ZRA Part 3 12-11-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, December 11th

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Island seeing daily. All week long for your fantasy football Dade city got fans all playoffs going on so it's especially important present client on the V accident attorneys. Give me an accident call 807 or 73 that's 80747373. Responds well to direct the right call are always the right price. And by East Coast public adjusters got dressed it's covered call 855 get EC PAA or. Visit East Coast public adjusters dot com Robin if you were played in weather close to what was. In buffalo and the Indian app. Was just yesterday and actually it was our game against the patriots it was the week after you guys and of them losing remember it was like a massive snowstorm that Miami played against the patriots. And there were actually digging their seats won all what Wannstedt pass all three times senate candidates Ricky Williams runup clock exactly CNN I was sure that we played the following week in review in 2000 yards rushing notes that seemed to throw the back of the end zone. There was. I think we had a decent game in Green Bay that was like that as well Green Bay we had a nice little snowy game. So did their their fun man there really cool where that takes a break out the snow shovel the blower or just do the lines. Like the ten yard line every ten yard line. Haley gone I'll run out the clock to settle for that 43 are few double B and the regulation. Army. It's more yards homeboy. It played on six into the snow in a matter Vinatieri is out there kicking gold and he's mature movie rip the snowblower. As a running out the clock considering another play. It's all gone now. The worst coaching NFL rights are being nice. Bad. Letterman noted last Lisa is simple the cancer card be nice always you know at that as sort of monster. Use once. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you. Focus on the Donovan wanted to perform a few minutes. These headlines are brought Steve I count how boosted his season for year and projects an increase workload to sometimes has perfectly matched candidates and make closing out the year a breeze his account Thames dot com to learn more accountants or Robert half company. Yeah Miami Dolphins take on the New England Patriots. A game is tonight is Monday night for. All could be really cool man aren't rising and to go from AM kickoff at 830 at night. During cold weather and South Florida's immediately cool little spot for US go to some specially a fun atmosphere to source the game and somebody being need to come out W. You know would be really cool to see Tom Brady. All Internet in the hunt graphic you saw that ESPN's front there are you technically in the hunt is that teams on a Monday Night Football tonight there's new coach and that the dolphins are and that in the hunt ground no. It's in the necessary Beasley would them out fire in torrent. When you talk about annum Beasley. So it a little bit of a tweet this morning talking about the fact that what's called loss yesterday so it allows the dolphins have so many percentage chance of being. In the playoffs. Tomorrow and piece all Welker and and get a sense chances the dolphins it's still make still in the mix they tune in tonight aides are already beat out. From the rock. World dolphins fans are to be huddled up they're gonna look like Buffalo Bills fan he's a B fifty degrees I buzz at that bills calls you all let myself on fire. Fun not the pictures inside the building snowman not stadium. C budgetary you know I'm looking like Kool Aid man race so we now all of you we enjoy it below the staff on. I'm wondering if you did Ritchie sign a deal yet or no responses are some new deal you know what Al is gonna keep track of his negotiations and I decide to slip my Lima and put in a moment comes on here this weekend. Coming up they play the dolphins are excellent next Sunday right. Sounds right there now arson and before we don't. It where are we going Romberg and the holiday party. We're what by the way when is the holiday party on Friday from what time is it. Many email and conversation on air don't have that email like you have a company like I got a big Friday might might Friday's going to be big I got I WM lunch on our guys. Romberg dime I've DJ Williams. And then I got company part I know you're not gonna be appropriate anti Asia Zach how many parties don't got no words were there is a going to be an afternoon. Company particularly a Sunday morning I believe is that I made. Is it what about sweater is a vacation club after work. Don't you know go I don't know Obama guy you again mom worked and I became. It it works in a close and after your show about her and I know losing alone no dummy showing up in the silly me I don't. Always gone over Dolly that all the company stocks are gonna mean over and under that the ends do not disclose their Tillman do you sit on. We're just simple different beast Burma steal the show us one step away Don Carlos Stanton was traded to New York Yankees. For Sarah Castro is gonna be flipped immediately is that makes a difference and fertile prospects we don't know they are and a Russian foreign. Imus described them pretty well and many Castro's do you know of or heard of or we talk about like him in the line community with a loss to capture. I've obviously there's not a doubt right here the stars and there's lots under. The Yankees will pay 265 million of the 295 million that's left on stands deals should he opt in at. After 20/20 bad deal will be officially announce today the winter meetings start today in Orlando. Course the Marlins are looking to get their payroll down to a nine. Many in my his wellbeing and maybe need to have beat the Brooklyn nets in Mexico City one on one to 89 on Saturday justice when a friendly guy got fifteen point four for four from downtown Chris Bosh was in attendance. Chris Bosh fixed justice went out he. Back in action tonight against the Memphis Grizzlies. Tip off and FedEx Mormaset for 8 PM coverage begins right here on seven iron to 7 PM Miami Heat pregame show and find me. Carson went suffered a knee injury against the rams Eagles fear it is a warrant. ECL not Palmer. All right Monday Night Football tonight obviously it's right down the road from here joining us me Ryan fuels and announcers convenience stores gas sign truly sets beyond convenient. Television voice monument for all Sean McDonough is here us Nash on good morning we appreciate you joining us and in a world on down here because Marlins slugger former Marlins slugger down calls stand he was traded. To feel better tonight right with the dolphins went over the patriots money it. I got that can happen. So I wouldn't rule it out but the first game that they played which is only two weeks ago was a little bit the old cliche it will. A more competitive in the final score would indicate and you guys probably remember watching that a couple weeks ago and a Miami was down 21 to ten record for the past symbols marched down outfielder Matt Moore kind of bad interception in the end zone which I think really change the game significantly soap. You know they've had a a good record against the patriots here over the years in Miami and I would expect it'll be a competitive game tonight. You know in all series is again it's 830 tonight okay Monday Night Football ESPN. How how seriously how will you guys help you when Jon Gruden. You're gonna try and sell the audience OK on the Balkans being in the heart I mean we saw the graphic the dolphins. Or in the in the hunt part of the standings at five and seven so it's certainly going to be some that you guys are going to talk about tonight. How you go into it ulcers is try and sell us the dolphins or in the ought. Well you know I'm not big on phony baloney stuff and trying to hide something beyond what the average intelligent person be able to figure out forever ourselves so there's enough. Hot but there's an awful lot of traffic. The between them at a playoff spot right now so. I think any realistic chance that they have would involve a win tonight if they did show last year. That they had in them when they you know had a really bad start of the year went on Iran and made the playoffs but you know to me there are better looking team last year than they are this year and yeah I think it's highly unlikely that make the playoffs but certainly you know in terms of the way we approach tonight they better win this state realistically want to have any shot that. What's been the best atmosphere that you guys have dining game that so far this year. Seattle not even close you know we've been there each is my second you're doing Monday Night Football now and we've been there once in each of those two years and it is by far estimated collector from. You walk into the stadium BO it's loud the entire time there are other places that are really loud Kansas city's really loud. That that seems to go up and down based on what's happening in the game. It's Seattle it's just this constant din of noise and really fun place to go at Lambeau Field is COLT that. Their football and listening who. Know that thought about going to bring in basic game I really encourage it just the atmosphere in the town in the stadium itself and the whole. Thing is really tremendous. I I've lived down here my entire life so I've never experienced it you know our pal Brad here he played in league for a long time so he's played in games like that and and an amber yours from Sao you know Florida as well so it never experience a cold weather like super snow tight game that we saw in buffalo. Yes they would offload Indianapolis I never ever ever experience that. Did you have you been to a game media as a kid growing up your teenager breed experience a game in the stands like what we saw yesterday in buffalo. Oh yeah Leo a few of them go I grew up in New England went to a lot of pictures games of the hit the ever going Barbara stadium there really young kid. When the patriots by the Minnesota Vikings and the blizzard. And I watch Syracuse so I saw a lot of days like what you saw you yesterday an awful lot. They did a similar way you enjoy there's a miserable. Well you know back then I didn't enjoy I mean I just didn't mind it very much mean you're young in you really don't care about one out sometimes I go back to Terry cues and it's in the middle. The winter I think to myself how did I ever make it through four years here problem. But the reality is you know it's a great place that I love going there and I love when I go back there and I I was up there a couple weeks ago for a alumni event and walked into the Carrier Dome really thought to myself you know the first walked in this building in 1980 and it's still special everytime I go there solemn. Pastor accused of special place despite the weather. I think is Syracuse dealing does that lake effect snow or some buffalo does right it is hard nowadays. Morse oh I think well it's a similar amount of snow as Syracuse it's more of the kind of just nuisance little flurries all day long and then at the end of the day you got three inches is nowhere as we saw yesterday and bought focus they really right are on the way. When it comes there you can come and huge punches and that's what they got yesterday obviously there's this. Why does seem to be short quite a football game you know had a big impact in a lot of ways around the league with the result cannot vote capped a bad call that wiped out. Indianapolis is two point play that probably should be given them the win but. It is what it is that they say. So you're looking to fill some time tomorrow night in the broadcast because chances are not a man gave us an -- on the chances are doing is going to be doing a little bit of damage to Miami are you going to be poking fun at some of the south Floridians that are wearing winter jacket also so hold your uncle we're a little look like we're from Sarah Lawrence tonight okay formula they are boarded their pets clarity brought all the plants and. Well you know I think it's me because did you guys below you so late to probably ought to younger than ever this book. A few years go more than two years ago now I did the Orange Bowl here I've only looked Iowa and Georgia Tech. And that it was the coldest Orange Bowl ever in the Orange Bowl and you guys know have a long history at epic the kickoff temperature was in the high forty cell. And school. Yeah must do something about me a maverick rebate plan to stay for a couple days to play golf and go to the beach and you really oldies every day so another that. Outpost Orange Bowl play and really materialized but. I've gotten used to it they're couple winters ago we had the the winters recalled its no apocalypse in Austin three winters ago as a record setting snow in the coldest winter ever and so we finally decided let's be snowbird go to Arizona in the winter where my two Brothers live and I was probably in Arizona about a week it was in January when a lake golf club with a couple friends of mine out there. It was 62 degrees and when I got to the course the guys that they weren't sure they're gonna play because it was too COLT. It I'd I didn't I'm with that guy come with him. I'm like are you kidding me out of this ensures that a golf shirt goes so goes that would be that July day in Syracuse so. You know I was ready ago but I'm sort of becoming one of those people myself now that I'm in my third winter without winter. Telling EI Shawmut national McDonough joining us here again Monday Night Football tonight at 830 ESPN what is. Bill Belichick like in Europe production meeting and it doesn't disclose CU Boise. Affable you are sure. It's just the quote machine I could write the thing doubt that the the cut. No it's not much different than what you see in the press conference you know if you can get him on to say topic. That he seems to enjoy. In that I have not how many of those yet in my two experiences we have one game last year it was basically in Foxboro against the Baltimore Ravens and obviously last night at their hotel. You know he's very guarded the I don't think it's an exercise those production meetings at the TV crew that he particularly enjoy this and that's probably in my over the and other media obligations but. We are now and then you'll get a mandala topic. America I got a good chuckle or grin expense just regular talk mop up buffalo game and Adam Vinatieri kicking the 43 yard extra point in the snow and of course. That flash back perky and coach gruden too when Joba. Coach bill. Ellis yeah. This field goal in the snow also but it was a good chance from the chapter in the little bit and back out lap and a smile a compelling and. That is that's rough that's offering and is there anybody on that staff that you enjoyed talking to because you know doing the production to use their head coaches little bit more guarded than some of the position coaches or coordinators. The quarters are great bulk of them yeah I think Baltimore beat head coaches soon Josh McDaniels and Matt Patricia. You know they're honest they are helpful. Oh obviously both extremely bright I mean Matt Patricia. You see him at the big deer in the pencil in his year and he literally is a rocket scientist in the majors and graduated from RPI in upstate New York with a degree in aeronautical engineering so this guy can coach was gonna build rockets old. You know he's got to talk to and you know Josh McDaniels sent badly Josh your coach next year if they head coach again in the next year he wants to be but. There on and you know Tom Brady it is. As good in those production meetings as anybody I've ever been around a pro in any sport. There's a lot these very thoughtful he can ask a ridiculously stupid question and he smiled and it is nonetheless and again I'd just appreciate the honesty and candor and you guys like him yeah I think they trust you to know it they're telling them that clearly they don't want. Repeated on national TV you know he understand that we're not gonna do that where you know some guys say well I really shouldn't say this. All on go on you know yes exactly so would I like Tom ought. Cutler smoke into the exit put out the cigarette when you talk general liquidity comes and sees smoke I didn't I've never I've not to smoke and we're not sure we like to believe that. I don't think he does he's a guy wielding the I always closed her eyes as the guy that has the cigarette hanging out the side of his mouth when he talks Diaz it's like bounce and up and down. Imus. You know a number of production meetings with him over the years back to what it was at Vanderbilt actually I was at sepia during the at least the college football games and and no he. And actually better everybody ESPN I had him in the early but I it was a in my earlier days back idiot PM but he. I've always found them to be you know he's he's not sitting their doing stand up comedy. You know I can understand why would he auditioned with box that they liked it and hired him because. It does give you good insights and again he'll answer the questions honestly to sell. I know he has been a mixed reputation amongst some but in May and honestly my experience I think he's an excellent. Have you ever obvious Sean McDonough here or less got the call tonight he and Jon Gruden ESPN 830 Monday at four ball. Have you thought about asking Matt Patricia why he's got a pencil and zero we all know the places laminated. I do like at the met yesterday because in our meeting we had the pencil in his career when he walked down. I mean you can't you said the places lemonade and you can well right. Don't know that just can say is look but he says when he first got to the patriots and he was killed low level entry coaching assistant. It was twelve hours a day of real breaking down the film literally. Drawing it on these pads with. You know had a pencil well. He just got used to constantly having to console and up and wanna open is here and it just kind of stay that way. Finally here Sean as far as Adam gay scene on time they've had with him leading up to the game here did JA GI come to you guys press and load it on what hat with a. Well we get more of that when we melon because you know that has happened before they played on Monday night in Carolina duke go so. We didn't really spending time on that you know the impression I got out of Sherwood you guys have taken away from it is that. They thought that Jay was officially a pain in the neck that it even though it's a good player did want them around anymore so. And I still thinking you're too he's kind of trying to build his own culture and said the Mona expectation for what he wants from players so. I've certainly thought it was strange certainly from a distance I autos slightly less strange. Once I heard the explanations boarded it and just seem to be Adam who felt that way put. It's still is strange to take a guy who like your best player in trade him away. 830 tonight Sean angry and they got called tonight and make sure you stay warm OK Lori about you guys makes. It will be five we were out there at the stadium last night what would be game time. To pick a couple of commercials actually and it was quite pleasant at the stadium so. Hopefully will be again the night it sure looks nice the first time I've been here. Since they did the renovation so. As you well you're gonna love this you know law call me in the same is tremendous the war but semen. They did a great job in the lap time out of your question bring this up where the 58 to nothing. Hole. And me and tell all and Dan you know it was about a million degrees and remembers thinking how can anybody sit out here for noon game what the sun baking down on them like that and then. Dario and next thing you know they have a canopy which I'm sure help. Yeah and so there's cleansing game down here that's the Ellen got rid Al Golden now we're on the right track we actually asked on memories now of that game that got a thing going in the right direction you know we're sand. Well I'm I'm biased some of the leaked diplomatic I've known Al for a long time and they do a really good guys sold. I wish him well but it sounds like you know he's gone on to something good and obviously Decatur thrilled with the direction it's taken since so. The ago. Nine enjoy your stay we appreciate your time Sean thanks a lot. Neither Sean McDonough right there tonight. Which on ballot that he's he's friends of with goal that the relationship extend their wonder how they know each other at a you know good and asked him and usually can and don't know and you know good and after after a figure that out of stand on not. Can I he's very good. Spot he's in diplomatic he know he's very good that's hard spots Stabenow Monday Night Football where a youngster Rico last couple years ago when you hire New Delhi like shall we does eating is a really fine job as the broadcast. As the broadcast. Thanks him for joining us there'll be fifty minutes. There's still other vehicles into the rise over inside spin. Right and watched I don't welcome to our world that Jared Allen. As Jerry Johnson. Goes up when the powers that Daryl now lives sixteen points. 'cause my budget before my force outlawed as someone Jeep truck and SUV customization shop to guarantee them honest for my for modifications in town. Golf champion format point 7865023446. To go to champion four X four dot com also like Comcast X many dealers the fastest Internet the most Wi-Fi coverage tonight home. And most Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide only from expanded team. And if you listen every day of record as he ticket window your chance when tickets who upcoming home game. Accord so mining technology partner and your local South Florida technology company for all your visit business needs visit them online. At acorda scored dot com spot eye opener vault dot com get most cash now for your future. Structured set an all lottery payments call 833 my vault and by Lauderdale BMW Pembroke Pines proud members of the home and automotive group. He listens it's in it to win it your way into heat game. So tonight's past Sagal when it for fear is. Right as leader at the grizzlies in that sags in Canton I think it's already late taken by his friend on the order adding so. On residential and uncheck trending things Nate seems like some that would be trending hash tag winning it for faces coming there's no hash tag for doubters out there out of 1000. No I. Effort oh on it's. Let's go Richard had stayed calm it's supposed to be data blog Dana but the very least Colin at all got a red dot. And yeah. Got data or data would take effort on the nets haven't had dot says that that's that's some real. It's data you Canadians you seek date date OK but IC data. I mean I I as a data and I America and yet take that that. Got a little little. Sit and all they say that that yeah institutional money at a the data Sega. There. Should go take that that. Deployed to the heat's. They're just a game back. From Washington. For the lead in the Eastern Conference although. Does that not vague it makes me feel better believe in saudis and he's in the Eastern Conference. Makes you feel better does that not give you talk war anymore in the conference is that not a thing anymore Tobin. It's apostle they changed that recently they don't automatically get a top four berth. If you. Leader division if you win your division is nothing anymore totally because you know you look at the standings in the Eastern Conference in Washington late or six. No not topple. I changed that all recently because it that's the case in skis out economic we feel better any mobile why they held even have divisions in basketball with support. VOA division why. It is you win your division you win the conference you when the world are that's not our did that up just now it's not that's not a real think. Had a divisions in the NBA stupid that that doesn't mean anything somewhat like your other game definitively when this next game verify our ballclub right has rights. That's the goal he years to get to 500 in table and go earlier we'll stick it to get there and then he can from there that's the goal you wanna get there. An annual take. From bear. And Betty Horton and at home on Wednesday and then Charlotte Friday and the clippers on Saturday. Structurally they change that rule in the division last year last year. So last year was the first year that they'd like this it's not. This here's virtue last year they actually abandon that's Mara. Yeah. It's better seat in time Miami and in the Elian now absolutely not where they need to adhere to keep Miami out. I'm haters yeah no I give me you know big conspiracy against Miami. Sucked the talent dried out here that may effort soulless bastard and services wit like where is Major League Baseball he. Beat easily eat you sell the team. You you should hear the sale to a specific group we knows all unfair you engineers sailed to a specific group. Okay. They fight for one point two billion dollars an onscreen war in the history of purchasing items known as. Secrecy any sports minister purchasing. Items. Notice that are ready for one point two billion dollars this report yet and yet a lot of experience I do people buying things are billions of dollars it's never happened before. In the history you know a lot of things but I don't there's billions of dollars noticed providing one point two billion dollars and sweet kind of social circles you run around and so at least that on on. Lutz. Six CE hole. Then trades. Nationally in BP. To his former team literally for nothing BJ for nothing number one and nothing number two is acting wanting to Egypt for nothing more and nothing to. Finally in the last a month down here we've the last month last two months we've had. Our best Blair and the all of our best player in baseball trade away for not the. At the Miami and trading deadline by our way it was gone PR guys all next challenge Ray Allen in college I in the category of Stanton who would do and they are okay but in the did terms of adults and small mom interest admit I was the best player on the mini is the timer also is never in a stance never dies in the only four players and rhythm and. But I after talking Madonna icon wanna find out what all the other coaches were saying. About Jerry Jerry as well as he made a pretty clear that it wasn't just an atom gay skaters and gas. In at least there was no multiple coaches yeah maybe even some players involves. And look like a penny SSA when they were riding him out to Carson once is knee blew out cutting players what to do the greats. No that's Japanese numbers I city 78 yards you can run by a nano line now the hell out of here amber. Atlanta at least a year old and it won't go anywhere. When it comes to a guy he's so aggressive you brought stay right here. I mean you does just because they're really buying into this what you're good actually by Adam gays. Egocentric move that it was sold that makes me feel a little bit better about it is getting drinks and god. Yet the ball team all all okay they want winning with the job I'd talk about that a they work there were up 500 I wish they can't change IE to. I like to age I blow this but the part that makes me feel less angry about it is that Hendrick has been. Do you love implement. Who died there due to strong and it does look and you know Islam what what is yen tonight a remedy here. Oh wow that's the us tonight though three when he's talking on the show. I don't get on him I go. Tonight how well a new name is W anchor yeah. Morning I liked it that those rings and a bad dream makers in the morning I was on that we get a billboard no no no no we don't know our company is Google for us and that does up there and now we don't need that I'd settle down you bug in the wrong tree there. Boss is currently there are looking let me tell I don't know we got it onto the buses. In the coming up yeah okay. This is one. Saying Elaine cameo Al. All right I have looked at sedan. Via the slips well thought through and we remind us that we have podcast if they found out that you just go back and listen. Impossible and apply again you are podcast goes up every day. Does it definitely does he why would you say that is apple screws us over few times no our -- has goes up every day we allow us as only a little bit on the lot I don't listen to some rumbling is not tried even told murmur or shut you -- has that was going on that was a website that now not apple and that was going on our current us next the one time Rondell White was on its life. Is Robert Geathers really big canes ran after of these super proud you want to listen do afterwards really bright. I listened back tears not I don't agree original film are you check my film. You really how often do you need to self critique and I did you meet me when I first started work with you guys for doing that. How long do you need that audio you an idea. You made fun I mean that seemed to really Trace on your parts critique yourself let me funny and I don't know why. Did you may timing and beginning berg I'm back in listening to sound really so doctoring it. On assignment performance is slow on some of the matter. And Smart thing. By the way someone. On Saturday night at. Mexico City arena the heat representatives late Centre court. Represented team's next to a global gains it Chris Bosh and Alonzo Mourning at Glen Rice I'm I'm Tanya is glamorous and ministers he raised. Unsound that you man is thousand VOA it's going to have all my god dazzled last race campaign today thirteen years now goes down campaigning as an innocent cargo entering servicers and graphics and a book bought. Yeah you're right and if you ask him back then is ever gonna happen I would said to finally know now I do believe happened. I do believe so look do you wish in one hand and you do too and here and you see which ones gonna fill up fast now and I haven't you didn't have anything left to go all Ford waterworks Bausley crime ledgers waterworks do you think you should be down on the court where there body tells us on having contingency that yeah. I have a seat 00 my. You presented you don't. I. Know. Eric reads and got their acts like sex embassy really desperate Serengeti Debra we got goals more than six or seven as the couple dozen seats there. But not Derek Reid saying air agreed CMC's master of ceremonies there I don't need to do that or want to do that okay as not necessary although they grass no do it. And there should be though a a cedar I should absolutely be on the floor you can meet and you know if you ask Glen Rice. In Glasgow and rice who do you think that isn't it wouldn't let us slow on the lawyer Earl. It's CS is yes. Good to guess if you went out for if you went off the handshake Emanuel was so just like. How you do go into the hug from of course that went to the kiss on the cheek and any anyone else's favorite player ever call in number than anywhere else. That's W Richard and all look at me and Hillary in my hand. Oh gimme. Put me on doing what maybe isn't very and it was fair player calling on the birth and yet still me only one. A ten year old allegedly on and remind. If you look up on pretty sound it owes an accident. He's out of law called back now so even more credit called back Q by disembark let's just do above let's get down to business. If you whom does well they're actually on the real Jesse Palmer if you went to air greed. Is it Eric. So once a lifetime opportunity you've already got is three times. Let me issues not the balls move I'll never do that I'd still I would never do that would be good nods balls move on every unit that's atonement trying to introduce that that's thrilled yeah W bush in hose from the short. And a waste of eating into squeeze out that's different I don't give a rat's ass about Weezer Ortiz yelled thanks horse you who. Care about Glenn right. I would I would never do that now would you cry introducing an almighty I'll waterworks man so happy form gonna happen. I confirm that is you're responsible for an encumbered. Ten or spousal Bergen users are you know what he's responsible because he's the one who was great. But if you if you want to give me a little bit of responsibility deltic odd to you are deathly mores wells for glamorous getting his scissors are that you offer any of these championships. Huckabee actor. Can be and you have rings from mountain race that's true in a forty wondering. You know I think we have comes inclusion I should be the one who once he is that we're. Tear down and rebuild and we are rebuilding franchise. I think a lot of times people associate those work. Yeah okay. These chicks just rumor has it right heading to whom news good news. Love the bid and possible very. That is where he broke. We thought it was the the mission. Please access Jim Belushi yeah. It's really rather be going back. OK okay. Catchy. Eight. You want to send you know it's the ultimate New Year's Eve weekend party four nights in Vegas to win roundtrip airfare beauty gas sold sell for four nights. Ticket seat Foo Fighters to ran the ran Zack brown band great way to ring in the new year you wanna win and don't out of its economic dot com slash contests. And you beyond Vegas to see these great concerts winner and your guests must be 21 years are over okay it's our attitudes are allowed to this. In this is a national contest to render an arm and I would mines in the fighters and Hempstead and Rick.