ZRA Part 3 2-20-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, February 20th

Fixing 3-pt contest, ESPN's LeBron poll, "I'm going deep"


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Where every game. I'm already in delegates at the game. Get ready to call. Of course brings on all the local scores broadly Comcast business built for business at some point it's 8 o'clock gallon say the pair of tickets for smashing a pumpkins. That's an American Airlines Arena on July 24. But in Yemen that. We'll see. And into. Minimum I'm real pleased that the recordings can pretentious. That's probably commuter modeling is always liked on the bottom. Among them out into focus on the assay. Incidents and who we want to grossly commissioner. That's. Texts or reds in here by quitting the NBA screwed up but he also read in my shorting the three point Joseph you speak three rounds I feel the three point justice party also weakened they did rights and may have waned in the final round under the old rules golden arm would have advanced. Look I'm with you man but they they change a fork like fifteen years ago when it has not been that way in a very long dot used to be eight contestants. And then for an intent and now she's eight and then three boom we're done. Michael what needs to rush. And people didn't like it it is the best for the night the night three point shoot outs. Outside of Ottawa that you that you took brought back a polar bird single finger so good. It's and that that was like that back then it was two at a time. And the kuwaitis to do it also so they could speed through its. It wasn't aegis it was a one at a time these do it was to retirement split screen writer Errol it's. You know. Would do now don't like it's. Anyway it was our minds want. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS SHD to admit. ARAMARK. The tax rates and as we were talking about the popularity of basketball last minute tax rates and a passed ball seems to be yearlong coverage. Which is true now and that's. At the development really in these last few years that basketball is. Is your round now and that's definitely helps with the popularity of the NBA. And will we are talking about the popularity NHL Romberg when you were asking about that apparently according to this. 2014 article on in ways that the popularity the NHL is actually on the rise a little bit as well but you're talking about. Hundreds of thousands of people watching the most popular I mean like Stanley Cup finals games. Verses millions of people watching NBA games. So not. Is right here aren't now it's here that I'm showing my age I call it big 16 the siege ending called big 105 point nine for years Texaco people and als is essentially idol is 105 point 990 as a promise it's it's not big won six of them has been a big 16 furlong to read what would happen. One of the park came along and as soon remarks it's not there's other signal. But it was big 106. Ever an analyst there signaled it was forever but a long time ago they official losers today when a five night. Yeah. But why would you like one another signal. There'll wild ones I'm just idea has a big six for good decade buddy your rationale is wrong that it's not their signal your lashing out at it. I'll crush actual but it's not they're saying on their signal is 159 you know whether I'm irrational as right you're wrong and you've been wrong for why is harmony six. Cats and this and it's true your current if they had 96 in their signal there's no one of the six rounding up. I guess is that guy with big 106 and is treating problems and on the east or point 2106 honored island not hitting. Which is called shark named for. I'm one for shark. It is called big 16 it's not. Everyone's gone year old. At the check up on that you may do within the bonito tuna and sometimes looked into it you're wrong. What sucks is affect the plank sound garden Temple of the Dog in Pearl Jam. Considered classic rock has got all our old I always Ilya avenue guys at him and your music conversely I thought about this just had a little OK as hail. And I talked about you know going on being polluted just about every day on the vote on the sandbar. And I'm thinking to myself you know when when when he McGraw. Since yourself a little like so ignorance and talk but does he can't he can't be doing this every day you know but then I just realized. Alfred and awesome it is so I just say you know forget it. Now to talk. Miami Marlins Elliott America its first full squad workout on Monday I'm here for one time you know I mean you really want to go around noon Malia. It was the return of the terminator Bruce Sherman met with the media along with Derek Jeter never good time not long. Here's Bruce Sherman is strongly denying that he's broke his joke. As I said to us. So my fellow owners that they Major League meetings nothing because. From the truth they know that. That's why we unanimously approved and there's nothing to further from the truth we are very sophisticated. Well heeled financial. Set organization. Not just this year but for many many years to come. A long hole. Here's Derek Jeter denying and everyone hate Tom. You mentioned the fans' response we've gotten great response from a lot of fans as well so I think that narrative needs start could change that every single fans upset. I've met many fans of the last four months. While sit this out patients that I understand what we're through it that they're giving us a chance I think mentioning that all fans are upset that's that could be for. He's right I mean all fans are Nazi gives it all on anything in the world to okay via a meal that you literally can't. So he is writes okay. By. Isn't there in the grand majority of people or certainly muscle mass for shore. Don Mattingly says he isn't married doesn't care about outsiders opinions. I don't particularly care what you listings and as a player and as a vote in this manager and take care of business you know you can control in certain amount things. And one of those is how you prepare. You re deploy. You know you do your work in some tape there your own business. Really we're trying to build a club. It's an absolute most out of our talent. Music great position. You know one dot manly comes out and says I'm I'm really had a though we are right now on the side of the season I believe on. Don Mattingly is in a no lose situation in team is terrible of course they're terrible and team is better than expected manly as regular credit. And he's he's a great position as a manager. It's no pressure he is go out there mansion bunch of young guys who'll organ you know look listen every single forty S say. They don't know what from what in the majors either have no resonate or they've never been a big league player. And and they're not expected to be any good. And if they are good and edit they improved throughout the season. Managing our credit Moscow supports that now the ranking the way. The Yankee way you know yards on from a former Yankee guy and you Jeter and then also the racial harassment in both of whom don't want officially her arm. I ate at I totally believe Mattingly and answer really to know over the weekend dance really Sany was glad that you know the guys who want to be trader on I understand that too. Wife fans what it's like what danced really says in that spot the I don't like what he wanted on I'm not happy when Jeter of course but I do want to guys who wore here too one to each year. And that's a dance really telling you he's also Tony I'm glad that the guys who wanted to be trader traded because. It's Nittany yelled don't wanna play here then you know I only wanna play with guys who wanna be merely makes sense to me. Let's make sense that he wants to blame the other guys who want to be Miami Marlins that seemed pretty illogical may. Marlins outfielder Lewis Brington visited partly students in the hospital. Marlins also plan to Wear Stoneman Douglas caps or their spring training opener which is on Friday you know the good. Had a lot of our our local sports teams here have done a very very good job with this thing and over dolphins. Out of Blanche things going on as well model about a lot of players aren't showing are that no that you can't there's not been back yet. We paid thereon Massa wrote should have an in and highlighted the outcome moment in our uniforms even on the road in the they have even been here a lot of them live in that area they know if they hadn't even been home yet I think tonight's the last game of this road trip and the in the home. That's tough. Speaking of weighing keys. Which is what Romberg just call them. The rink he's obviously have spring training as well so that means John Carlos spoke to that some new us media. Here's John Carlin is John Carlos was saying that idea has ever experienced. This cheering from the crowd at spring. Volume affair move the more we can lead to social the third. Another bus and and members for us again in the case so thousand cool enough in the Comerica experience of spring. Are they is academia a semen and throughout were monetary answered a feeling he's taken shots at them yeah. Mean look he has always tried used another wrong with him phrasing is new fans and his new team needs. He's concern of them right now you know we knew he wants he wants to be welcomed. Into a fan base that. He's going to be hard on him okay like they're they're going to be hauler on him he's got the biggest contract in baseball there's a lot of expectation there. They worry they were terrible Iraq okay his entire time there. He's not one of them okay Aaron judge Aaron judge you did in compared Jeter in the spot you know she was there got. Okay and incomes A-Rod at who was Jeter okay what was never ever treated the same way of sort. And judge born and bred. And now all of a sudden you got Satan coming in a lot of expectation a lot of my sense got you know so there's there's pressure there. And and he's got a great shoot himself with a new fan base I get a who's been through back and forth. That's true and and realizing they didn't know policy on an already bad is it last year you know about a year last year Z got yet Stanton and then you got. And he had judge and he got Sanchez and since that's who I I don't know him but you know since got. He's he's he's got it up there they're there to be very tough on him come out of the gates and you notorious slow starter. Okay they're going to be up on him right out the gates judges their guy not stand. Miami. The new media there's so late. Because you're much of the house as much as best covers us and really serious have a conversation there judge about hitting. Like lots. Beat holly and he's sixty home runs Lester was energized it can its antenna will belong asked him if he's gonna ask him for tips for the most part yeah. There yet like what was it like when you walked to the clubhouse and see gears citizenry here and judge of here. And slate he news Goodman is good when it is have these Gary's intensely whatever people want to our caller might stand again in May have been big city losses jumped Carlin as Miami. This way it's gone this channel they should start that turns out. Problems do not want this. Miami Hurricanes knocked a three game losing streak and defeated Notre Dame 77 a 74 behind the line walker the force nineteen points Mike Stanton might. He knew that. He Zune though not high not eighteen point eight boards he blocks and I go to stuck all around the neck. 2.0. Extend. Miami Hurricanes deal lined coats. Craig. Truly gal skiing not cool. It's cool caprice stunt cooked so long isn't leaving here without panic I got through a gal ski correct you do all three hours. Ideally when you grammys go Alabama during Nick Saban in the same position. Blood was not confirmed doctor for a moment they are we assumed answer and Narnia mixing came down here coached him. Time glumly into moves the hillbillies against sellers that hillbilly football money wanna do you want laying out here and get paid basically have four where you're probably going to be getting paid Alabama to make your house in your cars and a lot of us up a little bit longer way I imagine. Those aren't Republican gimmick good deal is guarantee you he'd winning. Let's get you winning her and me god and that town. On the charities here in a ton of money but the free it'll only be like 200000 dollars have a mansion in our school is run anyway I. I I'm a firm believer that you know. Sucks that he's leaving but he did held the job here man I I know coach who was until. A sort of new mobile research on the you know rules have been so much is Aronson next coach school. This tournament calls. But but he's he's he's got a nice little resume too man all those Missouri guys that came out you know he coached some really good all conference players to. Bomb policy so he did we hear with a view with some progress at the U with sacks and fine these will be all right I'm a word about that. But I'm just worried about now is the kids that have committed to the University of Miami. Under the impression that coach cool is going to be their coach their position coach so I'm wondering how us and harmful yeah. The dolphins are still targeting baker made field reportedly very Jackson is reporting that the dolphins and it plans to have dinner with and the night before Oklahoma's per day which is on March 14 at dinner kind of sucks if you baker mayfield. We got like on the show for than men. The unity really super talkative he now and try and had a great personality. Building bigger mayfield has a hard time being an extrovert. Amity pony and these are people that he's interested in socializing. With these executives. That it's a pain in the box. Unity on you know Italy when he gods it is go out your friends is a job interview you are going to be on on the whole matter hey you ought it is sort of be meet. You haven't you haven't interviewed for a new job like twenty year that's right and knock this out. Near jets are willing to pay Kirk cousins quote whatever it takes you need him their quarterback this speaker comes 'cause look at this a 100 million dollars a year. Whatever it takes. Seems like there's rulers X and plan where takes. Major League Baseball announced new pace of play rules that limit the number of mound visit to team gets per game six non pitching change visits per nine innings. And it's been Monica what do you need six I don't know. And an out there and whether catchers are from the catcher just go to that well that's the talk about other forget travelers fielder is not a coach it includes catchers and need to know. The coach come out every wants to change pitchers there's no limit there is circled around like a chemical might hear you but my coach catcher infielders they're not making that change their limits us. Do you care about these NBA player. Results from the surveys about where LeBron going Max. Don't want to say though you do that coming up here right we'll do that are great I dares to save it sixty minutes he'd next. Okay. That's more like four settlers somewhat Jeep truck it has to be customization shopping guaranteed him the hottest four by four modifications in town called champion for my fourth. Had 7865023446. Go to champion four X four dot com and also mile pro orthopedic. An all pro the biggest sports medicine their jobs back in the game of force up water locations there's one near you go to all row orthopedics. For more info so ESPN's got day as slow news week for him once slow sports weekend. They went the where is LeBron James going to play next year move. That's gonna cover a couple days with the contents on an agent. Work polled all the players of the all star game don't go around for all star we wonder how they're big guys they they they all 48 players I think it'd been designing yet good and and that matter of fact I'm sure it wasn't guys in the all star game two I know one of them was like like one of them. Questions in the always should their be Max contracts in the NBA and the player said no one of the players who voted no. Said no because then the guys who. You don't deserve to make more money than they're being paid right now like LeBron might Seth Curry they're gonna take up all the money in the salary capping an aces and guys like media. Who are one of the lesser paid players not mean money for us he's right about that so they just apparently you know pulled 48 random. Players. But the biggest story that the biggest schema. Of the questions why is LeBron. And what's LeBron and wind into and out really hoping heat fan doesn't fall for this candidate. This that's less interesting to me than things like Max salaries. But so much less addressing evidence like this again tension players' opinions aren't I and BA issues I find far more interesting and where do you think LeBron. Going LeBron the biggest headline there's no middle restore authority it. Players now are LeBron going well that's that's phony. Think to meet where. Even Enos so what are your social or LeBron leaving slavishly will. Think at this point in the bronze coral what we're seeing from LeBron makes any of us think that we can that we can predict what he's going to deal. Now I think I think interns. Of him well no I think he's gonna do us regulators are evil there are people who thought he was leaving Cleveland since the first time when he didn't leave Cleveland nobody thought he was going to Miami are very few people thought he was going to Miami. But it. People did think he was sleeping I mean that is why he had the whole decision. Television evaporated because people weren't sure what he was doing well and there are strong possibility he was leaving. I also thought he is going to announce that he was staying because he was making a spectacle about it they didn't think that he would do that to Cleveland's. There is let out. He was staying in it he was leaving the people did not take Miami. Until at least not. A lot of art Stephen a Smith. They started to report Miami OK and that was really the first time that Miami was seriously thought to be in the picture. My point was I think that the high aimed at everybody was was really surprised was when he decides the back to replant. That was a time that was. I am real shock and and also know. And this time around like hey es death Levys going here's your. There's no reason to believe that any doesn't know what the bronze in the debate using that this time and on time guy. But this type. This time it's it's largely his people leaks. I mean you know it's his people who leaked this story that he'd be willing to talk to the warriors like that was LeBron can't put a lot of it's LeBron camp leaking stuff. These numbers are not true felt like it's. Untrue and you saw him and carry your and opera Alia. Alia runs in Boston. What LeBron sign in the off season the results 48 players NBA player survey 48 guys. Cleveland is the overwhelming favorite would rule LeBron sign IBC's. I'm and so too are driving the answer I don't when he was on his way here when wade started in August. I just want LeBron to the good hard look at what he has because you know going to the same ultimate thing is. Left his home spot. To a dispatcher Chicago and Cleveland and realize that you know the grass is and always greener so he basically told LeBron for his words of wisdom to go edges. Make sure you really analyze and she got going on here at home which seems to be giving him the keys you spot any wants to do. IDC front limited a different situation and rightly is now in terms what Le Brock and there wherever he goes 59% of the players pulled said the Ron will. Scion of the Cleveland got a 7% of Miami. He was third two when you're that well known that he Russian fourth biggest other receive no 12% yet the only thirteen when he their team. Their team ray will lakers were 22%. Eat or 7% other was 12% so what did they not ask them did they asked him about specific other team know exactly how the way that the poll what. It is that would seem like some weird scenes or pulled and there was like. Are others and others getting votes like madness of studios get both Marcus all this vote for any ideas zone Memphis met this. Players said Matt this is what LeBron is like mark assault must have been pulled values on Memphis is ala. Memphis. But he December and any of three guys go to pretty. You know they is idiot a third thirteen third team that's on my excellent we have three guys voted for the it's Amber's scent of 48 I mean is three guys he's not comedy oh. Now where she LeBron signed the offseason. He would the second to. 8% it's tied with the late guys for I don't think there's any of that yet he the second team how Italy is at it until four players of the. If he does come here which we all don't think he's going to you think that that'll make the heat. The deciding factor McDonnell make them over the top. Finally settled it'd be so good of course these Sony neat he would have by even have a competition for Boston but yet your best player in the world. Which player giving LeBron should herald muscular for that to be a court alongside with. The bronze this heat team he would be amazing brewer now. It may easing is at a with this guy Ellen was amber with the owner mouth telling you yeah. All. So excited she was the prospect Ryan yeah. She came and it does seem to have you just did don't know even if she did you know he's going on there I don't garlic she is shooting is shooting and how is she couldn't even wait until she gets on swallowing and sure we had absolutely no way out but I was so excited. How he would. Yes. Which validity of the bride to pair up with. John has undated combo Chris Paul and Dwyane Wade were the leading vote getters at 12%. Of people wanna see to a reunion with weight. A tight look at night easiest side in Cleveland did or didn't know just how we kind of didn't look so hot. So we're. The ball pretty fans know. Don't fall for the rope a dope don't do it. Don't do it. Don't think you know I do I do think LeBron Hussein clean and I thought that. I thought that pretty much the whole time. I'd steer away from it a little bit before the trade deadline. Okay but here's the thing okay. I think LeBron is saying Cleveland but he ought to say hey LeBron you guys saying leave OK look at look at the people around you got George Hill on Larry Nance and Jordan Clarkson Buick. Who the hell can you terrible proof from his side rate Rodney ho also I've forgotten is terrible team terrible grip idol. Thing to do on intended to stay in Cleveland I think that's why his camp was leaking things like. He'd be open discussions with the warriors and the source of stories that have been out the press. I think LeBron LeBron camp is very very calculated knows what it's doing. And is trying to you get that and trust around and keep the spotlight on LeBron and that suns but. I do think that that doesn't necessarily mean that there's no room for changed. You know similar sand label brown were free agent right now we know he's got that right why I wouldn't have practically what is George Hill Rodney hood Tristan Thompson team on Oscars. Right but at least at least they made those changes I did seem maybe him saying because it's okay well once again they they made the changes they give big guy. Mean what I won it in terms of young players in terms of getting rid of the old guys you were not. Helping me. This seat and then and so I guess maybe he could feel. Good about the direction and my Gaza the that they are going on but you're right I mean those. That stimuli is not resigning with Cleveland has what does he resigning forum is not particularly exciting if Billy he's dirty he's been there and done. I really know resigning does for him other then he gets still living glee moment longer and I mean about is really. Something if he wants to finish out his career with his home demons and fine of course and saint. I should have a multiple sexting it's hasn't chick and it's apparently revenge warned to. Rauf or French born yeah -- a guess on you if all went out but it's not and the video is that it backs in the but he is also assuming I believe that I in the video China's processor. China's attorney. Lisa bloom just awaited revenge warm policy explicit images that consent and everyone knows and and his. It's a crime civil wrong and former domestic used also way to try to slug team women for being sexual. Grosans kill themselves over revenge it's not a joke and quote him who did a brokered Russian. No doubt Robert machine did originally he he did leaked photos of her win didn't seem ex boyfriends. Who apparently she's in the video at rob Kardashian did do that he did put out he didn't leaked news of her. Apparently. After. Things went very sell what you can and I ran out again now I am. Yeah he got all Matty and I know that do. Not even know these people. You know they had a very two mulch or spring got a friend about China and you have a child together who. Rob Kardashian in China. It's sand that is clearly not the guy. Is not the guy in the. Tapes you doubt that the EU in that video I don't. I don't like the media is mr. I don't like watching that stop her name's rose he's 200 armor standing right here relieve. Amber rose and attractive and so am and I mean and prefer to grow hair on orbit but we're of the gross for materials are. Halftime show I am you know she took over the NBA halftime sound so pretty girl. Some some girl channel answer he'd seen and he is that the idea is commercials where she's like walking on the street and she's just dancing chemistry with the headphones on. I don't now and she's a does work for deed is campaign she's she's been with any RD for awhile palace Michael Rappaport and arsenal USC when asked constantly talk about. Shell. Well man. Because you said that if you put yourself a Stew in their very loyal to that list that's a great move but Marshall. All of us because I mean you know the folks who were out there who support and that's. Like dead edit their president just stood up to their fan porno I order and other presidents buried his current person not on all the fans know yet but he is his constituents are who they all are. And and he just stood up eleven a major way to Italy love that. I'm not a big Michael Rappaport fan obviously because of his issues with a lot deters show in 1911. But it. I do you think that they're hiring Michael Rappaport earlier get married like his type of humor is a very kind of Blake can't tell us and you. Rag on every one type humor so him saying that you call yourself a stool lead and what do you say you living Iran's basement or delaying. You said you're a loser life via your lives are like I mean. Point. Every can't save when you're it would be like wobbles on the same this year if you're someone whom we don't listen that ticketed for a loser nobody would be like if you call yourself. Would you work for the ticket and would you not for the buck always pump up the BO the other station. Oddity or you're simply talking about some. Talk about talk complete about stuff on here all the time. Yeah and you mean anger no I don't know I don't. We don't say that our listeners who support us we don't we don't boss and I law listeners log listeners. It really miss any of it it does and I showed me user loser back seat and it's not that that's that's essentially. What Michael Rappaport did their dollars and regret appreciative of some text messages that meet somebody other nutty but you know the minimum at some you and some you get animal you know. The so beautiful little tool lot of hate all the time yeah. Are they call that option come with a hobby. Love the passion now. It was a pleasure once again. We appreciate you joining us this football season on center. Is a loss tonight you got so hot. Siege on. Understand. Us and and on. And shout out scores and one. Shout out as you want us. Level waves upon waves are once again and this shout undisclosed. Malevolent waves upon waves where there once again. Best shout on this as good. Question on dancing has tried to smash and run ins at American Airlines Arena in Miami on July 24. This shiny nose so bright to war and go on sale to general public on Friday February 23 at ten and their available live nation dot com. Why we're gonna say up with a pair of tickets right now corner of 5765340791. Trauma and Mike this I'll tell you what. Aid trying to get tickets these days online Ticketmaster live nation and it's it's a nightmare really is no I was I was online. Last week. He was Thursday Thursday or Friday last week trying to buy more Pearl Jam tickets. Okay X they went on sale the verified stand verified stand resale not even the general public and verified stand. Ticketmaster resale. Where you can sign up with Ticketmaster. To prove that your real fans. And you yelling special access code right before they go on sale early and then you could try and buy them like that. It's taken masses like new way to trying keep the tickets away from the brokers and scalpers and one happy. So I tried buying more paroled and tickets to clarity up tickets through the stand club course. A month ago go to Fenway Park hands and of course like it's awkward lie would not. And Saturday had those tickets throwing more tickets okay because maybe I can get even better seats in the and yet I know you're gonna watch I know you. Can't sell trying to get more and do go resale values he gave for those other targets don't worry about that. And so so I'm a mother I'm trying to get the tickets and and I could've bought okay like decent seats came up. But it's. It's there's so many problems with the system like at one point and I know other people or a bronze still one point eight and clicked on the take is likes bought about like. Okay I'll IDs let's do and it came back usage tickets no longer available times on. Its last leg at that it would so much time left. I care but Saturday have tickets but it's it's a disaster and these days it's it's a it's a disaster getting tickets to the real probes and we go to pro am took command Tokyo it will keep me out book. That was awesome of them they take good care me and I brought you wet by I had tick yes yes of course be your date night. No nosy it was me and writes have you and your wife. And my sister a mall and crunch are you a date that may and prodding us about those five of us via a two hole corporate. We agreed cius. Salon when you say a date night and I imagine students out. Not on out now BR we did that for slip knot there we didn't have the Manson. And the ones who by do we do for a thousand shall be attached to buddy came to. The grimace and little not so undress in front of us the NL's wild I was also double as wild. That's true story by the way. Valid she was like Raun Penney's net she'd do it all the way down really weird temperature rooster and I enjoy I enjoy it though and but are not gonna complain. You sex and age on the calls brings on Lockheed's X line 67974. When we got here the whole brought the warrior stories of break that team I think about you create a Max spot just go get a meeting with him. And you don't have to you mean the bronze on a meat if you ain't tells users sign he go from there. Yet he did say that he'd be willing to meet with them indicates that he be willing to me without without them clearing Max spot. Not only warrior spoke for some reason is people leaps. That he would be willing to take immediate with. Amber stay Elaine talk a Porsche one mistake doesn't define the Portnoy god forbid you make one miss deputy insert get kicked off ESPN because some wind power. On there flex their muscles. Place bullies who listen you guys. My boyfriend texting on her own don't get it low and almost all of the early and it went what does bar stool to where they were the risks. That anybody not good thank you actually higher in lemon drop same day they dropped on our end and one episode together drop them after one episode and the reason that they did that is because the controversy which that text or alluded to between Sam ponder. And David whatever doubly in his name as soon as the president of bar stool arm move. Had the audacity to save onto terrible things about smear ponder including that she's only aired a you know make meant meant Iraq and that solves an error for the sexual gratification of man. And as a woman in this industry and the high you re offended by that notion because I need here. Your sexual gratification Brock. Not only here and not only not only that now not only not only. Working with you guys assisted joined now. I. Guys tell me that amber rose with hair is really hot I think she's not now. Ice go look at now the show I mean look for a longer hair I had my more attracted to women with hair pretty obvious. I think black tie that's not really you know we're tight as I mean she's hotter than ever rose and the granderson Ambrose and cameras pretty great. By times hotter. So it's Owens doesn't force and wanna hear for united here. USC. There's just fight night in Austin most regular fight night this week OK and and you boy no way around the rows of finance that he he fought this weekend quote. Wrought upon us there's flawless today fought and did he went. Not that ass out while he was lose in the whole place owes it his new thing Miller post flight he's always gonna say something funny. I guess so now he's a jam he's in new chatted so he's got Jimmy Smith there fake Joseph Rogan is now on UC also. As soon about missile knocked out and has been a good husband hunter. Texas. At a crowded. Within nobody in six boys. Some adversity early in that fight the amount. But you're power stayed up late in the fine. Do you have any that you would get it played this well flying and you lose to a degree. Tacoma no political. Appreciated against the as soon as you've got that space that combination did you know your hard and you know was over. Paul does believe we must go to snow aren't teaching me more to their noses. No offense Texas but boy through certain. A blow to the two minute. Smooth. Move and. I'm going to do. And will feel bad for her I said yesterday we discussed this yesterday and that night. And I really want that guy. Who just knock somebody out viciously. It is all pumped up on that message and much testosterone. Doc about how deep were about to go led to sounds painful. On a bottom out in what does she do wrong. Museum punished CU in the sex then after the round arazi comment. Always right. One hostages madam. Speaker Nancy I do and that is music and I go over Iraq for this you've got to stand your house she's done. No outs while no forever no more normalcy follow and they resist Kamal Buick I'm gonna do. LA and the show like their number god. Tell it happened and I got. Yuri none. You deprived. While you're old amber yeah. And the world to me all old OK while exact the last church is really sad about it. Bush you must be real disappointment so disappointed a load you want to play the viewing and get nine game that is got a game tonight given a pack. You know I can't Korea socially 88 years it's it's a game of chicken Quincy who blinks first and that's going on here and welcome. I. I get update for us more morning winner this guy we'll see I'm gonna say that's not true mostly. I will that this this standoff. And tonight's. Only my guess new yeah parents. And it's cute the man and a power position. When it comes to sacks yet adorable. It's too horrible. Like a piece. Let it's our show next I'm gonna do.