ZRA Part 3 3-13-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, March 13th

Cullen & Augustus Wilson, Stephen A. keeps saying Miami can possibly land LeBron, Larry Nance Jr. is a jerk.


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Losing and losing and losing and losing and losing and losing game losing gains. Lose so much data obtained to. No time to put a cocaine and grow as an eye on this things and it has backed him whole game trained and focused frame. And losing and losing games losing and losing and losing and losing and losing and losing and losing games. Whose own touchdown in the tank so I'm treated for cocaine and grow as on this thanks to Adams is back enough. All ten constantly remarks and a chance to win tickets you had thousand dollars he's got a chance when the tickets thousand dollars extra money man came contest every hour between six and 5 PM Monday through Friday. So coming up about performance and value of code word also and that's here when the old and text into seven to 881 aspect only and that's say. We're giving away man cave money on AM 79 you know if someone a four point 382 ticket. You Texan to show us 67974. Text or rights and you can't tell me that amber does that and onto that looks like Betsy the boss all eyes thousands and agree. That I had an on T who flake Betsy device and that old Sarasota money Elliot wore and Alia film. My main. Okay can you believe is the television shows that I Amber's and won't you end up. Is this just preposterous. What does she watched the business Charlie Douglas. Come. Come and look at this granddaughter revolves watching the most ridiculous television shows is not doing anything popular brand isn't. Was she doing today told him that she's installing Apple's round. Unfortunately. I agree and Rosa. Neighborhood dogs on all useful anymore we need them for hunting. She had such talented opponent to. Launch. Okay back to the piano amber good get on the piano doling let's go to navigate go at them ninth. No insane you had a onto is light at these laws that all. Vapid woman named Betsy deposit be disgusted I got an all out what it must be disgusted by my family some of us went public school. He totally rest went to public school. It's just terrible. If I'm so uneducated. Island but she did make up Floyd bill Cullen by attending the University of Miami. Lol school I people don't put it in the class of private schools I suppose lose it's not round. How does how does my view all stack up to the law schools that the rest your feet and we went to him. It's it's batter Yemen via its better than in my my parents went to Stetson batter Louisiana and on and that's okay though says Bristol my sister went to Wisconsin and that's better than mine at Wisconsin school them. All right I got free oxygen my grandfather went to Florida and that's pattern and my crazies as it is a lot of money area. Oil has lessened state gamble but I don't think it important it is going magazine is also better than Miami Florida employers say they thinker Mac in Mac terms gospel. Texas writes in here so Landry a bad apples they say it your garbage like boy tanning always blue eyes and blond hair still there are not treaty yet for any garbage pick queen get for him so called racists in the big night everybody realized not like agreed. I agree Tim agreed ignorance of these why eighties. Tim hills my twin man Ricky Gary and I don't know do well yes sir. The more I keep looking this way you guys QB I swear to god you guys can be twins like you when you and him can be twin brother sister. Auto find him very attractive. In tough angle and I but everyone now says that we look at it with that we lookalike and incest USO I don't know highly track. You knew the brother sister got a you know we don't breed and others. The cents a justice. Let's try it you can bloodline that's good and keep the assembly strong grinds and threats they got into full blooded yeah that's right that's right. No hitter that's why not so it's sad that police Ian Johnson notes live together okay. But keep that our Gary in his big hundred yeah mantle on now thriller that's. That's our Gary is all about incest and keep blood line. Him. Ivan who really gives us written. British monarch recently. Our C what's the crowned and I don't really lends me and I'm watching Hollywood's ownership I love I tell meg Marco story is shaken things up this crazy diet I have been watching all these documentaries and so is a ballots at the British monarchy now in just the history the monarchy grizzard and like everyone's marrying their husband first cousin. Is weird. Right now's your chance to thousand dollars 790 man came money contest you can't take on a thousand dollars and text bolt. Bolts to seven to eight a one and and it registered bolts not bolt bowl right all. Bowl. Bowl like Hussein bowl to not bull. Bolt when he keeps coming just Alex. PO LT in Q bolts. If you don't win this study tried again topped next hour national contest message in debtors Mabel I don't think. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami. And WS FX Ph.D. to Miramar. And by the way I I never I don't clear initial quick and don't make it conversation IA I never against politics here on the show OK but the fact that that. Betsy the boss is an all fault vapid woman has nothing you'll politics you know single not a single thing to do. But politics she's an awful awful person. You know it's funny she adamantly every time every two Susan untenable in public so every time I am and is you know the head of our. As is and this country is she every time though we normally mention anything I knew we could mention. And he's not you know lake. The sky was blue word trump was or something and we'll get people on the tech selling going insane quest are not a single axed. About the budget request. Right right there you go look at it has nothing to do with politics shame on anyone who defends that woman. Okay shame on you she's drinking a shame on qualified person. Joseph do you notice a ring highest qualified who does that from others she is very rich is from a very wealthy family and shame on an I I cannot I could do and when you might not dissing Holland condone this sort of behavior. I'm just evolves doesn't appointed me in the students discussed. Can't believe this and I'm but that decision can hook that. Up up up. Blaming heat. Fell to the Portland trailblazers won fifteen to 99 last nine game that none of us watched I can't tell you much about it. But I read this morning my goal on that 23 in just is Winslow was very good apparently according to Twitter Ernie but at fifteen points thirteen rebounds. So in trusts his shot watching the highlights this morning. That part is exciting like that that's the kind of sub that you wanna see what you want you know you got that growth from Richardson last year and and we all trust Richardson you noted. Nothing last night isn't palatable game. But we trust Richardson and we like where he's headed and it if it Winslow is that guy that you're talking about. After this season that the last happened this year. He he was becoming or is becoming the guy that we we thought we were drafting nineteen years old it. And yet that's that's something to get excited about also and because all along with at a bio. It gives you it gives young assets that's a really big deal you know my problem's going to be don't know. When Dwyane Wade decides to retire and leave de ice stick around it it's just that point it's it it it's just to continue helping the younger guys development point yes actually ironically and and I don't think he's gonna wanna as soon on the talk validation on what none of the guys on the end of the bench clapping never playing that's not gonna happen. It too when we don't hang it up by that okay but. It's long as he can play. I think you hope that he sticks around and you saw that. Sony ESPN if it considerably in Saudi ESPN where they were interviewing Dwyane Wade and they were talking about is rollback of the team it's well she embraces. Being the guy who helped usher in that young generation of new key players and sound like a guy who's going anyway Thompson is sounding as good vehicle that low. Czarist army concern rent if he can really polarize the way the justice Winslow there number ten draft pick is playing this severely. You can't let when we go anywhere you can't let him marrying these young guys he's not letting him go to and I'm not going to that's not only supply regular not to out of he's going anymore. And he's gonna more. I think Eddie he's got he's got some years left in them. And certainly would tell you he's got some years like years plural. I like it does here right now as you play one more year repeatedly multiple years as your dazzle idol when multiple years. Yeah do you play multiple years ago. I think the year I think definitely a year I don't know about beyond. But the way he's playing as a urging you so down to this man that. And so I I you know I don't know I get a little we like Alyssa I think he was being genuinely. Considerate this off season now I guess doing now you can't revitalize Whaley liked how how can it possibly. With the way he's playing right now how and there are playoffs. And how can eat and say I you know I think I'm done it would just be if he it is by her suit I don't think you know I think Ryan is its bingo and the play routes only read it see it. It as well as you'll rowdy there's an Achilles legacy you know what I don't wanna do is rehab that they'd be really difficult then of course you concede acts. But otherwise. You don't holdings are equal not found seems and you know I was. And still I still really play and I don't wanna do anymore divides in the heat and TV and sit this year's un and aid due to go into or something like here. Getting a third ring an amazing. That you know what that would would mean the most is that would be amazing missy. Now. You're getting me it did he won the BA yeah in the. Meet for meat suit to compare I guess that I don't feel and compared the other isn't really feel the past and dealers addressing his ever happened because it's so unbelievably. Not only does happen is just forget how Corey how great it felt to win now one and 22 wealth of everyone heeding a solo artist affair and the failure of the year before you get what you want to. It wasn't all is as a surprising at this one is Riley except Petrova in the pants the pants off. For this and yet I gotta get an okay. And no pants and you know we want it this season right Riley's retired re runs gone yeah and then blame because President Abbas operation I don't. You know also operates through expose next the political and now he's up on. Do we ratings on. Not late last night Damian Miller put up 32 points and I it Portland's the box and they beat the grizzlies last night not heat. I dropped to the eight spot in the east. Florida can't Paris fell to the Ottawa Senators last night five the three. It was a really good game and heal the final three minutes when senators broke the tie and scored two goals. And yet at hand there's this cook up a franchise best excuse me. Franchise best win streak at home was snapped they have Paulson on Thursday at the top one. And then Saturday afternoon. Last in the light air against Edmonton on Saturday afternoon. Think people are confused as you reference the third rain and people are wondering why you didn't reference a force during focus I don't have Korea but it's a third for you nets are delighted used to doing work for the teen yeah I urged him that I could use of their income it's a very selfish outlook by me. Jeff Darlington is reporting the dolphins are going to cut Ndamukong sue as part of an organizational culture change which will likely be official on Wednesday Tex erected dolphins pulled. Used the media has turned that into that locker room guy. Agassi you know you wanna change Ed good culture pretty offense on the north over. Call I didn't quote in the Miami Herald are in 2015 she was about apple. No one is it no one in the dolphins building a late hit in 2016 he got. Utter and 2017 he worked towards being batters you but it is still but at his core Suh is about sale. That's in the Miami Herald. How is that knots. About a lot around this guy. Is due Adobe in the in the media Tex Wright's insane narratives on policy and coaches and owners tired player antics finally send the message of who the employees all our love and move. Are serious talking about. Like what we're antics continued it could've immortal bore like he was fine. Takes talking about seem narratives and called us because he has made an incredible amount of money in the team is cheap. That's that's the narrative. What are we talking about I don't think the Marlins did that to John Carlisle right I mean I think that's. Things because senate who was believed in his teammates you of this team's close. You know I was so mad is they're promising ever rebuild close yeah. Were honest about. Why John Harlow away why they are trying to you talked him into attorney didn't know that were announced this of that puzzle that this election oh did they took an all. And I was like oh we worked on trade and he's going to blow to be rebuilt but they said that he wanted to trade the didn't say he was a betting cancer in the locker room. But they say BTU what did wanted to part of what we're doing which OK we'll terrible. Right now. Not quite it's it was a it was but I think that maybe that is the that is rabbi Judah he. He. And tell you stay at one of the soul and inspiration our necessary leader that they've basically gotten rid of old or just about all of their Pro Bowl players who dolphins. Even the global Manley who cares all pros as those players are bit players media look at yeah okay Ndamukong Suh is Islamic him. JJ we don't lie. We don't agree but we know though. We don't why you have but I know a lot of other guys that are the coolest and most best teammates and other I didn't want to get rid of them. The want to of the biggest problem with still to this point those threes and Johnny I didn't Chinese of one of the biggest problem with because he was super productive and he wasn't highly paid if you'll be upset about one of the three a Chinese the one wiping you can rationally be upset about. I think is what it's on the coach should make a relationship marketing help it he took that attitude of some once I would been jettisoned a year ago. And he cited screw it week we go to some two different. Okay and he treat Hassan Whiteside average. It murdered and as though you're dealing why he's worth I think your foot you're dealing with different pool different levels are layers of the pecking order when it comes of the locker room. You are guys like Dwyane Wade your guys like Chris Bosh your guys like LeBron. All hampering up pampering the babysitting for the most part along with all of what Little Rock every white optional on that are difference. Alonso soared on the morning all babysitting ultimately a younger rookie who has great potential. Now you're dealing with the guys who are the leaders of the team. The leaders are drama can the leaders are Jarvis in the white receiving it for that mater I sit in the huddle in the office of public thought. Terms under was the leader and I budget Jai want to sort of peel himself a little bit became a little bit more vocal leader as well on the intentional diet congress Alter many leaders. And guys that should be basically representing your organization and held top dog gets back in that huddle. It's busy is just what's confusing about this is it feels like a rebuild greatly with the Marlins you understand that they have this plants break down the team's got to rest players. Rebuild and fife years we can have a conversation about whether or worked. When you get rid of your three best players on the dolphins. But it's not a rebuild and that is what it which is what we're being told. Then when can reevaluate this like how can you convince me that the dolphins are going to be better this next season. With outs and comic in sued Jarvis a wing injury NJ Jai. I don't necessarily look if you told me right now the dolphins are gonna win more than six games next year because I guess so constant and being better if they're gonna win more than sixty in a few. We don't setting the NFL I. All we see them on being better. I did see them being better. They see with these guys they. Absolutely be better next year and it's not a rebuild of the dolphins they're trying to get the salary cap on neutral and spend money better but went to please some odd million dollars in spending on soup. You couple defensive tell. Yeah. A money rights. Are you pro a couple of hunger for it and all the money it's I understand but it's it's again it's not this it's ironic it's rebuilt I don't. And another thing that I'm concerned about is the baton of leadership tonne. Who in the wide receiver room's gonna handle up to talk Kenny stills going to be your leader now just your lover is a bass you're dealing and dealing with a guy that's gonna be falling off like it's clearly the guys that they're getting rid of our great players handles like an antenna also on the other leaders that are gonna be holding up a tonne a short team leaders. Where Phillips is gonna be your leader. And the defense of Cutler. I got. Those seem. My brother and Noah and a Imran ten no one has been brother sister dynamic couples. Lubbers the dolphins officially released linebacker Lawrence Timmons Julie Thomas is officially set to be released on Wednesday night on masks. We are waiting Gabriela union donate 200000. Dollars to march our lives. Excited Tobin told us this and again golly we're happy with a Julius Thomas signed totals in the gecko doodle. Bomb it sucks man GC WSVN had to apologize for referring to got real union as a wife and that's fine now claim made to white like him is that. She has her own individuality. The union pulled on a minute ish they're married though yeah yes it only takes issue with. Hawk I'm of works like I. I mean why isn't he her husband widening gap really union and husband easily went yeah union is her husband's donate 200000 dollars to. Marched for our lives wise and so they said Dwyane Wade they say gateway to Dwyane Wade and his wife. It says on the headline Dwyane Wade comma wife donated 200000 to gun control comma wife yeah. And I would probably that as well I was earning his many millions of dollars it is IC probably helped contribute 200000 quite handsomely I believe but let's also remember them. The reason and that it's it's on the WS in news is does to him core. W Deborah union donated to to a park and rally that would make news and she lives out here and it's it's park ones. Com I don't know but I also know that camera you would not be doing it if she weren't married your Dwyane Wade like that's why she leaves. Him and that's not fair got really unions extremely active and a lot of social positive out not fair I don't went to every MB living down here which could be important. And there's a whole lot of celebrities who've donated I mean the Google Clooney is George Clooney and a mall whatever Ernie was they eat animal clinic has now. They donated awesome I think they donated 500000 dollars to this same march and they don't look anywhere near park. Let us locally the reason it's on the local news is going. We'll numbing news as well I didn't I didn't see going with wife going to school and hang out the kids and when the kids. So doing great on the news between Reid's wife ever real union also donated money to this caucus well. Now why is that Italian magazine and add Dade today and that that I mean look I don't I don't know how much money in one game doesn't matter it's a great thing I'm I'm insanely. Allies and you deal he'll apologize. Of course you don't balance alien apologists are Garrity an X I mean you punish towards. The end and I want to read and assess. And very dismissive. While most of the way it's I'm not apologize you love them I do of them so I apologize but I do of them Soledad and they'll know autism walk and it's. Dismissive of this personal walked into view donated to the rally. On there you those who have kids. Going to have your abolish or. They've been trying for many years but it return our kids yes. I was wondering if she has a very hurt pressuring you know and she's got she's she's got a she's getting her making for Hillary with yeah with fertility. But she's. Spoke out our you know millions of women who also had similar issues almost on any us a hint. These keynote let me ask Robert brought it out and I know it happens that as well. He's keen on to sun is says it going to reportedly signed with the Denver Broncos I guess that means they're going to hiker customs. At least two teens are willing to offer Kirk cousins are fully guaranteed deal and before Spain. And I just saw that job Jacksonville Jaguars just got or working on the deal with. Carolina Panthers guard as a who was. A little that's our firm on his pent his guard that is Panthers paid guard. Do these these these averaging like thirteen million dollars a year after temperature didn't already guaranteed thirty yards he. The heat have allowed Dion Waiters injury exception to expire why is that significant us so it's I mean. He's a significant day they they get an injury exemption a lot of teams do when he got a player's gonna miss most the season ago makes a certain amount of money against your salary cap. So they're allowed this not a money to spend despite your salary cap you know situation. I get a certain dates use it and he debuted slated to expire they and their news in Philly need to they'll full roster right now one. There's no one out that they once he's a money ounce on the deal. And finally Ray Allen has revealed his book that Rajon Rondo told the locker room and he carried them to the 2008 or maybe the evidence is a story that's going to tickles us those pants. I love that story fifty minutes the next. Every device. Tonight's champions four by fours up waters number one keep trucking SE because and his agent shopping guaranteed that the hottest war might want modifications in town. Called champion four by four at 7865023446. Go to champion for export dot com also by all pro orthopedic. Title or the beating its boards medicines or job. He back in the game a force apple or locations. There's one near you that all pro orthopedic dot com for more info the loss last night. In Portland won 1599. On a blazers dominated pretty much the entire game the heat could gaining done offensively except Goran drawing trouble on second half. He went on a huge drawn led by justice Winslow who had wanted to ask about the best games of the season. And the heated pool and the re in the middle the fourth quarter before alert and blazers they pulled away with a ten L run. And that's caution routes so in the he'd drop the 36 and 32 and they are now eighth. Have game that yes half game back their ace in the Eastern Conference now a half game back of Milwaukee. But it's a final. On the team on the outside which is Detroit tomorrow do you roach who continues Sacramento and a Friday night it's the Los Angeles Lakers. He attacks in the show's 679 some boards as a does winning your division all I guarantee you atop or spot in the NBA it is not. That changed. Couple years ago top four does not guarantee yield. Hey I mean does not many duties is not guarantee a top four spots. Besides that the heat are. They're they're what two and half or three games behind Washington in the division anyway. But it's like divisions in the ambient stupid. It is literally no benefits to route to winning your division and you know. So they don't have more attacks are race in year seed nice to miss. Continues to say. He said again yesterday. Even I am Miami and LeBron in free agency. I am going to tell you right now pay attention to the Miami yes and let me tell you on its two reasons whether he stays in Cleveland. All whether he goes to Miami. I this scenario involves humble pot. Deity and whether it's by Dan Gilbert. Was about that round. From the standpoint debt LeBron James is decaying. He's the best player in the world where ever he goes you are immediately championship contender. And as a result look at. Pat Robby not that he did anything really really wrong but in the hand you got a small was a little bit pep rally. My wanna consent argued that the rest damaging to his legacy indeed I got my next point and that's sad and absolutely right that's absolutely right I think that it's important to recognize the fact that. You know what even though Pat Riley. Might it might require him even a little humble pie I think it's important to recognize. Pat Robbie it really do anything wrong I'm not seeing any he needs to humble himself. And it's if he's done something wrong when he was in Miami he ran the show it's weakened that. Okay it'll come aboard the South Beach they do you all run the show he's going back out that'll all sort of view. Pat Riley believes he had everything to do what LeBron become an outsider does much LeBron did but as much as. ET ball several Fidel. You read on there and keep ball Allah and I heard about it I what's funny thing happened to have on first take and I haven't walked in on that exact conversation shouts of England wins it by the way who's in on the Ron come to each other her. Russia to Molly. Ands. And oh boy now you must now remain would you. Super and I walked in they were today they are having that discussion and it well a lot late to mean that they were just trying to you fill suspect site. Now they're about LeBron the lakers in the all the sell it to the top rope with Miami he does is he came off the proper but Miami bit. The conversation was supposed to be about the lakers and then I got excited except for the fact. Then Max immediately caught him off and went back to but I wanted to maximal acres and it made me feel like there. Applause and grass I'm done with that crap counselor and a Pat Riley won not eating humble pie you're reading about. You bet you can come back if you apology brought on the he's humble pie and that spot because I apologize. About little consider it. LeBron would be eating humble life is not as much here that wanted to please go back. Rates they really know Greta I now realize what a great organization that's why. Yeah and now I'm coming back to the Pat Riley which isn't exactly is it living man rather be in the warm what exactly is the way why not this is happening is neither of those manner ever eating humble pie. And that is not in either idea and it's humble pie. Techs are right here please explain why is it's cavs fans for having active in the Brahma and it's been three years since. He left Miami and you are still locked in like a jilted axle number one we're not in greats and number two sports. Also want to jilted ex always until it acts as though one fan base Damon standing ovation his first game back in the other two batteries at him. Same to same. Booed Chalmers ms. LeBron said money Cleveland grimacing and. In the movie. Humble pie hole and growing we Schumer. Leader sexing that are. It. Other good vows the pro life. What do you mean I'm sure she married now in suit in the bows I can't say it on the Arab what she promised she. He said that she'd promise to keep he would. And our. Harder it's British and the thing I really that yet there you go she'd keep doing the thing that guys really like where I mean to us is such lies. And the big be so funny out there on the pole from so funny over there asking you guys are married per day nears. He would remain. Italy won Sydney I think his America's allies. As yet did you no matter he made its ten years' estimated a model available to you. Yes another you and sign it and don't I what is in my birthday yeah isn't the birth and already. Leap Peter writes. That's of those lunar eclipse is now. Don't worry me the same Tim. The same situation you. You don't want not. Who would you change to be simple. Brute. He earned that. Mirage renowned yum I'm really denied a moon and the other for so many years we live together and don't really know it would change getting married. SE. Some really silly. And really set. Yeah that's opening games we date forever and ever increasing and now there are cool we love her like Otis you know again. How many by various cable I was together. Before America look for so. There it changes that your Hampshire soccer goals still of the boot canceling as a married and not you know that the dad about torture and he will. And we'll still to boot camp with me that you paranoia is gonna wanna do that when he gets the dad bought how were you kind of steer him back on track nagging doubt by oil and eight let's not pretend like you're different from everyone else when he gets that bond. I used him back on track. You just straight and tell them where you trying to of the subtle hints. I love him for what's on the owner and I left. And I'm like eight you know call physical aches and a send him that audio mix and. So I had to continue to play arguable clemens' art show the guys the shipping container aboard the join them this Thursday between two and 5 PM they're going to be a G Wakefield. You take the shipping container bracket challenge it which of the shipping containers years is your favorite. The wind Beers to be asked data national champion cans and re launched. And of course T Wakefield brewing is independently owned craft brewery in tap room located in the heart of wind would submit their 2 PM on Thursday when the limits our ship container. And I am 798 FM one a four point three HD tootsie and US seat video circulating around yesterday of Larry Nance junior of the Cleveland Cavaliers this author decided. A Sox. Sox to turn around and have Kerry logo sign to let you know four and Kevin Love was such a cool do I get a guide on what looks like in the side. Box man and you know I don't I don't like going the route of you know that that the athlete like sometimes you don't know someone's having a bad day OK you don't know. You know when a guy is signing autographs and eventually got to leave like talent he's supposed to stay safer for two hours after the game and sign a thousand autograph. I don't know how to trust our sign although he in this video this was only ten around yeah he's the on them about community about where I do understand right right I think general lean that celebrities and athletes should try to Cuban mines. That this is you know obviously with they wanted in and how glorious it is for them to be announced it is only going out there but I get that I'm sure when you're actually in that situation that there are times. When it there's thousands accused when you're out of gravity can be really overly dark and Doris a lot of there all afternoon I get that you backed teams you've got a good doing your own life whatever. Buy it when it's the only and Warner. It'd mean come on it looks like it they use. Hander eleven years old walked up to Larry Nance who's walking I mean Larry and Steven turned his way or has Rogen to write the room. And it can listen I was stat. And now bomb was making me all sad to choose alternative pump a mile dynamic couple minutes later I guess it's outside whoever catalyst practice facility was whoever they were practicing that day locally on some comic campus. And and Kevin Love which is walk in you know and any mantel laden lump this all around decayed and signed his ball while he does want to let us stop. All are. Mean I mean this this is in the first on the kid's been there may become a might have relish agreement of C indicated multiple times and amidst one of the new players never you never now you never know what the cases area but a man and bad loan guarantee today nets assign us some shoes and given a couple shirts and put in a minute I had militant unions never know you never know what the situation is going on with the guy but. Man like I feel like. You know. We we we've had the big show from WB in serial us and several times and I think the last time that the big show's in studio with us what is your junior with him. Yet and even less on. But I I I think the last time that he was here with us was right after there was some type of incense with dumbed at least our Seth Rollins. And an airport and he doesn't wanna sign autograph sleazy related tighter so in morning he's tired and knees. And he's in a terrible mood okay and we asked big show about that situation and it calms autorads airports you wanna be bothered. And I thought his answer was perfect or it's like hey it obviously comes at the gate but more importantly. As long as he's still being asked to sign autographs he's in a good situation in his life because eventually no one's gonna be out. And for his autograph and aimed exactly I it's I've always felt same way like anybody wants talk to shake her hand say I've by take a picture. Heaven forbid they want you to put your stupid signature on a piece of a map in nerves he says paper signed a ball for kids. Cares man and take two seconds set your data bank kiddo Tom had looked for Larry and and then you're you're gonna be longing for the day that nobody asks you anymore yeah I I I fully get and I've always had that same mindset. Look I can legally endorsed the athletes who are turning down what it could be a hit. All don't approached you on their eating a meal on approach and treating meals. What their Stanley. You know I had dinner there restaurant do not approach progress that is unknown but in a situation like that randomly seated due to wall. Ups and you are here to monitor funny story and Emily just reminded me this over the funeral over the weekend. One of her family members. Attended our wedding. And he brought. Articles to get sci terrible terrible shopping terrible job at our wedding we had because he knew that your teammates are going to be there. Well I was a lot at him like you would normally this kind thing now. That play out. Her family was mortified. Couldn't believe. Dates on her way onto a dirty try he could trying to throw the whole terrible job did you have any other since the infamous table he's local around him are you going to table to table and asking guys hurt in autographs that's an early he's not running it's embarrassing that's that's that's that's a very Packers currently running. It's uglier as general Aristotle yeah yeah that's bad and a. When you don't do I have nothing to commemorate the moment but I was at a wedding I sat next Al Horford Atalanta and an additional. When another resort out of this. At the funeral. Got to wait. Guy walks in the door and blocks in the draw I know how was the relationships your wife here uncle aka. Walks in the door looks at me I'm expecting the whole you know condolences in a separate. Major hurdle entry today you're admiral Landry. And I looked and on that now. Not an editor was loser could I can believe it it's like I'm on man. Analysts exports a year merry go. Hitler you don't totally don't feel sports I'm starting in April or they're convinced that they think. Every day. You did talk about sports for three and a half hours and I'm spent. I'm spent. We're talking about you want a double beer and drinking and hanging out the keys all you men have a good time enjoying life. About beer what losers say to talk about chicks. I. I know when blah blah. Mean not really targets was for three hours. Of no point tally went in not salvia on Amazon and then back DuPont you know the question every now than I do I do customer reviews. Robert to everybody processor never not on Amazon. Shopper. I'm Robert Kennedy shot rendered blames his wife for spending the money in the damn lame drummers on here online shopping Alden shopper today as you can have a lot more forms those box tour. He's winning I'll always. I'm sending Tobin I wouldn't let Tony Dow is pretty out Rio. And so perhaps. Like his assistants the only order the censured over here. He fills up from no review prep they receive aren't. Attacks are right does that look Landry makes the Pro Bowl every year resume contract would he be playing below his contract yes. Yes it summary. Ndamukong Suh can be the best defensive tackle in football he's still playing he's still not that that is what their contracts it. Now what took to get in dom conceal and what's also taking to get joy obviously injury but no he's not what the contract read. If if if these guys did a hundred million dollars a season. You were the pot hole. You could be also but still be playing below your contract because of the the amount of money that's taken under the salary cap and how it's not equating to winning. Yes he's going to affordable low is contract. Not enough Els here on this team and I kind of contract to make any any sort of science. Is taking up too much space and you need too much help. Pat Toomey positions. So yes obviously entry no matter what he signs for will be as we have an idea what is known side. Jarvis Andrews not going to reward that contract really simple art. All this is good question. Duty do the Sarasota Wilson's stopped to sign autographs. Yeah. Justice do you stop the ominous column can you please give it jeeves overhead to go and get rich of these. Presence there continually. Cole might front beyond. Looking for photographs. And finally and finally does Amber's got anti vetted by a panel Wilson elders who make him sign a pre nup to keep his grubby hands away from the wells in the states. Now that's that's that's right amber. Amber chime in here help us out. Cohen. Brief show. To Yasser young Fella that is courting amber around the yard make sure he doesn't give a speech. Of a fun. Chances early on the graphs he's gonna get is to a careened out. I yeah. I have heard that and my boyfriend's meeting with my father did and. Our pain now. Honor I. Monitor edit common. I'm telling you amber I'm telling you if you break that news on on the on the Graham mark. Or the snap chat or FaceBook does not show. We get any bigger and her eating and amber knew timer you're on Monday and Helen knew it is saying is that news is broken not on this show. People care about this new that you think they do you're hitting below below are excited about insistent that they know don't you talk yeah. Antonio something amusing. This young guy and this is going to be using his own last name pop up. Do you think they're going to be opening a beloved on this. That's meant that even getting all season.