ZRA Part 3 10-18-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, October 18th

Heat Montage, Skip Bayless backlash, Erik Spoelstra Interview


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411. 180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Often never felt this way about our team before our home front who wanted. Something more for a team. When that anyone of us. Want to get into team sports it was to be around team like this. Probably the real block from behind by Whiteside. Back for the and a quick relented jam might lead on the floor god is transition basketball satisfied until it's our opportunity because there. There is an Golden State dinner characters. Doesn't just block the shot he could have found the he catches it. Drive it drive reverse layup. It's heads up Baker's dozen in the win column where you're at play here. As they've had their parent. General yes the hottest team. The NBA reside just down at Miami is different though we don't know the bus to go as. The new deal with that's our moderator tickets. They talk to. It puts up a long shot. Raiders plus 600 it's really shine why mr. Obama. Alicia. Yeah. Okay now. It's. Oh. Lying for. Now makes somebody good mood and that montage is hot but otherwise and I told you flow run at dancing in my banned him from American Airlines Arena. Those I was seems and I speak at a time like writers in that nice little video I saw where and then I'm like Cheney really mobilize Obama we made. Wow at the post BET awards party well luck on South Beach welcoming that's cool and all by EA you know don't be afraid Ian bishop before though don't you rate museums where where in some brand from like someone from Ohio State makes real soon you know or Notre Dame film to Wi man and we move forward under forcing him from February numbers rise. Don't be surprised mcdonalds agree can be madam for making money in the Czech and stuff bubbly here I'm not but until I don't claim its grip budget. It could. It's my mother nature but I heard that. It was like homeland. Israeli princess or more of him to perform at my kids kids like sixteenth birthday party so they helicopter whom. Two million young who. Yeah did like you've already gave my 8000 Kenny. And then he'd like left on I would that's assault on more than yeah it's hard to stay real god unharmed by all the time we actually did it. Little bit like you do best. Nutrients and that you your year your global. DJ you can't be 305 you dot Columbus he all of the dolphins who Arnold's jerseys and then and then when opening night and they don't and they cavaliers celebrated I mean I can't. And get to bed check you yes it and then not provided. But I mean he is he did he is he's saying Cleveland to die would you go where I don't notice there's Miami. Mean listen he's a performer I agree it's got one the other now. Then either perform you can't be thrilled Baidu dot. Yeah that's I disagree flow keep getting that give that check man she though aiming at you the arcades what what what are some of pro allows salable idea how to deal that's at 2 o'clock this I don't in a situation program perfect example when I had to go do Michael thank you undertake what bylaws that Buck -- when I when I do a little quiet and George are you re beating the. The University of Alabama Birmingham this week and they want me do a spot on the linebackers and they wanted to do in the weight room. They were like hey you wanna do and where you may be here and I said excuse me this to say the strength coach go to and it still goes goes are you you wanna put like the UA do we each and here and I was like gasoline not forget the metal tobacco country and care for America. Good for you. Now I put valuation should I can't do it out of him like Donovan McNabb at some like Donovan McNabb who everywhere he goes he asked written them for gear for here is the only rocks are here to Israel that man. Did today can't be bought generals. So G noses so slow old paint right now techs no more breaks Texans were rates to 72881. And eco and a thousand bucks and it's message doubters may apply to Texan drive and this right here. Thousand arson and contests on in 719 if someone a four point three HD to the ticket. Use once. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Are you. Site before it gets its open in the headlines coming up next segment Morgan replay. The head coach Erik Spoelstra for the open tonight at seven I get things started sixth but people really mad at skip Bayless. Now okay there really mad he's Downey plays as he didn't care really for an odd I couldn't believe it skip. I don't watch TV you're no was doing great out there would. The great after Hayward blues we'll allow you basically had a comment about LeBron James you have a comment on what he said. Okay yes what happened was right after it happened skip Bayless let's let's. Get the whole story skit it was immediately to weed out how awful an injury is feels bad global block. A few minutes after Natalie really short after that skip Bayless and I know other sweets okay which said. It Gordon Hayward is on May be for the season will bronze path to losing a sixth finals it's even easier. Writes who's taking a jab at LeBron it's okay so there you go. Awe and people got really angry about that that it that he's you know. Talk about LeBron making fun LeBron when he got this situation going on like Tamar two rows in for the raptors. He said that Europe clowns that we after Manning gets her with a potential career ending injury. Leaps bigger than basketball pursing any career ending injury. Am I that's parsing that Korean entry okay is is in 1950. They got medicine essar is aggravating or George came back from yes it's not a career ending injury. Beef it is and if you do you get the blood vessels in New York terror some nerves at all it's possible it's not likely. Rudy Gay really you'll heartless clown go paint your face with some of glass. Listen athletes. Are sensitive amendment when you talk about injuries and not their livelihood that's working that we don't joke about it because of social media like. You know. You become a mean you because you go viral for something you may do a big hit or whatever in a guy's unconscious. That Pacquiao at Tokyo laid out on their size and kids' birthday. You don't have grass and out that is why he. A bit of good teams aren't they are related to the press. Knows we're though late it's it's it's like you're getting mad at a wrestling you know I don't think you're getting upset and yeah he is Tarek and what. About two yeah. TV character is all regular people to world ingredient yeah on Twitter yesterday. And it probably goes a year on one. Skit they list. Does not see he doesn't say controversial things like this and know anymore but this isn't every day I. On ESPN media does this one it was ready viewers not what you don't mean that's what but it. Yeah doesn't get his attention and note that any more so number one. Skip Bayless at packing his wheel house that everyone responding to him he's getting exactly what are your thoughts okay exactly what he wants. And the second thing I'll say is okay and take a step back from being skewed it was for a moment let's say it could be anyone writes. I. I certainly haven't objection. With this tweet here okay because yes he's taking a jab at Rodman. But the overall point here is not the job the Brohm part sub par at the army to talk about the overall point is tweet here is how. Vinson now changes. The conversation in the Eastern Conference so again. And and we did this with Chris Bosh is injury OK we talked about this with Jose Fernandez. Okay. Yes Gordon Hayward got hurt our rights but. On the Celtics and cavaliers in the rest Easter comes a Gasol playing games no good at another stop playing games. Talk about how it affects what happens the tabloids sell the rest of the year. Whether Gordon Hayward sort of knocked out of business we its sensitivity to basketball because we don't want fewer agreed to it like this with football injuries that read his Russian off you guys are Smart enough I carted off and that's IMO I would approach it. But here's our sink. Some gains and double talk about how it affects the Celtics a catalyst to continue plugging that. I'd love to talk about how Gordon Hayward injury means the Celtics are done and it's easier for the cavaliers went. Yeah I mean he really didn't really talk about injury. To be Jeb LeBron. LeBron rubble also saying that he's gonna have an easier path it. But it is true of okay that's wild to. A subject I mean I can see if you if I would have a problem with that he made. Some type of joke about Gordon Hayward or something like that then he's right jab and right LeBron right people are just. You know. Insinuation. That he's also try to make fun of gore were. Arms dressing is being insensitive is obviously about basketball do his job to job in Italy Chris Bosh with Chris Bosh got sick remember and you had people out there organism. You ask about. Restored in place of Chris Bosh went. He's still with a medical you don't ask the leaders don't parking tickets would exceed that there's still charging me money to go to the next game that's how I can pass throughs and replace response. It's that were you got ya ya ya too soon unity and sense of Gordon now. Let me amend the problem with sports is that bottom line business. And train goes on with or without it doesn't stop. It just it just doesn't stop. Morgan replay air samples from about summary minutes for folks who missed it earlier in the show so let's let's dismember and your man well about eventually show is has news even bigger than their ribs oppose a while they Romberg. I but again there's just one thing more I think burgers as he does and an event on its way back to clarify come on NC let's it was his back maybe I am abacus with me. A feeling on 111. Things. One thing from it he double of the season and I that's pretty awesome 7 o'clock to about against the Orlando Magic doesn't its going. With pregame show at 6 o'clock here has Goran Dragic on the season opener. Oh of course and a bit. Google has been and to replace the devil is in April so it's being along quite six months five months and you know you can't wait to get back on the floor we do teammates and of course that's. You know obviously you know it's an ideas man and those banners imagine you're an enormous. Real. News that man is to win one reason for the UMB its year ago that. He. A spot on that. But if you want heats against him with four pack right now he spurs called upon the count to slide 78653407. I think it's a four pack CDE. And spurs and every hour on our station we are giving away he tickets but right now we're in say the four suburbs are talking about retirement the Gordon Hayward and of you have been in the first quarter yesterday during the Celtics and cavaliers game here's the call on Boston radio. I read lob looking for Gordon Hayward Rosen traffic mix of funny now so what did you in the ground to get the job well and lays it in that Gordon Hayward is our group he collected from the pearl. With profound. He implored you may or landed awkwardly we have Celtics with their hands on their hands so it is season. So rue which everybody thought they knew what was going to happen. Everybody waiting for a wild card and five minutes in fifteen seconds it's all putting night. As gruesome a wildcard as you can imagine who's just been dealt. To the Celtics could. It was shook her you. Know. All's I spoke. Broke oh I don't know it always was broke it's horrible they usually would grow removed under his foot in his American is back. You know how I felt bad for him last night on that for every one last night's. Old and as an athlete like obviously you don't think that it is about you never think about. Season ending injuries or career when he sees you standing out at the next few minutes and what you see someone. It does it does affect the team. It definitely affects the team how much patty gig goes on like a couple minutes opponents Carter I feel tomorrow it's like Monica the first the next series on. Is is a relentless series because nobody wants it each other Arab point of I don't know what it is like eases you. Major eagle you still can happen to me it just doesn't happen and he and he and she let him and becomes reality again. Here's head Coach Brad Stevens big worker minute Gordon who orders for college coach the Celtics coach and doing too much time with them on the debut. What I was told his dislocated ankle and fractured. Was it to be down there and of the phone is only so. The doctors here have looked at and our doctors have looked at it. And you know we'll know a lot more he's gonna go straight to the hospital and it's a pretty big kiss and have. Yeah talk to him at halftime and talk to mom in that moment when. He was laying there but certainly at halftime with a I was obviously experiences. This situation here's Chris did down. How suspect. You know you gotta follow the question I houses spirits right now with these some great. You know I would say it in for a moment there he probably wishes he was still when you talk. To just in that moment because you you're in the worst moment of your career. And and everyone's Neil now Bret Stephens is not new because you Neumann College who's your coach why. And everyone is Neil your teammates your coaches training staff. Every hospital you're gonna go to. Everyone is Neal probably in that moments EO or or maybe few minutes later it eat probably wished he was still and still when you at all. Urgency you. Just more accurate and he's a bad situation stinks. I any else just just rabbit out yankees he gestured to say 64 game for the LCS that series is even at two apiece and the Dodgers beat the cubs 61. They have a 30 series lead in the else aside fifteen minutes in 830 got the head coach Erik Spoelstra he joined us earlier in the shell we will replay create you don't wanna misuse great next. I'll be joined by head coach Erickson upholstery here fifteen minutes needs to customize by champion four by four South Florida's number one Jeep truck. And that's unique customization choppy guarantee that the hottest four by four modifications in town. Called champion four by four at 7865023446. Or go to champion four X four dot com. I welcome back it is Wednesday morning here is as on Rama gamers come back with us tomorrow and we get the opening the season they are in or lay and though the NBA of course tipped off last night's. But tonight we get it going for real finally we get the head coach Erik Spoelstra joining us here in the Iran and fuel announcers convenience stores gas line truly steps beyond convenience. Coach we we appreciate you joining us here obviously were excited for the start of the season and does the start of this season. Had any kind of different feel for you than past seasons because it really felt like last year the wade finished it was unfinished business for you guys. The F a picture of me on guys but that probably that could all feel differently. Every single seat in there probably feel a bit similar to. In this context I do but. After the first in victory we came back brought back most of the guys. It was disappointed in super motivated for the next season. That compare to compare the teams. But that type of feeling. Where that ear if you remember we were coming back from a lockout so. Everybody's just chopped a bit to get on including one with this group brought them back from a locked out by. I think to a man guys would like troops uncertainty about to want to go to recoup that in and there are and that kind of shape during the summer and and mentally just they don't. We don't you talk about the kind of shape they're in during the summer we know that these guys hey they're tight and they hung out a lot over the summer in and I was reading you know some quotes from Tyler Johnson. Yesterday where just that did this a group that everyone is really tight and he really liked being around each other. And we can see that going on with this franchise and your team is for a while now and I'm pretty sure it's pretty unique in this league and and I'm really wondered if you have some kind of explanation as to why that happens with your team as opposed still around the wrestle. I'm not sure midnight I think it does happen what would some teams but teams that are perhaps they'll bring unique and special need to feel like you can adulterer. Are your expectations so you eat you have to have that kind of dynamic it is not. They're guilty to date you don't have to actually answer I have to put this group really likes each other we try to be intentional. Pop out a lot of team building and antibiotics things. But. It has been operatic it's lopsided actually have to like each other after enjoy being around each other not only beetle on the road go to dinners. Now movies concerts that kind of thing by. Enjoying coming to work together what we began with each other that's right it the most. Guys really enjoy walking in our building. During the experience of our culture. And expert team that together and keep impacting each other make each other better but also doing a widow with a smile and and having a lot of laps ball. We're working extremely hard. That makes. You know this it's just churning that much more enjoyable it through all I've been here go out on square shape and we are around each other more than we are around our our families. Between it's not exactly true that we are because we're we work so much trouble so much. We are around each other. It is unique that what this team. And we haven't had a team always brought to Jordan goes back and really an import like you are so. They don't feel. A little bit different than I have watched appears. A street about bringing guys back in Tyler Johnson are you guys shocked I imagine your Truman police but the fact that I was coming in played as well as he played throughout this free season or is this just the reason why he got the 54 million dollar the fifty million dollar deal in the offseason that we just didn't see yet. I'm not shocked at all I got. Not one bit out of anybody in our building it's. PL LaMont got a brigadier clustered just nobody would tend attention but it just watched senator chuck and rear anti graft it on board and just see how every single year he's made a big improvement. That you would expect him to be true character because as worker picked because of this. Extreme that what it is and an extreme competitiveness. Are you spoke for leading in its score last year in the entire league for guys that only off the bench all your all. You know we had a lot of guys that they had years like that at. If we won more games the person or even bigger and on the map in and around the league to little more than that we work. And how accepting Gorham and about you know this off season mental break isn't one of those things where you kinda. Twist his arm to take this break or does he understand. The under the rainbow at the beginning of this. No he understood that and look I went over there. Again missed the start tomorrow talk show. And we saw the intensity and the passion and heated emotional announcement that he was putting into that people we saw him on expect by two. Play gets Croatia. In preparation for. Our bureau Patrick Turner and obviously because stroke in Croatia from the former Yugoslavia and those are incredible rivalry interest in perpetuity. OPEC discipline often aren't seeing a playoff game being played our our star point are planning paid ten. You know on all world level. And mrs. And they ought to just. Flew home and I told by our building are today. Look Goran target to be ready put out a playoff game the ball were part about telemarketers being ready to play the first receiving game of first. Preceding game which is it. You know pretty much it dance from most NBA players either trying to didn't mention it just be great training camp. Org a lot harder to replace McCain walking straight to play of first game of the seven game series from NBA. So we want to make sure that. You know after I left out he went on that Ron took to win it championship which is one of the more remarkable thing. Actually Kelly mentioned in our locker room. It would appear equivalent of really a lol lol nature when Nancy terms. But that might really become much of an upset well I mean Kelly restructure because you're allowed an international basketball do you have all the titans over there. Now for our troops in Spain. And all the teams interest Slovenia a country of two million people. Two went at it is really remarkable what he put that. Country but on his back console. I that would have merely when he came out. Hereafter. And we talked market beyond straight and I love that. Now economically guilty count or the next step but he actually got to experience. What it really mean it's too emotionally. The pot a bit. And not only physically but just emotionally put yourself into a situation to try the team. I wanted to take everything you happen and it did and Tony came back cute to see that but he was to be restrained been. Two we tried particular plant where Utah State decreased at a particular time. To mentally is engaged get away from it kind of relax getting my doctorate. Knocked it out of shape. Pretty bought into it I think it's fresh he had two incredible practices which he's looked much different an expert than it did. They'd only have gone and ready to drink it up to a accuses stern trying to get through it. Most thought process in plain in the first two preceding gains as opposed to maybe get the rest of them playing the last two parties is. Well we've all talked about it any good look I'm going amount charged up. I can't just pull the outlook right now it deliberately distorted practiced in at our I'd like that we both felt comfortable about that because. And we also want that ultimately. And one of our real important leaders of the team you want to make a statement that first practice so we had to go the first two practices. Don't start scaling it back from there. And that you know plated. Short minute and all those first two games and then what it is much of it just print screeching halt ten. Of emotion you build a country without a bit and hear back up slowly. You know so hopefully we take its planned. If you look at first debate. Chairman American market Greg hit two really really sharp practices what bluster they're eager to get back out there really compete against got. So speaking of intensity and your old school guy you like the intensity levels though the competition. And beat him Whiteside Twitter beef are you glad to see that guys are starting to should it now as somebody being friends let's go. I don't know why no problem to. Now it's spent just two guys that are really competitive and a treacherous putting on responsible important shoulders. The talk market back down from any competition. In this week. Andy likes. The aid. Opportunities that come very infrequently obviously greet playing against another reputable unique setup. That's not like it was in the nineties where every night. In order all of our senator you had somebody that was big it couldn't package he didn't have another big against Hewitt against them you would do which deal. All over the course of the game. But you do did walked back into the locker room and and given the fiscal front what you saw the jugular shot that a game with a thirty volumes to do is hope to see alliances. I won the handle on what you want you want to that was part of and Slava started take bigger steps and wait impact winning that was just another. Another thing to. OK Adam but he was already starting to really impact when he and put together. Really. Good basketball games on both sides of war. We are poem that he would have bet that kind of start and we would've won eight. In my mind teach should've been in the run return he transported a year. So he's tried it but you know what we tried it a lot of different ways to lead the league in and blocked he worked league in batting we had a top forward defense last year. Okay what's missing now. We've got to win. Okay you've got to Alpert team win and now. Everybody else and start. Now to recognize sort of impact he's got a big he's huge really start meet the artist will start to turn the corner and as a competitor an impact player. I figure I got something in common we were very very social media savvy type people I know you're a lot and he's smoking pump unlucky because I'm just trying to figure out how to get my target America's it's really important to me to find out how many followers I have received a 35000. Followers. With one you don't waiting educated at wake up and we paid him thousands some days ago how earlier this. We heard Hawaii's. Years ago my family and my brother in law loose it. Argument be OK okay get on putter on these social media and everything I had hoped. I'm very aren't whatever it up for maybe you read the first week and without actually is we. Remember losses. I pick your top people go to there could be a while like rock the boat so they go like they get excited computer and. I'll tell you it is a La -- out rate training camp. Fired up for the season having days ago I spent 2500 days ago. Computer that it's well it's about I mean the next week that comes out I mean you know you gotta be hundreds were talking about it we wanted to run easily lineup starting lineup like a secret just might try and Alexei starting line up radiates winners do that. Well Pete auditor at bats or maybe you could hear rhetoric around asking here all on a personal level okay. I feel like it would you're so busy when when basketball season swords and even doing it for a long time now is there ever a time during the season Mauritius like. And it shouldn't go and do that you know like you don't ever get to go you really like concerts. Towards you when your wife wanted to get away and go do some staying or. You know listen big Stanley okay Asian immediately hit TV show the ones who wants it is or Charlie and I really wish we could do that blood I got a game tomorrow night's. Not a government appointed Doug as we critic at large yeah. Yeah long hours and hours you know we travel but during the Summers off seasons slope we hit a time. A lot of time to be the way it's been probably cameras and if you wanna limited numbers like this past summer where do not make the playoffs again. The off season almost six months to five month and change. Alibaba dot able to go and gate two goes to Africa and spent time the competition. My family. To a lot of different patron didn't Wear what normal you know that if we get into the grinder in and win it. Have a night off and he don't have to keep functionary don't have some pretty. I'm going to be out at dinner actually new threat to caddie you know much spot not go to concerts. Yes I don't watch many TV shows only show that I was convinced to watch last year from my wife like a lot about trying to talk about it with strictures banks. Also look ought to look at throwback. And he couldn't. It is brought back a lot of good memories so you don't too much about it. The new one comes out next week OJS missile binge watch on the airplane eighty West Coast trip knowing get it. Now are you know I don't like the teams watch electorate deeply regret it now. When it happens there you know and and make a night of it. What about. Pressure from the in laws as three time NBA championship coach ever get the pressure from the in laws on the kiddies ones are gonna be a little air expulsion run around. I hadn't yet. What we got a dog last year we are rescued dollars that were brought an ad in that direction right now to keep it quiet for you is a good move. I don't know a proper few years but until video keep quiet for a few months. You know put. That's basically wanted to intimidate you didn't want this. This past summer this union tempered what went on to become a tough. It all go on vacation and why it was about that. Mammal is in everyone I'm excited everyone's excited he magic obviously tonight is as we get the it's when he 171830. Campaign of heat basketball can go on what's you know pretend for US coaches to coach. Yeah now here area when he that are here we're we're organization good real idol they we always appreciate you joining us thinks like coach. Start here are tied there guts that coach there exports are right there. As the he'd begin tonight's. 7 o'clock against Orlando Magic I get it started at six with a pre game you can only imagine him sitting there with the in laws and he's preparing for a he championship and all of a sudden he's got his mother in laws and so. Eric. When when when we gonna have a family why he's got other things and so I am worried about right now I apologize what he does make his mother in law into an. Eighty year old Jewish lady bird. Told the. Don't. Deal we'll. It's. Well today I always there's. Slovakia. There is no. Go exports of. Agency over the mine he's going to be happy. And ray allens and the biggest names in sports all the David charity ring out at Loews Miami beach hotel celebrity golf tournament returns on Friday October 20. This exclusive they have gone helped raise funds that directly benefit Miami did county schools. Spot to ships and ports and there's still available had to enter any dot com. For more details to sign up and tee off the war. The kids. Coming. News. We do different million dollars. So when someone here is asking him and can we hear. Don't get me here help me. The best thing about it the big. Fifty can. It's Mickey it's. Dad do we hear how fake Phil Simmons feel blog Gordon Hayward injury please. Into requests. In the areas of them this is skewed and this is. Your that is positive to take out of last and it's Gordon Hayward injuries just imagining how Bill Simmons reacts to that does make me feel good and British students and new. Isn't pizza image and you do knicks' big bill and his life stance a season of Illinois and exhibited why. This way. That poster boy and give the Cubans and it's it's it's at a crystal must actions. Good to see LeBron James who slide in crude. Did he was it's that's who met him six times drugs did you use it to go and injuries to step. Who chose he has given the brick to the mix on duty moved some tugs history and great Brit Brit showed Rwandans. Judy. Does that register as news of this emergency you continued good. Well I mean like the Euro cents that you. It's not you know I don't like that suitcase you orally when he's in. It did it's I'm only human to human reaction Susan do bigger Erica thanks thanks. Texas writes in here Rick Ross perform the patriots had their ring ceremony. Is he 3052 it does sound like you get ticket she hit it is this guy Texan. I don't like it looks like it. Patriots rigs moan don't what are sticking what are we doing with pages is born and raised here he hit him like Ricky and Carrie do miss it private ceremony that guy that. To serve that guy. To check. Silly to say he has got fixing here to DJ koehlke real DJ Khaled performance Toronto just get beyond Miami over Arnold which is she real which is true ZLX. Me right that's true that's always noted then. The McCain are great people are probably saying Andre plays delegation do anyway so or whatever and a DJ Khaled keep it real there that's why he's allowed an American Airlines and I dance Colorado and think about panning across much oriented corporation. But DJ Khaled. The key needs a real. Rally genius surpass that Hayward. Rounding it passed the last act. Of the rounds that subtle okay. Mimi you're right I don't know. Remove browse and can. Now public master hash tag that's what's that's a Phillies are the way around. So tonight's 7 o'clock. I I get the pregame sorry it's six he had DJ Romberg here. They they they got some they have some things we got some banks give out right. Thirsty man thank you so much to Jay wake Newbury. They we've always taking really care who's in the past before but. They came in and and drop Obama. And in a dropped a bunch of torque bias out of the year of all their releases man. Did you terror is more how many did you. A who. Likes you or. We used to be so you never knew he pronounced the illusion of a much right I can't can't risk it anymore I'm but it's certainly. Beyond the us that a couple times of all our heroes that we got some we got some obviously there fan dodge also. You got some of their new releases one on the release sounds at Daytona moral actually we're going to be some of temperatures now you got laser. You've got did you guys dive and also this important note today. They they admitted their way into sports at their dreary silly play all the UFC fights the boxing hall that's not such good spot and they'll settle for a round tie in as well because they're donating our percent of the proceeds I believe on Thursday that Stewart camera re in Puerto Rico that's going on there actress there for Jim if you're a man you guys which has got to make sure you get on over and check out their buries its at one point northwest. 24 streets when when Miami and Ryan were off. Brew masters. Go lore over the air but ya got tons of Beers or you. There's little lose the India pale. I hear there either referred to in the industry as I PA's own good news and so he put me well it's a Ronaldo and yeah yeah yeah amendments and then they're almost like you can hear that managed well. Yes yes a little stronger yen within her there on the bridge now it's like a little citrus movement for example I'm not a Moody's beer drinker but this right here. Do you miss those are there you can you call it colors of the uber RA. You recall you don't because on an iron. I'll take him for pec where you are ample space in little for basically gonna say more reserve Louisiana beats. Beat these guys hey here's. Some schools where right now Uga. Okay. And all I getting it to be Smart and I eat and analyses affair mutual's at a mall and oddities of tonight it's landlords music I asked him time but I don't know why we had always been a little bend their most probably got a rather high car hits well okay is he saying a couple of days to me. I you'll remember you and I am you'll announce tomorrow I don't know what you remember him as will go back and will look. Who preaches okay all right the that we know racism you gotta be careful because he's known to be sneaking around when your passed out he's known who rented video oh really is usually testicles many foreigners are you at all doesn't get to egg plant and share these are not allowed the bag clintons are combing the all right Amber's going to be back tomorrow we always like Kevin DJ with a Sears thinks it's easy for stopping by and tonight 7 o'clock 7 o'clock.