ZRA Part 3 12-7-2017

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, December 7th

Ronda Rousey in WWE? Romberg on recruiting. John Clayton Interview.


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It is proud part of brought to block three a celebration of all things New Orleans coming in the Pompano Beach camp beater from the olden. On Saturday march 28. This week Tobin NBC and LeRoy they're giving me the opportunity to win tickets to experience the cajun food and music in the drinks you bask in the shadow of New Orleans remain. Crawfish boil to rule are and kids hairy it is the Big Easy of that ever leading South Florida that's right. And get ready to win courtesy of a lot of posturing and AM seven I need FM one a four point three HD to the ticket. I told the camera go to actual launch the first on an ever been their moan for wrestle mania in April C Rhonda row seat is close signing a deal that really that it's happening. Running us common what do you mean it's such an obvious place there but I was coming out sooner and especially coming bush has been training OK maybe they wanna make sure that Cheney on just makes sense O'Donnell something there. They went by betting that the play with men at WW training no nothing to play with whom we do when did the twisted till video. We actually had a real legit wrestler trying to to just have to do stuff that Matt is harder than you think those ropes are harder than they think most wrestlers. And years and annex C and the different organizations coming up to try to make is that WW and a. I don't hold any now format comment industry once I wanted sample. Personal it's funny you know we we've had we've had the big show in studio with us a couple of times and he's told us things. That now every time I'm watching wrestling I notice now every single time that I did not notice before like the way that they protect themselves almost in the ring. I I noticed things that I never knew before. And it does take before notes as well am I mean I mean the free agents. Now noticing that they're slapping the matter is they're gone now on make that noise knows scripted I'm on call me this would you arm of the part of the Ric Flair at thirty to thirty where used parts and punching. Yeah as Amy's like oh cool acute pew tie a string hammer from like the top of his doorway. And says your price every day. Punching as hard as he could but he wouldn't stop until he was it the punch with out making the stringer. Yeah like he would get close enough to the string without actually touching actually touching that's. How he became so good at being able to win punches in the rain without hurting his opponents. Was he practiced he hung like a shoestring you know from a doorway. And when he got the point that he wouldn't touch the string anymore like that's when he knew that he was. The shoestring wouldn't be moving raid and and your opponent would be. It near right yet it's not an exact science but the point is like he's getting close enough to a sheep to a string. And strings not moving. That that's how he he got like his precision I guess you know some lessons lobby at Rhonda Rouse he shall she'll be a big deal I imagine the things. Yeah I think so I have questions like I at a division maggert talk much. I think she's gonna be only big deal because she's around arouse CEO I don't know she's actually going to be as great as it were expecting that she is I don't know. About a book pro underused he had maker almost like lady Brock Lesnar but don't ever talk marchers commit however and wrecked shop on people think shamrock at a pretty good career and a -- he was you know big USC guy you have a terrorist Iraq's super charismatic front as he also he's he's got like a body like a god because of all the gas that he was doing you know Ron does not exactly the prettiest. Or the best cheapen wrestler in WW he. That is not acting anybody you don't have to be pretty to be. What do you yeah he's not our that's not as much that thing and another thing is much MR I mean there are very attractive women but there's also women to us actual little you got -- it's definitely not smell that I mean though this female wrestler now are very solid contributor to my girl right I think the bigger problem might be the fact that there's a whole lot of women who go into you wrestling and she's a got a lot of competition and wrestling an obviously people who have now spent their entire careers Justin wrestling and a I would imagine it's not that easy the transition. Learning how to. Probably tell me she's probably she's coming in with an amazing athletic backer amuses Olympian. She's a USC I got a hard time believing that with training that she will not be very good I mean she's a world class athletes. And in combat sportswriter Tony. Yeah so you would so wants you connect to Brad it's gotta be hard to hold yourself back in it all be scripted. So look I'm gosh some peace and then order. Get here and because Rondo is Rhonda issues that the gold -- so long but it feels they really truly are now analyze honestly she'll be a big deal I think should be huge deal especially the female community has been you know they're gonna have their super you're richer for now in my wife loves it. Your program here I think you're underestimating how popular some of these in our hustler or when you were go to bars and watch Ron arazi it was it was a weird thing of female empowerment yes a lot when that beating case would I don't know he has. Think I think now I think now there's been a bit of the transition LeBron arouse him on the Beagle lover under Ozzy like why I don't I don't see I also would WW either as a whole lot of women Wear these story lines and women you will are. Considered super hero is to those low liberals are watching the wrestling out oh run around to coming it is going to be. She may be the antagonist that I mean they might it depends what that story line they gifts are they might. They might want people to be angry when she comes to write the best way to use your love for her to be just people really violent and that. Doubt be the best way to user. Mark was because those are seeing in USC and right yeah how is she what is she was it tough. Charlie you're all she was the leap talker and yet she was aware she was the woman who wouldn't even shake your hand after the match yeah that check now and so I think that they have to keep that persona and wrestling typing people are going to locked he. And this is gonna come back to you -- -- about two years view bigger star you know I'm with them and guarantee not a good enough fighter did you get what the other day getting elected he doesn't want her to fight anymore did Dallas is gonna want her retired him or at but she refuses to retire because when you retire you have to come out of the drug testing pool. And if you were to go back whenever you want you have to take a six month break for them to retest you. They they way that for Brock Lesnar and but because many pop for steroids now they can't waive it anymore. Brad is dominating isn't a lack of competition the USC a little more years several buys them more competition there is is that words gets popular and more popular among most. As a reason the women got better or she help or she got all mixes ultimate fights man she she got in there with 202 women that should mean. She holly Holm and holly home was the pervert it offers young that would amended and as an amended and as. Broke shook fighter like brother and spark off of that pledge was ready to go back into the race you'll never owned by more competition. And if she published data into beater. Me since his daughter. And it's a practice facility close she'll meet fighters who retired. Now an illusion they're an add on for you won't get a tunnel networks become a comeback fights are it was a big deal but sort headlines here. It's got what you XY and south I can tell you sat next to each show yeah. Techs are racier robbery gym believe fantasy does baby mama drama right. I don't know him that. Mobile rumors about Jim Bose wave going all over town and is that does that validated or no immediate divorce. Yeah and a so what does that matter I didn't need to leave now. Well who's that lady that was taken of him with photos and and he's probably got some new rule new woman needs Fisher the new warming is it's just. Jimoh. You're praying over a big issue there was a woman in the payment pan tomato not divorced. Or maybe there's a friendly. I was assuming it was another woman may urgency and all reading incident and as a New England we should keep our QQ. Let them tell run a business themselves. What's going all uncle Luke here man like. Won't canes fans are kind of like getting on a little bit now. Don't goggle its excellence or show maybe tuned in everyday Romberg not a huge travel and all over the place he's got concerts and shows and events basically every night of the week but Iraq was essentially telling us a couple of days ago that. New Jersey canes fan yet that there's a portion of the canes stand amazed that doesn't think he's fan base and they feel players were saying Leonard there's Phillips former players that are not I don't easily what the record reflect I was defending new Luke. Were. You are. And your booty pop and you were Odom you're gonna but yet I was question mark is. He was complaining about. The University of Miami in the talent apparently he fell off that the phantom wagon years back when they fired Randy Shannon who he had a relationship with apparently. Loves Randy Chan blossoms and Shannon. It is never really spoken highly about University of Miami. Cents for the most part from what I've seen in the people are telling you check out his Twitter timeline and he's always been bashing McCain's. Up until now knowing him and are good so they're saying that he jump back on the van I ended up front runner Oka and yes that's what everybody sank so what it is is. We're talking about the recruiting classes that are coming to the university Miami in the local talent hotbed of talent that's down here through the northwest's Carol cities New Orleans. Edison's you name it the same consequences all the schools that are local. Uncle Luke has a good good hand and youth football and the programs here and he does so almost like. I'm sort of Boys and Girls Club kind of thing where he's like day as a lot of other stuff he does a lot of things in Monte Freeman's one of them. Had him since he was a pop help them out of football and life and then now obviously he's one of I mean seismic run American FL. And other guys. Marc Cooper believe as a woman and going to yes I am often you use another somebody had a hand in. But it was one of those things were. You know people were criticizing Luke four. Not only kind of bashing not recruiting the local talent but. The local talent I don't look at his hand involved with he would send elsewhere and he would you know some some of the four states senate he's saying what he's doing another yet so it was it was talking kind of out of the side of his mouth about you know what Miami needs to do is recruit local talent but. Lot of little talent. Uncle Luke was helped filtering Friday's other schools so I was that was one of the questions especially. During the ACC championship game more you know he he was live on social media he was up their Charlotte. And he's doing his thing and and people were certainly get on a little bit about the whole phantoms situation really on yet so he was he was having the need to to get on. Social media on his private jet. Her on the jet that he was on an. And basically address the people are accusing him of like jumping back on the bandwagon and and you know being two faced and it ends Andy Andy also said why sometimes sends kids to other. School chorus yeah he is trying to justify. As the you know sending guys like the Vontae and so often. And apparently now it's his his big topic of discussion now is about the players who were taking O'Neill and raising their fists in the air. And then but currently having like Arnold white agents or something like that. Ali he had he was unhappy that EE says he is not support the players who need all. If they have a white agent yet. Don't don't don't employ out and all letters but about the Freeman's agent as is looks like so. It's like you know everybody can read between the lines there PM in. Yeah I mean look there's there's a part of that are there's a boy that I understand you know it's one of the admiral think admirable things that LeBron James is done where. You know he's got late this whole business essentially this whole. The day you know empire and and he's employed an empowered his friends guys who grew up with other black kids you know black guys now is policy on the scene out there on. You know and and and it's admirable of course you know but there's another part of it where. Oh okay so if you have white people working for you'd like you shouldn't. Be standing up for what's right for black wig what are you what are you doing there late you know it's you can't do that you can't try to make things good better for black be able. You have a white guy who works with you forty whatever like I mean. And then we had the argument we have not Arnold and we and a condescension about this a few days ago was. I agree on a percent if Miami is not a great position especially during the normal merit for years for one of the guys that you're handling her helping her. Or being a Big Brother two and giving advice to ultimately from then yes some elsewhere but you can't. Talk about Miami not recruiting the area if your not helping to Miami Heat kids. Ago commit to the University of Miami so it's one of those things where you either. Go until to the guys out there like it's wanting to have you know the Miami jacket on the Miami hat on and be one of them my most prolific. According to Paul firebomb workout and Luther Campbell. You know like if you if you are you are ultimately won the ambassadors for the arts in Miami who Weathers or music or through your entrepreneurship and he is phenomenal in the community like. Edgerrin james' uncle Lou there's a lot of guys in this community are doing so many great things for O'Donnell with the kids. But but just for African Americans throats community regardless of whatever there doing. That's rattling the criticism of him telling eight kids at an Alabama over Miami and bashed for UK nationals he's doing well wait you can't try to deliberately hurt that you can't crush Miami for early. Not recurring when I'm sure the University of Miami is probably recruit until you exit tweeted at Lou that they treated well at that wasn't the case says when they weren't being recruited and from what I understand Al Golden as a really good recruiting in Jersey and the northeast through its comforts on grass for ends are not necessarily the case you sound you hear her coach which is the criticism from lip. You have multiple coaches are understaffed that are very familiar that's why you hired Mike Ross and Kevin beard. Michael Brown was coaching at a was a saint Thomas or American air detector number worse much heritage heritage and and you had Kevin beard who basically ran. On a smaller scale something similar to what uncle Luke does in terms of the community for the kids so like baby baby tents but it was one of those things where. You know they they could stand a chance and against like a father figure who was saying what I can Tokyo put Alabama I can deal with with with the Florida. I think as those kids made their decision going to demo over Miami back when Al Golden as a Miami and Nick Saban to Alabama I think you'd be ridiculous to say otherwise I think. The guys like a Mari Cooper gonna BMI over Miami I think makes all the sense I don't I don't think keynesian should have a problem when we got a lot of people it's just you so much for this community. While you were up some of the marks to his well known as the coach first for Louisville the amount of players that Clint hurt who are used to play with that Miami. Pulled out of the South Florida area and have like obviously gone on in the great these are the NFL but the reason why Teddy bridge orders on here is because the unhurt. Like he's a former Miami hurricane. Who obviously was getting employed so I understand your university your institution your money to make your job to do and you have the reasons to go and pull these kids out of South Florida and not. Have them go to your alma mater I understand that like that that's this is like its work. But if you're not a coach somewhere if you're not working for another program in Europe whole incentive. Is just basically. I'm mad at the university Miami for. God knows who knows what reason it is an out of my. The size grills we know that he had to lay it out that his incentive is to do what's passed Medicare it's. Believe Abby is they think that he's done very well for kids in this community so I may think you have to give him the benefit of the doubt there. I think one thing that gets lost in the conversation when you're talking about him his uncle Luke's wife who is an agent yeah. Yes oh so agent in suing your having those conversations. About I a suppose you know the higher than African American Asian and an you're not in not supporting Audi and I it it does feel a little self serving in in that situation because of who his wife is that nice to post. I think causes of the house that they get lost in the discussion is you know statistics show that. That that black on businesses are more likely to hire black people white owned businesses are more likely to hire white people that's the problem is that you want it's. A caucasians to hire African Americans. At the same rates of course that they hire white people you know are qualified for the position all that and and you find that. People are less likely to hire outside their races and and so you know you're trying to create diversity across the board to you really need is you need. You know some of these or you know white athletes also it's you know have the African American agents as well and and vice Versa and all across the board but it does feel a little. Self serving when it when your whiteness and I didn't know as well as an agent but interesting. Assume we have here in headlines I didn't Aaron think I read that headline liner these headlines brought you right count tense tis the season for a year and projects an increased workload accountants is perfectly matched candidates that make closing out the year Brees and his account times dot com to learn more contents are Robert half company. When he tells you the San Antonio Spurs won 172105. Last night Tyler Johnson Riley got it going. Toy five points. Which is a season high for him not enough though Dion Waiters but at 22 and of course because Dion had decent night Goran could not because they can't get on the same page coronal put up. He points last night he was three for eleven. Presidential Wallace two nights. This hour is as I stepped on Iran. That's customize their my champion for my force employers on one Jeep truck in SUV customization shop. Be guaranteed a modest four by one modifications in town called champion for my Ford's 765234. Or six good Javed for export dot com and also like Comcast extended he delivers the fastest Internet most. Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home and the most wipe out plus nation I don't comics and. President Obama's night falcons host the saint 8:25 PM New Orleans is one point favorite in that game Panthers goalie Roberto Luongo is going to miss extended time. When they lower. Body injury and a primer that didn't really upset about Roger downs. Signed a five year extension they can be worth up to 200 million dollars and sentenced. Tennessee has offered its head coaching job to do get another person. Alabama's defense of Corey hey Jeremy brits we do not know yet. So I might fingers crossed. And that is months John Clayton. We get week fourteen ticks sort of with him next. This time. Professor John Clayton. Before we get to him who remind you all 798. Is presenting heat teen date ticket to get access the last minute need to get too excited now to keep game day tickets dot com. You'll receive an alert on your phone when the tickets become available yet to industry's lowest ten dollars of the game on December 16 against the clippers. He game day ticket sign up right now you know what color number five right now on the contests line. We're disable the four pack of tickets to see the heat take on the pelicans are right corner of five right now 76 by 340790. Jon claims appearance here's my odds my manager on the V accident attorneys have you been in accidents call 80747. Free that's 8074737. 3:3 John good morning how are you. I'm doing great how are you. Good so tonight we get weeks fourteen started we get a real good 11 of the one of the better rivalries in the NFL saints and falcons both are jockeying for playoff positioning would you agree with that this one of the better right forties in the league right now. I've covered up by two these games whether it out of new Orlando or Atlanta and usually the games are like 34 point Taipei game is a lot of times they go down to the last minute. A lot of time to come down to a comeback knowledge that this is one of the better ones in the late I really like this series. You know we were talking earlier in the showed today you know you go way back after Hurricane Katrina Monday Night Football yet these two clubs and got the ferries Damon Steve Gleason play with a blocked punt and the return for touchdown in every time these scenes Lal I always think that played tomorrow my all time favorite NFL players. Yeah yeah now and then and the course that that you got Drew Brees Tony gets Matt Ryan and he got got shot patent in this series of tidbits. A great part about that this is a real good one and that had interest in part by the NFC south has been the best division in football this year. Three pap playoff caliber team in there I don't know what happened to Tampa beta is went out for whatever reason it has been exposed to be better. What you really look at you know that that division and the way it's gone there everything was so late. But because of this division was the latest starting as far as having division is played and now because of the back into playing game. All what December pretty much mostly division games. It's really cut back the NFC race and what's gonna happen because now every game is going to be so important. And they're gonna knock each other out there's a certain degree. You know you're right you talk about the late division game soul woods was that hey what was that a conscious effort by the league because the dolphins I mean. The dolphins are planned four out of six games are against new England and buffalo late in the season. It is I don't know sometimes I mean there's little I would expect the schedule on ice by the way too much probably. You know you can never totally get everything you bet and the way that the weight like to schedule everything they liked to have boast that. I feel good portion of division games toward the end of the big that you conceded a lot of division they're permit early in the indicate out of the way a little bit earlier. And I think it would come out to a that would get 3218. He can't do everything even late but in a lot of give and expect a couple cases of particularly in his division. Everything is so late which is a really got a bit for the league because now you have better games that are going to be more important all here in December. I'd so's this Roger Goodell situation over with now oral or is there more to it as far as though old Jerry Jones angle. I I mean Gary lost the battle. The deal has been agreed to peace sign that. He's gonna get forty million dollars the year I think that I don't know if there was any in Willits and Gary at a sport although it was set out because. You know it is a lot of 90% of the way to the salary goes for Roger Goodell. Is going to be tied up in incentives. But then when you realize is that there's are tied to revenue you know what the revenue is going to be. You know he's going to make them money and so now at the forty million dollar deal is a five year contract is now signed an. I think because of Gary they want to make sure that before next week owners meeting in Dallas. Which you do that Jerry is going to make it a case try to slow this down make sure it doesn't happen. But Jerry wants this badly that they have enough support. Because competition committee was able to get to get their innate contact with just about every owner and Italy to make sure they're on the same age. I think it does in response is Gary. And even though Kerry goes and out of like that. The deal is not Roger Goodell the commissioner or by the ears. I don't 200 million dollars can probably buy you a lot of airplane tickets and and health care treasure your lifetime but do you do you don't they ended up putting that in the that contract about the long term health care and private jets situation. I would imagine the long term health care is in there I don't know about the private jet as we want to cancel it cracked. I would app that they did that probably not going to be there because we're gonna make forty million dollars a year. You can get your first class ticket and if you need to you can I actually hire you on charter. But that's the one thing that has not come out of our deal was there that Roger Goodell was able to get is playing pro life. Also I would almost go the other way around that if I had the option of one of its heels like a bump in the forty million dollars a year totaled 200 million dollars. And I to pick between the lifetime healthcare or the private jot it may pick the private jell O. I would say you know I'm health care. It was a really appealing and it was Helio or his family money for the hell do you make enough money for the jets yeah here's a necessity the jets now I am now. It. It is to accept a settlement. Yes you know I think it's completely except do we know it was truly is and it seemed like it Jerry Jones a leaked during the error battle. With. It was always true that was part of the negotiation that was rider was asking the court he wanted to build private jet to be able to use. But the rest of his life. You grass for some outrageous and any year contracts John. I know I'm Diana eightieth birthday it was complete I was only don't I don't deal. Content can't let's let's talk about what's going on in New York okay Eli Manning he's back as the starter this this is weird okay because. I understand that geno Smith we all know geno Smith is so did make a ton of sense to me that you're gonna take a look at him last week okay. And why undersea and Jerry Reese has been fired Mac it too has been fired. No John Mara he said from the start but it was his directed that it was his decision. Let's get a look at the other quarterbacks and all of a sudden we're not gonna look at your quarterbacks what's going on there. It's either a lot of communication gaps in the way this whole thing was handled because John. That an owners meeting on the pop compensation committee in New York. And so what he was back there this a decision came down. And I think that amid that would John Mayer does not dictate what a coach and general manager's point if that's one thing as an owner he's stayed away. It's so I think the public for the coaches and general manager was that a look at the other quarterback that the silly notion. You've seen gene knows that he's been in New York a long enough but the jet that you realize there's not too much more you need to see how it was a giant pop. And so what you want to make the move. Is that okay are we were waiting waiting to see you know the young quarterback well I mean I would be in the final two into the these popular. It was losing they're darn it. It yeah so I thought we lost their present a good if you wanna get Clayton here and your phone calls at 786360790. Mary got a couple of guys who wore on hold him waiting that's okay we'll get to coming up to one Texan your questions. You to do so on the calls rings on a monkey attacks on 67974. Eli Manning has been mentioned. Not a ton but it's it's been talked about a little bit. Over the last few days about a possible destination. Being here in Miami next year does that make any sense he'll. There are making it says simply that big right antidote to quarterback this Steve. It's got the long term contract is done enough good things I think eco backed M medic here to go back and you know why would you go to an old quarterback. That's been in the late outlawed because again there's not a lot of future and Erica and you can it is a little bit of a drop off and he lives it doesn't make any set committee's gonna go anywhere. Start with Jacksonville you've been considered Denver. Maybe you look at the Arizona Cardinals I don't see any. Situation where it goes quietly. I again get your questions now 67974. Or you could ask him directly yourself 786. 3600790. John but John holes you'll get some questions right. I'd John Clayton the only place in time. They gets talked to the professor yourself but it's right here on Thursday's your questions for John Clayton next coming kept coming and coming. Coming court. I want to say nearly all New Year's Eve weekend party for ninety days you win roundtrip airfare you and again as hotel for four nights at its seafood fighters. Duran Duran and Zack brown band. It's real way to ring in the new year you at a win gone out of its economic dot com slash contests. And you can be going to Vegas to see three great concerts winner and new guest must be 21 years moreover. And this is a national contest John Clayton of course joins us. Every Thursday this time meanings Albers gets us. Sorted for a week fourteen of the NFL season giant he would pick one game this week this week I feel like it's it's a loaded the schedule yet a lot of big time games. Big time playoff implications which is the game that stands out to use the mouse. Think rams and Eagles because there's so many things going on in this game Levy for example the Eagles are coming up a loss to. The Seattle Seahawks on Sunday they still. I vowed not drop in the number wonder the number two seed in the conference. There's been and it soda guy you really want a big game like that and then silly things are going up the rampant in fighting all the problems right now. They have what all the buyers that are out there they couldn't practice yesterday they don't know by today. And then of course you know you don't know how things are going to be at the coliseum because. Right at the plan was pressure on the beta status silent count because he was worried there have been more equal pay at. That in the 65000 understands that could expect the crowd noise and negatively affect us so they don't expect a home field advantage so that to me is a very intriguing. John does the you know I get the ravens in the Steelers on Sunday nights does the league now pay extra attention. To that game considering it's the second straight week. They got this NFC and AFC north match up coming off of you all the all all the all the violence if you will. From Steelers and Bengals last week does the league takes an extra noticed where this one. Yet to a small degree because. Mean this has been one of the more bitter series at one of the more bitter rivalries. In the National Football League it's never got the the point where it got as bad as Monday night mr. Eddie Pittsburg. I mean because again on paper at the back has really. Always in that series and I thought. Covered so many of its per cent at became a covered so many of Baltimore Cincinnati isn't in that division. But you know it though the rivalry is it there's a certain respect even though again for also as easily. It was set a lot of negative things is Steelers through the years. But that it is more respect in the Baltimore Pittsburgh and there isn't as Cincinnati Pittsburgh and there's an etiquette that really started to get out of control on Monday night. We isn't taxed questions on the tax line for you John is 67974. Techsters asking about Drew Brees says techsters says that he seems to be much less accurate the last couple games do you think that he's starting to lose any ability it's. I don't they cut it they're they're maybe a little bit of a lot and just like Agassi. In Eli Manning at any of the order quarterback and there's a little bit of a drop pop but not to that degree like Adam. Johnny's and no I am so well. Oh yeah we lost their percent and I got so I'm glad amber. Another taxer asks what has happened to Mike Evans this year. I mean came at once it has not been as productive in the past and indicated they would like they haven't gotten sick I mean that you missed one game with a suspension. That's one game. Anyway output but the Sean it's Jack in addition. They're really gonna make so much better for heaven because now you're adding a great number one. There's not going to be a number two billion opened things up but it just happened Skype right now the top but the wind has not been good for the box it's just been up as these. John the charters for real right know Philip Rivers. I depend on what you wanna paper for real because again it's a bad division at the bad AFC. But they have gotten better of me that the talented team. Particularly with their defense and rivers is courses is still very very good quarterback without weapons so what if they don't get starters hurt. They have a decent chance to claim a bad division this only going to be an eight or nine win team. But after a workforce spark and the back in the city's drop out so quickly. Now things are wide open for them the baby try to get a division what I went. Relations are just a slightly bit out of his mind when he said the argument to beat the patriots this year is. San Diego Chargers or college hurts. Not what that wanna me really been that way any ASE admitted there's always been to it has been Pittsburgh is spent doing one. And we get a bit away it gave them one at an apple when they play next week. Text or asked is Chris Hogan coming back this year. He has a day of fighting an injury the last few weeks but I think you're going to be back this week is able respect do some practice it is not going to be this week is going to be next week. Speaking of injuries and other tax asks about wealth full heard is he going to be they continue to be edit the same production level that he's been able to produce so far no he's been battling a brain injury. Yeah have been nice it is kind of bad season for overall body that is guaranteed to Kabila play this week. Is that why it happened beginning at the scene with an injury when he gets the rib injury is just they wanted to protect either for the the exit permit them very bad year. So I think epic. Almost kind of write it off for this season. John did you see the locker room rent that Mitchell had the other day yesterday. IE. What what were your thoughts are basically took aflame for order just about everybody he could in the league from. Obviously I was secretly yeah it I see no issues Roger Goodell salary. Do you see anything. Coming after this interview in terms of more players speaking out. Don't wanna check check what John's on the exiting Johns phones have an issue for us there and if we get not only have issues with them if we get it back on another couple minutes we can't respond to problem that's okay extra towards one outbreak is DO seller is where that line is called ours the end is DSL now he's he has an idea. I'll feed DSL line now a text her Edison is as low and informed us that Stu got it was on and Bolick and lingo this morning. Crater and took a shot year they get out without money was mistreated not me he did not name you by name out in time are they your nun named apparently did not make the ESPN our lap. Hold on to that loss that he did talk about final hole odds let's let's let's bring John back here for a common standards you remember what your question there was for John Texans as in. I know I'm sorry yes. Yes I was like I would honestly like you me the hard hitting player. He's the guy that. If you missed a couple weeks right Alison injury and all that stuff but I'm not surprised he spoke out because. I think you can see the way the league is going haven't they get. Without even Alex out of respect we have to its target billion out the -- problems that particularly using the college targeting a role in putting added that he NFL expert guy whose hard hitting safety is never going to like that. Another text or asks are the vikings for real. Radioactive dye pot spam possibly is in the play are. In one case it goes against better quarterbacks and it's almost like flat he went back press dot where they would ballots. And it Tony Romo their you don't have Romo would be better in the playoffs because back in its first playoff series. But in this case Leo. They're they're so good on defense. But what. They get all the games and that's gonna make it easier for the biking and Kate you know. John Elliott points in the dolphins beat the patriots by a Monday night. How. I don't see that happening unfortunately the patriots just seem to be always had a great spot. I know part of the people's ball below the week before they wonder if there was a chance against what the patriots won by twenty. John excellent job enjoy the weekend's games we'll talk to next week. And I John claimed he needs John Clayton giggled and I made him gotta go I don't know that made him get real about the dolphins right now right now call on number five on the contests line we're gonna say yeah but the parent Vegas for four rock okay. We get for Iraq presented a monster energy for rock is April 22 point nine to Markham park in sunrise. You got rocks hop artist performer on two state Z tech got a lot but for rock fassel dot com. Tickets until tomorrow at four rock fassel dot com. Right now call number five in the contest line you can win them before he can buy them what though what's what's this who got sane to you same many was not on the street dollars and right now. Tech sir had a Britain into arresting gods just referred tears out slow on the bulletin windows so without naming Mike window and I radical act can ask what did he say and apparently he asks window how he felt doing mornings now. And then Steve that's mentions. That he has a friend on the local station in Miami who does the morning's Annie looks like he's aids more than Obama did during his crap. Well robberies like about you man and I am oh you don't really and I and I save a year of whenever. Wow when I'm running out of national television and it's. I don't call that is the truth musical notes. Well you at least get you. Street artist do you you do start working here when yearly twenty so course you're gonna aid. Yeah yeah I've a memorial really long time senior guys are working Trinity College be forty soon. And a long time. Two wayward Shirley used in the morning show looked wave worse. You lose first lusty lady or nearly your first year following this yet I only vigorous years getting used the morning Sarah family mean. I idyllic better than I did of years but you know. Mega fight molesting him. Outline my who have was that we ask are you off the stick is as less monies that that says let's. Writes I give them a download now all right it's almost dollars in rent or another yet he's on those outlets on the that's your difference and able to enjoy the L week fourteen action two nights. Dual football Friday it's time you'll call what's on the talk but as far as the dolphins are trying to make the Balkans interest in Morsi. Coming up next let its our show bricks of school of tonight's game next.