ZRA Part 3 12-13-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, December 13th

Lavar Ball vs Lakers, Future popularity of football, In the hunt!


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Eight and seven and David and he gained a ticket that access the last minute heat tickets they sign up now he gained eight tickets are common and you'll receive an alert on your phone get tickets as low as ten bucks. He gained eight tickets dot com negate the ticket sign up now. No rights. Do you see the lakers. Called a meeting with the vulnerable. Try again toned down. The antics Andy and had a meat recently or last night the lakers rat the knicks for the first time this season so you had Lavar bowl. And and the two dopey kids sitting there. Courtside. He stands now jumping around the entire game. To game it was on ESP NT and FaceBook. TV shown that reality show ball thinks so. I am hoping I haven't anything about. I don't really know my guess is that that that I think that is. Not sure that. By he's sitting courtside. He's jumping around the whole game and I mean Leila like like a buffoon. And an extended winning in overtime and once I actually played well from what I saw. Yet he did it played well he did very well against prisoners have bounced well now time. The seventeen or eighteen points less than I did either great bullets he is he wasn't an embarrassment shoot the ball it was like one rates that's that's the normal auction. And yet the the next one in overtime. Man LaBarge jumping around recently two or three seats. Besides Spike Lee pleaded tumor on the horn in each other throughout the game Spike Lee Yang and the Harbaugh did little lord here. That's the Koran all grow. Awful crew. And the lakers though apparently recently day. Sat down to have a meeting with Libor to tell him to tone that you or didn't like him be like Jim did a talent and they like him to it's toned down the tactics in an air mono at the meeting was about Asher. What entertainment value in the media works don't it's worth it up just like about the damn I mean I meant what we're examining. It. There's an assassin does it take you want it. But being here as we got to stick together as a team and it hasn't been the case I'm always going to be open and will be fine they got to bust that up in order forced to not succeed. It's couple who. Comic who are you concerned about team not one and you saw the bucks to a man never bit concerned on the other team that the budget needs and just say no to think about what is the order out there. Sometimes when. You can text goodbyes it was a little piece from here and just read things to make it. Was weird man I'm not a fan I'm an all time. Mostly wet and uncle. Yeah takes advice from one dad's very coach able yeah. Another person that was kind of getting little bit of the hush money not money but a muzzle basically from organization goes above Jose Canseco in the days. Films stump talking about him or something like there. I saw some saw an article today that. Oakland a's are talking about you know on Jose to shut up and stop talking about bill when it is hello Jose is very who's gonna dies in some of is it about sexual harassment and whatnot I came IS that ball when he played the athletics. Does his baseball career. And so I imagine they wanna. You know viewed on his life from Jose Canseco. But might it play David Villa of Mattingly is on the dig anymore if you wanna replacement let's go Jose Canseco for mall's manager it's not real popular down here man. So bluntly did it like Julie Doucet who cares about PO at the steam. Now you would sign him because you think you know puts an action butts in seats or whatnot and wanna. I want him because the be entertaining as hell is as the person who likes media content. Well I don't particularly right now as popular team. I think if any that you should have the most unpopular manager you can get through this rough time and then blame it on those a an homage fatigue on the outfield. Hope I can her not. One not so sure associate trying to when. It's it's good they're going to have a minor league team. We didn't see so blame my early days. You look Miley where. They're going to a minor league team he does give me Miley player you definitely. That's. Tebow. The player. That Tebow. Would not do a better job. Then one of the Marlins when he Timor owns every players. Mean isn't he is he single is even double play and exile. Basically. He's advanced he's in the forward for on the floor leader I admittedly pretty definitively that the the guys in the majors are going to do better than oh I can't Timothy. A great team that just doesn't innovators and enable longer Smart to go into that and so maybe they belong interval. Yeah I mean it's it's basically question if we go back to doesn't sixth among center field to set the it was a Reggi Abercrombie. So it could Tivo direct better than Reggi Abercrombie. I think as one of the longest home runs Amal sister Mary Gump but he sucked you almighty god as he the that's going to be a pretty fun that's why can't say definitively. That that he he would not be able to do with some of these guys moss drop 120 Tina and a. I storage and Jimenez Greenspan I think Tebow on the Marlins is actually a great idea is that good Rick give us open a lot snub without conflict with his. SEC network. Obligations. All got to drop it all went professional baseball and in an agency does professionally as well who dropped all clinics would he be that's the reason I with the Mets is because they were the one team that allowed him do you continue to develop Reggi Abercrombie is you with the ball the doesn't six and you put a 111 games to get to twelve. 271 on base percentage five home runs. You definitively say that Tebow won't be able to do that. Well we actually considered differently couldn't do that that's pretty open either pretty awful I could neither and that's what I'm wanting to be thrown out who's here they sent it. Tebow T global war will be it's possible team look at tool wide at least one. Of these when he eighteen every day Marlins are going to do this here that's helped add them onto going to be. They're not fielding a professional baseball team and Tony eighteen and zero is not a professional base of the Major League level he made Olbermann. To fit right in. The world community. Yeah Canada's plan next to Mark Kotsay in 2008. 1998 excuse me yeah. Two it's Miami should want him probably picks although six children and lets your could do better than audio mainly counting. What year was Todd Dunwoody 1998. Whoa what it needs what he's a pretty that this is open the stakes a little bit right was in his first Major League action to. On that's necessity I don't know. Alka look that up with this is the first series point three I assume this is first year contract and the Marlins god whatever his name is bring somebody back then. Well here's the awful moans out today that it is an and they got rid of you know that that was the original fire sale that's why I like that was playing a guy. Because other than that that Mark Kotsay and how comparable situation you Omar cartels as a very high draft pick for the Marlins Todd Dunwoody. Which was do it this is the first really about time to 51. 292 on base percentage. Five home runs 27 doubles it's evil when nativity. United too for these art yet united to. You've given these Reggi Abercrombie what is he did hitting what was he what is he hitting and single day elevated whatever you told me he's. Nothing important where's alleys and adding Hillary to wrap. It'll last year his first season in the minors to get to 26 and bad 300 and through his on base percentage. He hit eight home runs. Forty portals. As that could each read that translate that's the majors. It's got what you he XY and South Miami at WS SH TH O'Meara car. You have here these planes or Friday right around Thames is the season for a year and projects and increase work loads. Accountants has perfectly match candidates any closing out the year brief visit accountants dot com to learn more accountants or Robert half company. You see Jim Larranaga yes he was asked about the ball kids go on a plane Lithuania. Is that apparently that did the two ball kids they they are signing or have signed they are signing with a Yankee design professional team in Lithuania. And Jim Larranaga. Miami Hurricanes head basketball coach was asked about the opening its door. Yeah says here I think they'll be back before the end of the year. And at players playing it off I don't players who played in Lithuania it's phenomenal league up on their playing and the highest level is incredible basketball some of the best players in the world the league they're playing in. Several cents below. Knowing what another good. Oil coaching is like in those countries will be dramatic difference from what those young men are used to. The lights I'll be so different than what they're used to my only hope and small would be their dad needs to go wit them. I don't know if you will you can't send them over there and have them living that environments it just would not be healthy for them. And quote. Busy seeing it it's like militant. Over their outlook might be underground rescue Maine just LaDainian. It really isn't one security at who you know local shops as well don't the kids steal and so over time. Apparently I mean because obviously Avaya one of them has the grading him sticky fingers. Apparently they're arriving in Lithuania on January forced to play in their first game on January suck so there's so there really and in some time before the first game and there five days in advance. I don't have a problem with players generally going overseas to play and get paid because. If your gonna treat college like a one and done anyways in you don't see college as beneficial as a higher institution of learning you're not going to treated that way which. I think you should particularly for not that amazing basketball they're zero guarantees are gonna have a career basketball I think I would take that opportunity go to college for free. But that's not its. What you're planning to do then go get paid by Nile was either. One of the homes cool I want one and and still high school now on the wanna go get I mean they wanna go make some money and go get paid and and player around better competition has. And a junior high school two years left to our school apportioning the said the same thing when he went to Spain. Crist up to the same thing sixteen years old went over Spain and his brother little room for a month and I was at an inning he was left all by himself sixteen years old working around Spain. And a lot there's a lot of kids I mean even the country and other's arms their calls for tickets and though. Weeding high school you know or go play it you know I am geez how he does those sorts as super. Brave. Hockey it's common is you know I this is certainly isn't unheard of even at the high school level and a man and knowing that man you've got to be you've got to be to you've got to be good. Article on a limb and say that none of this will work out for them now. I agree with you are present now. Only reason and that I think they the high schooler might be okay is because he's waited to be his brother great I mean it's not as if they're over there by the suns they have each other. And it does make a difference. Great influences on the tour. Miami needs knows the Portland trailblazers tonight tip off from American Airlines Arena. 7:30 PM means we get started right here on seven I need a ticket but Jonathan doesn't lose my name he pregame show at 6:30 PM. They won't be a circus so whether you know that likely those eastern Europeans don't play including green is out there I don't think I'm though we'll have their fifteen seconds of fame. And then they're going to be counting early Leyland tell it like it in a minute the latest from an effort Malia are Lamar mall bombing in the American Media. Engine Larranaga is also saying there that they're playing in that delete the planet's average good. They're not very good from everything I've heard. And read it on appear to be. Read a whole that's why the whole thing silly. Erik Spoelstra is one went away from tying Pat Riley for most of regular season wins by heat head coach in franchise. Story out the best. They tied reading some of the statistics mandella second in the nation third in the nation and a lot of defensive categories they're talking about. He paints all. Some of the canes and that was used to it now you know listening and makes a Larranaga milk Dodd and outside Boston that rightly. Remind Americans are really good shot out. They argue it under I was so as the stock I'm learning coach Berry. USA today is reporting that the Steelers cardinal is the favorite to land Marcella zoo or not. The national blue jays Rangers in Colorado Rockies also have interests in the hiring more Telus and for an up. And yet their requirements a landing Ozuna is again tomorrow is not so. Carl's must be me in the the best Warsaw offer. Mlb.com. Is reporting that the Marlins and the Orioles have discussed a trade for danced really. It look and anyone makes it dollars in real kind. So if it's on an island out illegal until. The blunt of the Florida Panthers looses Chicago Blackhawks 32 in overtime novagold using a lot more well let me reportedly don't wanna go out I mean that's what. That's what the reports are coming out that for whatever reason yellen says the one that they're hanging onto their illegal Leo's unify mortars against Rosie does dobbs in a rush to sell them. The biblical law firm for awhile yet true. Former Miami Hurricanes great Devin Hester officially retired from the NFL. JJ watt revealed on Twitter that he was a big canes fan in high school that was a big Devin Hester an inquiry. Instead it SO great. Rate hurricanes. Are still doing their thing in the NFL. Is that little recently has there are Ray Lewis Reggie Wayne and let him you know start to go like Marty burns Frank Gore poised Campbell. Who's a receiver with him. Our Greg Olsen still doing a singles and so they're not tired and I'm from us here at the look withdrew its bench in better missile don't sing. And a minor in agree and go from judge got Allen and irons Ernst ball on. I think there's been some but again I don't send an. 129. We are silly guys a maintenance. Literally got from a business Pasteur. Louis Wayne these restore players ensemble which threatens restoring. Still on the NFL CN Jimmy Graham Kuwait as Greg Olsen got Clinton gore knowledge did you against the superstar player. Right it's officer saw play. I think he I think he's relying a lot of got on touchdowns dude catches a lot of times since he's six foot seven and the reds in order and of course you're gonna try to iso in there it was softly. I citizen so. Jorge in Jose monster and David backed down minute bid for Miami's MLS team. Terms of balling a francoeur just broke a record right I'm tired recently you know brewers broke the record for all time terms of Russian. No none and a multi amerasian daughter pass and it's no big. It enough heat and the director that he got last week was the most carries ever earning game for a player his age he's not the NFL's all time rushing. Is. This Jorge mas were name us is 1% of the bar at by the Marlins right. So this morning Hamas. Wants so badly donors sports team any clearly has all this money that's just burning a hole in his pocket that he was suspend. Now a dear now they're begging everyone for money I don't really understand where were you must never was able to team up with Jeter. Oh and ABA yeah you know that there is surprising their problem is I would say hey you're my pulse Leggett mortgages on the balls Hezbollah. I ignore him moss wanted to run in the team now boy wants to meet my name I do you know I mean bill what does or to question whether or even really Israel as. Nobody wants to be he wants he meant partner I mean that's why Jeb Bush dropped out. Jeb Bush was originally teamed up with G. And Jeb Bush bowed out because like no we Jeter you know putting in. Two percents. And and in control I wanna be in control like that's that's probably will I don't know Jeb Bush went to run based operations what's being wanting ideology and your partner. And and Jeter's always in control. You want that got out to anyone on everything yet. I think that they didn't want Jeter to maybe have as much control is Jeter had and I wasn't under the impression that Jeb Bush wanted to run the team gets any easier wasn't involved they would have hired somebody else to but it be the CEO great I mean I don't think Jeb Bush was planning to actually run. I think double it'll be like the face of the Marlins he Wallach is when you go when you go to these votes and you go to he's controlling interest you have a point person and Jeb Bush want to be that guy and that's where they caught sets and I heard that about her name mosques I mean Jeb Bush is also different the hard as bush is very famous in his own great allegory must wonder involve Jeter at all to try and Holland Jeter off on him and he's like now he wants it happened over the host. Phillip can make an up. That's why is. The say they have permanent host it's gotten a hastily brought back twinkies. He was really huge role though he won't let her I forgot about him like why are all out that I you want to by the teams give to his kids and they're like. But he was gonna be in the Jeter is Jeter was aren't there edges that give it our on the team yeah it is it's these guys like Jeter Jeter is key. Was finding a guy who had money. Who even though he's not putting any money. Would let a moment. Mean Jeffrey Loria didn't run the team rate in the final Sampson right he have final say I I understand that. I'm talking about zero making it sound like these guys are going to be you know in the office every day kind of by running the team that I I was getting I. A ration for on the one mosque and make it sound what is was a Jeter has final set and Rick I'm Richard Sherman Bruce Sherman. Allows him to you control final say over anything. Which we have a big problem with except for the fact that why are we convinced that Bruce Sherman should have final say that that he would be doing a better job or that wearing a mosque would be doing. A better job with the decision making and some really Derek Jeter. I mean if we just brought the names obviously Derek Jeter it would feel like eight. Should know. How to. Operate a baseball team slightly better. But says he doesn't. Yet the guy I don't I don't know that to be true I mean squeeze any baseball decisions that are and the reason we want I don't and I mean better than some does knowing about baseless oppose. Do you really suppose as well you better I really like Derek Jeter might know something about is following a woman and somebody doesn't raining about is why we supposes. Old amber like what was Phil Jackson terrible on the north. Why and they went championship every year has run next lazy he knows that you know basketball right. The little boy how was that the seem comparison I mean are you saying that Phil Jackson. Has never been successful in the Indiana question I asked multi no he's never been successful runs outsourcing no never that's what's frustrating about Derek Jeter going to the dolphins. Into the urge to run one when you livid when your in Montana not actually in New York right but this is the same right to meetings right now Derek Jeter should be in Orlando if you're running the Marlins and by the way it appears Phil Jackson is right or an intern rank Carmela out of town. Wasn't right by treating the way did it probably deter his empress of the more valuable while he was there but I know trick us. The reason OSHA because we get waived his Camilla to stick it to to Phil Jackson. Are so we backed the idea that we're so there's no one of the safety about a guy because I got played a sport to be able to run the team would want why would use and didn't get and we have I don't. Below Jackson there why would you think that a guy just because he played the game. Could then why would I was never played the game revealer on a franchises and no one is Susan is the same that it's. I mean I think and automatically because Derek Jeter please. So I know I never sat that I just sit and understand why we have to say DO like Derek Jeter shouldn't be the person to make final decisions and Bruce Sherman or or pay only wearing a monster had had won the if if he had. Made the final decisions things would be better I don't know why we do why we're doing that I think the leader Derek Jeter is has more qualifications. I'm seeing now that Jeter deserves the benefit doubly does. Yeah and there is due on or in Moscow and new spend yeah. I don't give reportedly all those stated Simpsons as a dodger oh hey you know I those are exempt and content with Derek Jeter and I's gonna say whatever spas and always nice that is not. Yeah. It's always in paid similar all it is is because he's a Columbus graduate is on the board at Columbus is a local guys the Latin guy just wanted familiarity it's certainly wanna bust out disease you know Florida he knows it's what's and you wanna bush also. Why originally I talk you watch it Florida. Knows that it is still trying to get investors. That was my that was the conversation started I said lie if they've Jorge mas is out here making a bid. For the analysts seem along with David Beckham which by the way that's going to be David Beckham's team and David Beckham's going to run not if he was willing to do that why would we get a mom board we Jeter in the script that was where the conversation started. A couple things about the MLS investments probably not near what it was to be a Major League Baseball team a little more obvious in the Marlins team in particular I don't even really know that there about a month's final sayers he just kind of the ambassador. I think he wants final say from I believe everything. We know. But again I mean no idea I. Think David Beckham's more qualified to have final say animal esteem than. Probably were named moss or what Betsy nobody would really have a problem if they're Jeter wanted to be your president of baseball operations that was his job. But he wants he wants to control everything and he's got no money so he's busy saying hey give me a team and let me be in charge of everything. And that's not how the game should work and he he found someone who was wanna do it and we're. And adverse Sherman has has money. And you'd rather him then have final say because he's he's he's the one with the bank account that's what I think is the New Zealand for sure is odd overnight giving Deri would their jeers resume that we're not at. Giving him the a chance I. I would like to do that amber Smith is apt to sidebar that Iran I would like to give their due to benefit of the doubt but right now. He's not doing his job his job should be being at the based on meetings and hey I agree with that I think he actually should be Caroline I think it's a very Balboa which is one of the big things that went down Phil Jackson he didn't wanna work hard. And you have guys like Theo Epstein Andrew Freeman all around the league coarsely or scouting reports and watching film and international's southern where's dictator. I figured out a bit with the widows with the Yankees where they had an unlimited budget they brought superstar after superstar. While limited resources. Like you're doing the work day you're jumps a plea shortstop and. And does not convinced that the billionaire who owns the team would necessarily be doing network. You know I'm pretty sure you would hire somebody who would this of course I was my whole point he would hire somebody to bathe themselves wouldn't be doing. Fifteen minutes he'd bring in acts. In four by fours stuff it's number one team trucks and suvs customizations shops. He guaranteed that the hottest qualify for modifications in town called champion four by four. At 7865023446. Or go to champion four X four dot com. Also like Comcast next and he delivers the fastest Internet the most Wi-Fi coverage. Throughout your home and the most Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide that is only from extended beat the heat a horror. Homestand against Portland to the next three games are home this a stretch where the heat can ruled at a distance between themselves and the bottom feeders there in the Eastern Conference they've won back to back games in Portland being the toughest opponent in his seat. And I that tough but it's up this morning to seal the next few days. Did you guys see this year from. Cream Abdul Jabbar where he says is the NBA. Is going to replace the NFL as the league of America's future you're seeing this that the an MBA is an out and have been taken out for a long time going to be king. Which is time for imam. And awhile hasn't NOL is still so much more popular what was it what was the revenue again some like fourteen. In the street is that yeah I Peter three yeah it's conversely is CNN MI MO we are talking about the ratings that mean it's. Isn't it's still not closed even though the NFL's are declining. And the NBA's are rising and it's still not closed but that's the direction it appears things are trending and I think that the product. The quality of the products and NFL's is going to actually change because. Parents and our generation aren't letting their kids play football and so that probably means the ball's not going to be as good into one ears as it is right now you know 2030 years and basketball. De Beers is is just gaining traction in gaining popularity. I mean he he gives a few examples here now I'd you know I'm Lisa and I happen. A couple years. At tech X you know he says here now is the danger. That football. Presents at the head injuries and all that that it is. It's damaging in the eyes of fans. And he got a lot more people who are drawn to basketball over football I suppose it's possible. I suppose that comedic case. They don't like watching the violence the way the used to because we see gotta be ignorant I suppose and now maybe don't like as much as opposed. That can play a role. We also talks on how well the NBA has been more tolerant of its players freedom of speech in comparison to the NFL you think. Prima speech or freedom of expression. While he relieved set free speech do you think. Getting young people care. I do this then I know it's just that the controversy. Around the NFL you know it hasn't in the public perception around the NFL he is unopposed taken some hits here and the last couple years and hers the public perception and and certainly diet. Is part of I suppose the scandal and I think the NFL and it's all become so sterilized. Or am I mean this is. One thing we talk about with the NFL just being boring in the sound by it's all being the same and it they just try to beat the personality out of the game and I do think that doesn't appeal to young people I do think the young people like this show boating daily controversy daily superstars they late. That fact that the NBA we always talk about it the NBA is like high school cafeteria. It is a lot of drama going on and we all love it in I think it makes it fun and I think that's one reason that the MBA has risen in popularity or the last decade. The social media stuff the NBA's the king OK we know that's Diego would is with young people. The players. It's a superstar league the players are all so recognizable and the players they all their own shoes okay. You can't radical cleats a school all right all the NBA players they had their own shoes OK sides of big deal for. Kids are a lot more recognizable to stay in the sense that they don't have to Wear helmets. There and I at. Is being swallowed by a patent Xena it's just you just know when you see an MBA player too much easier to recognize the superstars in the NBA if your if your child. Also as it's noted here. You know the NBA finals. This past year averaged. Twenty point four million viewers. Sunday Night Football this year averages twenty point three. Million viewers. So that was a finals. Right at it it's it's the same cynical right. It's the finals. And this is Amos on the net where it's tough climate you know like the other thing I think that even with all the decline in football view thinking there's some perception of it being dangerous. Love old people in this country playing football and there are basketball and the idea that you're gonna play in the NBA is very foreign to lobby bull so even though the popularity is growing. I still think there's gonna be just there's going to be an uncomfortable around people there's wanna watch football because they played football the local council in all culture and a lot more jobs available for. Love our positions what I think what's going to happen is I think that's why you're gonna cover rise in the popularity of soccer because the the the basketball only certain people complain right amien. For the most part unless Syria Isiah Thomas and even the most part. You've got to be dull blade passed on not everybody's got a hit the genetic lottery so basketball's more limiting there's not as. As many positions like you're saying to have an effort to be had an obvious did there's less players and apart anyways. But with soccer I do think because our generation isn't letting their kids play football. And I think that a lot of those kids are going to end up playing soccer and I think soccer does grow in popularity in this country and in the analyzed this is a pretty. New Wii units being gaining traction as well so I do think that you'll see your rise in both but the NBA's RD so far ahead of the am last. That I would think that you know the NBA would would reign supreme in that. Race except mood I know you aren't likely Robert Hogan and every dollar lot and yeah I'm not talk to our generation and part of the next Jerry. Already are wary should didn't have the whole head injury nonsense that we all knew about our generation. Played football growing up. Love the ball football brains to premed Audi and many qualities the legal or you can't play are you letting your son if Obama absolutely. Mario. But you know Mike wants to play a sport I'm not due to distribute new over duke charitable what are your what are your wife for you see you know how the scene tape does it say though. And lo. And oh high five man Haifa and she's at work right now. There was an ESP sir you recently that said eight EST it is serving recently that. Determined basketball. Is the most popular sport among American use and that full always third so what's in the solid. Iron. Boy I know. Was finding out that annual scholarship to receive universities institutions your about a hundred K is on team eighty some scholarship so it makes a lot easier for somebody to play football at the university level than it does I think in an obviously fielding throughout the professional level but if you look at basketball it's it's much less scholarships. But what I found crazy. Which you know the political couple baseball scholarships given. A lot of those kids are on either partial financial. Grants whatever might be a university Miami specially to like. There's only if you guys that give baseball's Fulbright scholarships. I didn't know that was were zero baseball scholarship resume football scholarship. All the Heatley baseball. Definition that would only to a study deadly played based all which scholarship wasn't capital or they're gonna happen now I don't know. We get a blew my mind when I found that out it was like oh the oh you're not you're not our baseball scholarship there are no no my dad passed the paper you know how. Vick and yes it was so that's the popularity it's it's and be not his damage might sport brings in the popularity of this or incest and I would I I mean that could change as well. Put an arm but like a team at the university Miami who's won multiple national championships is considered one of the most Julianne Simmons baseball institutions is only giving. 45 scholarships to the players as sure as the president. That's crazy that's true with a lot of the other sports. Yet knowledge footballer potentially all riots you can believe that I did not know that. But it shouldn't be airman the revenue even a school like University of Miami what's the revenue that comes in from baseball personal ball probably slim young English sides an even compares. What do you manage birth to a that's on a scholarship football team too you know what you're dealing with kids that are there their grip as there. There's just to drift would there you know he holders against him run around on the field pick a boutique the it is a few guys that I played with that are there by the to boost academics are. Are there can help you you know to make sure you get to class on time and he's not but for the most part 85 guys are getting a scholarship for there is gonna be some. You guys have really don't have the ability to play in are there like favors from you know that was an alumni dad as a former player that kind of situation. To give. Andy Slobodan credit next. Right after every game and put in tonight joins Alexis consumer groups have replied post game delegate to cover the complete wrap up need to win tonight over the blazers. Talked to a Alexis is to remember lines. Always an amazing deal. Sponsored by champion for by force outlawed them when Jeep truck and SUV customization shop go to champion four by four team in four X four. Dot com are you about a decent credit OK I know bottom gays is taken a lot of heat this year looks at what you want out coach Bill Belichick wherever on Monday night Oca. By. For a team that. Lost their quarterback before the season started. Who's quarterback in Jay Cutler for the most part is not been good this is fantastic on Monday but has not been good this year. They've been getting you know whatever the problem was a running back. Did he get rid of them. What they thought was gonna be their top receiver or a guy who could be their top receiver they've got nothing from the Vontae Parker. And somehow. This team and most morning like I said quarterback thought it was these sorts. The six set up a good record but. To Latin to any turning your trees are now know that I'm not 310. They're they're essentially five hundreds he did we get their by 200 team okay. And they've had a Hawn. A bad break so far this season and if they went out in the playoffs Lotte I can't gamble and. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Omega on the idea I can do or and I thank him. I can't. Yeah yeah. Okay and I'm. Gimmick and less non. Mid city. Not not not not in the senate going more hated summer there you can't get in and Allen's. Put your two buffalo tripped an artist B team who say among all yes to twice in three games. Seattle's not very symbol that record edit go to Kansas. Big windows does games get offline you can't possibly think they're gonna to Kansas City when you think they're gonna go to this frigid under Renault this weekend and take out a lot of win against Buffalo Bills don't ask don't do I feel good about their chance of a feel good about it in this game it could if you thing the team that you probably don't get in the playoffs with nine wins the right out of those are sitting in the last spotted seven insects Baltimore's. Baltimore drain main scheduled really easy. Scheduled to games against the bills and mostly guys and city at Tennessee. Against its fight against western style but I mean. This event and. I can't don't dolphins nine went left him in light. OK okay. Okay I'm. Then I. Noise in the. And it's got a lot of heat so far this year by. Six and seven man. Six and seven with note with the quarterback goal on all year and the right way that they've gotten from Jay Cutler. Mean blight and got to get a little bit accredited that spot rather than all the blame that he has gotten for most of this. He's deserve the blame I think that he's gotten so parties deserve criticism but he and Al Coates bill bell it's Akamai and and I need to agree. It's a Goodwin member but Joseph Philbin to be pillows are a lot to like it's develop later. So toys fronts as far as the meatball divot this is the week to sleep idolize him in misses this is that we did do it such a mean towards growth plans no quarterback yet it is today is Saturday and and Ron Paul. That's why look at the field goals but is the wildcat snap the long run vote. And doubles. Sony feels Gotti got fired up for those things. Yeah I mean that got that guy that did Al coach Celtic a one Danielle. Didn't. But I think overall look yet again is that you'll users and throughout the season but yen. You know 110 I know went down. I don't think you'd be okay and what color was going to be good at what he's a lot better than in the but if you'd said SP 500 team to the end of the season. And you lost your quarterback for the year. Mean committee held a lot worse. Now that's a good good very good situation now to finish 88. Not in seven whatever is municipal so it's not good size of your plainly their backup quarterback now. Even if 500 it's a 500 team wouldn't you brought in at ten million dollar quarterback. And go to bat. I'd say it's bad I mean your EE yes and I was just wash your most important player. But it's not his event aegis resorted to your second string guy you brought intimate or ten million which is one reason that I think people have been critical. A case because he did give. He's also fallen ass backwards and do his best players in the plan was to give to an injury to all these care is no it wasn't David wins got a currently there are gonna split carries. And in the same they were the Jai you wanna go there and Foster. They honored me tell us backwards into them. There's kind of looked into a lot of the stuff you really got on a dummy in that you really think about it it's just a lucky coach welcome. And honestly. You look at the people who stood on the table for. The counties. Now. Some via period pos really what you have that kind of players. What I Arian Foster. We will with them to start he wanted to him. As a reason and brought an amendment because it and believe in JH and right BC's chip did you hell no it probably it seem like they Ella eulogize. 'cause they also signed CJ Anderson remember. It's a TD and us here in Iraq like a job I was in third fourth option. CJ Anderson carrying for certain that there should stay out of the personnel department justice coach well maybe cinema maybe it's sad I don't. Not. We don't know that he bogey birdie birdie reportedly he has in bullet. They does that final say but he's an anti Jeter got he's got his hand in the cookie jar with everything Benazir calls. Nobody has the Jeter clause. Do nothing get all the credit in the out of the blame Greg clause on the easy. Yeah million dollars million Liam he's doing nothing is getting all the blame him he. Is getting I don't seem experience and it went off here's what's happening. The reason Derek Jeter is now at these meetings if you can't see it I I don't know how blind are I was coming owners are getting Ponte how many owners. Any owner who's a baseball guy who has today in the baseball side of things and makes personnel decisions which she does should be at those meetings ember is an ideal CEO like he's been meeting. I know what I'm not even say that he shouldn't be at the meetings I've just wondering to have a nominee honors at the meaning. I think just about Iverson wanted to write agents owner or choke to beating out imagine most every guy who. Do you entertain is that the meeting went leanings are that's word not today boys came up with that's that's he Wolfson the meetings and you must decide council. And that's gone not to. Is that VoIP all the time stoked about it. Imagine most guys whose position on their team is CEO or aren't these meaning here's here's the move this should be at the winter meetings are not suggesting that he shouldn't and his move. He has Mike hill there making all the trades. As Michael going to be the fall guy here's what's gonna happen. Once assaults or is it do his ass into a disaster and we realize oatmeal is trades. Mike hill if fired. The practice a touchstone for her it's one of those things were. I get a head coach tells you. You don't have to be there but you got to be either kind of thing it's one of those voluntary or mandatory things. Disagrees when her meetings like what else you have on your calendar as a Elena so far GM what does John McAllister console as dolphins 3COM. Got any sleep all conflict and associate dean minister Orlando is really four from Miami. He didn't wanna know that they want to be an endless and it is now there abandon about India intermediary wants. That's my point what do you have to deal with here won a couple. And he and wonderful and he can. Busy. Easy they just trying to keep his face out there and so quarterly we don't know who we is its. And always. Crook who is. Deduction next.