ZRA Part 3 10-12-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, October 12th

Ajayi-Gase meeting, John Clayton interview


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Jay good to see it. So award to the coach studio talent and speed. General view is so full Gallo. One thing I'm thinking is you know the leadership on this team you are Jarvis beauty vision via hot heads. All ahead like I know I'm hot head but you or your eyes to your knuckle group goose is good footed guy. Don't know or aren't going to know more and you go I didn't know who's it should. And I don't know you know cloud at all drawn to bangers and mash well. It's put I don't know what the hell you're talking about right now because your accent is so hairy like I could tell you're giving me attitude I'm going to gives attitude. Backed by chewing Goldman's initial assault. All British and essential man hours to get out there. So almost correct. A again what you'll get open that hole puts and all it says they have them it's no goal all go. Over the place that might elicit. Snow blowing is a known winning. Tactic okay the patriots doing it we didn't do it compares how do you think I got Jay Cutler play well the tank. Want him brutal rule. She looks old coach that coach watt. You know. Meant we look live at the exclusive. It became softer wiretap kiss my knee golf that I wonder war. Jason. I'm and his seven meetings that de energize him and daughters lives their hot heads we had a temper. A harness that in. Quotes the anger spineless to stop screwed up. But it has to be if you're kidding me with the guys who have Namibia are making all the years the mental layers of make them angrier make it look all. It's unbelievable man that's crazy. There's about 000 you mean Jay's eyes tired of getting hit behind the three behind three yards on the line is there it's shocking. Can't believe that that's that's north swimmingly for your running back. Muse like you can hide. Or Joseph was wedges have said because Jake Kelly is back there smoke in the CNN. And you can't get any routes right I can't imagine telling of the contract you firmer anything wild. I do they've got a bet that none of them can out angry out of this though. Wherever whatever is going on behind closed doors he's likes there I mean I feel like he's probably thrown a few things that office. Around him more atoms borderline cuckoo. And bodies of football coach you can see it in his face in his eyes it's not. There sometimes he just wants to. It's not that podium go back and watch it rebellion fix and not getting fixed I imagine for somebody who wants everything in control. When things aren't in control. Or they don't seem like they're working with the moves may. It's only make him more crazy because he's answering phone calls at 2 o'clock in the morning about as offensive line coach in his desk. His nose you know I mean 120 dollar bill you the amount of destruction that's going on with his Miami Dolphins team has. I don't think ever seen anything like between hurricanes flights away games. It players not showing up. Coaches do rumble in their office like. I've never seen anything like this and all out of wants to do his shoes coach football. And win football games are the whole distraction playing. The key hits after that man I know you guys the head coach and you know he wears many hats but. Christ only wants to do is play football when football games and dissect the film lets it out not be bothered him all this other crap accruals are currently does from. We have the Q where is the same hat over and over and over and over again and that's stinky if it's that same thing that seems a little light up top. Got a little bit like the salary category about it. The month when you talk about. We know he's got my neighbors you know out of pocket on new what do you think that is these guys and he's got a golden locks up there. We're not CN. Of course is good enough there. Is all the stress. Either you either easy thing he's you either uses been good for his. Development out there. All this up players not shown he let you always go to Pennsylvania they don't played LA the state yeah ask. I guess what you buy week that's not happening this year is everybody's houses and get blown away all fantastic. Day coach guess what. You know we have the worst offensive line in the league yeah turns out you coach. Doing lots of blow. Off of strippers. She's like when you those crystals also flared chances are a great football player might be dorm blow offshoot. So I I really don't think criticizing the the performance level of the Miami Dolphins offensive line is due to the fact that the coach was due in snot out of troopers had I don't think that's a moment that's the problem does what. There with a bezel of the loan league. All the blow you want. Poem would move in the performance peaks down. The snow away I'm sorry. It's not wintertime winters not coming. A guy. This time. Put away the pixie sticks going for a little bit. Until JGI gets over the century mark let's you read the rule what's upsetting to me is not affect that he was doing Coke on his desk in a facility that's what it was doing allegedly. No I don't really does the fact that he just met this girl while we were an ox ox ardea. Is Tamara love. After what two weeks on allies have been so there there. I was weak one over technically we too so that was weeks ago. I like that. It's a much. I'm an issue. That's the problem. Time out of 1000 bucks here on the ticket detects the word should read this HR ED shred. To 72881. Seven to 81 eTech shred in 2000 bucks right here. On to get a two Roberts used when today at 4 PM and 5 PM national contest doesn't matter it's been applied do not text and drive the headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. Money he went last night maybe the Washington Wizards won seventy wanted to get to the demons that he in just a minute and they have John clay and coming others are joining Mickey. He had the game winner with a second left them a body led Miami with fifteen points to 610 from the field no sun no go on no deal on the Al side out. Who wants this reshape pre season games is there arrests in his mind he's freeing the mind. Take Pennsylvania all the way to the top spoke to the wanna burn amount. It was LeBron James and missed the the season opener against Irish. Mullah. Oldest resting on Sunday that all the star in the season early all those getting things right LeBron James ankle hurts probably not going to be in the season opener. He pulled outs and crippled us that may all only old enough plans and Dwyane and him not playing here in March that's on avenue in new wit no. Really owe you you've seen it. Deflated like three years ago you know the craft some video homage to Dowayne. Nodded to that already. The way. He got his the other is also welcome. I may have cried at that game did you need to stop I'm telling you it was emotional stuff Judd don't just stop judging the highest crime importing and even your kid and you're you're you're crying. Some stranger got to adopt the real mom. And yet you're crying over on its revenue judging me I'm emotional but the little girl jumping. But she just won you know Delaware now. They have data for two years are in and she just finally got to go ahead yes probably the best behavior now that she knows she's blocked and who knows she's going to be Adrian. You're picking out her little Brothers and sisters up out of whole. Who's you know three or movies what. That that did it have Beckett got on the wrong whether Holland knows that's the puts a smile on my face I've loved seeing that little girl jumping into that. Social workers slashed. Psychiatrists last teacher whatever she wasn't that office. When she found out she got she got fully adopted the papers went through though was also there. Are no big soft. Pay a visit back and actions and I did they have a sailors blues at 730. And the B playoffs the Aggies beat the Indians in game five of the five to win nationally in the piano DS. Stephen Strasburg seven shutout innings against the cubs now it's went five to nothing there's a problem I've had there's. Post Eagles both teams have 41 Caroline's three and a half point favorite. 825 kick off. Thank you out of knees day she was oddly Levitt talk show yesterday. And said that she planned on getting Chris first and no matter what. Even if he did says that video there was of a staying. The Chris first or said that she was using cocaine platter Romberg. That was his thing. You want the party. What news poking out of we allowed downtime and Oxnard right on on red Tex Tex and Citigroup and Oxnard does things that. We're. I don't imagine he would start the haven't an opt out of just I'm just speculating chances are your town three lines it's not. I guarantee didn't just start that'll have you looked like an expert his nose is due in snow angels played it way is. It was impressive what he was racking up there are married to an addiction counselor all well right. Definitely a path there mountain. I. You so there's that Adam gaze as you heard governor of that secret meeting he had meted Jarvis Landry NJ a Jai and about anger and you know. Being hot heads. Trying to keep things in check during the game. But if you blame the note is doing without missiles and if that's the problem if you ask a guy like germs I drew probably take pride in what he's doing and a college age guy who. Obviously wants the ball out Enron it is giving everything he has every weekend. And the reason why there not being able XQ what are supposed to be doing is because of mental errors. Fresh that's for sure and it's element too about cares for hard 75 yards had to be a frustrating game. Just never just never breaking out that's that's that's throughout you're dealing with a torn locker room with some guys care and some guys don't care. And that's that's that's not probably not gonna go to or not. They're like everybody else the two into I know doesn't feel like everybody's doing do because the offense has been god awful. What they are too into they were a worse spot last year. And I donors is just NL's guns on nobody gives a bleep. I don't I don't get a weird it's weird because normally it feels like all the while players are very results oriented. Your results about a little more last year. Told that this is gonna go you know 12 ways where you have a brand new head coach coming in news. Who's who's already earned a playoff spot. From the year prior is now having faith in the current players that he has there they basically he feels that they basically know how to be professionals and know how to run his system. Not a XQ practice and maybe the guys just. Are mature enough and they just kind of took advantage of the the loose. Loose role that that gays are gave them I. If your make again after making mental errors you have zero pride in what you're doing is you're not paying attention to your details. But that's that your you not studying properly. You're not executing properly. Or not preparing properly like who. Take take it man whatever whatever it is they're just there not doing their job. What they're supposed to be doing I have a hard time believing that that's enemies fall. As it is to immense heat. Half bad. Yeah. Images customize my Champions Tour by force up close of one Jeep truck and SUV customization shot your guarantee that the hottest for about four modifications in town. You don't champion former 47865023446. Or go to champion four by four. Dot com I mean he is we said earlier headlines they beat the Washington was less than 117. 115. They're part of the game Johnson & Johnson get it done again couple of Johnson's. Just who would work Romberg. I love those guys they need some comments they need some kind of thing in arena. Where there out and it's Tyler and its genes and their spike in crime. That's when things happen. I really liked sitting dollar James and talking to James and then and our Miami Heat media day interviews moderates soon bumpy haven't talked a bumpy. Com but put just the attitude that James had. The professionalism. That he had. Bomb in his mindset about like being 305 and in the way that he made his mind up last year and was totally transparent kept his mouth shut. Wasn't saying gimme mine I need my money just he waited just waited for his deal for a long. Guy goes work every day and it's. He basically. You know you hear a lot of people on when it comes to religion and I don't want to talk about religion but like when they give their life talk to god and just. I have no control over my life among let god do with my life what he wants to do with a it seems like. He took that they eat like James Johnson basically said Pat Riley. Whatever you decide Erik Spoelstra whatever you decide I'm cool and it seems to be working out. Greatly for James Johnson announced the Miami Heat and and obviously the other Johnson as well bumpy. Bomb to kill that man is skillet you on this yet he's he's got to come with a handles. He's late he's cross me beloved but of course practicing with these guys right to run in price there gag wants parts and then just not. I don't know I don't presume them when you raising the political season. And all season to put on hold and turn him in Slovenia. Literally play and play with different players that places and different does diplomats from wondering. You know there's going to be okay for we want yeah yeah he just he literally plated in this footage cherish him until his legs gave out he can play the last four minutes 'cause he was cramping and that's that's like how intense it is blah blah and we heard on the sidelines and tell all and the you know. It. And doesn't mean he knows what he's here to me today he's like. He was like. Wheeling and it was looking like that zoos in natural language only he was speaking in English bro when I saw. I I was I was little upset because I didn't know that you guys were interviewing gore on it was a I kind of like turned the corner I saw it was BC and chair dead. I just so I just obvious human turn around walk the other way it is a good telecoms who beats so what's that. As you just from a man and a bus apologizes and a on our got a got a nice text message from beast Ireland's business which it apologized on their public public apology. Public knowledge at this moment that I mean he was you know he was saying something about like you bleeds orange and green more than anything urban noses your pin never want. Suited to make canes and set. But he did apologize it's it felt heartfelt. Felt so. Alone. Now. No sock. You are just I got some hard core I didn't see gore sitting if our sun or sitting their man out. I'm ran up and just hit him up immediately started Spitzer knew a lot of I don't know I don't know is and not about I should shortages. Should just started yelling at them hallways when he's doing his interviews. Just stuff from the old country you know. The detection of community and to the offensive line coach that is McCormick in real life story. She said that you visited a job next year now there's no no way. Or not. No no absolutely not to Iran may be the CFO. Not in the NFL no way may happen. Didn't they already know things about him though like why didn't didn't you have a reputation from Tampa or whatever. You're noted that they're paying for poor and stuff like an eye on whatever. As suspect you're being under one thing you know it's not on your desk at work that's another. It's creepy either way we should have been better if they were better. Members has accused you can't you can't employ somebody that makes the decision to video themselves. After phone per stripper after two or three weeks and send professing your love tour is your vacuuming up a white. Powdery substance same goes for somebody that's paying for pornography in 2016. Or doesn't yet our budget fifteen whatever happened. It must have been live cam mentioned that's reasons it had to be had to be some the word news is thrown down some some big coins or something like that. Some bad Mel I don't know I don't know iPad as lady is under center and I had to be something like that I can't imagine a guys is thrown down subscription fees on the fox account. That is the only acceptable candidate how. Important to be you tell me a leader of mat is out there and he's got he's got a 1999 subscriptions. Two two snow checks dot com or whatever the hell it is. Dave is a website where assistance is naked ladies is Kim rails of McCain's noted off on. You know I'm never some tempers got a specific personality category. There's some prefer to rush through snow bunnies. Anyway Doug played the professor. Gets your over the football league and he joins us next. So Roberts it appears as though. Amber out today help was on the momentum from Fazio football Friday humiliation Coolpix all Latin jazz that we get going on. Robbers got into Alabama's gonna call you have people some seat so enjoy that Romberg I will enjoy being in Alabama I will. Disembarked tonight all means radio. Doing it from all season Sam. 515 dollar Miller Lite buckets. Three dollar Miller pints Baidoa on developments and have a chance with some cain's wife medina's official apparel of the University of Miami. Three official hurricanes football basketball gear does its shot Miami Hurricanes. Dot com was Lee James Gaines a tell people make sure everybody knows that there is no gain. On Thursday night game is on Saturday afternoon at 330 so do yourself a favor. Give your head a shake may be reach a hold your hand up real high and and smack yourself with a particular there was a game tonight and then come back to reality and realize it is Saturday afternoon at 330. Let's go to Iran feels does is to music is just punch who says do I do they'll find the professor John clay and he joins us every week to decide to others that time really appreciate it. Very very good I've got to start off with getting your. Obviously the story really hasn't been a lot a lot of football down here it's been. Once again 000 weird kind of scantily week because of the O line judge in the video that came out. What was your reaction to this and everything that's broken down the dolphins. Yet it just banning in the course even more details we find as time goes on it was his IRS problems and everything else and you know the I don't know your caller a model. And the fact that now she even has more video land sure. With more video that means more video's gonna come because first topic is still sorry for the family. Because. The wipe out all that. And then you can see the Chris force are obviously has problems. And it just another distraction for the dolphins as something that obviously is going to hurt the franchise because you'll lose a very good coach at a very important position. So unfortunate thing but that seems to be the way to do that is going. He made it started with the hurricane. It started with a more instead of the problems that continues with this. And you know you figure that it's like isn't going to be a long very difficult season and something that the who knows where it turns are gonna go and how bad those terms are going to be. Jon Forster was revered in the in the coach community was considered one of the better outlets like coach is out there and he was paid like he was I'd I'd never. I've never really heard this guy before so obviously you know a lot more about him than I do. Don't consider to be a good coach in the he's not rushed grammys not to bill Callahan. Or anything else but he is a good solid coach and he's got a good background so it you would get a lot of the coaches feel they may not have the best reputation but it'd be so once spotlight. He was a bad coach and he's a good coach and obviously got a good contract. Just like the feeling I guess nationally for the dolphins because it does feel like did their bit snake through this season but they always seem to find themselves in these with scandals bully gay and whatnot and and it and I got a Mac feel terrible for Adam gays because you know he came in here it's a great year last year and he's not tied to any of the stuff but now it's like things that are just out of his control just getting kind of piled onto him and I know how to do that that's got to be unbelievably frustrating. Oh no question because it's like it's one thing after another and that. If you your quarterback. Doesn't have the ACL surgery next thing you know illusion quarterback for this season. Send her to get it honestly we went and had a that you you know how bad it was for the hurricanes and the course living through it. He had to go through every so many people had to do it. But it just seemed like it just says everything that he's got to get a sense that the golfers were going to go through a very traumatic season they always liked it what the fact that. Here it is week five last week. And that was a personal get. It's like wow. You know it's gonna be a drain it we're last year the schedule was reasonably easy. Things seem to come together a lot of things were very positive for this year is like fighting through the negativity. To be able to just try to salvage. A mile just to be too until right now. Couple of moves that have this we got Adrian Peterson he got traded you don't think he has anything left or what was that was that lack of production just a case of New Orleans did it wanna use aborted they see some of that he's got up the left so let's let's Dublin Sebring get some reform. There will be determined at that there's some stuff left but obviously it may not be great to me and I could see the Adrian Peterson at 34 years ago. Deduct the seal hall of fame running back they can't be as bad as what it was in the war ones because. First thought he made the mistake of trying to sign there and the eerie it is an I formation back who was lineup eight yards finalize scrimmage. Getting on with the team the likes to go shot. And you know how much he complained internally about going shotgun two years ago at the beginning of the season. At least is able to talk Mike Zimmer out of that and go more conventional so he goes there and of course it's like I was curious when he signed items like. Why would the same side that would have Mark Ingram was like one of thirteen 1000 yard backs last year. It's like okay that didn't make it says an educated to it they get Albert is a more in the draft they trade up for him rebuild it why would they trade for albums and more. Well now you see why he's a very good. Third down back in a very good potential starting back in the future. So now you get in it like he sit in their numbers three and all he was basically airport. Was this service Mark Ingram as the back up as far as the early bounces so it did not work out for the saint you know they end up losing money signing him he has a blue. Playing time and time is so to go to Arizona is probably pieces fit in one way because these kind of general manager wanted to draft Q wave back. Years ago what is coming out of a out of college and the idea was that done it was I was a coach Russ Grimm was the opposite coordinate what they are at the white coats. And they decided then we want to Levi Brown more and they want the internal apple and so all of a sudden Levi Brown goes in and you have. Peterson having a hall of fame career Minnesota's that this is the complete with seat kinda originally wants unfortunately. This season right now but I cargoes is on the break. They're not doing well at all on offense they have a bad offensive line. And really it's hard to run when you don't have a good up as the wind that's what Adrian Peterson is probably gonna find it would get through Arizona. Judging thing after Sunday's performance of Aaron Rodgers going against the cowboys do you think he's not Tom Brady off off the top of that mountain with doing more with less. Yeah I think so I think they've got a good team but they haven't added all the opposite parts together and he's been good performing at an incredible level. Because what you look at that in most of the games he didn't have both tackles in the game on Sunday his top two running backs were not there. He always is that a struggle all the way through that again he just makes big play after big play and he literally is carrying the team still had that one stretch. For the middle of 2000 at fifteen to sixteen. We wasn't in the ball down field. Part of that was Jordy Nelson I don't know what it was that was holding him back then now he's playing at the best level. And you can see a hall of fame quarterback just doing just amazing things and that's why they're four and one. In probably the toughest part of the schedule. What's going on a New York now to wide receiver position but the giants obviously they've been decimated. Will they brought in and and and what do they look to to go do now is part of their offensive power. Yeah you. Not a ironically know ourselves well seed sales. It's a total collapse I don't think I've ever seen a team lose four receivers in one game. Three the IR and sterling Shepperd there slot receiver as an ankle injury that has just put in the boot. And all they basically have done is sick and again there's not much on the street right now. Is brought up practice squad players and players who had been there before they still went to forest king is your all lean. And receive the you can sign. And that's about it and if they decide three other guys that there are all minimum salary guys in stoking those 690000. Dollar got they they just don't have anything. And so you figured that yesterday's practice they've had nine starters that were out there of course you got the two receivers that are opposite for your opera's season. So this is absolute disaster and then it pop it off. With that now the complaining coming from the quarterback. It was Eli apple was and he was complaining about it was happy. Even a first round pick from last year and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. Has now got three times we've got a wall at different times and they got in the bowels. Verbally with the coach and coach. Position coach and now you suspend. I just don't know how to survive. In this kicked her out on the a couple of times John what do you think the idea. Of Tom Coughlin. Wrote in the jaguars now called up the New York Giants in trading for his former quarterback's a possible. I don't see it. Out of and it you know it. You know they got a good young team right now in Jacksonville. You know they realize they have to get a quarterback after the season I know it's hard. With a good defense be able to get away he completions out your quarterback but no that's not gonna happen. So is this like a death foreign right now from acted as he basically down to the season thank. If he could make it through this season you know it's going to be very tough not really think it's in his favor right now is the fact that the Arab families very loyal. They like to give everybody every opportunity to be able to do this specific about what the reality coming up. This offense has been terrible for the last two years you know and when he was the offensive coordinator at Eli Manning it 26 point two game. Last year it was in the eighteen range now it's going to be barely able without wide receivers no running backs and a bad off as a blind. And I don't know how low that scores going to be. And really Eli is going to be standing target because there's nobody really that you have to worry about as far as skilled position other than Eli. So this is going to be very difficult for I think have been to keep a job after this year I think the big thing right now is just get to the end of the season. And onto another bed near Pittsburgh Steelers and Roethlisberger out of your comments post game. A lot of it's got to be taken with a grain of salt the word he think he is right now mentally going into this this weekend's game. Up frustrated mad then that probably get a little doubt in his mind because it just has been a horrible start of the season but I think the big thing that. Yes they insert his leadership because that you can see things are afraid. Still Levy on bail hold out. Comes back as a slow start averaging 3.5 yards a carry. And now is complaining because really at fifteen carries last week. Make a 35 before and didn't get that out of it the week before now he gets fifteen carries that's not enough Antonio Brown. Is having temper temper tantrums over not getting certain routes that he wants I think the big thing that they have to do is focused just on football. And that's going to be weapons leadership this but now elis suck to have to wonder. Are the quarterback of 2004. At great class with Eli Manning. And Ben Roethlisberger Philip Rivers are we start to see the beginning of the end I hope not because it's such a great class of quarterbacks and Ben had a talented team that should be scoring. 25 to thirty points a game he got picked up his game get the offense vote. You guys can text your questions to the professor 67974. On the tax on or you can call 78636. So. 07 not one more segment with professor with your questions after this. I did the best home Monday. Hours of Elisa rather talk about how about 4 December 2 that I thought Florida beach day it's against. I'd take my dot com it's presented by and a job that dean Paxton attorney's 18074738107473733. They also presented to you by the iconic by Amare former Carmel beach DoubleTree Hilton hotel and underground music we are joined by the professor John clay and on the Iran deals now says to me is just guess line once questions Borden at 67 as a ball before it gets that John. What is the NFL hoping to accomplish in this upcoming meeting that the talking about the of them seem like there's a lot of mixed messages. That have come out over the last 4848 hours so I don't really know what they're trying to accomplish what what do they hope to get out of this thing. I guess what they're hoping and thinking get the players to stand. And agreed to stand and obviously there's back happen is that they have to find some. Something in between it and honestly at the end of the two meet the simple solution. Would be to just not have the players and the coaches and all. In the National Anthem I remember this is something that started in 2009. Is not like there's a fifty year history of this happening. I note that patriotic thing it's a good thing to be able to have it but too many players right now have problems not necessarily with the anthem of the flag but they haven't. Ability that they wanna try to express their opinions and to do this if they wanna take a stand letters racing. And whether it's kneeling whether it's sitting. And so. You know they need to come up with a solution because I think it's a distraction. There's no question I think it puts. The players and a bad position puts the country in a bad position so I think they'll they're trying to come up with some common ground with the players can at least agree with that. But Bret I don't know what can you see one. I don't see one or because I think a lot of the players. Or are slightly divided right now you're a lot of them doing community service work and I can remember what team it was and who was four. But he said he actually felt guilty going to speak to kids as a role model because he wasn't using his his platform as being a role model to. Tutu taken knee with his friends does he said he ultimately felt like he should take any for the injustice but he didn't want to suffer any kind of repercussions or consequences. Weather is from sponsorships or or people in his community your friends or family. I think it's just something that that I agree with you that this is this is the only thing going on minute morally for what. Eight years now. I'm not an idea you have the option if you wanted to stay and stay out what are we wanted to do lump. I'm a firm believer if you believe in you wanna do that than you could do that if this if you ought to stand at attention and and put your hand on your heart do that whatever you wanna do but if you wanna try to unify something. Also in the locker room like everybody just hang on the lot from wait what was that like in back of the was solid the CI exhibit one of the more outspoken teams. Fought for this cause is it is it is it changed at all out of this seems like the owners are trying to unite to get players to stand. Because it is the deceit on several top players have been so involved in speaking out on causes and that. And I think it that way and it still for example Michael Bennett who Leo is not staying at the end of of course had his incident with the police officer. Over in Vegas still he's not going to ever a mile for the most part he's gonna take the position he wants to be able to. Uses a form to at least talk about likewise matters and all these different causes. They had an interesting one on. Sunday because all the players we're standing and the reason they did it was because of the shooting in Vegas. They wanted to be supportive of all the people shoot it but that's right think the problem now as it has grown. Is it now he'll each week you have to have a meeting with the players the C April on the same page of what they're going to do what they're not going to do. And I think that's like those just concentrate on football and the easiest way to do it. Is again just not happening at the players involved in this you can just have that the National Anthem. Before the game at the stadium have respect here and then they'll have to let the players have any kind of internal problems and decisions to make like this. Arnold you might know the latest update on the specials on social media yesterday they're doing something with Josh Gordon and his possible reinstatement army has come back after. After his treatment of this facility in Florida where have you heard anything on his his recovery here his ability to get back in Italy. We had an interview which was very open talking about the problems that we have because he said the idea that. I was just involved with marijuana was not truly went through all the different fronts these views and the fact that he had a ninety day rehab. And you know he's on at least good terms right now. Authorities formally put the application and but he was very open about it and very admitting to the problems but he adds up it's just a matter that. Still once he gets the application is. And it course it continues to be tested. That he may come back and eat don't hold great hope. But I think the fact that he had the interview was very open. I think that the positive side because it's such a great talent but boy that Alice has been. We think there's such a long period of time I remember I saw him in training camp last year he had just gotten back. At that time I think it was probably about 101520. Pounds overweight. He was able to work the way up in camp but then unfortunately with the drug does not able to make it and at least get economists these. I Sorenson John what do you see from the Oakland Raiders the rest of the season they were obviously I had a lot of expectations to our cars and injury what what is the date back to what received from the rest of the season. There's going to be back this week because the transverse process injury Tony Romo I can't cancel each put it Newt need came back. What within one game and can't back at your back this week. But the big thing that they have to try to do it if they believe they're not as talented as I it is or opposite wind. That office supply has been spotty the last three games but they'll be able to do that they've been able to pick up as to whether they have to get better catching Adam. Alvin and MR I of Cooper has to catch better and then they have to get better play out of a deep sense of it's they're they're going to be fine and they're gonna have a winning season. The problem is Kansas City in Denver playing so well right now that they'll lose in the three games could put it that position I don't know if they're gonna be able to catch them. And make the playoffs. What about a woman Andrew Luck who would like to read everything he's implausible defense. Definitely yeah Rautins. Yeah I'd say epic four more weeks should be the timetable could be a little bit earlier than that because what he has to do now is just what you start throwing. And really you these Cam Newton as an example of that. He saw that he got the training camp just started to throw that it takes some time off. Because you know as normal as of right. As indicated wasn't right he didn't have the force strength. And that he starts this season than the first three games that he looked completely off. What he had that four week period we're able to build up strength get the mechanics better. Then things started to work out and you can see the last two games he's been fantastic he's playing at an MVP type the level. So I'd say probably four weeks before he's seeing Andrew Luck and much as any kind of a setback. What do you make of the browns are to make you meet these switching QB this season. I how disappointed they started. Kaiser because you know you put that shot out there they have nothing I repeat nothing at wide receiver. Now here's the idea that they he had. I was charges he does think a draft choice was cut last year. He ends up going on the practice squad they called up on a Saturday and now effectively use certain number one wide receiver how bad is that. And a last week. Hugh Jackson said that Kenny Britt who has been terrible this year. Was need some time off base that nobody can replace the putting young quarterback out there without any receivers. Spotty running game that's what you're going to get so EL five games in nine interceptions eleven turnovers bad performance they needed to bench him because he really was only gonna get work. Joseph it was a treasure the time thanks for others again Obama's. It. John Glenn the professor Jones every week furcal segments at this time John not football knowledge O'Neal last. That we were asked him questions like I don't know. Never know yeah he just uses pros are growing he knows he's got a hell would you really get ready for this trip man you all excited. Hidden has looked Alabama yeah man I can't wait I I wanna see this that is so what what are we have suited you pump and I'll review it because Jews. The probably. Later in the broadcast on Saturday is my guess. At all all the you know probably you'd popular prior he's a serious and in the suit it's it's it's there it's there but that's a genius feature we're gonna of the coaches. Public you know I do last year couple times and so on responds so am pretty stoked the department. And don't get that don't do that athlete ego. In front and an argument obvious distress and get a don't they'll throw chains on the side of here of of the bar bell the side of the sad thing is I haven't been doing anything. As of late so you know watch re going there just where my tech world off my chest and her. Grow up when you do a man anything anything for the broadcast and eventually showed comment kids being nukem committed student should. Everybody offense has been arrested at the Levitt talk show is next.