ZRA Part 3 4-24-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, April 24th

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At some point this hour you wanna check out the Fort Lauderdale air show it's made it may sixth we're gonna have a pair of tickets brio. They sell radio dot com that's the apathy official new home a 790 ticket online you can download it today to listen to us any time anywhere and talk to Eric read it. From he TV in a few minutes here. Tonight an 8 PM start to deem number five a we are hoping it is not the final time you hear American Tony together we are hoping it is not a final time. You seed Dwyane Wade played for the heat. We're open it's not the final game. Of this post season. Let's get to our headlines here Montalban. News once. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you. This white hot playoff update is brought to you bio Ryan fuels and downstairs convenience stores where they are truly stepped beyond convenience. Tonight is game five between the Miami Heat and the Philadelphia 76ers slow let's go tip off from Wells Fargo is set for 8 PMI means coverage begins right here on 798 at 7 PM at the Miami Heat pregame show. How good to beat the world like to when he going on the fourth quarter home I don't always got a comment on the news anchors because number one. All right as long as the finish on the home court that's something that I think would be. A little bit more acceptable for especially a lot of heat nation you know I've remorse secede going in and in you do you go out at home I know acceptable to be winning this year's so when another road game and that. Is that hard to win another road game just one more game. Games writes in the articles that home runs anywhere in the series you're closer now I don't regularly getting hello don't you talk about closing out at home like next round you know because next round of it's Milwaukee beats boss in the he would have home court advantage but don't even subtle that we don't argument scenario situation on men know damn well that. You're getting ready your bags are packed because your sunscreen use and rosary to go to Obama go on a beach this weekend he is not ended beats. My little son has been asking to go to go to the Atlantic Ocean and I told I think putting your a lot we could swim of that baby if you want. So maybe that time is coming up you know by the we water temperatures got a lot of lot better in the last two or three weeks gone up over the eighties and our pentagon cut my son scene you know yeah. He currently he's. Hey he he has he was not aware I guess that that the Atlantic Ocean is so close so. Is this how rarely you take your kids to the feats always seemed to Brett all the young wall oh okay it'll we go to the beach and say hey he would go into the Atlantic Ocean today legacy no longer be you do go to the beach though. Oh women while we have not been beaten while. Unless I. I'm I'm definitely not since last summer that's for sure. Zero its plans to play tonight displayed a shoulder sprain he was held out of practice yes track based off the be out there. I am I I think you could see Magruder in the starting lineup tonight you got to try some Indiana tries some the world a different. You wanna slow down his six or offense college Johnson's given in Austin okay both ends of the floor. And to Magruder you know is a guy who's gonna give you that that agitating stuff on defense he can knock down open three is. I I think you could seem a Gruner and don't want to Winslow known though for Tyler Johnson. All for TTO yet know you keep the pension tax man he it's been a major strength. Nike the bench completely intact and you don't see. BA you you wanna you wanna shooter out there and and a defender most importantly that's why goma border. I could see. Around the NBA browser rockets Tiki 31 series lead over the timberwolves. Beating them last may 119 you 100. Jack is sick at 310 lead over the thunder beating them 113 to 96 jets back. The jazz pulled them hard last nine man they really did the the the thunder they were they were very chippy they came awfully cry babies I thoughts. And jazz pulled a man more than what happened with the other guys from OKC man like I I know Ricky Rubio didn't have the most stellar evening. With all the fouls and stuff that you must work. I know Westbrook and I'm an awesome night because he you know Moscow sent down early but I'm saying Ricky Rubio for the most part never really had a stellar night yeah he was he was OK about Reno rubio as a rove is on us all he's already given to every night you know Donna Mitchell did when I was who's guarding Donovan Mitchell. I mean probably Corey Brewer right I mean that's what they got a quarter -- I I I didn't see most the games late game last side by Donovan Mitchell 33 points money did its thing you know and your dad Joseph Ingles 120 I mean. See it through this isn't styles moves up the guy's name back in the day. Though though the balding white guy who was it was a balding white guy that played the leak. Is oh Scott Scott Skiles that plays well what is that it has Brando when he's been a head coach Marty the modern day it's the sky and he was your dad yes he definitely one yeah. We capital eliminated the Blue Jackets in six games. When he last night six to three the Maple Leafs beat the Bruins to read one that series is now tied victory games apiece. Russell series put the whole approach can Sidney Crosby game and yeah that we're looking for I. Canadian you gotta root for Canadian kid who Ozzie now don't care. You know like his whiny little less now like I do not like him. Miami Marlins lost to the LA Dodgers two to one. To Ellen being doesn't glad that he's not bringing in another super started Billy thinks that it's their time now. I think that's what that means season. Line and I it was a he says that we have a team I don't think we need anybody else narrates about you know they're they're going to giants on someone else let me just got to work with what we have. Only gives anyone right now. You know you need to think bigger run right now he's what he's talking about our time is out three sets. Don't you say it doesn't want to bring in another stall are always say and now he's cocky process. Dolphins coaches are whining and dry and dining and the draft top kicker idea yet excite I need her to learn. The could quote okay did you take kickers to better and grabbed. But the big the terrorism nuclear real peace to a general at. And why you have to wonder Madonna and if you want to draft and just draft me to say why. Any time the kicker. Hold on what you need to know cycle I don't know idea I think there'd I guess deciding whether they want to. Strapped to their old ways of Drago would play like what does it matter I don't know. They'll cares personally you're using your first round a ticker I don't. We don't want to clear the conversation with a Mike. It's it's weird I don't know what don't. Julio Jones didn't show to work outs and falcons camp and deleted all falcons photos from his mr. Graham all knew he is on followed newest Elkins on Twitter. Maybe he is meeting is a. Of the Koran according to what was at the sentinel yesterday they're not interest in my receivers member. As my interest and every other every other position the position yeah during the draft but what C that's right. Tom Brady's agent says the quarterback glance you played a major it's the states. Good I'm glad. I I don't want Brady going out in you know on top I don't want Brady going out nine illegals on the suitable but I'll I'll raise last year in the NFL. Once beaten her. He needs to go away Marino 62%. He needs to go look and light like but he can't play football anymore that that meat I want that to speed that the last image. On Tom Brady. Pick sixes left and right. Keep playing I don't want to retire. Did your post is reporting that might France susteren is in desperate to return to your radio after being unable to you find it online platform to his all eighteen I salute retirement in my easily earn two W a band is possible only because it. Editor time really rentals on. Early on in the than others or six months now. Any lessening as the end December and god does not to be just ended now. Nights. When he has always so annoying or recharge the batteries that's all if you're Chris Carlin and Maggie. Maggie gray and the son of god or America. Oh. Because it's so annoying Louisiana late princess and and mad dollar mega problem plea last month the end all the Big Brother show. That it nodding toward the humorous side of sticking up for those guys as a whole big pack and you're kidding me sing and I dog in and friends as a super classless. Get the hell out of here and what did cheap mistakes and is treated you so well again that sucks. Wire dimming can find them. 'cause you can't show is they lost they lost the ratings book in that time signing the first time in like forever. Anyone's gonna lose in the ratings spoken at times sought after brands are Celine so it's really hard isn't always somebody like at this week's long time for an audience to get used in its land yeah. Tex this morning from some damage is so misses joy and initial longer and enjoy at this point when you replace people. Uneasy month through. And now. I'm tired very good. Eric green is out of Philadelphia game five is tonight he's with us in the Iran and fuels and downs there's convenience stores gas line truly steps beyond convenient it's an 8 o'clock sort 730 to start the coverage he lives on fox sports on hey Eric morning. Good morning your spirits you know it's he a second here I I I think correct me if I'm wrong maybe it's just because it's right in front of us and you know we think everything it's happening right now is the greatest. But I think the first round of the MBA playoffs this year have been really fantastic what do you think. Well it has been good to as amended this'll be the most reaching game at Utah Oklahoma City gym where. We had a chance you're just totally locking up under and who would have thought with players like Paul Georgian and Russell Westbrook in Carmelo Anthony. A Utah rookie Donovan that you would be the most from scratch a player in that series so far that I've talked to the jazz and what is the the first round of the playoffs as there's a little bit like the first. They're the NCAA basketball tournament there's so much to watch it most of it's really good. What's been most surprising Selig are you surprised that. Cleveland's happened such a hard time and Indiana all or number eight seed Washington two to Toronto. As editing stood out as surprising meet the elegant sweep in the blazers. That was surprising you know that it took his seat you know drew pollinate. Averaged 48 point two game of that series and I was proud to Portland in with a game a little bit surprised that the way Utah is just throttling and and you know now 31 lead out on Oklahoma City. Any in the east I nothing has really shot he had in the east. You know it had Indiana gone up 321 of the put that right at a couple of. I'd so tonight again 8 o'clock fox sports on 730 he lied Eric and Tony in Jack's. I EU EU of course war were on the call for the the only time that heats have over com. The 831 deficit that one of just eleven teams ever do it. Of course it was a big road win that was involved in that process it was a game six and Madison Square Garden Alonzo Mourning huge three pointer. So I'll let let let's get started to not read Eric come back now at 31 deficit let's go out. Well that was you know I was an unbelievable series against the knicks. People always will go back to begin six road win. I think back to their that a game five brown and late in the game and as Miami arena though the PJ brown flip book. Of Charlie ward. And winning game six without PJ brown and and I guess the call that their lives on his it is Alonso story where a few releases and I'm saying oh no. And then it goes and I'm like oh so. But lesson that you can't win this series tonight which can lose it it's really just about. Winning tonight's game and it I tweeted this I yesterday it's not crazy it is simple just win the game and you get to play again so it's. It's not about winning this series right now it's about winning this game tonight. It's about staying power in the second half and fourth quarter because that's where the series so far has been decided then and you know you're looking at a searchers to him by five guys if you include NB who's now played in two games. They got five players. Averaging over eighteen point per game. What they've done actually gets that he is almost difficult to believe me when you're watching it. Not used to seeing it each team give up a 117 point again. And I tell you the truth is who played a long time to digest and losing a playoff game. When the other team goes 731. Country to the 27 turnovers. I think that speaks of output power level of the sixers. And Miami you know Miami says the soul all through the series guys Philadelphia has the opportune ability. To two take apart with every mistake you make so it's going to be a much better game. Of opposite electrocution. Most of Philadelphia's holding the orbit he'll look at irregular cease this staff. They had they would at best rebounding team in the league all year. They have the widest rebound margin in the NBA all season. They had the best field goal percentage defense in the league all season. And they allowed the fewest points in the paint all season they're doing that and more in the second answer what would go to the series right now. There are you shocked or national certainly shocked or surprised that the fact that a lot of the underlying story going into the series was. Philadelphia as much experience in the playoffs and and these guys have not blowing an ounce imminent physical part of the game. Or the three point contest is just seems like these guys are not blinking. There the golden state of these right now Brett that in the way they way they shoot the ball and move the ball. You know to me out hey what's surprising that they look like the best team in the east right now and only debate it's close at the moment. They've got rebounding they've got beat sense. They've got size and they have great skill up notably so it has been a little bit surprising how little experience has meant. Look at two of the best players in these final try out Donovan Mitchell of the jazz and and Simmons of the 76ers they've both played in their first ever playoff series so. Experience has not count that are much. Size and skill and the requirements. You stand on the all rookie of the year thing we're talking about that earlier in the show it to you mentioned those guys and Simmons Donovan Mitchell. Did you did you all you call with Dan Simmons you know he's not a rookie second year but he but he is a monkey's soul what what do you make of that whole thing. Well I I think it's one of the most even rookie of the year races that I've ever witnessed. I know you can't manipulated because it's done medical quote. I think you would be very just. For those two guys this year the award this year and and yeah I do Phillip Simmons is a rookie I know he he was stripped it two years ago. But he didn't quite let cheer now is it a bit of an advantage for him that he was around the sectors all year and knew their system. I guests. But I it is per share playing. I think he's a more complete player. That 610 point guard the way he can. Ended rebound and sealed with a B sent to all the different things he does Donovan Mitchell's clearly the better out two player and scorer. They've both done wondrous things for their franchises. And they're both. A win away from moving on to the second round I I think you'd be just that they shared them easier. What votes you get for the awards this season. None not in get a game employees don't get a vote anymore. Though what what happened and why did do that. Well I think it was a slow process because there's the first thing that happened look to win when votes were kept private. I think guys couldn't really. Unit and men and women in the media you could really vote how you sell. Even as somebody like myself that is you know on the key broadcaster but you know also a key employee. Now when you vote gets made public. That happened the typing two years ago. I think it became a little harder Byrd for guys that work for eons. The vote how they really sell because now all of a sudden you're in good read in the newspaper that you voted for you know a guy and some other team rather than. Candidate on hero so I think that was a first step toward making the situation worse. And now they're taking it out out of but in the people who work for teams and I'm ready to jerk who got Botha should be honest truth I know we didn't. What are you ever uncomfortable in that regard to where you you wanted to vote for a guy on on the heat because you don't want to get upset. No I you know what in the in the two years that it became public I never felt like I got put in that situation. Over those last two years. But I could see how. You know I I will always vote how you really feel like they. The boost. That is boom. Oh. Sequels though. It's us Dan Tony and home run deep in the left field seats and the Yankees picked up 51 lead it's offensive how bad it is. You can do you do. Already in the so many or whatever feelings upper one ball. It's a small diamond drill into the right field couple's time. As far. John good. That did I. And now he's dug himself such a deep hole that he's got to stick with a sudden that's a problem. It's almost pride at this hey can email now he's trying to make this Italian thing work your rights. You write he's not gonna give in now BA he is he is disputed dig that grave. Terrible. Ashamed. I am I'm ashamed. Now why am I ashamed I don't I don't know I don't know if he gets the new Anna from a different. Puncher though and I mean. A great question. That's good I. It's part of why I'm ashamed he's been losing and learning Italian firm is the tying girlfriend so bad horrible so bad. C blows though. GNP and those who knows the road and Dario John Connolly. C blows go. Who Shamir a much better call that let's asthma was Lucia we ask him to give us a home run call Jon Garland Billy that's putting him. Models on the next. And a draft coverage started to get brought to a Big Five rounds automate Cuba inspired round never recovered from. Since camp and Davey hard rock stadium are drab parties at Dave and busters in the open plaza and Hollywood Dave and buster's featuring Blair watch sports. Tickets to have coverage is also brought to a Lexus of North Miami always an amazing deal and by Carolina auto body. When two cars in tow on warm place to go chris' April 2 Rahm always says. NFL draft and all the coverage right here on am 719 FM one a four point three HD to the tickets. Our pal as books Johnny he's on the Iraq and fuels and bouncers convenient source guess signed truly sets beyond convenience. Book number eleven overall who's not a Dalton's taken on Thursday that taken. You have port au pair men and c'mon man go what what position you think linebacker may be lower and lower. I don't accept or will early. Don't miss Oprah. Don't say you're not a candidate being Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday am in forty's let's go man. Yeah it just. I mean look at the end it is Patrick and education are low. I'm in the minority. All partner or call but I. It. We're we're we're really right now will they come respectively could. Our global war and what actually happened we loaded completely we like the transaction more than the actual. Or better or. Axe. I'll a few things wanna go with you but one actually gets the important stuff first okay it's that time a year and out. You'll vote you've really great event coming up next month which is helping not not frail LS research not to Lou Gehrig's disease research. But it's to help families who are affected and afflicted by those close them with hale has cracked. Rated is the patient care so all money raised goes. To a specific. They elect creation and the dialogue around eleven go to a lot Obama and she. You would run a bit about charity soon. He pass but. You know a mile up the attention with the right spot challenge. There really are conducting their respects where you're wearing it would be. There are no peace treaty news guy from our our true it's started yeah I'd book Alan all canyon. That they're great worker million dollar and go look at. So. Again. Are we need to be a little oh you're on the go into the living room. Army and not try to body cure but it just so that that means they were our. Rid our charity and then the specific event it'll be. It. Import event there's gala where you know who have been paired or you. At a great option ballot and lie. And then there's also a softball tournament so I'm opposed to bring in New York City 329 for the gala. Second. For the saw. Yen and a and I got a page to Eric some part of it seems the baseball saw. I got a agent folks can donate some for our team and all all what link up at some point later today and folks can. Check out how to get donate money on on that so again it's it's a really great cause I'm going up next month okay. My house here Britain amber they invited next until. Absolutely. We've put him on the spot you know. It's got to you don't know don't know what we're out here on out. Diego and how much we would go with the league byte and double Romberg going to be threats and this year the auction is personnel that I won. The South Florida CC NN live. Our corporate America we're guilty of year you call it com albeit wrong and I brought. The thing that's any big ticket item a picture hole or. If they'll pay the ballet. Now double bogey will be. Will be ahead shot a viewer or maybe we get EA normally when action and action potable associate canes or is it NFL I would just thinking just normal the broadcast is locked in alternate Saturdays so I reader right. He's a great second career if there are rare treat auto well it has. Yes I liked it speaking of action okay. Scale of one to 101 being terrible and ten being terrific call. Where do you rank John Sterling is home run call for Sean call stand. I think you'll find in battle it. It's there yet I don't believe it got the outlook is. Now what is necessary diplomatic way of saying that it not want is a nugget. Not one of his have you ever had to call one to jump go to some. A great question I have an article moral or being used to be. Accurate it. It. Yesterday he got the home run derby. Welcome an article one article on last night. It's the fifth home run last night's you can do you react to foreign. Don't want our warmup I. I'm going on a limb and saying it was veterans are links. Regular. That's our industry men write you any New York legend John certainly grants. Are. Out of books to get under plunges legends. Derek Jeter is going to be on with our board Bryant Gumbel. What do you think is gonna go down do you think Jeter's income must not like a rose or is going to be just a site it's gonna get the pitchforks out and and in the torches after this thing airs tonight. A lot of it will be your one any real way. There are so little piece where there are what are what combative but you know. In bureaucratic between him on the right here I'm not gonna help guide. There are expected to womb and no kidding. But like. Ranked doubles where it broke pretty realistic standpoint and added. It wouldn't trade away. Creep up position player. The expectation is about or so. And it was one of those accurately speaking at REI. But they're not being. Yet it was circuit that we ought. Does it does it make it cheap when one of the greatest to ever do it ever put on a Yankee uniform. Tells. The rest of the world that. I expect greatness from the players that I farm together for the most part it reminds me public. The person who goes up there and says that you could be neat to all it takes is hard war. You brought it. Actor right yeah well. As Billy. Look I accept it before I I just. This is museum and an arena right now that he is burning out of the go. Terror pre people wanna have they been dead on point on I know what it's like to beat. In a winning organization. And input it was I don't how opening or agreed should his own. I don't then you don't even know what a winning team looks like normal people that. Oh right equitable back in Dublin. So I just I mean it. There's going to be he's learning curve pier and and I don't I don't Norah pop. There. Are. Do you think of that it's the heats are going to win this series in seven games yes or now. I trust. Welcome. Yeah. Come on c'mon. C'mon it'd Dwyane Wade has the ball on his hands down by one. Tonight would seconds remaining. I just don't incur. Let's talk some whites or stock in the offseason. A little lower. The injustice when load justice wins Lowe's stock in the off season are you ask him boo some some like horn forty Washington and an amateur dancer for me. And so Winslow scrap it out all all beer play out here. And I thought it was going to be better or play that. All the we'd like analogies tough guy this series man like he's he's stepping on the god goals easy. To direct order yeah yeah. 21 years old. There are not new but Simmons is only would and also you know there are exactly right tools in Hollywood conceivable. Don't admit it kind of activity expandable. Yeah veteran. It's out like thirty seconds you bootable courses and college basketball for ESP evidence weird wants me because Ben Simmons did you make the NCAA tournament when he was at LSU. All. They win the national championship would incidents. Yeah that's different though may have had to include your name by it is about the media being that I would train we want to. It won't I'd be better than another guy at the college level which is couldn't hear her level I then they go to the next level and it changes form we are. It yet it's what you would. He maintains he's. Right here okay center in the country that remains in a war and what he's. You're going to be here to bash like knowledge rats thanks man on ousted the book and we will. It. Okay you you go somewhere that we don't run away he's runway guest and notably. We just opened a armored. It. Didn't look like it was art doesn't did you give thirties I say you are failure there and apologized. There's nowhere near Kirkuk Cody Yardley older and yeah. I'm a hacker around now and not do we have all the power I mean charging you listen if I want the web it's our show to start late then you start lame duck it's a rumbles down to. Right. Real quick on your way out tub when again out there isn't it doubled again how to give visits the web site and help us all out. To read your particular go to marker period there are currently there are a little. I dollar so I'm bingo and their carry in new York at the end legal work there's so I take it and they are there that code. That is well that coat. He's not that. Are now talk to later good job. Yeah I see at a summit I send out a link later where you can donate to ought to my specific page and wish him. The ads may hesitate when the gala in LA when he ninth as the guy the gala is on a Tuesday night the 29 and and the soulful turn Mintz is the Saturday which of these second circuit. Yeah mom you don't have to do the so from. There we should wish our York suits receiver don't prefer that I and I'm going I'm going to come to wait and see if our comes in algebra but but I think I'm going to doom and office of the boo to Betty had to get out here but time your idea it ago I think put him to do is you know when you go to these live auctions and then the item is just. Hot and people are going back and forth in multiple bidders. I think I might offer a one of those scenarios where a that the Romberg. Actually shot a modern day is getting super heat. I might just going to say look I'll put another one. Also another that's going to be giving tig I may not offer up another one and blowing the other shot BO. BP. A double play. It's our show next.