ZRA Part 3 12-15-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, December 15th

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Lines and things around you wanna run a Monterrey in the celebration of all things New Orleans on the weekend Peter march. Tell ban is broadcasting. On the weekend from a lot of luxury. Offensively supported Obama it's going to be on the sixth the sixth. Soon wall to wall coverage twelve hour yes a crowd of much who's broadcasting caller buttery. You experience everything nor Hologic brought a boxer. And if you wanna win your way and courtesy Grata by training and set in nineteen FM one a four point three seated seagate you can listen to tell when we went piece they're gonna kick up. Our rights. We gotten the wheel of humiliation in this segment we'll make our picks also Tony Fiorentino from the you'll join us about fifteen minutes he legal hornets tonight's. Lot of positive reaction from Richie Incognito. On the tax on several miles now what wasn't. It's fun that's all till I got I think he's probably great Randall he's fun to talk to. Early on wanna be around totally awesome astonishes as an undrafted guard. What are you saying and violently McChrystal Heidi I don't know Sandy's about the size and while I'll probably be extensive in the offseason with the bills and Jones though is for them back to regard as anything and I think is that your ability behind him like. Richie is very rarely injured he has a whole year apple scantily like obviously it can't model team and an amnesty entire next year. Not only just got booted was gonna happen next year's season. I think it is a treat your man you made enough free yearly about a year now yeah I think so. Annoying self. I knew he was away from football for yourself up get your pro right at that point thirteen is when the scandal happens he did implants when he fourteen parent now on. The player. I was so Atlanta want to. Use one string. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you. These headlines are brought to my Office Depot OfficeMax you've had a big years to treat yourself to great deals on tack and furniture at Office Depot office Max you deserve it off to Steve office Max taking care of business. Miami Heat is back in action tonight against the Charlotte hornets. Tip off from spectrum center is set for seven. PM right amber you love 7 PM wanna make love to 7 PM. Although is it. This seemed feeling on a Friday and yeah he then you don't absolutely. At 4 am on tap nuts means I in my drink on earlier canceled. Reading your drink your drink on your market it covers the injury here and to get to 6 PM was dazzling I will not be drinking and starting to regret the show today now. And I'm asleep at all during the day and welcome back in the game are you gonna come from a beer man today. First here is an. And I don't know what you're talking about. The beer that I wanna do they feel they're the change beer. I bigger big beer launches today all okay 5 o'clock our rights to recuperate and when would let's sounds all somebody emerges slowly six clocking a war you can come and have won the last no I gotta be cleared six likely to how and when would back up to Miami Gardens. Obviously back in the day broadcast is able to drink on the job that is trail nonstop ideally as a whole thing again and caught stealing baseball play by play guys are a flask they'd be drinking from during the ahead yet red barber back and I'll let us know the book Randy lawless caller yeah deems him between innings I tell Harry Harry wasn't drinking during games when I'm White Sox and the cubs an immunity to be in the past is the model time that I came here ripped. Colorado Avalanche beat the Florida Panthers yesterday to one. The Broncos beat the colts on Thursday night football Tony by the thirteen off Tyler talk for 17194. Yards and two touchdowns. CJ Anderson thirty carries a 158 yards Frank Gore left that game with a knee injury. Texas writes any relate to get an interview written with Jeremy Shockey one of these upcoming days out he wants ask well once a vibrator scandal. We thought there were cute as we know that Shockey is not likes litmus no likes him but Shockey especially like sap. Did what I tried to really Federer yeah you know the bounty gate to get it should not eat rat yeah county im really dirty manager mean Ret I know that. Many Palestinian state on the Buffalo Bill old Sunday at 1 PM. Minus all barrows of reporting that the dolphins do wanna sign dart is Landry a long term deal. Meanwhile Kenny stills as the dolphins velocity and Dovonte Parker. Answer a single one of us both of those are coming at the same time we can't both. You can't be talking right now about extending jobless entry and then also try and say am lost faith in the Monte barker. Is those right there kind of go to get. Or no rent agent cool you down. And. 'cause Sosa are rooted in its own time and never sit in front of the usual suspect never would remember that. Dick Heller is keep his beard long as the dolphins keep on winning rats were camping in net. She and Sunday night to came grant's mother ripped him for dropping that easy touchdown on Monday Night Football and mom. Mama grant critics it's got more. Air and Judd says he cannot wait to play alongside John Carlos Stanton. It's the hell out of here. Don't want somebody to share the spotlight with her do you want to spotlight the behind you in baseball man and you get ya you need help can't do by yourself on base. Well plus Aron judge she reportedly doesn't have. Quite seem personality yet I mean given he's young but apparently he's not quite you know he's I don't I don't know if he's. The star yet in terms of media darling that person who's really. Extrovert heads. There was no way that Stan was like a cyborg yes and he stands now sans got a few things that he's gonna have to adjust to. In front of that New York media every day 300 million dollars and now your deal when New York media everyday like he's he's he settled and adjusting to do. He's gonna have just to being there it gets caught out in question it's obviously down here is a whole lot of people going easy on him during rougher periods by it. If he's in a slump you know these are really answering for its much down here of the New York media is going to be part of the same time. Simpsons definitely Cummins in his owner of these last years and knees and he's out there and and the guys make in movies or music videos and he's. The day he I think he held love expanding his brand in new York and all the attention. 300 million dollars Ozal for four with three strikeouts Nakamura duck into the you know back from the clubhouse down here or not talked that night it's. Light a different scenario all their New York major firm in the grocers yes I'm going to reform period. I'm proud yankees and Mets had no problem with the Yankees. And the Yankees battles over brown and I absolutely rooting for. And I'll root from the World Series for short and like elect Cabrera but I liked about it but he hasn't won worlds or is anybody besides Marlins really although it may yet he we won here so. Enron here tonight potatoes and get a win here again OK Adam can he deserves jail and he didn't get to win here cheerleading team. Is heard a lot here is even deserve to do here's also the thing the MVP this season toga. Here's also losing judge and jump Carlo okay. Yankee fans. They're never gonna treat John Carlo the way that they treat Andrea. Erin judge is their guy and okay John Carlo is is is like a mercenaries and import OK they're gonna love and that he performs. But Aaron judges they're dot. He used Ronald Sarah gonna happen the same thing with Alex and entered spring yes like Aaron Aaron judge. Eric judge and judge is their son okay and they're gonna love him unconditionally. John call low that only gonna love when he's Foreman. And there is only at the same as and a dozens of any winning yet once played the big thing with Iran and Jeter's Jeter had four rings and Erin got that are. Like I could see the core relation. To impose not guy. And until John Carlo gets on that big stage and it's the big home run gets big hits and you'll win that and did you hold really Yankee so true yankees announce its. Judge is their guy he's trying to use or amber. New York Yankees John Carlo is like a mercenary. Love when he's performed well judge the guy. Canas beat the lakers last night 121 and 112 he has cans Bryan win horse is reporting that the lakers are a long shot to sign LeBron in the sun can't afford. Reported ninety endorsed. LeBron all. LeBron is the thing that's gonna crawl back home. LeBron was giving Alonso Volvo's game advice but he blocked his he bucked the cameras from seeing and hearing when he was saying you know he did the Jersey or the mouth male who hasn't played I can and come up. A national. Miami Marlins gave out a weak us where things are done post and then Marcellus and how about such a bomb as they can make two separate tweets and how you video unbelievable. To close introduces the Yankee like six days ago. Finally get a tweet shares it would Ozuna can't even get EU NC Junco space on the tweet them off day did you go to get a don't we. I think he did the I think you did actually sharing between two Lou what a beautiful statement writers Susan residents of the podium. That's I do it class malls are. The eggs. Any December Curb Your Enthusiasm has been renewed by HBO for attend season hot day. Enthusiasm rerouted renewed by H its just feel like hey whenever you wanna do shows like we're here for UH HUS is talon were renewing. We go to Larry David say you let us know how long you want war and we're gonna give me just cut was a nominated religious ones she unveiled the guilt to guilt over that show. All right let's that I bring that humiliation ambulance studio it's. You know his goes every week humiliation we'll comes in steady amber spins it. It lands on something something annoying. We think the games. Commitment to games here also by the way a kind. I'd there's the wheel is there any new others there's all wars there what's that. Delegates Dunkin' Donuts and buy this copy just the Star Wars character on so fox. What else is new up there and put in you know forget the other throwback experience that is the full sized so its embassy. What. But the missionaries in our own game. The humiliation or you massaging my feet and if you losers I lose out getting my speech are you guys are you towers loses got a rove what is the yeah losers massage winners he we've done that before like gross win per tow opens but rather just. Grapple yeah. They're content you've either Captain Underpants up there and is also the the supermarket deal would that article ever get up there god let's get a good masculine spin let's go. And it went well. Omaha. I'll. Daily the cap and other adds a second time this season it's landed on Captain Underpants that we didn't get it nobody loss that we know of one of those that. Is it yet that was on humiliations Adobe log I don't remember that's yeah. OK I look at the other answer those who don't remember them like myself. If we lose including amber you have to do the show address is Captain Underpants ya. All right so there you have it. An amber you noticed and I just airing its top bottoms none of it's it's it's just I'm wearing Garza deal that it's only a movie for you maybe not. You know winner it's the garter. Would panties and like that stockings. Maybe surprise okay that's actually nothing laced and had to America under grants yeah. Yeah. Yeah actually mean appearance in fifteen shades of gray and that's that's the one more go on with Captain Underpants from that movie. I its Captain Underpants that is the that is the punishment for this weekend. Teen had the issue saves the gray. Does it fifteen said teen abortion a lot more it's great that. It's fifty shades of teams in the day is a lot more tame yeah its 50 hairs that you missionary. May be so bad work yeah that is sort of contact with the vice Captain Underpants that's the humiliation time to make our pixel to go. Change. Change. Change. It goes you can't pick a team twice he candidacy. Has been selected ahead audio and this one season and in week fifteen and not a teams left for us to choose from some you lose this weekend's fight Tobin whose first. Slims of first he had to go for ducks play have been used in Jacksonville over the Texans know cancer pretty good Pickering there all right who's next. Rob bird bones McCoy and get my falcons. Over Tampa there's. Maria I they are they in Atlanta known earned him an end to this game before down there OK okay all right so then does low OK I'm praying at it. And other rigs. I'm going with a little Minnesota. Minnesota against Cincinnati. No right so so Tobin an embryo and what's next. About next song and glass all the listeners rejoice. I'm good to take New Orleans over the jets. New Orleans avenues and yet I don't know he's team twice I've got a medalist and not use them Harrington had to double check that. All right there's never got to go now. I get there and I get to announce its color I'll do Philadelphia over the giants. All right nick pulls but you know it's the giants in the kind of staying where does that game. Things anymore it's a New York. Who hard dates are rated needles big dog. Right he's the most and yours and you probably good chance I do as the Dicey it's daycare who leading as the Dicey as. Robert through. A rivalry game on the road. Yeah they're all decent but I think considering that we're in week fourteen rain I think are 5050. Yet even more we fifteen I was fourteen. Mark this week fifteen you have been through it as we fifteen over through fourteen and a letter sent. Who has the safest. I feel pretty good about Minnesota bad angles. Return. At a Hillary elements as topical gags over Cleveland is probably pretty decent one as well yeah we don't know at that Murray appealed David Jackson goes doubly portals so. That's always guys will have to be rough for every one of slim is the only one who loses no mention that slims tombstone is on the horn and cape. That's I mean there's that there are no winners that we can artist muffin top everywhere there are no winners always Havel and keep data on. Of witness's signature you have that's a look okay. All right our very own Captain Underpants Tony turns you on joins us next. It's six shots. That's upload them and deep rough. Tennis because his agent shot he guaranteed to have a hot it's four by four modifications in town. Called champion for my fourth 7865234. Or six or go to champion for X. Four dot com it's you want to send you the ultimate New Year's Eve weekend party its ports in Vegas to win roundtrip airfare for you to guess hotel for four nights. Tickets to see Foo Fighters Duran Duran and Zack brown band. Great way to ring in the new year if you wanna win a good team I'm dot com slash contests. And again you went earned SS to be 21 years are over. This is a national contests are palace Tony Fiorentino he TV cats and tonight. 630 he lied to all of us at 7 PM tonight from Charlotte hate Sony morning. We're program we are we were just talking I mean it's all basketball for a moment here I don't know of amber and and Brett no but. Tony Fiorentino is a huge New York Yankees fan. And gradually GA LA we're. On call standard missile what do thoughts they're too. Only god what I wanted to get a shot to make canceled season not become greedy he gets bonus or else I yeah. And I you know I never thought I would have been unbelievable that they're gonna hit 300 homer. Yeah it's and you're. Like I don't get the impression that your big sports fan outside of basketball you law of the Yankees. Well I do what was done you know my dad was a big fan and I remember. Back in the late fifties when we restarted following the Yankees you know when I was fifteen years old. The Yankees were not in the World Series twice. They were in thirteen of my purse fifteen years on the earth so I can ya ARD did not. Be it fan clearly you've handled my favorite guy of all time nobody will ever. You place him that it's in my mind as you know. And aptly. Olson knows you know you are only going coach you know. Will stand in judge that to others and it's new mantle Maris right. Yeah yeah it was great watching baton 61 in. You know my America's 61 moment madame Maris hit 61 middle of 51 man it was up to two or three weeks stadium this season. We may have had more so this they may surpass that. So why did yet yet some negative things to say here for us what we Derek Jeter route and the Marlins have a backs. Now OIPOPO. I know wouldn't get a person on the planet is right now is that Joseph Girardi. Oh yeah boy and Brian you know I thought that was unfair but you know things happen so you hear real survival go somewhere else by. I'd I'd date. Know when Jeter out and aptly you know I don't know much at all but just follow the most pro career that he's got to give them time I guess you know red. Before and I'm not happy would have now would just give them time. Not going to be not every seemed to be run as well as the heat right. And right now there are at all right well we know it read our world right here Roy who go to eyes so tonight and I got the heat and the hornets against 7 o'clock early start tonight so I you pal Derek and Tony inject 638 got he lied. I did some thoughts here Tony I'm ban at a bio you know whats been up a struggle so far this season the team is a game under 500. Something that I think the heat fan I start to get excited about as the play from the and the rookie. They showed because he's really accelerated the use of progress. On you know it obviously too young player but he has so much energy. And he has to he is so athletic. And more people don't realize this he's one of the brightest guy on the team he picks things up very quickly. He he asks a lot of questions he observes what's going on you know when people take apple branded that doesn't always happen what kind of and a young player who was successful we're Kentucky. Comes into a program and Eduardo young guy wanna play right away. He's been very patient he listened to what you want how that works with a bullet time resistance group veterans like I Udonis. And various guards and so. When he is he's made it so that almost at a point where expo has to play him and some of these games guest command because. It is so many good things and and that they that they told us what we know we don't get the watch practice what we wanted to and they told us that they're really little like the bottom was. He has he's 610. And he had been beat this media lateral movement and a quick they're so full of other small forward and that's exactly what he has. It's about he thought we showed that cute oddly. Step Kush trying to get by and it could have been involved a passing the ball brought to the upshot. So these are all the pain that excited about beyond the idea. You know also really like about him that I noticed on he he plays very fiscal position OK but he doesn't. He doesn't get rattled he doesn't react to any of the physical Audi he he gives the same demeanor. And you know does he get involved and made it extra curricular nonsense that happens sometimes abatement. Got a great point you made a burn up on the air in god and a young little coupled with someone that they would put that. And I question on why he got attacking into any type. He stood there that the guy that was trying to booked on you know do what he had to do. Then the next thing you hit it it gave a double technical file. He didn't deserve it yeah right yes they've great demeanor great great maturity about them that you got alike are young player. Cause we're talking to look for a lot of consistencies of some of these guys and last year you know the three point ball game in my column was get checked out pretty predominantly. This year it's kind of sporadic and and we saw a ruling your performance of the night to the point work it's caused a new deed of faint on the side. But Wayne Ellington he's he's come off Obama comes this three point game is he our next three point shooter is that going to be our guy. Well he is you know he's one of the best three point shooters in the NBA. And I think sometimes people don't realize hold prayer don't understand. I think at a point where. All NBA teams most NBA teams I've got sent everything bagel with the same thing get Artie goes through. You have a preacher who's gonna have a bad night either have a team that's sort of turned the ball over. You have give on a certain night soccer players what was it like a true. You know I think there's certain aspects of that like turn to bowl will appreciate that happen too often put. They're there are things that happened that Olivier change or grow what you are you kind of think it's unique to the thirteenth. A guy like. Alan got Michael well you know what I'm made of Italian but he shoots a low the only like that. And but he's got to go through streaks where you don't need illicit street for several days and again he got like we coach Bo does sort of he could just keep shooting. Because eventually he's going to get on he's too good and their shots that he takes. How much energy and how much preparation goes into that he's in such great shape. He it's great acceleration learned. The when he jumps. And and now he jumps over the ballroom right there wanted to get some a separation not of you ought to try to block the shot. He gotta love what he's going. For me. Coach when it comes of preparation this is an argument that we have all the time on our show. Free throws and I don't know you're probably traveling last night I don't know if you noticed Brook Lopez follow air balling back to back to pose for the cavs in the second quarterly Tony and as user voting on the back court. You could see his teammates asking him are you all right and he's like yeah I'm okay I'm Jan I'm sure saying I'm okay I'm okay be OK when your professional basketball player Macon blue cool money like that Tony and you shot eight million album in your life and it's supposed to be given. But you're supposed to hit the shots. A coach like bill O Luke Walton has to be losing his mind and re playing that over and over and over for the team has a little bit of a joke. And Tony also also the funny part is no you're the first free throw. You compensate on that second when you shoot an actual. All we should yeah that's right you know what a pain that is always like me watch you get like great shooters where you're good about shooting such a bad situation. They're gonna live shot but I don't understand how you issued an ample. You know IP even elect a guy like Ellington maternity. Good shooter legitimate shot it ain't gonna happen if you've got an open shot. I don't understand how real good shooters and it's always perplexed me throughout the years and that's one that taught there explains here like he says that. And that he felt like you did upon experience to be the first in short he shooting this section one. Well that's right that's right I mean I may serve I only caught the man on the first on the second I was near the back board we want him to grab him about when you play. When I I I played varsity one year I did not make any trips in the free throw line now appear. Because that's the basketball putting the old. It isn't that hands on touch screens all hurts. So yes in that your son went to the basket. Two weeks are camped worried about that. Yet we had a good good good point your Tony I know the heat for the first time ever. They are doing a winter basketball camp and of course Tony he runs those and it can you tell folks here how they could send their kids because I highly endorse him my son has Gregorio. Going to be great at the great idea by the heat and one of what we're gonna have some of the future this is the first one. And you mentioned first time in the thirty year history he does it went to basketball camp this January 2 could have their kids or that we. It's a great idea apparently they want to you know Richard prior to want their kids not to be hanging around the house this. Go to that he basketball camp hope for the Asia Tuesday through Thursday night to treat thirty going to be a ransom have a great middle school. And the growth. If you want to pick your city go to Miami Heat camp dot com. Well you could cost 7867774113. And talked Crespo. And so we're looking forward to it it's going to be a lot of fun and as I said. This is something that's gone we've started that that wish somebody that's gonna go forward starting next year we're gonna do a lot of different things around the community of maybe do some clinics and and that's a great idea over the winter type people in the summer parents ask. Do you do anything over the winter and we we could we never did because all these facilities are used. I was too busy but you know next year our wall. Have that problem with what would be a bit PI will be able to do all these things full time so we're looking forward to this especially the first one on January 2. Yeah and again my son's gone for a couple years now I highly endorse and it's really great Tony we will I'll be watching tonight 7 o'clock and beginning at 630 they slaughtered joining us Tony bigger guard Derrick guys joke that's Tony Fiorentino right there. Ball man ice hate follow my guy around on defense and haven't run through the. Paint your excuses that you're five each school and how tall were the other. Sophomores in high school. All know I mean most kids your eyes were massively in a bunch kids of six really she wore no wedding. High school the JCC. Why any each. North Miami Heat. Chela heaters and chargers threat percent. And the only. You can see it's it's. First on every game on our mind you tune into the tonight Alexis consumer Obama pines post game show I got you covered. Well you know everything happening heat's win tonight against the hornets. Plus Alexis consumer camera lines always an amazing deal sponsor a champion for by force applauded no one Jeep truck and SUB customization shop go to champion. Four X four dot com. The dolphins apparently our our opening up negotiations with dogs when injury about a contract extension an accent to this point near NASCAR more so it makes sense because of Dovonte Parker then obviously you right. Mean obviously entries to a draw a slender soft and it's got a lot of touchdowns this year the most his career by. You know we're talking yards per catch it's the worst of his career. It but he is 88 catches this year is under 800 yards right the guy is 88 catches. To thirteen hundred York's. Right. That's been the sort the Steve recipe for years now who was the other prominent receiver the crypto toy that had a similar situation. One was one of The Who want to before Landry and one of the white guys right. Right 110 we talking about here Mosul what's that all good dude he's in there Strickland well that was a really Bryan Harlan stat line. Do you feel about Rashard Matthews all that caught our eye on the on line. And man did I mean. Mihm Wazir nobody went left here are subject to the inevitable was the last time that like that deep ball ray was was associated with the Miami adult. My close. Spears got. My close again. Evelyn gave him a lot of crap man anyway. We negative feuding sorted out here this week. First and got do is. We are true that we got to fulfill the first that's out there fraud or listeners are thirsty. For what the big games and games arc. Don't want to let everyone know how this. I was works there was a big game not a big game every single. It's grudge about it's there was number one draft pick the way this works and it got series games you'll tell me whether and I think there are big game or not the big game you start off. Saturday's NFL football guys Joel Dreessen chiefs Saturday 25 I listen up. Doesn't hunt but I understand why they charge you playable game whiny complaint fourth quarter and it's exactly what's going to happen this scheme and be down one sport. Which who met as Clinton's game that's out every chargers game the last ten years is gone. They should skip the first three half quarters and receive Philip Rivers can lead his team to a comeback victory in just a couple of minutes now that's that's the game. That is gonna happen and by the way speaking of Phil rivers slow start to the season. But since week five dude has had three more children. So don't pick on them he's picked it up blast. Yeah he's picked it up lately. She's quarterback is out Smith. I think he stinks right yes I usually. You me did bring it you gala those reality here and light. He'd be like top three my meal and quarterback since Dan Marino retired but that canceled those reality right there. Much of its gonna route smithers to badly for the dolphins. Probably that think the ball this chargers and chiefs AFC west on the lots of big game Tobin ember. And again and again and it let's move on ravens browns Sunday 1 o'clock by his Cleveland on Sox in room. What is its own zone. Let's talk zona at the brits moved to Baltimore and immediately assume global mean that sale. Would immediately. The browns finally got Josh quarterbacks go to touchdown last week missed a lot of football because is of marijuana thing well stupid that is. What's more dangerous Robert what's more dangerous getting stolen accounts that night she'd it was a running as fast you can head first into a brick wall what's more dangerous. Definitely deeper Walt I mean Robert Kelly drugs that seem doctors feed view that are more dangerous than marijuana. Sixteen today like. I mean seriously. Seriously. The ravens have former dolphins receiver Mike Wallace has mentioned him about that's. Elvis fans always hate their best receivers there's some kind of animosity always the dolphins the best receivers Mike Wallace. Brandon Marshall Chris Chambers. Tourists and injury. Anyway. Ravens and browns this weekend. I was clear on social. Not big game it's not a game into OC aggressive what you Wesley patriots Steelers Sunday at four point five cameras that it was a patriots Steelers I don't know as a big gamers it not a big game well look me give you few things here to us in on remember when the patriots. It's a phrase known. What are her one. The difference. The pace that we are living in front of the pages got there hasn't hit exactly were his by the dolphins on Monday night. Member that Google's. These two teams huge fan bases which we think about it's kind of weird because as one team is not being cheaters and the other one is known being dirty. Now Bill Belichick has to say it again. Bulletin bowl to. Moves it idle facility to spoil the movie for you saw store wars last night and it is revealed that Belichick is job thoughts on. Let's that it wants bullet but a feeling it's necessary go to the games we can't have you know job of that as you guys probably don't know if you don't know Joba the hut is because he's too cool for stall wars he's really mean and really ugly and Belichick is perfect for the role and even Emeka. Patriots and the Steelers. Battle for first in the AFC a big game. The big game. All right and finally. Dolphins bills Sunday at one on OK all right it sounds like tyra to those who stormed the bills. And that's that the dolphins because even though he's behind me and Peter man. On the depth chart. Turrets that was clearly the better player. Now you know Chris Simms. To join Levitt's our show lately. I think DNA competed in like the 68 best quarterback in NFL. Think about that still literally portals there so yeah. You know what I think of the bills I can't help but think what a loser Thurman Thomas was when he was dolphin used to kill the dolphins. Every year when he is at the bills and any solid Dalton to continue to kill them. Now the dolphins have led to running backs run for over 200 yards against the bills in buffalo domain name him. Ricky Williams. And would it be crazy to think. That since Kenya Drake is clearly better than both those guys. That he can go for 300. Phillip Phillip you your alignment and Andrea Pia I expect our thoughts and to. Seek. Dolphins. Patriots. This game. Seven I did check it. She Limbaugh. You already know. And the images. Trying to address. Finally got it Friday in 5 o'clock somewhere and at 5 o'clock. Good coming out you were trooper because all Romberg. And I'm life its release in chains because well I PA so damn good good get in there with him and with today at 5 o'clock to when government so. Speaking of that what in your whistle how this is a little fact motive for the people out there if I wanna go and see if I get away with it's there's a guy in Texas and 61 years old. He's actually brewing alcohol in his gut. Jessica how do you do that yes yes and you do that sugar and carbohydrates. Go right mix up and create like this at an all a little bit he's going on this guy actually blew. On the alcohol meter. You know what the legal limit is for pro called free test positive for for do you I'm almost four just closet over for alcohol via their point 08 correct right after some discussion blowing without drinking. Now. Point four. He's like four times five times the legal limit without even drinking an alcoholic drink because his guys. Is growing it's actually called implementation syndrome an immigrant trying to make a slap at distinct. Sacker my sister splits almost half a percent of your blood and at times you get pulled over is gonna tell the officer and outs are like I don't know what to understand at this point for this is like half a percent of your bin Laden is out exactly. He's a he's almost he's almost five times the legal limit without even drinking alcohol credible not a mouse over the actual medical term I think is sack or my assists. Service yeah. So you you're not too during the past Miller also would polluted yes because you draw what is your problem because you can get into arguments of his wife back in 20042 dozen in ninety his wife is accusing Obama drinking and he's not supposed to be drinking and he's like no I'm not drinking. Associated she's a nervous as he and adjusting us not. No it's just food just formatting and is guy. It is creating dear go to your tomato soup grains and our own optional whether it's up to his basically his gut his career and it's creating his own little breweries. And his wife was giving him the breathalyzer and he's blowing five times the legal and. What a 100% what Robert is going to try to convince his wife found after he gets home tonight from. Small but stagnant and doesn't panic is sponsored my boy trying to calm. But driver on days of backs award winning votes on Rahm run that is not just aged middle of the tiger was trying to tell Koppel time no honey it is isn't cards and some. I did a lot of that tonight. And a couple lollipops after some little messed up. All right some. Our super. By the way drive drive safely this holiday season and on Hebrew be responsible Jack come about on Monday when I don't anywhere to be here Monday and could do that all message next week okay yeah. Europe I'm just so yeah and begin a secret precisely the two weeks away as they are are you deployments so even more easily gone there are moments after. After you've been on an excellent its arch now.