ZRA Part 3 10-17-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, October 17th

790 porridge, Barstool on ESPN, Dickie V vs Zas 


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This can be with us early on people. It's society's terms. It will be open so whatever on the most important thing. Obviously is. I was patient from having some. There. And remain legitimate thing. Capabilities book lovers out there but in terms of individual player development. Good guys are playing. We'll visit whether it's. Game time. And my Elan is just a little bond. It's big. Then. All. Yeah yeah sand greens. I'm Spoelstra. Good job real. Sue yeah Brady. I'm playing with the lives. He's the although lives. Okay. Man I don't know oh. That's head coach Erik Spoelstra there on them out of by you know who could get some time. In the geely. It's the GU league now I don't get I like I like it sounds better but yeah it's it's gonna take some time getting used to look at Dili sounds like emotion its its emotion that's a that's sounds like the deal leaked. G league does sound cool. She league's better EZ EC guru time. Kendrick Perkins. He cited the Cleveland. Affiliate. In the deal leaked in those wondering yesterday if you if you've been the worst team in the in worst player in the NB for years are you then the best player in the geely. I I'm not sure it works like that from. I just had an idea what is the deep league name. Available now. There's only can stand up for grabs now I'm within the honey boulder. Aliens trademark or were copyright order their right to it I when he is it. Or something at a certain male escort service bodes they'll do you league. Hey if you want if you wanna Pixar Romberg strip club in Miami. It Buick Pixar Robert. 72881. And you quit thousand bucks right now every morning setting and ended AM on our show. We get thousand are slam dunk contest texting dream to 72881. Message standards and applied a Texan drive. Thousand dollars and dunk contest on am 79 FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. Text or writes in here pretax in 67974. In the Coral Springs almost Kia. Tex lines as low Romberg the how can you does not have a call screen your studio ACP has worked for ESPN. He should get the next able first off we've not Prius didn't like not even a little bit and didn't know I'd. I personally know of Julius PM now the station. Is an affiliate. Of ESPN Bo you know we're not owned and operated by ESPN and I've I certainly you know we're Prius paean. So that is another do nothing but your right you would figure that. The hosts of of Elise so even even a slightly popular. I would wait a colored people we slightly popular retired couple people listening to the show. Any divorced couple. You would say you would think that that we would. Have access to a call screen centimeters having guests and callers are bother me and that's that's that's a goal listeners than ever tacos here. Let's equipment manner. More listeners than ever worst equipment and amp. Knowledge of the suburb mikes don't we kind of saw the mics aren't there and let you know when you grab this and like my kind of falls off and goes to the ground and another little screw that's. May back in 1974 balls I can't find it screws on his microphone. Every morning. On my right hand to god told him when so all the slick sleek black tube with a foam piece on the enemy isn't as high as home fully take diary cat fat cat out the window of the. It was really feminine tendencies and then bring him back to the porridge. Yes that is continuous and he has to do porridge every damn it's. Is you know it really is late getting to have a buffet Wednesday. For dinner. Every day after the defect. You have to portage balloons and that it's called. Q school screened all yen this this this studio porridge. Yesterday Elizabeth. Which Laporte you like porridge who with a elegy portage man I loved boards as a kid I don't know if I hear everyday. Acute porridge and the road to buy Dell. You don't find the right got to go piece together though we do that it took a process for your business call 877 by Dell doctor Adel ball small business this. Tech advice it talked to a dump. We can talk to Adele and no. Does as LCS yankees I get themselves in the series it was too well now it's 21. Couple three run homers one by Aron judge hears the call on yankees radio. Good. Okay. Three run. They yankees the. I have an age now anyway. Love it I love it operas on rooting for the Yankees period I really yell yeah. The whole thing is more hears about the Astros are no one's on those out to mis hit level but yeah. Great play public cares about the Astros sort order perceived as the Yankees. I I'm absolutely are against the Yankees does the Mets I don't like the Yankees a finals being yes Noriega is God's. Yeah yeah yankees cubs pretty well look dodgers' two is okay that's a historic franchise by the Yankees cubs is the money match. Game what is there for ratings LA new Yorker LA and the cubs yankees got. It becomes pretty it was a monster for the monster yeah yankees cubs game fours this afternoon at 508 game three of the NLCS that resumes tonight you have that 9 o'clock between the cubs and Dodgers. Dodgers are sending you Darvish to the mound Kyle Hendricks goes for Chicago Chicago wins tonight. Then you a damn business on both sides you know because the Yankees got back in that series last night's in the got a chance to make it a long series that they can win this you know this afternoon. And that you know I mean I mean look I would expects don't expect the cubs to get back in this thing tonight hopefully they'll. I'm humbled and until. The saga of football update which brought tobacco and agree on Marco and agreed on wall friendly nodule of pressure on all sorts of December are grown coconut grove home of the fish taco. And invest sports bar it was seventeen by the Miami new times and let's North Miami and amazed and automotive experience. Cool though. For the canes wide receiver Darrell Lang amusement ACC receiver of the week I am Michael Badgley was name he's easy specials of the week and against Georgia Tech. On the pro side and it's got to look at the film and I was happy with everything SA but. He was asked about these T shirts that the dolphins are wireless it is we are not normal was Emmy what's behind that well here is out and gays explaining math things. Turned them around mid song live. It's going or something in Cabell found some some sign him and we weaved through there and our squad meeting and issue number can't walk climbing those. Posture. And largest bank debt bulletin sort terror score in different directions and skies won't reveal details guys just plugging along slowly it was good weekly. If those votes and I think those guys abrasive they may know a lot of the things that went through a lot of things that they fought through. Lot of people one of them don't want it going so far. All right I've found that answer be wholly uninteresting. Or what many men like that's that's don't believe for themselves and they're not normal no I mean they're really not normal in the chain smoker corner and a British running back a lot of these to the steam. It's been a weird. Goran Dragic he didn't play as pre season. Now he says that once they can't come here soon enough as the open up their season. Tim went to start this season. Now this seems like every time. Open grazing land the it's going to be tough game. You know we need to come ready you'll be hard you know wanted to do but you know for him on the road strewn. I really feel bad for. You Tobin because I just want to let I want what you know that this techsters bears who sang guys spend months and get the read right. It's Dell PCS as in he C but world so as a species. You've been seem PCS. So the answer is PCs like personal computers and and everything postured for that of course it's funny. And a when you match and a you're doing and it's like chili's to focus on one thing she did three ribs and defend. A so this I don't make this isn't news group writers alike that they don't just weeks. Pours here at chili's we wanna focus on one thing. That's ribs chicken wings burger sliders appetizers and some good drinks about the margaritas and Margaret one. Techs are right senior tool the week award should of went the ref threes that made the call. In the jets game with the touchback fumble and also it's a ferry in Jenkins you know I. I put in it's I did I did you a bit of a disservice yesterday because I I concede all the highlights of the games where at a town grant Dalton games so. You know as it was a really see what happened yesterday on that Clinton I saw the play and I understand I didn't understand why the over to her and it's. And they like you have the full explanation now Romberg because apparently what happened was some Barry Jenkins he's diving toward the end zone because touch on the field but it does sound. And because the ball was and all old as he was tied being even though he kept the possession of the fact that it was gobbled it pursuit council or no no oh counts as a fumble. OK. And if he fumbled. Needs to reestablish. Himself. In the field apply in order to gain back possession where if he didn't fumble easier quotes there. And he is diving all the NASA does the all us across the plain and you know what since Hewitt says he form holds a median. Reestablished. He fell out of bounds and that of course would be a touchback entice some ma'am. This this NFL. And this place is another example. It's it's so over officiated. Exist it's over officiated. Unit you don't know what hatches. That play right there who know what their right mind is watching that planes as you know. That's not a touchdown. It's so over officiated. It there's too many rules. Every law and all mind new thing that happens with a runner or receiver. Who has the football it is measured down (%expletive) and to the millimeter. It's over officiated this week it's a nuisance and no one wants to see a game that's over officiated I mean Romberg. That play there yes to that on Sunday. Talks on every day like it's. It's over officiated this week and it's it's and going to be watching the game. And they're going to result they go to replay you'll no clue why did a replay. And then during the replay you have no idea what they're gonna room. You know in baseball they go to the reap what all he was and he's now and you know they're gonna come back and say run it was out. In all they do these replays. You don't have a clue what rule there to come back with why initially thought when I first saw it was the fact of the ball never cross the plane. And a body did and that's what I thought the call was going to be question about but the whole loss of control not reestablishing our actual all the ball right it's likable to the ground and right to back up. That's a touchdown every single day I Kimberly but what what did you like more the fact that. The jets lost. Boy what a regular majors will lose but I mean there's cardiovascular. The middle class place. But I am an Arnold afraid of the jets. We get the jets this weekend I don't jets beat the dolphins when he is six but don't have rated jets' long term OK the patriots it's like it's an offer. I'd like the patriots and not win the British. And and it's not the dolphins went division. I'd much prefer the jets the bills and the division even though I hate jets obviously in and you know would only the bills either. But I out of rather at the jets. Have won that beam yesterday and I'll tell anyone else man you know. I I don't owns a piglet cobol people who have big. Number one hit my towel and number CO sought out as Michael Roemer okay my name because. Well green that's right I would let that ever I don't own epic back and better than ever. You be given the same show for fifty years and I guy's gonna have a TV should not be totally in the board fast. This might Greenburg man he loves the jets and pays huge jets fan and obviously is apoplectic to. So carrying Jenkins such MB overturn now blame him I mean it like that seat it's awful. But but I I big question here OK this for example. You know as my screaming after the game yesterday tweets tweets. The jets absolutely played in tone it's no they lose in large part of one of the worst and most astounding calls I've ever seen and he's right about that. My question is why isn't he asked. Doing the patriots do everything in fourth. We also all the replay will see that's a touchdown he got dean blamed Dino and and what's his name perera. Oh cool were saying that they made the wrong call that it shouldn't touch on his touchdown Big Brother said like I would not overturn that touchdown. Why why why does my green berg not asking. This against his favorite team to. Why is not ask him knowing the patriots to do that to make it writes. And forfeit. And the NFL's not just is that it. We know that should. Like the patriots to just come out there and they could even do the right thing to forfeit against the jets just like the hurricane should have forfeited to duke right. Why why don't do. May you rot because it's. When he writes. Important. It's divisional game. There with a one game each other now why why why is name call the patriots to make it writes. Easily do that we all know touchdown. Urged the result. Agree man. 00 that was for detains and it can be changed. It can't. Because of that call is made correctly the game and it's it's not as though you have to figure out what what happened in this circumstance that you don't then it could be on Don. In this is a problem with a solution and they search is a sure losing not to utilize. I mean take to resolve. Web when when the officials give out there and overturned on the child like old chick who walked over to the refereeing easily you know. Who we don't agrees get the touchdown a guy and that's that's it I you may got it wrong so we'll undo right thing in that that that's such a jets. Yes I know on billed out to coach the patriots but a lot owning a ride has such a normal mind in Miami grand kids yet. Are resolved and the result and is weighing on the tour members on its labor greedy greedy. To lead the charge. Okay. Patriots it's it's so easy to make it writes. It could be on and on. I'm a weight on normal mind in Miami grand kids yet odds are it's only it's only Wimbledon heart in to resolve. Hurricanes and duke was I mean more monumental born game. It could be on and on. Obviously we all love cats Friday it's right now that deserves as much as everybody throughout this. Look who's looking but he probably everybody else's third place physically mentally and. Myself. Not Wednesday night. Has Amber's sworn enemy can't really union on Good Morning America right now they're so is this. Amber's algae that on Thursday. She needs more vacation she's vacation from the vacation. You know we were in Atlanta this weekend. Did you turn Arab that you see the pictures of you bring up there of the cabinet and in North Carolina now what's it look like tonight's. Doesn't look cheap and well there's conflicts in their beds as it watched that on the and as she rolls and that is the bush for you to stay in the of the rich easier flew back home you know aids here obligation. Nine and get ago. Eight global prize back on it's they get presented by Palm Beach Harley all season long get ready for games look at the dolphins and their bony injury updates. He's even more Palm Beach hardly they always know more drag expose waste goes public just there's sand bar grille on the road and Lexus North Miami football Friday's. Right hearing in 79 in FM one a four point three HD two. The ticket are yet he did team it's easier customize it champions or by force upload no more Jeep truck and SEB customization shots. You guarantee Deb hots for my for modifications in tone. Call champion four by four at 76 pilots whose 3446. Or go to champion four X four. Dot com real quick as you just mentioned. By the way a tax rates and here 67 ninths and pork says kind of porn is asking the patriots to four fit are you high. And congrats on on understanding. The point sir. Since since I left off with that now I should mention all right so let's look at apples or green amber again Dick flights now. Dickie V there was a reason why you get into DTV is why again because. You you have a personal vendetta against the QB UU. Assault this'll man I'm not assaulted him on any alternate locations are right so let's not ever see that again I've never assaulted him. Bond IE I. I I feel like I'm sticking up for the University of Miami. Okay when it comes to fight now. And and this is this is why emigrate hurricanes fan because I can being neutral I went to humorous if Florida. Our rights but quite seen injustice. And I laughter okay. And Dick fights Howell has been completely unfair to University of Miami. And and that reared its ugly head again yesterday okay because you know apparently Rick Pitino. Passed a polygraph that was given to him by a former FBI agent OK pass to cool that he did not know. Woes going on with this. Keyword recent. Scandal is Rick bites Rick Pitino always seems to be in the thick of it. All right Rick you probably should inspired several times before. This time that he was actually fired music you actually fired US and finally voted determining UAE is wired yesterday and so Dick by towel. Mention is that EU well. Why did they rush to judgment of the past day polygraph. Nation of wired and shouldn't rush to judgment should wait this out a little bits and the prom that I would think I tell is. Once touted. Paul for the president of the university global to step down resign. Like he did dot social well. Items are awaiting your. Because because we all know that hadn't seen for counseling a lot. To. Have considered stepping down. When it it the Nevin Shapiro nonsense broke as it's insane. So is waiting and and Rick Pitino go multiple multi time offender. Wednesday you'll. President's going to be asked to step down by Dubai tell Mo. I I understand this part of it Momo is the last time you saw Louisville's president sending they're expecting a check giggling and laughing and hugging. With. Somebody from a dias who was allegedly paying high school athletes I get a guy to get. The shock and awe factor that was put out there by every media outlet the picture of Don actually let the bowling event. Grabbing a check from them Shapiro and laughing and hugging I you know that that has a little bit of a new went off fact I don't when you pulling a little visual behind I don't. But but the fact that Latinos been accused of crooked behavior for a long time now Trevor passes the lie detector test. I don't know man and crooked and aggregate behavior but embarrassing behavior to have sex in the restaurant is not that if you're the head coach not college Pasadena could be something wrong and now be argued okay could be. My moral compass again it's a little bit different it's just sort of examples you got don't be Greenberg there are okay. Who is the only team that you ever forfeit. Is University of Miami is actually forfeit your team what a call goes their direction that that. Swings a game where the other the only two that should ever do directing it forfeited universe Miami and I don't see any other presence directors 'cause the U of Texas fire okay rent was up. But. I'm talking residents of the university of those other presidents being called to resign. Except Madonna shall Elin has bought. But he Mattel and talk about no course in. Time before and life. And and that box about it. I Felix and I'm just sick opry Emerson I mean target that's all I appreciate Zemin and speaking of sticking up and all about the university mired in I think does a terrific by the issues great did you not see the videos of the speeches of the ring of honor us with Rae and Michael. And Morant. You see any did that is regular at wow. I was. Was awesome in an agreement the term here believe was the ceremony. The look like it was a great event you know minus couple people but. News. It was really really really cool to hear those guys talk about view and talk about how not only do we could do this at the university but we brought this in the NFL and we not only when national championship but we would Super Bowls and gold jackets and rings and critical it was it was there was also Manfred and then and then obviously bringing down my house was Sean Taylor's little daughter give up there and speaking on behalf for father and and that obviously getting on to get the game at halftime I was really remaining really cool to Syria critical. They can make that he retirement. Connector was in. I'm so most of Kmart and we can make it fortunately meant to operate. Get the heat coming up a cut in compliments and accept endorsements and time on the year armed. Manitoba was telling me that that morsels Boortz show starting tonight on ESPN. Yeah that's using man because I saw yesterday was yesterday it was two days ago by the it was yesterday where. The guy who runs bar stool sports on his podcast was trying to make the case Harvey Weinstein a solid debts and post this as trying to make the case that. Maybe. You know Harvey Weinstein. You know. For Harvey Weinstein to expect sex. In exchange for movie rules it's it there's any angle there where that's okay which static routes even had that conversation. That you know it's his company and if you don't like it any all the work here does essentially what the argument was for Harvey Weinstein. Yen if they'll they'll. So dad's been put out this. Limb put out but this this person who was apparently he had hired by a arsenal. This woman who's gonna cover college football for them. She put out some part of her contract that badly. The non offensive clause what you can get offended by a certain things that go on at the office. And so what are some of those certain things sexual jokes. Just just you know general jokes you'd be offended by artist who like waving your rights if I can't sue over our city had to address that as well. It seems interesting that ESPN's getting to bed to discredit. Yeah it is adjusting I mean does that they've they've had a huge rise in popularity especially especially that podcast that. These guys are gonna part of big stool bark at one of those name is and and part of it was the other guy PS did come out there yet now so those of the stars of the show. But that is existing like Sam ponder came out yesterday. And she posted these two screen shots which she accused. Big cat of putting up. Turned out that was actually from the president who put them up but it'll that is Portnoy right again and put him but but put much admitted Vegas sky. But. Does not a terrible. But she they're the comets are you put it like you Bible thumping freak and which it expects that that that guys are gonna argue over the to get over it says she put his that's goes welcoming ESPN big cat. And it out that I'm balls moved. Well you know. She's and she's like the new face of NFL countdown so yet I would tell you what it notables move by Sam ponder but. It's also putting in India. When you get angry Sam ponder for being offended at that you can't imperious and again Madson and under and that's spot. Not yet you can't. But it's it's still balls move on reports Smart averted before the show starts took them like that EST on ESP and crime not technically yes Kenya or even heat next. City regular season opens tomorrow night against the magic and we're gonna celebrate with you look. Starting tomorrow at 6 AM we're giving away a pair of heat tickets to an upcoming game. Every hour 6 AM to 6 PM tomorrow case to make you listening every hour you're gonna have an opportunity. And that's right here in your home for the heat's 79 in FM one a four point three HD to the ticket Tobin loves bringing this up I always forget about it but Tobin rehash zip. Goes back to. Long time ago when the hurricanes were involved in the Nevin Shapiro business. And Dick by taos and I I'd I'd just feel the need to stick up the university money sometimes on saint and and Dick fights now who refuse our neighbors all. He ease. Rick pitino's rotted. That's for sure war. And he refuses to call for. The presidency university global two stepped down the way he did on shall oil but but Rick Pitino at. He is is rotted out so he is behind in a 1000% right. And end it by tell back in the middle of that you know like right when the Nevin Shapiro's son was breaking quote mark amber needs business. And money will pay climate heating up for death penalty and that Robert death penalty. For the University of Miami. And Tillman Tillman and sensory. A screen grab of the tweets. 'cause I I then wrote date by Taliban around member and this but I I've been rolled back to Dick fights how embarrassing. Just one word yet it's embarrassing. It is like going to school or you referring to the prettals comments that take from him being embarrassing 'cause it it was an old. Tweet that I was rehashing. So was it embarrassing with a question mark it's embarrassing that he he jumped to that judgment immediately for the university Miami that he should get the death penalty based on this this nonsense. Of the annual you're talking ruin your reference embarrassing yes because I I I put the old tweet there knees you know currency and that any respondents. We're at that time there responded to me any roads. You do indeed Lewis now. As I don't Akron in a row now is prior to the terrible job. That was done in the inquiry stage. And all capital letters I get the facts. Now's the gallery there from now Greg Baird is wherein lies the irony don't pay him the fighting words are there and it's a flight hours as therein lies the iron that was. He says that was prior to his his opinion error. Was prior. To. Terrible job that was done in the inquiry stage. Except that's it's curry or the whole point there who Tudjman's. Access kind of the whole point there because then I I wrote him back. You publicly called for shall Layla to step down before you knew anything. That's embarrassing. And the bottom line is I don't like. I am surprised he's not the we used Twitter and joints you know Martina. I think it's also violently back and history. That lake a year later he then joined us on the show and it's funny because. If I tells Jones he's good publicist that tells them between now which shows he's gone on who gives and listen. I will be no moves so don't enjoy to come. Dude at noon to rent. And so again and it was great welcome is fun yes look as a member for a time there I decided to forgive him. Those years later. But now I'm I'm taking that back now for imminent. Now now Matt again. He can make it better deals and calls for the UL residences to resign. You can you explain some people because there wanna know what actual death penalty is reported to college in Norfolk and. The program shut down yet Dick white towel. Was calling for the university money to no longer half football before he had only information which he seemingly which he didn't. That he writes you. Did you call for a school to shut down football. Of before information. Mean eight is is will Walsh and amass all. The inability. I just can mean serious man. It's not a head coach that he Erik Spoelstra to morrow. Morihiro opening up the season so we're gonna talk to that coach exports toilet trying to starting line out of an important. Is it really means and he did in the aging coal. Isn't EE doesn't know he's going with yet more when it what does that have mandatory. Managed according to my announced sport tip off. That's at 615 more orderly Obama practice updates and like who's been practicing who's been missing time who's pulled glow whose. Who's not forego. Anonymous author and you don't have to do but it somewhat they're gonna ask you know aids was anyone limited anyone is practicing. You know be on a central line. It doesn't have to be honest. But you don't have that kind of relation to the media weary years life so there's no legal ruling emirates and a mandatory certain days yet to play. I votes that who purposely didn't know no one game today you know you have to give your inactives and that kind of stuff but. You know who team is practicing you know descend not a practice report injury report you know Wednesday Thursday Friday to Indiana felled. Can we ask him who won the Twitter beef between Jolo Ambien and somewhat so yeah and a map yes. Yes these are good that's it it's just how to find out if he's ever wanted to start his own little Twitter beef with anybody has Twitter accounts to sit there was he still does is he still sitting on the once we course aka Los about it. I think activated might I mean I'm so late that next week that he cities and sit on for like six years sudden next week that he sends out epic. God dude who's got some of the say he's just read out the starting lineup. You should all like I would blow your mind would be crazy. Soon shoot X out there have to do and everybody a favor put your second tweet starting line argued it is starting lineup it's strong actuators Richardson when a whites and boom on reported. Boot they just say that he's like deserving more time now but it's mostly union sent to. The Lambert's a member of club man. It now is on the Dili anymore as robberies and as much like Newser club name our eye male escort service men yeah drummer since since they probably don't have rights to it anymore or armory is soaring eagle fund me to to build a club called the dealing think about it. It about that logo yeah what what motivated the MBA logo with a giant deal. That's not the ambulance. That giant. That's Jerry is going to be Jerry West with a third leg. It will also maybe Greg Olsen can be like G raid like he's he's the Greg is doing so favored dog going to Charlotte and cartilage you Greg with the third leg because apparently he is very upset about it and they're very it's it's say it's a Bible kind of talent right. All but when you got when you got a little brother that is basically the antichrist you can't get upset with somebody carnage you rate do it again the bad dude. She ready to agree it's posters of her male escort services and some Fella he would be you'd be really good. They want alum is James Johnson James on there today doesn't care who starred dissolved the bench is what it was just a team winning dude dude is so Miami. James Johnson's last and believes he is that test. He has so is he is this beast of Miami Heat. How great would it be great to be like if they fell in five or six years ago. So you really get him he's young. And has anybody Leisle peace than James Johnson wouldn't hawking about my because exercises. Well first of all he's genuinely a walking weapon oh you mean like he's the guy that he's the guy that management loves and he cares about Hillary lesion out yeah had to eat and eat that that's that's a disgrace he can't compare and appeased. As a bad job and you man ever got was a guy who who's like their abuses like Chris Quinn. All of the culture worked his way out is now an assistant. Coach. Tumbling crazy looking crystalline nasty and his like again it looks like he's about to lose a Keith asked gains to. Yes it put apparel for one year and he's doled organization forever I thought I saw a laser beams come out of Quinn's eyes one time Chris quintet. I. Ask you to do it look back on Thursday. Tomorrow that's the Mayo did mail trees they write yeah here there's they're human affairs that's right embers imminently misses Q let's see someone. One of us were a male news. And. And he lobbed over tomorrow so again 6 AM we circulated tickets every hours lost 6 AM 6 AM to 6 PM would you beating its. Coming up next Levitt's Art Shell NBA season opens tonight. Can't predict the final score of rockets Warner's next.