ZRA Part 3 12-12-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, December 12th

Jeter's future, J-Lo odor, Hanukkah songs


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Brings great until I get distorted for instance tomorrow night at 630 life of American Airlines Arena. Ready to tip off calls rigs on hold little calls callers and brought like Comcast business built for business. You know it's nice to once again be the center of the sports universe not a single sports town in the world to the contrary. Not a single sports town in the world's. Had their football team basketball team and hockey team win. At the same time last night he only place in the world that that took place and LSU and South Florida that means that week on center sports universe. As back. Then all to place here a couple of he's on the road but to teens sooners don't sank right I don't confusing here no. Other place in the world. Experienced. What we experienced last night if your sports fan and we need to go to hockey game in Britain. Sea coast and actually you know from the shark at the hockey games with her lip of the this year I like him do it. And as they always please and heats. And I look go to Hillary and him I didn't use awesome can't pin either always calls it deliberate and heroes and on the season. You are such forward Aaron Gray handing integrate man love. While ago. Text in that it has only four points out of one of the glass vase and division handle it like it with a three fewer games than the Boston it's pretty misleading when you. Do it like that stimulus is in the dome and I don't know things around right now I'm with you they complain a lot better on okay mused that he is a good thing you just name player. Like him. They were Blair found your ball that's a little robberies robberies S as it when the edited to say primer two points. And it's on the need follow on the team. That's that's the good move right there and it's a lab yeah he had to fight last night knowing you didn't get a bloody up the other dude the bridges knows. Play him up that in my upper there's some hay makers gave him a couple biscuits do it got other guy and in the fight blood driven down the bridges notice mostly a blood a good job to meet them. That's all say it. You see what's his name I wonder that keeps a one time and guys. Is the one hitter quitter he keeps knocking guys out one shot and I did on the ducks he's got to do the Superman contrast follow. Yes settled out of Edmonds had multiple casualties that it is so small pupils it's so odd that we cringed watching football now on felt like it it's huge in hockey no I mean any of the I that's why can't be weird about the football that a decision that has pretty gross is thestreet. Like watching knock outs veto fallen yeah. As a noun it's our guests that high kick knocked up the street duty to take off a stretcher and speakers of Louis blues called knockout elected. The net. Speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS SHD true Miramar. Hi Tyson here's C you don't knock outs in an injuries when when the dolphins played patriots. Like last night. I I watched that game last night. Wanting Tom Green to beat her or you don't yet do what but listless arms and I'm not saying that I wanted to get injured I don't want to injure you wanna just out for the night and no not even that's. Why I want to finally be old I want them to hurt him I want them hitting him every play. 01 and second in I don't get injured but I want him to get hits so hard that it hurts. It hurts him he's afraid of the dolphins defensive line he's running around at Evers like I injured it once we begin. Our. Simply watching that game last night. Rooting for the dolphins to hurt him I wanted to hit him hit him hard and hit a ball I wanted to be paying throughout the game injured and accents. Now Jones in there wishing physical harm one timer at all but I don't get injured on the beginning Raleigh and I want them. Hurting him all game long I don't watch. I don't watch any other dolphin game against any other golf and quarterback is what what I I don't watch any other opponents. Like that's. But when they play against the patriots. I've wanted to hurt. I'm yelling. Does that make sense in I don't get into that makes. Non and that is how you beat that team that is how they want MySpace. The head of the snake yeah but. I don't know I I always enjoy watching football being played and it's you know optimal level I don't that's the defense played at the optimal level right. It is it's it's nice to have a chess match or back report. It used to dominate knowing that the Miami Dolphins dominated the patriots last night with Tom Brady at the Helm just feel so much better. The doing against the back up that has minus Amendola minus gronkowski. Minus a lot of there key players. Have you take uniting get it. Mean obviously I mean we talked about before when it comes the betting lines you know. It's a quarterback quarterback is the only position in the NFL betting line is going to move if that quarterback camp played the back ups plane or the quarterback returns. Bet that's the only position at the betting line on the move except for we've had this conversation before we set largely don't on the show all the time. There's one other player in the league. Who moves the betting line one way or the other has grown. He's only player that is not a quarterback. That moves the betting accounts is crazier grace. Because if you think about how often do you see. Blustery and a little year this year it's kind of been often on and is probably don't go silent Goodyear's good quality years for him. But he hasn't been. As explosive or lighting it up maybe suspected he's been banged up a little better whatever might be but he's not doing the making nine guys miss breaking through three tackles. Adding another 25 yards after contact kind of play we had a stuck more multiple occasions answer. Outside of position quarterback. That moves the line one direction we all these getting bingo and getting suspended and acting crazy do you think Belichick is gonna keep him around. And craft in the whole crew especially with the shenanigans that happened this past offseason work. If you if you noticed throw like he's coming here afraid that he's going to be trouble. Wall that you saw okay in the beginning you see like a cave man race just doesn't know any better he's like a mental midget kind of thing any he's just. He's going through life just breaking things like a bullet China Russia China shop. Parting and have a great time just you know being what is known as ground. No egos and this offseason with doing a lot more of like drinking with assured all thrown party cruises. In spotted out do all kinds of crazy things and now on the field that crazy person that you saw have a great time in the street is now. Moved his way onto the football field by acting. Out of his element by going crazy on somebody ultimately trying to decapitate them on the sidelines facing downward. Some wondering if now is the time which is what is typical Bill Belichick in the New England Patriots. It's finding that player who's been heard a couple times now but still has plenty of value. Go and shop him around to maybe get somebody else for the gronkowski and find the next Trimble and I wanted it will. I'm wondering if it's going to be next year Monday. These headlines surprise you right count attempts tis the season for year and projects an increase in workload account tempts is perfectly matched candidates MA closing out the year Brees and his account times dot com to learn more count times. A Robert half company. Miami Dolphins beat the New England Patriots last night a money that football when he seven that when he. Jay Cutler was then 25 of 38 is 263. Yards and three touchdowns. Yes he was and was what were there any passes last night and color whether any decisions way error. And understand we use doing. And I can't remember it could spark last time. Yeah rolled out through the ball in the stands completes more anyway when he threw away a few times and right he threw it away a few times and it's not like is there a game this year were okay he eat and make any stupid place but also to zero chances everything was. Dink and dunk the reason being is because he got a running game with American help them diversify and can help him give another edge as opposed to not having to do it all by himself. And behind an offensive line that is just basically. Sitting there and waiting while the defense of line panzer respect because they know what's. Fast and brutal on the field last night and Erica and by the way speaking of defensive line is saw you saw the patriots were dirty babies and the in the game last night. Just like the Seahawks. Dirty babies. Where the dolphins football Alia victory from all yeah. Dolphins are in the victory formation had dual cobble kneel downs color to get in their own hound C a wave from the school prom and dirty babies patriots. Funny favorite team for teams of its own success like ya ya can't handle it's what add to try to win every game. Once a block it. Right. Right dirty babies Seahawks and patriots. An injury was also very got a 193 total yards 114 those are rushing 79 receiving. Jarvis land three years or boycotted pair of touchdowns last night. Tom Brady had a rough night he had two interceptions both of those by Zabian Howard here's what one of them sound like. We've got to be shot back through. He's got picked out the. Provides very. Empowered. The dolphins are in buffalo at 1 PM. Goal. On ten years ago. Let's say don't go with you ask you guys aren't into a Derek Jeter didn't go to the winter meetings. He was and a fifty suite at the dolphins game yet last night yeah. Over the last week plus he had a big teams come to town warriors played heat so he's got a notice first heat team patriots played dolphins got to us first off in game can't take care of eight god forbid. He faces the music. He makes makes the biggest trades in the history of baseball okay. And yet every single person involved in based on the winter meetings he can't BC news now. And out of that do not I it's I'm disgusted with and do they it's not want to face the mediators W and he did have the guts to maybe have an awkward run in with Stanton. I I think it's more about the and he's more about the does have the guts yeah. Eating stands at the winner meanings it was user so a gradual via press cover soulless know I was here he had a meeting allegedly here he had a meeting he'd they met face to face of according to reports articles you okay now he pulls the trigger. Yeah I look I eased his he was there for the decision now when you wanted to deal with the other executives and writers and whatnot and you're out there when Armey thanks yeah I agree and that's exactly Curtis. Gutless. He couldn't take these are advocates and I'm like spill into the kitchen forum needed to answer questions news conference call. Yeah I like because he. Plans conference call a conference call he says it may end up. I really don't like all the negative reaction to what I'm doing here that's a kiss your ass for your entire career. And now you run in the more ends OK you're running a Ponzi scheme here he's a and now he's upset that people are looking at it negatively so. They you know. Whoever's is his PR guy who by the way is an awful job okay. What does gaga gaga look there sooner Romeo and duke school. On the conference call Derek Jeter and by the way said that the organization has sucked. 60000 very. Good. Everyone needs to realize grass that you're an organization that that's not that the steps we have not been in the playoffs in 2003. So look I I unwrapped advance Peter not our lack sic I I can't spin I do understand I don't understand. How they and based field because they've been through quite a bit. You know what we're for a year. We had it been when it. So it the pattern that we don't get is they want to make it changed and in order to make it NIC what are you gonna have to be removed and I like it says. They're Q alluded to there may be some unpopular decisions that aren't. But every decision that we make as an organization. Is to try to put it in a better position and down. You know we're trying to fix something that is broke and and and one. A team that got away and I mean they they. They show that there is you know we obviously we have to get fans back into this stadium because you know we happen at their attendance nearly two hour. And that I think that is the attendance is low because they wanna have an opportunity to win and that that they want that they were gonna make some changes I do all right what it's like her for twenty years you know hopefully they understand that. No we're trying to put it an organization together and that is successful. It's. Let me ask him ensure false five years from now. Jeter sealed more loans resume work the Yankees. Registers Russian he's he's been five years from now be tomorrow BC to seal tomorrow so that's where he worked for the Yankees after yours and that. At home in his waning days of in my eyes are battling given me five your projection on the scarier thing he's gonna turn this organization around a partner I'm gonna Rogers is five years on Glenn Dorsey yankees. Five years from now what we need to deal with the Yankees and they have to don't sleep and ask her what I know it's kind of meaningful position I don't know. And I mean Internet. Seal the Marlins ports of the Yankees would want currency over the Marlins amber. I'm going not CEO Marlon it's noticed anything else. Anything outscored. Look at five years he will gotten all of his money back he still have the equity in MR console still be an owner so I don't know at that point if he's going to go to the Yankees. I I don't know mostly Seattle series. IV and five years. Is that John Karl Stanton. It's Stan earlier threads into it a million dollar plane is gonna really want their team and organization stands got a couple World Series rings that poignantly be hung door. So I I he's not going to be for the I'd I'd I think I think it five years now and here is what and the Yankees the Yankees need elements. As my has Needham. But I think fighter's eyes what can the Yankees and he in Cashman are are reminiscing about the time where Jeter treated and stand up and. Is the secret room the Yankees agent that's what it appears so far. A lot of sections in the tax I'm playing out there were not the senator sports universe out globally and is our baseball team took a huge L yesterday. Yesterday of course John Carlos and was officially introduced. As in New York gain key here is John Carrillo saying he wanted things work out a Miami. Well when I signed up in Miami wanted things to work out and now I have a good vision there. A home but you know so sometimes things just to spiral. Out of place and you know you just find a new home so. Yeah or where you're forced to find new home. Which is what happened. You wanna go and also and you deserve to go when. He how to post on insert Graham thinking the fans thinking the city of Miami in that post. He alluded to the circus times and Miami said that he always tried to beat professional. As possible even during the circus time is that regardless of the ups and downs that you learned a lot for being here that the people. In this city are too great not for things to turn around that he certainly hopes that they do here is Stanton explaining what he meant by circus time. Florida mainly meant it was just no no structure Knoll yeah. No stamp of this is how things are gonna be use us as different direction every spring training learn something new every wearing a different manager. Every spring every year middle of the season so that's. My in the tournament. Maybe he got revenge for David his ill last night they beat the holy hell at the grizzlies won a 782. Or on Dragic scored nineteen points you've led the way from Miami Josh Richards sent that seventeen he was three for four from downtown. Tyler Johnson and damn item by you each had fourteen points off the bench TJ I've got things going very real. Only the things I did not play. But I really took things over in garbage time him take that that very sound. It. Beat the yeah report to the Marlins. Threatened to keep John Carlo a marlin for life that he didn't except to trade deceit Lewis or simply is no he called their bluff. And I handed it to get there and a player to keep them it it's probably not the best situation for the play. Lee Jeter wants spin and Ali you know he wanted out I went in and that's the threats. OK if you'll let us trade you make you say here probably wants to get. Although I do leg that I do like that god is considered a threatened you know the alternative being that you're stuck you're making hundreds of millions of dollars a living in Miami. Sounds terrible. Jeter and out of Miami lady is Jeter trying to blame it out and beats. Your under the millions years try to blame Stanton would Swartz and made them trade him. And I mean John hosting and can walk into Derek Jeter's altars and say I've wanted to training and and you know then can happen she didn't go. It's because they're shark bite but Stanton stands. 68 teams have contacted the Marlins about Marcelo is not east. Miami it appears would like to keep Christian Alex. Happened to the hole a worry which Rajon policy and because we're gonna lower the payroll or if we can't treats and a gorgeous penetrated what else what are we treat every one. Why are this year. Ponzi scheme. The Eagles and confirm Carson Wentz is out for the season and he has a Ty Warren ACL. And Dion Waiters has his right elbow is still messed up quote unquote it's. LeBron James things Dewayne wade could be a sixth man of the year passion about. Mood for that prohibited that he writes I'm sorry and so. And highly Chris Bosh is mother denies the drug trafficking charges she immature. And. Zuckerberg. I'm in Mexico. And my mom just about the why are you there Christopher why are you in Mexico. In ambassador. He considered what you invited them to the drug cartel's members and he hasn't taken chop those tunnels. Back and forth housing in and out of that place is out of the Jersey. Fifty minutes he'd free next. Customize champions four by fours uploaded them when she truck and SUV customizations shopping guaranteed in the hottest four by four modifications in town. Called champion four by four at 7865023446. Or go to champion four X four. Dot com into you want to send you to the ultimate New Year's Eve weekend party Fordyce in Vegas Ziegler roundtrip airfare for Ewing gas hotel for four nights to get to see Foo Fighters to ran the ran Zack brown band. That's how you wanna ring in the new year he won when I go now to its economic dot com slash contests. And you can be don't to Vegas to see three great concerts winner and guest must be 21 years or over this is a national. Contest. The the heat win last night's they wing and despite Dion Waiters penal bit banged up that means it's time for in drama mean injury report. He's been inconsistent this season. Heat guard says it shooting elbow was bothering him says quote still messed up but make no excuses. So it's gonna Wear sleeves for a or tape it up to help the tendon issue but less ideas fortified shooting that reported brought mine to join the V accident attorneys 800 some 47 free. That's 807 or 73733. So they beat the crap out of school. The met disgrace his lesson in the second half was very similar to Saturday night where they were neck in neck but the team has a very good Brooklyn and Memphis last night. And come the fourth quarter blown away Dragic and waiters they need to play in the fourth quarter and heat still scored 37. Points in the final period so thoroughly enjoyable bunch of three pointers from Wayne Ellington and Tyler Johnson. Would help. Put that game away last night we showed you last night when the when they're Jeter is in the suite watching the dolphins game and he gets late taxed. From you know one of his lackeys like maybe it's my tail I don't know and you know there's trade proposal from one of the other owners GMs president's. At the Winn army says Webb won this separate Jeter. And Jeter gets the taxi and getting what he takes care of it airs they yelling out and an active tomorrow morning on a map football game. But ninety's didn't care rating Ang is all my account. Is doing nothing yeah. All right which is Saudi Julia that's the thing that's rear Jeter is he thinks that. Makes us feel that we've got to know the guys don't worry. Mike hill's right to handle it the worst guy to handle don't worry that I'm here over like petty petty a cabbie ten very worried about that. The whole warning you being here as you're supposed to bring some magic clutch winning wisdom. And you're not there you're bringing the guy who is create the mess that you like the ball over every time you open your own so angry. I really am I'm so angry over the whole situation as Michael is going away on and so disgusted with this Jeter he disgust me. My heart is disgusted. I think German prisoner earlier this morning yeah. Good look at the other line he's not he's a good thing that may not ugly and I had not yet. And I'm light right trainer now goes out of the guy knows good and I eight wrong you know and Iran. That's a good look not. Only every man's dream to me on Majerus is well too haven't you guys this. Giles he looks like he smells good you know remain our own smile right now I would smell on the search it is not a Yankee uniform is often Janice Rogers all tired now. At a 100% he's got the the nice -- without quite some would win eight when they fully rest suit on look at also has her looks really camps whose well smells probably decent you know what cheaters looks like no idea dudes all agility and given Jeter's second look. No he would now not a militant Irish or they've never worked out do you think that Alex smells like. 190s and I'll also. Are we doing that they now are reaper and the energy doesn't smoke or not women is that ordinary hair out. As we just have babies got his wife did she'll be lucky she smell as good is it. That. Wanted to buy a few minutes ago and. I'm saying for years A-Rod or DJ and let me say a healing finalists and I'm. Sir he only traded stand because he was afraid of how to better looking guy in the organization. Yet it does not good enhance the point but he thinks he's he's Lisa gay right Tex earlier so that you know maybe eating go to winter meetings because he was personally handing out baskets to all the people that he screwed over so far so. Mall without a long time at the basket jokes have been a plenty gets the last few days it's not very original idea. The most overused jokes you're out there and assault and their two it is going to back of a truck and just give away baskets in the community yeah about one now once there's one that's been used many times sale. Wheels by the first site I get the points funny joke but partly thirty times in poker. I gotta feel like you're in jail smells like mixture between. Have been. And in silk sells better than Jeter. And that. Jeter probably has BO. This is acceptable. Billy teeter board shower would you would you woman its Alex and among I would hold Jennifer Lopez thinks so I would I would thirty days of sitting in a Sauna. I would hold her. You get used to care where Jennifer Lopez smells like boy yeah she smells like BO like turtles have been due. And an hour. Out of your bed if she's now a little bit lakes and so where'd she get smelling the worst drought on the wheel diameter sit there and marinate real I don't know how. Yeah man you think it's really gross. Now you're Anderson I still really hot woman and she smells league BL I really really grossed out and you get over it out and get overlooked is chemistry isn't it like you actually like the sting of of somebody and you chemically masters and Malia now but I have been in an instant and in a situation we're at a strip club. Human element it's own or not her area I'm talking about her smiling my extra because it's terrible I got turned off yeah man like what he could be different. I did tell the guy mission parents and the man I. I don't have the the decency to tell this poor woman that she smells. Like armpits. Can you please grab currency shouldn't pay for something herb may make my act like she cheated Euro some money or something like that because I can I don't have done. That that that the evil in my heart to let her know that she stinks of body odor. You don't always funny last night. Some do and the heat game last cent and I watched the television broadcasts you know from his studio because there at the radio on the TV brought don't sync OK so I I wanted to so important ninety and he can. It's. And time championship broadcaster and and so much in the game last night and Eric and Tony. Surprisingly. Is that there's so they're so fear into them. And end their and there are super nights OK but more than anything to fear. And man. I mean. Very a year. They seem they really made it sound like Marcus all got David Tisdale fire I was proud of them. I was out of speak the truth I was surprised. And fired like they were talking about Gasol I don't know they were doing some time. You know profile on Gasol would ever made in Iran has gotten. And then they brought up console. And you know talked about his daily benched man had a big you imagine in the fourth quarter and I'm paraphrasing here and had a you don't argument and it led to David is still getting fliers that. For you and good for you Eric and Tony I am I am surprised boat you are. You are sticking up already got truth yes begin true and you stick up Oregon let. And that they're so dice and fair and it's so not they're styled normally to do that but. Clearly David Tuesday it was wrong and clearly you know the organization like small lots. I mean they have to grizzlies there do you momentarily ankle taller than a top stock it. But. Then LeBron. Numbers us I would Chalmers do anjouan and after he played but I yeah. This idea. They're so I didn't jump into every game right now it's you don't. Know once homers think if if it were notable graduates a child was overjoyed to Mickey. All that's that's not a deal like being the neatly. The need a big man that's like him to make it needs Mickey body in general do they needs are making no life. But wouldn't trade amber smaller firms bring guys in debt completely different position. At all those little lots about the Walton Fella. When they trade him for Chalmers. The first and Derek yeah. Crazy trade him knows what their guys gold Knight yet as my school. Probably take Jon back would want it's fun yeah yeah yeah I am I'm a sucker for an a stout. Like Beasley is ibizan Leo and I know I don't want him back ten minutes before chances is enough a filly we've given up chances right. Thirty chances you ordinances that crack in the NBA innocent X-Men there's an X every chance they found that only ten minutes and pretend that it's and it's gonna present. They aggressive. Play aggressive and it's what it's all out to you did the rapidly taking graduate toward that. Aren't you got me all six times. I saw six or six great job. OK okay. Okay how. Okay. I. Okay how. It's. Okay in the hot. Noise in the. It sounds exactly they love him on graphics. Yeah not odd man. Shouts you guys felt the judge. Thank you. OK tell you hold out hope that beat. The jaguars can jump the patriots for one of the first round byes. The jaguars stay number three adults and sneaky and you get a little law Florida on Florida action in the post season hadn't played since. 67. You guys on a week. Haven't played in the post season since 62 to seven looking for that revenge game would be really obnoxious as quickly as composers. Rates and injury covers day to you probably don't want that happening. College be so good just that weekly now and trash talk and told in and then when a dolphins were ends of the gentler season. What they're got to do is gonna and the patriots season and that dynasty. I will be room that I'm on the Jack wagon. What the Jack wagon that jagr wagon that's lazy playoff team this year the jag wag animal on its big news the route. The sports world today in here he had a bunch of analysts medical network who have been suspended. Because of sexual harassment allegations a lawsuit is out there once filed suit against the NFL network and is Kenton right. I don't like I can't ever cancer and got out. Former apple now executive producer this this bomb is involved a Bill Simmons now Weinberger runs the ringer now. I'm more desperately the old today the only they they made in sept Hoboken new. Rather than just a bit he viewed through reading it. So if you can be reached and it would mean skits you. And they're go to policy. Marshall Faulk has been suspended I Taylor's been suspended Heath Evans has been suspended Warren Sapp can't be suspended because he's unemployed. But he would be if he still worked there. And I know that Donovan McNabb is his army of spin rate now to call him a Kleenex and yeah dull dull that you got to. That's from he's he's very aggressive with texts and but it happens this. You know from you strains are you know and I've read pirates on the exit I'll I didn't allegedly. Allegedly. They are you to being you reroute 200 these kids think it's crazy thing uses. Let users are married right. The motive for sure to be there more nervous about the legal allegations are implications vs what they got a on the deal with. Oh. Think they're nervous about illegal vacation because the F on network is the one being sued. Yeah doing numbers landing she Syriana on our crumpled termination so he so my point is then and hell yes they're nervous about going homered and explain to her wife that this is what was going on for ten years aunts and incidental holdings embarrassed married to these guys are that breast embarrassing and Gary torrents out there that surprised. Cents a can do. A phenomenal. Nude or late. Six shooter that's. That's a good stand take men could Bill Simmons is on some of them are you not me a lot of brush back there bill. But it is who were cut from Oakland get bored me to death we get regular column. It by the way happy Chanukah out there are several one. And how it all my Jewish friends only Gentile friends still he hired a first night tonight as I do on board with Demi lighten it. We all our Hewlett presence getting the presents net effect from here I gotta go the store and suffered a presence waiting to get it the mental dementia no not a moment. Net as time bomb I was actually going to Wear. Unbelievably good holiday sweater to the Friday night Entercom company party Oakland. It was it was. Menorah. But it was like three in the middle. And then when you lifted your arms. It may need another. Five pieces of them nor Boca me like candle spots and mom. It was either that one that I was going to get or the or the the more the rabbi. And his hands up in the year with. With Monica lately accidentally go. Out ways Sanyo so basically all gone that throws I was gonna do that to get on demand. It took too long that would represent Veronica. Obviously he's not based on come CHE. A CH yeah well you told an aide to a for sure CH yeah UH you know the president says that they drop the city yet I UH my daughter rather or holiday music. Assembly facility in Libor Chanukah songs that I thought there were good didn't realize what school did you realize that it David Joseph Joel song. No no when you lot goes. I think that was loaded god and something about music for Chanukah he did do a you do the delta the money that got him yup. I doubt in their last Tobin we need to do Jewish Christmas carols welcome in Tobin said. As it is very songs that really is an anti central was like I don't know I'm not Jewish and I was like OK why just a slam and slums like I don't know man. Jewish Christmas carols I don't think they're called Christmas carols of Ireland were treated to songs we expect me ask me every year when you for Christmas like you know within a two point. On us mr. blank that though. Robbery got in trouble here robbery gone trouble one year for bringing a Christmas around missed on the blank when he played for the falcons estimate Christmas and there's no reason against it that's it's really went on there's no reason yes you know it's like people get a salary get America as a I'm Jewish okay summary chris' but. All the time this time a year if I go to the supermarket cashiers always gonna say Merry Christmas you don't. America's front. I believe that it is out behind enemy why would you all the way to kind of weird like get mad at the minority OK so Chris Christmas TO sir parts of the Miami Beach sure that's not the minority and I was somewhere about a Jewish deli on north beat us and on academy I'd that's spread into thinking that is true that behind yeah. Another point when I was just doing. Mickey Mouse is very Merry Christmas party and all of the Merry Christmas stuff that was going on and Disney with the millions and millions of people I go through Disney. Didn't didn't hear any on stuff now have to shame crazy nights that's all right with wall known as like. Not not not a Jewish guy or there's knowing Jewish scene and no one is not a Jewish guy elegance is there any people that work and his buddy you are Jewish you're not Jewish and deletes them that you know he employing Jewish people right no I suppose. I haven't looked into the finals is nobody's that hey man Hubble drawn like a drill and that's a big deal or is this true though white Christmas in the Christmas songs were written by Jewish men well. Very Smart. There's more. Very mean. Blue. I. I'm on Christmas music. Jury room that's right. We do and. This lie go on my around my own. It's always sing tonight only lit candles in my house. I'm dreaming a white trail. Ruth there it annoying. Bruce skiing. In the Jewish do so are seeing seeing the deals on. Do we need to do Christmas Carol now while means you're probably grow our business journalist Jews dialed Chris is no juice dialed right now. Segment. So again happy Chanukah first night first of the crazy nights tonight two dogs all these rose out there is. Were ranked. Unite. Our guys at the center of the sports universe South Florida what we do tonight to top last night he can't there's dolphins we top the top. Woolsey. Coming up next what it's our show.