ZRA Part 3 11-29-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, November 29th

Deadbeat Jeetz, Hassan vs K Love, Eli benched


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And Santa. Yeah. As a last minute that thing inside and out came a day tickets dot com yours even SMS alert your thought we tickets are available. You get tickets for as low as ten dollars of the game on December 16 against the clippers are rights. He'd gained a ticket sign up right now. The plate tonight they are in New York to take on the knicks that is a separate game tonight's August start at 630. Beat look into and three out of four on the road you'll forget about last night in Cleveland right quick. On the and the sort of bringing up there Greeks or ignore lose by sixty last night and an error agreed in that second quarter and you're down by 34. Started talking about the a game back in 1993. That the heat played at the Cleveland Cavaliers the old arena. And I remember very well. And it's because it is still today and I think will forever be the worst loss in the history be MBA the heat lost that game by 68. Points. Cleveland beat the heat that you won 48 to eighty their team was not on TV. Pizazz back then not every team on television I 93. 68. Points he lost to the cavaliers by that time 140 to eighty there was the head coach at that time can mockery. Kevin Lockett was echoed Colin is that coach after it allows us first year as head coach he Ron Ross Simmons go to three years. That was his first year as head coach Pete and it was actually the first should he may play. But but that a year and a day loss by an NBA record which still stands today 68. Point Sully to my get it might have gotten broken last night Furman that there is it looked. It looked out for awhile. You had that happen again my knee at Cleveland. The other acts on an embarrassment but still rabbis are paper hammers in on thing. Use once. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right here okay. These headlines are brought to you right there works relieved to relieve muscle cramps and your legs and feet use their works relief this fast acting phone can also prevent muscle cramps get their hearts released today it's like CVS and Rite Aid pharmacies or their works relief dot com. The Cleveland Cavaliers blew out the Miami Heat since last night you won a weight to 97 the final score is deemed a lot closer than the game what's. Oh yeah but I like down like when people make up on the pig unlikely it doesn't look as bad out. A brutal round the country. To know how about it was yet. Yeah because if if you're an MBA sand somewhere else or if you're a broadcaster maybe somewhere else whoever it is like. And you're doing the rundown of the scores cleave one away Miami 97 like that that's hold off Cleveland OK again there is nothing embarrassing in all about that. I I like when you you do look because medic work on the final squad I don't like that. But in reality it was an incredibly embarrassing first half I really bad guys and the Miami Heat center. Kevin Love led all scorers with thirty points he pretty much had all those points in the first half LeBron G 121 points twelve rebounds six assists by steal and was it Jack did from the game for the first time in his career Tobin thanks. But he just wanted to be ejected they resist tired of playing in the third quarter. They're feeling it was a weird game of chicken between sparrow and Tyler who's gonna blink first taken other starters and the Rogers said bleep you both manager seemed very upset when he was walking do the Al Jesse literally said bleep you both. Gotta set and then and then he went on its agreement sort of liking posts. Did immediately from the locker room he was on and stick around yet. Yes how do you have a potty mouth but the referee the referee ejected him from the agreed to do just snitch and hard on him to Jesse B explanation from the rough. Mountain lake wash bowl after the game. You idiots is yes to talk to pour poison apple to whom they'd usually don't well they did they talk to that day McManaman. And he says why did you throw him out me Sig quote it was a culmination of a couple different acts immediately after the note at all. He turned and threw an air punched directly got me and that he expressly charged at me and then these vulgarity in my ear few times. It's Sony and Eric is that on the broadcast that they can hear everything LeBron was saying and that he had been involved or multiple times towards the graphics and that it was an automatic ejection and there. Analysis he said BX that's hoosiers did you consider only assists and one technical you know score actually did only yet and I don't really worry I do want to check. Throughout technical yeah I. I mean the whole. Like your they just showed the replay again I'm watching it. On sports center right now the whole secret air punch I mean. No he didn't know he didn't okay like that the movement you they would his hands it was straight into the ground okay and it was about a good twenty feet away. From the refereed. He wouldn't intimidating duty teller now look man he's I'm a big guy and that man is six foot 66 foot 7200. Mark 56 AM could be argued I don't you know Sergio is himself and came match you pretty aggressive and not be different now would turn around a while the other way and a -- feel achy was trying to intimidate you out on a year and he's screaming obscenities and yell. And how you voted on the Friday things are mostly to human like no. Joyous and car Arnold why you mess with the U Emanuel to turn around walked away. Doing waiting get a good night's against his former team seventeen points off the vents. Diaw led Miami with 21 points. But damn was a real bright spot of the game for the Miami Heat T getting here career high nineteen points six rebounds. Two assists one block from Miami look great he looked extremely athletic pierce both talking about bam. Bam was and the guys you mention that right now it's not a lot of pa system huh this game ban most laudable on on both ends of the court aged I've room. Or most of the guys said something about it right after the game and huddle but he's he's been putting a lot of work to prepare himself he never knows exactly when he's going to play it's not easy to come into the game like this. But that's a great compliment. When he appears sir are mentioning after the game and they. The way you played and the way you competed but it's an imprint on the minds that something you'll definitely built Obama. Have you seen how in in post games now is that justice Winslow on banner a bio day. These either post interviews together that he 121 club. They don't mean doing dormant form their own club and they do it together the two of them. Justice wins on dam and a violent they only speak together we'll look to only form of just scores double digits. Let's hear from bam. You know anything are gonna do this very Suzanne thanks very. You know free in life and you know when I'll get to play saw. London and they feel like an army chief if you want me to be better if you oh for great thank you enough. Stay world will be sent about ten minutes and Terry are trading goings on keeping them or Ron press on his player of the week award. Perceived. Bad report seven point snooze that's one for. The heat. Brit I got its narrates Madison Square Garden tonight against the New York Knicks. Tipoff is set for 730 that means coverage begins right here on 79 that it is 6:30 PM the Miami Heat pre games knows it's his exile while. Chances are really here let's goalie tonight. What do suggests he's an app meaning like and he could be winning in the and that the crowd following out except that he'd stand that is cheering masses regarding. Getting beater and went and you know the heat. In other last loss and they it was an embarrassing loss you did tell you I'm winning my 80 yeah. Let their last loss they bounced back in a major way and you know last night in their last loss before us and yeah and last night's you know was you could say it was embarrassing loss even though the final score would show you and yeah I I think. I think they want to bounce back tonight. Many hurricanes dropped to seventh in the college ball lap rankings. One is Clemson into his Auburn not threes Oklahoma four is which con send everybody seems to think that whoever wins this ACC championship game though is in the college football playoffs until it's easily Miami matter is taken place killed endings mainly screw job is taking plays I think Tobin probably agrees with the tax that I got to a public rays go that. Try to convince me that the playoffs to some who was in fact. Bill and Ford just to screw Miami in Mecca for say they hadn't seen a rash thirteen. Here's a Sweeney talking about playing in Miami. We got a big challenge this week when Miami you know congratulations to Miami. Mota had your address Pena Alain this is an which is really really good football team has found what should be. You know it's Cherry Hill game. And he got the best team from the coastal investing from the Atlantic. It's been earned on the field by both teams and I got four course to decide who's going to be able to. Stake claim to be in the ACC champion for for 2017. So. Told to come full circle this week and a right clamps and essentially did Miami a solid by get now gold and fired and now these pains and went out of first ACC championship. Doing it against Clinton and all columns full circle this journey and I imagine if Dow a boost Sweeney was the head coach of the university of Miami Hurricanes. And the Latin community. Trying to talk about their coach in their in their their head man that they got to the University of Miami. Big personal. And in the mix for some of these. Lines especially Cubans for the most part I've had a full pivotal time especially want to pick accents. Saying words that begin with apps so skirt school. Sweet everything has to be there so as schooled as skirt this week could you imagine Dowell. It's Sweeney. My coach down all and so we need. But Margaret I think he's I cannot imagine another rig could not account moderate there's no case are mark is located mark whether it's race Margaret. So you got Mark Richt I like it or you write down all. A Cellini elegant dancer had met like at. Miami Herald reports of the Marlins have hit John Garten with the threat that if he does not waive no trade clock is legally you Morton. That does Chris say it doesn't ice they Onkar. Johnny Carson died I didn't say John talk. I'll Norton. Gergen and get it out all night started out. And Broward the early morning John Carlos Stanton. They are threatening John Carlo that he does not pay Jon Garland that he does not waive his no Drake lives. But he's going to be playing on a stripped down deems. Mean we haven't even in this season as I'm in close to starting and just we have a laundry list. Of the things that Derek Jeter has done or is doing that is infuriating. To the fan base is Mike was a lot easier than John Carlo. I wouldn't screwed up Mike if you to stop with like forever ago I never think about that anymore than his name was Mike Stanton never ever like John Carlos such a sexier and and then I totally get it low idol when it when it when he when he officially you know went back to John Carlo. It took me awhile to stop caller might. But now I never ever ever. Mama 100% heterosexual male. Of yours that Mike Stanton and I took a peek adamantly bikes and bill well now he looks like original analyst John. I'm related to believe that perhaps looks elegant and it's 59 home runs at any Mike Mike to Jo Harlow. Yes Mike Weir yeah I am I'm so I am so angry with the Derek Jeter I really am aid it it's just. It's so disappointing that we've been talking and hoping for Jeffrey Loria to Celestine for years and it's finally happens and and it. It could not be going worse you really couldn't. 88 and everything that happens of war. It is worst case scenario and let me tell you those aren't things getting any o's may be the day of Thanksgiving a date for at least give him where you had to report out there you go like this internal email that was leaked out to you adding John came in from what wears helix and cited or something and rag and stand rag a neat and internal email. From Derek Jeter leaked and posted the email. Such as the citrus plan I'm not that four point Ponzi scheme this is something else this is a letter to. Two potential investors he's already asking for money. They're all ready asking. For eight was eight after twenty million dollars over 250. Men to press were 250 million us already this'll. These owners are four OK they're whore. It's the wrong people. That all this team and you put on Jeffrey Lurie took -- so he east east salt lob Jeter's you know what's okay and the Yankees you know he's a Yankee sees a few years ago Jeffrey lord loves the Yankees lost Steinbrenner debt load Jeter and held out so that Jeter and his Bruce Sherman and by the team. Even though they're com. Ill equipped to own a professional sports team we'll just to be. I'm I'm I'm playing a little devil's advocate here when they're looking for that money I think a lot of that they probably set aside a certain dollar amount. But there were looking from four from the local community. I think they're trying to find a way to give the Marlins team. Give that the stadium. Back to the people by allowing a lot of the wealthy individuals that are in the city of possibly own a piece of the Marlins baseball organization are. All sorts of wealthy people whose start companies ask for outside investments I mean there's all sorts of wealthy people who own. Different organizations. You rule on it who while Obama other people investing in our companies are not utilizing all of our own money that's not I think usual. Derek Jeter goes bankrupt. Our leaders and it was a hell now on the Watson and Sean I don't I'll be goes bankrupt I really do not gonna go bankrupt first of all the ease the 340 dollars and a really. You pretty millions getting all the next five years hasn't been around all Lorena. We don't. Below all of these are my back whatever man I don't take any metal one moment Lori about. The Florida Panthers beat in New York Rangers five to four yesterday pinpoints. The dolphins' the plays defense and then blame he's on injured reserve he has a back injury. No hurricanes running back mark Walt is declaring for the NFL draft the drilling per. Liquors years he's not worry about his draft stock if you're gonna get earrings I'll tell you I'm glad and Howard that's your just aren't. Is our military let me know because I just became an American citizen is the military were chosen people overseas or what's going on that draft does that said he's also not worried about his draft stock knowing. On normally drops off. The two of us when I was an only. On the however in my dress on you Emily I'm feeling camera. Our affiliate. And the Al Stamberg. Geno Smith bull starts now as quarterback for the New York Giants this Sunday. Eli Manning streak. Of 210 straight starts and the regular season is open. Not that well and the second longest streak in history league him. On for geno Smith. Coffin like jaguars VP Tom Coughlin former giants goes as he was very upset when he heard that Eli Manning was benched the what is he cannot really get things up for amber pretty obvious destination Jacksonville. Pretty obvious or Denver the release you know. This year. Released now by the Democrats who was right money that right now do well. In particular are now and in your room is well why would the giants released radar. A decent she'd be patriots lead Amon Libya mis let's go. Right by him. Mara says name owner Wellington Mara. With close. Fifteen minutes EE he last night. When streak snapped. That's next. You put your clothes into the. Customize my champion four by fours apple does double indeed truck as CB customizations shopping guaranteed debt the hottest four by four modifications in town. Called champion four by four it's 7865023446. Or go to champion four X four. Dot com. Last night is going to be a last night's going to be frustrating for the heat fan that. Seized the way and that's the NBA. Is played these days that you got bigger. Yet the versatile big man who can. Said to the outside and who can handle the ball who could shoot jumpers he could shoot the three sons not gonna go up there and guard Kevin Love no Kevin love's and very undersized big man okay ad that's adds a little bit unusual. Hassan is not going to go out there and guard. Kevin Love them. And he winds up getting pulled he plays. What like four minutes in the first set seven meaning we seven minutes in the first avenue was. And you realize Seattle like the heat gave ninety million dollars to Assad and months and that's Hassan faults not. You know he's he's gonna have trouble guarding a guy and the perimeter parole game and he lost that match up from the get. New completely screwed at that point with Kevin Love not now he's got to hit them and he did. But they were completely screwed without points and they had to bail on us on now once brush trading further he'd stand where it's like you know your highest paid player on the team. You shouldn't ever have to deal. Highest paid player on the team should never be a situation wow that's a bad matchup for our guy we got taken out that you never ever ever happen. Also talk to elegy in it you're with him also being badly you had your second highest paid player didn't have a field goal in the first half Dragic. Yeah that's unusual OK he had an off game and look he's got a decent arms put the weekly score I score runs gonna be. Gordon could be all sword series he's been great he's allowed to have an off game but what we're told Hassan. Is not a son had a bad game because the bad team. We're talking about how saw it being on on a limitation yeah. It untenable match up for us on. Do you know that it you know that about your highest paid players in you have to be able to make up forgotten some other capacity. But have we gone over this a lot of onus on any time he has to go against the legitimately good big men like the top five in the league he generally it's worked my. There's nothing in the case of that's all we're all. About here down like he you know any of those big manhunt sonnets and stay on the floor against and we battled. Eating at the opportunity to battle last night because. They were playing a non. Conventional center they were playing the lineup which is a little bit more conducive to. The way that today's NBA is trending. And yet he fans can look at and say while late you know did. You know world we've invested a grandiose aren't signed this contract couple years ago. Uncle seasons ago but you know we've invested inning guy our highest paid player is. Is a guy who we have to pull because. We can't team on the floor in this matchup and that that's a tough one for the heat and a swallow it again. But is not as if you're calling him every night and an on visits that matchup exists everywhere but because you know that the NBA is trending that direction and that that matchup will exist at times. Is it on the coaching staff to have. Some sort of plan B. Eighties it didn't feel like that was working either right people assigned you put an analytic in it doesn't feel lake that was work in either can't do any. In stock Panama for the person to Poland a move get 4004. Minutes he's done multiple times she picks have a lot of now he has felt probably is move. Kelly when expelled grown measles turn over. No drunk on the last thing and there's the team has been the turnovers all season is and killing a stand I mean I had a little bit on hold after LeBron did get thrown out of the game like our rate is meaning it's not crazy thing that you come back from nineteen. But whatever hope they had. Tyler Johnson and Kelly Miller bigger they knew that. Mean they were awful when that with a fourth quarter started pilot doesn't hasn't been good this season did he really think you might be the worst way on the right now now now. And I'll tell you now and I know what Illinois does because at least. And he can you can put it on on the wing Tyler Johnson pretty uses of it doesn't score you'll are not paying attention it just ripped. This is a race for his worst yeah doesn't this is a good. Race to be in his or Mel bad yeah I Tyler's not being guy I think Tyler as the three games this year that he shot 50% that's really the we're learning that. You think you major source of them. Yeah I think I think I think John. Much better and so I am I think I'm atonement on us on he gives you nothing is that that's the the benefit of Tyler's disposed to be a spark score off the bench yet. And he's gonna get paid twenty million the next two years out. Yeah that is that is in new troops and now will react to one game buddy rice and let someone gain with Tyler Johnson. Tyler Johnson this year shooting 34%. You know any minute time at bat. That's it. Shooting by for a career worst 34%. Any shooting night by Florida career worst 31%. From three. There is. All the reason to believe that those numbers are eventually going to trend up. You you why is that why it okay give me the reason what is the reason or is competent or noise it's like there's only one way for them to go. No can only get worse but there is you know over 82 games you would figure that things and even battled bit. And for his career he's much better than that. You know there's there's nobody seen in his career that would tell you that he should be shooting. 10% worse. Than he has for his career. There's there's no reason for that. But so far he's been he's been very bad. You legislate an intelligent 95% from the freed on in Los either. And 95% for either Asia or foresee pavlik for free throws I understand that sell like all these numbers who we you know they they shouldn't. Even out. By these nomad. He isn't I mean you're lucky that James Johnson has come along. And I tell you when it gives and scoring off the bench too and Wayne Ellington has been greatly don't look for Wayne Ellington in double what Wayne Ellington has done so far this year menu would really feel. What Tyler Johnson is not giving him the UK in order to give a key point Ellington because of that contracts. I understand it's I mean it's now the next year I'm worried about next year because it's it's tradable let's go to be it's like having Chris Chilavert under cap. I'll bet it is man. And I mean it's not I. I don't hollows and have a good idea and look over we're what we're not in a quarter of the way into the season so you a lot left but I I that's hollows and have a big year and the and he's had his worst year. I'm his worst year who was the player and a coach brought to justice sneakers off and go and shoot after practice with Nigeria chose a rich. Oh yeah George we've seen that he he has had turnaround we've seen that he's got an office of slumps and he's had I had such little patients are just hundreds and. On I don't even care about fifteen points less timing great. He had it all the second half do they I'm you know it's really easy to a you know she without pressure dumped thirty. Even harder on Josh Richardson and payouts it outside in front about it but there's also other big contracts on the eighteenth with Tyler is way way worse. And Josh is hasn't kicked in yet either. You're not pain in the season right. Lately just fringes and in this in today's NBA he's as cystic eyes contract. So that pat you deathly be able to move jobs reducing contract it's bad learn every season so far his career all of his percentages have gone down. Mean that rare that is in the NBA first it was crazy from three which you can expect that he was. That's that's expecting him to be stuffed her. Was also distorted numbers because he was a really good seeing accordent about last part of the season and that's when he was on fire relax have the last Gil de the first your last half of the first year and the last couple of weeks last few weeks of last season. He was really great also but man I mean how how many how anyone for sevens we've seen from Josh Richardson. In sorting line this year also the factories like they're. About horrible juggler rightly he's not able handle the ball like the log onto him. Stahl man. I'm the only two guys he can count on any given night are are on on every nighter drug agent Whiteside. You can't even count on targets you talking about my. Last night pretty. You can't get points that he be simple as us I mean one for not so bad he can't how I games this season. Easy when his guys usually is yeah there are not coming up player of the week. Rights. The other contact I had any. Stupid cavs team and then Vegas feel so much worse than this really is it's it's a road just it's too. It feels so bad about the loss last adding they win tonight or not film about losing Islamic they had weighed lookalike and Alexander is exact same dirty again that is exact same game in Cleveland early last year and remember spoke ripping us on like crazy afterwards getting us killed yeah they got hill sot Hasan was awful spoke ripped him up again saying if you're. You know if you really think she's going to be a star you got to step on a night when things go bad. You know. Think these losses immune to happen you you beat you beat the best mixed and I feel better I. Means absolutely nothing so why they lost the cavaliers kept on Montrae. My kind of freedom and get the shining garbage time yeah. Good and jokes. Annoying now an embarrassing it really was. LeBron is out maybe we have a shot at coming back campaign to reign in until an intuition out of time attitude on the against us wearing a cavs uniform cap lucky. You would have been able to come back you'll have a bomb Tyler Johnson. And jokes on the way too by the way because you dozens and Dwyane Wade they trade those jerseys and you know you. UD aren't that Jersey right I'm Tony. That's that's a move by UT as he post's Alec on consumer and get. Oh yeah these number oh yeah and these frame and opinions clear what's gonna do an idea how well had currency what's he doing that's why did hear a rumor that Goran says that nearly ran out of toilet paper back in my locker room so they were. Looking for you know stop but they could use yeah yeah I'm way IIUD look you DT lifer okay he knows what he's doing. And he'd he'd that. Wait captured jokes and you join. Tell me I'm wrong is what is wade even want to has heat Jersey he does have a thousand Hillary. They pay you do yeah that's throwback. I think he wanted one that he sweated and. Now. Been awhile since we did. Years of play the other preferred thirteen years he has done you don't have jerseys of each other is too old that's what that's like leaving the traded jerseys when they're on the same team I doubt they added that at the end of the year with Orlando Pace and Torry Holt on the same. Why you have those hang up yeah same man named either approval was the big pro warrior it was like Orlando about it Torre got it. I don't know Isaac got EnerNOC Stephen Jackson category and obviously you're team is getting to Wayne's. Cleveland or return to never ever had the barn to burn. So Landers is nice you'd he had to give them something or her on Daria I Ivins and the burn. For this yemen's anti. This is the time yeah decides he's in sight and oh yeah. IBM on an out at the nugget TSE us Chris or Chris Bosh using NB ATV to get among themselves and the cavs stop a wrist band with TD one. Days have been honored for once he just pops on the onset is they all look games on tonight he cans them is calling in the middle of the game of the yeah guys keep my options Oprah as a player. Did he do that and there's only out yet to be there out there. Like that's. Talk emotionally Eli Manning and Europeans are talking about. She are okay and ends up with a on the jaguars do next. The largest gains delegates audience for our LT took the red dot music festival come on out Saturday night watch the ACC championship. As being willing 790 the ticket sports oasis that's right the rip tide music that's all powered by forty watch the ACC championship via her feet and sandy had drinks. And he got music going on the background of course. Presented and a join the V accident attorneys 80747. Fareed that's 800 cent or 73733. Gulls Jim Clark. Welcome to playground and by associates and the multi specialty medical group delivering innovative care. Call 84495. Sport docs rip tide of tickets on sale now get minutes ago Miami dot com. Peter 730 tonight's dog it started 630 with the pre game. The big news in the NFL. Eli Manning had at the or has or hasn't the second longest. Streak as a stored her. Quarterback as a sort in the history of the leaked the the first longest apparent there was such an yes ray yeah yeah he. He he. Yankees lakes is like seventy some in May be behind Brett Favre so he ear you know talk in. Fives by more years as a starter. Going to happen anyway you're gonna pass Brett Favre. But that's streaks going to come to end this weekend. As they've named geno Smith and I'll tell yeah. That seems that's bush league by the giants okay Eli Manning. Two time Super Bowl champion. Two of the greatest Super Bowl wins this relief. Forget the Reza me I don't care about the rest of the guys who've been hurt on his roster who's he going to. It's the six all on his shoulders like nobody's value chain as the rain hurt I changed her neck. The scheduler does it is it not predicting Gina Smith is going to provide anything yet and then also I heard that they're gonna play there rookie mostly. Well they don't have the tank though and we want to win like. Is she went so thanks I mean but this it's like you to win its. It's why go why why put out. Why put Eli out there I'm mile and I'm wanna be out there at this point only now is not winning earning it oh yeah he was choked up over this he. You're currently the giant yeah I was he got emotional locker and the giants apparently didn't give him. The option of starting the game to just Shareef flights to reach our lives of these settlers can we wanna play and we want to play geno in the rookie mostly for the rest of the season Ed but we could start you student keepers alike because there's are couple downs and that's it. And he said the palace in the way that he wanted to do dancing you Lazio got us tend to be learned easily this was best for the team we we have Eli Manning sounds. I don't have to make sense of it that's this is what it is this. If you do with. Let's start with the hard. Part of our day in the handlers let you know hang in there and figured out what they are using via. So there's enough that you could lose my son loves you yeah I don't know if they're very I don't know if they were over. There weren't when we do time. To grapple away for his career it's ends with the giants he's he's done so much. Firs that team and you know it's of borderline hall of fame career. And you know they're gonna fire the coach after this season 20 and for Eli for this to be the way that he goes outs. And the streak ends to do it as rough economy handling about it now it turns a class. He had his o'clock this last little arm and I got always like a giant pranks from the law Germany's fun guy to be around. But but I am looking at this in a positive light because. As a fan of the New York Giants if you're fan of the New York Giants would you rather have your quarterback. Almost look like he beach three to his team and his city. By leaving to Jacksonville to go be with Tom Coughlin at the end of this year or would you rather be able to point the finger at the organization and say they did him wrong and I'm happy for Eli going get this other shot with Tom over in Jackson. It's a happy to get so there shot situation because he's won twice in New York. It's not right is not like he's never won and we hope that he liked gets one before the end of his career sought an ice giant fan out their house to really appreciate what Eli has done for that city it's weird relationship they have with the Eli like I. I think it should appreciate and it's a weird relationship that that city has all the. It's New York fan the you know they hate Eli and until this knew of and now of course today they're all upset with. Jai who has done some amazing things for them or consider how man he's done some blue yeah I personally am under water bowl champions. I don't know man I personally if I'm looking at this summit of really you know what Eli you know you gave everything you could do the city you've done everything you've been a poster boy. For this organization you've never had any issues you don't have any problems. Thank you so much for which you've done and you are done wrong and I hope you get an opportunity elsewhere. When they go ahead and got this coach it's a traveler Canada. Coughlin was Hayes yes I mean it seemed pretty he's going to be doing a happy I guarantee TC called rumors voicemail on on on the -- phone yesterday from Tom saying hey man keep your head up kid but you're the speech that he gave. When Tom retired and like Eli was up their crying in Tulsa should turn up more so for Coughlin I don't know why he'd be got a soda you know one. A shame shame shame on the giants doing that it's awful what. Shame shame shame on a giant diplomats awful meant to hit him with the same. Change is it really Mack adieu let's make this call today I cannot be run a home. Uninsured is eating Mac David Mac indeed on you one Eli out there and maybe try to give you a couple more wins dressing your job I mean I don't think they do your job. Anyways but I'll think this is probably come and cracking down. Ngo and they given you any chance of keeping your thumb. Giants ownership there there are involved in their franchise very involved in there for such a close rather either regulate and just how there he started yeah egregious with the steps. Are sinking as well that's reply and if not a giants fan actually don't even know when diet not about a little over rookie seeing what we get out of the rookie because it's ardea loss d.s and white now see what you have in the murky by and I give them some experience with the GO Smith Smith doesn't make any sense to me. Yuri knowing you have without former jets quarterback of all peace talks is terrible it's ox. All right. That's your to do it today. It. Are you doing right now I'm sorry it says I can't wait for Monday when the 2018 retired lineup was announced. I hadn't thought. Of it gets funnier if money they get there stays in its good coming up next. Levitt's Art Shell he tells you he's most looking forward to seeing you rip tide next.