ZRA Part 3 2-2-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, February 21st

Celebrity death hoaxes, Free Lilly, Old-ass Bill Polian


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You. Shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot and. Yeah. It is never gonna stop doing the Jews and the Jews should. Troops Jews Jews. Sure yeah. You're it's dark streak intact. News you know coach Bruce Ross is excited that he'll be around for another year is that's it's easily roll that you choose. Jews. Juice they just. Can advantage in the middle like episode 42 worlds and Ross why is was. Yes. Choose. It's a once you're listeners how does make the station is greatest possible okay we sent out a survey recently by email to all members of Lawrence our club's ticket email. Take the survey it's not a member of our inside a club league joined now by long Johnson to get money dot com you get nudes were up from Romberg. All kinds of other good stuff. And we also reset idea the survey the nudes to yeah new firm raw amber yeah I am and Martina insider and you get the news keeps on give him the news here so we care about your opinion. Radio on am 719 FM one a four point 38 DT to date so please take. Certainly runs. Speaks WE XY AM South Miami. And WS FX Ph.D. true Miramar. You see yesterday. Sylvester Stallone fell fell. But I prayed to the death hoax the celebrity death jokes to refer loop you felt for Martin's football for an ultimate that is like this this is going to be a movie screen footage of him after prostate cancer and let that footage because first says he died of prostate cancer. And so you super old looking picture of sly and he's he's got hardly any hair and creed. Oh real. That's some great over crede got cancer OK gotcha yeah OK after a memorable movie creed was no and also you know it was really good of man. As a director of black panther directed retail and horrible boy that guy's got a resume already creed taken to north Immelman all that's a good movie that nationally in advance talks I grew used to movies have been hits with Emmitt and Michael B Jordan play elicited fruit dale station also read NC a position but I love this movie that's in with a that's that's a little worrisome with creed two he would write this movie have you directed. The directors not on creed two years and a ball I mean look he's only doing movies with hundreds of million dollar budgets now a black panther director going to be a break. So so sly fell prey to the celebrity death of says he's not dead he's alive and well me how dare you try and kill off rocky the undertaker few days ago celebrity death hoax the undertaker was thought to of died. He's not dead at all is not dead don't you worry about that amber. He is alive. Everyone else is resting in peace he's life. Are you at a Miami Dolphins. They announce that they're placing the franchise tag on Jarvis Landry. I mean tell makes sixteen million dollars this season ended they don't comet. With a long term agreement in another team decides offer him a deal and he wants assignment bound than Miami would receive 21 round picks in return. I might guides all the love that TK may be great. He's so great. The don't never use the franchise tag either a Philly it's very rare. Miami Herald to reach out to Jarvis Clinton's agents yesterday no plans pillow back apparently. Is reporting that the two sides not exchange contract offer since December when they made a counteroffer to Miami. That is just a few days ago who reported it who was that all but in my and Jonas Landrieu are close to coming up with a deal. And now not only he tagged at the franchise tag but your tell me that they have not exchanged. Terms since December. That's according to Miami herald's source close the deal it was a material difference does that is that the search had reporting out there so much bad reporting. Pro football talk it's reporting that the dolphins place in this tag on only injury is showing of the dolphins desire to trade him no trade can occur until we entry signed that tender. The transaction is unlikely unless agrees to a long term contract from that new team. Ranked floated the third disclose their Canadian tour with a 10 loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs. It's a good. May blizzard good stop loss but three into on the road trip. They're back at home tomorrow night I believe enough that they're hanging around you know they're they're out there are there not in the playoff picture of the hanging around. Don Mattingly and selling brace harper to mind his business or mine to his. Club house the nationals outfielder had this Tuesday to reporters. Is very shock. They were gonna let go of yellow chosen and stand because it's one of the best now fills in the game. So very shocked about that. I mean you can't say enough about what stand did last year would Ozuna did last year and what you know it's is on the Castro yourself. I thought they were great team I think they just had at a couple more pictures and everything you're doing good stuff. And. How slowly death hoax sort link to someone to sit around their computer and they're like. Now it's slide into viral on a man MacCallum but just had. How does it does it happens in a bunch of guys sitting around a computer one day it's like let's put together small bit to the sly and it's. Guy and then he gained some traction and people joining and hacked them. I don't know old popularity of the Internet that's how these things work. Hash tags. And yeah and none at all works I mean there's a there's an article in the I think it's though. New York Times today or maybe it's a Wall Street Journal and one of those major newspapers today about although Russian box. That spread all this stuff throughout these years surrounding the election but not just about not that not even just political stuff it. Italy's Russian by its on Twitter. Who put out stories about how their families and gotten sick from Turkey from Wal-Mart. I just that was a big being and then they're claiming that they're getting Salmonella from Wal-Mart in trying to you disrupt. Wal-Mart in cost panic around Thanksgiving and it's it's interesting how. These Russian bots can put out a tweet in gain traction and people start believing it in and it becomes this. Big story that that is all made up in all a hoax and that sort of Blake. What happens here when somebody puts out a dozen eggs. You're part of a process wanna give ground reality involved and I nonsense once I don't see it's and who would you pick who to pick who would be your to do celebrity death what reason beard delegates and trying kill people off by I just I don't think it's at all news in Adobe I don't particularly virulent cancer and then putting out fake. So alone was prostate cancer in the most common cancer in a mad at me and I don't know what's he doing an arrow mark making up fake stories at. The latter real stories about cancer we are really need to invent people dying from cancer. Have you can easily be traitors out you know I got to. I think it's big issue where you get for your your prostate cancer are not well there's no issue with it get a prostate exam because it seems your life some or what are these are killer of men would you rather do I get up feeling you know prostate rather through boobs or would you rather. Have your finger. And and figured out that way below me you thinking what he's feeling who loses is all women have to go through how about how about having things generally they are asserting it demolish the bone spurs and all mammograms mammograms. And not a particularly good time but then second of all. We're talking about things we have to go and are you discovered how pap smears every single yes ear doctor how about also having to do a very similar manner in which your prostate is examined is the same way that our ovaries are examined. For example I don't like you we have to do these things. Every single year so yeah here and cramming your ally get a note to. Amount I understand now the Sam. That's encouraging children now that not that he will not trying to non optional and straying outside that never having cramps on god it is out in this once eagerly for antitrust. On a boot much powerful man I need to go the whole the whole rigmarole of how horrible it is to be a female couple. Your fault on card. Don't ever say anything about. Reverend a boot so you know it's always a funny thing I like to do when when coaches in college basketball get in trouble. Eutectic my house Twitter time. That's always good to be had sent. All yesterday of course you have you know little hole has its. Get rid of they had to vacate wins for those four years including a national championship and Rick pitino's legacy is forever stained. They may get their wins in 2011 to 2015 which includes a 2013 national championship. So the tea you'll never work again and rightfully so I mean he's he's caused plenty of shame. So little bowl over the last two years including your member worries he's having the the adulterous sex in the in the Booth in the restaurants. You know I mean did do adore you gotta do but I have a little have a low to attacked okay. It's embarrassing. And yeah he'll be he's complete ease shamed for rapper and my favorite thing to do is when these coaches are involved in these have a scandals go to Dick lighthouse Twitter timeline because I mean he will stand up and defend any coach over and wrongdoing and he did by Dow is never city coaches are being guilty of anything. These coaches there they're just. They're Molder of mines and leaders of men. Other friends with them I think tale. I that has something to do with their radios or spurs PA in none of them can do wrong he's on every one of their tips none of them has ever done a single thing wrong. And you know I don't like it okay because his CD and no problem calling for the death penalty with the university Miami. And asking for Donna Shalala to resign as president while Canada. And I am we're talking about this does DeVon Shapiro with. BA you know buying kids drink single on yachts and were talking death penalty and Donna Shalala. Resigning and and added this is. I mean this is a lot worse so we're talking about here would little ball OK is it the national championship taken away I mean gimme a break. Sione check. Dick like taos sort of timeline I mean he you'll you'll defend Rick Pitino as the day he dies. You know he does throughout as the same response ever gazette went. The oldest such may. Other people and their heparin Dick flights out program on Twitter you know trying to get a rise out of him as we all know that he's he's never gonna say anything bad about pitino. And any doses the response every single time he's the ups Tino is guilty of hiring that guy that guys the one who did the wrong thing that. But it sure trucks drew it's you know that same thing it throws out every single time which he did to me one time you date yet and are. That's an insult to us why you're bringing up a toll brick motel years I don't. I'm one that I won that though I tool I I yell I had the facts of the facts were dig by itself. After he had no fax one of Donna Shalala to resign as president edges just it was our dog's death penalty. After he had no sacks that was my biggest problem okay though. The thing Eddie's preach and everyone else out there to get the facts in Leo you want people to resign and per college football programs be completely shut down all but only university Miami. Only one WMU on the only a second treatment. Did it might talk about yet and say that your resume global Basil three shut down. But it probably not. No now now UN showdown Beatty are you I was gonna do us after a scary it's. However as we did as always is the death penalties forever will do it forever dinner just wherever we're going to be talking about how some people called for. The death penalty current events I don't see this as a real story on the next forty years that's right I'm sitting here the grass. I I would like I would like and get others say that he was wrong and apologized on shall oil and apologize university my football program and exact. Hell would that DO you lose you are even still here. Dude you better yet maybe the better I'm Tammy are you an idea how anyone fan base you're going to the baby's fired up my attorney bummer falling deeper. Yeah that's right that's all Miami Heat returns to practice today. James Johnson says he loves playing with Dwyane Wade and. Dwyane Wade. To see what he's doing on trailer Tillman. Is due in the lords is bruised and he's get out there on the boat goes. Let's welcome. He was doing does look. I'm hearing it. Doing the lord's work. He's ease is the of those compliments out those potential whale loses cobbled it Healy said he not recruiting. Damian Miller advent LeBron I think I'm as good as any point guard in the sweet and Dwyane Wade to read it to tweet it outlooks. Take the words being outs. And added Damian Miller you a bad boy. And CU that means he's recruiting. I think that enough and that. Did that and Damien little heard or read treated. MO NG. You might David. And a public figure it. And does this tournament I go on tonight dot com right now the very first headline LeBron James to heats. We're back we don't veto that we don't need of freely. Now that then I'm not trying to get them Wales three Lilly. Really only. He doesn't have to make a basket and visit with Dwyane Wade is gonna bring back some credibility. Have him in the room. Means the contract with three more years. But in three years business struggles and and I don't want. I was bending these these these programs are cowards. But it was Portland's. It was the no hand him OG that well posters from Portland he loves it here. Again as anything. To think about it. And even an asterisk next to the noting an amenity. And means no let me footnote a favor go for later. Explosives that was GM in Portland me so that some connections there now ready does favor Jack Ramsay. God bless and god rest his soul that I. And I'm. Pretty perfect actually. Fifty minute the next the no trains no. Instead. Well yeah. Well gift. Some oh well we don't get some good. Yeah we don't do a good chance to win special access around season best beach volleyball players in the country in the world and apple are unbeaten B comedic series takes place. On form Laura beach in February 27 to march 4. Why Obama's amazing event check out the ticket money dot com don't forget to listen cars and part two when your way in it's brought to blame some ninety. An FM one a four point 362 ticket right now Cordoba slime in the contests line 7865340790. Disable the parenting at C Smashing Pumpkins that is an American Airlines Arena. On July 24 the shiny and oh so bright war is gonna go on sale to the general public on Friday at 10 AM. And their available live nation dot com legal winnable four week by right now okay Conan or 57865340790. We will set you want to James Johnson he likes playing with a way to. Tim Johnson's one coming out now and saying that he loves it yeah pilot and his career. While I mean I I figured Dwyane way Dion Waiters. Is going to be the one who loves the most when he eventually comes back next year. He said quotes. When I checked in with him against Milwaukee in his first game I was like damn. That's one of the highly two my career so far every time anybody gave me recognition and how good my defense is they always asked. Knew my hardest cover as it's been the same man constantly Dwyane Wade. And I told met you I don't whine to play with him when I Gainer for the first time in 2016. I thought it would be part of it. And I'd be able to. Getting him off my scouting report watching film on him. To see what is Tennessee are you really helped my game with space and implore you to killer at sliding back and forth between Abbas and perimeter. I take heed of that in in the last few games have been trying to emulate all of that. When he goes on to say more great things about Wade's game but I'm joking and a meal Walton. Little. It's easy and back in action on and on Friday night they'll be in the oil and send their home on Saturday. He'll finally gets he weighed in person again. Come Saturday night for just the second time this season. I know we sent out a post last night is all kinds excitedly back in South Florida as is in Los Angeles during the all star break and and that hole to do and everything. So yeah hopefully. Hopefully way to. Takes a little bit as I'm often. In already go for this week is we're all excited about the first game. But he hasn't played real. It up lady of the one gaming of the doubled doubled ten points eleven rebounds but yet it's turnovers that is what it is but otherwise that in that game he's not played very well. Would have been nice ways wanna go with the all star break the mediate three pointer at the buzzer. But regardless there Mac daddy. On Friday night. He drew it out Miami I missed you were back from all star and we have a lot of work today or going to need each and every one of you all to help us and this season in Miami Heat fashion let's go he nation. I would also say the heater you have a much different look I mean when you when you count Dewayne wade and you know as soon as now part of the rotation obviously. It is no reasonably analytic is not going to be back come Friday and and grunting recruiters going to be back on Friday and it's. Politico would expect to be inserted right back into the starting lineup who won't be back Winslow. Winslow a Linux ready suitor right back in the starting wanna have to assume. And now would mean that the doubt mean that most likely Winslow is going to be out but I suppose that means if you keep in Tyler Johnson. In. The starting line and CI Ian Johnson and Richardson and the deals and analytic and White Sox. So automatic now means to be Steven Tyler Johnson in the starting lineup. But I think Magruder. I don't know what it's gonna look like it's at first. Not immigration plan had a winds of and. I mean Winslow if you are glad it's our should talk about this yesterday and their rights mean I think I brought this on a warm when last week till. Is it all on him now and there's no way to two to quantify. So what do measure. But the heat records since John's is just is Winslow has returned and that. Really about it's it's unfair. To put that on justice Wenzel is a lot of moving pieces and there's a lot of factors to. You know a team was in a basketball game especially we're talking about you know it's it's Argo is a major role justice Winslow totally unfair is certainly some of the other on them. I mean I think so I I I think I'd I don't think he's great fits. And so for you know. Meaning last season when he played hurt justice went to a meeting last season. But their record was terrible obviously the ups 1130 sort. Notably the first eighteen games are I mean what could have been in those eighteen games that he played in the sort of last year must been terrible it was only I mean uneven commitment. Five and thirteen. Some like that's an awful and now this year his record in games played since returning me telling me vehicle you know he's he's played in like fifteen or sixteen games since returning. I think they have. Five wins are on that stretchers on the six wins. Mean they're they're like they're like six into something Lewis are six and twelve Lester in the first eighteen OK and and he was he played those sides obviously terrible record. Six and twelve which justice Winslow last year and this year since he returned to ease ease him back like sixteen or seventeen games. But it also just has had some time in between agreements that the good official record when they left whose life. Is bad as they added ten and ten and third ten and 23 years of. Either way the record with him in the lineup is a record everyone a lot of the first half last it was terrible so we know the record would justice in the lineup last year was terrible. And his record for this year since he's returns a lot of tees and backed Bork. I don't know what ISIS'. Mean not only do the counting on heiress who abort and wanted death and it looks like it looks like seventeen games he's been back for seventeen game series on 456789. Take six elevenths he's been back. That. Does that sound right till you're doing a more precise count me under read Tom had their biggest 611. Since him back in line. We know what the record was the sort lassie would justice outside my group rescue plan album. A text rates in the wind blows a liability on offense. Where it's for a farmer time he's out there. And and you don't I'd I'd wonder what the three point shooting is that right now known since a lot of other three point shooting anymore writes these troopers last eleven games and disease now is now under 40% which I mean obviously. And he'll he'll finish the season on the thirty. The B under 30% by the end of the season. France is ranked. Rabat. And and for the year he's under 40% field goals which by the is way up from last year. Blige. IA if it's on the coach in May not be right away because Magruder is coming back. He's missed the entire season you can't just thrown out there for 2530 minutes out of nowhere are writes yes in new teammates there for him also including join wade. But I give eventually few games in a group please look here element there. I I give Magruder all of justice when those minutes all the. Obama Magruder is out there on the floor. The canoes with a filly gave Americans their organs and he rebounds him. Yell at every team every team has a guy OK who it's. You know the value doesn't show up in the box score he could be a little bit of the past and you do a thing or two offensively OK as a group for Miami. There's there's no there's there's a net negative with Magruder out there he and and the weighted teenage dream about it and say it's constant positive with Magruder. If it's not shown up in the box score and with wins logs as tired 34 league missed layups yeah. You know there are thirteen of fourteen when he without a lot of it is injury this season and before the game before it came back they were 24 and have. The game before he came back. Yes and what they are now 3028611%. You won six of his seventeen games since he's been back and I don't think it's fair to put that on him. The facts. He's been back for seventeen games the team was rolled. He's been back for seventeen games and it wants six. It's gotten as it's got some two. I mean it's you know it's Hassan sits at the end to games because we like this one a better we think this wanna you you know is is more personal lineup he gives us more options offensively. And we like the way we rotate defense league it is the best chance to win games spot in the fourth quarters with us on the bench on a prom but that's but they also probably have to pay a little bit of attention to six and eleven with Winslow in the lineup. Since the team was hawks. And what their record was with when Bono wanna last year when the two most people. Right. It's the right. I just thought that the whole team's part in the all star break you know not my misses are all blame to be smaller government solution on. I and I definitely think that some blame can be pace place on his shoulders of course sit up and I'm not interested anymore are not a big dean's little Fuhrman a whole blame on him but I figure after three years in a few injuries in a and a broken. Confidence I don't find the heat investing much more resources and didn't tell you the truth or pharmacy why a police went 111. That's why don't want to rule how many how many more years of the excuses I'm only 22 degrees only 23 re gonna get. Oh I I I think it's I think it's adding usually when you got a guy who's gonna wind up being a big time player you can usually tell you three or four are usually tell. He's going to want whether it over the season last year refused opens his Russia their tenants 44. They finish the season without thirty observed in you got that waiters to when winters is a major part of that second half OK so like I said. It's very tough to to to make a direct correlation. Why what I'm saying is yet to players here okay who seemingly never played together okay it does move grow it was a rookie last year. And Wenzel was out the entire time when Magruder sarge get minutes to start games Alison two years ago wins as a rookie Lugar is not leaked he just never played together. Subject to pick one or the other here to take that spot in the rotation. Good to go the guy who was disorder when the team and 3011 the second half the Iraq and the guy who think and we sit and how much is Magruder. How how much that he. Can you quantify. How much he was responsible. Routine being there and let can't do you like I don't know. What you -- we can't as it was just I was the only option but what else who else would be replying to a smokers the ons out of it just out which is lately I don't know how how much credit Magruder gets for an outline how I don't know how much discredit Winslow guess right now polite to know is. The team had a great record when the group was playing a lot last year last year and the team has a record when Winslow was plan a lot this year so by those two facts in front of me. One eagle and don't forget that the roster is having to get dressed eight guys on a lot of those games as well you know they didn't have any debt mission has definitely circumstances yes yes. And choosing agree or not spiral answers most questions if fortitude and what he says this is the knee injury last year or surgery last year. Without. And the offensive numbers are pitiful. So I mean it you know how how how do we how we grating defensively is very difficult but he offensive numbers pitiful. Okay the one thing that I have an issue with is obviously the performance on the court is not exactly that great but put the lack of basketball knowledge whether it's the inbounds that he kept messing up the lack of awareness at the end of the game I think that's. Do you issue. That I'm having a hard time dealing with that you know your performance is one thing has been it's going to be hindering you make it better on defense and you'll be on offense but. The fact that you don't know situation in basketball at certain points atomic thing that's where you've got to grow. Your three as well much just like performance based. And and the team would probably tell you there's no way to grow and has yet to play. You know and that's why they're given more time promptly went on. And they made their choice in the investment from the draft and they've already invested twice now and judged in the in my three year deal but the jump and now four year extension. It's it's early you got to look at that drafted feel like you came island had to do right out of Iraq to the right right right. Yeah like who cares we became at a droughts and we got Josh his own home run. I'd like Winslow made in the second but who cares right here totalled his if feels like just because of his status. You're holding out hope longer but. You look like you have seen at Winslow with the second round pick would they be playing right now. Well that's what you wanna know if anyone and he's absolutely being advantaged by where he was strapped absolutely. By his expectations coming into Italy or not his production since being an. In the three years the coach staff hasn't figured out yet with this player I imagine they wanna move on especially with guys like damn and just Richardson at the Helm. Moving on is probably the best move that any coach except you gonna do from here on out. Need. So they sent me home runs arousing training for WV. Carter could you make of that television. This is going to be Goodman's Thanksgiving until this is an Olympic athlete if she's a professional athletes your trainer astle into professional combat finally had she not be good if she tried equally worried about her. We know Mike charisma. I don't know Woodson on SNL are weak it's not great. Only the WW you'll be able to get around that now I really don't know I am a parent people hill today and help her holiday and then they'll know what to cancel nada. Yeah it's in a lot of scientific angle lackluster. Lesser never talks can never disease I got yes see that's that's a significant to me. They allowed us it is socially and ideologically and of course pointing. The first time season and a promise some of the greatest of all time not said a word like Cain well it's a different at the com all you never gets all you done these kinds of course. It's a little Islamic difference today that it was back and is a lot of talking ball they they can get around that there's. I think there's no way she's not be good professional hump or world class athlete. It was a professional combat fight. If she's been training for months like how the G not be good at anything she trains months for that involves. A physical scale you know outlets talking about like in baseball our league trained forever you not be good at bats. But we're talking about combat league how shocking because most scared me. I was faced pain and I was scared me absolutely. Absolutely. Toll is also a Bill Polian. It is ridiculous and I get this for the pulling you just got to retire. You know when he does know it's it's too long on television for a guy they've just lost complete title wasn't was it last year were he thought that they were keeping a segments and they were alive and he asked them on the air and we re do this no that was casserly. Although that is as of now as those other all general manager of the by a ESPN's old general managers Bill Polian CBS is old gentleman who shall we passed. But no boys out there he's doing the president Rubin Lamar Jackson hours like. I'd make him a wide receiver. These two series too short to play quarterback you know 63. And and then the other they see over the entire offensive line at 63 events as there is like. At by the polls about starting at any conversation but to get any fault publisher offered me two to one into too much I saw that he won't even you won't even answer the phone. In less he knows that you're starting a conversation with two ones into twos like all. By the way leg or his people are still just call up Bill Polian and how would you know would do that he 1000001 that they had the so we got for you bill. What is screening process. They don't get through debate through bill secretary LSU got the offer boy you know how you said those call screeners are used to be a function on the ball you have to state your name. And then the person picks up their house phone and it gives a recording of the person saying their name. Andy to safety called us need Bill Polian stone says what's your offer and you gotta say the offer and that rings and he hears he sighs when it's taken. Topic he's just he's just eased to past man it's enough. You know there's no what's the point is respectable poll lead architect of the colts you know he got lucky got Peyton Manning and you got that. And yet to have invited to greatness but the board television to want to choose for bulls. That they just to ones into twos. Just real respect your elders studies can be ages not just he realist seems so out of touch. Presidency. You see this this junger an article there with Peter King where is it easier to save football saving folks say even at the same. How India. Say Adobe wrote some screenplay while it is not a you're going. Called football gods in Saint John gruden wrote the screenplay. And. Imus and important on a community of what you want their week have been a lot of money now I know I hate to say to come back. All right the fastest man on ESPN day and let guitar limits our shows next.