They want via mortgage check next year and I'm from Tony again if this was the foundation is that if this is the way the University of Miami starts its rise back to. Great I that's morose again great missiles agreements you'll remember it redeemed in for a very long time if this is the beginning of them being national champion contenders again over the noting in my like here are very emotional goals for this team. Every box was checked pressure every box earlier you asked me. You know a year ago today what the goal is for the following season crazy every box was checked from a great season. Make article tough breaks. With the injuries officiating but due to a right there with Latinos undefeated going in the Big Ten champs of game right there. Delivering him a columns field goals of arts held annual rights there. Only takes an angle and men's basketball bought out to the dominated and why are you paying attention will also first game out there right but then at the end. It would really really won't be it's in their last payment that was on Christmas Day all right settle down pretty pumped and become now. All right we're back. When he teen style if I doubt it's ever destroy. That's that's Mike Mike's thing right we got all this does know that there is doing an eye on our own we can steal now we we don't need to steal general eggs. Did it feel different when he eighteen all the different. Doesn't correlate different. Is it's art show here they they pack Yemen the back and better than ever. Next.