ZRA Part 3 12-21-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, December 21st

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They heat fans get up close to the game and he is great seats available for purchase sixty take on Dirk Nowitzki. Anthony Davis Aaron award and a and concern comes five game stretch log on to heat tickets heat to get offers dot com sees me or call 7867 sevenths and whoop. Here every game right here. On am 790 FM one a four point three HD to the ticket great great game last night beat really dominated the second half. After such a miserable first quarter last night's. And he really only eight guys available to last night he had a couple GU leaguer players who were available to one of whom did play. Last night and and you just got a monster performance from Kelly a clinic. Campbell more on that coming up in a moment here make sure in this 8 o'clock gallery keep listening free to call sable four pack of tickets to see the heat take on the Orlando Magic coming up on Tuesday the day after Christmas John Clayton professor will join us about twenty minutes soul to a lot of NFL with him I am. I mean Sid I'm I'm obviously curious to hear the start of love it's our show today as like a mentions a suit got there. You get to hear any thoughts and they have like immediate left and like it went so long with the commissioner. Then a minute left in the final segment of their show they were it would mean zero faults. On what's of place and you know those thoughts will be a U you're one of the thoughts right away from them but there'll actually be better today because they've had a 24 hours sooner or actually yet to reflect digest. Everything that took place. I imagine we'll definitely talk about it at the top of the national our I don't know we'll talk about it necessarily the local. National or BO. I'll let Doug got about well I I don't know I guess Eddie gotta start. The the way to pull our. The guy I understand what you're saying he actually have to do it nationally Abdul yeah I actually like Ashley hey can you wait a whole hour. They don't maybe you repeat yourself some I suppose yeah I do you got a start the show at the time I don't know they don't. These speeds WT XY AM South Miami and WSS best each each O'Meara. Credit on it and they know they Algeria. These headlines are brought to you by a count Thames because holiday vacations happened even when he rose do you call a town pet tell all account tenants they provide accounting and finance professionals on a temporary basis and fast this account times dot com. Account Thames or Robert half company. I really am surprised though I know you mentioned this earlier I really am surprised that this Marlins town hall meeting would Derek Jeter has the legs that it does it tale I shot right I didn't really big deal. I think that a little love docking at the mister b.'s bond is so I understand why that's gonna be everywhere yesterday and today but I am surprised people give a darn about this little Marlins town hall meeting. Mr. Jeter but sure yeah I've I don't think anybody else would have drawn. The attention for anybody else's and dear to my unit honorees in the baseball wanna Derek Jeter on this team right. I think baseball spot that got attention. Overall the attention that Derek Jeter's gonna bring to the Marlins is a good thing is my finger while he was thinking this either for you obviously can't be right to see the first. Shortly thereafter retired baseball player that is now rock Datsyuk and it looks who deals are pretty soon your knees ultimately one of the mostly pay low wearing. In that position players that was that predominate in Major League Baseball pretty soon baseball's gonna do everything they can't their power try to make your success you realize that relic third third Murdoch and allow. Him to fail. Rightly or anywhere doesn't mean that is one thing about this and I don't really anybody's talking about I don't see how it helps Major League based on how dare Jeter failed down here to let him know I mean I usually baseball's golden boys say you would think that Major League Baseball would want to Derek Jeter to be 6000. That's why I think Sherman kept saying the long term long term long term it's likely that they have an idea that they're cheers going to be doing this for very long time he's also going to be given a very long time and be given. A couple extra passes when some others might fail he might it might look for termination but because as Derek Jeter there to go and give him a couple hall passes in order to achieve. What they wanna deem is as is revitalizing. South Florida baseball for the Marlins. I thought I thought overall it Dan and suggest a good job because that that's a very difficult interview that he did OK it was very contentious it makes me uncomfortable just listening to Spokane money and vaults like guys I thought that's really hard that it did a really good job. They asked really difficult and pointed questions that is not a fun atmosphere for those parties that are involved. And I I I thought the palsy is question that was asked what is was here when Dan. Asked the commissioner about Michael hill Mike hill is still the general manager it's in the clean everyone else out my till it's still in charge do you have anything to do. Major League Baseball has no control over the employment decisions that the Miami Marlins or any other club mates. And and that is I mean that's Dan without. Actually come on saying any saying you know it did you make them wants keep in form minority. I'm certainly easily based on knows it Dan's been. Implying on the air which I think is a very interesting Irian makes a little bit of sense to me because when none of us exhausts come towing anything else. And Manfred obviously was ready yet my exactly what it is that you at least a lot tone from moment Vietnam and doing that he responded to that question if you answer if you listen to a lot of question. If you're if you look at a lot of other slices or ask Derek Jeter that one was not animated panel that question should Manassas Derek Jeter at the town hall meeting with Mike hill standing there. Horrid don't asked to expect fans to do that I mean I only know the media I would about Austin all the media Alter all. I mean they they made they did and I don't know. Communities and Michael that was not standing next Derek Jeter during bats and Michael was was nowhere near dirtier when the media had great delight in your vast and that they should somebody should of and some -- a minute did I don't know but they did anything you'd be I mean I am admitted it razor prizes are man's I I would I would I would imagine we will refer to someone did. It's a source of idea of what is at a someone should have done the job in that spot like it's it's a legitimate question. I do think it's interesting though because it is Dan's theory about is the only to hear that it makes any sense to me although you know aired here obviously is a minority as well and he's at a very high ranking position counts or doesn't. Completely out of the baseball would need Mike hill is they are as well you know when they have Derek Jeter in terms of diversity I I don't. I am glad I can't again and I can't conceive of any. Reason that I don't know what the IL EGM led the only other theory a that I thought I had maybe some lags is that you make all these. Very unpopular decisions with Mike hill and then you get rid of not as scapegoat yeah president might still believes you hey you leave viewing it hey how Mike hill here for two years while you make all these extremely unpopular decisions and then you get rid of Mike hill when you actually start make. In the good design and I think regarding your pewter retirees asked about certain transactions or players or acquisitions he just refers to heal. Easy removing himself for the duty totally Delhi hill is always answer the idea of course. It was frustrating to me at the town hall meetings I went it was frustrating for me at the town hall meeting to to continue to add to hear Derek Jeter. Speak at a one side of his mouth. You know who we we we have we have someone cable on Mike hill who runs the baseball operations and he can tell you about trades in the prospects and whatnot. And then on the other side where he tells you about how is the post season for fourteen straight years is unacceptable to him. And things had we done differently and changes had to be made. Mike hill's been here for all fourteen those yet. Like Mike hill is a one have you ever heard of those years of us I guess that's what's called into question was he the one making those decisions they did what is well yeah not always been the highest ranking baseball guy. For the majority that he's not in the highest ranking baseball even when he was still I think will man so was tweeting out from that town hall and he was saying I believe it was camp he was saying that he thought that what Derek Jeter was and lying. Very strongly. Was that those decisions that you saw were not Mike hill's that they were Jeffrey Loria has not it was always Loria making all the decisions I did that I think it was him who it was somebody was at the town hall in the media. The screen up that they they felt like that was the implication coming away from that town hall meeting. Was to make it very clear that the bad decisions have been laureates. Yeah I would I would wanna clean out everyone finds I would do clean on everyone makes no sense now. Starting an hour or Mike hill has photos of upper. I don't I don't explanation I do not believe that it's because I do not believe it's because he's minority. Executive I do do not leave that to be able. I don't think that neatly baseline into it and. Shorthanded heat took that Celtics ass last night 1989. Kelly Nolan Anke owns Boston. He's scored a career high 32 points on twelve of fifteen shooting clinic not dumped six of 83 point attempts apparently he's actually pretty good basketball after all we wanted to hurt us. Got an award of the night and scored 32 he made that crowd cheer for him up before the game and then. And then just sent them home upsets that's how you doing. Yeah he got the hero among this award is given out to individuals who make an overwhelming impact in the boxing community it's not normally given out to professional athletes so last and it was was in 20092. Out to a local professional athletes. A very big honor there for him and his terrible work. Josh Richards and had nineteen points last night. Tyler Johnson he'll escort sticks and he grabbed a career high eleven boards or Mickey continued his solid play in some Whiteside adds an eight point eight rebounds. He got a night off they host Dallas on Friday I got ready for us on the return. And I'm ready now I think the majority rework ready for returning pretty right now are jerks like you want about a year like it. Enjoying your break from the son of rights under play. But now it's some are okay. Vince placed right and Julius Thomas and our gym on restaurant on injured reserve both with. But injuries. May to eight would be starters on IR for Miami. The canes had every start to NCAA is inaugural signing here in eighteen of you comes when he verbal commitments in the Berkeley hurting glass of 2018 sign national letters of intent. Where the two that didn't then. And I know they have there's 11 of them was a big one of them is somebody bag I remember they had yesterday February right that's the actual finalist yeah because this this is a new theme that sensitive blazed game at this early on early committal through the early commitment and so really I Ian I don't really amp I'm shocked at how many kids committed early are really know why me why why would you do our when he just take care sweep all time. It unless you're commitment that was afraid that the school was going to change its mind and wanting Yale. Us a lot of things ours is that you're the kid that's going in their recently recruited by other schools. If you give them I'm ready to sign it then they have to move on because they can't wait for you to make your decision because they'll have about five or six of recruits are there going hard after at a particular position. And if one guy's really not willing to go and commit yet the one on the list because it's you know and you sleep and that's it. You're you're gonna get passed over so it's one of those things where it's like but unfortunately got to roll with whoever's going to be number two under board. As a 7:30 PM yesterday rivals dot com and Miami's class ranked at nationally I saw that on several other lists as well 40% exports had affair ESP and I think had it seven outs of yesterday deepening. And a lot of local kids which is great. It's staying home. USA gymnastics. He'd Olympian Michaela Moroni one point 25 million dollars to keep quiet. About years of sexual beefs sounds like him as a Jewish. Hand to her. USA gymnastics trainer sounds very sounds rigorous Dana White House says he's in talks with Floyd Mayweather about doing a UN CL. I I I I gotta tell you there's no chance and happen. I mean to be what I bring girl man I mean what what are you doing in the USC YA why would you fight the US Seger play Mayweather isn't there's no chance no chance. He's I mean I mean why is this out where they every mall and murderous puncher in the past is doing USC do you mean Mikey need to be a commentator wasn't saying that you are the USC DL quote unquote. The eggs. To college here is it like maybe that's what it means they don't as a promotional companies or two looking indicate any dues only. From most of it it makes it doesn't make it it's unbelievable that he's going to fight you have CIB Kimberly that percent can't do our yeah any else. I am geez mammy opened Herman announced plans to play at a new tennis comp lack set apart rock stadium that begins in 2019. US thirty year agreements between the dolphins and ING. They will collectively spent sixty million to build the new tennis center outside the stadium. Obviously build the tennis center X I I I love this event OK and arts and it's and on IE. You know Walt Walt previous to soda you know downy Key Biscayne is who was took us this is Sony can which is again as the Key Biscayne now although it's not Sony anymore yes right diet it it was a tremendous facility okay why. It's hard gets it you know and hard rock stadium it's it's right here and the situation is good in that regard. Re here delivered here mean Billiton. Near Key Biscayne on art nightmare to get over the bridge that are gonna get island it's it's it's reads through tolls are really difficult scenario and the situation in Cuba scheme ever read an island the man it's a really difficult scenario and the parking situation stinks okay you see that his intern position so wondering here. It says they're building there's been sixty million dollars we'll tell a senator outside the stadium is is like the the main imports is the main core won't resides inside of all is the main one. Will be is arming the 29 of the thirty courts are permanent the main core audience Alec obvious not permanent. All thirty courts except for the stadium one or Herman's what does that mean when means. The main main court is going to be inside the stadium on the field. And the other courts 29 are going to be permit tennis courts so there China's delegate taken down they're never going to be taken down at apartment complex are building outside hard rock is only losing parking spaces there. But I believe from I saw a rendering of it it looks like to me it's there it's the lots it's only and that he set aside to build that water park right thing. Russ remember he had that yeah. Remember he had the whole plan to build a lot of Burke. Yes it was get a lay they lied to me and him waiting for a water parks and Six Flags away. Yes I think they're like scrapping that idea and building a tennis I urged that's what it looked like to meet from where my understanding was but yes that is going to be. From what I can tell some parking I'd. It's great I really do IE I I think it's Greg and I really enjoyed go to that facility on Key Biscayne but this seems. All of this seems a lot more convenient for people there's a lot more open space they are the parking situation certainly be on a better. It's easier to get he got highly right there with the turnpike. IE and I think it's great. And when they say 2019. Coker as couple years and I'd love that that. True the lack of residents in the area too as well because I know people in Key Biscayne at live on Key Biscayne and it's an absolute nightmare of traffic or there's girls is on and the unbelievable. Like that goes to Clinton gets it it's unbelievable debt and during that time I dig it I'm glad much better I'm glad that sounds cool Ross he's building that as well harm. Good for help this Stephen Ross spends some imaginary president my name Roger playing I don't know him as. Not only was on it now. Under the deal was done but I don't know there and do the construction part of it is done it's like the largest ever element in in downtown Manhattan. I any else cowboys are about Ezekiel Elliott return to practice after serving his sixteenth suspense then you're. For this on this weekend men's going to be interest. I can't wait to watch how was this week and it's a true I'm excited about a policy on impact he's gonna have now. May be alleviating a little bit of that pressure from back member recalling Jack counts and they fell off when he wasn't as good as long as is running back behind and so. I'm looking to see how much better the offensive line plays now that a little boost of energy out of the running back is back so it'll be good game. And the US Coast Guard rescued a sea turtle entangled in bundles of cocaine off the coast of Florida poll nor would they do with the turtle pool that turtle going to bring in. John clay next. Every weekend right here at city attorney's Alexis consumer of Pembroke Pines post game show I got you covered tomorrow night at the heat take on Dallas that's Lexus and Subaru never finds. Always an amazing deal swans like champions four by four South Florida's number one Jeep truck and SCB customization shop good champion. Four X four dot com John Clayton joins us every Thursday during the NFL season sponsored by manager. 807 or 73 that's 800 simpler 73733. John good morning. Thank you to do so week sixteen gets going. This Saturday. First of all let's let's start with locally let's all the dolphins who. Lou is in buffalo head and you know while they're six and eight right now. And they're not gonna make the playoffs I I can't believe that there's still a scenario which isn't even completely implausible. But there's still scenario that an eight win. Dolphin team can wide up making the playoffs. Yet I just don't get how bad the AFC is right now. Outbound it is and standpoint that. I mean you look at Tennessee Dayton stakes and they don't look real strong and look over at somebody at the division and how week it looks right now. They really other than say Pittsburgh in New England and New England there's really not much I know Jacksonville sitting there nicely attend or. But how good are they would wait portal two but three good games together so. I guess anything can happen but right now you start to see how it sorts out stowed it would bid for the dolphins but I guess there is hope. Well speaking of Blake portals here you know you go back just a month ago and we're talking Eli Manning to Jacksonville and who who they can bring in next year for a defense that's that's ready to win right now but. Is is that actually gonna be the case now mean is late portals playing his way to being the long term sauter for Jacksonville. I don't question it because. I remember a couple of years ago that it's used in Brian Hoyer had a real good finish to receive it and put up some pretty good numbers in the bank and hey maybe there's the chance that I employers big guy. But it is intact and the next thing you know they play at a a playoff game but he was terrible. Is that they've moved on and so understanding that. Bordeaux has been nineteen million dollar. If your option next year I mean does he play like nineteen million dollar quarterback well. Maybe the last three weeks he. He did but what he gets into the playoffs and how he does in those games or game. That'll really determine. Where he is going to be and if he does like white board also spent most of his career and they go a different direction. If you play like he's won the last three weeks out maybe it is a chance to just keep on a one year deal so he's there was police doing some good things in the short term but long term. I don't know that any answer yet. Would you make the finish in Pittsburgh. I AME it was a great game and we certainly if not the best game of the year one of the best game that I think. As expected because you've got two hall of fame caliber quarterback Tony Tom Brady was. One of the best ever not the best and Ben Roethlisberger has been the three Super Bowl but what I don't like is again the confusion over the catch. Was that the right call with Jesse James yes. But what I don't like is now how confusing it is to try to figure out what in the hands of the guy what's not. And now leads the big thing is using the ground as the at determining factor or catch and Gary makes. What looked to be a great catch you get the ball over the way that the goal. Of course that doesn't apply to a as catcher. In that sense but I still but that that they need to do is change the rule so it looks like that should be a touchdown and should be a catch. What I didn't spite of the fact that even though the call was right. There's little blue book way it's set up is wrong. Tony here in about Antonio Brown ran on and only. He got a little bit of a torn caste situation but you think he's gonna be OK on a percent come back when they have to do play the patriots once again. Debatable because I don't know mechanic happy what about a month but with no. Word. Yeah so I think that's going to be a problem and etiquette of ports in this sense that. It would look at the bye week is so I don't buy an extra time to try to get ready for the first playoff game. But they have to be concerned about it because now. How he'll be able to run with that warrant capital if he's gonna be able to rubber that point cap so. They get got to be really concerned about that if you really look over the last couple years as great as Antonio Brown has been as great as well beyond bellas and that vote the Volvo once you start to get the playoffs both guys end up getting some unfortunate injury and that has to be a little bit of a concern so don't here's. Antonio Brown who I think is been the best receiver in football for the last four years on a consecutive bases but his progress in the playoffs questionable. What about something that's Seattle took last week against the rams are gonna dictate anything for the wrestler season. I think so yeah I think it's gonna do that because you know you you just even be you know Lockerbie yesterday and after the game and you concede that they are just totally floored by what happened. They lost in every aspect whether a special teams offense defense and the rams just showed them out it's about a try to bounce back is going to be very difficult particularly. Knowing that the Seahawks get to make the playoffs are almost like the pulpit in a lot of things that happened to open the door and have to do it they have good ballot which is not going to be easy. And their last six quarters and you know if there's an injury like this great. Breaking point every franchise and a big debate is that breaking. Point don't they don't at least in the second after the Jacksonville came from eight Pro Bowl defensive players that were starting out of three. Bobby why it was not anywhere close to where he was going to be as far as like it is a deep as a player of the year candidate. He couldn't run with a hamstring injury KJ Wright was out with the concussion it's all that played into it and they couldn't stop anybody on defense and they couldn't do anything on opposite. I saw a skip Bayless expert thought that his cowboys of the and a making it into the playoffs. Other who'll win the super boy I don't know what you feel about the situation but I feel that Zeke is definitely gonna add some kind of dynamic spark to this team above and beyond what is currently are going on whether. It really brings to them the same type of thing that Rob Gronkowski bring on all that is a spam revealing a patriot he is the best out every game. It's so you know that adds additional seven point is going to help. And then you know he's going to be fresh faced at six basic though. He's in phenomenal shape and you know they're gonna try to run it like crazy trying to see if Seattle can't stop the run. It's so no I don't know they can go to the Super Bowl because I I spoke west in their defense but. They're stepping going to be better and I think have a great chance to win this game on Sunday at Christmas Eve against Seattle and at least to put them at a position but again. You know you if you're gonna beat Dallas you get ten win you may not have the right tiebreaker to make the but could make it in the playoffs because there's disparity with the inner conference right now with the AFC. Vs the NFC and the NSC being so dominant there's going to be one maybe 210 win team to pulpit to play out. John we out we Suisse penciled at a time earlier in the show talking about what's going on what Tom Brady and the trainer Indian bands from. A you know sidelines in the facility in what now what what we make of that scenario great there because the optics of it don't look so great. The opposite bad because and you want big guy. Or Bill Belichick they have Tom Brady feel good about things that you look at the age of forty. And how good tonic is. Don't get annoyed at the big game against the pulpit but it's like okay you want everything possible to give him the chance to be the best he can beat. But the problem of legacy is the Alex Broward is the does not get along with everybody. Is that we get that he with the trainers if at he would eat what they've people and Bill Belichick got tired out of Toledo is going to be a rip right now between bill and Tom. But apparently the trainer just just as we get along well with people and the patriots got tired so now. I guess that Tom wants to bring him to games is that the winds separate. So what happens in that scenario with the radio paid as Brady sorely is not on board with that decision a mad I. What that relationship then becomes like where you got the superstar franchise player best guy who's ever played the patriots. And you got the head coach who's clearly in charge like a what do how about dynamic goes down. Well I can get there you have to have a look at failed capped by the trainer that makes me feel so good. That I can play a lot 45 years old and that's what I want to try to do we want to play as long as you possibly can't. But yeah if the guy's personality. Causes more problems than not all that you have to accept the fact it's like okay. There's a little risk that I bring in when I bring him into the facility. And I eat you know that you wanna have a much harmony because. Everybody as their own agendas of your player to have your own trainers and all that stuff. And you've taken exception and of course Ilya players in the locker saying know why why just unhappy ability to have this person when he doesn't get along with people so. It's one that palm I think is gonna have to adjust it because again they he had the guy that helps him. But it causes more friction in the building that Bill Belichick could not stand against top discussed except that. I didn't get and the question for John okay week sixteen didn't start this Saturday Saturday no game tonight and so on Saturday. You can call and talk to professor yourself you want 7863600790. You get your tax question that the Coral Springs ought to Nokia X line. At 679 cement Ford John but John Holt we get some questions for Eric. All right hang on John clay and again every Thursday this time. Throughout football season right now called number five on the contests line OK 7865340790. And most say yup with a four pack of tickets to see the heat take on the magic that is on Tuesday the day after Christmas. Your calls and questions for the professor next. I'd every Monday the ticket it's a Coconut Creek auto mall Monday rewind is full recap of the games all the keys this week in the course. Critical animal friendly knowledgeable the pricey wants pods by Atlantic coast public adjusters course like and the Florida lottery John Clayton with us every Thursday at this time you get into questions if you want 7863600790. Or you can Texan on the call spring's almost Kia Tex lines 67974. He's with us me Ryan fuels and announcers convenience stores. Guests lined truly steps beyond convenience. John what are you hearing about Jerry Richardson there in Carolina he you know these allegations came out we find out that. There have been settlements that kind of situation. And he announced pretty quickly that he's put the team up for sale. That's ever been to a credit and a great story of former player who came back was able to get put. What are bound in Charlotte. Really run a very good franchise but apparently there was some extra stop the bad. And that particular discount to some of the things that happen. In the opposite the women and all that stopped and so I think it they collided quite as stated value at the unfortunate thing is. It's not as if he's going to be able to give the franchise to his kids because remember aspired to that it it. And I had no plans to be able to do it it was 48% of the franchise. It's worth. More than two billion dollars and out the matter of hoping that Charlotte is able to get a owner they can buy this game. And keep everything bare their lease is up in 2019. I think the lake would love to be able to keep everything in Charlotte. I don't know necessarily if there's a place. That would be good to be able to move the franchise but. I think that we witnessed a deity of Bartolo or somebody else having this thing is gonna go for sale. And at the age of 81 I guess they're rich is that not having a great ending to what's been a very good story. Why do we take a Puff Daddy just situations series at all. No not at all there's no way they expect it and AL pop said he needed help himself by import intolerant happen it is a bit. You've got to think Colin happen again to compete against Cam Newton and of course I remember it's like got Colin cabernet is sued every owner in the lake. Well not every owner but some owners into that's not gonna go over very well also lots now there's no chance for that'd been able to get this game. Pilots getting some some calls and questions here for John let's start things off with Steve Steve go ahead for John Glynn. John Edwards and to the Miami Dolphins pick up Andrew Luck. Love you Barack rack it and no chance at all on the I don't think that. They're gonna stand by Andrew Luck and it. The other big thing that and your testify about ballot is back from Europe is that he's gonna have to have surgery on the shoulder he's gonna try to do over the next couple weeks just throw the football. Keywords and that the pain still there may have been another operation but. I just don't see them trading in the wasted valuable. And you know why in and it was still a quarterback that is being you know it has its entire season he's got salary got his big is Andrew Luck but notre. I let's go to another Steve dear god for John Glenn. Page crowd going out just wanted to know what he would. What's this situation to Washington are pretty filled oval Kirk cousins. It's a debatable whether it be able to get this thing done because now the price gonna be so much higher I think they anticipate and that these and has not gone as well now. You've been hounded this year they've had injuries on the opposite the vitamin at one point they had eleven all that the wind and it's sick some more hurt. And so are because of that. They just haven't had a real policies and that you know I guess I get the feeling that they need to get something done. But I don't know they will get something that every candidate that goes into the last couple years. They've been at least three to four million dollars under what he was gonna get as a franchise type player. And to keep as a franchise type player it out Betty thirty or to keep it the transition is gonna be about 48. Solo you'll he's gonna be very hot in the bidding for the one team that now he probably won't go to a separate this out because that give Acropolis going so well there's been betrayed. It's so whether it's gonna be buffalo weather is going to be Denver or whatever I don't think that they need to get it done. But there's no guarantee they'll keep their. Let's give rob an opportunity here glad rob. They'd done a beauty I'm happy to be Negroponte as the commissioner liar. I don't know about that. I think that if you do it you talk about baseball I don't. Yeah he's referring to you know love it's hard yesterday and read them and major league Baseball Commissioner rob Manfred to get any day hearing that's. I did not use that really had a great interview with a. Yeah it was it was quite contentious. Hard at it pretty I was it was brilliant actually back to the football situation I don't know Minnesota's got a Green Bay this weekend but. But how do you feel about. Minnesota moving forward peacekeeping situation is there is there a possibility that he might compete with Bridgewater recorder get handed the keys when he comes back or is this a possible. BBC would think it for case keen emperor team. I know because again contract up at the end of the year so is not a value situation at the Matta that got put on the line right now is that can't be the first team. There really be able to have home field advantage at the Super Bowl and right now Kate give it does so well is there a way out of the lineup. What to wonder about it after this season it was a they go with that side Teddy Bridgewater based bank based in under the sign Sam Bradford. What I what I feel I was that. Which you wonder as great he's been this year. Once he gets into the playoffs anywhere in two games even if they're both at home. Against that top quarterbacks like Cam Newton whether Drew Brees. Pat Ryan whatever. That's what you wonder about I guess that and ultimately dictate what's gonna happen in the future whether got a contract. From Minnesota I mean he's been good backup quarterback he's got a great job. And he deserves it is jog through the playoffs. But he still wanted and I think the Bridgewater is gonna be better for the future. The Bridgewater is not going to be the quarterback the president. Getting to some tax Rihanna Tex signed it 67974. John do you give the Packers a chance to beat the vikings the text or goes on to say this is the kind of gain the biting sandal winners. Yeah I don't see it had been if they're adding Aaron Rodgers theatre would have been yes but then they didn't have a 400% Aaron Rodgers. It's so I think they wisely put it on the injured reserve list and you look at Brett I'm lately it's been three of four as a starter. He's done some good things the last couple games but he can't revenue despite indeed that's the piece I. I don't think they have much of a shot and what it does do is accused Detroit which is even think that they can get. It did and went and haven't yet because in that final game they got Brett hardly gone up against Pakistan app of the but no I just don't think that probably going to be a lot of orders saw an explosive issues on that and I think the Packers right now are going to be served out of my. Another text asks is Mike Mohler do you going to be forced to change his ways in Tennessee an open up the offense from area. Well the problem mentally he can try to open things up. That is market in the position to be able and what he's not really done too well I think. Hamstring is hampered him all year. Meadow they want him to do built more creative type of things but harvest is an opposite is built on running the football in the sparked by a market Mario does so what. Management and ownership back and force him to do any bank. But if he ended up losing the last two games of an eight. He might have to be under review. Another tax asks what happened to the raiders since last season is it time for a head coaching change its. A diaper a coaching change the trajectory that is a good job helping doing his game to a point where. You know won twelve games last year and disposed to be a playoff contender. I don't think they've made a good move by letting bill musgrave though because now you look at the opposite a little bit more predictable very Karzai gave the ball downfield and then what. Really what I I was going to be a problem all year. They were gonna be very good on Deepak. They added not into the deep that's pretty much the secondary. It only had about maybe three interceptions all year and what have over how this season without intercept it. Thought that the defense was going to be trade them and the op and didn't help them. And finally it's nice asks is full of bust in Billy after his performance last week I am surprised that Weston. And a video of nick got a great game yet short cut out as a sport 32 point but it is. The second worst team in football and indeed that is just gone out but I think it ought to be determined I mean you know one thing is he is one of the best backup quarterback nowhere. I've got to that we are part about it but it looks like coming in the NFC which is quoted what it seems that opt to receive step back up quarterbacks that I have to perform at the highest level. Well the Alley can do in the playoffs but I think that the drop off from Carson went to that sports is huge and could cost them a chance to go to the simple. You know John we look at the Tennessee here the the playoff position there are pretty close to being set I mean Atlanta is obviously very much so in the driver's seat for that second and final. I'll wild card spot you look at the AF CE got fourteen easily wins we're fighting for three spots OK all I stated spot to take its key currencies wanted to. Division leaders and and the charger and a game behind them but he got three other teams that are fighting for two wildcard spots who's gonna be left out. I mean is it Tennessee it was that game against Iran that's gonna determine where they're going to be because again they need to release went one to get to nine win. Great Barrymore is at an etiquette to eat seagate. So there's nothing it's going to be able to stop that's so they'll get the tent after that anything can happen. So I think if you count on Baltimore Bob well you know that the plane New England out on the road and that's gonna get I have another loss. So I'd say Baltimore yes and it's been next. John excellent job enjoy the games this weekend and we will talk to you next week. All right John that's John Clayton right there is. Again every Thursday this time throughout the NFL season is the only time in place where you get tests professor the questions yourself. No football tonight a week's attain no week sixteen action two nights. In city and a couple games on Saturday don't get very good on Saturday MI exam on my opinions and I'd I don't member of the games being good. Indianapolis and Baltimore and it's under the and Minnesota Green Bay big rivalry game and Packers Packers going to be that again without Aaron rocker so. Not very good games on Saturday regional opener which free on Monday on Christmas Day. It's so it feels very rear where you're getting and afternoon Monday Night Football game. I understand his Christmas Day a raiders and Eagles that night and and it's amid does a great game either but in the afternoon Steelers and Texans city yielded retreat there I guess on non Christians afternoon so. There have not none of those four games by the way. The two on Saturday and into Monday or are really any good there not very good football games so you ought to wait for Sunday I guess maybe to get it really good. The heater bag and action tomorrow night's. They sorry for game homestand what the Dallas Mavericks team in the east a got a lot riding on you when you beat the best team you become the best team that's what happened yesterday you the best. And they now of the tiebreak over Boston so. You go. Welcome back in the year you know he'll be out of them. All right I'm gonna surprise like white sergeant come out of retirement bring out a way against Davis and they're Exxon got a beautiful practice. And this team I I can't imagine that they are going to practice today. And you're not to get a full practice on game day in the nodding in a shootaround Saturday morning they played tonight four so I I'd I don't think you get a house on this week at. But drug to should get back Weasley should get back and you know you're glad JJ Felice a little while log aren't. I would imagine that it's our shows we must listen as usual let's civilly because it gets and thoughts on rob Manfred yesterday as it get any time to explain anything. Okay and in no time left Michelle when they were done with since the commissioner line them. I let our show next.