ZRA Part 3 4-16-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Monday, April 16th

Cane on Cane crime, Marlins Man in Virgin Islands, Jeter not going to New York


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And there and and and and. And someone is not enabling mobile tickets parenting itself for a rock music festivals that make you listen now for that. They set and I do you want to join us in sub in the fiftieth annual youth and sports all fame induction banquet on Thursday it jumble island this year's inductees include Frank Gore Devin Hester or Larry Coker John Salmons Yonder Alonso. You have purchased tickets for this band that you on sports hall faint dot com or call 305284. 2775. So it looks when I mean what what this came on teen crime as a candy canes had do you know what what's going on here if there. A rigors of the canes had their their spring practice this week and a hard rock scene embarrassing grad. And it and apparently. Jon Vilma is not happy with one linebackers. Glad this right John or DJ I think both on both of them that are not happy with one of these linebackers rights. You app for the most part to a moment to explain this because he he seems to have to screen grabs here and having a hard time following along with Tobin can you explain what. Took place here. Well Michael Britney put just a picture of himself on its Ingraham. Looks like a picture from the spring game yes. And it puts a three clown face some goodies three upside down smiley face a Moody's and what's and what's that now is that signalled an okay and DJ Williams then comments gets in the old comments section of Michael picked me and says. Is this guy's serious as a DJ didn't like that their own faces and then he would taxes. They think Sen Leahy saying that that. Dolphins one and a cloud is that was that would not think so I think there is something. Behind the scenes going on between DJ and bill mine in pain because those guys are to get girl time like you know they. Watch film and act kind of things are OK I get back then a second on or is so was so veto it puts this guy serious that he also tags and opposed Jon Vilma Jon Beason. Pat Perry men and at that particular. Then pick the respondent says who major hater like that. And to Vilma to you did you weigh each day aka and so Jon Vilma that puts I'd punch his fat ass in the belly you know. And he's an unbelievably BP. Maybe that says semi address dog I'm Todd he's talking crazy I tell us on time. TI ADB's actually tied it tied and retiree tied it would it would have them respond he says I'll see up to spring ball don't want excuses why won't be your. Addicts I think so for the sounds like they're they're quickly Japanese chuck Taylor had it doesn't sound. Big deal to me but then you've got some people. That I don't understand sarcasm and think that they know what's going on what you got somebody stands here who who thinks that it was think that Vilma has been jerked him like he's not helping the team and blow Vilma is a jerk don't get me wrong my. Vilma is larger. But it's just a relationship that they have just who we want nothing but the best for these guys and we feel and and one of the person one of the people that actually responded to the tweet. Kind of hit the nail on the head by saying. We see things from these guys. That we should be seeing more consistently we see like periods of of of greatness that these players can be because if you look at the size of these guys like. Think me and Shaq and he's gonna do they're bigger than anybody ever was that was playing that position that the jays the film was. But we I'm on the side note like on hustle we bust your chops a little bit like were were definitely ball Boston but when we get together we talk about these guys these kids can be something extremely this could be elected Jesse Armstead. Michael barrel kind of aero line back I see these guys like each other please we we we all got love for Blake Wheeler got no formal we don't like the clown and around that they feel like they kind of made it so it's almost like we're trying to humble him a little bit. Because let let's let's be honest there were opening offer disaster now Mike McCallum in the defensive ends a can on our tackles. We're getting Britain thrown around on our affront on the on the offensive side of the football. So the defense is really feel in themselves and especially after last year with the turn over chain in the success that the defense had my sheer nationally ranked and coming from where they were. There are there feel themselves and nobody's really checking them on the practice field Sowells so the only people that you keep these kids in check. Is the DJs in the bill was. Not that there had little bit too big amend it and what to do you get if they were pissed off we're pissed off pick was. The fact that. He brought in a bunch of the other cats that we're the generation just before them. Like Pacheco lows and and and better answer that's an obesity and try to good make sure that they take a look at what these young has got going on the think their poop don't stay great now. The clown and around acting a fool we need to gonna bring everybody back in emission these guys continue on the path that we're going. But being a little bit more humble only do it. All right. And here's what's trending now in Miami at all. XY AM South Miami. CL. I mentioned before that the broadcaster from the thunder. Was suspended for yesterday's game for saying that Russell Westbrook is that his cotton picking mind and I I given up to sexy attacks in 67974. Adding he cracked the code. Does that slow because as a black people know you have some of those scenes thinking like the announcer OK see you all are very racist. We gotta give it about time somebody mentioned it cracked the code exposed me about damn time. And it's over only 99. How long was he suspended for just yesterday's game. Which we we suspected that he was so he and I can address it though when he when he does the next game tomorrow things are apology adding your article and I apologize and now. And the and the U release another initiative back on the TV like nothing ever happen again he's got a cannon yet keep moving at that point you know I'm glad to be American to settle with Jeff. Well this sport vacation tonight off. It is a white hot heat playoff update is brought to bimetal offer 100% dedicated to your financial recovery fighting the insurance company is worth it. Miami he would turn to bounce back tonight in game two against the Philadelphia 76 Ers. The heat give up a franchise worst 130 points to Philly in game one on Saturday. Final score was 13210. Victory. I didn't like the game. Like the first half. And Kelly when it was so good. He even go home make that he would the only good thing you taken in nineteen you've been a home run signing. Yeah Kelly Elena is great Goran Dragic was not great he was four for thirteen hit a very rough nights here's drug it's on the lots. There's just four. Killing some shots. Then here. Honda from their game. In there and their physical to hold themselves. Those veteran gets him. Just goes through new and newly confident now. We just fell apart and and the terms. Beautiful Florida and miss the tournament. In regards to it suited. Wondering where why Leonard is as far as sitting on the spurs and she anytime there's Bornstein is like text harassed by the way where's Dion Waiters. The same thing cool why Leonard has been cleared to play. A dear readers is still enter your waiters is is a rehabbing. I need a serious knee surgery just is able to put on a regular issue is I think last week he is. On social media talking how amazing it felt to be able to put on a sneaker on the. But let me click the idea. So is nearest ankle isn't opposes frankly had the bomb thing always in his ankle on our society and you know Zarko. But regardless means he's nowhere near being able applicable court and medically cleared. You realm lead did not play pierce below on the team collapsing in the second half. I'll welcome it it's just tumbled. At the beginning of the quarter it's combination of a little bit of everything. Just to be coming out of the break. The first set and our guy and we didn't. Did not excuse was any kind of the tail. An and we've struggled to get coherent offense. That in turn got the mountain in the Simmons able to create and then. You know three start go from there and and we just couldn't keep it within striking distance from that point it just went and you know we've we have some work to do it we've got to. So make sure that. That we're ready to put together a forty minute game. On Monday. Sixers at one turn over in the second half man one. One and turn over allows the biggest problem for Miami FL in the second half playing clean like that this doesn't help either area but I just sort of eternal worth there's your current whether they were like they led the league during the regular season and turn over yet their and which which makes sense mean they got a bookie who placed guard he's he's gonna make some mistakes and and even. And and sick and you had five turnovers put out imagine for at least for them may be all five or in the first half an alien one turn over in the second half. That they they should be able to force him into some mistakes. And out imagine they are going to be playing him completely different tonight than he did. In game one I think the heater gonna makes in series adjustments and like come on I'm excited to see what they want to do when. Coach sap has been through many playoff series will not. Polls that but the head coach had been there many playoff series and like they know how to go from game to game. But you can't give the ball away the weighty didn't second asks that leads all those lives fast breaks in the open three pointers and I mean hell man that between Belinelli Ilyasova on JJ Redick in 113 pointers between those three guys. Chris and I and I iconic show or chew it for more. And it did the big man other army are too. Yeah. Look at if if if you're white you knock down lots of threes in game number one for Philadelphia seriously. 1530s. Between those four guys storage Redick Ilyasova. Belinelli. And your form especially. Not. Bill turning into night tip off from Wells Fargo set for 8 PM that means coverage begins right here on seven I the ticket is 7 PM at the Miami Heat pregame show you citizen free throws the terrible free throw mr. Morons after the game that Philadelphia and Portland are the two Gladys wrote Arenas that he's ever played in. Also proud of the heat to ask the first few minutes the game because you knew that Philly was gonna come out there on hail makers. A crowd is so jacked up you knew there are gonna be so fired up their middle pleasant six years their chance in the whole trust the process. And and and I mean they came out swinging and money weathered that early storm and they led by double figures of the and the first wars again played in two player game. That's going to be a fact. Why you're at play in the second half to. Manny Marlins last two out of three of the Pittsburgh Pirates with this loss on Sundays 73 but just subordinate his fourth homer of the season. The Marlins take on the New York Yankees tonight 8635. PM is a first pitch Caleb Smith takes the hill for defense. And if I'm ignorant vocal Jeter not go on because he thinks it's going to be weird. Yeah yeah as a note root for toys would be weird he does know he should. You know while but the team its ideology of this business that is you're confusing situation for him yet confusing via weds do some honest attendance from that pirate match out. Time to find out how many people went to the Marlins game yesterday. With the others took him. Yesterday's attendance was 101621. It was because he can't. Well. What time of the game and we are seeing it we are seeing quite a disparity between the weekend games in the week of course a gains which I would expect but it it just shows. That makes all the difference I come to a really bad he. Really bad team people are still willing on a weekend. When they don't have work there's not much else going on that was ridiculous so you're meticulous so what are the ball hard and we can't. Sunday's so the user wanna call you sinners. Sundays or 1 o'clock dinner they had people out there that want it to us and they Lawrence of rubber match and get up that's under the prior to add Sig other rubber match with. But around the NBA playoff picture looks like this is Celtics beat the boxing game one in overtime. The pacers defeated the cavs. The thundering handle the jazz and rockets beat the wolves. The pelicans topped the blazers. The raptors held off the wizards and the warriors blew Al disperse. Games that are away so they sort of really really late like a normal regular season game or in yet able to enjoy them here I know now 1030 man like tonight 1030. He has two games a year the first game in second game is spurs and mortars tempered. To aim at Miami Dolphins begin their off season workouts. Dolphins wide receiver Danny Amendola told ESP and that he'd left New England because Bill Belichick doesn't pay as players he also called Belichick. I'm only Paul here's Amendola. It's not easy that's for sure you know he's and sometimes. A lot of things I didn't like. About playing forum but I must say things that. I didn't like we're all. In regard to getting the team better and I respected him. So yeah I didn't like practicing in the snow and it Mike Tyson in the rain but that was gonna make us a better football team that was gonna make me a better football player. It wasn't easy. And he'd be the first to admit at at the ring ceremony that it was a it was an easy plane. And you know the silver lining is do we were at the links him. A moment take it. I think I should just take plan for night it's almost at the Saban thing you know and yet but explain for a guy like Saban to win championships. Yeah I didn't get the hell out of there and not end and I you know well they do that Elam who it'll ever done justice and are they doing any kind of push for now this seems like a lot of guys are reporting right. Walt Bryant is skipping Nazis Nazis on Congo and he has applied constant though is reportedly in Abu Dhabi I think my question though is what is what is the timing where. It seems like now more more so than ever in the past that now. Players are are coming out plea for the end. Who left the gators again handle it seems like guys are more willing now. To speak golf or act outs in regards to the things they don't like about playing for Belichick like what is going on. Now thinks as opposed and Muslims who. Rule I think some of it's generational I think also maybe some of it's that discord that your feeling within the patriots organization and be it cooling off of the relationship between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick may be some of those cracks that we've seen. It's it has been in the foundation has and power and other players to speak out against organization as well and be more honest and truthful and transparent. But I think also some of it's a generational shift. Belichick's a gelding. Number eighty kestre. It's over. That's why are out gronkowski steps out Danny Amendola. Your best guess gronkowski and play for pictures as you're yeah. And it's of cotton. Yeah. Mostly. Kohl eyeliner and is expected to miss the rest of the playoffs pop said the have to ask twice group about his status group. Can't assess kawaiahao very passive aggressive. But there's a reason for the first round of the NBA playoffs effusive posse would there be an opera yet clearly. Sensed it the first round MBA playoffs is the highest rated and has the highest TV ratings and the last five years and that's. That is the best man. So good don't even occur on your but it is interest in this Saturday being loathed the NBA LeBron had won 21 that streak to first round games that streak is now broke in and like the big baby he is he left the floor before time expired. He won in cat is game on Norway's it is the bill like do you think. You think LeBron is gonna come out with just a forty point effort. The next game or what it will probably knowing in my idea like I'm I'm never nervous about him answered the bell. Ever and in the poke the bear in the middle of the game they got to within six in the nit who the. And finally an eight days all I know you as well as our roughest you've been I don't think this is total non story that Marlins man who is located at. The Marlins British virgin island headquarters. It's a non story to. And it's its first all I think it's completely fake outrage from Marlins man. Weird you tell me that someone is surprised that it's here it's just mailing address and did he think that it was going to be in an office. It's a PO box tickets humor is registered alien series weren't up at the mental lawyer he knows exactly what this isn't what this isn't a surprise to him in any way to completely city outright is still him. Now I'm having a cup but company of a company of a company. Well in the portion of a company Evian but that all nonsense that's registered in dvi that's not surprising to Marlins many leaders of Vick. Very successful. Lawyers out there reporting as a reaction he stunned and offended and appalled that there isn't all this vote in an office there are only men in and think that he scorned and his little bit. Toys and it says his currency you know season ticket Sony's and eight it's a stupid or his mission to go and try to bash right it's a stupid story and any Andy Slater it's a stupid story a finds on battered both of them and. Clinton non story also because I mean it's such a small. It's just a small percentage of what owns the Marlins I'm and it's like it like I explained where talking about us. Story and reverse the court case some minutes at its. Company. The bracelet removed three times removed from the mean holding company of to the Marlins. The dumps is where the PO boxes that front turn beans difference and gets to judge their case. But we do that now we just a mailing address. Yes that's common with the sort of thing. I don't buy that Boeing knows just mailing address disputes aren't as mean that's rightly it seems silly that you would ask for a different judge because you appeal box in the Virgin Islands well it. Companies registered in the or why there's a company there. Yes and good and it's only registered obviously under BV I lie you don't have to have an actual. Establishment there to be registered you know except we know woods for tax. Purposes it's attacks and this is very common. British Virgin Islands where does it. His words. My owner has no yes I bellboy is where it's billion dollar. Oh we don't Wear seat is seeing it in weight win which once BB SE lose so that dvi saint Bartz. Saying crying to the little guy and it's it's O and number four months I don't Boca usually get stuff on microchips. Oca. And that I don't have you have the the British say look I think it's still a couple our plane appointment yeah it's a solid Clinton and welcome. To be I haven't been to be behind it. Yeah screw it. Early. Looks gorgeous I love to count her out on an artist during the dividend. Fifty minutes the next. Great defense by my. I think again. The way. Toward Cleveland. TJ ice storm like drone nerds and when would enjoy hundreds of aventura and pine crest line noted toner sun comes up Florida's night in the sky. Pretty huge game to end remainder of the series for Hassan Whiteside and his future with the heat's IA and a year and a hard time. Bringing him back next year if he's a complete non factor in the entire series ninety million dollar contract to whatever news. And when you get the money period and yet the playoffs and he's rendered useless beat because of his play. Or because of the matchup that you go against be tough to bring that back but at the same time. If you had a playoff series wears plain twelve minutes a game I don't know what anyone's giving you for him I don't know what you get I don't know heightened get rid of him. So it's it's kind of double edged sword there if he's terrible you know wanna get rid of them these terrible was and want. North labor earlier point of being a show where we've always emphasize his ability to block shots and how much of and the fact how long he is and people underestimated him because it really played against him in the beginning and the way to do pull up for a jumper and all of a sudden has seventeen foot arm comes in a block your shot to two shot away. But I thought you brought a really good point about the physicality that might be electing him as he talked often off and I and I think that he is off if I don't offices. A normal name but a finesse a big man. But he's more he's more worried about being finessed for me just this course is quote we have from us on here's cordless on from yesterday quote I've got to be more aggressive and I was last game but wasn't that aggressive user difference between being aggressive and being physical I think he needs to be more physical being aggressive is maybe just. Taking the ball to the basket or finding a way to be. A little bit more assertive as opposed to being a physical presence with elbows and knees and and being a little bit more violent and not giving value going to get a get a ball from somebody the biggest guy. I didn't make them feel you on I'm with you on a physical toll thing I think I companies to be the next part of his game that he needs some work. You know on the offensive end that the floater in the hot shots not man put it all down with two hands aunts and don't sort of make them feel you and on the other end of the floor didn't care about the blocked shots he kept what the shots and a big deal you can't let guys go on competed to the basket. Put him on the. He said after the game he S anymore aggressive ways that after the game that the sun has to be more aggressive but I just don't like us spending Michelle pilings and on on a guy who only played twelve minutes total so does it is not to be aggressive on him fouling out. Like let's spend some time piling on gore on are piling on. Make sure we do you know we make it clear I do not think you're gonna that you're gonna points. The reasons and he lost -- one Hassan is not on the top my list boating week coming back to you keep you keep. Bring the conversation back to Amazon wal bring in the conversation back to him because while he's rendered useless OK it seems that. Against a team that plays very fast and it and they are not good with him on the floor against the team that it's fast they haven't been all year okay. But there is a difference that he can make and that is when you got these guys these small guys organs the free. According to the basket. Do some than physical keep them out of the paint don't let them get into your area. You're the big man as your area there let's welcome back to us on what do you do to help this team more info port but I mean go from eagle on drug agent Josh Richardson. Two hole no shows in game number one that is so much more disappoints me then and then like a song worthless in game one is no doubt about it. But Goran Dragic and Josh resistant but he couldn't win this series if Assad is not huge. If it Goran Dragic and Josh Cribbs are no shows in a chance. Yet Kelly no clinic intern assigned as a better match up against the 76ers team. You can't put any radian for gore on and. He can win this game tonight at Hassan doesn't put up big numbers they Campanella beat out there but he can win this game without us on being used. If Richardson and dry age are no shows yet no chance to and I mean it like they think they did not step. Off the plane in the got to figure about school as they're part of analysis though estimated at more aggressive with a song because I think part of the reason they game may be playing more timid is because he has a feeling if I screw up get over in and out get over it. Get out there and play get over it are but. Is the solution that to have a coach trust him more. Or what has he done to deserve the trust. I get where you're saying I notice shortcomings are gonna say if if he does make a mistake in the ideas but doesn't go right for the hook right away. It feels like oh OK it don't do the room for errors there we don't you dug his don't you'll feel like that perform better if they don't feel like. You know there's a guillotine hanging over that way in the fourth series with the team already likely get past I've ever visited. As he's the player he is we can't just sit here and say oh get over his its its not gonna change between games that's what I always notes at the tweet and get. The most out of me and the reason or most frustrated Doris on that and the other players because. We know what he is at its peak and the the frustrating part about it is he's not there are all the time that's that's that's why he gets the most criticism. Because people know what his ceiling is and the fact that he's not there are so often without you have to poll. All the time is is it's infuriated people you would think with those physical attributes that he has. Then this guy this guy should be sky's the limit form and it's not. But is this about him not being marriage is about the seven sixers playing small playing very very fast which is not pace that he could keep up but anyways I must always sex is though I am related it's it's a weird thing with him where it feels like you have to poll and push and prod and it's like. When they do that man it does reaped great benefits but it's it's frustrating that it goes it seems to go away so easily and so I just can't I'll put it. That I don't think that conversation I'm talking about this specific game game one against having six 76ers team without Joseph Allen beat. The real neat to sit here and have the macro conversation about has signed what motivates him and blob while blog again. They give ridiculously twelve minutes in this game I remember when is he was here. What a few days ago with us last week with us is he sat on his way out he sat off there. That too without Joseph Allen needed to Allenby doesn't play Kelly illuminates the room isn't that smashed up put has on the bench but Kelly Nolan against. Izzy said that before. This game before even seeing his son play against this team in these playoffs and it seems like he was right so we're talking about game one and and it was party predicted by somebody like Izzy that Kelly you a clinic would be the better matchup against the steam. It's and that's not the situation Hasan not the situation I think we need to be discussing what we need to be discussing is the other guys. Now we're on the court during my game the guys who played a heck of a lot more than twelve minutes and gave us nothing but a view and dropped the ball about. It's just a matchup thing than you should play. Because then he's rendered useless in the Sears and easy to. And this is without John well only language there is feeling the coach didn't play the coach didn't blame my involvement still play implement even goes more minutes yet and yet the agreement sets its offer. For only playing twelve minutes. So you wanna originally voted not even try him out there that all that's a movie wanna look at if you're gonna go with your wit and hired a lawyer like what you just. But clearly you don't described as somebody who. Needs that mental coddling that you once voted not put him up there all I once thought that but I'm saying if you're gonna go out there with the matchup argument you're not gonna try and treat and find the ways to get him to be successful. You're better off not playing him than you are just going in this OK let's go out there and we'll put we'll give me your token ten minutes but really we don't want you out there at all because in those token minutes could be a disaster and us it's not even my. Argument I'm saying that that match up is a bad matchup eons we saw its during those twelve minutes to move you'd think Olympic is a better match of it gives you a better chance than fine sons on the fence. What the real problem was a night game that isn't that the real problem in nineteen is guys like Goran Dragic. And Josh Richardson so why in God's name are we spending so much more time on those on lights I'd still like is there still it's been all morning amber there it's what we do it on camera in its end up where it's unfair. Understand what moron and because people about games. So let's talk about that though let's talk about why they grab is that they just get a have a bad game and that's that's it's an average spend the rest of the time byline on a son. It's just bits gives a lightning rod because the slumping as more of a conundrum we have to duplicate the situation. It's not if I can link would you athletics we really don't know earlier in crowds back as you can that's not a conversation we need to be having. Like I said he's not near the top the list of reasons that they lost and it was an all offseason target on the side of that contract don't you worry. You'll get all your Hasan talk that you want to I coming off the game one I just don't think that's where the top meats because there's a whole lot of other guys to blame for this one. I didn't adding that he can easily win game number more this game tonight without pause on being great stayed they will not win without Goran Dragic and Josh expending great. Now going to I'm going games yours and others who missed. Hasan now he could beat it make a difference. On the defensive and when he's out there a does that play Tonya but he doesn't need to put up big numbers this with without lead out. He doesn't need to put up big numbers for the seemed to when he can win this game tonight if Assad does not put up big numbers they will not win at drug interaction arming the this'll conversations with and beat out rescission changes dramatically Alter lead players and then you need big numbers from us on right of course is indeed the game I just talking when these letters I want us on an Ambien when I each other get a clinical and own style of defense as well right. But it Roger put in Saudi out of oil is own injuries and different helping out if and the place is different power band and you need Denny needs some infamous on on that and the floor. The seat and go out there rebounds and and stop guys against a basket and stand watching it yeah I mean it's it's so assault. NB it's not playing tonight so is not what we need is we need. More from. The song is I'm is I'm not an ice off tonight he'll get his opportunities start tonight and first five or six minutes you have a real good idea what kind of impact he's Macon some extra step of physically right there's JJ going to be aired a physically only decide about Brinkley they all need to step up to beat the 76ers team it's all right. Again if they lose tonight's I don't even Sergey crazy. It Krzyzewski. The review get thump like ego bump on Saturday night Tom Kite is concerned I don't care what this until the final score I don't care. With no solution in hand but they talked about it we play better defense we get us shut down. Some of the perpetrators and defend the shot a little bit more my guessing to be a lot better tonight. Look at that in Italy and believe what the other night Natalee if it if they if they do come back in dominate tonight the way that they dominated on Saturday night. Is there any incentive to even play in beat in the series of the gonna keep him out. I even bother with I think when he's ready to play. I wouldn't bother when I'm unaware that either. They're dominating you know what it's a point. This coming Saturday April 20 Sunday April 29 months before I moved to its new moment more important sunrise. And Ozzy Osborne got god smack stone sour. Tablet biggest rock experience because rock's top artists performing on Tuesday mr. into the festival on five right now on the content point 786534. 079 and we will set you up with a pair of tickets the Marlins rent the Yankees tonight two game series. Derek Jeter's not going to be in comparable for and to support its unity towns so. It's all so he's not island. And he got a bungee yankees' eyes siren judge him Brett Gardner and CC. And 88 get it in trust Jeter in a trust and he's gonna do great law. Like what I want you to trust and he's going to do great he's never done this before. So it's so if it vis a -- amazing shortstop morning to all time best ever anything he does you gotta trust them. To regret I I I wouldn't condone. That statement pay the truth because a lot of people who are driven. We're we're good at something they're usually going to be good if they put their mind to it and an inning that they do especially successful on the level that he was that. So. You know I'm I'm. I don't agree at all since you don't think no I don't think so I mean if you want to be adopters should we trust and we have great doctors and I think he's gonna apply himself the same way that he appoint himself to be professional athlete to go and try to go to school and learn and be the best that we speak because we all know he's rich rock. Really or early hours Hensley comparing it to being at doctors at the same thing I mean at least still the same realm of the seemed sport. Sport he's played his entire life escalate the highest level anybody can ever achieve he's been around the best. May enters the coaches talent that anybody can be your album. Talking Magic Johnson to about becoming. The the the right what's he done now pulls out there one Corsica week. And they idle time it right way to make some time Bonser made three and hitting yet. We are all warned fans still saying you got to trust Michael Jordan why are you giving him time he had a give Derek Jeter time to that area if you're getting Magic Johnson Klein well yes you got to give them time and about coming out and given the benefit of the doubt and no that's you anything. Yes and willing to give it time. But not just blindly say and I got atrocities Derek Jeter and as they do and I had to Johnson noted stumbling might join severed the hornets that every year. Business wise I would trust the business wise but I'm talking about assembling a great baseball team and putting a great product on the full Obama on the baseball field on the diamond. I can trust and Derek Jeter of of delivering that product eventually. I mean what are. (%expletive) but I'll blindly trusting than you wouldn't trust anybody short of somebody who's actually done it before Sammy actually been the president of the team before like who do you trust other than people who have done it before about that not all we unite. OK but that's not always your hiring railing obviously. Some right and he totally different resume is all the time no blindly trusting you're gonna deal to do it to you gotta do it's. I think the question is isn't whether you're gonna blindly trust them it's it's why do you have distrust. For dared to a year and that spot because they do you think that that's what you get but I never done before. But you assume that he's going to fail at doing it's no not us I mean a whole sort of president of never done unless humanities and feel that's. And so I don't blindly trusting a Greek rate at its. And sense to me. But still plays out. But that's what I think. People want is that attitude. That given time let's see how it plays out. It feels like down here there's a blind distrust. Of Derek Jeter yet you and I am blank trot Citi and urged him while. You understand in no not really anything really based on the on the gives an early on you are similar trust. OK but that doesn't it and doing their year right on schedule understand why there's a distrust down here you understand that with the Marlins franchise there's a distress of the Mara it's up to see Marlins franchise now. You understand what the wallet feel now I will exist or might kill. Plague that's still the same. You be distress Mike hill has not gone but I'm I'm not listen these yankees up there is saying islands immigrant is their future. And what's. Who do you think that it would you expect them to say. I mean what would you expect them to save our asked about eating its present the latest they're going to be. Or mold I don't care. I don't care don't know anything like Brett Gardner's out audio lot of young town at Bretton anyone in the young guys. Well at least he knows a great young talent. And ability and Tom Garner no same things. Hear from these guys. And in Jeter it's all good shows a BA east LA very awkward you know trying to help your team known when gains scenario can be used any of it should be in love him terribly awkward. Nor understand he supported the mormons think maybe doesn't wanna take the way it is a love story to be on them. Which it would be if he's there now and every day. Justice. Awkward in any here people are giving him standing ovation but they dig it goodbye Saturday Jeff always onions. I Jeter what about. Side note NHL playoffs are about as you know I'm an anarchy amend its military panels about former Panthers coach right now. Lighten it up and did when they get to announce that when he got me there are three now know letting us it was deemed too yellows in three. Playwright was game three it was and while it was in Los Angeles a gallery owner out he had a man plow though is that popular franchise. And they got a couple guys from the Panthers tennis or yes he left unprotected. No ma'am. You had enough ranch if an inaugural franchise expansion franchise wins Stanley Cup. Some pocket when it when it when did. LA when it the kings when they when they came in. Or is just uniform change and I'm thinking of maybe. Because he's had battled ugly purple and yellow you need the kings won the Stanley couples only few years ago right on the Stanley Cup. In around for a long time partner. In hockey hockey people is it's one stand up first year. Had. When the Carolina Panthers came into effect what was that many hurricanes Carol Americans unemployment number to another sport I'm back the football odds that somebody fire a sword. But it yet they don't moment and it's one they're just there there was one syllable twice then lost both times in one. Our rates speaking of winners. Look it's our show next.