ZRA Part 3 3-12-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, March 12th

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It's a minute Stanley royal court attic Audubon street food and music festival on Saturday the 24 pompano beat Tampa Peter. Log on to quote about three dot com he's probably a ticket. For a limited time for discounted tickets is also the super VIP experience which includes a meet greet with fans like the street rods. Suburbia he also includes free drinks don't miss more than two tons of crawfish. And genuine or owns food and spirits and to botch a brought about tree. March 24 at the Pompano Beach Tampa Peter brought to buy and 790 and FM one a four point 38 CT TI. Bono law as the as the month acknowledge Tom don't know why are you leaving 2% and her band I'm not going to lessen the router. You're bringing your bring a baggage though. Yeah I'm never gonna continue more islands and you're going for less than into warning for an goal eyeliner and Tony. Or hour and. And I can sleep united sleeping it was a minute but all beginning on the next plane less than 24 hours in the first when I got. Re saying you know this server to see not see anything you're seeing your you still want to mine planning and everything and know where your your what I have been to New Orleans times CEO of green I just don't know why I'm going to wrestle mania right to wrestle mania I. Seeing everything that's going on your summer going on the yeah. Watch army. For the first bell and I'll be there through the major centers senior ol' bad as the people are walking through the streets of Bergen with boobs. Drinking thrown out were female being in the street. Wrestling. Fans that are going to be there to add to that always be chaos at a match it is going to be the whole week it's BK a bit events going on from like. Thursday. Through. Two and it's going to be crazy yet it's it's going to be ninety. And I'm just gonna is gonna show that's on Jones and we're say the W on the harbor. Area yet where they rate their by drug to please go to journalists I don't know if you're into if you're in a nuts and if you're into oysters molesters. That spot. Is this the mix that you get and how are you at launch it just tell them to still bar keep. Mean keep keep refilling your mix thing I'm its launch and then drug goes to Scarborough oysters moment nothing better nothing better at can be launch. On through the through New Orleans is the truth knows a good time I remember on New Orleans I regret sort of where I went through city the first summer I went to New Orleans when I was your Sunday inched. And there remember that being a very eye opening experience lucky number and street you know he's got to learn bring brings he's got to learn. To bring some peace for the kid that. What would happen to mama from you brought out number men in the games and beads and I don't know yet to see. What are puppets NASA's he's in boobs one hour. What does the every that you employed some make a man Nigeria you know I like your mindset yeah before you get into the double digits only Jewish traditions gunmen of thirteen miles per nine maybe it you know we did she sets. Yeah right now you're chance 2000 bucks going for you now. It's it's man came running contest your chance single a thousand bucks a Texan would look look to 72881. That. You don't want right now it's okay actions up next our national contest message in Derrick may applied don't tax and try. These speeds WT XY AM South Miami and W except that each. Teach you Miramar. We're gonna park all these portable houses those guys every driver in there well you're feeling a lot trailers coming up to. No one's put the wheels on the house and hires stereotyping that the pro wrestling fan Tim Clark I just totally okay to be for the going to be able to us say what those tickets are really expensive out on if you live in trailer parks affording wrestle mania. Speaking of bullets go ahead and get does that awakens as a warning him and sizzle men's in this last headlines via. AJ styles. He has retained his title. So champion Robert. Onerous many Lamas my retain the title got to do. Me to put that headline you. Print a bottom line he won't know. Now ID data lead headlines and it's all. Might not sort of the bell as an executive decision you made. And I got a bright and it were unhappy WE conversely I gotta back you on your choice in my proof. Could just. Just above the next news which is a terrible injury was traded to the Cleveland Browns for a heart story 184. Round pick and a 201970. Brown pay. Yeah primary sort of secondary stories I tell you is that there are excited dolphins fans the last fourth round pick the dolphins maybe mr. meal Douglas. Look at that I don't what does that have to do anything. Let you know how that dolphins draft in the port. Many hurricanes were awarded a number six seed. They will play that school in Chicago. On Thursday are Utley and ha and yeah. You made it sound card. Loyola Chicago hitting hard at boulevard 3:10 PM tip off which snake games on true TV. The Florida Gators opened up its tournament run against either saint Bonaventure or UCLA on Thursday that the 9:55 PM -- also on true TV in the Florida State will face in the zoo on Friday at 9:50 PM tipoff that game's on TBS you watch same line as you say tomorrow idled a scouting the gators probably not heard from that commended now Mancha. Maybe he dominated Washington Wizards Saturday one to when he nine to 1020. Then as we get a excerpt. Concern about why I was giving spam such a hard time asking him there was eight guys that were in double figures what more do you want you given a hard time in his own demise claymore. And Mike my answer was simple it was why wouldn't he be one of the eight. But I told you. It against eligible. Well good. James Johnson played great. Number he went techsters question am attacks on. James doesn't play great. Yet three points five assists Helio when they got a double double thirteen points eleven boards as he's on. Did not play he suffered a strained flood surge during the team's morning shoot around. Dwyane Wade left the game with a mild hamstring strain neither of those guys are expected to play tonight. Suppose says this team needs to keep its foot on the gas pedal. Yeah usually how active we are by it that reflections that weather was first to the ball. How many blocks were getting kind of challenges relating to rent that usually indicates how many efforts were we're making. And then he does terrific pace about the pace how fast are getting out and dance and Paula who attacking positions and and I got something I think with our speed our staff now that we're healthy I think we can explore that even more. So big they are a couple. West Coast games they've already lost these teams right we lost all three of these saying that this is like a prime time opportunity for going to be out take his rest in order to get ready for the run I I am going on the matters to their plan. Any of Dwyane Wade is dealing with a hamstring issue okay you come back when it's fully ready. I'm gonna we plan. They're going to be looking to him as their number one player going and this player yet they are there they are clearly. You know offensively the heat's. Numbers and with Dwyane Wade since two and weighed writer very very good very very good. And I think if he's got to sit bring gamer to. You know thank our rights the year firmly entrenched in a playoff position right now they're five and apple. On the team it's at number nine right now to wanna climb to standings of course only companies that mean enough for our rights but most important. Is to make the playoffs and they're in a good position is they let him be healthy. All right and their in a really good position as far as the first part let's make sure get second bar right to I don't. On the low post with Kevin art events who was on Zach glow. They discussed the heat and they said that Dwayne wade shooting as much as he has from Miami is dangerous. For the heat's and they talk about how the he had to figure some things out for the playoffs here's now for more from the low post. If we assume one and two are set and they're just looking at who were gonna play. On the six teams load them in order right now of the cities are Cleveland Washington Indiana Philadelphia. Miami. In Milwaukee. And to me. The weakest of those teams. The weakest among those teams. Both saw as a unit has grossed out and they play on our Indiana and Miami. Animal gross out. Click it to go to Sony. The notable Poppins Malia and how many urgent so much. You are grossed out by the release and in the hall and I mean it's nonstop lick in the lips and I mean come on yeah I don't I don't have a hot button when you're doing a podcast Bible you know it is just what your mouth do some. I can't hear any of sync it back on some of your jealous little about what he was the heat is though we scary to an analysis stories and the heat and. Have a opinion like an upset about that. It's it's it's disgusting. We will always get art it's what you grossed me. The heated on the red hot blazers tonight that team has won nine straight games tipoff is set for 1030. That means that we will not be discussing it tomorrow because none of muscles. Prizes as someone who wit who makes the entire. Game and that is with us at 5:30 AM the next morning we should do you Sully into the game into this at 5:30 the next morning YouTube you should get a prize. Pregame the prices are so right here on 790 rising listening in at 9:30 PM hosted by Tommy dot as a parent. It's. Just is wins over his Disney late in the wizards game but it coats those says he should be good to. Temper tantrum in the game to. I got to see this. I can't believe that a guy that has like zero emotion. Put everything they have a single value until he's or two games ago he's a lot more emotional instilling way to come here all all and man they are slick lawyer. Sammy saw EEE staring down and Philadelphia's enchanted a three what else is a city that is his game after he did that donkey he called the now is against what was Memphis. DA's he's vacant side bets grinding your dirty year whatever he was gone and now garbage or whatever it was sand in many. A little bit more vocal since the ranking Christiana bank and trust yes it was crusty. The Florida Panthers won a franchise record eight straight home games an issue out against the Rangers. Devlin. They're just two point spying Columbus it Columbus. For the second eastern wild card spot the cats hosts Ottawa tonight puck drops 7:30 PM from BBN's he'll be able to watch Allen's us. I will maybe should Japan is pre game. Jeanne Blake did you hear did you really did a canister and three seasons at CNET that the bride gets easier back I'm gonna Philly games are must are reasonably scheduled. At the same thing isn't. They're at seven Terry and I really played so there Saddam's two occasionally it's literally the exact same type of schedule. Yes independence play thirty. Yes so yeah. Women into California yes limitless and it hits it 1030 I did not announcing called Keene who's gonna flash aren't played on the road and being sensitive moments times is he doing them. I thought I hit me I did the Panthers four I think three seasons yeah. And it was a three seasons leading up to one I started doing the real example by the way I should mention yes I was I easy duty games with Randy Mueller. Who presidential and it's about Tony feminists now we'll talk to them dual cameras here via a city games array Intel and oriented so while 'cause I did three seasons and as mean and the ever take Europe. And any other trips are back and now I never settle on the road not now never. So what did you do in the bit. Exact same thing at you the eight. You do the pregame in the post and how many times you watch it on the seven inch television and and when they're home I was up there in the Booth but I did. Pregame inner missions and and post game. Little known fact about on the that little known man they give it was a little truss and I don't in my it'll be you keep talking about your two time championship broadcast well we we have a plan or is internationally known as are those things like on the resume that you just never match and it's like me were Jacksonville another player just a better matches I played for no matter of fact in my bio in the Miami Heat media guide it it says that I used to do the pillars. And none of that I enjoyed I enjoy doing most games oh yeah. I don't ever Saatchi and dog vendor of the year reportedly looking to treat its 20141. Round pick John James. I am I am a hard time in Iowa but no one wants him it was a price no. He's about to make nine million here I'm in haters of Somalia yet old argument doesn't need any of lost. BA yet each rating guides and in the first round of force contract and tort condoms and cut. That's about that let's I think he's got like sloppy body I'm wondering if he had like a better body composition. Is a dad but. Is this like it's like sloppy body in a murmur Branden Albert on that's not odd. I beg you yeah I'm all about body team a and in the locker room you have the bad body team and it's usually amongst the opportunity for its Lima but to some linebackers or get on that as well like zero definition anywhere in there just like bad body to. Like Mike. From the Florida Gators he was a bad but he can't get none none Islamabad. No he can't man UK can have bad body but to be a little bit easier to write that check to a guy that looked like he was Hercules and arming. And ails him. Or the New York Giants in the NFL are aware of the video of the O'Dell Beckham junior that was leaked on Friday the way video and see the white. The video. Is a sec is seven set in clip from social media its shows and laid in bed with us some Pizza Inn bed holding what appears to be in. Some sort of you know brown teeny little cigar and Sean Hayes. Ryan in an incredibly. I didn't know what they next dom and then there's a critic or in the background. What looks like a white powdery substance aligned is terrorist problems. Sure there could on cable because people yes often make lines of sugar. There's a boxed meat is eaten pizza yeah. And it was always an on some missing so much to cheer the credit card out to cut the pizza because. Data do your job at the restaurant cutting the pizza all the same was it yet the pizza has handled it and he won and he's not. I don't allow an idea of ultimately need guns and many on the merits on this this is this is out of giant should be investigating okay who ate pizza. And illegal and it won't del ate the pizza out there okay so little on the glove right though that was like this European committee did for Nike of moms they can. Yeah where was his video taken night as it illegal wherever this video can't focus on that well they don't but I'm wondering curiously it's. I mean he's back or they might have been tested over there is where you're in the world to get tested and you know. The obligatory for our window or something like that via the mode but notify you tracked you down years jest fan is he I I your guys a drive three and a half four hours to the local. Place to go to the. Man I care so little about NFL players smoking marijuana Medicare and I think it's like here classes but the blow might have been slowed a blow aspect of NN. Does take up an honor such as traumatic. Just decrees I don't know six now. I'd it's that time no kind. You know it seems we are boy deep podcast to his back from the Olympics he's been back for a little while now and they paid a man I guess and and that and that's Dorgan pro Bono on as he was even get a little bit of a disgruntled masses for me. Newser you get a check. Our employees who he's still easily donors staying there must clear he still doing is staying because the Panthers are red hot when he talked to Randy mall about thirty minutes when he five minutes from now. And keep my cat is out there learning ya. Okay he's being given us or him pilots on the players and yet is being given us flawed and their player profiles and so let's get to today's edition of no it's. I'm sure podcast. Gets in the minors French Canadian in the home land with deep bobcats Panthers pro. And I thought plans okay. Hi guys geeky guy is judge ran the word no they can't we'd do. We do they gave the snap and gave it would've won that game though was there for days meddling kids. Stats that's enough. Their career I am glad. And then goals this season and his turn on the team turn guys in tree not the Pope. He has come a long way since winning the rookie day a year Puerto cats and 2000 at thirteen and there's no bad thing. His language and did cross a bad. All of and French if they do I is me. And then there are mythical Greek church that is not being your hockey dreamed. And others don't go. It's not me. Sort of got friends. Won't run. Fifteen minutes it next. Over the shock guard good first base away. Customize my champion four by four South Florida's the one keep trucking SEB customization shopping guaranteed that the hottest four by four modification in town. Called champion four by 47865023446. Go to champion four X four dot com also by all pro orthopedic and sports medicine. It's their job to get you back in the game with four South Florida locations there's one near you go to all pro orthopedics dot com. For more info. Dexter rates and interest panther growl is the best it's been a topic of conversation a little laughter from my kids and my friends all weekend Gloria. Through and other panther game we had kids doing the growl like amber. Yeah rats on the actual daily. Old I got a little or no I do people want to give me a pregame. Adrian post it on you about you. Yeah I don't know who does he do pregame for the campaign does pregame for the Panthers I don't know. That's on queuing up and yet it does. Good we should know that now that her sister station I ESP's is theory of snags her interests in these programs. These queuing and mine are deep Marquette down he'd be terrific. Do and I gave for now like lets you know pretty cents India dealing with us and he's got a and he's got a drug prominently it's a whole what hollow Campbell yeah drug problem I wouldn't count we look at. We don't care as much fraud correspondent but to work French a team that could be an issue I don't know. For us we don't care as long as he gets the work. Guess there on time Fergie redoing your way to your spare time that's that's why I think he pulls together zero when he does work for us. Police fanned out and only got ten seconds for work. For us it time and I love thirty Lexus smacked colonel. Oh well. Do you think deep again it's issues on the streets. Tonight he'll likely not to have Dwyane Wade or Hassan Whiteside both of them will probably be out wade got her in the fourth quarter last game hamstring. And Hassan miss the game on Saturday night he hurt his hip in shooter route not serious by. He will likely miss tonight's game you gotta together all be cautious and it based on croissants history he's he's gonna miss more than one game aren't he's not exactly the height that. Russia's acting into the lineup. When dealing with even the smallest of injury OK we all you'll just call it you see Ari has ordered its. You got to log jam here between the numbers three. And 8 in the Eastern Conference were separated by just totals three and a half games three through eight is separated by two on just three and a half teams. So every day got moving shaken in the Eastern Conference including last night where Indiana jumped up to number three. In the east in Cleveland's him bounced onto number four and just to gain an edge to have an excuse me. Ahead of number five Washington cell. You know if you think you got a clue who the heater gonna wind up playing in the first round you know it's gonna come down the final day now right now mind you match up at Alston. All same plane so lots of late they lost yesterday to rule. It was it was it Washington no no no loss of someone at home. Yesterday I forget who was wasn't all that water is your salary left the game both the pace in the incidents. Yes good win for Indiana all right so and they've surged up to number three by. But apparently I did 99987. As opposed game and I think Tyree Irving is gonna continue to miss a little bit tied their butt. Miami is is is entrenched in a playoff picture even with with or without. Wade over the next couple of games this team is still gonna find themselves and a good spot by the time they come back on the scheduling so it's so easy over the next stretch yet these three games here on the road and watch out world beaters they are. Three teams have beaten Miami at home this year OK so all three of those games are hard. And then Miami comes back home for Denver. And New York okay to Denver game is tough but you know home games this one of the season and heat when he saw you know that he won. A lot. At home lately you gotta be Colombia plane at home so Denver or new York at home and they go back out on the road for Oklahoma City and Indiana. And you know that takes its old toward the end of march this is a hot stretching games. That the heat have going on and things get easier they're back home for home stands. And a unity at the that the final five games to seize and sell it he can come home to and one on the strip all my god you Corliss. You caught. Argue it is the beats legal into these three games and I know what's he gonna wind up getting I mean Sacramento games when you look Casey got to win that one that's a ground DB and eats. So if you go into a three years you'll feel you'll feel great. And how far back Milwaukee behind me just to gain and ask. Yet half day. Does that give back but he on the tiebreak so obviously that's good scenario though on Portland and either ends in the playing tonight Lilly killed do you it was a tight in a way remembered it was a tight game going to the fourth quarter and and Willard went crazy and you don't put their one and game they've won nine in. In a row. It wasn't too long we're talking about Damian Miller to see why the basket for a trade at a Portland. And now the blazers are number three in the Western Conference. Really good now again. It'd difference between number three. And number ten. In the Western Conference just three and a half games so a week from now and combine themselves on the outside. And it's a very good Portland team. That Miami is is facing tonight. There's several big feel good about would eat you start to get healthy you know he had guys like Wayne Ellington back in the lineup analytic act of course. All those guys are plain while Magruder plain real and grew to seven right activists and right back in the full identity to any time today. And he held back into the mix here is that first candy is available to coaches played in the fourth quarter and hit a big. Three point in the fourth quarter what are you got from there. Yeah we like that's rights. It's his name. And all on Saturday night he had. Thirteen points and he wants so if brushing bardo again guys like that back and it's it's that you can't have a full healthy roster. Curve more than again. If you get everyone available to you gotta have two other guys Lee and that's ravenous Arnie you lost Whiteside you lost weight and really when those gonna be okay. But you get guys healthy you gotta you gotta lose guys. Scheduled annual emotional Winslow. I like the emotional Winslow and embargoed for he cares a little bit in a very good way to pick them. Tom and your mom and Robert T a tumor and how does he had latest. So he still allow the template Stella and doused him sit on the bench. Holiday how many games of basketball as he played in the last. Three years now. I'm waiting game I don't look this league not a problem anymore as you know the money. But for somebody else these goodies are prom name three years I want an army games played in three years games. Good against. No way I time it begins and three isn't touched the court at all yet this year now. I don't think so. There's sort of there. I do get told him he was trying to external many more now not only nine a little bit Martin's and all know a little bit old. Nine ruled. Now. What I am concerned when those campers tonight. The pandas at the Ottawa Senators it and stinks. And the Panthers they don't lose at home on the range or stunt too but in an owner shootout with a serious issue is not winning man at every game NHL's one goal game and our Jewish and Chilean. Archer is now some that your gonna talk to breaking the rats by the way. The residential I don't know what game that I took given it knows hats on the ice. It's a hat trick. Get your hat back to the end of the game. Can't you should be able to. They put they go out there with bush and snow shovels and knowing nobody should be like a big Michael lost and found bin where you get to go to have the unique to your hat badly you want I don't know how to pick somebody else's all I mean that's that's Jerusalem that's a restaurant in with mark. Given what you're guaranteed to get a good way to guarantee the hat though. What do you team bring you go there you try to get that leave that. What is that doesn't get to Patrick in due next year's morning had you haven't you just take on is that you throw on the ice he's okay not espresso it's separate the -- he might be of so we view but then it's so if there hatchery and your work out rather ridiculous that I would try to move your Bartow. It's okay league if if if if you're wearing a hat and some get to Patrick late you lose that that bends the rules. Is what is them is the rule sends the rules. Randy Moeller he is the third man on the television team at the Panthers stand as the senators tonight. Red deer anymore and join us next. It's entertaining to play hockey little avatars of other guys in the shipping container they've worked a PM you take the shipping container bracket challenge. And pick which one of the Mears your favorite knowing there's going to be announced today a national championship cans and three launched. Tim Wakefield brings independently owned craft brewery and tap from looking in the heart of Winwood. Peter at 2 PM on Thursday with the limits are shipping container. On am 798 FM one a four point three a 62 of the tickets semester we marmalade and a Winger some amazed at what we complain about some on Friday. I think he wants money to appear I don't know yet asking white noise and I know he's getting an appearance but I think he lies he wanted to and I know what percentage I think of of the actual beer sort once asserts on the Beers ago. On aren't Smart and out Carter coming up about twenty minutes from now guts and the Panthers take on the Ottawa Senators acting stinks that's tonight at BB NT senator Randy Mueller joins us knew Ryan fueled doubts as convenient source guess like truly steps beyond convenience of course is the third man. On on what I continue to say Randy resolve the morning Randy and I continues say that television broadcast that you guys do Goldie and Denny. And Randy Mueller you guys do such a terrific job and and I I was I was surprised means w.s in June but. The way that you're able to work in seamlessly when you're not even in the both of those guys and your on ice level it's it's a terrific job you guys do Randy. Well thank your remarks good morning to you bomb and not not one reason why I I step out hole on the dump my radio. It is. In the benches could be at eye level it is such that a summary I thought the real. You're down there you get a different vantage point of the game and speed of the game and I think we're Mariam. Or were and what my responsibility you're against him in and out the odds in the year ballot bowl right here during a year during. The right level and and got out makes it on and their game and all. In the world and that and M I believe the very beneficial for a banned tempo brought out somebody out there are. Because because people think and I thought it's great auto on and you know right now we're out of a lot of fun or not. Legitimate player operates right now in the team that played such exciting hockey. It's great around. You're you're on ice level every night how much faster and more physical as the game them when you played. I got art art art and I'll I'll I he had bought a watch Rudy here. Level when my way and I were moments. Big. Dispute over a now watch your current rule and weeks I made a roll and am not a lawyer themselves. Actually being a big warm green and in that show up or not that was kind of like marble. It weakened in every critic and try our governor Paul nauert goaltending. He's goaltender now so big there's so edit and keep in. It's. Is it is strong tropical in my mind block and a year. While old model. That is quite. I know what it misting in perimeter they're still wandered by its by. Their employer. Are eating bastard you can park partner. And that yet they're playing in the same ring and a map Earl. If it makes it were so that they their camera. What HD cameras and that people pick up the speed of the game that body are the biggest positive pro. As as fans of hockey right now were really enjoying this this is playoff run and and being a broadcaster like yourself and you have a job to do but how tough was going in their day in day out. Basically broadcasting losing hockey and how much pleasure now it is all now for your personal. If it it's their it's so much on now declared a little miss play Wallin. And and we could hear demand and the help aspiring. Out span in any order in any in any. Any city in any market is to have patience by. Don't Bill Cowan came in here a number of years ago and say you know what gonna go the route we're gonna develop rural employers. Our border trap was still an error there and more air. In that we're now mercy in the pippin took. All are out of I'll wrap in these players not Bart cops and oh yeah. Wrote checks now guys not only are these good hockey player. They're better people off beyond race and that makes it much easier in order. Little routine but what you want to interpret what you find in a match goes so it. Lawyers know in a little bit. Our individuals. Are everybody all on the same page and they they they buy into the there's. Pop art is coaching staff are all right are now in her out. They've got players that are coming back they've got a competition. For internal competition for positions on the opposite in my basis on the wide out. So we're talking right now but I aren't thought on how bad. It. On right now. A lot of it is in order to get a well ought. I'm always concerned about my hometown boy Bode Miller and I'm always wondering what is he done differently that maybe some of the pass coaches are you might have noticed. Operator of the waited they've gone and prepared their team. That he killed and and the system that he bit audio and this year it took awhile in his Lima but honestly when they were. Two straight games over by on a long time not oh no number number and then and then. And that they were start in the grass system it's not a complicated it what you want to. Want your courts. And the pursuit of the pocket when it upon people. What we're seeing now and the way it more as a movement away. This team together AAR wanna go out and the national heart and when you're a speed. And you're out there and you have bought out speed older that are the nature and worse and now you're the results about it. And they're trying to watch almost in every term that comes in the it's got all the it's an all out and they are thought they speak from neutral so they outcrop. And that topic dot print right now Matt we're doing is winning streak especially straight wins on the public's. We are animal are you a series on television of the handers two handers had the senators tonight and I'm not talking about begin against the Rangers you know you got the New Yorkers in the Canadian unity got. The folks in Montreal but the weather's been terrific at home. How the home crowds and rain and your folks are always start to get bigger crowds army friends someone again as we get into Edmonton Mike what kind of crowds are we getting lately for for this team what do we expect tonight I mean Ottawa. I was not it is huge attraction and they stake so packed crowds are we getting. Out. Aren't I beat a little bit but smaller crop to crop on Saturday night was great are there of course when the Connecticut are out that. It. Dynamic we're we're span to support that not. I heard 9101000. Band better art era in our night in night out. Eight point six game seven night all it would be here. And that it. Because hope of Panama and that that that the air appropriately tried to grab and and roll out there and especially in the second half year. Now that person. Tom your orders in exports parents start here in hockey in general what a simple old soul college were all time. If it's all it's basketball. And that now of course and that. The crowd sector questioner a lot better quite good hole being. Not a part of our. Me. We're a much broken again. One of the better teams in the NHL I mean could not get a ticket to become so bad now and go at certain editors. They are Saturday night as the real march sent the bill. Because you go in and their market in order out. Fortunately some there are there and decided not a lot but overall. Are back. Op where there I expect it. Always more they're closer Leo what are oh and old world aren't what aren't able. Or is there are played quite well in the first round. I'll not be a battle. It. Out state rival. Yet either it be a lot of fun Randy how many oxidant by this season. Our trust account on XYZ order or are you bigger Gator game. Our market position between them and took it. Although noticed I can't back drop I'm right there are actually call and I'm not Wear any action. Soul I I kind of expect it out and get a couple I'm like why the Ole Ole. All a couple of people on the watch homestand. Panama and I could still go out by. What are. Right he got paid down their I want my reflects bad I got very very good and I hit and it. Because of that comes I tell you what I'm not been an on an interim drivable prime try. Petty taking a walk the face. Here are very. Dario Nancy sorry brandy you'll isn't always like talk media and Tony folks out there are no one cares more about their team their minimal as the Panthers could could catch W Randy. God and that there and and our our program in the morning their. Call our other great great we get an article there. Thanks Randy there you go let's Randy smaller so watch him tonight's with school the end any pop and it's it's a really good broadcast I just come to accepted. I'm doing so yeah yeah AM and pucks at the open up to the body yeah come to access to millions artist apart is taking a slash to the elbow always trying to do his job or get a puck to the face and knock in a tooth out yesterday that he you work yup. And that's some real bright and I think that's what you UA head that Tom. We wouldn't we would put Summers. On your name it's got to be scary man he's not scary claiming any self rule on time lets you stand in the middle they write the accent. Yet the hawks fly an idea hand. I'd like to see you in the job actually. A big fun non come out for that as ads violence as scary Utah your power really mid sentence and I'm talking and and you know and squealing. On trying to get some type reports. That's it I'm done you know I you know I remind anyone who cares more about. Their job and lack had a. Is always stop doing the band has broadcast a scared you know isn't new yet there are new but the next up was. Continuing his own. Get to those. Coming up next loves Georgia.