ZRA Part 3 4-13-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, April 13th

Flub Friday, Zaslow swindles Slim, Series picks


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Did not flub at all it would do is go. And who's not afloat. What they're good enough components to. Keeping up that credit Sheehan the maturing in majority Oklahoma City Thunder are no moral paranormal and the six and 6%. Yeah I didn't eliminate their dissemination so I can't I know it dated the ease his wish failure of there's a really everything in the isn't that this one offs the first major career win win it for Patrick and three even. And shouldn't be as it goes straight through tonight. Chalked it up. Shocker here. But it's out like I give him on Blair rich which we need to let Lewis unbelievable year Lewis manna officiate the. An issue to run my process I had continuous people asking me who I've been music to an eagle from the beginning. I'm a dual mode again because they haven't seen a level of professionalism. I'm a dual mode again Horry for 46127. Homeowners homeowners are the stepped out there eating you freeze that. Inspection excuse me and it in home consultation. In the event but that's about it. Sports grill news reels us. Good ones as Iran's Amorim Friday morning east thirteenth morning of Friday's. Timberwolves and good morning thirteen morning of Friday the Cleveland cabin here cavaliers. That's as Arab Michelle go Lawler. Killer the series. In home it. Send them what did let them know. I wanna see. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true. Jeremiah. And it say I want you to join us in celebrating the kids yes Daniel you're on sports hall of fame induction banquet on Thursday. April 19 on jungle island. The inductees this year Frank Gore dolphin legend Devin Hester Larry Coker John Solomon Yonder Alonso. You purchase cigarettes of the greatest any UN source told they got comical three abide to export 2775. The fiftieth annual. You on sports hall of fame induction banquet brought your wife and 719 FM one a four point three HD to the ticket or give this growth in the face of retirement segment. You don't like me concerned club Friday there is quite a bit in Dublin that club Freddie eat all this music is amused by the low prices generally are. No I was segment I was is now opposes listening and and I have the least. I I am the least reasonably have said because I'm consistently the one who was least featured and it's on not upset at all I enjoyed very much so. I mean and and luckily you're able to snag a couple closer today otherwise couldn't and on the entire week polish. The reason I like you know my. You know listen when you talk is closely. A look at them sometimes back there celebrating back there guys know I like that segment and listen to orders and then you're afloat blues. Well I think you headlines. Lose I want to listen to the other shows when they do headlines like bees. And only because of love it's it's love all over the place he'd tell you got on the Lido palace sports center headlines in when you don't headline isn't it. Bound to happen. So. With several days in between. The end of the season and then when the playoffs start I feel like the Russell Westbrook cotton pick in mind things could be a lot of attention to it right. Arnold is not a ton I don't know what I try to and apologize iiroc I don't know as opposed aids it's you think rest of us sort. Did it is as common of a phrase as all. It did sound instantly racist to me it is. Apparently of racist origins that is where it comes from it or losing that we should all retire as a phrase. But it's is it if it's as common as is everyone saying it is then I don't know Pete as early loses a job over rated PLE apologizes and realizes that. Tell us of them we need to be using into the. Clearly I think they just think that's rust like it's one thing. I think for the organization to be offended by the use it to that phrase but. If Ross looks at the guy in the guy's been called rust is gains from how long now and all of a sudden he's just so worked up there Russ is blown out so much that he throws of that phrase. Because he's searching for phrased used because the end of the game is just. He's basically exhausted all other options in heat at a situation like this before. Rooting us no it's essentially O'Neal goes up shop. Via the play by play man before my angles was David Halberstam. Pool was excellent and I lost him growing. And he had a situation like this would where there was there was a it was a I can't tell you exactly what it was because we're talk in over twenty years ago I don't and I was young looks like I don't remember what the exact phrase was but add something into it plantation slaves something like that in a redshirt situation absolutely in reference to after it was a shot that was made by think key baskets. Hands and then he knew on the call said something that was a deemed inappropriate don't member or was. And after the season abuse in the middle of season. If I am. And and Michael Mike Inglis got the job that's that was the next it was Mike Moses first year. You know this film attacks science and roses of the PC era and everyone's offended by everything I mean that phrase and I hadn't I was with the Miller the odd phrase the second again that is out those mount any the first thing I thought was. That's pretty her rich and if they had at the slave connotation to meet immediately. And I don't know why a you would wind it's. You have that phrase Iraq I don't know YE a we'd do this thing where it's like oh everything's OEC it I mean you'd like you like going around offending people. I am not I don't really understand rise out of people. I think that I don't know I'm just trying famously leg let me let me please remind you love of slavery. In the end terrible things your ancestors went through like apps. I I don't I don't quite understand is not a breezy need to use it's not a necessary Fraser has terrible words then than it is a commonly used. Cipher like sub site from. On on the basis of which it derived from what is the the meaning behind the. I don't understand what I mean am I had to Google lake is I don't know what I mean it's saying bad it's bad it's saying that something is negative like he's not using it properly anyways from what I'm reading on the Internet. But again I don't know it's it's not free I'm very familiar. You want to. I I I got the quote from David Albers stamp from back. Would he says here yeah I'll tell it what it wasn't it wasn't keyed gaskins but I do remember Te das in. Said something about it afterward yen and it's an apple against that a second here it is. Yet a day this was on the call where. Roddy. Junk running Clementi and yet he is on a team. Roddy made a great task and assists and Annie says Thomas Jefferson would have been proud of that pass from Roddy. Now of course John Roddy went to school progeny okay. And then how Sam went on on the call and said when Thomas Jefferson was around fassel's on invented yet but those slaves working at Thomas Jefferson's farm. I'm sure they would have made good basketball players so that's on our you can call you know yeah. Yeah. Well new. Rom that's rough and you made it through the remainder of the year after saying something I don't remember. I don't know if you can you can you I don't I'm I don't wanna let sleeping dogs lie. I don't after you said the first part prove how are you that. I'm just honored San of people are about now I did apologize cordless. Quote on Wednesday anatomy and off the cuff insensitive comment could misconstrue global blog please my apologies bottom my heart's. How how could that be missed as runner. Nine and now you're honest answer we'll sit originally though like I said originally though flu you know I I I sometimes feel bad and that's gonna feel that this guy Brian Davis because. I think you you're in the moments and and you're on the spot and you don't have a script in front of you when you're you're trying to be entertaining and and guys it's cotton picking mind and now people are upset and I do feel bad for him. It's spot it's our job it is so it's hard. It's this all of these jobs are a lot harder than people realize it's it's hard to speak off the cop unscripted. All the time through Arizona and yeah yeah well sitting hearing calling the game calling action and trying to be energy and it's really not as easy as people think. And it's hard to stay out of trouble sometimes it's because all it takes is one slip say some Enron one word one slip one threes. I think that saying something that is apparently a common phrase according to people. Is not the same as that other key broadcasters they just referenced idea. I don't remember these guys who wants that's I mean that is so so bad. I was young and and of course we and the Internet back and all of that so but that was said today. I mean forget about it I'm guys guys guys what do you mean you didn't finish the game you're finished broadcast and Norton Porsche G should. Nor should always there and it is still a big fan. Wait you there's a lot of there are several black people writing in to the tax line saying they are not offended by that phrase because it's so calm and at bats. Not something that offends them. I think he got to consider it there's malice and. All ten minutes and really common phrase and I could see how you you need to apologize permit for it gives maybe a look at it does give him this freeze needs to be out of here. Out of your vocabulary indexer. But it's you might be able to and then you might be able to retain your job or your ham are we more sensitive Padres yes I think we are much more sensitive society. We are aware of how people think you were more aware of how our words make other people feel because everybody has of police now. And so you're more aware of guys are more aware of when people are horribly offended get a jump in planted. Israel what do you think. Guess you does slim five bucks. Does allow a true you supposed to be here for their clocks segment you're supposed to be here on time slims and get that 50. It little friendly that would you there might be you felt very confident about it here illegally had an easier on or slam aidid and the slow walk to the front door open adored and make sure he is how he thinks slims blocked now for the last nine minutes. We know who. And I am so here's what happened a year by slam. Here's what happened off the air okay is Israel walks in now on a convenient is it. Are always always it's thirteen always lately ten minutes late. So here's what happened okay. So so floor last segment started slam said. EE he said to us what is the sort of looking and being pulled up a five dollar bill. Okay and he says do you wanna bet is that Israel is not going to be here certain and and I immediately gave thumbs up yeah I'll take that that. And he's motions me I say that he will not be gonna go OK yeah I think you'll be your digital I don't had inside information no. No browser it may the bat Ari he made the bats so so he offered up a bat which I. Promptly accepted. And then a couple of minutes later he said hold on you did did you get like attacked or something and I said yeah. I go yeah that's all through it and so I'll bet you you. So so what's the ruling defied all your fired on the run its. We did I don't lose your payroll so that's little betting oh here I've learned time getting. Well that's a hell that I wouldn't show up at all. Yes that's right auto ones because I mean words once spoken he had his bare your opinion ally and on the other side of the glass so. Words once spoken I assumed was it is Israel going to be here argument thumbs up yes. I don't I'm not on how the mat I think slim is saying whether you're Sarah yeah I've got to get in sync anything because there's had a glut is hard to hear a slim through the two panes of bulletproof glass is separates a slim doesn't always understand that we can't hear and does her season but it is nonsense. Studies like this you can't make bets when you when you knew we as guys that make a bet you may yet hasn't Texas's are a bit of five books he doesn't show mound the little so what's the role in doing it by a boxer not. I say you get five I think it is. It's and you take five bucks from slim slim you know and well then there's that nobody even mislead anything okay I sat here minding my business like treated and he's gone through all of five dollar bill and said. You wanna bet that he's going to be I said. So I do wanna bet that's a. Our our camera ruling. Because I feel like I'm qualified as the only lawyer in the room and that makes me somewhat of a judge is even I'm not at all. And so I'm going to rule says amber is real elected judge no one is elected you better than it is off our rights. One ever no exchange of money. That's a that's a severe head but to sympathy because Izzy did show up but he showed happily sign apparently it's sort of the check. Leopard really had a lane when this is just an entirely voluntary. Experience by me I do plays so well the other day Wednesday at the game. Is as asked me earlier to to join the show on Thursday morning. And I said cool however. Some pick him up. And I didn't just felt like that night I knew that the next morning wouldn't be good and so I said hey you gonna call straight Jude's I'll trade you a two hour visit on Friday for. You know not having to do the show to morning and he said yes that was me entirely voluntary to commend. No this is interesting because as opposed it earlier as you asked to join us your sayings Oslo approach you asking you'd know I. Well I said I asked him a Hamas is now and others along towards a common studio is what I said and that's I my deal. For it not being able to join you on Thursday. Drove me literally drove me here. Friday we'll be just like. Joseph this month time on the jab at him and getting any thoughts you know what we're just talk about did you see the Russell Westbrook thing did I did that spike feel bad that brought you know what's interesting is you know I clicked on the story. And read the phrase. And thought to myself man I've heard that phrase a lot like I think of old school like cartoons in Yosemite sand and stuff like I might already you adults and I never I just never. I guess I hadn't heard it used. Royal ties recently by humans and don't plan on an animated cursor was like so I never really thought that put of course when you read it to decide ago. Like that that's that's something that's come out of him out naturally or and so. Yeah I think he should I don't alerted him but I don't I don't Leo I mean again I don't know the guy. But that again that phrase seems like something that would be in people's vote you know vocabulary just what did they were just spit it out randomly and that's that's. At some point actually because. Is it whether or not that's in your vocabulary because there is scenario where I would. When Adam I regret for what I would use the raise cotton economic I'd never use the braised. It's not in my book out that's why I never buy the excuse when someone uses like yen was like and it's not me that's not who I am you look it's. You say that because I say it it is not in my vocabulary. The people who let's get out. Andy accidentally use the offensive phrase. Is your vote yes you're only using you're using. Your vocabulary. That that's what you said. The people who would not on the road never ever say it's yet or not use ever saying that it doesn't slip out rights rights and all right so fixing point you're pretty hatched from using even ons. I I already use it it it wouldn't beat. It to try and make a racial of reference. On I'm never gonna say cotton pick and any thinks it's. It's not raise that you just common phrase it's quite possible he never actually broke down and realized what he was saying when he says it and it. I mean it it's possible that you'd you'd have to be a little naive little dumb. To not pay attention what you're saying but guess it's up to me you regularly say he probably just never thought of the origin of and what about the whole Jefferson I'm proud possible on the boldly broadcast we'll I mean look I'm not going back that far like that that was absolutely ridiculous. Oh you don't remember when that happened I do remember what that I don't yeah. I'm not saying well though it too as I does that now Heidi remember that when I mean today later today sorry just I mean not denying Allen's shot so I don't think we could go back in time and say hey if that happened today we reached we'd be jostled around town and on TV that double what a decade ago fifteen years ago women have a little teeny this happening in Somalia what we're talking about something and shows it. We'll talk about something happened a while ago that when flight today like that's a controversy that the Simpsons are embroiled in right now are you aware of what's going on with the Simpsons I'll tell you about it next. I do again. Way. Court free for live right. And four by four cell block someone chief trucks and suvs customization shot be guaranteed him the hottest four by four modifications in town. Called champion four by 478650. Through 3446 go to champion for export dot com. Also all pro orthopedic and sports medicine is a job the back in the game with four South Florida locations there's one near you go to all pro orthopedic dot com. For more info so. Real quick here are just piggybacking off of what we're talking about before we had miserably tears and studios more gets some MBA in a minute here. It's a lot and be in a minute here you actually have game one tomorrow night ESPN yet sixers and he aren't as perfect. Neiman know that so. The the Simpsons is embroiled in a little bit of controversy right now. Because you were talking about the Oklahoma City they are under broadcaster who. Made a comment that is it is there's probably racially insensitive on the broadcast couple nights ago. And its appraised as isn't really used anymore and things are changed and you know were a bit more sensitive to its stuff like use the phrase cotton pick and you know. And the Simpsons. There's recently been in a there's been an outcry about the character 00. Who is the quickie mart store owner of the the Indian cricket mart owner okay and it's a very racial its severity at least stereo type of character okay. And so is Dana to do about it recently and the Simpsons actually. Respond to on the air it was it was Lisa. Who has always been very aggressive character on the show and Lisa's response about a little was essentially a shoulder shrug. From a the writers where it was just hey you know as things were different you know from twenty years ago and what do you do about it I think it's actually what she sat on the chip was what are unit about it. And so the response from the Simpsons was essentially is to shoulder shrug about the character do and whether or not got a problem with the stereotype and in what pissed that now is there response. Isn't that when you know you've been around too long when you've out lived at the there is humor in year hit a generational challenge to an humor is maybe not there anymore because. Like where you go back to center and you know and realize that the first third of it was entirely racially insensitive and now you come back in your it's a generation later literally. And just like no we shouldn't be doing that we should have done that let's go ahead get off his. And and they just need to shrug their shoulders like early on and on so much of this is a generational shift bang and I think that's what people. Forget when we have these repetitions that there's a lot of people who were you know who. Bolted the idea voted PC Crowell didn't. Now we're sensitive it and but some about is it's it's a generational shift and it sensitivities that the next generation has. Deemed important and they're not entrusted and harboring those same sort of stereotypes are joking about they just have a different sense of humor they have a different idea what they find funny what speaks about what they maybe find offensive in the but that's always true of every generation mean misses it's progress it's just how big his role. I think the really I'm Obama shows other words they they find a way to either walk that line so well where they can still be hilarious. Or they're so funny that people just like think of it as though it's just joke it was it wasn't even offensive I think that's funny yeah so it's again the Simpsons I. That's I sort of respond to them with a shoulder shrug like they're not funny and and that's across. As well it's kind of hard to take seriously Mike if they are doing anything and malice foreign you know. So you have game one tomorrow night Joseph. How old. How confident are you did and beads gonna play tomorrow so I think he's playing in I a you know I don't think he's playing him when you don't think he's playing IDs Plame because he missed the first two years of his career. This franchise has taken a long time of losing games on purpose of finally now again in the post season. So I know you got the whole Whiteside and beating out I am innocent people they don't expect an atlas. They said that that he's adding this is doubtful you're going to have to LA I expect now I don't think that he played that game. Not this early in the series. And I also don't think you know hit. Not that they feel like they would lose without MB but Ali is only half of the sixteen games without my thing you have a healthy. You have a healthy and lead. You're expected to in this series are expected probably to go to the conference finals now. Arm you've got an MB where you take you know bring him back slowly make sure he's not. Rushed out there and let people know hey this isn't. A 100% healthy 100% ready to Allenby maybe he's not comfortable with a mask on May be. You know it's a little dangerous for him to be playing out there or maybe he's just rusty and all the sudden expectations drop a little. I think it's a lot to expect this team to all of a sudden make the conference finals and maybe even give LeBron a push like. They're really young and I think of the fifth youngest team and in the playoffs right now. And so. I think they definitely need to be healthy to make a solid run. And without Joseph well. Like without a healthy Jo Ellen B date they have excuses as to why they maybe don't perform I. Don't give 48 hour what's going to be the difference between Saturday among right that's kind of how I see it as an official structures not like it's on its elbows risk is caution situation until now the concussion thing I think has been he's already passed that that that's just why these old Robert's an eight you're not good settled Monday off and got those extra forty hours of good golf. I mean I can't tell you why. They make it it'll play that it would not human out I mean his is early in the series so. Maybe they only name they need him out there and indeed have the fire on repossessed because of the way that it's on their money came down here last time I think it plays part. Ali I mean they don't let him lately are we the last time I saw this dude I got worked a little bay did. Not if you think you're not if you think you would maybe get word and it's not all right ready and complain at home yet but that might yell the more reason that you wouldn't wanna rush back if you think that you're not awful strain parent not full speed. Tobin do we have the as ESP and and the thing where. They have all the analysts predict each series have you been asked to do that Israel. Yeah yeah it's funny how does that so yesterday I saw the emails a couple of emails one they want to take every series right yet he had when he picked us here on the way you're you're always suspecting your suspect again this year too because they saw him. And I songs who's gonna win the Southeast Division asked all the analysts every single analysts including you said the Washington Wizards a one person. Amin Al pass in the Miami Heat beat the person he's contractually yourselves editor fit with the epithet and the wizards I saw your name negatives back. It doesn't mean does have a contract with the heat right that he has to be here when I mean regardless EA's got a contract because of the heat island thing keys. He stuck on an island and second island for years I mean it's been so I asked mark the service that that's a good and as a signal like. For whatever reason I just and I did it last year ended the year before that put. I envisioned. You know doing a post game interview game one of sixers he and my pick what's going to be the heat. Like I was gonna pick them two in the series. That you're doing it right now well if that's. Sort of a home boy I just said am I do envisioned myself interviewing. MB after the game or somebody and to Symbian might actually got to the heat. I'll hand and it that much I didn't like it and I did exactly you know. I'm not editor present you and Sosa you don't pick any of the seriously considered it's not fat. I give me a break on WG just he's missed as a matters. Look at explains yeah I guess says you're the guy who pick the heat you say yes I am what AM what it now ransom. Let me and they and then I've become part of the story you interview as opposed to just interviewer yeah. Like it's it's it's not worth that would I only acknowledge that I do I have you know I had no recollection that I picked the Washington Wizards to win the division. I had no recollection you're asked to to pick teams two win division by division. Cares about the are you alleging that day major export no I'm not I don't let guides kid's so little that I probably just went with. Whatever everybody else was due Bible isn't good here's X every series line next. Don't commit that pain has done much for let me. Maybe you wrote but this is the easiest on me yeah a lot of shifting to register a scared of me. Strategy and then on the U was still a casualty. Of the team that didn't draft me. Lakers would trade on that yeah. I got real Brothers that we need to dangle this other story gotten this data. Days passed. And putting on clay is coming of the Seminole hard rock hotel. On Saturday and it's one eats he's. 8 PM purchasing tickets they win them right now Conan I'm content signed 786. 53407. Nines we have Israel Gutierrez in studio this. I'm not I'm not making eco series to series depicts OK I know what I am gonna ask you pick and he would just found that out even knew who he is exit torn it can be very uncomfortable for you because post game interview. Guys are gonna talk to you and an amazing they are new to god I think the guns out and run as an angry yes so it could be drowned in London and China are we get that term at the coverage daily treatment it real now. I'm gonna give it every series what I am gonna ask you your you won't take any upsets are you wanna take any lower seeds I can pick the series here that's the same thing so all are there any up sets that you want to because I think that. I think the lower seed it's going to wanted to Utah's an appeal on city. I would I would be onboard that. I wouldn't predicted. Necessarily but I could see that series. Being really difficult for the thunder in this jazz are playing really well right now and I don't think the thunder have figured anything out like there. You know. Two or three col Paul George games away from losing that series of reacted to that happening but now. I might have total blowout like nothing like those guys gonna number one all of us and like I mean you're on a roll right now Utah's on a roll right now I mean it felt really good about themselves and I know I didn't really mean anything to Golden State would have deepest a lot wanna game by forty. Against that team so I mean big they're the surprise team. All of the NBA season they feel a little bit Philadelphia Eagles he like out of nowhere type com black I don't think he'll win it but. I can definitely see them being the thunder. Yeah I adding it's a six game series utes on Utah's gonna win that and our own. How wall I went with the team's built politics or talk about seating delegates will it would because with the Oklahoma City is four and you toss fly by it it should've considered not says they're they're probably the same record. I like it did seem record so or the most are separate buy one game so I I don't think it's actually an upset. I think the pelicans can be Portland. I think the voters are going to be Portland yes yes I I else knows that those mid to lower seeds I I think New Orleans is gonna win. And I think you'd talk is going. Think the one that stands out to me and it's a little bit bolder than a 4505. Over four is Washington and Toronto. Like Washington feels like they can beat Toronto they just did and real Toronto. Has their classic. Well playoff pickups and it's usually the first round where you have to recognizable X number consecutive gain in more on the classic that broke last year not still that of last year. I don't think Washington it's a game from the game I don't think big game meaning he can take Washington's little overrated in terms of just like they are within a massive disappointment and they are with the arts now as if all of a sudden they're gonna be able to turn it on as of John Wall is gonna. You know go back to this form he wasn't last playoffs if that was the case I would absolutely. The wizards here occurs last year in the playoffs John Wall is playing like MVP level basketball but you know now coming off this injury not really. Look at like himself but if you can't turn on these playoffs man like. All it takes is is for Kyle Lowry and demarche to throw up on the court game one. And actually I actually hear it I mean they've done it before. They've done it before and and then all of a sudden wash and feels like to have again a series. While they're ready each on wall. On team. I think great question it's true I don't think that's true that they hate him I just think that the personalities. Don't match courts Huntington. I don't think Bradley PO John while I agree I get along great I mean they've been. David teammates for a long time are you expecting to get along really well to expect divide about each other really well on the just haven't. And Bradley peels the one that made that everybody eats comment that bright when John Wall went to I just don't think that day whether it's as basketball players are as people are necessarily by the. India gimme some thoughts on Olsen in Milwaukee. Lack. Because I I I don't know what to expect to Boston because while I can easily see Boston losing in the first round. RIA I don't think there's a more disappointing team in the league in the Milwaukee I was just about this. Yes there there they should be. Pretty intimidating defensively. Know why he shouldn't top 314 out of Boston even with Al scary isn't it also intimidating defensively. Well that's the I mean that's allows you to say in terms of disappointment a Milwaukee they should be better they should be. A team where you look at them and say hey if they play. To their potential they should be able to beat a carrier ring lists self esteem but. I have more faith in that celtics' defense in the way. Brad Stevens is coaching them. Getting results without a clearly than I do their books to yet involves an answer there are good defensively is his wares are shooting at a come from what about about carry out there may not mean the question what about Cleveland and Indiana. I. Really if you think about this on well I think hey if you go by regular season matchup student most of their match although one happened before. This that the deadline trade. It was the on old team owners and and they couldn't really defend the pacers very well I think the patient went to those meetings but. I just think playoffs LeBron different person I think them. And Nate McMillan right in the play last year in the first round. I don't know I don't know that a last year two years ago but anyway. Yet they're deathly afraid of of LeBron James defensively like. They're afraid to make passes because they think he's going to be in the passing lanes swiping met and had taken at the distance I just think he's got. He's got their number he can figure them out and I don't think that it's. All the depots sabonis and Stevenson I don't think any of those people scare them do you care that Golden State has struggled yes very much so. I I don't know if they're in trouble against the spurs. Because dispersed he really drum up for big offensive games I think to beat them. I was laughing about this yesterday on around the horn like would you be entirely shocked if coli Leonard just that I am ready. Yes I. I'm Amy did you at any point they're doing is waiting for him to say he's ready. They're asking him to play and it's he's the one who says he's not. So I don't know if the spurs find a way to pull out game one uncle Leonard I'm waking up from my coma and I'm going out there as a team and that you guys are you hate that I hated. I'll put him idea when we're pretty popular and they were up 25 with him and go to stay last year in game one thing publicly public need to land. Right now have to know he's ready ready as opposed to just the you know the nine games that he came back for this year ready but now party thinks he's right here it is cool YOT. Yeah he's a great players make him separate alive now you may not be ordered a glossy in San Antonio like you said but in general you all where homes yet. For I mean Steffi and I did say this for two years now since Katie got their staff is what makes that team go Katie is the luxury. Because when things break down you can just given the months ago and you'll score over anybody arm but. Expecting that to be a winning formula over the course of a seven game series over the course of 27 game series of staff doesn't really come back it is. Normal self and that the second round. Yeah they have a lot to worry about and that's what I think. The spurs are better suited to do defensively is to really take that type of offense away from guys. And they're not necessarily suited as nobody is to defend that team when it's at full strength. So what are you got a Mario mark Jones and Hugh B brown right tomorrow yeah court with UB is a fun I love you Lee he's my American grandfather. He's an OG heeded their fifth with. He then you know what I listened to the cause sometimes. And I could apps release here. One team or the other every time we do Carl say in the same thing he just it's good battery I don't like he makes a good play gets excited anything is run against your two Olympic teams you know performing poorly and they start to turn things around there you ago. Yeah I was like look at bat and a ball Robert doesn't enforce a wrap up the week here no yeah. Seven. Yeah. She Limbaugh. You already. Yeah that was spontaneous. Both from sponsor that's not only age but nurtured back not this is more of get your mind right kind of thing so I go to the bathroom and announce ago. You know all about start this fact but I don't this is this is really this is going to be this gimme nights at a time rumored to be getting about generations you know we're talking most generally holding rumors about him we're talking about generational. Let's just go over right now. Nothing grosses me out more than getting into the bathroom I can see eagle on the wall I concede boaters getting wiped on walls I can see spatter. From human beings that have issues with their bowels on the back of the porcelain where's the fact do what I can't take. Is a six inch long pubic here in the normal. I can't take it out of there something about it. It is 2018. Gentlemen. Please. Man's game please take care of the hair so the and the fact might not what are you doing include ten K can I tell you this what are longer than their. Let me tell you know you doctor and they're in the women's doctor Larry will be here because we hadn't. At this at this establishment we we had an issue with people were flashing paper towels he has got the toilets it is a whole among thing for some months. And so they aren't they got rid of all the paper does not about parents and they put in the hand dryers and got upset for whatever reason some of the women in the building so the women is building sometimes post stuff in the bathroom. And I don't really know who oyster or not but I think they're trying to make a point and right now there's an article attacks to all the can't Breyer that is a study articles that shows. That but it's a scientific study that shows that that he Dreyer and got older or blue in two particle tonight's. Annual waiting your hands of poop article there I don't do that either. Is that article. QB under going back to being read polls and I'll and I'll get repulsed Oppenheimer and trying to tell you that right now those guys leaders at a bus or so or not escape artists you know you should. And you. You tell they're trying to tell him you're mad tell the Meyer map we had such a good fact nugget that we sent him. On occupied made a habit that somatic and you away with. Another complaint about the pubic hairs in the bathroom. Surely knows what our public here what better and it's not cold showers because they urinate on each others tree barks. Which will find out whether or not it's mating season for that the. It is dogs did reject LP. Pretty common in early appearance. Tell what we're learning here. I we're trying to learn I'm trying to do the spouses. Of these gentlemen that are in this building justice. C and the Bill Clinton and gore I mean we we did learn that they do have six inch. Public care to include. 2.0 man I don't want you do win. There. My full blown out of women's same preach to. No I'm looking as Tony's life. Wow. I well put it on the bulletin board sideline reporter for ESPN game one coverage heat and sixers has predicted a Miami Heat so we. And they're gonna say he would get recorded doesn't man's game. A mighty sweet but we know that's not China a Miami next week it's Philadelphia. And Miami. They're going to be mad it's huge tomorrow night man. They're gonna be mad and you and I know my name they're gonna take pictures with me and they're gonna say I love your work all right that's it there today. All right man thanks for coming in today. I'm glad I did commend and I'll never get division of six and Sloan. Publicly as social and we talk I don't know do recession. And sort of the bathroom the other got so sick he helped to hold hands as neagle walk single file I don't know those cells and so far from armor on in my be awkward. Lets us down next.