ZRA Part 3 11-13-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, November 13th

Sexxy Stats, Joaquin Gonzalez Interview, Boring Dolphins promo


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Accusing. Ticket's seating heats take on the hornets. On December 1 it's important that you could save you UN three honey it's for you and we stunts whenever whenever you style enamored whatever your style of his style. I talked to Joaquin Gonzales whom Paul Famer and and a few minutes here. Or get your headlines speaking of that chump Rudy go bare so good lead into to some sexy satire about that isn't. No he didn't win yes it and don't fighting against that chump. With super sexy says broadly ease goes public adjusters get your assets covered call eight by five get ECPA or is it East Coast public justice dot com. And don't settle for less. Just quick aka special addition yes sexist and give you guys hold sexy stats because we didn't know it just yet know that yet but I'm I'm just give her some and all those wanna ignore it and like it here let's go. Did you guys see Dion Waiters. Gave her legal bared their business on Friday. I was on a cruise. That east and watched it. Weirdo that go bear is a real happening in pierce he. Always trying but never getting result yeah and I also frequently I'm I'm so I'm sick of hearing about Rudy go bear wow tall. Wow. Go there was a minus twelve on the night. More late. Rudy go cry about it TO mum that's right it's that's right. That's right and and here's a quick stat for Notre Dame alumni Chris Quinn. The hurricanes. Looked to the hires 41 retained its so security winds ten K law stomach matrix style she on that on her convoy. Right Notre Dame had the ball gag senator in nineteen arms on amount welcome blazing tires and hopefully for its legs that. It's what you XY and south I can tell you XXX HDH oh yeah. These headlines of grungy base Auburn held the view our level you or loved one are suffering from addiction or mental health problems summer in health provides confidential treatment services and support to solve your problems call 8833. Care. Insurance accepted. You're Miami Hurricanes blew. Senator dame fighting Irish 41 to eight on Saturday night's. No league per year 137 yards and a touchdown he rushed for another 44 yards and a touchdown. I can't believe you know still God's apparently predicted the hurricanes went 42 to nothing extra to tone that I can't believe. He went the extreme other and because they were doing pretty if I remember I remember listening to alive and lebed's car then. I believe when an ons do gods for being so extreme of course yet to be extremes are gutsy she is the other and wrongs do not friends at being IRA. But it's still God's okay critics 42 to nothing and they went 41 to eight Stu got its all closer. To being right and it was much closer to be in right would his prediction. And he'd exported to nothing and you're like wow you're so stupid okay he was so close to being right. Did you see over time it was right in kip puts the guts on the camera's raw permitted little frantically lunar Friday afternoon got a strong football. The one red headed dude the bearded guy that the law Smith of their out on the streets of. Are you pretty Marty pretty name around on the streets all night with those jokers to register blown yet they went to the coconut grove isn't there going to be out there. Monica Travis homer rushed 446. Yards DJ Dallas had a pair of rushing touchdowns attorney ever chain made more appearances. Or a parent as. Including a 65 yard pick six for illegally and dean. Graphic on ABC and ESP into the turn over China got a guy recipient of turnover chain. This is depressing and oral meant. Man they decide this turn over Jean ping is sooner or the hurricanes have multiple has yeah. When we. Came it's motivating it's amazing. We got Neuheisel fired we at seven sentiment game. It's just so perfect as what the turn over six years this year last year what are the turnover chain. Was invented last year. School. Last year or a single all right this can't be storms cool here's Braxton Beriault Sanborn ACC championship. It's incredible in this business like on Miami news is widely acknowledged global you know we're going to east championship game first time. The school's history and you know Dell's first go the other doesn't want and we we knew we accomplished that you know roughly game but. Little seven we we had just focus we have we have to get things intense right now and then you become an expert on dominating performance. Kansas. Slightly. Your Miami Hurricanes are now ranks second in the APE and in the coaches poll Alabama I do feel in the lake you are all about to be your first born there does matter and and then it pulled it off the and the Miami Heat that is three and three on their road trip losing to the 112 to one of three the heat top the jazz on Friday. 84 to seven before. Miami Dolphins they return to action tonight against the Carolina Panthers can yeah. Feels a chore to watch that from date of America stadium is that for 830. RC from this week I gotta tell. I'm not very good OK let's copyright fuels and downs as he means or is gasoline truly sets. Beyond convenient how is university Miami hall of Famer Joaquin Gonzales. Looking as I urges a dominate and then they went out they did senator and our. Blum who don't know whose great kid to watch it happen and they're well. Got a lot of fun out better and I've a lot less stressful there talk order repair chocolate early art regard. In all seriousness. How proud. Of your school or you right now. Are extremely I mean I'll I'll always are out of that are matter what. Or just let all try. You know being an all at the library so we usually critical look at the game at eight balls and court. While we not. Culture Robert Bork who it'll probably probably that eat all around the golf aren't as lead all your long. Not just keep regarding a particular the cops were much. It was just our. Probable appropriate picture early coach so I thought that a little. Game. Order idle. All or any actual article. If you if you pump to the truth serum okay. Going to Saturday night's all what what what audio said who has been winning in. A everybody made a big deal of beer run game or let's spotlight on that and I bet you you'll ought and I. All went in it would it would there which I you don't go wouldn't really pocket while there's that period. And our speeder receivers on March and I thought that there was a chopper courier or. And it group itself early on but gave up. Op as we become that we got to recruit you or your long which was capitalize turn over. Key indicator of the political or Rick. Aren't bad just give their property so. Going into the game which sir I do that we were away actually edit an all. That speaker. Global market that's actually from where we're old soccer. So sitting there watching it not being as arrogant as we are and confident as we are. What do you think about going against his defensive ends are we got right now in terms of her speed her ability how young they are how good they are put their hands arms you saw them go against them Glenn cheer their their top ten possibly pick in the NFL draft together they've been blown smoke up for a long time note watching our defense events and their techniques what do you think about. Well first so I look I love this quote you're going to be an article or electric purple. That would strip down to is great to beat bet on. It more or shatter the and as but you know people consider when you look at guys like that you know. We just gain confidence that restrict or perhaps like beat this game was. A guy. How the Melbourne dot. Repeat. Ought to turn the corner. So what if you work against Tokyo premiere opera like you're in. Either there or are good or aren't out well. Pop so that we could build a lot of competent slow I would feel bad. Junior theater arts or not or they the all specifically those particular. Because it's a picture of what would that break. Up the week. We start noticing that spewed out here and you know that play two year old and Luke are. A bit. Can we all know that we've been relatively humble as the blaming other coach richt. Put together a nice little highlight video of all the naysayers that are in this country you know golden dated a different way in terms of not hearing from the outside are hearing the noise of putting up the walls. But Mark Richt doesn't on a little bit of a subtle nature where he brought to team together. And collected a video of the majority of the country and all of the Talking Heads. I do have an opinion that do influence a lot of other people in this country and basically allow the players to watch a pregame what drove you more crazy. Seeing Chip Kelly in the middle the football field. Talking about we want the damn ring has opposes some stupid chain 'cause some of those players. Or the fact that Mark Richt possibly could be one of the coolest mothers crunchers you ever heard of the terms of subtleties by Guinness team wrapped up. No doubt approach are I mean everybody there are gonna Qaeda came there on the united it its auto insurer. You know you either love us more prone things that are going on with the turtle there ordered or urged to report. Both of those fired. So you don't torture let me bring if you don't school club collector or. All we're guys nobody hurt their back. And he had that speaks to the media where. You know working even very cool very Smart or very well. But I street directing that there's an undertow there at. Its way years ago. I get I get the double B you know what they hear how they. All credit to approach or break your big game a lot. You don't get in these big games the keynote speaker and salt. I think that's what happened. Eight Adobe. The game they'd be where we approached the Miami what it just once in the opener was ready to race. That open it and take care of business. Are orderly duplicate your marketable product but where it was electric. It was sort where you can tell topic it was a lot directly post war after getting our arch there. Live up to that moment and watch that bad like shore or I got. They perform they just bigger ball well like border there there is. Often to block guys oh and hopefully we need to keep this market. You know this game at their church idiot are you a picture or. Our politics are back up just like how about football in our state and I beat these guys that are you ready to play. Yeah I know that there probably seal themselves feel more confident right now than they were couple weeks ago. What do you think is having a better time of their college are now being Smart being tapped by iron narrow. In a ball out wide receiver at the University of Miami do you think bricks and bears is having a better time to Joaquin Gonzales Specter 2000. Well I don't know her social extra I would how they've while we grow up. I take it. I think I dig it gave up a wide receiver pretty orderly year. I think tracked it is how old guy had an opportunity to hang out with a little bitty EU. Are they are being part of all the guys that built up a bit right way. You. And I beat everybody what you look at where you're like. Are gently dispute started doing lit up a treason war weary in well you know why. So. Brighton bears as a socialist pretty strong quite. Aziz of Campbell and I can't easily and that we and that's Lehman goes to the kicker number one and you know me I don't love kickers too much about it. But does vastly fellow rock it like that straight up mullet or the American Psycho haircut from Christian Bale back in the day is clean and clean and it's. All of Spain is that often provided there are measured by a different they could go to accurate as I didn't you know that actually score that particular big. Its export to walk out here you have a fixed so expect to protect. Really really low or be eager I saw Apollo. As a color of our lines of artists we are for. Joaquin askew you know because you that your Cain seems our plane for national championship spot. You know yea you play a huge game you get a win and then the next week you're playing temple or whoever okay how do you do you make sure that you don't had a big let down like it's gained steam. With Virginia and then it. To finish the season. Well that that really falls back on the leaders. At peak if the Dalai. Making sure they got their trip mostly follow. You don't during the week in practice. You know there's a lot more chips some people right now source because. We know flushed out you know the first ones to the holes while they got after it. Now is that a lot higher and the following properties typical back. And letting go so you. Along in. You know an eight figure our country at Rio. Export. To quickly turn and who were former cadets were cute you know. If you don't win now you know be sure all your boot up all of them. Don't arbitrary Torre brilliant coach that that we. They're really focused on the show is true look it up respect. Or would be you or me or big. Don't click the Arctic air that I act is expo in got to look Eric so. A big popular partner at their a true picture. It's like a senator and a coach go. But the leaders and it ritual Ruth. Or mark are at sector standard that but are prepared to Israel. You know to get better individually could battle here. Oh. So born and raised through five writer died what was your favorite. ESPN. Gained any sports talk does that mean here is and one or more momentum could have been the number of fat head or courier to bin. The uncle and being yeah. You treat error and upon. To do. Heroes in the country getting away with a posts are basically that asked for meat sandwich minus the sandwich bread and put the Notre Dame logo beside it may. Yet we're here Ontario. Believe. Possibility. Albeit it I concur Robert we're. The pair. They're cute they're trying to represent them. Well not all that so was the Pope who wouldn't at all because yeah what are. Creepy what every hour. That we scored their own ball and got because we don't turn it up. No doubt no doubt of course her communities soul represented the I and they are saying that basically game they was Bosnian native rat. Would they don't have the appropriate thing is. Their captors want as complete. Air quality. At all. Off and it actually out there because it's broke his lawyer. Unless there was here with thirteen famine but just can't think and go every. Let's salute. Absolutely absolutely terrific great tiger and a good. I think a lot all it. Robert what we play Florida State in gauntlet walk that big right in order to duck here. That'll. Go. That the car. I expect had a record your backpack that. All important all the fact that. Pretty cool pretty great weekend pretty great weekend. Joaquin an excellent job manga talking again. Like what I hope your audio book from your like the last. But I. Well and my ads and I got the ads onto her and don't forget c'mon you know it. Look I'll look at Seoul. Our current united seeing there you know that's locking Gonzales unum hall of Famer. Ambac today. I got man's done in my biceps and cruised by the way it doctor comic oh you went you went out of the country us is I wanna and yeah I am what made a stop in Mexico and it also points or had a gun issues and that picture yeah well I mean look I did by the Wi-Fi packet is on the take advantage. I'll give you an update here on the heat next. Okay. Shot. I 'cause I'd like for like yourself on his number one Jeep truck and SUV customization choppy guaranteed them the hottest for my form modifications in town. Called champion for but for its 7865023446. War go to champion for X war. Dot com on news into a few minutes of heat geared the they lose yes it went Friday and my Kenny you know I love those 87 games are only in every night why. I yeah it does defense just like when I dislike when the games hurled. In the fourth quarter and every possession is huge lead every night's once in awhile. Joy I'm only a man's. I enjoy the 6115 and wish him beat Phoenix later. All I'll take PD ports said he bore where it slow. And every possession is enormous and every shot is huge eyes so every night so we're able to take a peek at Google state game that was a low scoring game I'll tell you it it was almost where you didn't see any vets and you know wide and CNN it tells Connolly you know I'm always my confidence and no 1300 conceived and news there either I know India and it's. IA I watched as I I I had my phone okay I watched. It was when congress okay now is was away for the week. And just code for rose getting surgery now and centro is on a chorus and IA I watched the fourth quarter. Of the game against the clippers okay indicated it was making me crazy a lawsuit in hot tub all right. I watched the I'll watch the first half against the jets. And they are down ten at half time and I'll surprise a woke up the next morning I checked the score is all Hollywood on it was really surprised. I don't watch any of Phoenix game and I watched dom. How's it totally games right. I was so I watched a little bits of the team when they were away and it was a Dell's back yesterday into the game yesterday which they lost by. I know one of the big stories us legally did you guys spend a lot of time on hos on and get benched in the game against Golden State and a bounce back from its now it's non story. And the Seattle denoting these guys aren't reverted back to the old original host on well wanna be called up with the teammates and all that other stuff here we saw that you know IE. It's obviously annoying OK but I also don't think it's a big deal because. We do this every year is reviewing an injury to but we do we do this at the beginning of every season with Assad or we did this. Costs on us it's at the beginning. Of every season where it's kind of like he forgets the you know the things that he's learned that he forgets the maturity and growth and nannies to get put back into check which seemingly. James Johnson and Udonis Haslem put some why red. Clearly did Dudack as they were not cop they were they had not nice things to say about him. After that game how we let them down and all that. And guess what happens then year old Utah team gets twenty rebounds and dominates go bearer. And and yesterday he was and he kept he close in the second half yes had eighteen points and second half sell. It's annoying to be sure that we're still doing this with Hassan butt. This is also the case of the beginning of every. Resource what I'm thinking is now off to what I heard from from our board going on I think going on might have just removed himself from KGB employment just might hired his own. Pittman he's army of one of those things it does not mean that signal I think comes from gore on Terri the truth the egos of you dean egos of the James Johnson. Nieces feel jealous so bluntly quiet cab yes because the interview around thirties they. Some times you don't pay me some times you do is good job good cut to the bad guy. And then he just points in a heap in the guys go you know and it's one of those things are I don't wanna be tied to anything. But I'm just gonna go edges I'm I'm not gonna be the got to give the order but I'm I'm I'm good over record red you don't mean. I thought. Look all of Ray Allen forever for what he did for the team into when he thirteen and already now on sounded really blame the other day. That's where thing that's the thing with all these president departed right blame. Blamed team blamed the coaching staff playing organization and all the credit Nolan Nolan no blame on them. What can chew like he was a guy that was an older player that they've they ran into the ground for the most part that's the way that the practice that was asylum basketball here well. I mean I support them really taking issue with is the team functions. And that kind deal like. Number one. Every team every player. As a requirement. In their contracts. Based upon CBS and have to insert to a certain amount of community service hours that that's that's not negotiable okay. Any and not unique to the heat right it's not negotiable. And even if it were negotiable. I'm sorry I am not listening to Ray Allen or any of these other guys complain. About going to events for season ticket holders. For charities. Dallas and what have you. I am I am not listening to any of these guys complain about shown up to these events were people either eight pay a lot of money for charity. Orb. It's on a money first season tickets that's your bread and butter fan base right there. I am I don't have any patients to listen to ray now on complain about Sean applause that's. You. Some aren't a lot of my innocence some organizations are a little bit more specifically remember when I got to Atlanta. Arthur Blank was very Philanthropic throughout community and he made it a point that I believe it was a minimum of six is which unit of having to do so that's a team thing and and I'll take it to be independent it's not the NBA guard as collectively bargain in the MBS write code older you do have there's also and then in your regular contracts in the NFL you have obligations as well in terms of appearances like Atlanta add something to Atlanta adds a little bit more to India Atlanta like Arthur Blank is very very big about getting back on the community basically every Tuesday for us was was we were somewhere. We are at a school where a hospital were doing something in the community. A minimum of six shots. Yeah I don't have any patients Rleal complaining about charity events in the season ticket holder that's sick and that's editing team. That it's an NBA obligation. To. I have no patience for. I'm sure that some of those obligations of the athlete are quite annoying if you're the athlete and that's also YA. You get paid pretty handsomely in the opposition. Deal and it's pretty grid exchange if you ask me yeah yeah deal with you now and good for you. Now as the plane the company man role or is he actually saying what it feels I don't know. But good for you. I mean came out and immediately you illustrated just disagreeing IB odds his opinion that if you're supposed response to remit a little bit of a big deal exposed responses while it was funny because supposedly are in our. I see real time we live close by each other and didn't hit me hit and run me over most always handles that stuff tonight when Erica yeah he always hand. Eight credited Ray Allen for not running MOR when he was exposed walking his dog expose not gonna say anything bad about any those guys never I just never why were they just can't stop. Yapping. And I guess this is just what they're gonna do. How many years removed from from his rhetoric. Three only four seasons ago Tony fourteen was last year before seasons is he doing anything outside of his own personal business is doing anything related to basket. I'm Elaine in Miami and then very much embedded in the Miami community and right. But I'm wondering why they keep going back to him for another some kind of profile Sports Illustrated legged he's selling a go at any. 00 that's probably knows what he's selling his book you're being asked so he's trying to make you had a giants use our secure in the West Coast ocean Sports Illustrated about Wade's comments about it being about me yeah and I think with Wayne and the kinds of bad marriage I mean. Knees were about Mayer's child and we can keep hanging out gels mallet and a nine Colin Donald the terrorism on the cavs. Patent that but just you know hope that naturally they can you imagine having played with the same guys for four years in a row. Mean all might god being around the same guys are forced all my I can't believe yet to hear the same jokes on another year. Being the same locker room for four whole years you guys are together and it's a huge problem. It it's it's really lame it's really it's and all of Dwyane Wade tale okay. What this whole idea that we retired navy shut unity there for four years you weren't. Now you nor any other venues to name but you are in the together and usual man time it's not a normal all pretty easy traveling together it's night and night out nice and long. And God's Osama that's what's funny about it man is that they all go back to each other. Have brought you know would be hilarious we really broke this out religious meal laughing stock here well let's get that lets get bad jokes to Derrick Rose in here really lodge in the locker room. They and it's Derek tells a joke. Now. Who's a deck. It was related tour here. It's it's it's it's it. You guys are kind of like losing your lesser for Dwyane Wade. Not outside shrill but like almost absent buddy you know if if you be in mind to be in lame and he was being lamb or just on pins are the czars or your two years ago would be called doing relaying. Wall immunity in Sany being lame I can't do. The news here on a seemingly more here. Knew my name is nine points per game in. Cash expects. Pay. Know that. Could you don't I'm not. Threat. It Dalton's play tonight. Roaring. Crowd is currently Mendes and no time on that you'll talk lateral Sunday final football. But I couldn't get a basket tyrant. I don't think is going to be that much of a company known now. Elements Obama. How much that can't receiver Mike deadly touchdown right. God. With a single engine. I don't know what don'ts don't sleep on the fact that both of them are going they're going turn things around him might have like that Ryan's gonna I'm I'm I'm a masters series and oh man stay well noted that Tuesday. 21 James who's not good yeah he stinks. He's done for the year and they had the guy who was a good enough to play in front of him playing tonight you know it's my favorite Billy goats since coming back soon I'll I'll I'll laugh in your face criticize them back from the browns practiced all my husband has baited. Who 45 degrees tonight show battle go for the money team. It defines him as an adult and a leg said he waited out and stopped raining Herat. There is saying Charlotte well. I don't think it's going to be about the at all because you got a guy camera the practice corpsman have asthma getting a lot of game reps that has been playing in eighty degree heat practicing wise and that he's going to be able to go there and he's into pretty good about himself in terms of temperature newbie. You'll be in better condition that he think he's going to be so he'll be able to give a lot of our work get the hell out of you with your right now I'll talk Colin and I'm telling his substituting any worse of what we saw last night with the cowboys morning it's Claiborne the falcons say. Records dolphins got smoked it just doesn't win this game are they suddenly interesting. I've never seen a broadcaster. I don't think so based in. Kill a player's career by talking about he's never seen a worse performance in the history of covering football games you have so what's left tackle gave last I agree he was their starting player knowing what you're up six packs. Finally called nine point on tonight's. Irwin. Why hole. Mulls prediction. Look I've got in trouble or you don't speak into the second time around. We're talking about what lap dancers at strip clubs were talking about taking guys out on a boat we're not talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars for millions of dollars I. What about little I don't go to about uncle Luther. It is just I'm just repulsed by what I what I see and read from Miami fans. Talking about the 305. Well we're back to 305 and don't live. The question to that goal right now is that you back. Is the back. I. Raise hurricanes UV OK it is Saturday when against him when you hop on the bus Iran regards rock stadium. Register now to get money dot com you'll tailgate of course like the zone. And course you'll go to regain its present in my course slightly heavy mountain climb on bonds went both on wrong. With some concierge twin peaks and dying light clothing to win register now at the ticket money dot com he's there was also less wiggle Paul climb down rights oh it's like. Hi. They wanted they wanted they want target they wanted some and that being announced that. Howard. That's good it means kids and if if you're if you gonna be back. You need the people hate John McCain's stick to your guns find bomb but got up their dance like a clown putting on the turn over chain. If you hate the chain you hate the dancing in your hates swagger since they keep saving it but he as soon as he realizes oh this is cool and popular. He's a reported on in a mid amateur become. Came straddle the sudden what phony. That is he's also look his his radio show which is as some cas sitting on ESP NU. His re issue is a very big deal OK and you know SEC country is a very big deal for college ball ball. And. In an SEC guy as diseases thing and and Miami into an SEC audience. To think that in this situation because Miami. Had is I mean has been forty found over the last 121012. Years. As far is you know the big time college bowl picture and with him. Extraordinaire. He he's he's poking at the. I don't he fan I'm night and again and that's again about. The fact that didn't erosion goes and not a regular is not a regular last week by. The cancer and you're at the does that sound that you didn't hear see Tobin does this scene where he cut cell the ten minutes Lodi I'm mom. Talking about how great the EU but isn't how the U was what he's not he leaves. And then nine. 86 NASA teams now that seven and he goes and even closer every single coach. That you don't coach stirring in that area in the 2001 era at all you know he he. Leads up to those comments that Ben Hogan blades at the very end where he promise that said that you fan you know has essentially been living in the past I'm Robert. What I should have some questions whether there really back yet but yeah he's and he's. Admittedly loves mark directs and talk about that for a long time as well but. Look five. Been wrong in a lot of case of hurt in number one the coach it's not a big time job norm wants and gets on the Mark Richt a nickel a dumpster by the talk about time you. He said he said he was surprised he he says that again he said he was very surprised that wrecked and the knowing there but but he loves it raked anything to do you know the amazing higher. You know of course you recite recanted and seriously got to be Notre Dame he's drawn a lot lately about McCain's but he's Hogan a fan base that has given him. Zero attention. Zero attention because they're not bowled them don't big time college football radar and hey guess what delegates and are pointing at him exact. Lee what he wanted over the last couple weeks president that I told revenue at the token sign for the wrote a beautiful little. Right exactly what he set out what that was disgusting Oslo and and and you want to go as saying he wiped out an entire. Great history of football and says it was all black mark on the history of the sport he wasn't looking too. Make canes fans of set he just said that that's how we truly feels and then he wants to get up there and he wants to throw on a cartoonish chain now and dance like it's all good and good. Well initially everybody and everything find bonds said what's correct other than maybe that the black mark. Which is gone out it's what's not sure is the worst part of it is and if you so much watching Merriam. Well gold why he married loving thing aren't you heard they've been married for many decade in three and out of mark. Are you really if you look at what you married back amber at five bombs and its series. I've been albeit big one you want your Marriott. Man. Cagey enough fire a supper dolphins tonight's because we're we're very fired doubled and hurricanes and they like we're gonna be any war. Ortiz does it carry over to tomorrow especially dolphins Nebraska Miley getting we expect but you have budget anything media can fire us up for the dolphins to. This week on Monday Night Football it's a crucial matchup of two teams in need of a win to stay in playoff contention. One of the most exciting wide outs in the Jarvis Flannery beat the dolphins in the Carolina. Monday Night Football dolphin Panthers. Tonight we didn't these aren't yet. First of all that's resign and personal. Does that he's not one of the most most XY and no I don't know we did everything is five yards five yard slant he is not the most secure high piracy personally yet that's number one. And the second part is you know it's your team is fighting to same planet as it I've liked the telescope watched duke teams or trying not to be below 500. Right and how that is and his six and the entire leads over the entire week is fighting for playoff contention. Exactly three teams giants the forty niners in Mike Brown's but it does play in the playoffs. Well I think Carolina is one of the only teams that are left and the NFL or another actually starting their game day starting quarterback as well I think a lot of other quarterbacks have been deteriorated put on IR. Or beaten up throughout the season that they can even play anymore. I a feel good for the hurricanes can really do. You know and and for folks who were at the game serie a match I wish it could have been there for folks around the game Saturday night it's it's a game that. Potentially. You can winds up it has the potential of being extremely. Special nights. In the history of Miami Hurricanes will. I know what is there wanna point out I was there I was rooting for the canes answered my ass off the McCain's. Put down on Texas and attacks slander and I'm very upset singer owns three. Understand sat with me on the same lighting I'm bomb. Honest and my greatest memory going to hurricane games my number one memory don't want to hurricane games of the art walk on a number one memory. Was seen the hurricanes play Notre Dame in 1989. Notre Dame was number one ranked team in the country taints kicked their ass to 47 and ten. It's my heart memory of going to the article many games and arsenal's kids it's my hot memory and McCain's because they won that game. While deploying national championship I heroes of the third national titles 1989. And I remember that team going with my dad I was Agassi years old I remember almost not I remember going to that game it's a very. Very fresh memory for me. And depending on what happened it's like greatest memory is canes and grown up and depending on what happens over the next. Help but a month month plus maybe two months depending on what happens. The canes fans especially the younger canes fans who went to that game on Saturday night that's gonna be that's going to be your. Your body doubles are one thing I'm sitting down with with the guys from Hispanic and ask me is you back is you back to those big theme for this weekend. I was basically saying you know their back their own way it's it's it's yes this is an unbelievable football team but it's their football team is they're just doing things differently it's a new generation. You know I mean I don't think what we did was could be ever replicated in terms of the roster that we have but. These guys are pretty damn close and then they're doing their own damn thing so that's that's one thing that I was excited about and speaking of being super excited about the canes this has been along time coming this has been for ever very and a day. How are you going to be celebrating the ACC championship game. Mean yeah calm man. I think it's by it's been this is since 2000 read that you were second there I believe in the country in eighteen go to ball demand in fifteen years than you and I guy had a prior engagements. About that. Already he's he's talking about doesn't try to get out of these fundamental greatest memory of his father taking him when he was eight years old and the greens are aimed it and I'm really thing is I'm sitting here. Doesn't robbed his eight year old son because they think your son's eight also having that same exact memory because you had to get the bison implants and you now. Now now does does yeah. We have so. Is overdue to redeem himself and take his son to a championship game other sun peak nostalgic we know that that's getting on an airplane and at that and now her. He's going watchable mormons that yeah. I'll probably play with the lightning. Everybody gets Murray leads L weekend out Sonoma isn't. Easy idol Diaz writes yeah athletic he got undefeated. With Obama now hole. Am I am and trying to benefit though you know how many guys are gonna be what a great deal by not releasing this increase in a match that conversation today. I'll tell demand new divorce Larionov had a conversation today now Darian. I am I had that conversations and in our rights coming up next Levitt's our show Dan who was the canes win.