ZRA Part 3 1-3-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, January 3rd

Shawn Marion Interview, No IT in Boston, Roms & Zas Canada stories


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It was very important teaching a window your chance when data and upcoming game Cortes might need technology partner and old LaSalle on a technology company. For all your business needs to convince them on line. At a court escort dot com spots open your vault dot com to get the most cash now PP destruct settlement or lottery payments call. 833 might vault and by Lauderdale BMW Pembroke Pines proud members of the home and automotive group. He'd listen into the ticket to win your way into eighteen game let's do big deal all not a big deal told and what he got for us yeah well. First off there's a grip well we can have you know. So pilots let's hear why let's start off with the biggest story lines of this weekend around the league. Big deal not a big deal drill Casey titans quarterbacks says that the game comes down to at the end. Like morals is gonna choke for the jaguars. Weird thing you don't hear this very often we were talking about it. I think just last week maybe two weeks ago must in two weeks of two or out where it due date being cloudy. After the jaguars rolled the Texans. Said that Blake morals is trash. And that trash put up like a 45 spot on them that we Denny had the guts to call trash afterward. And now Tennessee beat Jacksonville this weekend to clinch their playoff spot. And then all on a radio station yesterday this quarterbacks said that Blake portals is a choker. At the game is on the line the ball's in his hands like they're like he's gonna choke and you you never hear that time the self where. They're calling out players buying name. And saying that a play another team by name and saying how bad. He isn't doing it's so rare that we hear that what's. What's what's the reputation employed morals as we're geyser only cool what's any socks and embryos respect for him I guess. How crappy quarterbacks are in the NFL that. Your players and their team saying that dude Sox. These it's it's big deal I think that it if they wind up playing in the AFC championship games as world be it. Tennessee and Jacksonville I think I think what morals. To put a big number of on them like get me a big zero. Nobody else's again. I think it's not a big deal because I I didn't I hate us how the game works seventy admit it and explain that before. I think it's not a big deal because if anybody can take some criticism at the plate for adults to lord knows everyone thinks he's God's. Most say it's a big deal. We continue around. Leave. But this playoff weekend Doug Rhone. He comes out he says that this game against his former club the Buffalo Bills. Nothing personal just business. You may remember Doug morrow and it was a few years ago he was the head coach of the bills. He resigned. You resigned because he wanted to get other jobs. Forty like an out in his contract. A coach option. And he resigned and then couldn't find other jobs like kinda didn't work out so lots. But I don't think it's a big deal. I like Doug morons play much of factor. In the game this weekend and care about Doug Brown that the economy. I think it's a big game as a last note that follow that yeah well no the game now yeah respect respect you know you're right perspective team. I am gonna go in not a big deal but his listeners about the ground. Promising he's got a big deal. Nothing on his very open about sex life but not as it does and no he's not stop yes he has his way saying he's made multiple innuendoes about make imposed in victory love to his wife. Get out here I mean. He talks about two things up to Victor Bologna sandwiches make you love to mrs. morrow. We continue around the lead. The jaguars got approval from the NFL to remove their tarps still have an extra 4000 fans at this game or not and to get a they're coming out of the woodwork and do. So. The other tarps or sponsor is discontinuing around the league isn't there a lot like another jags question everything's based and I told you flipped another this is big deal not a big deal playoff edition. Ever he had to get approval to rules to add 4000 rabid jaguar fans. To ever big field is that what's called the it's a decades I don't know it changed sponsors all the time. Partly targeted those naming rights in Jacksonville yeah I'm on the go and it was a big deal OK it sounds like the jags fans. A rabid and ready and got their jag rags all set. For Sunday afternoon. I'm saying is a big deal polo all morality jags what do they got what does there's our fault that Jack Greg has a long time ago Poland and hold the phone here that's jag or did you referred to there. Terrible towel. As the jag rag that's pretty shot god. How old were you last Sunday Jackson in the playoffs. What ten years ago so are we eight when he won. Wow eight David her on fourth down run. Speaking of which we continue around the league backed another patent you don't notice the Steelers won amber brood. It relates to the jags yeah yeah. No no Steelers story but he said the other is Joyce he wants to dig up the jaguars to prove that well. By the is that it was a fluke. Well it the jaguars who win this week they do go to Pittsburgh OK for the divisional round and of course that was the game that almost sent Ben Roethlisberger into retirement. Where he let everyone know afterward that he you know he's doesn't happen anymore. So I think he got a rude for the old revenge came up. For Roethlisberger faced the jaguars on I'm saying comes as a big deal that gives me even more incentive to root for the jaguars on often and this weekend. I'm gonna say not a big deal isn't tired of Jack's questions I think the big deal because he's got a got a call on how to team two weeks firm plan of yeah that's Mets beat him. Try and jaguars left and right between bore holes and won the CD defense again it sure I and the jaguars. We continue around the league and around Leo writes. Doug Peterson says Nichols has got. How that is so. Boehringer. Please don't want more questions let's do headlines. Got what you XY and south why would you accept yeah. These headlines are right you raise Brent see hey South Florida sprint has the best race for unlimited sprint works for me compared to national carrier rates for fully featured unlimited plans carrier features differ. Miami Heat is back in action tonight against the what airlines arena and bright nights. So what does this. There are celebrating Kelly don't live in Brett Romberg Canadian here in dozens. Somewhat sometimes claims to be Canadian. Ride. Simply James doesn't questionable for tonight into Dion Waiters and justice swindler not questionable they just remain outs. That's good news that a question all means it's gonna happen soon and it's and I hated maybe it's Friday against New York I don't care but that's good news as says he's the guy you want that he's again a need back in the lineup. Gotta Wear red tonight right shall Ripley prior Canadian dry night red white man like with he can't go wrong. Certainly he'd fare anywhere -- do anything nannies you know it's where we want it's. It's Wednesday put out what they're going to be serving in the concession stands are gonna pull those probably usual Apolo is chicken fingers. Oppose it ended. Even at whom American talents and you. Dean they're gonna do poll most poser corn dogs for all you yeah I know I think he's out the area. Pogo put in put us they got Q&A little so you're going on over there. A best smoked meat that smoked meat sandwich I might happen to incorporate this. Clips. Erik Spoelstra says it was on white that is not allowed to play again if he takes off his knee brace like he did against the magic this axed weekends. White guys said the braces quote and quote extremely. Uncomfortable. Both says I don't care plan that you are weary days and supported on he put on negotiable spoke sentence SO. All in those seat collide Christians and future isn't out. According to the Miami Herald Adam geese hosted former bears OC downloading this weekend to discuss. Taking on a significant workload. With the dolphin in his interview reportedly went well the 37 year old to work does pieces quarterback coach in Chicago in 2015. He was the author of the cornea with a payers. Under John Fox's staff. I did promise made is cavs debut it played nineteen minutes scored seventeen points. That's not the blazers 91 point 70110 and skip Bayless has now declared the cavs Isiah thomas' team. Well tonight is tonight is a game the cavaliers are at the Celtics put Isaiah Thomas is not. Claim he's not playing the second item back to back on first returning that obviously makes sense. Although. You know I I would thought hey like in if you know claiming he's rated plane can only play one of these games like let him play. But a blame Boston and I mean tactically he's he's clearly late b.s good. He's good yeah apparently seventeen hours but I think you know wasn't going to make red debut against Boston because he was probably a bit fearful. Of how he would look coming back into any kind of decision as yes absolutely what we had a later on in the season and is scheduled to play them they do play there again more more time well and Isiah Thomas apparently has requested that the Celtics delay a video tribute to him. Until he's actually playing I guess I'll play that game and then I would be a reporter asked him if he had a big EO. Because of that requested Isiah Thomas went after that. Reporter yeah palate. How that that's it's a weird I heard of anything like that before you know they had a video tribute planned for him for his return their last night. And I am ever on those that now the video tributes. And he has he has asked him for the tribute not to be polite. Because. He's not gonna play tonight you elect and to save it for. Next time that there there ands. And Celtics have. Agreed they'd agree to it to delay it's a delayed play at Omaha. Here's the thing though. Okay and any Isaiah said you don't want my family and friends are not going to be there you know as a market playing its bud you know next time. And it and the source of controversy against is. Is that the next time that the cavaliers are in Boston and the Celtics are retiring Paul Pierce's Jersey. So there's the idea that. Isiah Thomas and maybe steal and some of the spotlights. On nights that. Paul Pierce is jerseys being retired but necessarily buy that because. If that's the case the Celtics the Celtics know it could be the first time it could be the second time what ever it you do when it. When Isiah Thomas playing for the cavaliers. Is going to be. In the building to face you and you've chosen that night and be the first to say I'm whatever. You've chosen that night per Paul Pierce's Jersey retirement. You can choose and for some of the attention to be taken away. Ron Paul Pierce's Jersey you're making a night that Isiah Thomas is going to return to the building union. OK so it's the second time that the cavaliers there as a no one's gonna care that Isiah Thomas is back in an insult to and a. Look at to clean the second time is on the scene as the first solo and a lot of attention you would expect and what doesn't see you in Washington to play in the first stuff. Course are a lot of attention and they're making a video tribute for a guy at least for some more sang and clearly it's a lot of attention to do is back. In the building. You would have assumed that he was gonna play in the first game and they EU do video tribute about his first time ever reviewed CM a different uniform and the building in the need to get a standing O and I never agreement on after that so the second time the third time port and the signing comes in your building. You you know you've that you the ease billionaire ball. Slowly we're not only a third floor time was on the first year the first year still burst year. I don't seem right leaning away from from a Jersey be retired before the game. Whole yours. As witnesses. As you. In an issue all Beers or opening a signal for Paul Pierce here saint takes intentional what. I'm like all yours. Should be doing that it's Lebanese alike that's. Fair. He says Thomas is. It's he once the video tribute sent. Occur when he actually play when he has is the only in the arena and to appreciate the love for from the city in the organization and ready. Yeah I heard that at four it's not about him it's about us they. And it's that that silly. You heard that before where players dictating when now former team does it should be form. Silly ages did attribute the first time he's in the building I mean I think it's I think it's silly uneasy Toms is part I I understand that you'd. Prefer to be playing when it when I guess that tribute happens but I also think it's gonna lose some of its luster. When you're in the building for the second time I think some of it is being back for the first time being in a different teams uniform getting that standing O when they announce your name up. Sort of weird things to be sitting on the bench tonight and knocking a player to Tribune in a plain excited we we're. It's mixing cutting into climaxed with a plate the second time in Tarrant apparel and we are seeing. He's gonna make insurance is for our. Keys he's likely to be beautiful. I that's what I was enlightening it's gonna be in uniform on the bench and likely to be in uniform why would they put him in uniform he's not going to play because he's healthy. We did a bowl. He will technically be available active but the docket there and soccer and I hope I played maybe he won't be maybe he won't be all on it in uniform but he's going to be on the back. Who probably the best front highly governor put him in any you know. Our way he's gonna be there is just feels like he area's acting different building like news like the. Heard this daily and the heat bench though James Johnson justice Wenzel there are new porn and apply. And and and looked at. Active but they're not going to play big beating James Johnson's been uniform flick past forty. Companies like. But there's a difference between Isiah Thomas James Johnson is what my point is is because. Coming from a guy who did right by anybody in uniform it's sitting there being ready to play you know I've you know article play like. It's demeaning it's almost it's almost embarrassed to tell you truth to be in uniform and not play knock it on the field is a little bit embarrassed. So I can imagine a guy like Isiah Thomas who has just been asked do you have any question is probably not going to be and you. There's also your I think adding some of that stems from there is also a reputation. There. Because remember a couple months ago there was a whole thing where where how difficult. Isiah Thomas ones. And then he wasn't the most popular guy and that locker room and then you had someone like Kelly Alina. Who came out and defended. Isaiah that's ridiculous like Isaiah is a great guy at a guys it comes has a reputation as being a dude who is difficult. On declare Frey was a reporter on Twitter going after him saying the Celtics will not run a video tribute for Isaiah Thomas I went tonight Thomas and western teams. Went to see differ featured date another reporter retreated from that it's. His ego that must be even bigger. Then king James nobody injured he would get over yourself. Is way. Somebody else had tweeted and then Isiah Thomas responded on Twitter. And they get over myself on top you get over yourself who becomes among earned. Drama well there is dumb. A SS Harry's own knock on. I. Dumber but he is not going to play high centered in south the kids I bet against Andre and living in his audience for him but he is not going to bleed to. And the Celtics will hold on the video tribute for when he is ready to watch. The Minnesota Wild beat the Florida Panthers five to one. AMC's Carson Palmer has retired from the national football the. I'm there you go that's team it's likely gonna take a quarterback in the first round draft then Shawn Marion is a former Miami player. He's NBA champion he is a multi tunnels are he is on the television show amazing race. It is on tonight's. It talks. Shawn Marion next. Reproductive rights. Customize my champion four by four South Florida's number one jeeps trucks and suvs customization choppy guaranteed to have the hottest four by four modifications in town of called champion for my Ford's 765023446. To go to champion four X four dot com. I enjoyed watching this guy when he played for the heat it wasn't very long it was this for two half seasons. But Shawn Marion was here in Miami he joins us in the awry and fuel and dancers convenience stores gas line. Truly steps beyond convenience he is on the Amazing Race it is on tonight on CBS 8 PM Sean the morning. More underwater. We're so so how Shawn Marion seeming double the other guy you split for the heat to actually Cedric Somalis how to rule Shawn Marion and Cedric Somalis get involved with. He Mazen race. Oh on. Current. Actually wondered what your record it beat reporters at the. It's. And you guys are you guys is already filmed right I mean this is it's been filmed for a little while now writes. You know America what you know they're all on you know what. You know PR. What do you think that you which we go with your opener in the if I was. There you. It was on the show a little older old each of those who did weren't there there are important. There is a you know there's not a war and we didn't do. So it's always summer different rates are written this amazing race take your. Well documented Satan explorer was tortured soul you know men's ice. Britain are obviously they're notes that it was well actually you know art street while we want apartment. Your problem is not over the world and you know it's actually. One who would not. So many athlete going through some prisons trials and tribulations in terms of camps and things like that where does this rank in terms of difficulty. Trying to accomplish something like this. All of you know pitching to Tucker or the early years that it could nurturing you know is it because it's won't try it before you know. And keep on paper but you don't know which we know could be. So why are they don't know why are abnormal market leader of the school and scenario is important to not let it soak in and conduct what we've heard that mr. with pitcher will chew it up. There there. All it isn't really what we thought our partners both well well there's you know which you didn't want to keep the report aired though they appeared just it appeared confident that it is there which market where it could speak to do you know. Well there. The renewal of the population we will get. What is trotted out the good out that you ordered her organs were. And there are no children also are so why don't they are part of colonel so. What took so no matter what terms you know certain certain small loans bringing. And just this is what it is too keen to open up. Do you think being an athlete helps you I'm not sure there's any other athletes on your season and others IndyCar drivers I don't know have you a view consider them athletes necessarily. Virtual lesson on the IndyCar drive your low. I mean I mean these are both voters over open both teams here are built like there are written were in peril that tomorrow. Forty reported it will on what we'll go occurred to root root so. That's why don't we start their life. The tipping their little RR world that I recall I governor there and yeah. Yeah greater peril you well know what word on what your audio. As well or solar is well. You certainly wouldn't lose what you don't want backpacks. Are not at all well. You know so whatever what all. I'm not. Not the most popular or better. And let them while it will go over the mood the spirit we. Are there. He. Although when you are or are we didn't work goes which alters and what are cold weather. Not all being W to eat there and got to our food chocolate what cougar and a lot of Cho are pretty. Spoke to are on the second order or not the order or you don't know. There won't be there you don't we're not there where he averaged two local law you'll be the ultimate court there's some talk. What European won't go to adult don't go to them if they are reported on your involvement in the Norton won't happen. Well again credit protection on out amazing race tonight okay it's on 8 o'clock CBS. Echelons mourners also former Miami player. Cedric Somalis Koppel NBA questions here which on you know you play for the Phoenix Suns for a very long team in those Phoenix Suns team those running guns seven seconds or less. Could you imagine OK as fast as those sons scenes played. And all the scoring that they did. That it is the most teens on the U planned or 88 light version. All of what we're seeing now with the Golden State Warriors you'll ever imagine that in the case. Well so now I spoke so you are both important agrees you're exactly right because now. They're buying what they're used to it being now operate they know not the couple weeks so you know we're oh where it go to our. Although it will ya know ya. Do you know raw well we know what barn and he won't let no one really aren't that sort of look at noon. Now. I'll put our speech we moved to the opposite of what are in the current great now look. We are yeah what is he beat Richard the great or are great. You don't know what it would do either. Aren't you do on our. We played our our new arbor are are all one parent should we don't we ought to be episcopal church not going to cut off. Well. Well well. Up in a solution that interchange tour because they're overlook. Oh or 0000. Ball more art should be in touch. You know serial. Are there was a little while we're out we're not there we went with the world war art. So do you do you enjoy what the game was when you've per cent to lead you know 070 wait was that. And there are poly to more physical back then too right Sean. What we that the group you don't want that are smarter there are a lot of people don't mr. firm and are there are all sports bureau and so. It there. It bears all over there is pretty much we didn't the opposite where are grown now all that we've garnered so. On all people will mark open it now are all. When the ball court is yet though are out there. Usually eat it and know you know you know not like I like our. Not what people earn alcohol and eat out there. This one guy out between people who eat cookie which we which we were to launch military. So. We ought who have been bigger Iguchi who is cool each regional or what we want. Whitley about thirty seconds or shall we know you gotta run by your final year in the league player and cavaliers team when LeBron went back. From Miami to Cleveland Tulsa about what that season was like was it knocks. It literally didn't open my own world of Arnold outpost according to earn. Not their rate Norton is in in including you know military turtle which their mutual fund or sport at least earn their. This order is gone we don't know Kirkland. Do you like playing as one. Uncle you know you don't know your if your topic on each ocean current market spirit that is probably even though each. We didn't Martin announced an all star chart. Are more reality and virtual growth we've already done it like those who is well. So there's no part of our local local local spot in the world where there is part court. Is what it is that we. All noticed people repulsion report or. Of course you won't want it to whatever it is cheeky jumped out in the open market opened it is not there. Sean etc. Somalis tonight amazing race OK it's on CBS he could check it out every Wednesday at 8 o'clock. I would say good locks on but I mean like like you either want you didn't Narnia a signal anywhere. What were or which. Are reluctant it can't be hi Sean thinks you time and appreciate it. Where there are looters are you happy here idiots on Marian Wright there. It in my breezy if I tell you that I think it's on like you didn't like playing the. That's kind of what it sounds like to me there. No man after my heart. I don't you. Ask him about is on how to how did you both feel about not winning a championship with. They tabs with the your. Final season in the NBA where you that's why you weren't pretty nasty too like you wanted there. Yes I asked honored at the bit about the requested. I remember remember relate shaman is one of the guys on the team not very adams' role at the end I think you're right didn't. Why he's really having any direct answer the question he said. He said I didn't get an opportunity to contribute Syria anger that Jimmy O'Brien and then as low followed up wins so you'll love playing with LeBron and. And is to Augusta would have liked when LeBron. You serving my job Marion. I'm not knock him out and shoot us an argument LeBron that work in 2011 you know it hurt us now that's brought him what you'd think he enjoys talking about. Now dealing yielding LeBron editing and deny us on Marion I giving the opportunity contrary impression I got. Yeah Betsy that's the impression I got no. It's got a number on the. Was eluded emotional tie. I don't know nobody commanders I mean they're your room maybe a 150 tax on the next line of mouth I'll tell you is the connection I don't think it was. Now and I think it's not a connection that's him and he's very excited that's him I didn't I was regress back to 2009 covering that team Canada those. Days yet not remember too much mouth really nice guy recruited him of the Comodo and evidently the but it is yeah. As a fallen and a I don't know how and I must now there may and and he could talk to me to tell he's yeah Dick gregarious guy. Dan it look much now. Lou little news LeBron they may but hey you know Arianna. Don't Lou Brock yeah I heard that. Shout out. Should shout out Manny he's a very talented act Lloyd yeah crawl that's all. Yeah tennis gave me the cupcake camp things best player in the world to know I mean no talent and guys are very telling thing is that the courts you know IA I read between lines that's a heart beat him talent Catholics Catholics and then there's the big the big trek grove all the girlfriends is just as usual message is Q let's go. That is its equivalents of personality death grip personally resign eyes. There bride dealer put daylight well LeBron is fun it's out there. Rivers and Isaac you please zip our number fifteen years ago. 08. Leaving the sport magazine it's a gobble gobble more. They're real hopeful but you're the first of but it took about. It's home with the doom and do my job. Sell our sister station where sisters. It's 999 FM. There owes me 3030 annual chili called golf that's public forward in my hand there are Brothers. And sisters were sisters and Saturday January 20 at CB Smith the horror in Pembroke Pines great day of food drinks. A sore back. Lineup of country music artists including the ticket to this thing out there. Sister station Lotta girls. In cutoff shorts and cowboy boots in QQ let's say you're on drummer and that have been on for years. It's good it's a good us the moment you need to get out and check it out the only thing is the matter that's an issue. It looks like the headliner is is a guy from booting the blowfish via Darius Rucker now who's also a country star for the last decade saw them. These huge one on China Korea now. Big ticket that chili cook off right now at the ticket Miami dot com all right let's get some folks on the line here will give you a couple meant 786360. 079. You're a buyer tickets that he gained eight tickets. Dot com Bly who were gonna help you win them okay see got to get on here and you're gonna have to prove that you love can espouse and I'm like bananas are incredibly good country a solid country RA or to have as good as those on. It not as good as this one solid country so again 786360079. You wanna get on here all read a couple Texans Salma people get on here. But Tex writes no more Robert you undersea to represent my Canadian brother tonight comedian man and appreciate that and what that's got to Maple Leafs tied to rock that they tired as well some are also says here I still don't get to Hogan's jaguars and the mall Miami teams until he gets the NFL too painful falls into what's up with that collects when yourself. Love them some new business are you painful all the news that he chose the jags lost when you're at a camp costly expert Doug Ross when it is and they've vacant W gangbusters. Is that when you used your Jack Greg was when your kid that adds aggregate and come out and Zoellick losing years so let's talk. Jack Dorsey hit economic gangbusters and all that Marino. It's yeah yeah. It's okay but is his career is all but is that when you became a jaguar fan on the end of Marino's career was the best games. But the point is you're jaguar and all the time you know that well. Do you earn yourself to anyone right now. On Sunday now Iran market. Dumb mom got me Jason Taylor's Jasper Fred Taylor Jersey for Christmas. Texan also raised Georgia Alabama not began UCF party won the national Armando. It's simple and seeing different names yeah. In the AD also from UCF c'mon say that they played a lot better teams this year in their conference better than Auburn will now be alive. All right let's do it up here again Canadian heritage night it's tonight he take on the Palestinians. And Sandia. We want more for packet take it's one more fairly for mature enough for the families for you guys you 300 great unease is right or redo. Is this my tribute music. Ceiling. The one. Time let's give tot an opportunity here any time the morning who. The. I. Mean man and let viewers. Keep up the good war. Let's get Manuel an opportunity Emanuel. Why's it too long on about it hey here is Dan and Dan you had to sit and play our game. Darted. Oh okay Sony's phantom immediately. I Romberg take it over here man Dan is gonna get an opportunity to win a four pack of tickets for tonight are you freaking psychic because my question was going to be working and you go. To get a point back at him bits at a French Telecom. Caller classes or incest yes it's only you and Iraq. I'm. Asking some als and tell us your other question did scooter shouts importance and the winner. Give me one give me one food item or go with either chips or chocolate bar that is infamous to Canada question. Why aren't there. A it all the judges. Judges. With clay is surging and in my questions. You notice that it's about us talking shoppers in Canada and unexpected victory their all right so Dan there you go you wanted to get through tonight you go to. Yeah all right. Pullout will play and holding your formation and well welcome once Jimmy smoke him attendees can I get Sylvia carrying large double double please for those that don't know a double double loses double cream double sugar a lot in pay Tim Hortons Mandela doctor and it'll take a peek at it they do a luxury and since they do it it's him mourns down here. Timmy knows very well is he is the other club O Henry Henry Marty all seek to bring us through ketchup chips and all dressed c'mon. Don't critical. Got a ball there. Almost have to make you healthy in a two for beer and my brother calls me was their polish off a 26 or by the way how's the tooth. 26 ounces. One out and alcohol while the two sixer. I'll tell you when I EL IE when I see goats it's a cameras go to Montreal rose eighteen it's legal drinking age there remember us I went to a Canadian hockey game and you know you could you can drink thirty teens and Obama so my first beer legally and and and and I get a Molson. And Molson center. You know malls and Amanda Beers a lot stronger which won most of my small sort. What kinds most current duties it was almost 21 years or do you rate. So I get I get I get a Molson OK and there are a lot stronger than ended the year we have here and on and want a hammer I'm just hammered. All her forget after I got suspended from pulling ever coach's pants down. That's two schooled parents models is name Avago is yen or pulled his past the Lindy into the east and get him. Barrera terrible person available he screamed cried into the library Harman had urged the desk and he's probably it was he doing now the site is probably some engineer he's writing names in the Sig on and I am only home loss on him it's. Probably got pop bottle glasses so I imagine he wasn't a candidate for lay sick because is less so to him that but anyway Avago should I get suspended I go north of my dad and his brother. And to go about folders all at this point time you have twelve and then I just ultimately said. I'm going out for a little walk we're at their snow spring break of the slowness held. Are you gonna get four Beers factor in my snow suit. Went for a little walk refer crews. Got ripped right all of a sudden my dad and his brother felt it was cool to go ahead put a helmet on me and put some boat shoes army some pictures that have no grip on the bottom him. And timed the bumpers sort of dragging me around on the road so Canada. Parents. Great country. Gupta about 35 climbers an hour so the only time commitment that it is cameo suspended from school now market's going to be your kids are lax on rose sharply on the fact it's funny most hilarious. Mom. Ross and it's been four. Fight a couple times Biden and selected the dance that's eight as the auto parts of pathetic gush. It has been a few times. There's this thing ready to bring about downsizing the teacher with a snowboard to suspend its us in a fax space is there wants is memorizing some adults. Would do I incited food might. He went to school and have food and as a kid. Talking about an egg hunt meets spoiled bring a British paper bag under a sausage across the room. I I was at least you seven was twenty years old for a sort of throw sausage none are suspended and silica ecology kick off campus. Why is the link went somewhere Ryan he's he's directly was the president of the fraternity that was kicked off campus directly related to a movie about you did Meghann and turn. I mean you know Aruba is as the old score on stuff for news and like this year olds who document Rogers admitted these fraternities are they just it is suspended Greek life of a Florida State. It's gotten so bad that Xena let preserves or is not for us a frat a track and diet. This year by the stage that's crazy and yours from South Florida hooligans Uighur hooligans element into this stuff man. It's gonna go and what does the hazing like it Barry strong. Which. These are the weight around drop off the balcony supposed to talk about this up on aired as tragic. Tobin about to get all the attorneys kicked off again. That's he's he's painful clearly. Barry University. There you go by the way I should mention goes on my yesterday how how cool I thought. The reaction from the bills fans and hard rock stadium was watch in the end of the Bengals and and ravens game. The. People in buffalo. Have flooded to Andy Dalton's charitable foundation enough donations a way it's about school senior now. They have full lauded his charity. They've given a lot of money because there. Very cool that's very very well daily to return there are you know. Yup it's like most donations made in however many years in crew that's that's tremendous that's a really really cool also have sucked your bank to spend it and Dalton's biggest win came from the French that's right. That's right biggest over his career for the Buffalo Bills a lot better than white herself on fire and drum up your trailer under the table. You know they do that to the bills fans a feeling given the money is cherries a little brother of now yeah. I caught up next. What it's hard show. He's gonna have a report whether or not James Johnson's gonna play tonight that's next.