ZRA Part 3 2-16-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, February 16th

Jumbo Diaz, Goldhammer podcast, Moobs


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Offerings on a ball he attacks line 67974. On which you Robert Michaels saying why when she sews up she's Killen at number one in the room. Then and that's all the others with all of matters. Iranian you don't wanna see how the sausage is major as it was he is once it stops play guys says don't bitch about the process of you maybe some do you wanna see is awesome but I. I'm your interest and it. Poor analogy on my part right. Have a don't bitch about the process of who want an awesome product. That's what I said. I city do you like the product don't bitch about the process and a little bit about how the products made by this guy's got a question here amber amber my overreacting that my girl didn't post any of the things they did for her on Valentine's Day. Are you over reacting now but he is he's feeling insecure that that she didn't do that pension and post all the good things. I need to and Sheehan posted any manner like I put it on my story. And made sure to tell my boyfriend like eighty billion tie all grateful Iowa is descendant Post Properties flowers were her and how nice the present ones. He seemed in Boston roster that is rough that immediate depends on age I don't know I don't know how young these people are but I I would say. You're under forty. Then. Then I could I can understand being a sex because social media is it is a big thing in our lives and spots kind of what should do we kind of saw what your. But Jimmy and did for you give them props on social media. Pay out we want out wanna make shared one knows that they can help out the folks in Portland's all right I'm going after the show today is the ticket in all all the intercom self water real seasonable in a blood drive okay from 9 AM to 5 PM. It's at the Broward senator tool one southwest Fifth Avenue Broward center in Fort Lauderdale. You show up you give blood you wondered how I could help folks out hey can do something that's company could deal so ongoing at the show tail see there. If he can you cannot you come out as well and Broward center polar real tool once southwest Fifth Avenue. In Fort Lauderdale. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS SS Ph.D. true Miramar. See last night at the nuggets and the balks. Who triple doubles opposing triple doubles Nikola Joseph PH was a really good player for Denver and yeah on us on to to combo. Dooling and triple doubles. The same game triple doubles you Djokovic had a short though by halftime Pallet that that's a man's triple double by halftime. That's incredible right now the league has 24. Different players. Having registered triple double this season. It's the most ever before the all star break now that can be a little I wonder if that's a little bit of phony baloney stats there because you all star break is like is like the lead as it's ever been. In the league right now EE every team played almost sixty games. You get over is that the what's the deal Barney still playing when like gore it's an already in LA or because they all know I don't know last night there was just two games last night and that was the end okay most everyone finished there. Their schedule on Wednesday there's two games last night. By but in the reasons he is a place in any games now is member of the season started like three weeks earlier this year to three weeks early. Which is a good thing okay to dominate back to backs but that's what their you know it's an extra 45 teams six teams than you're used to the scene sort earlier. This year is like the fifteenth of October 1 sometimes stunts until November. We have things that happened yesterday news and also broke yesterday in a text or asks about us you upsets out slump because it's Amy Schumer. She got hit this museum and eagerly hits to she's officially off the markets us. Miami and miss a boob Sammy a text message yesterday said so atomic group likes or through me no no boo semi text messages instant you liking me shore. Arrow back on Laura. Hands. And see and the he said that that she's nasty. And I saw that I set elegance Yankee. God made several what do marry me in my in my wife's I don't score a I mean that's gonna unite young Marian map earnings kinky yet you let you wanna fantasize about this yeah hammy annihilate the girls the strip club to marry any of them announced small difference by. Yeah yeah I Amy Schumer got married I guess a few days ago. It's rough for me is rich guys that and the marrying mr. Byrne. As well may NASA can't follow the mr. Byrne. I mean you can. I suppose seems ill advised. Yes land I am disappointed with Amy Schumer being off the market probably only know sums up this only known him for a few months she married men. Knots and must hello moaning. Yeah could increasingly need the money. We'll mail it definitely doesn't wanna worry about you know having that much more money than Ras engine wants wants mourners on a level I don't know who's who the saudis to guess the bleaker for in lawsuit yes is his alimony because she wouldn't sign the Pernod and. I and song. That's what happened she wouldn't sign up column a week yet it don't we don't have it in the state of Florida guessing habit and California I think that's where this lawsuit is it's it's basically alimony for EU when you're not married when you haven't been married but it EU essentially passing you know like common law and colleagues living. Well you've been living co habit eating together and they have a child together I believe her two children together. And yes she is basically like Dwight Burke for many many years but he never actually married her and and he was going to marry her and apparently she refused to sign the pre nup. And so he ended up breaking it off the week for the wedding she refused ever sign Rina. She says some of hooked up with Kendall Jenner or they should've figured somebody else out but I mean maybe he felt there was sketch if you wanna sign. The pre nobody got a feeling I I mean I don't know. She's also as just a week details of how soft is about Chris Chris Paul taken over the locker room we actually yes he filed this lawsuit to just trying to hit the road there all of this and liquor and his huge confidence and obviously there and I home opener because you're crisp all news to look news team rebounded like harassing chipped it to him like top the box calling you go in there. You'd take over the team Sherlock. Messy but on the on in the public record and obviously knowing the press is gonna have a heyday not easy just trying to wrap. Me it's it's a tactic re image her lawyers probably went to him in advance and said. This is what we're going to put an error. AV you don't want this out give us money and is on negotiation tactic I ran into it all the time pits we represent a lot of professional athletes and all the time babies Mamas are. Are threatening their lawyers are threatening to go to the press nonstop for early confirming each cent I hate they're not wild things in the public record and hope that the press picks it up. And all its due has been a little anonymous call and the TMC to make sure they do. Baby mama drama. Are able there's no easy way you said wait to this but the last night they held a candlelight vigil in Parkland for a the Stoneman Douglas shooting victims. Cubs' first baseman Anthony Rizzo spoke at the vigil he is AE Stoneman a lump. Many dolphins Dervis Landry Kenny stills TJ McDonald and Tony lit bit awesome showed up. A job it's all star weekend. You know what if angle back temper second year my my wife told me. Yesterday. She did know all the details but dad that that's someone or maybe a group of people are taking care of a lot of funeral. Arrangements for four of the folks up there. In Portland which job which is really grates. And and I'll go back to something that I've talked about here before. I feel like. If I believe I was really wealthy I I would do stuff like that there are other like really wealthy you know I'm it's given as example you know some more promising anyone has to do that I'm I'm talk about my perspective. But I you know I feel like if I was Dan Marino like a do you know I had that kind of money that was that type of league figure you know probably between weight eat it. And again if they don't have to do anything I and I does using as someone who's sues a big name was a lot of money. On talk about I would deal and I I feel like if I was Zack it's like I would do stuff like that I would I would. I would Alipay forts. I want somebody reportedly in Tampa sent anonymously. Paid for food brought the first responders and Berkeley L. I I sell health news stuff like that and and look at that adds a lot of me okay AM and and no one. No no one has to do any of that in my trying to say people should dump some I would deal and I would. If I had that kind of money I would I would hate for the funerals no I would want to just to take care of you now a deuce I feel like I would. And I'll never know I'll never be in that position I still would do stuff like that. The other one the one the one that that had to stand up pretty after what he did and he says his wife was at home and just have the other house and he spoke last night individual and it was loss it was a heartbreaking yet he dropped her off at school that morning. You know heated no piece that I love you the whole thing was just really gut wrenching. I mean the worst experience from I'd understand the worst experience that you could ever experience and life is Al living your children it's not something that and yet here on your list is Q you never ever ever won a barrier child at any age it doesn't matter. If they're still a child or or if they're an adult that is bury your child as I understand it and as I've seen it in my family it's it's the worst thing and it changes. It changes that particularly mothers from from what I experienced or you know the rest of your life they're alive I mean it's just it's. It's absolutely horrifying that the impact that has on on a family for forever and it's right it's just not something that. And I mean it's just not something that that you can you can even imagine and so his strength. And getting up there and being able to speak just twenty per hour Slater is is remarkable. And what was tomorrow morning as well as as as a lot of the parents that spoke to the news outlets the media outlets and how. How. Coherent they were after such a devastating thing talking about you know. I I want this. Never happen again for those other kids in pointing at the other kids that are in the background in the media shot from the saying basically let's let's use this as an example to build something positive on and and just having. The wherewithal to hold yourself together and and be able to. Offers suggestions that this doesn't happen again nightly one of the mothers actually two more children that were. That were brother and sister of one the fallen. Victims to the shooting and and you know she said they got a you know what us got here not an hour. In the keys are pretty Augusta some chances speed. Cut out but there are techsters. Saying that it's the state of Florida who who is who is paying for the funeral arrangements. Is that really via. Apparently sound yet this rally that was announced by governor Scott Ambon interests it is public money is paid work via apparently sound on. Welcome. Are no easy way to segue beyond bad but it is all star weekends I will tell you that are on dry is who we're playing on team LeBron Wayne Ellington and will be in the three point shoot outs. You know similar plan question that that is the that seems like it seems lead Dicey scenario where you know where where do you draw the line on public money for what we're paying for. In situations like animal we're not paying for you know I feel like you're kind of opening pandora's box when it's great and I went. I imagine is a first time this has happened welcome. Man that is not percent statements mean paper so great funeral arrangements are great. It's Christmas surprise now Chris Bosh was on first take in he said he's not done playing. The Marlins. This is the Marlins story that Tobin is particularly excited about love with some success that he's fallen on the sky the Marlins have the heaviest pitcher in baseball this year. Jumbo. He's 315. Pounds he's the heaviest hitter I Marlins history and the bloodiest pitcher in. MLB history do you think Earl Warren he is a 44 into waste. What and I'm in this because this is new yell which like I feel like this guy's gonna pick on. Now on topic I wanna be awesome and they are disappointed about yeah actually he's listed. At 315. But he admitted last year he got to 342. But he went in the Aussie lost forty pounds I want to lose forty pounds. Or BB other areas right there on a big an out there will equal like how happy or how happy CC sabathia. Mean CC sabathia is currently you would say probably that the biggest pitcher right 6570. Million disguise or three. Yes that was bigger than CC season with that three bills he's at 306 parts of the same exit she is she's listed at 300. What about that repulsive guys that the plea for the Dodgers it is just grows with the big belly. On the Matt no Matt Matt Matt Bartolo Bartolo it's a three bills like Bartolo is. It's sloppy by I mean he knows that to 85 wow what's my wife with seven. He's with our body and while that's bad that's really bad I can't be healthy he's XX. Bus so it's a CC is listed at 300 you know he's bigger and so so CC. This Jumbo Diaz great nickname. This Jumbo Diaz needs. The same size SEC an assembly where we're probably looking right that's awesome that's called monster big guy like that. Rubber and you're complaining about things your way it is a way told this group is we get that we got this funny taxed and this is totally my Mayo 100%. This text or says wife what he want for dinner husband I was thinking Italian wife well I want sushi president so why did you ask me what I wanted to eat. Wife because I wanted to see what you want it narrator they eat sushi. And the matter might like does that was me all the time where he ends are about dinner necessarily could be about anything until last in my opinion on something I'll tell you know this or this and I teller. And then she has boy but you don't you think this I'm like listen leg yet you're. You asked me because Z Intel you get the answer that you wanna hear what you don't want my opinion news audience you want here. Final words when it comes to appear and I am absolutely. That. Woman you can never decide what she wants to eat or where she wants to eat but then when somebody's just something. All the sudden I have an opinion about it. Doesn't matter what you want to eat and and she's like what he can eat like. Just pick the two plates 'cause you're gonna pick up mine anyway because I know you won more than one item on the menu. So just ordered that two different issues and all have the other. As you know you're gonna swap plates immediately anyway when we get yours so it doesn't matter just or what you wanna eat today. And and that's outlines I'd fifteen minutes eating at the also weekend coming up. We'll get that next. It and as bide champion for five more South Florida's number one Jeep truck. And as CB customization shopping guaranteed them the hottest for life for modifications. To. Town called champion Portland point 7865023446. Of their achievement for export dot com. Also mile pro orthopedic and all brought the edicts and sports medicine. It's their job to be back in the game of force upload location there's one near you good all pro orthopedic suck com for more info. But merit Ohio globe as a Martinez your insurance attorneys call the real flight 800 per month. And finally brought to my ex affinity when it comes the entertainment you'll love. X one gives you more change the way you experience TV with X community. Excellent one ask. Fit more but normal show this morning yes it was a rough day. Open. Against the weekend on a positive note here again if fuel are interested in helping out blood drive OK at the Broward center in forlornly on the word is to a one southwest at that new breed downtown yup that's a Broward center and four alone 95 Broward boulevard heading east like a mile and a half it's right there on the right hand side next the IMAX you know ward isn't. Are starting at 9 AM this morning all throughout the day until 5 PM we the intercom Entercom South Florida. Has got the blood drive go when I'll be there policy there and everyone wants to. Emeril oneself out you can text in the show on the call springs auto mall Kia tax line 67974. You know the heat obviously are aren't bad spot right now they lost seven of their last eights. All close games in that now look they played terrible the second half of close losses in the last 20. They got calls rush in the third quarter. Against Toronto they came back in the fourth still lost by three had a chance to tie. And in second half of the last game against Philadelphia got rushed in the second half in a game that they led by 24. Had a chance to win at the end and man. Dwyane Wade hits that shot on him in the best thing just go into the all star break your lasting. You lasting memory until he got to play next Friday. Is Dwyane Wade three point error at the buzzer he went. And so good. So good and said we're sitting back losers of seven of eight yup yup. And and the cavaliers all our our hot story again because Paulson is struggling. And LeBron is trying again. Now on LeBron doesn't try so hard he could still easily giving it 2728. Points so it's it d.s he's he's the best our rights. By. It's it's pretty clear it was clear to me when the heat played cavaliers two weeks ago and he was he was not trying 100% I mean any moment to licensee Yelp. But he's that good that he doesn't have to when he could still make a major major impact by he's now you know hey what's big serve into the cavaliers. Lou LeBron right LeBron gives him Broderick that's the big difference eight Rodney quoted Giorgio. Did the guy who is a guy who when he would play in the playoffs he couldn't dribble the flu George no problems the difference. The bronze the day. Believe is a lebed's Arthel editors and I was asking have you ever seen a superstar do that you know we talk about him being arguably the bass player who ever lived. It was their points and you know I was obviously pretty young during Jordan I'm aware of their points that Jordan felt like he wasn't. I think at the end of last week where LeBron AM before the trade and work. LeBron has on his resume now on three different occasions you have his employer. Essentially accusing him of not trying. And not try I don't not trying hard not doing as far as I mean obviously try and his numbers are pretty good and it's a pretty damning accusation I I can't remember a situation like that three separate occasions. And and and you know look I spoke my peace about I don't buy it down here. You know I AI I think LeBron was the only one who who who played well in in the finals into when he fourteen but it. Why anyone though that wasn't the question whether he played well great though that was this as if he played as well as he put mean he's he's still LeBron James so yes have you look at the numbers from the spinal claiming he stole LeBron James. But I guess he felt like he didn't play. As well as he was capable of platinum chorus that's stuff I moon. Clear is that. But either way they they certainly felt that we at the time I mean Levitt or has has said that at that time he told him. That they felt like in in the moment that he wasn't playing her not hindsight not after he does I delete not with all the bad blood but in that moment so. Either way he's been accused of that three times by his employer which you pointed out whether it's you're not at bats I didn't resting at. Multiple employers and and multiple times you've been accused of us I mean. Norman were there smoked or speier. I. I got Russia I got to share this with you guys so yesterday. Our pal mr. freeze Brad Siegel okay freezing cold takes. Ximian message yesterday alerting me to this. And even knows possible others too busy big timing us. And even know it known I don't know it's a tightening in a phone right now. That's my guy right there and now he can kill bill join us whenever we wants but but he is he is very big now he is very big time. And he sends me a message yesterday with a link to a tweet from you how golden hammer. From Aaron gold hammer in in Cleveland. OK. You know it's on and our. And gold hammer sends out but a tweet yesterday alerts. New windy. Extra. Has been reported. Going up now. And I'm alerted to this because. It's a subscription based service. Beach or June. For this extra windy. Is that his segment woodwind horse posing as an iPod Pasadena with whatever task stride it is the land on demand you don't know about. I. You know what it says here go up now on TL ODs that's what that means the land or it's on the mend it holy crap. I realize we're supposed to make fun of us. And and and get ready to open his Chinese family and on defend don't tell me you're out justice. I. However. If you look at the numbers of how many podcasts there are in the Sports Radio universe in the back it. Bad very few people monetize them I mean how much. How much money. With eleven tarred show mate if they charged for their podcast I mean it would be unbelievable. They get the link millions and millions of downloads. Every day don't like crazy and a lot of tired Asian podcast I believe the most popular podcast in the SPS. All but they're they're Hayden. To do the radio ship. There's paper the radio show and then the the podcast is is you know just were courted and put up there if you that deters people from that continent as well. A new monetize the podcast. You would make so much money and the popularity of podcast continue to rise a lot of people that being passed the direction that Sports Radio. Is dole in is that one day we were all just be podcast about the way that you're going to end up making a lot of money list. And we want a strong wind I mean to people to be able bias to people barbed windy backstroke I mean it evil empire I don't think maybe don't get caught not a hunter well. The comments are so funny if you look at the comments underneath. The wind alert. It's an alert for small unit alerts and alert new wind the extra has been reported. Go up now on no land on demand would why would the comments are so good I assume it's it is it's going to be when horses on astray and that's writes the windy extra. Might we can add up it's a these the show on the decision they win as a huge listener the salt and now it's only subscription is huge bummer all a good job and getting on Tobin for listening to Haiti windy no money as studios in recent research on mind he's he's doing it for us. But it did the response to hear so good one guy one guy responds with let might let me get my ass and gold colored. Okay and wounding another guy wonder how long this failed experiment last. Windy provides zero inside of The Who carriers. Today addressed an given golden hammer. Is not a single rescission Mike princesses I don't know I don't it that'll intended to do your daughter is back but why isn't this the same thing that make princes and princess us and that he's doing after a ban where he's. Going to have a podcast he charges or because he brings us the direction. Yeah Brady I think they're going and I think that's what economic and winning we're going on right. Muted if he's got to know it's free yeah. It's. Event 850 per month is pretty good deal is noted is. Is there anything you'd be more ashamed to spending your money on the and to hear when sourced army and I really wanna make a joke here about huddled. But I don't I'm Robert anymore about it memo report which is out the huddle obstacles lie about maybe five bucks lower despite this. Slash and leader. Is that like is that Lago offseason presser is that you don't. All the time where there but I had a promo code like Rahm dog and that get five dollars a month and you know Zell would go away. You get the get 10% off of dynamite gear you can at 10% off of each are affecting you get it appointed discounts to get a lot of discounts throughout so for a community in your everyday experience being a cane fan plus a lot of business networking and it goes on without a huddle getting a little bit of a benefit. What do you think some of these dudes wives would say when like they're checked and it the credit card bill for the month and she's like what is this 895. Land on demand it pretty. What is this 850 they'll land on demand with windy. I mean I I is there anything be more ashamed of spending your money. Probably the same thing otherwise they're saying checked their husbands credit card bill and see the five dollars a month throughout the whole kitten. Who are not doing their why do that is why some hurricanes. But Kansas so much better than a year from windy it was your market is yeah this man and not gain. The U mart best spending 850 a month on the land on demand or if your wife season PHP some born a premium on your credit card statement and all that much I cost how much is born a premium. But you know what do they do but they do the free trial which you signed up for and then they did automatic rollover when they search urging. Only problem and moving Camelot to the woman like let me check on my member account which of course has the username Brett Romberg let me see did to return the story that men that are with the disease. And I came back the next morning in the way checked the credit card statement and there was a 4000 something dollar. Church on my car they come up a name they don't come dumping normally when and I and our Ali Mahdi and the housing Redick or don't don't what I personal I didn't spend 4000 dollars there. What they do it is the your caller there and they run to put a deposit just accuse you feel like bolting anywhere. So for about 24 hour period. You how public in 2004000. Dollar had a little thing Iraq. The dollar deposit Hillary doing in strip clubs. Fourth fouls and all the positive for. I mean all that answer that question electrical wiring. Electrical ball yeah yeah you gotta deal might end. Got to go in with a big bowler status many on the clue her own the strip club that our analysts are deposit. I spent like hours telling my wife trust me. Nothing went down I don't know wires a 4000 dollar charge on my card it's insane trying to calling the manager. And I was I was inquiries yells at them and oh you realize what just happened I was at the Boerse because of the fourth that was more chart record and he was like. We rheumatoid immediate public error I want you to tell me that this discharges not going to be on my card anymore and he goes you know as a deposit miles an OK on a minute. And the phone with a wife explained mr. please open. Will come what a hassle. I mean good solid emerald or a thousand dollar deposit some book some of what looked app and now I know a lot producer of that but downpour to bring in. One of premiums none of the night and for how long from. That's why I mean base of my user account Brett Romberg it it hey I might be worth it. I opened up an account a couple days gone porn a premium you gotta come with a username and I called a brat rom and outs appealable for I want to see in the member section. You don't pro aren't everybody jumped on leaking digital membership card the huddle when that gets me. What is an idea. Do you if you drink beer and watch football if you buy dime life if you Peta been to a factory if you do a lot of the things in this town. You're gonna make your money back. Within a day. Understand what the problem it's not our goal is rightly he's slipped all know the medical and tell you this we got in the life of a nice little diary of Braxton Cheerios and you know burials but drops and gives who's so if you're if you're McCain's anyway presenter is saying. The strain tech out of the huddle and he is out right now sassy. And there are no more says he peed on the other web site as well as the CP is retired mile. While in a good run. Good I'm pizza recipes outlets like that was the only takes things seriously there are some guys just like bombs on this website. But users roll out of bed soon open your raggedy ass cain's gear that they don't know if that's nominal though I'm responsible as well I'm familiar not because you're in Nike shirt. Because mad about it is mad about that and Advil has got late this the stunner shades and that is put together. He's good isn't doing this broadcast right there yeah. Now. That's a pro. Pro pro am that's right those Super Bowl champion. NFL rookie of the year and he goes and also they also made urgent and everywhere and I mean there aren't. I don't doubt Obama donated the facility. We know you'd I don't know Vijay did either. Mean you didn't. Let you guys in the facility. And intro role not sure treated either an actual role made some recent million dollar a much satellites about calling out here you former teammates were just on you you'd because we all talked about this last round we saw how much everybody me in the them NFL the moment business up there and how much I'm a few wrongs make a right number where you last. What was I. But was vital. And I in the league with those guys made it a year man you might last. I designed ansari. It's it's not sorry and. It's. It's. It's. Things and. I would say up here with that with a pair of tickets for cocktails with champions okay it's on March 1 he got the world's best beach volleyball players back in town to the beach major series. Many Italians is de cock doesn't champions starting at 7 PM. She can hang out peach fuzz balls Olympic and world champions includes top US teams in this exclusive VIP events at four Largo beach park. Limited tickets are available beach major series dot com for more details cot doesn't champions is brought to buy seven idea ticket. So right now called five will set you up on the content signed 7865340798. Big Dave reits and big day. The other day but you're averaging out with a guy got Valentine Valentine's dinner tonight it's okay go out just me in my life to some young and to stake outs. And so we got we had Valentine's dinner tonight and just as important this afternoon black panther. Paul here. I think we're gonna say donating blood effort via. Victims of stone and doesn't cost of doing that today yeah I'm going wrap this showed that are told that. But it doesn't list this it all on his list it's not zip on it a big list that is there saving lives yeah. Not yes third on the length and big things happening today believes you're hurting you go with the white person that I was Smart smoke. Yet gauzy black curiouser of the big steak house to the big expensive steak house yeah I've always forget where she set up the reservations but it's it's Somalia she. Yeah he's subtle reservations from around Wednesday. Yet she's real good about that she always makes our dinner reservations she's good about that stuff. Philly that's week's us that Billick for Valentine's Day at the one day that the that you should have done it for. Non all I buy I did my part are ready you know why I got her very thoughtful gift. Let's be real that you wanted to black panther for some outlets didn't and we didn't think she heard. Mean if we're if we're really bring it down which might enjoy more I'm here and I have a real discussion. But yet black panther this afternoon on C which on on on shore is going to be all I think it's 98%. Certified fresh. On rotten tomatoes now. By the way OK before we get to Roberts fact not that we do to clear some and up here. Our rights so all we are our show was able to get back to a lot he'll owe more ball on a normal type of show today. But something does need to be resolved OK because after the show yesterday amber was really angry with Robert. Really all you are you and your boat anywhere each other or you can read tyranny it sound like I'm emotional opening to each other okay Tony is angry with the right things and X Robert is salty. Was the last thing I said. When I left that room and I will really don't care of it to hold on without without getting into specifics. The finality of it. Why is the last night's OK I guess you to read some kind of spat on Twitter I don't following him when he used to I don't know number. I got into it with somebody else on Twitter who is a hell I'd been defending the point I made on air and Robert got into was some big Diane Twitter and and. Any systems aren't important it is that important artist after they had another spat was OK amber and then decides to reach out to Romberg and ask hey are we good. And amber attacked an NB attacks and amber and tell us this morning she got in a text back. Expect. Any eastern sit here and say he's not mad. My muscle thing you see. I have to put my phones and so you know it's like an album for the show because they're basically on 3% battery power here reach out to place into now Lara. A little later I told them sued to not the phone he's using up about phone which I have a system. I told you take on this Tyson doesn't screw up the show Orvella idea I didn't get it out again until this morning. Except I don't did you at 8 PM last an element that OK and and nobody believes that you didn't have access ID earth and I am last night but that 8 and this morning you know I'm up by 4:30 in the morning Elena that could have texted me back. This morning Amy your separate this morning waiting in the studio. Deceive you hit me back you know tax Alabama. Zones you know lumbar is all right you know it doesn't bottoming it doesn't bother me in think about it zero number of the union many keys in the stay in roberts' defense Aussie hit a bad Dexter no he's never not text me back and generally bad Dexter so it was it like it down here and plug man I card relieved. I really don't communicate all right Mike can you can just so we can have some some actual evidence can you text or backward good. You don't communicate with people we did we just talked for three and a half hours to each. I'm on the radio I'd so we're good at he you're gonna texted back. They'll think I'm Samantha text me now yes you do it urges national gallery got to do it's also somebody else we got to do before we wrap up here. So Limbaugh. We already. And boats run around chasing perfection award winning votes run run run that does not just age but nurture a neighboring that's our fact nugget today it in the week. Yet basically what is going to be is going to be a little education for the ladies especially when it comes to gift giving. And we just have Valentine's Day and usually. We just go the other way around with a guy normally gives it the ladies. Yes or extravagant some or not. Some are very heartfelt her warming in an in summer not but this one is something for you ladies out there that might be interested. In helping out their partner. Who might have moves and what I mean by this is guys that have boobs and right now there's 27760. American men who underwent breast reduction surgery oh god. Last year how embarrassed and so if you're out there. And you have what is called the lack of chest. Muscles in your man out there and you're just search and go and yelling I'm loops. It's not like I just muscles though where's B ever seen the guys in the gym with the big Macs the based on the new yet they gotta to sometimes girl. I've seen Iran the shirt off what it's. Multimillionaire. You don't either India with Iran India to Jalen and. When you get off the gas here you get off the gas and these are the kind of your body to produce testosterone anymore so now you start like overwhelmingly estrogen production and you start getting groups but. But again you know the opportunities there just like you know it's not not too expensive it's basically similar price to a female so if you wanna go and take care your man. You're looking at about 3500 dollar hostile combat a quick recovery and quick turn around two days came in exercise for the two weeks after the open willow blowing out felicity restaurant and I'd be RS. It's better than rocket the moves man I support it. I. Yeah. By Iran Greg enjoyed it he's this week immense still waiting for my indictment will I'm going from an attack yeah get on both those. We'll do I see around are there you go out there. Our rights I will talk you guys on Tuesday the rest of cruelty on Monday at a more big holidays anymore so we work extra on Monday to we're gonna extra hour on Monday and a break. Levitt's ourselves next.