ZRA Part 3 2-23-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, February 23rd

Flub Friday, New Cavs that good?, Beaver sac Fact Nugget


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Did not flub at all. Who is real and who's not afloat. What not come home school. We'll go home and Craig dean diamond. Colin Powell our patty knows it truly trivial Fred's been skins all morning for a the Bermuda and ever could have been so be as Harris on my family Miami. Brought him breeze through Russia refuel Xeon is antithetical. To. Eligible for bill Goldberg all me me in Miami Heat and finally it. ES ran ESPN is report. And send an answer what did I know. I wanna see. I listeners and so should radio spots. It's sad story. A emailed all members or its clubs are taking nothing to survey did not remember my club log on to take and I. Cobble we send out Q along with some news in the run dolls and the other ago. And that's on 79 yen and one of four point three HDTV to get pulled out the survey yesterday and human dude I gave us very high marks. You allowed to do this survey course I am feeling you're not and do you actually read the rules of the survey and probably weren't that supposedly a survey on would you see where did you write in their give Johnson sounds like huge rays don't send it to me if you don't you feel about Jonathan's those who busts of all time whenever. It was very high marks should make and the CEO of the company. So. We took a week mashup by the way is a preacher half. Those ones are from Devlin doesn't it's it's and if they were flown promise always right yeah. Okay and are doing now I had a good news like that. Very clean it's a new Freitas you know tough football season anymore so we're doing flawed product I sell. So is the so it was tell me a couple days ago and sighed and get around to until today. Let's not just the conference again. Always then this is crazy so. I guess Dan. Showed up well I think Stu got showed up really because of traffic and once this especially easing by the way I could stop notable that context here. It's especially interesting because in the ad did it let its social could be stealing from us again. Because. They had a whole thing on their show yesterday we're still dots is angry at rich Eisen and replies in horror for stealing them is. Six Major League Baseball idea which which needs an easel is actually considering. That you can bet any order you want in the ninth inning if you're trailing. Since school. It's it's cool breezy. You decide that at a border. I wasn't doing to make tend to make based Mara. Me too fast or more exciting news this change or faster is it issue. These claims that they order a busy making nasty in your seat for the ninth inning is what excited about it surely I averaged out. No they should they should come up with a million ways right and and they're doing at the tracks. Buckley changed the politics in school Sibley and baseball writers heads explode yup. Obviously Arnold is old heads explode so tell me telling god tell me and so I guess to got this do you wait and take it doesn't have so doing can take of Dan's going to be Leo in the show. Got stuck and that'll annoying is it when they do want to against Kuroda and like 5 minutes I am love taking you know I think it's a worst. Where they're like spelling out in slow Mo the phone number doesn't give up on it happened time and to listen to podcasts and act without regret that our guns are. So there and UA can take but still got was stuck in traffic because of course I can I can relate was to gutsy was really far away from where he works. Bob so they needed Dan to get there because Dan's car he could get to his car for some reason it was either valley thing Erie city blocked and blocked it. And so yes there's inning and a walk he had to get it he ran yet to sprint to get to the show. But I think in the midst of this he's saying you know what I just wanted to say bleep it. And start the show and C wrote a habit of a just were left Billy and Chris Cody and everybody to their own devices and start the show Lleyton is my how is that right. A nice and I was out that day as well also it would have just been Billy and Chris Cody and Roy and that's until he did this whole. Bit on how he thought about just doing it on purpose that's why I realized. That Mike Bryan dot and it's you guys wasn't there an edit he then also just didn't show us. These ads you're joking about an hour. Yeah always it is doesn't always makes a joke. Especially on the days that dazzle. Lookup which is rare is that as normally as your report earlier this week I show I was the last one she Glassman show up its end so when on the day's are he's the last one to show up on normally make it joke about how he planned on day does not showing up and then having you want to do it's you. Particularly Romberg I think one day where he wants to have total on the run out. Studio sandbag YouTube no problem no Beirut whenever org if you once have low and one of the principle were just here by herself some two would you both of you have to be out and then Tobin went out also run out of from behind a lot yeah. I'm easy to sit in my call our pocket and not show well number six Michael on the part in my you're not gonna know them here. An emirate be listening on the radio and right before the show's gonna start Tobin for whatever reason to run out the studio because someone's gotta get up. Hey you mics are on shows starting show open to always gonna run out studio does that mean something's happening you know and and you'll wanna use it's gonna be stuck in here all by yourself. Until the only joke the joke would be on UN that scenario because the amber shows like my 23. Didn't talk you ever done any harm herself joke and everyone hassle dream you know we're gonna ever by yourself dream isn't have my cell. You mean I haven't Donna it's a he's an identity that. Comet up or no you've never daddy I'm Arizona dream is never come to write my right on the so I myself. Now in my dream scenario. I would be prepared for the amber by herself so out. He did the problem with your scenario is that it's 530 in the Mike's goal line and I realize notice here is tough time sit out the Astoria. A lot of people they need to be so god had to do your job you know talk with three minutes to get things the same rights. I don't really run out there that pay its common when they don't you come very late in your wildest dreams you just talk in itself. Yeah northern rock that are arguing and know they can about everything. So typical. Off to beautiful dreamers and I did today it looks common. I like arguing as you guys now know now I know I think really I'd I'd like my dream we don't either. To be able to just talk without you talk and talk now is there a demand that that somebody's like runs in an argues with me some and then leaves. And I carry the conversation forward. While Emerson a moment. Well you could at Rainier user barely could add this is a list of of things that limits on shows stealing. It's flattering. Lottery as little bag of tricks now Michael I got an idea as good looks and they don't understand. And use what's trendy now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. When you call. Snow. Among my grind down an idea of some residents as well. President today and announced a. Listener raids then in his dream is our nightmare. How dare you. A spur of the dreamer or Texaco mineral good to. Play another day no Texas seeing the and other assailants. That's negro damsel. I'm. Elite investor migrant going to act as well I don't eased its. He made the pro am song you never ever heard what it is there it's even flow what's occult what's the song called it's called Johns Oslo all yet again. You are on their own skull on mandatory. There are making fun of you would even well and carry on an Italian yeah. I know I haven't heard about it the big ears as it the national imagine that something that given their local laureate. I feel India takes a real. Hey it's time did you find that token Republican I mean I don't I don't listen I don't know if I have and they'll tell them listen to a sock us funny outlets like never heard them before. Natalie was probably an idea so that is Rubens whom. Is that where the and to present a view was born now I don't know I think he's been he was out of ideas many years ago. The European there's defeated the Washington Capitals last night 32 to turn chick had the game winning gold 120 seconds left. And a Mets on financial and busy now trying to find Stacey he's he's he's out Lyle. Bill went through. It was twenty to go. Great nights really great job allows I was very moved by Rivera Longo. Actually here's some along the last of the game he needs you before the game he spoke of but he spoke to the crowd okay he addressed the crowd. And everything that happened park exit team just returned. But after the game you know I I I imagine they asked him a ballots you know the pregame speech and that seemed to single a ball he told us. Dead coach Bob Buckner. Went out to him you know when he found various public morning skate you know Lulu on the set I wanna I'll speak Bremer addressed the crowd and and Boehner said Thomas I mean all these always weird dudes man and they got routines and and get a microphone and proudly game it's on Anne's and he said the long locally said he said the long though like we could make other arrangements meeting. You don't have to blitz and you can address the crowd and and you could you could be the backup. Any still so that was a no no got to do it and and it's it's such a great job too we hear from along go after the game do everything they're. I mean the first amateur game was. Are difficult to gossip through. It was very. You know it's not in his home that's a good way to put it. Obviously still. Emotions running high from from the ceremony salaam. I'm happy that I get to this war and then I was able to settle down and and I just sit there are game and we agree on the it's a little help from Obama and on those last couple holes have been there. You know he's he's been an EU was part of the panders organization way back in 2000. Okay. And he was a a great representative of of South Florida last time to really great job by Rivera Longo. Maybe need to returns to action tonight into New Orleans elegance tip off is set for 8 PM that means coverage begins rate here and 790 the ticket at 7 PM with Miami Heat pregame show hosted by Jonathan does like gosh yeah. Has covered. Rheinecker ever joined the Sioux Falls sky force to get some playing time. Got him. Got to go back the old stomping grounds it was just a lot of Arnold whose justice of starting and yell Politico Delhi's doubtful for tonight's so. I don't imagine they're gonna continue with that group. Mom RI and in less you know angle my suggestion which is bad. The show. Miami Marlins open up spring training to gain against the St. Louis Cardinals first pitch from Roger Dean Stadium a set 4105. Slim you can not be having any back there because well Freddie is RD occurred so you miss your chance. I can't make up the thirty happens. The head giants. In the Jeffery Laurie Casey discussed this case this morning. Where the city in the county are suing Jeffrey Loria. Ian teen go which is basically the jeers Marlins are saying basically the Lori is Marlins in the Jeter's Marlins essentially. Irbil and it's in this case and the judge has. Ruled that the case can move for words that Lori. There's that arbitration clause in the 2009 contracts and they and dirt and the judge's ruling that contract was breached and the laureate Al faster follow the arbitration clause of the case can afford her sport she's given the city and the county. More time Amy and now they can actually start requesting documents and going to the discovery. Process and requesting financial documents come from Loria through the courts. So I was. Small and for the city and the county yesterday funny of you saying now that burden is on the laureate approved that he didn't make any profits off about one point two billion dollar sale. The holdings Jeter in the representatives of the current Sherman Jeter team were sitting there in the courtroom as well. As spectators. And in the judgment that must have not play a broad chair. Well I have an arrow is what I that's great certainly I think I didn't create pseudo ensued. The lawyer for. Jeter group. He and they'd all the Jeter doesn't feel like they should be a party to this action at all and and similar nightmare you got the invite in the mail to keep his strategic stand spice sitting behind the defendant's table incident at the defendants able. To show that they shouldn't be a party to the suits. And the judge ended up top player price is right come on now Newton. But not loving and out of this and she obviously I have right now as a party to suit season named party. It found the even so what is it is either evens out well even low what are what's the name of the us beauty. They admitted that despite. When you. So there you go. Well done my friend then I was sick during the LeBron era. That's in its when he twelve season by the meat but but before they once it was like the beginning of the twenties all season that's a that's from those before arouse a champion. It's because you what do mock a champion like that. And right up there in the first let's all while so it blatant disrespect is what you're sank in the program aren't. Goods goods and now. I Jackson. It's more like more South Florida's twenty trucking as CB customization shopping guaranteed to the hottest. Four by four modifications in town called champions four month war. At 7865023446. Digit import export dot com also while broad comedic. And sports medicine their job to be back in the game with four South Florida locations there's one near you go to all pro orthopedic dot com for more info. The NBA got back in action last night Jeter back tonight there are no loans take on the pelicans. You feel whole lot like you feel good about tomorrow night obvious over the do you have losses this year isn't stinky teams they're hosting Memphis tomorrow under that is anyone. But if you go win tonight you feel like team get a little bit of momentum going okay where. You need good New Orleans team on the road win smaller maybe get back to back and starts you know get the second part of the season off to the hot start in Canada eight seed. Mac can't believe it was a few weeks ago. Half game there were half game back and a chance to strong rate now own the third spot and Isa now they're sitting in number eight. In the conference. So I do expect the need to make the playoffs. But I would like it's not a given. It's not a given I would like to be higher than eighth although I don't think anyone. I think that he what do match up with Toronto in the playoffs I think I think youth feel like you would have. An opportunity for a good series OK you know you just salt. They beat Toronto early in the year by one they lost a very tight games Toronto in Toronto couple weeks ago. I feel a distinct that you'd be able to hang with you at the top two teams even Alston. Also don't think you. It may he freeze either one of those teams in the post season and it's like nobody to be the case in Cleveland seven games back of number one Toronto five games back Boston. I feel like the heat spam would say OK I think I'm learning more time yeah. Because you're gonna you're having a little bit of a reminiscent time about when Dwyane Wade was going to try to rappers and Matt series. You think them to try to raptors in the playoffs going against the Miami Heat right now did they might have minus somebody was only DeRozan I'm playing or somebody first game where he'd beat him up and up in Toronto Kyle Lowry was I was out the last game I mean he went total total in the last deals doubles three or for a couple weeks ago the right. There with them it's not a bad matchup for Miami I don't think Boston is terrible matchup for mine either in the heat of shock that he won Boston this year also on. But the only they're only a demon half all on on Detroit was only outside right now as we need our. Not lost an ultimate play else but while there just a game and a half. Up on Detroit you could also look the other way and say hey you know only three games back of being number five. They're all. Jumbled together there Cleveland lost against Washington last night the wizards are surging right now even without. John Wall they look like they're gonna be won those top three or 4 teams in the Eastern Conference Washington's right behind Cleveland ask them. For number three. And the cavaliers I don't Tobin sent via. Stat from ESPN last night where. Yes it was the first time in what we talk instance 2010. That last time it was on the cavaliers. Were yeah first is the first time the bronze lost. His his first game after the all star break since Tony tan right. They winning and winning by over seventy point relative one mile lots those those keys that you just LeBron you get the break yet. LeBron ready for the stretch run and they come out all focused and ready to go and and Cleveland loss a tight game last night they lost by seven to Washington and IA I know you know we all kind of took a step back with Cleveland they won three in a row before he also Brady got the new guys. They won both games with the new guys before the break and never once kind of you know we seem noted that's fine but I made this point. Last week where you'll Bosnia freed we'll know that it if LeBron for a free agents and you're trying to. You know what odds down you try to guess as to where he's going to sign in the off season. You feel the team that. Is aunt and let's count Kevin Love OK the team that has Kevin Love. George Hill and Rodney hood like. That's the team that's enticing a broad mix and go and no past and why I mean. No. One DC this story also the Dan Gilbert mean give LeBron a no trade clause in his next contract right you wanna read that. I haven't let me magnitude if you want yet I am I it's learning on my computer. Here is this from Bleacher Report sources LeBron wants me in charge of everything which is what it's been at odds with Dan mean Dan Gilbert Dan wants to be in charge of everything the belief. Is that Gilbert having reasserted control to cheesy at David Griffin will both teams request for no trade clause. Or any other measures that give him leverage and that will be enough to drive teams away Dan Gilbert's knock him to do it takes to keep him another source predicted not a chance in hell. He's going to give him a no trade clause or let him dictate contract terms and quell. I would sit at a LeBron. Cannot get a no trade clause he is not sign he's not saying no chance I all of also patrol. Right exactly I mean and we know that from from his time here I mean we think he left really because he wanted a total control he wanted to control of of an organization beyond even just the no trade clause. And it does in ninety and it seemed like Dan Gilbert had enough about. And which is understandable I think from an owner's perspective then and so I would guess. Based on that story even more so than evaluating the talent that they have there. Your right media is look at the team and the team in free agency wouldn't track we unattractive on that team could end and then when you I'd end. This additional factored assuming that these reports are true but this is true and Dan Gilbert and tired of of LeBron having the control he's not willing to give it to many more. Then I can't imagine LeBron. States. Feels like there's some crazy like a fox thing going on here is Dan Gilbert is a snake. Can't trust him snake in the grass medlock has that been growing there edit that Daniel may not even want LeBron James back what he's trying to do there is he's got the dime piece wife. He's treatment like garbage so it makes the midget look more attractive. So stop saying that it. You you know he's not actually I don't co sign that okay our god that's under short. It's a politically incorrect word I don't cosigned. Him he's evil he isn't even eat it say it'll he deserves politically he's evil short person. It simply did LeBron is all sorts of snakes in the grass to military on how. I now like this guy oh come line and elegant well I really did you Gillard like this guy I I am implicit I'm not saying damn good dilly DN blended and a flood Friday that now they. He's seen it. Actually logging it great I can Siena and little hand brake and some stuff down being Oprah no because flu spreading next week only pertain to next week. And this is still this week that's a flood this segment how stunning and I tried it I usually I rulers in our notes just made the ruling mean to you always the judge. I am I in my and the judge jury and executioner and I'm overruling accounts. So. I that's I guess in news. You know how you know the heat have been doing this. Roger being associated from the onto it it does matter. You know all the heat had been doing this this. The re heats David Newhan re heats on TV where they had the current players you. It now they do this every game. I don't know not watching every game of course is that it was a brilliant every game thing they they have the current players. Who are reenacting Jason Jackson shows them on an iPad or the video Blake gray shots in the history Dwyane Wade. With the the block Amare Stoudemire in the half court shot Dwyane Wade the buzzer beater from three against the bulls got Anthony corner over the backboard in the playoffs. Alonzo Mourning three pointer against the next. All kinds of great place you know I'm talking about right re eats okay the current players and if Ford trucks Ford tries a reenact the plane make the shot. Take the guests and who's doing one of the plays coming up. Ray Allen. And that's one strike against you taken her S players and their guests term players reenactment of what our players I didn't say that for this time. Take a guess who writes that's right Tim. Who's doing one of the read segments got to some. You're not you're doing this. We don't. A threat we'd empty fears you were reenacting those relay that's right weekly you know are reenacting line. That's right Tony gets Tripoli Nazr job on the table and a guy obviously you've been reenacting a way that a professional basketball player male edit each home is great shot cost and you know I oughta just look I'll call this game as the players force righty sure there not just having you do the call don't mind them making those claim marrying your your reenact what it called. To apply it in the Taylor ready means. This is sort parent is reading meant to complain. Normal news. Shorts trying to bring up the ratings not shorted all doing the like are you now not to tell you. Thought about it I didn't know whether or not you guys I know what it is not into any witnesses put it's happening and I I got to shoot coming up on issued a Dustin yeah. I mean how much time are these were camera people blocking out Saturday I ask. That anal one taker I think a lot of I'm Garrett down to is it a shot or is it don't play I don't. How exactly dunk a basketball it's 88 it's a. It that involves making a shot but I tell you what is you don't watch much there's nobody playing deep traders nobody reached out to get the shot. Has gotten the clarion she Battie or undermine this morning in my Betty UH I don't know I'm not good Tyrus most Buick Blake Ahearn finger roll my own unit Miller. It's a Miller shot would no shoe gonna take off her shoe. And it's going to be Miller has anyone that. Wants to thread yeah. I'll tell you what it. He's close segment if you have you know Hasan Whiteside you reenact he's now that he's Ray Allen solders and he's going you're hurt when Jonathan's as low while his reenacting their fillet is reason why there. I do that with a little cluster you teammate there's just you just. I think it's going to be a lot like stop nobody was available I let him like it upon latter and the jump off the latter two great. Two degree. What are your reenacting Joseph let me passing the no on Montel. I know what is going to be Kellen Winslow out of bounds injustice yes justice Winslow doesn't insult thrown announced yet to tell you when glad abounds that intro it's what Norris Coles at W inbounds line and it blew the game area and for the some Whiteside remember that there. That's unknown on the daily online. What is there. On Wednesday night at a should differs it would it and wait wait I don't know they had given your Dong. Michael Brantley will be we'd been found in any way manner that I earned in four might be allowed to see the sources close that a lady I. Give me to sincere thought. Alter or down their that would do it that's that's an idea. I mean you'll do that. We'll see a thing about. My human ask other people around you know never said this yes absolutely I haven't you Linda. I look that yeah Tivo on just don't embarrasses. That was deny I read them myself and on me on US army. You weren't a lot of people are saying missed layup or Winslow. Which won't. Rule. Earned. We'll have Winslow he's doing that would of these do in the show with a Winslow. It's I don't some words of one person appeal smiling Mowlds airplane free throw. I might reach. Yeah you definitely are you reenact the call as your Mears Chevy to broadcasters and really your broadcast skills are really what carrier here or you can also. Re enact those guys you're doing the play. Did early had to do that but it's weird you know you don't you don't call your own play by play good as I did make the list. Struggle for realism here oh. A real list Newton. You Rooney. Big ratings. That's when asked that I've some broadcasters doing our shoes you know we're by the way I pay a bigger supplier issues were advertised. Toward Jersey I hope so. I have exactly Jersey give me several somewhere yes of course. Don't just Wear the Jersey of the player who you're pretending to be. I don't know I mean the players who reenacted their when their own journal way it is going to be junk credit play. Has to be just try to play my don't. Think I get interest at a good. Economic good and a lot of data sets the whole point that's when you ask me your interest to you watching CNN analyst Jim know these are soaring getting average remote to do the plays or so much more interesting than getting real professional athletes and do it. Ship just do you have visions of strings you have one right arrive to us on. Double. The pair of tickets are Smashing Pumpkins at American Airlines Arena on July 24. It's a shiny nose so bright soil so the general public today at ten. They're available live nation dot com right now what I'm borderline call on number five right now 7865340790. We'll set yup with a pair of tickets lot of good suggestions coming in. Or good guesses as or is really knew what the party he played that I'm going to that I am going to tape. And I'm gonna reenact is severe if you are just tuning in now you know those segments the re heats segments and even do an on television where the current players are reenacting. Amos plays from former players and he games. And of course they asked me I'm going to be due on one similar what are some of the gases so Vargas in the gas are telling you what I I know the plan not telling you what it. Straights and he's going to reenact white eyes fourth quarter play the bench. As Disney's sitting down just sitting on the bench I like the Steve van Gundy reenactment of paying off and so was leg but getting sort of participate a jet and guns or Jeff so just hang in on is that it would just be hanging on Alonso is like for real yet I love that rolled around. Yeah and that's nodded though that's not apply don't you play you know any other good suggestions there yet oh Winslow air ball free throw you out was herbal free throws you know Winslow missed lay out the lay appoint as good as rides the inbounds play where he just blew that one as well as a good one right Clarence Weatherspoon. So I just need pricking a jumper with season on the line. Softer and they are memorable plays. Alice. Roller wrong reasons. Texas writes in here after playing the even flow of the Johns as slow song from Michael Ryan and I think like this as acceptance speech better play that's what it that. His arm I don't know I remember when I was Iceland's Oslo will move probes and got inducted into the hall of fame they knew the number one fan. Suze say a few words about them and so we were Leo excellent quality echoed some ladies. Gentlemen dear to induct Pearl Jam into the rock and roll hall of fame pearl jams number one fan. Jonathan. As low. And let his job. Who we are gathered here today. To honor the greatest. Rock ruled. This history of its. Or some other really good good answer. But he and about to prevent. Any guy that's got XX. The Rage Against The Machine I am an incredible. Incredible. The closeness. And and in the simple but. Listen galaxy. As the one doling out. Crystals. Built. Because middleware programs and architects. And you don't do it right. Big planet hoe hole Cleveland dominated tickets. Could be put it very expensive to. Be bluntly. And get most of it but big in North Korea Kim Jong. Get. It in the pros. It's simply too big numbers speak number it's been a big number donuts does she told 600 points from touch woke. In July but seeing him Hello World record 600 cars into. That. The government can also cast. The musician duke which even. You guys even as the torch awesome. Big hitters drummer awesome. And that's the case. Is split us. We don't probe means and brought hope and you know and it means news service. Didn't tell it's a knotted at different. Austin guitar player not as good as any bidders were Tobler social goods. And give thanks. 2%. April. To. My mom's new material or that. Is the bats anger and. That's. No solution reference it is an originally expected. All right Robert you got some in Florence before we get out here this week. Yeah yeah I think I think it's. I think it's about to go down and. Haven't got a ticket. She Limbaugh. You already know. The the rescue by Jay-Z. The women without both drunk via face to perfection. Toward winning. Had you know it's not just aids but as nurture room to actually have a lot of flavors I got a flavor foreign. Cast story and never heard about it moan and that is it's not anonymous Greeks. Has Bieber Jews can't reason being is because it has a strong penetrating odor which beaver sick creep from Saks located between the pelvis and the base the tail. You might not notice beavers or male or female beavers. The both. Massey why you don't know Robert. He is already here so I'm glad I'm sorry I'm getting they had no idea is that it nuggets are hard limited in fact okay I'm sorry to go and have no other girl real OK now I nobody I mean you only have so many facts that. To offer I apologize three and out venom and and again I'm walking a fine line and I'm walking a fine line to be reduced from. It's an everything and you know that's what it's huge in the perfume industry in fragrances that we know it's a male in the meanwhile. Hopefully it's the female. That's on sale but again you're dealing with a very nice pleasant fragrance it's very repugnant to. Kind of pills have the sacks between none. Where you discredit. Between the pelvis was in appellate attorney here in very good point in the females up sacks that's a very good point. Com hopefully hopefully not. I'd rather. I'd rather female ideal your leverage is to be male. Absolutely not absolutely no it really this into a corner here now shaiken a little bit in Obama's search sweat a little bit but usually smells of late birch tar. And Russian leather but when they dilute it with alcohol. That's when you're gonna get that sweet fruit flavors so actually they put in a lot of things actually it enhances the strawberry flavors raspberry. Donuts iced tea ice cream you name it. Bieber uses it at all so heaven thank heavens for beaver juice and is shattered generally recognized as a safe. FDA. Attitude and they don't have to say to be reviews that you just say it's naturally flavored tomorrow it's so customer. The first person was discovered. On the uses. Canadian Olympic team for beavers years. You know goes on a little villages. Oh yeah. I knew your done. You to the Canadians so Heyman tomorrow you got it thing going on writes with with now McCain right or more from doing food mine. Our South Beach will be over there isn't a good one personal betterment of you know armament been written and reviving an animal goes to gods were why are you related charity work. Go do sister Barbara is people tournament post cold there so it's communal they've informing libraries are going to do charity work intoxicated. Usually doesn't and I you do agendas do charity care all matter its athletics yeah her. Matter is more fun and animated too so I checked so get written notably intoxicated or not but I believe it. Max talk intoxicated let its arch out.