ZRA Part 3 1-22-18

Zaslow & Amber
Monday, January 22nd
Protate exams, Chris Berman back (backbackback...), Jarvis Landry's agent going off

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Her first day on the job. We'll stick around. Mega ball. For her. He does it doesn't analytical stories guidelines as. Yeah coma and no one. That's why says they're big John to this your first time jails they try to walk. Later by the local exit stage left after the first joke you now you're actually Clemente is probably one of the most quick witted. Interviews that we've ever done or I've ever done personally with the guys he's phenomenal we'd like shall Sundays from mama yeah. You would like to effectively take shots that all the time he's just he's just still pretty pretty intelligent. Don't alienate goes still out their fight all the lines of strengthening. And they were never able to get that big flight right wasn't Sosa was it was it feel warm Brock lesson they want yours of state or and Poole who will motivate loaded USC wants him to fight when it was like in the prime they want to vs Brock that late. You know it's traders got these Russian mafia yeah I remember Dana White saying he's never had more difficulty negotiating with anyone as he did with the don't know in ankles people dead because they want. Co promote everything and and you Susan do that you know until you know got a McGregor and boxing. But the bug back in the day they were gonna do don't know is Alba for two years and they gives is never make anything happens another it's all happening in builds Ayala got Lou we got to shoot and it appears that we tell me you did so when. We had to do that. He's firing at the gun sounds a pack. How are a man. Spots like gunboats outlawed the premiere choice for all levels shooters 700 Powell and wrote in Deerfield Beach that's gone world of South Florida woody efforts are once you guys solicit this is who's Tony Romo everything's is an excellent broadcaster let me know to what the hell you think was going on. When he was called as. Like sport that once again gets year's season and it does we'll stay ahead. Bone that's loose. That is definitely. And some of marks. She him. I don't. Was that on the play the fumble that the that the jaguars are covered. Lot of people's reaction. They would Sherry wasn't elegantly according to the doctors something's gonna check out alone. Prosecute them off. All. Sounds like Maine. Use once. Now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you call. That she's from now a fellow who. Own. Small way that they could sound. Oh on prostate exam they that your. The six India know the year ago when it's common when do I need to get that. They say for you right okay well not forty. As of forty or fifty. I think will be forty what did you entree heavier had a colonoscopy it's like almost I've got a colonoscopy Expos are again those at around forty or is it really lay on your side and put the Toobin there. Want your you deeply outs on me. But it's a toy for hours before and it's a terrible as you can't. Has yet to turn your and everything your body got I got a drinking and pain since and a drink pain to hand and I had to. They they give you like. When ends of being not a laxative clears out your system and I mean it's a waterfall coming out chip. They normally recommend those earning age fifty every ten years LSU how. Does it Austrian LSU history and then it's and then it's boring yeah I was and so whether hope that the ought to do it to her. App cross exam so I don't know that maybe forty and I share. It's funny some people have you I am not alone in Florida and fashion. On the all of controllers that man my gut I. On what I'm a few years away right and in my late thirties now and you know what my birthday was last week as. I'm late thirties and yet we we we heard a timer too okay they'll ask me what is your saying is I just wonder and you know. Wait a sleeper taken you know and it never came soldier yes remember that it was my birthday but OK apparently you know. All. Legal and temperature time to shine. Super Bowl 52 cents it will be the Eagles vs patriots. Eagles blew out the vikings 38 to seven to win the NFC championship here is where does sound like. Does not carry carries buying equals and it's unbelievable. It's like until they do it who's that nowadays I don't know homeboy. Phillies like calling like an Ali Foreman match back in the day better than Oregon. Nick pulls his toys expert Barry 3352. Yards three touchdowns he was much better than peace camp. Also on Jeffrey 85 yards with two touchdowns. Vikings are always so excited when they went upset enough. Kundun the pick six yeah that I doubt it looks like I'm watching as always this is going to be that it is just. Had that censor the building was too crazy. And this is gonna get out of hand really quick. It's. Former dolphins great. 99 toll aren't that role now Super Bowl bound T was. We being on the field after the when he was dancing on the sideline in receives very much enjoyment by Adam Easter is him. Abortion Bork's. Adam cases rooting against Jay and I at this point now rooting against the Eagles but he doesn't want to angina drug thing it's just looks. Why do we think that he treatable wave for a work around nick literature he's moved on a plea. Has moved on except it rich guy he's going to be on that stage. At the end of the game hold and the MVP trophy and talking about how he's going to Disneyland. And see what makes you think he's going to be anywhere near an MVP troop I don't think he has but one that he what does he is really great game in the Super Bowl but it early in the Gainey breaks at eighteen yard touchdown run he's immediately the runner you know it it is 61 really big lie. He caught any ball he's an MVP who's the running back Robert Byrd locks them. Phenomenal about it the better than JH I did he gets the ball more I think. But he's a bulldozer to now told how they release the odds for MVP yet probably not it's throwing that out yet yeah but I mean a Johnny doesn't get odds. I use it looks terrible for and gays if we're talking years later on in weeks later we got traded for absolutely nothing. Is the Super Bowl MVP. I don't really cares the Eagles won yesterday. I don't eat hairs that you guys in the suitable but he looks terrible image IE is suitable and BP he wins the super bull for the Eagles. And adding gays now whether it's right or not diesel parable that's the case. It's. Tech stories and I had a prostate exam every dolphins in the season and he's yeah. No. All the patriots. I had imagined zero wrong. Surprise surprise. Do your beer jaguars 24 it's when he hears what it down public hatred. He's seven. That's what people. The jaguars now. They won by 24 points on the day 24 years earlier that Robert Kraft but I'm so I'm so over them. Tell me in the deal the double. Oh for its top story. Every year. Tom Brady. 290 yards two touchdowns. Apparently were not to the can't fix old point yet sounds low and a bloody annual one day. Right about you aren't sure where you. Got it yesterday you certainly thought so yeah. And I were attracted broke. Did you lose tomorrow armored commercial. Talking about how why would I quit when I'm playing better. In doing better than I ever have wanted that documentary that's the question why watch I'll never watch to make you sign you it's me like we're faced those who live as a lot yeah I would never watched the first round and EU EU could set me out. Like little Alex with the ultra violence okay and and can net. My on my eyelids back okay clockwork orange style. And I I would I would still find a way to close my eyes or never watched a documentary. Purcell who's gonna sort of shoulder pads after house on any football players special someone to clean up for the camera does a kind. So you please open camera recent game but the yelling and money. He ease ease so we hence your editor. Have you hence compel me you've seen this episode before the patriots came back firm from being down by double digits. To win a Jeep meets. There was a fourth time in North America here's Bill Belichick on the air and on their halftime adjustments. Down ten with a nine minutes ago. No grown he's out the second half Jacksonville played a great game against you guys that you made adjustments that you do. We got a lot of great players Jim we got a lot of guys that really fight and never give up. That notably good situational football and I'm really proud of these players that'd be great job tonight. It's so funny ideas and believe they have a lot of great players all know it's it's why he's got to turn the colossal error. A you know whenever you want to believes he's got like two great players usually is a great little what you find is so impressive that every time they do score for instance that Amendola touchdown at the very end. Of the game that put them ahead to bring the goodness of role to play. Nobel texted stern and his arms crossed everybody else in the outside I was jumping. No articles on this he did celebrate he did celebrate or an hour and a gasoline down yet during this one earned Madonna an aura Patricia him via. As you mentioned Danny Amendola had game winning putts on NASA had and the other touchdown that Tom Brady report here's Amendola after the game. What does this day mean to you. It means a lot and we put a lot of hard work into each week of the season ending coming out here again knowing each weekend. We love playing at home and well being of fox borrow in. Why. Didn't have the picks and then Jacksonville. Had to. Six penalties for ninety yards the patriots won that pencil the penalty in port ten yards last team to only have one title in the playoffs. You guessed it. New England back in 2011 the AFC title game. And that's the reason why he's there's women's because there are no mistakes not while they don't they're out now. They don't have. Stupid penalties they don't have off sides they don't have pass interference is when. Fastener periods. Jackson good passer parent either. Well and also you know and actually they weren't honorable to borrow still hold on for the bowl yesterday. Not well. It's not that much yet to him Bertelsmann said yesterday and portals. So then he morrow who's going to let even the most measuring the size man in the National Football League the entire season. The measuring stick for borrows his dog throats the other team for a touchdown and all baskets and it was at. A man I was still pull in for him on that final drive he had a chance to stick it so hard to every one. Chance to get to the suit I mean go like to get to the Super Bowl. And at new England and you ride down the field game winning drive he he had the chance to shut everyone up and looked at the port that was there complaint by the under. The Eagles tackle Blaine Johnson says that he can't wait to have thrown the quote unquote pretty boy meets and somber meets here. My knee are back on the hardwood tonight they wrap up their road trip against the Houston Rockets to buffer to Wear designer set for 8 PM. Peter doing CU on the strip after pulling out a 106105. Win over the Charlotte hornets. Really saves it from being a disaster road trips though as you look at a one in four. Wayne Ellington a 26 points and now one James Johnson 22 point seven assists six rebounds Kelly Olympic. Was fire in the fourth or sixteen points ten rebounds and won the game for the heat on a free throw. Unmanned seat clippers coach Lawrence was so mad after the game just we into any we've practiced all we know they wanna shoot three's the limit and Ellington learned do whatever they want. Miami Hurricanes quarterback Malik young's career is sadly over he had surgery on his back after suffering an injury in the Orange Bowl. Mercury has announced that he will retain his scholarship. Rates we like that an ideal simmer again blossomed under 148224. That's fun. Wanna hear LeBron James not endorse Ty Lawson head coach. We haven't sounds yeah we do that coming up next what I say you didn't think I lost my law really endorsing neither white correcting me correct. Migrants in the current lot of action. La Raza said that he expects that they're gonna get bounce from the playoffs early okay. Okay we get here isn't that coming up here right now most valuable four pack of tickets to take your entire crew the sweet tomatoes over twenty years we tomatoes and Hollywood has been. 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Who the hell cares no attacks are rights and now I am thirty sixers old Romberg about two prostate exams and some stuff. Mr. McConnell. In August so. Now they're not cool though. Most of what I drowned them out and our form of prostate cancer is number one killer of man and I believe an on and an in terms of cancers so that's already the most stunning asserted Bill Gates your prostate Jack so I know. My father be breast and prostate cancer to departed early in my grandfather did not scan did not catch it early enough so. It's a good thing to have done zappa. Tex also right in this concert Tobin Jackson a loss to gain a serial on the defensive cornered to not have the balls to blitz on third and eighteen. Aaron. Don't you. Thanks untie some Tex signs saying that those raps miss all sorts of holding calls. On. Turning into. New you know good you're good feeling to finally get pages Douglas a rule that's what the NFL and happy for you have review rod stood three years good yeah I got Chris Berman and Tom Jackson that brought them out of the grave. Doing NFL lively why they back. A retired. A bit acting apartment and given a statue now they did they show when they want created yankees you and the army and its contract in birdies in Burma's new contract. He has he has it written apparently where he gets to do a certain number of NFL primetime shows in one of those they get to do is ask the champ two games at home in the gas real yeah it just pushes Sam ponders side. God you know contract is standard line in events forty years Sam ponder will have some clout to do its impact. Not you know another young not you know what I'm I think its claim ideal and it do you think it's a lame it's Chris Byrd. Yet it's a big show chips and Sunday it's like eight increased president of like forty years doesn't hail walking and I'm pushing you aside and do and a that big is that it'll countdown show of the year. It's a partial retirement that's what happens tiny a eulogy at on the U. If you have to do we are this. Aren't you doing here earn annaly blades I love you dad I love the do about it so come on this hole. It's. Christmas experience is Chris burn and no we dies. Yeah you know everybody on this does have a lot of pain get up that got unity unity it is. Secure the same way. This is why men sometimes feel that women treat them like objects because of that that response that you get. That's that's what sometimes we feel like pieces of meat is Larry can I NG UVs net in general out of your dog meat but like men in general. This is why we feel that you seriously peas and meat when you when you call six like Connie. You talk down to us like that. Defensive task. Many errors. And stumble and and it plugs in bring aid areas and I backed out of sports on. Listen lashed out at stake in advance of the tournament. Funders and then inside them on their. Much. Tim hunter wouldn't have that show if Chris Berman didn't step aside to mix up. That's not rule notice how. I didn't honey apple is now. M against pushed down eventually you carry a push out. Because it is and retirement age but that's why they let him keep some of the snows. And think well ponder wouldn't have that job obviously is Chris Berman would still have its eye on his on his exit. They obviously inked a deal with him that he would host you know these certain shadows cancer she knew that coming into the position yes points. Some payers are only a huge slate to say I'm I'm not see in the heat slight stamp on it it's a problem Landon. So that happens and it demand and a woman and the man has seen experience or less experience on the woman though that's that's a significant problem Utah Chris Berman. Here's aren't. In the little old goat to show the retirement home on FaceBook. Lashing out today you're lashing out at Chris Berman your lashing out it. Re lashing out early every tee it up Tony Romo. All I am used to be supporting the women in sports are not trying to bring them down. Oca. I'm bring any doubt ABC am -- wonderful and I think it's great she has eyes so I just don't think it's a huge knock on Sam ponder that our Chris Berman doesn't everyone's allow our eyes and Italy scenario so cutting okay years he's I mean doing in your nearest ceiling and we don't penciled she'd do it the next forty years all right Amylin settled down. The heat tonight's. Law are in Houston rockets' final game of this five game road should the looking for a winning road trip it's at eight tonight soggy start at 7 o'clock. The games of the weekend Friday night's super disappointing as a game they led by double figures against Brooklyn. And then they could not score the remainder of the set up double figures like. Double figures and blown double figure lead it's the same it used to be like to go back even even as recent as ten years ago if you blow a double digit lead. It's really bad. In today's NBA it happens on a nightly basis consist they shoot at the radically faster and they shoot the story. Just so much more that attempt when he's really not a big deal anymore that every team comes back from template that was. Including heat heat load on Friday and they came back at ten point deficit on Saturday night which just. Four minutes they were down might not happens all the time. But Friday night they'd be lost in Brooklyn which is a really annoying lost. And then Saturday they had a miracle win in child does gain they did not deserve to win and they managed to pull outs you wanna hear you wanna hear Mike Moses call of the final of what ended up being in the game winner you had a defensive stop when the team was tired he scored five points in like three seconds. And and then Kelly political questionable call questionable. On the finish he was fouled by Dwight Howard won the wars thousands elements calls the Michael. The one of the worst housing has seen a long time. No but he'll drive goes it goes up a prayer nodded to rebound familial. Eleven analytic four seconds three seconds political Tulsa I always looked up. Away. They get it. Now the. I believe there are there's a pound of analytic we're born June 2 book free throw my good chance to win at. When you only have to go. You really couldn't tell I had no idea they called foul. If you it was chaos on the floor and run out political leaders bubbled and stumbled and lost all respond when a local on up like. If you look at just lost the ball. And they need to rip Michael. Howard held them I think bush. Terrible terrible play my Dwight Howard terrible its guidance it feet. Private insurance he had no chance to get in the basket no way. And I believe he's old miss and Atlanta at the buzzer in who'd gotten. So fast. The biggest play again no team ripe for aware of the heat scored five points just couple seconds. That it factor JJB puts an end and it to win to build foul called the Baltic away with JJ for three. It at that. Why don't five foot thirty seconds left lobe that's. Our Sandia lire any time. I you've got to push as you say it gives us what you say and the then that is not what you say might you JJ was looking for the foul though in the over the phone when Oprah did to me Jim I am league look good again go yeah. This morning down from double team again I would terrorist network doubling the old. That's what are certainly. Anytime they are gonna clock. You got shot less true words have never been spoken. I am not you sank. We are again you don't say. It's. Any. You've got us so not true. You wanna make England so I'm sure. I go to Elijah detest the type of thing they read what you think who's soundly they're more in the exam room Mike Inglis and war Tony Roma. Alone. And here again I who was indie rock outfit exam room who is in the exam room is it Mike England's. And it 'cause like I could certainly be in the exam room or Tony Romo. Oh. It might making assembly doctor just didn't Yemeni fair warning usually it was supplies nearly again. And no warning before your prostate exam now I've I've never been through what it's never been through before. You'd know your doctor is going to give you on. Your Oakland didn't give any warning. My wife was sitting right there in the chair as the weather to get my my testicular torsion ticket take a peek at ugliness and he just said. Turn around. By the way what. Women zero sympathy zero sympathy atrocities we actually I'll yell babies complaining about and get wind you know like one every ten years and I imagine from the day here at DL young teenager on for everything you hear the rest real bright and. Thirty of the globe on 1230 yards you gentlemen deals and the music player around a little bit is again just turn around and also what they usually want to leave an exit. For what are and I don't. I took notice and no war and not just doctor in the world doesn't warn you are I thought he went to the wrist like that's how four I get hurt which you think he was doing we turn our media eagle and. I was half turn out like. Why 'cause he was pushing me basically like any that he goes on here are some critics of big baby. And I was that would of what's going on here. Acute doctor sexual assault we have we've audio of rom brings getting robbery getting prostate exams. And I had some which sounds the most is it might Ingle lists on Saturday nights at idea. Easier or micro loans are we never when Mike is it Tony Romo yesterday. Oh. Four isn't wrong you. Been. Many it would Tony. Questionable. But I surprise and then it all yet he like. Yeah. And. Motorola. Yet as you were fake Ramones were real. The team plane right. Which one's real crew are very via real prostate exam are fake process exam. Ramos of real one we got it I would be quite the got a plan dinner segment it would sponsor. Tutsis. So I don't think that he's once you think that that's what happened real or fake now I say yeah. And you wanna hear from Saturday you wanna hear from Saturday afternoon LeBron James give the non endorsement of his head coach Ty Lue left to give a 148 points at home you wanna hear the non endorsements from here it is. Oh no I mean I don't know what's gone have lurching. Nor do what's what's the conversation going on not just for me person which honestly mrs. laser sharp as I can make mine too much guys ready to go play. You know it's Alessio value coach's job security. Yeah your responses got to be listen this is an on time is on us we need to be better we needed is better this is this is not on our right coach. And LeBron dance around. You know as well get the coach fired and then some Argyle comment and none. Made Eagles are playing hard and maybe you'll be totally horrible leaders next season either way. Did you have any response stirred and any reporter asked about the robots comment. Knocks again after. Text or writes in that Davidson Tisdale is going to be an ex head coach of Clint catalyst Agassi. That would be a Smart move really rate by Cleveland's because the rumor has been that he's going to be the next coach of the lakers try to learn. LeBron there because LeBron apparently want to play for fans so that's the case and your we've lend your word about that went on prior. Let's say in mid season is Dale's gonna take over and Cleveland but I I could totally see davis' deal being LeBron next coach. If LeBron Zacks coach and don't exactly who is goes to Cleveland LeBron leaving. Right right right there you know that I I don't know if he's gonna know that has a bronze not one detail yeah. Anatoly seated team it is still being LeBron likes coach absolutely. I'm not a big relationship there. Fizzles player coach type he brings that he culture you know all that's and LaMont likes a lot. Totally significantly Italy there. Siberia Sampson around watching the game regular text message from a number that I got a text from back in June about a location of where there rat. Clearly Spanish guy because he's text mean Spanish. Yesterday maybe you can help me with this because I don't know how much is the cost but yesterday was basically opening up with employee Koppel. And old soldier I got a buddy. That needs a quarter pound for 500 bucks credit you have a let me know. Paula Spanish mine didn't talk to figure out. You should tell him back in it and pretend like you're the top. Because that is how much a quarter past across parts of bucks. Anymore. Is it any more of what did you narc and yourself. QP. To get right back nods are markedly better you've been doing instantly now on. It's all Spanish. Robberies and arrested for being part of a drummer is an art robbers and drug deal. After every game I got assessing consumer will have my funny post game show tonight. I join me. That is the rocket I'm talking about giving complete wrap of the game let's listen to remember upon always an amazing deal. And sponsor like champion for might force apple autism when she trucking SEB customization shot put champion for export I can't you know I got to go out the shows had never been there before I got to go to moto donuts. The holes that's all I saw that on the you know Lang's. That's the donut place does the huge stand seed doughnuts you know or are you doing this embodied it for joining us to bring us on before the shuttle wiccan church finding. A sap their their. I gotta go after the show today because I was my son's birthday yesterday he want nearly a whole new for god thing in school were to pass out to the kids and so I gotta go lower you're gonna give other pitcher Bertie you're giving kids let's. Did they lie and I think yet kids' low IQ that they don't deliberately take further they want everyone in the class of wanna Hubert AK and so that that's the thing so I gotta get donuts. I got a remote Joseph doughnuts at the show today I've never been there before I have had don't whatever. Who's who's demanding that you have to go specifically demotion Amazon Ellsberg and the districts are eager to chosen a kkk chosen anything he chose Madonna plays now. Try Monterey Dre gotta go today she has there been married. Now was good. Can't say doughnuts are. I gotta go toward undo what you do see planes sticks so that's the thing all around me that Tyrell Allen you deceit leans in puts Israel now. What's in his later Krispy Kreme plain don't OK but none and I'll plainly don't. Points. Points. Great place great. Great don't know is a slice actually related to grow without the sweet sugar on top of what you wanna call it but it's appoints to upsetting is often aren't. It's just give the plane and Kate. It is what it is. Yeah and what does not Donna. Texas writes in air expulsions about it passcodes LeBron lover have. Probably know which are or what the grove on Saturday night with a wife huddled they night but we also brought the four year old home for the three and three quarter you hanging out your family drama night. Brent. The whole Palestinian their dislike. Where spoke. Economist at wells that were spoke. It's a spot there as you know hang out spot crazy though you Rhode Island looking around us like wait a minute these guys are on the road he won't be here tonight yeah that'll. Now I miss them. Mr. raids and that those doughnuts are cheap Douglas that you yet -- about herself and if his classes Dayton. Yeah I got my problem doesn't play zone and it was two dozen donuts nowadays it's gonna be as good a place like that it's especially donuts. It sounds him very expensive yeah so special but these doughnuts and I just told demand corn and hear what other good really good morning doughnuts yes yet to open. Should or may not extranet Nadia so I want to Bradley is only at. The Fryer and it puts the icing on a house a house like gore pays a little more complicated early like those we had here the day in both things were bombed. I don't eat donuts. I am not obsolete doughnuts a senior eat doughnuts like you absolutely do that. But the thing you do Ernie donuts yeah you see Jonas landry's agents yesterday came out he's been he's been chatty. This guy Jarvis landry's agent elbow. He's been very chatty. Yeah yeah I didn't even mention it hub line Eileen Brennan get the stop every day now the new reason that Florian okay. No matter what you classify him as a values and that offense and number one receiver so the end of the day job is understands value want to become serious such everybody has superstar receiver superstars are meant to resent the market. His ice is seen is just important Julio. Take away the Altman's what are you left with. You take Antonio browns and the Steelers could juju Phil and could Mark Davis Phil and that Osama endeavors I mean comparing it it it's them. The kicker and we urge Americans to Jones and Antonio Brown there's not a single person in the NFL who would make that comparison that's. We Lee ridiculous and then it goes on here the best thing about its production is eat and I got relatives of the best US production is a guy who's done a lot. With a little. Like people wanna talk about the Monty Adams Leo and Aaron Rodgers you talk about Julio Jones when Matt Ryan Antonio Brown his little Ben Roethlisberger. I mean c'mon. That a night that's how we're gonna go about a program we're gonna make where it is a dog other corner and you should be paid because look what he's doing in Tamil socks he's a. Pleading for his client I don't know like is always surprises you and angers you when an agent advocates for her. His or her client and and it's of literally has. You on here at the and it's age I was a lot with a little when you talk about the route three runs. Jobs not ranked downfield he's trying 1520 yard routes everyone has their negatives madrassas are a lot with a little on it goes all the more I'll tell you this okay. Obviously and his agent does is make in the case of name he's trying to buy his client there. A big time wide receiver. Which is what the agents trying to claim drugs Landry is a big time wide receiver someone who deserves to be paid like and number one hop line wide receiver. Does not need is agents to go through a laundry list of reasons why it. Has not necessarily true it depends on our achilles' amateur titles Brown's agent Kamal and talk about why you and Torre repaid until you round ever hear that sorry to brown hair brown and we'll slowly odalis not a we never hear that but it's part that's also the situation that those guys are and yeah they're great they're on they're on big teams who who. Can spend the money keep Allman. And it's worth our while reduce our. And there are different times it there it's a different type of production receiver anyway isn't our slant on Dion you're Hopkins Jarvis Lander is on his catch receiver Andre Hopkins agents is never gonna come out and give me a laundry list of reasons why his client's going to. In the ten. With his outlook uses a letter to the public there was yesterday to the team he's you know he's got a. Press suppresses asked an agent the agents speaking kindly of his client and it's really not a usual at all. Agents advocate for a client all the time in the states as it is and on and although. And I don't agree that a good players on heavy and I became economically they absolutely count. No elite players don't need their agent to tell you why literally. On the negatives such. Need to doubt you're trying to work draw us don't he's a reason that bought. Is he he's the great players in any sport don't need convincing declined to racial stuff is. Rescissions prime right organizations would try to win over the public and that's not necessarily sure I mean they're there are organizations like the patriots are known her you don't necessarily paying huge money guys and bring in having you know superstars right. Oh yeah. Yeah really so if you had a player on the patriots you ended up being very very good and you're the agent you'd be maybe publicly advocating BJ be afraid he's not gonna get back contract even though his productions an incredible. I mean who's the got them. Who's the guy. Was the guy what what store player. Needs their agent to tell you we just all are ordered and paid. You needed healing and get ABC's may. My great. Do you think these agents do behind the scenes. Disease and seems sure to cover all our teams behind the Saudi eighty sound when they're out and cable the agent saying. Listen that offers too low he's got the same numbers are selling so he can you know he's got a whenever he does have a seem quarterback at that I have my conversations it. That these data have scenes even of the past players and seen sign the C for an on seems so if this guy does it in the media. Then you. Think that that doesn't ever. Mostly that's a conversation we're having. We are wet what else we hear this publicly from the agent of the great players and dolphins it got to strike first in the public's. Mean what else oversell the dolphins has been doing is dragging jets injury through the might they've been a precedent or good public of course in dire need it comes out and publicly advocates for ham. Yet and out of the loop and other great players. Aren't stuck in a scenario. Not suck a public battle trying to convince one another while my guys great let him Bell's going to be. Oh yeah new mobile O does let me handle agent trying to remind everyone how good he has now and I'll well. They if they come out of this thing talking believe about Libyan bell on the press. Then he might say positive things that his client. To an indicator that a player's not I really don't he's not good. Didn't want it and all of the lights on and don't seem good when I don't be saying he's not great he's not great he was great his agent wouldn't be speaking positively of him in the press. I don't agree in Oslo he's being asked questions by Chris Perkins like pay one about the idea that he's a slot receivers should be paid. This is what it's like the phoney answers and he just goes at his explanation all he could not Horry could you know say we're not a way resembled. The dolphins started oh. Yeah you don't garlic you wanna play on public I think here in this position and this is somewhat of a unique position. I'm sorry I cannot Kamal what an example where for a great player in any sports. Where publicly. He needs to be convinced that my players. It's not he's not just trying to convince this team's that he's trying to convince every team the National Football League because it's. The dolphins have been running hit or where at least from Lewis and we think it's the dolphins and their running hits you know name through the mine every right in sync very negative things about him we know it's coming from the dolphins we don't know it's true or not. We're just now hearing these things about. How he's not at. Willing to do I just see now willing to learn he's not a hard worker these things were not things that we were hearing up until now all went all the sudden lonely old contract time. And you're trying to lower his value for every other team here who might make him an offer right and and so the agents out there are trying to hire is value for every other team might make him an offer not much the dolphins right. And if Antonio Brown was being trashed publicly about the Steelers yeah landry's not Antonio Brown you're oysters and the yeah. Turn as we said that's the using he's not good your sink he's not great bees and the fact that his that his agents advocating forehand I don't agree with that now I do think Antonio Bor row on the I do think Tom Brady's agent doesn't need to do you know doesn't have these conversations and also we didn't have to targeting deals right away and they're going to get top dollar top dollar. When we're talking about Jarvis Landry obviously he's on the fence or you know having this conversation to begin with but that doesn't mean he's not a good receiver great we're Maria Antonio Brown agent is in the press is what I want to be Antonio Brown Leo Jones with a T just Shonn is to bring up those guys I don't think that's an usual. Yeah I I. I mean. Then who is another example publicly are making unusual. If you can't fight and I'll I mean that's inevitable when you I mean insurer sure exit hearing Google and find a million other publications rages just opens the reps know. Lawyers Oslo for good player great players. The great players well it gets it all eyes will be a different definitions of great anyways I mean I don't I'm not one who necessarily. Would categorized or slanderous or I don't know I do think that there could be an argument made that some of these other treasure mentioning. You have top tier corps do you have low rates. Quarterbacks I mean when you mention that like okay Europe sat with them because it's sort of a slight against ranked T entitled I mean none of us are saying ranking and a hills Ben Roethlisberger it right. So I let its main. What is Jarvis leaders production if he is on the Steelers. Probably greats. And there you go mid eighties they did as a well. It seems the numbers like he's yet it is the numbers are real good. But I mean I don't he's great receiver. Holmes either. Who. Alone. Don't. Tonys this sump and. But it's arson next.