ZRA Part 3 11-14-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, November 14th

Smiling Cam Newton. Suh got worked. UD fired up. 


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He's game. So right I know me as tomorrow night at 630 agony zone for American Airlines Arena was across Greece auto mall pregame show I get you set argument matchups I even keys the gaming eleven. Of course rings on all mobile calls callers and brought to my Comcast business built for business. He attacks in the show on the call strings on multi tech signed 67974. Protects their rights and Jake color was the reason they gain of 400 yards and 45 points all of it was on him. Look on personal ads residence at defense. First of all he's been sarcastic personable. If it Jay Cutler's terrible which he was last night. Eight it will in directly affect the defense okay turnovers. Three announced not being able to move the ball. It isn't going to affect how the defense plays that's personal commitment to our field and right and and and second of all atheists think that anyone here said. That Jake colors the reason they lawless and it was all on him you need a walk and you listening skills I I can't count outs and all that type. Jacob Lewis who was one of its upset of many. Players who were bad last night my point was. From media last night could take a lot of criticism for me last night was the first game this year. Wall look at that and say wow. Color was terrible things and that's that's that's that's just one trying to make is five I think colors been for the most what isn't fine. This good and fine. And you know I mean let's here's a lot to war with. And less and others absolutely terrible and man was I frustrated watching that game last night where. It's just to guarantee every time they handle the ball who is to be Drake can be Williams Emmy could it Goodman Ricky Williams whoever their hand the ball off to. The very get hit immediately behind one. I mean the panthers' defense is that good their fullest I am waiting signal they're. Not only the big play well together. They have guys that can also place so. There's little margin there there's little room for that run game to giggle they need to be a little bit antsy to got to China trade do some. Some what he would go what you don't calls blocks on April was tied blocks. You know me describe influence who Piniella them in premium will resonate with the defense has called move in reference to what what what play all right let's say. So are you guys diseases to Cuba. And go into a trap plays how you get to. Stretched at all OK cargo which it says that she's basically to be setting up and and you're right it's influencing. For the defensive tackle to try to go and scream up the football field or the the whole game. And some some defense of the gun that you have to try to trick them but. I'm the before the game started. I was in here which Greg like you to watch in the pre game. And Cam Newton gave up 36 chess books. There when I saw that I've ordered by the arrested. I'm sorry that it might as listening to right the dolphins are not winning because we have we have we have smile and cam knew you don't wanna guess market. Now I can't believe the big deal that that broadcast may lesser here's sending out. I can't believe the big deal they made about about making sure you don't get happy Cam Newton. No listen you want you won't on the sideline Gatorade towel over his days smoking campaigns. It's crazy like when I saw that. OK so they they they announced Altman's alignment and at the wild okay a Ford the raft maybe and only game. When likens asked me you know predict a score a that I predict terrified just bombed by Camden as it lets count jets bombed because if he has more than six chest bump Iverson says bonds during the game dolphins definitely. And get your guy he was all game he was you know he was. Very don't want to watch less first down blew out the left hand side insurers like he screamed and ran all the way to the fly in and this is ego he was news flash can teach any Donald disorderly and pointed out and and laughed then I mean. He would always I'll rock and warned earlier adamant nausea and chest bump on the sidelines with guys that weren't suited up. They must have been like the town boy yes. It was the end of the energy the energy level was different between two teams let's or headlines here amicable. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. to omit. ARAMARK. These headlines about team right count Toms is the season for a year and projects an increase workload to count Thames is perfectly matched candidates and make closing out the year a breeze doesn't count tells dot com to learn more count times or Robert half company sorry about that. I'll tell you at eight you know that broadcast last night I feel like you'll rarely hear Jon Gruden being too critical. And man he was critical item gays last night to wait him out he was very critical especially the play call and look. I I don't like to especially because you know it's it's it's not my number one I don't like being critical of the coaches when it comes to football. I think there's a thousand things that are going on every single play that we're not privy to. But my goodness okay we don't watch in this dolphins team all year along the offensive line is a vomit OK and on fourth and want. Okay your hands on the ball off there and you get tackled three yards behind the line of scrimmage. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe the play call and Ellis right when things sort of spiral out of control when he was 77 and up went NATO's 24 I don't know on the dolphins we're going for mid field. And and your hands in the ball fourth and one when it you just you got no shot at picking up any yards. Well running the football with this offensive line I couldn't believe it. And Jon Gruden who again. I feel like he's at Buick his reputation he sees not very critical. Now maybe that's because he's born coach how easy you know they're very positive yet you know and all that was he critical that and gave us last night. Monday Night Football last night Miami Dolphins got absolutely Easter parade by the Carolina Panthers 45 cute when he won. Cam Newton threw for 254 yards and four touchdowns he brushed or 95 yards. Jonathan Stewart rushed for a 110 yard I just sit down into yards a carry this year he forms the falcons. 294. Yards rushing off. Never ever planted a natural defense that you have that many yards rushing in the game couldn't do that as a player yeah world's decent and I didn't. 253. Yards rushing you let a team that is different 300 George can easily easy to easily. How appeared out of gays and not being able to stop the Russian. Just couldn't spend big runs. Once they kinda survived this and going through that's after the turnovers. Fourteen point swing. You know obviously neck and a passing. It's here or there are beginning to let's. Close as you can do against teams. I'm embarrassed for you man who arguably that according to Alina world public schools Kansas City Chiefs. So operators Larry Johnson remained. I remember somebody brought it to my attention assist Tuesday. I played led Johnson probably. Ten to twelve times in my career right who's Kansas City it's easier. He averaged 254. York's it for years he was in the eighth and after I was told that I started to think about it smells like a played he's got twelve times I don't have to tackle populism as a college and now I did tonight. Abducting confident that we can only wasn't. A match and playing against a team to the twelve time you're starting running back I had no recollection of ever tackled him either scored a touchdown or they ran a stretch of play he just ran out of mountain only had to cut some good days ago it was a live ball in my it was a bad motors which is Casey wanted came to Denver and our coaches to hyper threading a dollar note how. How durable Willis. Jays won the fiesta and this single record fifteen deal he doesn't take a water break Keydrick is also. Name me an ounce on the birth and five T and he's. Five to 65 he's like. We're supposed to be a little arms again. When you're in the middle of that as a defensive player and and a team is run the ball for 300 yards on you all are you actually in. Harris you yet you are very embarrassed but it becomes point. Where you realize you can't stop you can't stop what they're doing there was there was a moment last night where sue was on the sideline. And they kind of zoomed in on you could tell he was defeated you could tell that he knew it it is bad win. As a player you know you have no answer because. They run read option they give just due to give it to Stewart B break fine he breaks team OK let's stop let's stop Steward next you know can import the Eagles 3040. Once you give it to weigh in indexing you know they run lead option. They run lead option option. So they they figure to Stewart in the middle Cam Newton gets on isn't just in McCaffery you get to a point to where you just realize you can't stop what they're doing. And honestly I've been in situations like that and you just try to hang on. Just you just really telling Hank or you you continue to look at the clock and hope the game ends very soon because if the game continue to go they have flown via. Here's a Donna can sue on what they need to do to be successful. I think it's execution and tackling that today. Justin Tuck rule ups got great backs. Running backs can bring about tons of good things out and we have always listen to go through. And obviously your friends of mine development job. Heroic view if you look at the roster of our defense of from an article in Dayton no pressure there was no pressure all night long no pressure Ndamukong was full I've never seen Ndamukong on the ground this much in my life a whole. Their game where they were trying to flustered him they double teamed him. Almost on every play it and you can tell when a coach is that they don't care what happens Dole's stump did drive militant with online yes the two guys. Run through its. So I'd like they did tell you off with a blank coach we'll tie it at the linebacker we don't care taker guy that's in front of you drive from both the you don't come off on wanna see anybody coming off your block. Make him frustrated all look the linebacker make them make the tackle fiber sixers are few. Johnny Damon is reporting that the cardinals and the giants are favorites to trade for John Carlos Stanton his sources daily seven teams have some interesting dealing for Stanton an affront on office executive. Said that sand trade talks and that John Carlos rang the show that he may not accept any trade but that there is a sense of what. Teams he would except we have some breaking news from buster O'Neal who's now reporting that some rival exacts view the Marlins prospect. Asking for John Carlos in a shockingly high and somewhat out of touch with reality and not discounted nearly enough given the whopping 295. Million he's. Owed SEC that's exactly what's going on there and their own talk about the same marks and makes me angry. But here's eggs that this is what that means not only do they want you to take the entire salary. They want to what best prospects and that's not the only works anymore. It's either one of the other. Either you're you're you're getting someone to take on the entire salary and getting mediocre prospects back. Or your footing a lot of the bill and then you're getting the good prospects back. And knowing the Marlins in the way they do business okay that's not to suggest real or anything you still might kill running the show there apparently. And got Jeter who doesn't know his ass from his elbow when it comes a negotiating deals. They are trying to get teams to take on call stands contract. And they want all of your prospects and anything can happen. Okay and Donna I want and I am. According to the Miami Herald Derek Jeter Bruce Sherman planned to have a ninety million dollars in payroll this season and next season. And then maybe they'll bump it up into 18 when he depending on whether they're four point plan for increased revenue work it out to Ponzi scheme will be going upon deposits and the cavs as batteries attorney three point deficit to beat the knicks one up for a while one. Team has got into an altercation. Enes Kanter and got a tech sports. He also almost got into an altercation with a subway passenger. Where he was filming him in the subway passenger is not blanket and he says can you not some kind of sway the jeans and a new seat needed to know who James Wallace does a cabs were on the subway in New York is aired just such normal people decide the headline on TV that the team had to duck to fit on the sub 100. Headlines today. I coming up in a few minutes or give fifteen minutes heat and I'll give you an opportunity to win another four pack of tickets for an outcome and he home game. I don't I don't spend a whole fifteen minutes on leaks wanna talk about the hurricanes. DJ did you did you get to experience the hurricanes in full Saturday regional rumbling got to what second half. And I did an in studio. Oh he's human studio and old media houses to do you hold usually outlets like where you able to to kind of enjoy it here's what I do is basically had a cream on yeah you're crease on me. More and I'll always doubt but I you own social media. And I live vicariously through a troll actual people's net chat is program stories because like I wanna get a feeling of the game. Through the eyes of the fans I don't want is watching on TV here denounce is not that I was meat I see why the ratings are going down because it to meet its its its its interest in. To watch the game from the eyes of the fans in the stadiums rock. And I mean. Every everybody it was high fives in hug and it felt like from the first whistle to the last minute to go off the clock mad people has something to cheer for there was never a moment in the game where fans. Okay. Amanda you know relies too hardy who ignored a report by are at the end as the game was coming to a close. I was like please don't embarrass yourself right now and rushed the field don't do that this is not a game was there is not conducive to be able to do that. Brilliant Venus dot my mind yet I can't even lot of positives and negatives and now. Pretty early in such a blowout just aiming on the role at a real hourly I would have been personally embarrassed about what I'm not gonna let McCain seemed right even before we don't we don't have socket. That's college students do that we don't have a notice. People graduate school yeah. That's thrown. What is true and even field. Today being there and scatter his colleagues aides to CN is than I have ever seen at McCain's anything rude or yeah is it isn't the college age fans that are. It's it's it it's a very cool row atmosphere. Miami hurricane games even call it the hurricanes down here are treated like a professional to. It's a very row app and a Russian forum and I don't you slid out right because you're obviously avoiding to go out and see the book of Mormon. Easier but this DJ am has built up numbers and almonds and that's figured out that ultimately that you know Saturday night December 2 ACC championship game but he bought tickets for his wife to a simple but more months ago months ago for months now what he did yesterday was he get rid they ultimatum hey look anomalous ultimatum and pretty scary option. Look I'll do what every woman do. But if you wanna take a friend Agassi book of Mormon I can watch cain's game. I look at it as you're not only going to be preoccupy your wife and you go every time. But you're also kind of able to CB game as well already here look at that he's disabled kids but here's romping to this press my luck and she goes table all where the kid's gonna noting into the gets a. You know like I don't care I totally agree though so you're gonna give her the tickets you're gonna stay home once again or you don't go to the game. No I don't own at this time I'm not gonna show how wouldn't out of that message out out of and it gave no no because I'm not. Quite yeah not marry out of the number the only complaint. It would stay and this is elitist and put it with a mini could fit nicely I'm holding onto that hard. For me. Then your plans it was do you care bringing yeah I got a job and meg B yeah. Are now on hold and I don't think any. And about that. But I do have a plan OK and that land could be the beginning of January so no not go to. You drop that on her like a few hours a few hours before you for your life. How many listeners out there right now our little upset the fact that they promise or girls that they're gonna take him to Enrique Iglesias papal concert and then hurricane rearrange those plans and put it on Saturday night the Notre Dame game so not only does that it was natural. Yeah subset is not different if if you're white and you have those tickets indoor hard court can stand. You easily had to say listen. I tickets for this on the night of hurricanes Notre Dame all right hurricane is not my fault it's yet again choices art capital group pit bull Erykah legalese is concert. Tickets Latin and you think oh cycle injection well. Is he adds an element idea I can't keep up. That I am I am absolutely he has and still. My wife has been booking meeting go see pit bull forever and we saw everything together but Marlins him bugging me to see pit bull. Now is probably should we give me a just do it and just live with the consequences late wife would have beaten could she would issue may mean. Totally go it's that you can't suck CB chancellor for packing heat tickets that's next. Okay. Shot. Shot. Champion or by force apple is number one Jeep truck and suvs enough. Sorry. I screwed that up. We're starting to try again and again you need now to our alliance do. Hillary is too. Shot. Shot. Customize my champion four by fours out lies number one Jeep truck and SC because of his agent shopping guaranteed them the hottest for Mike for modifications in town. Called champion four by fours 765023446. Promoted champion four X four dot com also like Comcast business built for business good job. Right now. On number five on the contest line 786 by the board 07 manuals say able to four pack of tickets to see an upcoming heat home games let's not right now Conan or five. On the contest line Texas writes in here my brother had it all Enrique tickets he told his growth this thing happen in eight tickets came to my house. And watch the game with me she's from Venezuela. So he seemed to I mean he's he still lives today against the talk about it ladies didn't go back home owners now living with this brother here's the here's the thing with me DJ OK you know so so I tickets to a to a to a halt Broadway shows as secede book of Mormon which I would like to see okay I got the tickets for my wife's birthday. And it's the same weekends and it turns out the EC championship in Lawrence. In Honolulu moon. You give me information. The same day but it's it's your life we are they weakened wall that the show is December 2 and her birthday is like. Three days for that meaning. Easy for you to tell me your arm on the on the side animosity abort. Call me out here on all you know he already. These kids hate that for now. Now I noticed her and easier got a text from his lady. As an. I know I know what to play with and what not to leeway when you would not only are you are you extend her up on the big it's her birthday she can forget. No I I don't exactly number of these I just don't how many days in November so I don't know how many days both in the clear if you do since Herbert is before that week and I think you're in the clear if you do something now festival on her birthday. AM and her actual birth Daschle announced entered ditching her ability and what here's here's Alireza. Troubled diva okay and this is it Jewish to a paid battered better Casper forgiveness than permission OK because as tolerant of trouble. You know. When I said to her weight gain resonate. I'll go with Neal Davis when he understand Merom on a missile really important game okayed the canes in the ACC championship at the time that can work none. The lie about it. Booklet and I set horn. You can go with your friends okay you take your friend you'll agree time OK and then she says to me. Here's here's the part where I pulled a little bit of fast on her line but a little bit of a fast on where Sheehan says she goes. How do you know that plane and Ari do you tell me that and I go I go they are it's in the it was Kobe's going to issues chose didn't know that they're already set up. This here's the thing when I say ACC championship game she hears like. NCAA championship she thinks the final she final and that's why she didn't understand that authorities set thing that they're playing in the chair to which course that not yet. They're playing in the ACC champion gone either disclosure I. Lot of rugged all the information. Not understand what is wrong you'll lube a problem. Your problem became a playoff he had more games to go is your problem is and explain how Super Bowl. And so you know here's. Here's what you do here's what you do here's what I've done it or what I would do is. You find the same show and an exciting city that she wants to go to. And you often that a. Money Sri. Old he's got to make movies yeah first listen I was. Some weapons and traveled deeper on him to get money at least southwest. Nine men around to. 999. And even figures 1999. You know ten million dollars Olmert at one more than any affluent. Virtual mob yeah. Yeah nerd wants now Verizon's late Monday yeah Monday. Melissa I'm a bit by the way I was gonna take a picture and send it to you when it flew back from Charlotte is not a good thing yeah leno's last flat lies and lies flat on domestic sleeper serial. Admiral and it's nice and good for you rob good DJ is flying first class because of Albany is shirts that are just wild sounds solid solid I'm like assert this when I was in is you can't really. As it was a huge deal this month we'll look at the numbers my my week Amato well numbers but. You into last week alone a clear last month in last month was the biggest month ever had. Well. Who has never beyond I can't I. Here when I brought them but hasn't let me out with anything no so. Horrible irony here you're my boyfriend mr. I didn't put my boyfriend had to by a dime lights are out where. They limit the statement deceit and judge Canadian. And not only do they charge the increase the price or DJ increases the price I don't know and I met today they do it and I don't I did the shorts and my voice yeah. Tall hilly so they charged in order to get. You. They may do you get a four X or. It's like two mediums when it comes the man. Like this it is. To talk to more dollars from us and that it's not truly say I understand how light but yeah you would the stadium they elect airport like you go to an airport or somebody got paid by books. Do you get to see where you have no choice noting got you. I actually is not like I know they got an all I brought 21 on one you were here when they don't. You were gone as well line. You want you. Know you Campbell Brown but I came came last week in loses me and you remember in Brussels who calls themselves over and over again. And that's when I had in my bag. In the and I and that is being illustrates the garlic like this and me and I was like arms and I want him back do you go. Or would you do it carries an apartment car I blew up shortly less appealing to yet you do start coming out it was a basket morals and I get a dime my hourly television Vilma stored on our guys of the trunk on what was that game unbeaten. Because I had picked up all the turnover actual turnovers sayings. And I was an apartment finals it notified together because he espionage and for five don't put them together recalls were out of him Emeka by. Now I amount Gosling and I looked I looked real shady right of course as I was going to leave to go to game I thought to myself I would be crisis they came back and broke a window as he went and and yeah I went to game day to sit at the moment change because when they report that the back passes and I was like god I'm good adult but I had like seven boxes open you can see altered it looked like. I just felt like I think you can come back you don't get the chain of the one I think that's just the economy university in Miami. And the reason in my eyes aren't. You see Donna has released Jennings. There. You see Udonis has Islam so fired up over McCain's win. He was watching the game with his son. On Saturday night's men's team was team has already in Detroit's you know friends. He went to meddle with his son who I guess Toledo's not too far okay Toledo in Ohio right so it's not that far. Anyone to meddle with the sun on on Saturday and and watch the games the heat then played Sunday afternoon in Detroit and. Quote a figure they'd win and how bad it would be a very important game lot of history night game and UN came down took it personally which they should of on and he goes on which he's right on this board here. I hate to say but the hurricanes were almost as big as the dolphins and prosecute people like the dolphins or some big dolphins samba Pete warlike hurricanes' first and dolphins second. That's Connolly how was growing up. I think the city's been wait for those guys get back on top that swagger back to team in the city again those hometown kids and continue to get going and quotes. And I'll tell you what man he's he's right about that in this regard and you saw Saturday night. And part of what made Saturday night so special and remember forever game. Very of that to my whole life okay. There is nothing. Like. The rabid hurricanes fan base there is nothing like it take dolphin fan base at its best. Take the Miami Heat fan base at its best. The like lake all spam is at its best and heat fan base says that's the right here located at their neck and neck at their absolute apex they are neck in neck okay. And then the hurricanes fan base their way all year. I mean the 00 ratted. Hurricanes fan base which is what you Seoul on Saturday nights at that stadium there is nothing the Los two year. Bit it's and it's I mean and you saw you sought Saturday. It was so given that cool somewhat because the dolphins. In the dolphins don't have any thing. Within any time obviously recently inked to rule Mel. It's a lot of a lot of people can share in. The success of the University of Miami whether your student near your dad might have gone their you know somebody your friends may be gone there you went to high school with a locally so I think it's a lot of a lot of style to that comes. Also with that is if you build relationships with these athletes because and you watch him and how ice pop Warner you watch him in high school. In this is not like it in affair where some guy from. Washington comes in place for your team for three years gets paid and goes into another team so you've got kids that are at the University of Miami by. They they are built a following. 445 years you know from the pop Warner's. Too high school so I think there's a little bit more familiarity. With the college kids vs the girls whom. You never know how long on the gonna stay McKee come here from college you know that he's going to be on the team for the most part for four years. It's pretty cool much UG loves the hurricanes. I don't know what else is still it's still isn't very when it comes to pass economic data but when it comes to football so Nadal as a grave and it's really good on your Jersey completely under are you can't ask someone to that's the school that major international player you are you know essentially could arguably you really weren't clear. And mumbled about a little the loans you have. He's he needs them now he's knowing them I mean he deadly law of the gators OK but. He can't does not support that we got the first eighteen years in his life he. I meet I was born in in the race in the Bay Area where I go watch games raider games were drafted by Denver Broncos. Is right Betty yeah the biggest rival. But you know somebody I mean I'm definitely a oracle at heart but I still have some place in my heart for the rape because that was the team that I watched. When I grew. Most most professional players abandoned that that's inducing know that you still half I don't an eighty Broncos managed. I don't think Broncos fans we have here it really be rooting for the raiders on. I'm rooting for the raiders. Have figured she got it really with the opportunity I got a place in my heart of him doesn't mobbed the Pittsburgh Steelers fan. His whole life we played Pittsburgh Steelers game. Winner goes to to those mobile don't tell me used in the Steelers. Two out of every day. That's terrible I amendment it pays the mortgage cherry cream that it pays the mortgage for a country where you look Julia. Yeah yeah Broncos and Steelers are playing and your dad isn't the Steelers. Americans are losing you are evil yeah yeah. Yeah do and that's. It won't yell respect respect that's because we're at war if I mean I I wouldn't that is that is hog quite a respect. How medics on the right there Hong. He takes serious. Aren't. That man so are there the closure so look. He's had lately and I am a million dollars is ready for him but you root is Margaret yeah. In other teen mom and the cowboys are guarantees you really gives me as well. Listen my grandma my cowboys the smog problem of the cowboys so much I think she's like 91 right now. We used to go to church Monday Wednesday and Sunday are decent could stay in Roma momma dropped no food or four weeks of being church more than any other place. If the cut at the cowboys' game start before church indeed we would leave church early what does. The big errors when he played for the bears the air's planes Steelers in the Super Bowl. Your dad the Steelers and another symbol is wanna song to win a Super Bowl I wouldn't even I would put him in a situation home can't. That's a good question though I would I would say your question. I would think you want to win so I yeah. I wouldn't do I went on Sunday of that experience and you debt it as a great Steelers fan coral. December 2 third on fort laurel beach and don't worry to watch EC title game because. You can watch it for 790 exports oasis that's right you go watch the game and sports bar we'd be in the sand. There's nowhere else you'd ever do. Now retired presented by an automobile accident attorneys call 810473. That's eight hundredths import 73733. By a smelled Dina. Ortiz and water bottle directly at the source in Sardinia. Italy's islands of wellness and by scales where it all on the water everywhere scales year dot com rip tide tickets on sale now at the ticket. Miami dot com you see this here Howell how colts owner Jim Irsay. Apparently. The colts could face fraud lawsuits. From season ticket holders over Angel looks injury I wonder if that's why. Earth has a praises one wonder what that if that's why Irsay was so angry when he found Dow. I gotta remember when when it was announced that Locke is gonna miss the rest the year Irsay was was live at OK and I wonder if that's why. The idea that some season ticket holders may say you know he said to be any year is gonna miss a few weeks and and now he's gonna miss the entire year a wonder there is an actual case. Mean if you boo -- coaching staff or you know the team actually knew that his injury. Was so bad that such it was a possibility he would miss the remaining of the season I doubt that they would come out and say he's gonna miss 45. For five games knowing that it really is about eight to possibly being whole entire season. What do you think the chances are do you watch any of the patriots on on on Sunday night's Martellus Bennett was I mean. Eagle like Martellus Bennett from Hugh last year when it. Stay healthy he's he's awesome this Hillary. People think ground is being. Martellus is like 6667275. Running late into yes. Yeah he amicus or run on any team tight ends in the patriots have told them you know to ridiculous guys like that. And Martellus Bennett looked awesome and he was doing his thing out there on Sunday nights and I anti. I I think it's really obvious that the patriots pulled shady move and that's spots. Where he he hated being in Green Bay he hated his time there now I got Aaron Rodgers been outs. And you know you get word through back channels one way or the other Il want for showing at a Green Bay they saw Campbell will sign you know. Will he come back here when you complain great situation again because it's. He claims that. He was going to season ending surgery. And then they released him claiming that you didn't is that eggnog disclosure football injury a year not being up front with a us. And he went from I'm going to season ending surgery to I'm going to run around and be also on Sunday night. Glad it's an infant through. That's the case I am glad this teams do get two players. Every day children about every day and asked them. I am not a fact almost whom you know well done. Almost out of at a remote you would this month things what's our blessings I'd such an obvious move but here is he is when you when you know. Your team has no chance of winning Dole's injuries are that much tougher to play through it you know it there's a possibility for you to be in the show. In the big show. And you play what do team to where the coaches understand how important that you are and they can basically they realize hey we gotta get him to Sunday's. Do you tough at home and it's a bit out. A lot of people angry today in an understandably so with with Adam case. And in if you're going to place the blame it's it's gonna go to Adam days before it does Jay Cutler mean Jake elders and easy to market to be sure war. But Adam Gayssot feel as the one that's coming under fire with a fan base I had a hard time doing that because like I said earlier. A yeah you don't know what's what you don't know eat you know. As far as play calls and that kind of deal that there's so much out there that we don't know everybody's fault yet it seemed so everybody's well. But man it was. I was kind of telling grew gruden is is very. Very complimentary toward fellow coaches players again after players. But he certainly complementary to our coaches and wanna go authorised rather. And man he was extremely. Critical of the dolphins and end Adam case last night throughout the game I found it very surprising. I was really surprised over that enemy look I don't I don't know you know eighth from B when it comes the play calling and whatnot but. You know you look at some of that stuff last night and I can understand the dolphins fan shrug their shows Leo what the hell. Well it would say it is he can only call bra. When he threw this team is capable of two seed and that's why don't get crazy over that makes sense. It does but. That's what you do as a coach you get the best players the great coaches. They they make their players played better than what they. Think they can play. Lola that finger pointing goes directly to tantamount as a I get this the players that he's given yet gays to deal with. Yeah so now's an indirect saying well. I'm doing what I campaign and now tuning him out you know Aziz he's he's he's gone public several times I am saying I'm saying I'm wondering how much longer is going to be before the players go against the coaches said there there's the players because of course gonna try to preserve their jobs act and I'll listen. Women and when I had a whole season. Oh yeah it's masking everybody but himself via. The Seaway everybody's covered earlier this season feel so much worse than 45. And in it they feel they feel because of all the all the all the drama. All the things I have nothing to do with football that we've talked about because the boring as hell don't school or they have. Having gotten in any type of rhythm you know I mean there there there hasn't been. Constituted three weeks where. Dolphin fans are happy about the performance of the team. 181. Gains in a row but you know the only ones only was it like the way they want to give you confident that next week that they would win again down double figures don't scandal to forgive him or watching the falcons games and all those things was like you look up on your McCormick of the the dolphins are big win. I divisions whose one of those kind of things were able look at look at this while. Is it worse whatever so when the 49ers. Really that simple lessons every element there is some minus 874 and has a miser music's. I can't ease and both teams they're talk about that the 49ers jumping around. You saw that and had you more car like anyone wanna game not only jumper maternal uncle on holiday game two with good win a man like a lot of it is emotional it's always tells the coats burst ever win. I lays golden rule. But that that that lets jump. The only time there. Did you. Hope we will and we will and as a platform yeah. I've been doing for the past five or six years and by that debt jags. And as a good man. Yet so they don't or so ago you saw that they. Ramsey came out Ramsey in the other DB what's his name eligible by. Yes that they came out to the women's Super Bowl stop in my defense. Not that came out and say they're winning a Super Bowl with a late models they're gonna win the Super Bowl. To wreck Tom Brady or drew wreck him balls into wreck him balls they're going to make you more tired. Campbell he's going to breaking overnight is not gonna happen. In eleven sacks they're gonna game plan they're gonna gain plan. They're gonna attack those young DB's it'd that are great athlete but haven't seen every player and every trick in the book got to get brought to you can't throw against them the candle. Our it's in the are the idea an excellent job mammals ought to next week appreciate our rates coming up next let it touch yeah.