ZRA Part 3 12-6-2017

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, December 6th

Eli and Odell Beckham Jr to Miami? Dion hates playing with Justise Winslow, Ass-Kissing Company E-Mails (We Apologize for the Audio Quality Today)


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It's. Access a last minute we think it's out of now you gained anything inside commodores seemed alert on your phone when they're available only because those ten bucks lean on December 16 against the clippers. He didn't do think it's not a right now they've right now they're going to refine the contest find 786534. Heroes and I need. When you say the pair things report rock music festivals. Presented by monster energy you check out the lineup that pour rock festival dot com month. It's April 20 and 29 Markham park in sunrise and it's on sale this Friday at fort rock festival dot com and and sleepless in dust every morning to wind your way when it went as it is 45 when the forty goodbye. So right now phone number five the stadium of the parents he's reformed rock Perry Ellis off. Thanks to rising USA Lamar malls untruth. But the truth at all if anything we've been positive about him but I had been. Well that's why no matter what really got going on happening. Sending tip overs over the border and. It's elementary go. Wolf warlords is in their thin what the hell just happened nothing the there's a good note and nothing nothing nothing happened over there you guys are good. Oh now we're all of the old I was there near the only way we can. No the middle and on the ultimate Van Halen playing defense that they're dangerous great seat all through the area. What actually handle it any Guinea island with a blast only a thin I had when they got here my nose in your years. It got flips and being with us it is an artist literally it. Yeah listening on the idea. Don't what happened was we were in the middle of talking about I don't even know let me borrow all of our ball. And I Isabel is saying that for a long time am I defended the bar bottle. And now all of the Lamar bias is starting to right drives over the doesn't sit I've. But in the midst of the conversation and Daniel inserted for staying and all I had little extraordinarily. Like Daniel on earth. And looking out. But of course the more bulls concern like like what is likely you've thought some dopey in this spot one in the war one and done. Get ready for the NBA in the suns against me gradient now. Good player both my Brothers and lakers federal. You lived. That's if that's you the end means that you know we it will Marmol. Available on mobile fleeing their. Obama among those shorthanded Islamism the bathroom from all candy corps museum and now reassess what it has. Hey advantage now it's his call. You did but I'm really I'm Deneuve and worried about a million Gaza live he's he's he yeah. You feel like the sloth and I got your commercial hub slowest moving out. That's where he's at right now that the army Thelma they'll both and good bit of bad spot that and don't go look. Thought Tom would gut tell me good movements in the corner man so gross. So Tobin in the but slim not just a bag AT&T corn for friends humiliate seriously can't go an entire show but tell about him a huge buckets. Wolf because he had to court a bucket sit back and hit any foreign fighters play myself if not Halloween season so they don't have. Featured at street sized candy corn where you know you're due out all the kids. Saw a bottom for us candy corn. Don't I would I would not small. But I figured they knew of one giant container and so here you go busy Christmas cookies bucket filled with candy corn. Ice people sending me SE multiple vehicles enemy yesterday easy easy Christmas one of their rumba brought up that the new thing apparently is this Christmas letter where look there are nothing new thing I can apparently is where where one of the sides. One of the boobs okay is hot Dallas. And and the brass is dressed up as any greens here and Robert brother after the end of the show yesterday saying that that's that's a new fad and then this. Good bad you're trying to make it fat it's like two girls on the Internet. I I mean I saw plenty of people have posted about it on FaceBook and NA links needs could say this is the things. They you guys were. Talking about losing that we're posts and definitely not real I mean that was not a real press. Still don't I don't believe I don't mean it was an augmented Brad I need it with somebody wearing a sweater with a leg a prosthetic. We grass on it yes like it was then I was like a plastic breasts I I saw Arizona named you know now the next one that I got tagged and sellers. Real in the sense that it was scanned them not or otherwise it Israel that was nice. WE XY. Eight M South Miami and W. Nevertheless they don't think it's a trend I don't think it's a trend that we're going to see our company's. A holiday party the next weekend for us this weekend. I think we don't even have to spin the wheel that's the automatic humiliation for us and we have to Wear a sweater like that throughout his party next to. Week Susan riddled with errors does it make Ellis then participate and marriage humiliation and pulled that they didn't go because it's always harder with a female itself. Very funny yeah I uses half you floods also visiting Elise is is it's harder beer making them gender neutral rate like that humiliation you just. Suggested. Funny is you guys Eric Smith Zain these. Pet store all dressed up as a range not only do you do anything that is funny if I am exposing them maybe it's radical chic dress. You're off like Rudolph it's not a funny look for me. About funny. Probably both are both hilarious comedy headlined their prize you may UPS dog die cut it by right. Every girl's dream says exposed. The course of your body and and have met last. You Xstrata guest who points UPS is seeking seasonal drivers and helpers in Miami no license is needed helpers are picked up close to home each day of play UPS. John Duff. Com that we can't win nested in your earlier on the. Thanks to rice and Sams and Loria made those horrible deals and knew that they were. Horrible deals. Oh when they sold the team at or near there was Celestine. And ninety all the horrible contracts we've got. None of them are horrible deals that. Like the stand fuel is wall. And there's a lot of money. But he just had 59 home runs and he's being paid on a yearly basis accordingly. These 225 million dollars next season. It's completely in line with. Other huge. Ball players right now. The they yell at conduct is a great contract. The boarding contracts fine it's totally finally none of these deals are bad. This stimulus just wall. And and she heard it and Sherman are going to be cheaper. I think the whole situation would go to Stan deals because as the biggest film baseball. For a long time along purely and understand the fine print and realize that a majority and it was it was later on being paid out in the latter years. You literally making boo crew money his first years on his deal. Which is when he was hurt he was kind of sucking because the truth he wasn't able to finish a season so I thought it was wasted money of this 300 million dollar deal that. All right but now when he's finally now maybe the money just one NDP Lewis can't be any better. Correct yeah I mean it's none of these are horrible contract not like the play golf we know that or Contra related sent out. Court confident yes yeah they give me all right that is an elite status on startup that I guess his head yes the way inch Indio is horrible yes. I don't know if so then that is true that is opponent and and it's in early life all everything I don't really know I don't know I don't know much any known as well opening day. Two years ago. Ball in the hole closing the roof deal that was a horrible situation merchant forever and they close the thing because the sort of ring what it is not a weather report. And on top of that the air conditioning wasn't on. So he started sweat no matter where you were at. And I also mentioned he knows it rocks for like seven or eight in the first couple innings and I was like holy Smith forgot that you dropped 82 large. Book yet I don't know that once terrible deal mentally tough format. That is good but damn I only did take another away from them let's not forget. Cubans and you know none totally cool for getting. And any it's. He done to San Antonio Spurs can nice. Thank tipoff is at 8:30 PM and if you let me in coverage begins right here on seven I do think it is 7:30 PM a manes pregame show hosted by deed done dazzle. If you get regular season records. Chances are. There's going to be bad news heard the first and Nader know. All safe and number one yeah that's the thing is allies of the listener. The law I mean I must say I'm here. Your head in it that is whose first name fifth guns and you have three for thirty thank is the regular season record for Vegas and Indonesia six all time up there. Now. And animals on Chris Bosh had that three Bozell Molson. LeBron and to play and I. Has done a light day. Not playing tonight in sunrise side not even on the road trip with a team there's material. Bad news for starters I'll say it. That's that's that's that's the in game youths the Miami Hurricanes beat Boston University 6954. Flying locker 26 point fewest 5% from downtown he is what you call good at. Chris Brown missed the game his hand injuries will be out to for a week. According huge series expands Greg miss the giants are offering their top four prospects. If he ends it's paid 250 million honesty and 295. Million dollar. Steel and return for John Carlo giants outfielder Hunter Pence is recruiting Stanton on Twitter. The cardinals also in talks with the Marlins Dexter Fowler and Colton won't have also tried recruiting season on both Twitter and instead brown writes. They go so either John Carlo. War John cardinal. Only remove look at a fugitive heir own. They're Jeter told. The Marlins hot stove show that there is no updates on John Carlo and he revealed that he will not be attending the winter meetings he's going to be getting updates from Mike hill. And I that's encouraging. From Greg has neither one game suspension has been up now only highlighted Monday night's game against the until things yeah I don't use for the patriots. I'm nervous feeling that good and I'm glad I didn't take any time they all got held. I helped us out when down. Well where's he came across the desk the gronkowski is appealing beef one game suspension to simulate all right upheld. Let's move let's. In a moment. As another. Mark Richt was named Walter camp national coach of the year they honored me as voted on May or coaches navies around the country. It's great to have the awards that may. An unbelievable good for him. And I according to DC jury and a big reason Kenyan Drake is having more success than. And items after it was the dolphins as a possibility to go after Eli Manning is not season. Other Miami Herald poll DF format a report. Yeah I I was worried. I out of those words IS PS2. That's a lot like BS the makes no sense to me you know it's it's either panel next year. Or go out and draft a quarterback at the top of the draft that's it I mean what when he goes to a second and I don't think they're on the UPS authority go to a second year straight. Where OK our quarterback's hurt so let's go get eight and older quarterback who is coming off of terrible seasons now. Go ahead pales exactly what you're doing right now with the color so others. This should just get Eli Manning down there. Got Eli and Jarvis. Also know though back from the sides off. Reuniting down there and do my best friends. RA that I did it I know I don't you know as money but okay I'll play your game if that's the case then fine and go right to fight. And Gil de Beckham's. Name mentioned anywhere in the in the in this report that the good news anyway and confiscate you got to see far ahead and nobody did anybody can react to a report but before that I'm looking forward before that a look at. Forward so. You're looking for in the medical world where O'Dell that somehow ST follow Ely where he goes on follow through the best friend DFS and a phone. The bathroom and jars Landry and Kenny stills you could then. Budget imagine trading the vaunted Parker for O'Dell back in junior. On. The time not. Alone why wouldn't thanks to you that we ultimately good or wherever the I'm Marcella from yeah. Bring home the cost fifteen billion dollar million for. Her serve at her throat oh yeah do you O'Dell button you're euphoric you did good here me out. You need ninety do you guys think the first company grilled about what's the point can go about who's gonna have like the largest contract ever fraud here right. What's the point of having him in New York if you gonna rebuild with a new quarterback. Hot now you have to trade him so let's hold up might hit a ball Lowe's the home run swing he reunites Joseph obviously injury. A lot of the engineers are still about to get paid and once you've paid his top receiver as well paid 20 and then and then they're not yet photo Beckham. Jarvis litre up and that's Eli Manning Eli merely become the next Kurt Warner flew. 37 year olds. He sits into the Super Bowl one nor eaten at. You wanted to we're gonna miss you Melissa that when he was 37 years old but the girls who symbol not only event. One of the team that for one was on before you went through for the cardinals. We've seen giants. You are quick rebuilding. Without but I don't Beckham is better than rebuilding with a gun it was I don't go to from a site at that Manning. That's because you know we were very articulate and a half mile an hour now he has his best friend that can keep mint shaft. Yeah and then as far as the dolphins like resume live from bringing in all quarterbacks don't. Don't photos not a possibility because if you look at what they've done their body of work over the last decade and a half. You're only just arrived Trent Green. Daunte Culpepper. To OK CNN how important has invested in another quarter and I'm not any Indiana held hills country get out of that the seals go. Shut up let's do it do you want so now not only. I really can't help you charade of wanna get rid of ten and I like Eli Manning now more iron photo back in junior started slandering. Shout out must know a file an artist who has seen what was you know what is done. And it doesn't really got to tell you all afternoon as they are good enough to consider and what happened they got a I don't lose that I was you're going to say I was gonna say you're at war and I am glad I came what was your speech. Suit beat Hewitt came up with it that's right got dawn of the song and now I mean the song went before it was even a rumor going reminding users are studio I find. Freely tiger is no longer than I go to bargain he is now the head coach of the Florida State sounds okay this an interest signed a six year thirty million dollar deal off. He had twenty million dollar deal on an organized he also had. As his assistant head man and we Mario crystal ball someone you have Mario Chris motive for the F are you guys you had Willie Taggart the F. USF guide the coaching along with the University of Miami wide receiver coach. Coach Ron do get someone during the run do you know is apparently heading up to Tallahassee could you have. Tell us he's resident and former tell us a player. So I think my biggest loss from our receivers coach failure there and radiation and then also another defensive coordinator UCF. Probably similar here with your point or so and it looks at Florida I mean they're now being elephant had a hole. It just looks like you know Florida's the only place to really go to school at this point I'm quite world's would you wanna go to reported Q why would you wanna go below be awarded let's. I think my dear Chris in Florida diet I ain't really as. But I was afraid you're making up the University of Florida health in my mind how dare you oh that's right moment. Russia has been banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics please Russia. They have some doping problems over there and I. If you go to some other kind of game certainly were some ridiculous why good does not the Russian flag finally do you keep me updated on that some very good defense going to miss. At least two weeks with a sprained ankle. Have you found song yet serve and. You. Okay. Okay. I. It. The fairways beyond back then it's. Above us that's what they're very sound good but the point that I ever. Minnesota looked closed even the puck a little inkling that the golf million dollars still on sale right now. Packaged deal that's a mile Manning photo like I've engineered elite he went on any grief let's go Super Bowl. I'm sure as Obama doesn't it they can apologists is. Your future gentlemen. About sacrifice. When this got. A bit but that's at a veteran to play together. Hit humanity next. Okay. The other thing. It's so nice. I'll call on number five points stay up with a four pakistanis for heat pelicans. 78653407. I guess the contest fine until I got beaten pelicans. In his December 23 when his family four pack of tickets. Great there. They make fearless and always for fantasy football update it's presented by enjoyment he acted and attorneys have been an accident call 810 we're 73. That's 807473733. Sponsored by auto direct the right aren't always the right price if life. House public adjusters who got your assets covered call 855 get ECPA. Or visit East Coast public adjusters. Dot com by the way just go back to we're talking the last segment we'll get the lead here. Tom thanks president blows my mind people and a big name wide receivers so important looking Minnesota New Orleans Philadelphia. Good quarterback good offensive line stop the I I didn't see you stand but. Let them go don't Beckham is not a good thing like what are you doing there beside the same time good that'll they'll back him. Don't force dot. I understand you can you can win without. This is the Big Brother until this point there but Lamar bring and I got good candidate he did with knowing that brought together a tip bituminous showed us and more consumer all doing okay flight you know number one. But he's still the best good there's a lot of winning Jerry Rice. Now we don't have the daughter when Joseph Montana and also the sort of do we don't punish guys isn't that a good quarterbacks. No I think if anything happens the other way around I think more often than not the wide receiver to prop up the quarterback and quarterback problems like Steve. And that happens more often. No quarterback can win without degrees wide receivers and quarterback is great but I think more often and obviously great wide receiver prompting the quarterback run. The oil laps there wrestle with two quarterbacks. You know seated until and I had no interest in Robert. Hey there the lefty. My young you know if you lose one rational yeah OK yeah then you can really great to. That is there as you look at the end because they're scary place and because Jerry Rice. Oh the reason why. More. When I was there weren't as Bruce Torry Holt. We're no. And Dicey it was so good we're talking about a hundred years old before starting CPU don't want every one home the other isn't my thing for Ron Amadon. Ladies they feel you don't know right now you're listening is totally laughing hysterically is that it was my friend enough it is when you didn't know I think that there. How stupid you sound to you he's insinuating is that the miracle off a miracle to clarkin the end zone was due to the fact that jurors probably have two guys on the defensive. And yeah. Tracking the bodies of cracking himself up everything that he says there don't notice the thing Robert Lacey does he that they as the fuel lighter here is his view of the big a he's in the trenches pigs that's different than anyone is not okay. Splitting the army's first of limited government guy in my life. Americans have a good over the Internet about someone's life may be alive and from the patriots besides your friend. Yeah and coping with photos are not that he thought they don't want satellite from all the times they want the manulife life the guy who lost the fight Channing Crowder. Thank you won that fight. There's a fight between now bankrupt and we knew Redskins pulled out placating him on the final play that long ago he says he moved out of wanna fight okay. You'll remember that they and they don't go altercation their name through the kings trends. And I'm and I think of a different fight with some new address I know you always threatens. Maybe employ outfits that we just move the site and not legal in the USA. I don't tempers your son. An imminent and only about a. Kind of humility here customize a champion for my for example is someone you trust Nancy because musicians cannot be guaranteed the hottest sport like for modifications in town. Co champions or by forests and he thinks about us 234 or six or go to champion for X. Or dot com. Tonight a waste our city thirty play gonna 730 he'd take on the San Antonio Spurs. Are we talking about the earlier in the show till. Specifically he you know. What bothers me right now with this team is. When you get quotes. Like the one earlier from young waiter so when air. He says quote. A lot of it is different things like that. We are just so used to playing these other last year which is new it's do we have to say nothing and I knew Rodney Hudson and Luke was going to be what Luke is going to be that everything was on a string and right now we're still figuring it out. And and that that stuff makes me crazy okay. Because. You can't you can't give out all this money thing guys like Richardson and waiters and Johnson and then you know it Johnson last year. It only makes you you can't get out this money and then tell me how would you miss run in the good removed that's. And I did they get guys to make of all that money needs to be. You know they are responsible for making this work right now but we hear about Rodney Magruder. And look bad Rodney Magruder has been the NBA's current one year and Luke Babbitt who's extremely replace small sliver of thousands seems okay. And on the basketball experts say makes a difference I bet you a bit yeah those shooters like Wayne Ellington is as good as there is out there to. I guess haven't shooter makes. Makes a difference in any to have shooters this idea loop that it. It is is some irreplaceable common theme why is no he never gotten past one year and move up but if you. Fans and the whole you know we're taking time to get used to each other. What the hell's pre season and training camp forth ports one instance this season here when we get the point they you know what many of the long enough we know there. Well we discussed this earlier in the show you rare movie that came to the conclusion that maybe he's implying it isn't like my justice because it's just went oh really. Has taken over her about it and makers haven't pointed out. And he does time. About Xeon does talk about how he's been telling passes this year and the mark Preston. There's there's very good. Because you know our guys play. Us saying they do anything to lose within this little game every day just a little game it's there it's. Impossible. Those retirement are going hey look don't. Oh yeah. Look elusive I think though do you think it's. Good you should also. Even though it doesn't know the third game always find Davis so he doesn't usually runs this heard Ali play. Good save those golf club meeting. That's critical now well yeah I think that may be the issue I don't think beyond enjoying. Maybe playing just as you pointed out the difference last year when he went on the run and stand my ground and dozens of friends on them. And I don't even know his stats are up this year from last year across the board maybe. She's not fitting and I don't know lineup the way what would make a. Players be mad about playing with some guy I don't think he's being lazy I understand Dion Waiters doing something like that about a player like Dwyane Wade who doesn't wanna get back on defense or doesn't wanna play defense or do the little things or even possibly practice there was a group. I don't understand tired after the fact but for guys actually they're trying because he Tammy Sutton dropped he's just he's just gonna sorry it. Yeah around the Clinton because he's not a. He's he's being encouraged him to justice there and that's constructive criticisms being encouraged. He's he's he's trying to Tom you know wouldn't you do a you do. Yes I did you do as a practicing you need says the agency they need to practice when his name and get in the game is being incurred until. Finally is on the death involved an injury from last night what was in their hands are growing more than it looks like that. Funny guy carried off the floor and those who knew when you plan on you all really goes outside your foot. Because he was holding his growing it and what looked to be inside. Of his legs automobiles and online Murray went through during the and I don't want her hands and really find that as goes New York outside of the framers of his foot. I thought yeah I go to red men I don't know hands of the fans left. Did not Ayers is a strained left. I'm doctor I was up there wasn't a doctor no when you girls play on those machines and move delays in and outs. Strengthen his middle abductor in the ads out there. We'll see England on the outside diet and yet as an inside no I don't there's got to be inside the idea you know you feel a fire one moment insulin the runways trying. Those of the abductors. Definitely she's pushing you away is that why the hell out of bed that's that's that's those are the abductor that talent that's out drummers are members of different moves terrible. And it's forty points a game or 46 points and didn't look at watermelon full of fat and Seth Curry's are a few weeks still. Yeah lawyers guild an injury bug Atlantis home number much right now because we can do that once it's not like Channing Crowder play tennis now let's let's dirty grabbed the Dresden and hammer fist right in the back of his you pull out of render my thing and another island and because kind of sure but I wouldn't be surprised he got a fistful yeah pulled it also. Nice reliving the good days of all wheel fall. Our aides say that it is giving away tickets to. Ross resigned presented by monster energy Leggett told anybody give those away today and I'm sure we got more pairs the rest of the week here. For Iraqis the weekends April 28 and 29 Markham park in sunrise. If you want. Which morning I was and the crazy thing my voice. Yes the lizard or zappa. Both you guys announced I am in need as well let alone yeah I'm glad I I'd like to go yeah. Without a great scene there seems like eleven and we deaths in the name and I don't like a lot of these guys are kind of nerdy. There really aren't married we expect music business. For the third time I was in high school have a lot of friends in school they say they don't by themselves were writing their falsely saying when you're aggression out on their music can't say my. And Catherine and I and our friends. Yeah exactly see. I think most approachable friendliest people that I got I remember seeing these stories on Metallica Willy he's had field James Hatfield blows like I mean it's usually loner irked him no friends in high is yeah good seeing as. Mega death in a season ago actually say yeah I don't think of Metallica is bad but I like Metallica released later and you're gonna be so yeah. Doesn't pattern yeah Christopher I hear you play with it and I'm not familiar with mega music it's elusive I hear you play don't look good music. I I don't know what is that I hear you play sometimes but that's belief. I don't know what that eventually send you screaming tonight your phone you get your mind right get in the car in the morning to get up and get out and or go to bed magical music you know. Either way it's a music that you play it's I gave torture somebody most challenging transparent White Zombie kills switching gauge. Five finger death punch. Although our model is fingers playing at this stuff so Gloria you don't. And we would have left me out with bill is Gertz in did you bond if you wanna comment. Thin thing I don't like this is the man made if you wanna be CNN I would I would listen to my CNN is something experiment audience. I mean I know I'm going out. I'm VIP treatment you know Hiram record one million by the way like I did I hear it's actually just designers like crazy scene and only it is. I don't know if these festivals can do it Kohler faucets mostly valuables it was just going to be. Hanging out on the bus for the most part come in Sacramento they don't. But in the days inn on advanced classes on the it is time we investigated slowly we're backstage you know I had numerous times festival the other days hands and there's nothing going on. It's it's completely leave it's completely relax. Everybody else in the company advises those stories and I'm going okay and that I don't know I'm available to kill this guy sends. And now many people in our company comments here and claim to be best friends in case the elephant now old Robert's Mueller just. Yeah. And excited. Okay you you know lead singer from kgo Oakland at a party to get into the 35 other people have a party image any either hanging out. They're excited. They're great time. You they'll let another fun they deserve oh good good tussle that great time Miller must be right. By the way to do is give you know what he's saying I'm pretty good defense. He's the first one I think you could email out the company so there's Laurie did require. One minute you say no and the owners have overcome or to head honcho of The Commodores and you know you've got to meet a personal thing that I'm with you like pigs and the guy who put together with us smoking needs another thing to birdies doesn't with you there yet because he's like I walk through fire you calling cannot be certain run. Is that what you guys from where hopefully you correct their bellies and these yeah. You're watching good night and I'd like you're fired for anybody who's thinking why didn't. I don't Al he said they he would go with your fire but only for the people who have the ability to Marines. Production and he's now walked up for all of those brought only things he does he like all for all of youth but none had. But the truth so your email says obesity emails that all of us. Allows us to listen how you feel you're you know gotten no responses have been a lot of people. The Santa but he understands our people don't want to you know I know I think he doesn't get that he says the people in the other building. Are getting a sitting at a building now being the other area seasons are NASA's decisions where and say you know I think here are our Brothers and their fantasy. They have really in a building they're getting annoyed that Al Bianchi now scenario and congratulating everybody and that's all really fits this so let's congratulate that good. Good morning. I'm glad because there is that other option for the reply all and just replied you can just do one replied you don't need to require all. At a news and easily I got I guess individuals both my. Now you got to get home did you know studies showed that she didn't amassed no response those are the only ones that count I don't get about the private ones. I would just dropped the Miami team. Group that. A female so I just lose that often it's just an individual's. What's due to their company email and reply all on the company now that any company ever worked moral basis no I don't know change you worked for a big company on vacation for the next few days. It's not a good good good I definitely are trying to reform. UNH yeah I think there. I guess. Although it isn't you don't get only he's an email saying you're gonna get you those Sunday family I don't affiliate you can never lets carbonite before I lose sleazy. Don't you don't know you are feeling. Really. Easy holes prayer that had just one afternoon which is going to be wander in the hall is shouting their names woman learned how they aren't as all night right. I guess so self importance. Again nicely thank insecure guys. Don't forget the. I'm nuns and they don't one of the update on B 6 AM update. Memorial is a billion NY is on his family is bad but and it was the Obama got up and there I don't know is that you don't simply leave room. So ugly I lions. Is actually gets it honest candy corns and we have a slim because budget are anathema both of you know he's that bad but it's at least three quarters economy that's like he has taken a beating and I think so has lived in this process these. Hey you're not okay. It's not a good man he's he's he's moving slow this guy is he's he's just not as if done right. If not I don't hate him. So for a hey all of all of this he's also wants you down with coffee drinks so he's going out at the end and he's got a hibernate this afternoon. I it's. Listening tonight against started 730 years the he pregame starts. At age thirty it is heat and spurs prize won three times ever since Arnold and number affords us the good about it there. Including and is the spurs Syria down so he could be could be coming up next letters are still can't give you Bridgestone the final score of tonight's game next.