ZRA Part 3 10-16-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, October 16th

Listeners court Amber, Riptide Announcement, Mami wins


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It. When it's. We didn't. And yeah. I. I don't get to our headlines here in a couple minutes images turning any a lot of football somewhat adult and sound hurricane stuff to get to. And you know this is what happens at McCain's way and we get a real coach OK normally mean. The canes get get the first time head coaches or if not first time that coach get a guy who's from a small school you know. And or smaller you know program at least. And you know Randy Shannon for sonic coach on goal and first time head coach Larry Coker before that first time head coach although he was here Sony that's a quick fair but. Now you got a guy who was coaching for SEC titles every year in a major program. And at the same time though. Rick got bailed out this Saturday because in the canes don't win that game and look gutsy play call from richt gutsy throw from lake rosier. Ruled. There's got to be something to set by the way formerly Goodyear who. Does not play well it's up assume. Does not play well against Georgia Tech and look he's limited OK but came on line. You know marches and down the field two weeks in a row in very big spots maintains undefeated. A top ten team they're trying to win the EC championship our rights and like these are these are pressure cooker situations. It's the first time he's been east starting quarterback right is all new to him. And he steps in there and is making monster throats now. The story that game if wing doesn't make that catch on fourth down. Is that Rick calls negate. That is going to be a story is that it is a bad job because you're obviously going back the story was going to be third quarter. By cain's got a little momentum coming at halftime it's fourteen to thirteen at. They were down earlier via touch up before the end of the half all right you're right they're even going up playing well it's immaturity is controlled and cut out and you do the surprise onside kick. George tech gets it there's some confusion because the ball does go ten yards is gonna watch it there which is dumb and George sect pixels long runs. And you're chasing the rest that you mention it on 2413. And if they come up shorts. Essentially gave what seven points at the start of of the second half there and it was just such a look obviously it's. The reward is great Berry get the ball right way to start the half. But from meat that spot in again it's tight it's 1413. Writes you got a little bit of momentum with you because the end the first half we got back in the game. It seemed like an unnecessary risk to take the sought the third quarter that that the risk was two bit. Compared to what the reward is gonna wind to be in that spot and it completely. And as worst case here obviously completely backfire and easy to go and say you know. At second guess you play the results. I hate okay. Corset to second guess him player result welcome sports. So works you see something happen they talk about whether it was a good thing about ands. Clinton results. It's right what sports. And if that play doesn't work outs. Then you get to look at the coach saying it was and it was your quota dude that's and instead of working out it was a complete disaster backdrop that's. It's and his owner and throughout the week you know your o.s XQ the onside kick boys and how much attention to detail they made during those are sector plays so. Arnold was one of those things where it is and everything that they know it in a really isn't it we'll get the ball the solid second half we don't like it. Malice that's that's the one of those things that you make just to try to change momentum. And merely sit at a halftime yet they have to and one half amber probably grab special teams Coach Billick. As we ready to do this to be go over this enough during the week as those teams goes good you did not or is gonna shake his head. Obviously you don't wanna say no you don't you don't and all of a sudden now you're job pretty good. But the probably said yes and special teams coach had to grab all the guys make sure everybody's on the same page for minutes like minutes and then you're ready to go and do this thing and it's finally prove house or Cassell like it's a very risk reward is an area Gary unnecessary risk in that spot. You know maybe you're down a couple touchdowns and you wanna shake things up OK fine it's a war on a it's a one point game we've seen this would Rick Rick's balls easily as docile and quiet and slow and smooth as he is. On the sideline. He takes chances takes risks and and I am I appreciate the fact coming out on pop on while the risk that is continually take and there is still. No you won and a coat I do you sound down on it does not I don't have been among where it's not a thing I like taken the risk I like taking the recipe gates yesterday called for every four down seemingly. I'd like taken the rest the point I'm making is. If you take the risk and you don't get it it's OK second guess you could look to present a a poor decision our right to your computer take that gamble pork all right and it didn't work yesterday almost Paulson gave that's all sank. It is a second guessing his white coaches are we scared to take those risks who don't read all without calling out for coaches to take those risks like the risks a gotta get right. You might it then you can't I don't think that you can chastised a coach for taking that risk grade I mean you can't you can't do the second guessing if you like a risk as you know. That there's always the chance it is not going to war and say to take the rest I like great risks are greater chances of Zack our identity to the high risk Cairo war. Like taking it but it need to take the risk and a workable walking just turn on the game marking just tells me you know walking what he's in dominate we not doing just extremely let me know that the Frontline of Georgia Tech's kickoff return team. Was pulling out quick like they relieving before the ball was kicks let's look at telltale sign her way that the players are turning around ago somebody called it right in that moment what they they probably had a couple kicks that they did throughout the game that they realize that hey did the Frontline is leaving early which is gonna obviously give you an advantage of a couple of yards so they're turning their backs and running back to block because Miami's speed that you're dealing with Miami's front my speed was probably a lot faster than Georgia Tech. So there give trip to Korea to give back to set their blocks off they were leaving a little bit early. That's one of the telltale signs of a psychic as well. Hey let's get it's keen opportunity to 1000 bucks are finally induced extort back. Back to seven to 81 like the use back. Text that in the 72881. And every morning on or just to be in the months 7 AM and that it Amy got a chance of 1000 box messaging data rates may apply don't text and drive. 2000 arson and contests and in some ninety. And at some wonderful point 38 seats at the ticket. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. Logitech isn't an excellent summit you're losing out golden was the first your red coats and and. You know I said this temple I should resemble it deprives it by saying your common from a smaller programs some of their first time coaches poker Sheehan and or they're coming from small programs bald. I an exact listener yeah. These headlines are brought you right there are relieved to relieve muscle cramps your legs and feet ease their hearts relief as fast acting foam is clinically prove grand jury legal leg and look real get their works relieved today at air works relief the dot com. Us I appear they bought it went down on you I mean for for the way you treat this nice boy okay. Who is who you've been seeing for so long he treats you like. Princess and this is how you treat him I mean he's standing by your side when you have cancer if he would either gentleman OK and this is how you treat. We talk about the same guy. You're you're you're getting first class tickets an app to app to your boyfriend already purchased take hits he's already I asked her I already purchasing or anything yet. Our rights and you say you know what. Instead of meat person my ticket now and get in the seat next you check what's available first class. And you sit sitting next to each other anyways is ticket Daytona and like I mean lady you don't think you can get it now. Ironies I told him you can move restaurants will be sued together that's right that's right and what they said no mom I'm Juan latest sold out. How vineyards and ideas would have been slow getting coach with a hat which is his choice now and status. Or is he sitting in the middle seats okay that means that two people next to him they're solo as well. They'd switch switch for the gas rights they would get fueled sex in 679 sim for I would dump dress so fasten the seat is more important Demi. Not a guy says Amber's web part of the duck for putting up with that garbage all right she's a one way Sally the only sound is a one way Sally. What's openly selling but I'm noticing you're not reading the positive all our target are to be some more okay I'll give you some more unlock and. You know like a lock at these slanted here warfare amber what about this and are you go back there and you see you turn around you look back with peasants are and you realize back earnings are humble but all of a sudden you see some smoking hot Colombian chicks manager boyfriend and one of those street some that may be window seat where you can get a little bit more and work as opposed to being in the out. He's in the middle he's. Clinton knows. I'm just saying and put an out there she sit in the window seat he sit in the middle. All of a sudden you know he's trying to find hand warmer because as Andrea and called on all the sudden you go back their realized that happens are you gonna say. A pit doors which now a or would you continue to sit in first class a plan would backfire. Oh CME is guy says here amber be careful you know when you see your boyfriend bent down on one knee may not be proposing may be bend down pick up a penny up the floor cheap ass he is only a hundred more dollars to sit with you. Millions as easy. Does it in mind isn't it means nothing wrong with what amber did a haley's chief bass should spend a hundred dollars and punishment fit the crime and appoints Peter I'm on his side and overall and it's like to buy a you know lake let's put yellow book get a hundred auctions and exe girl. I am I legacy both sides will be overall overall I think Tobin got a right you told made. Colts are Tillman made it very unnecessary Poulter don't yeah shenanigans there at American Airlines Arena equally then it's time on his hands. He. Province ball's been updated okay the poll today is amber made her boyfriend sit middle seat in coach. While she sat in first class is amber the worst golfer never and and it mean that there at the polls close. But yes world's worst golf and ever is winning 80%. I am not a zero for apps are you insider's Dan it's you know should you vote. What voted you died of billions. I'm trying to be unbiased you know I might but if I were to vote I would definitely similar. Miami Dolphins very stay seventeen and nothing halftime deficit to beat the Atlanta Falcons yesterday twenty to seventeen. Day Joseph I ain't you rush for a 130 yards yesterday. Cutler or for a 151 yards and two touchdown pass to Kenny stills and Jarvis landry's shall know. Toby does make a good point here though because did you read the poll opens up about an hour ago where 8% said no she is not the world's golfer never an out 12% or so Ainge now the world's golfer never. And it's it's pretty likely that there's a rally starting. For the no because people trying to swoop in and Casey wanted dumping us this and that's. And that's sure they are sleeping in on the tax Anderson Tex are saying AMBER Alert. Winters you leave your boyfriend dance you Cameron attends an immediate thirsty also you. Not. All. Let's say you is lays near the man you don't want to leave you know sex or come in and. And then in comes the deep he's like over here to record sales real mental side. Adam gays here that I'm gains. Saturday I go through these steps was with all these guys and understand. Take for practicing well are we not do them on the game. And I feel like he's doing a lot of good things but we just got in August and north until we're a little bit. We'll look behind or authority. But you know hopefully this is the first step we put together two good Dresden Tennessee game. We had some good things going on today we didn't finish drives in the first happens like that we did. And I think just them the longer we keep going the veteran and yet and that's really the goal thing. Ever atom gays of course discussing Jay Cutler here is Jay Cutler. There was a focused home you know we should focus very early and sixteen play drive their own point two things he simply drive. Guys and leave these focus you know we overcome some third and longs overcomes their insurance. You know he's never play Wii has moved in next claim we executed him. They know there were restarting its rhythm offensively you know we're certain C you know. How it should be done how can be done. Texas good amber if you're so if you will owns a leader boy from the hit me a baby girl. Cellular it's dynamite and you don't wanna leave. That dude that's you sound I mean does soundly than using a boy different. Bigger dollars or not. Every girl video innings and he's maybe not many that they've Ehrlichman and girl. Well now sue. Aspect of football but you're in and got on the others in news ahead you knew that the op Ed Greg get clicking at some point here. You resilience this plan is suppose that I think those guys understand what they have as a group. Very tough arms they go against us not to be pushed him. And we strive to push him continue to do that vice Versa for them. That's in the day there. Good group and to me then of coach blogs he come from situation room Monday. And then coming in with a new coach and kind of change in the schemes and stents. The excuse. Mike county is in concussion protocol. The canes. Also had a big win they rallied to beat Georgia Tech 25 to 24. Miami is powering seventh in the nation coaches call eight in the nation in the EP Beaulieu of the top ten. Manning hurricane undefeated team minor. San Diego man. Ill let I I yeah I saw some people like you know the Clemson still ahead ages loss listen. Who cares about the ringing it's cool being top ten is winning games yeah okay you win you games and assault in a war counts it's its it doesn't matter as wimps games before. And by the way. Because this is our new thing we do the shell whenever whenever our football team meets your football team we go to that city we do the show okay that's our thing we're really stick it to you know. But and next week out of this you know this week cain's Georgia Tech dolphins falcons Hayward into next week. Dolphins she had sent. Hurricanes Sera cures and now we are minding your we might be doing the show all up in New York doing all where all all open you gotta love resilient. We suited you know it's funny I say by maximizing jumper. You know nuts insert here's an ordinary to other same thing it's the same everything Kagan and telling its New York. It's an a on a new York new look. Shaun White sightings around beating it's an epic. NBA Twitter beef it was hot after he's pre season game. The sun deliver the knock out blow the very end when he responded to being called salt by saying local listing the pre season three when in three years. The regular season now Yancy in the regular the regular season and and any hash tag it and be an eclipse. It's funny guy whose grisly image Demi it's so rare to see him that's that's that's a good hitting can look that ozone no he's got to believe that's all adds that that is very club I would I think some ways I'd be very glad. Very club is very wary and eclipse coming I think he's coming out about Isaac told our reporters on Sunday that indeed. Knows that he's off. Apparently though apparently. One sport senator you know highlighted the beef it did not show how sons knockout blow which which is lame. And and it makes sense because. MBA is like this favorite son you know everyone loves and believes so flawed team China already an ordeal and a son doesn't get any respect righty and right Jim response packets and you're right. You write texts or writes in neared guy announced the Miami Heat I'm assuming same liking us as he was not on television. The guy announced the 1976. Game at the beginning kept saying that the game was two to nothing in David sixers when the score was 22. Well that. England's full put up in about. Aaron Rodgers left Sunday's game against Minnesota after suffering a broken collarbone so he's probably done for the entire season from a commuter can you imagine having nothing better to do into. Tell us than to be upset about the Janus Winston injured you know there him as a loss to Arizona the first basket of the game. Imagine being upset Iggy was three days ago stole them onto a and finally Miette Khalifa reportedly got kicked out of the Dodger Stadium during game one of the NLCS she punched a guy in the job for trying to take is healthy. Beyond that is alleged reason for a is quite a fake it. Does the hash tag team me Khalifa in this spot because yes she's a celebrity but. Probably pretty annoying to just walk around and people just run it up on you and take itself fees. Okay let's Adobe celebrities and maybe don't summon. No major porn star of all personally don't want people otherwise take photos and you know it's not like you to know when I see people doing something out of the public eye or maybe don't now do a television show it's a big deal should asking shake hands and going to use sports casting which is now heard next move on how well maybe do something and not in the public guide you have some problem with people wanting to take pictures with you is that is the proper thing that you did do you want to face an Atlantic pitchers and you happens you'll that I know. But all of these people you're right does that mean all these people say. These ads that you might have a big picture of course we could take a picture approach is rob let me take self is that says that's kind of at a kind of weird behavior. It's not it's not really weird behavior it out she can't icing sometimes it's weirder to disturb the celebrity. Why did Stephen A Smith went off on any yelled you forget when yellow immediately an airport for doing that cannot wait yes I do it until eighteen years old are ever taking a photo of him I would yeah me all your first to say is who the hell cares to get pictures seen basement that's for one. Bat he had inspire youth basketball team lined up there's there's maybe align its when he people trying to take photos receiving smack in this in this. Cellphone store wherever it was immediately into airport. It was an appearance he was just walking around the Atlanta airport trying to shock people wanna anchors because he focused it was a big day you know NBA announcer and in these kids were clearly on some sort you ask a team's all these kids are trying to pictures that I am. So I didn't want to bunt him I was a fan of his of course at the time I wanted to be a sports broadcaster I was in college majoring in broadcasting and is not the picture of them. And he did was not happy alchemy that are not happy I didn't ask. Was it in snap pictures and tell you one. I I would I personally. I personally would not as a run up on a woman even if she's a celebrity. And stick my face yeah. Spotters would gains you know it recognize when you beat Carolina at risk here that I think it's been out here immediately pa. I think it's rude Dexter writes Americans just easily have been four into the team any winning the ACC and beating Clinton president Clinton's loss assert your last week was a big deal. NC state a team Clinton still plays NC state in a few weeks in advance easy wins that game UNC state on the other side. That division I Clemson is no longer lock. By any stretch ladies championship game are never any else. Mine's hi we have a special announcement. For the retired music festival next. Detective Mattel and again. Moments here he's happy feet deep Taliban's. AT all the mighty NBA champion Ray Allen some sport's biggest names on the name a charity that ran out and blows my beach hotels a medical term returns next Friday. At this trying to actually twentieth. He's whose date all the elves raise funds are directly benefit Miami county schools sponsorships in fortunes are still available heads the ticket money dot com for more details sign up. And T offer tee off for. Our. For the kids are right back in our studios in north mine we are in Atlanta this morning Tobin is in Miami American Airlines Arena. But we are Kenny walker win us OK from right across the hall. And getting take morning and here's a guy accorsi and don't your people work here and he's nobody here he told has gone you guys there it lamp current gig he's this or not it's everything man does everything went when the dolphins when the dolphins win a road game we'd go to that city and new show and maybe guys are good luck may be that it may be the magic formula and were honest Ryan man that's of course gets pushed any walk of folks are knows is the PA announcer at at heart Roxy for the for the dolphin game so. And a year a year back in Miami we travel with the team we're we're here and and you guys are living a life now so you must five star hotel against. We had a private jet the whole thing yeah. I yeah. This house talking about the car their rents are rock university has beat her by the which I highly Kenny it's the most unnecessary money had ever spent. Paper 24 hours renting a Mercedes SUV per rented a car that's it's on us. Everybody says that when they come to visit us right leg writs of democratic group South Beach the knicks and Rangers think that there really isn't cool thing did the rest of let me ask you something you real quick you got a big announcements make together minute here for a New Hampshire a got a eight you know ridiculous I thought it was an outside unbiased opinion here okay you know amber Wilson the inaugural ever say -- -- doesn't know amber and say hi. So so here here's what happened okay. Amber all right she the boyfriend a kind of course course she'd all the embers of the world have boyfriends it robs him really rich good looking got an agency did good looking guys are goblet from buck but he but she wears the pants because listen this guy. They fly to Atlanta couple days ago they fly together of course are a couple why wouldn't they fly together but that's not the end of the story because. Amber okay. She buys herself a seat in first class. Not telling the story of rap I am town it's a bit tell would tell him he had already might you had argued botanist ET AI is fine so. Or is Dan Wheldon knew that hearing on our area. There and she went ahead over top and I go. I got together or not buying back together so we weren't gonna be sitting together anyway is by the time I booked I was can be sitting next to him and coach anyway. So Kenny she is sitting first class and he is sitting middle seat coach and bathroom he Scott Randy on either side of an easy in the middle there gamble. I ain't Kenny what's going on here I am just haven't closed old curtain tutors to check close occurrence on entitlement. All right organs and I can't see that again I can't look at the you don't look at bats are are you guys still together after this. Now which is worse which is worse. Her not sitting with the boy from because she must see it first class or him not thrown together a few extra bucks instead of her there's a case he made that too. I'll you this great we're here to do the big announcement you put me on the spot. I did today you know I don't know if I would if I would conflict cash upon this gets your tickets are Chauncey you go out there and save your first class seat while and and just run me back some snacks. That's all in all. While many dig a little daughter now did you did you bring it like any champagne back to the guy you know he started throwing things like trump McGraw yeah of a paper towels. Through a couple of peanuts back out and she didn't catch timeouts halls and supplies I can easily gotten political hit gallon so what do we got for rip tide here Kenny walker you Louis Louis got for rip tide you as well big announcement. Boys to manage has been an. Voice amend the ninety's the superstars Motown Philly number one on billboard for like thirteen weeks in almost romantic ballads and indeed need. I'll make love do you water runs dry why did you guys play a good choice good man very. One sweet day on the glove deal of why does outline them. Hockey league and you get a repeat yet but I always say in this autos is telling Kenny loves. Our uncle of the song yes I don't know I didn't do a great job of not not I know you always Summitt never knew that you it's great as it. I appreciate that and I thought we are boys but now I guess we're we're more than that he had once we did it without Ohio carry that was that this is an all time record number sixteen weeks at number once so it'll be fun to be at. The big rip tide music festival December 2 third on the beach for a lot of it and you can go alone because of where friends are coming up small. Amber's going to be in the VIP tent without he'll be highly then I'll just not. What I mean that guy outside the fence that steers and they're not more than ensure you are funny yeah are you everyone's everyone's an amber Curtis. Yeah I was pretty cool so again they getting get a ticket to go onto they mingle and I know England's at a Miami and checking out is a link there where they can go in there. Find seats for a Texas that's the Sunday Sunday boyz to man right right that'll be that December 3 Joseph thank you for having me everybody hey amber hope things work out would you cheap I would your board federal workout nut and a well this is getting seizing control so I think guts really whenever she wants. Excellent job things Kenny all right so let's Kenny walker back near enough. Much talent so glad that you share this. This private conversation that we had off air before the sins started right told you guys what happened on the flight not thinking that I was going to leave this room. It's this whole show is circle of trust it when the trust tree. Is it in the nest and we're all telling everyone and tell for us and everyone from a variety about this guy yourself fired up McCain's job raw Romberg. I never even played canes for ball one hurts guard by uncle Luke the morning before the game out of breath player that is the beat viewers have been like last week as well before. With fighters are and as well on the other end and they were written all hurricanes here onstage they had treaty come out old school like yeah like crew are letters. Extra gear updated scarred they had treaty come out trick come out. Ricky rose was out there on stage to. They even had what was what's what's your name Carly B came out dancing and working on stage. Man it was bruises all and I saw there on Freeman was there in the mother Freeman was there and uncle Luke his wife is is about his agent oh and in any coach some wood stain on the Liberty City global literacy warriors yeah he's very close to two Luken in his feminine in a coach and there. All right so there you go again retired just announced that boys to men and that reason boys and insult pap. On a Saturday at all rolled back right there was in the kicked in again and want to have been arousal is a log a guy which won't blow it McCain. Deep voice yeah I kicked him out on time. Oh yeah it'll have a isn't as you the voice all that old they claim. That it's that that's the reason but I think he says different. It badly and drama on Afghanistan blah you've seen them in a hundred days of the race I got it and we they'll prefer the open for new cancer yet over new kids on a few months ago and yet there was some tennis ex girl. And I he's seen out man. In any dude you're not part I don't know what's the question. Now. He's doing like the solo you know merely good voice you know in a Barry White voice. We're live from a from a Lee answering house or in the is nice studios that are sister station up here that are that if there's an. You are you humbled yawns and maneuvered a very nice building no Myers and I he's studios there are superior to our Miami Gardens studios. And I have to say guys and it's so disorienting right now that there's a window that looking outside in and they're like out. Here earlier outlook we normally are studio and managed aren't we are in all interior walls we cannot see outside we never see the sunrise in the morning it's a very it's raining we get to work. It's pitch black outside and we don't decide until we walked out of the building at 9 AM and this actually we concede. Outside and I'm. And starting a light on a looks like bad weather it out there am I starting to LA it's been. Hey let's let's get a couple heat nuggets here customized by champion for by force up large number one keep trucking SEB customs agent shopping guaranteed. And hottest four by four modifications in town called champion four by 4765023446. Or go to champion for by Ford dot com a second with Toby knew we checked you were told it for a minute ET cal that what's going on man. Mama spent there by his lineup the soda and the thirty year anniversary special he. Getting you get out and they they get shot quick burn the story line enough chances out there. Yeah man it's been a constant flow and I got nearly every three cars is in two jobs or was Simon you guys you bastards for not taking in Atlanta. Now you're definitely not everybody's mad and amber everybody's mad at him or her behavior automated update on the poll the poll question is yeah it's golfer never yet though the poll results are still stick and strong right now 88%. Is amber the worst girlfriend ever 88% Canada yes we are almost there hold a strong of that number. Yet 12% of people trying to suppan and through cleanup of that break up. But does not have results as soon as the worst golfer never is up 76 points in what is the margin of error there voting think modular is a very accurate and it's like half a point OK but it took don't lie. Okay that's what it does not lie that that has been established yet and and now we know that that that bend the knee he is up he is aware of everything that's going on as let him know that that we have his back you know. We have has arrived in OK it in rough times. I'm very good told and so what I mean up until. The other he doesn't idea till 10 AM ten ending a thirty year anniversary heat. Just and the go go Bob behind the American Airlines Arena you'll see all the the traffic Jones getting there and it's very very easy and. Sincere probably costing me my relationship this morning and you know my future and all that I always think you got me. He grabbed me and I used to drive mile a little Deke out there so so I think our. I think boy you guessed it to break down walls and communicate better and I don't want you guys being separated by thirty isles on the plane doesn't seem healthy man. Our man in willow will see in studio tomorrow okay. I'd see if there you go and by the way for humiliation boy gonna do an update there I I will make up like. I could do of the humiliation tomorrow but you're not going to be there Saul either do it tomorrow or acquittal Thursday when your bags of do you. The future and right now the mayonnaise free either and that there are others. Yeah Robert yet Jaco it was regretted them you know work this week of trial later on I can't keep up but that's just like a third. I presume to show that only Sosa Thursday to the mail and mail based on Thursday seemed to be there and you'd like see you man Islamic feasts and and I also lost this week. A day at the ravens. They need the only one is ever else and slim loss too because he writes out in an all hands again. But it softens the blow that the dolphins that war lines that softens the blow. So I gotta go like the mall whatever and just and rock the medical mask medical masked men afraid of my friend germs and bird flu that's a stupid. Our rates will wrap this baby up to be some final thought hasn't had a loss and parents. And Agassi. It's enforceable different sat. By himself weave your final thoughts next. Really funny show today. At least yours now from Atlanta the all time I got up early the next city I think during the football season I think I'm just gonna continue to make this the hub. And this is the slop over and then during the summer will boot from the keys well. I think the fun part is the hurricanes in Dalton sent huge compromise last second and that was the fun that's hitting the followed it surmise. That's right it was fun and be heir for that classic and dolphins and. It was really cool be and there are some insects in which which last second victory was better cancer dolphins it it's it's McCain's enzyme close. Because it is the canes lost air changes the rest of the season. Change laws there canes will loss there and it's. There it goes you know were similar to the Florida State victory would make the Florida State victory a little bit less. It would take some of that away you'd also feel like hey you were pretenders and also came which Iowa Nicole's division and now Georgia Tech's got a leg up okay. A dolphin lost there yesterday. You know it's I we are who we thought they are. And at at and and it's short three which I mean it is an advocate the OK year. It's you Beasley still make the playoffs at 23. Rights and and sound like the dolphins have like we had these lofty expectations of the dolphins and dolphin lost yesterday. Doesn't kill all right hurricane losses kills. By which was more unexpected. Easily it'll leave you wanted to that. Easily all make canes came from behind him wanna gain at they're supposed to win. The dolphins. Came from behind and won a game that was so. Not all yet looking at the schedule and you saw this this little grouping of games you said the Atlanta Falcons were going to lose some married over due deference. We were on our way up here last week talking about how old we shouldn't even be going to this game already is we're bothering to come although it appeared like the way our Lola. Sizing up things umps and that's exactly how it felt the. I looked at him and houses like oh my god it's recently nothing and that the tide here started change naming the day after they lose twenty eats enough and OK to the jets and yeah that was the jets owes me nothing. With a 26 now the one and get shut out armor but you called it was six which was which you called the saudis which was when nothing which was. Which is a one that it lost when he was an important forget the next week. Known you thought. You thought they lost when nothing but they got the cheesy six points of the game. Adding rights. I only go from got shut out. We haven't gotten since the next week the saints in London they lost not flawless ride a London gained or lost one is six and then it's according to nothing essentially lost weight of them back to back weeks but I remember the judge it was torn sex yes did you call the descent you today you were gonna ignore the six points I innings. I am. But then the next week you lose what is nothing there I remember coming in on Monday mortars like I I think we made a terrible decision Atlanta. I guess we made is I mean this decision before it the for the judge Kimi we made the decision like after the right after the game and yeah I think we are coming off a win imminently and. Road warriors offense can no. But I'll look back at that scene scheme now and there's there's no. As an exit at the office okayed the offense has not angry it's the running game was Corey yes it's one and the winning game. By. You look at his defense OK and we go to that saints game that they lost what eight and open seats or 52 yesterday. I prefer to bring out. A deterrent saints defense with two touchdowns OK but still you take with us three touchdowns that's still big offense performance talk thirty points eat human right there okay. 52 spot. Over your say in the loss was bad back noble on saying that the dolphins defense might be pretty good. We know ninety bright I think we know that had to do we have pistols thing might be pretty good I think we know that. I'll tell you that. Second half. Yesterday just just kind of show you the domination that the dolphins had in the second half yesterday. 04 when adults at the lead twice as a result of its work all their possessions and second of all four possessions touchdown touchdown you'll feel and when they took the lead twenty to seventeen. At that point in the second half the dolphins had run 38 plays. The thirteenth. 38 plays a third grind lean or grind and by Atlanta Falcons. Hardly had the ball the all of its fifteen play drive touch by play dry touch. Eight plays noble and please feel. 38. Place and then when the falcons got a moment final possession the falcons in the second after that point and just run. Fourteen plays for a total of 29 arts. A bit. I'm I'm and unfortunately. Watching Julio Jones probably have his worst wild years so why are this year quite. Did not attack communicable catches were broken tackle got a first down as that. But they're like twelve yard catches now. Did not inspect they had they had marked down and the defense about some great job yesterday I thought I was gonna be a long day. Especially after that first PI on Howard that happened I think it was like the first or second play a game. I thought you have a long day but McNulty in a blog and the guys down pretty nicely. Really fun game yesterday really cool being there and and watch the dolphin fans who are attendance they're celebrating they were they were fired up and they were loud at the end of the game. The nation ever shot Jones it's hard over change and I ain't telling that would be fought at all. Governor Arnold it is a colonel there now on now the well you make a Miami Beach, Florida voters in Miami and I sucked in her with the Seattle Seahawks ask him last time on the Internet work and I give myself a turn over John oh he's an unknown to us for doing that over there now. And I saw that UAB has little bit of a gimmick going on as well together govern the weight wrestling belt the the wrestling belt the they have other fuels that have gimmicks aids era into now. No analysis and Georgia just the spikes. There are there's a lot of woody woody get away and I went would you tell him Oleg Jesus spikes now they have spiky solar pat like the roads lead to resume again idea. Yeah. Our rights fund showed today being scans all of our friends here at an air comet Lian top OK there are from Alice. They they hooked us up today great studio great facility. And make several who went and hung out with hold in their. Thanks everyone who's trying to slide into Amber's DM is because you know again that's. It'll probably can be single and hence her pleasure hours now. And again thanks to tokens pull on Twitter. We now know that now you'll be back in Sierra Thursday amber and we'll be back amber needs another couple election days it's yet and I used it over the break up BA's last week in its two Mort is now. Rebate last week was for medical appointments. Have lebed too hard time on my umbrella or an iron going to North Carolina. Aren't we nice being on what needs and you begin my father. Amounted thinks stop really hit it in your mother Gloria take a couple of days off to. Rubbing it in Romberg I will see you back in South Florida tomorrow and coming up next Levitt in Russia.