ZRA Part 3 4-25-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, April 25th

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US anytime anywhere. He got any positives from this series on the heat and injustice Winslow is a huge positive right going forward. But here's the thing was the only weren't sure there's things that would justice Winslow. If you wanna get rid of one of these that got all. But Tyler Johnson ending world agrees bad contract if you wanna get rid of the Tyler Johnson contract demands to include just is whistle. What to get rid of that contract you got a one Tyson team that's taken it. You may have to Ian you like. What you may do either attach a justice Winslet that Contra war. Next year's first round pick now he can trade that pick after the draft this year that it now becomes available to tray like. You may have to it you gonna attach some into the bad contracts. If you wanna get a team to take it got to be a home run to do that though late because otherwise you just waited out a year and then the son's college or become true because that becomes expiring. Mean it's highly need. Well or Sonny won both via. And hedges that you then you just you sell it for eating something. Avoid attaching an ascent just sip. Get rid of a contract if it means sitting waiting another year. The spurs on the other end of the phone and and and we're talking while Leonard then bent OK all all I'll deal on the that's you know you're probably right because it's not as if it's not as if you're trading guys Tyler or or even Hassan. On a team it's that the top. OK there you can be a lot worse than B 44 win teaming go to the playoffs for one more year it it demeans. Not trading an asset like justice. Or even ban or Josh Richardson for that matter that he probably. Let's that's that's why do you wanna step back on the season say yet doesn't feel like a success to you has gotten waxed in the first round. Was. It will be they've put this in yet this teams they plan B they went to go after Gordon Hayward they didn't get and that's that power atlas trial we did last year that seemed to work. And those contracts were an outrageous. And so you have narron and and you really get to see it is Deion didn't play. So lets you play elegantly. They're not outrageous contracts and they're not a bad team you know it's it's not like the lakers last year but the lakers. They they had to get rid of that mosh gob contract make it fifteen million dollars a year they had to attach. But the lakers that they're trying to clean money all the books. It's seen its ten. You know the heat they're trying their money at the books at cnet's. It's a playoff team that 44 or five. So it it its eyes to rest stick a situation go into next year I think is a lot of people would make it out team and it feels lousy right now because the team just got to ask you. In the first round of the playoffs. Why they're not to try to get rid of bad contracts per say on a team that's crap. Okay worst case scenario. And I don't think this good and what's gonna wind up happening worst case here aren't you running back and you know your LT. The audio worry about is if LeBron doesn't bleed for the west that he liked Bono is our east opportunity now here. With the Celtics. And with the 76ers. Yup and LeBron. You know who had that a couple years ago that Paulson in Philadelphia better Brownstein share Austin in Philadelphia yours could be the future of the Eastern Conference in that happened. Way command so it's just imagine how quickly things can change a play when he can't act like we're doomed for the next decade. I can't get onboard that sort of. He builds a pressure because had been chasing his drugs they wanna get the freeagent home run without any these are never going to get it again and now it's okay for them they should be frustrated they should know but it is a little bit spoil public Tobin sag it doesn't just come easily you don't just get every free agent out you don't know. It'll just get Kevin Durant and. Gordon Hayward it's like a C defense through it all blow up at the sixes are doing that worked after five years of the worst thing ever. I I get so frustrated with that conversation you guys what to watch two. On here six we might start to turn things around. Yeah they are with it wasn't you know Philadelphia they miss the playoffs for five straight seasons knows. Philadelphia and look where they are now it's Philadelphia missing the playoffs for five straight seasons but in those five straight seasons they're winning. You know between 1520. Games each nearly that is absolutely miserable. Marlins you're sitting here complaining the to me about Marlins and the product that you're having a watch with the Marlins this season but you want to keep to give that product for five years. You're not a kiwi Jeter's five year plan but your cool with the heat doing it. I hear that. I think there's also this impression that you do with a six and that we can get that supports for Philly. I think there's this impression that audit did he do it guaranteed guaranteed look at detour me right now. He can be terrible for five straight years but they're going to be awesome for the fifteenth following that summing up man sign me up. Bly gets solidarity had twelve and the sixty party you've already had your championship. Overstating it a bit too assuming that they're gonna be awesome for fifteen straight years like we see how quick everything changes and this week. One Hussein these guys at their age Ambien Simmons like they're they're going to be great great players they are really long time but there's also going to be other competition out there I mean you even see every -- even the warriors may run into some hiccups because of injuries this season date you were talking about they might get pressed by the pelicans. It's not it's not given that it just as you have some great players on your team that your going to be able around the course for the next ten years or forty years were really one lodging four of the five years minus the post season were really bad for Philly they won nineteen. Eighteen. Ten and 28 last year they won ten teams just. Essentially is not even two full seasons ago a sport like two years ago. These fans are watching them win ten games that's were you guys wanna be. It again here I imagine. It's you guarantee the end game the heat fans would take it. It just because it worked in this instance does not mean I knew it the reason it worked is because the years that that the ping pong ball drops the right way. For Philadelphia. Ben Simmons was the number one pick a year. On how to pick a great dad and take him greatly picked well yeah. But what I don't know it but the number one pick isn't always transcends into play like that lake even. Just like Kyra yearning for example. Carrier ring was the number one pick for Cleveland's okay the year after LeBron left and how are your being. Is not the transcendent talent in bad sentences. And Simmons is doing right away year number one just because a guy is just his team's got the number one overall pick. The guy that they got like it just coincidentally worked out that. It was the year Ben Symonds was answering the draft it was the year that he was available and they gotta like that guy hit number one overall it's really rear and the fact that he is it could all. Could these guys we just take a once he's number one overall pick some less how many years how many of the number one picks are doing what and Simmons. Is doing right now. Yeah re exactly the fact that he panned owl is is extraordinarily occupant on a tight that's certainly not a guarantee it's not a guarantee that you that you pitch great when even if you're in the number once. Call Anthony tells club they towns in Minnesota he was number one pick. Would call eight towns make his first playoff appearance and eliminate tonight quality towns because first Edmonton's or do you. Angel which is on the scene team into weakens with the number one. And that is ten times a week. Cink Ben Simmons we all in this room think Ben Simmons is going to be the best player in the league but NASA also edits of her premature. Prediction one we're talking about oh yeah I absolutely worked process 100% worked. Then Simmons not out all last season injured what do we find out he's injury prone and his career we have no idea we don't know what's coming he might be. Have a LeBron james' career worst he might end up having a more catastrophic injuries in the future right I think it's it's just. We've seen them make it through the first rounds in playoffs and all of a sudden that Philly has the blueprint that everybody in the NBA needs to follow like let's let's pump the brake. Speaks WT XY AM South Miami. And WS at that age age old Miramar. If you look at like the last ten years. The last ten NBA drag it just goes to show you. We yes what Philadelphia did has looked like it has worked but there's also a super. Super not a lot that's involved because. You look at. At least four on the right place even when you get the top pick because. You look at let's just say the last ten. NBA draft the number one picks okay. How backwards free last ten number once Martell Fultz bends simmons' call Anthony towns. Andrew Williams Anthony Bennett Anthony Davis carrier being John Wall Blake Griffin Derrick Rose. Those last ten no more overall picks the only one. All of those guys are just gave you that if you get on the lovable. A band Simmons is Anthony Davis. Anthony Davis should also won his first ever playoff series he's been a leap for six years. And we know that Phillies winning championships right away with this model either means it determined that it worked too don't they need to win some NBA championships and then we can say that it. Yes absolutely this is the way to go like why why this seems like there's other ways to get there. Like what if Philadelphia had been number one pick instead of haven't come on pick and Tony sixteen were banned Simmons was the clear cut number one guy. What do filly had the number one pick in 2014. When Andrew Wiggins was phenomenal OPEC what does Chile had come on pick and 2009. When Blake and was the number one pick like. Date they got the number one pick. The year that the super duper player was there which they also got lucky that would have fails it's a polar Dolan beads foot worked. As it did and it was it was it was the overall. Number three overall you're just played so there are just tell them they're so hole much locked in fault they're so much law and indeed done as they are and they also got super lucky while their plan was working. And when we have the does that discussion I mean it you have to point out too that their situation. In Philly when they decide to burn it down is a little different than they had new ownership. Coming in at that point so it was like burning down he didn't tie your franchise and it was completely starting over from Ahmed do what. Partly because the the more traditional sports market and our sports market do you think that. It would be as easy to fill that building and if the heat did this now. He is that's that's as ended down years and and everyone that we haven't ace that'll now we've had years yes I I think I think they would fill back up because ornament. Because I mean we we we support a winner because one event talent I think it would take longer I mean if you're talking about them winning it they're winning championships people are showing up. But of their winning those first you know thought OK five years you're winning ten games and then on the six year year you know you make it to maybe the second brown owns and and then maybe after couple more years you make it to an Eastern Conference finals and then finally made me make it to NBA finals I mean now way up until that point Muncie when she starts. Getting in championship mode people star shined up to the arena but not during regular season not game inning game out you will have lost a lot of those. A lot of heat fans if you don't films are saying this is hurting after five years of mediocrity. And also they're giving me a little mediocrity blame below mediocrity Daytona he right yeah. Well I'll tell you I got your saying in this type type not from them talking about like after five years of let's face it been known less then. Also mouse better than mediocre aboard any plans to Wear signature writes his own oh under the mate Jason Jackson do during a broadcast of the fifteen win season. Mean it's before. The minute they seemed to doubt that it's given how the once. Five years that. It is in Jackson's you have to like running you know cycle through some fire groups. Did any I guys. Did any you guys see the end of the broadcast Cessna with feared Tino I mean I was on the year slide I didn't I just saw Tony I'm on social media last night honoree thank you him. There's delight finesse let I want stand Ellis Island utility still gonna be working for the Miami Heat and and a more about community capacity. It was his misery deny there I mean Eric was of course extremely complimentary of Tony and said that. Eat out they were gonna miss Hammond. Air would be back at Tony wouldn't be in Tony talked about how old yet he still be around Neitzel B he's still be will be at all the home games. We sit at the tail of the milestone and in the end and brought scenes we sit at a table behind the basket these are either from a home games. I was I was made sad last night. His. After the game last night I got a nice note from Ronnie it's all last broadcast the other and the radius to our audience seems to look different next year. I don't know what's gonna look like sound different but. All the either isn't known it'll it'll click yes and that's why haven't asked anyone I had some thing that does anyone. Some business like summit decisions on the business and I ask my employer so. I mean usually it is but some respect and your name I don't know I hides and a mine in my business guests you know site and I don't know what. It's possible they don't hire anyone. To fill enough hire anyone might just like color commentator Mike does by itself on the road. Let's stairwell not how much they know that I don't get it there as well. Right does the road and play Elsa user last night you know but regular season 41 road at Rothstein. When it seemed goes on the road. For one of game. Rothstein sometimes goes. When when you're just going away from one and I aren't traveling here right right but it just on the road for one game sometimes Rothstein go in orbit but it. I don't know what they're gonna do. You need somebody. I'm here at home to him. And Miguel diversity did you get a feel open and you do that you did that right I'd do that acts like he taught him and did I did that mice and what gamers are presenting in light. Game the scrimmage that you gambler can there be some. You won it. I'd Wear it sounds so salting. I'm sitting next hamburger in the home. And color and on his numbers there and I pay my enlistment is up somatic. I got upset last that I got a nice note from Roddy late last night and and maybe sent it to me around. Yes I know but you know like I did sit next him literally next to him for eight years and and I I'm I'm better at that job. Now for having sat next to him for eight years. You know like you think you know we're gonna you know basketball when I when I joined that broadcast eight years you don't like man like there's a lot going on that I do not now. And and I am. I'm a lot better. For having sat next on during that time and at and I have become good rentals and so I'm going to miss him and I'm very selfish and you at all OK all right all right Ali did. And you know I'm very selfish and I wish hitting. Job I'm happy for. Eastern rate at its selfish but I wanted to get the job. I would argue with him I'm wanted to keep sitting next to him he's my friend. And Alan sat. This white hot play about Dave. As Brian T buyer Ryan fuels and downstairs convenience stores where they are chilly stuff beyond convenient I don't know buy or oh Orion one into sponsored his Oslo motions or not. Can I can pay. I'd be happy for him but also wish she'd get the job now know. Those two mutually skills have yes. As I can't help contradictory as they can't help how I feel I feel I feel. You surround us earns one note Pete are you paying any attention. He's in Philadelphia and I'm here although he went to the game answering and was the note on paper. Not on a semi message because I don't know when you're here together. New day now in we you know proper goodbye to those expecting crowded right unlike some stationary. May have maybe he rising cursed closes some lacks idolize crest can't trust some unwritten Carson still. There's a reason why don't teach in school only a waste everyone's it was always a waste of Iran's armed it's a total waste of I I can't even still write every letter in person know how I can't I don't know what reminders anymore. Now is summoning him he write checks like that. Some an evil. Did you ever utilized here person because I does that obviously well because. The reason it's tough to answer is because it's a quicker former writing and you get Pena right and obviously tour we all hacked computers walking around with a that's all the time he needed to take no sir our great quickly. The best way to do it. But even include all the reporters used to utilizing horror part Corbett even in. In college when I would take notes in classes and I didn't have a laptop that time back then people are really burn them to school. IA still use. Sort of loose person I think he's kinda person and. I take pride my curse of the my penmanship you're wasting everyone's time I took a co leader comply with the help read I don't get cleaners the united zero. Tomorrow there is not a waste of time. To die hard hit. Rainy season came to an and they lost to the Philadelphia 76ers won afford a 91 last night and chances are in the family library. It's all you did was cursed you can't hate on an obvious you just admit did you did it up there. It's and and a study tracks in the cars and can you please go to amber and literacy class. Augustus. Why why did she run away with those pink sheets. I. We're. I don't hit a fountain pen Colin. Billups and grip Cullen. Have a massive thinking why goes this direction at. Get your loops correct. An evening pogo keeps smearing her inked all over the page with the finger and hope is illegal to sell those massive foundation checks with calligraphy like that. You get text in the show's 67974. In regards to gore on my son that's that was payback point Roddick has thrown to the ground and I'll lay up out of what you think there wasn't going to be payback not like. Nominee viola was cheap shot common amounts that are like you can trust in the back to Atlanta and down like this G that you get them. She. I'm Dwayne reed said after the game. That he's been contemplating retirement but he's not announcing anything in Philly. Dwyane Wade into Allan beat. Had a moments on the court after the game here and veto pen talk about what we told them installment or two more okay. Combat photographer I future. And you guys have their color. Very much respect because. I was in the show this was his last sure it does go almost always used Chavez you know thank him. Fall what does go for the game. I look alike is guides thanks you guys really care about soccer to stop the shameless plugs for the international champions cup she was plugged I just gave money. Yeah I wish we had seamless like C I wish that an international Jim that the cup was I am a liberal I'm literally just hasn't and I literally just hate him and so awesome of their life has also crowding into the ordinances behaving so. In unison. That stability and prior to friends anymore. You're friends will be weird to see every business and I yeah isn't TV news tonight. He's gone to the next level in size and makeup chair and timing out I mean really tiny here from joint house when she sends you spider tax switches often and I and I IDC is she is so big timely now. LL just a budget as duties as you see you know so it gave me a little that's I mean that could be further from the truth she knew DC is to get hale is nausea meets. But you didn't hang out there are holds our animus I have as it is is like an odd day you are on the radio the let's listen to like if your product. Affronts. The Celtics took a 32 series lead over the pucks like you're gonna be eating. At the AAA at that you know that the staff cafeteria music Johnson might come I was. You know with Strahan associated Brady isn't just do everything are you gonna move over you know moved herself over to Tucker comes then I get a Texan and he's been right back. Buddhists yeah you're confident you're definitely and Buddhist. Those warriors eliminated the spurs in five games you're gonna gather your notes you're gonna move since we can put his trade down he's gonna keep walking. And nearly all my government would put my nose there. The Miami Marlins snapped a five game losing streak beating the doctors street to. Do you think it is good he's gonna have time for you what he's an analyst Eric Reid and all the other TV guys TV is on the radio. Miami Dolphins and exercise a nuclear option on Dovonte Parker he would make nine point four million in 2019 that Miami cancel cut him. Next march with no penalty. A willingness a link to be on TV could be what do you know it's gonna happen roms as you know about this year on television. Oddly they're all going to be joke just TV me. There'll be joking about something that you know what's funny that happened on TV either the that we're having guys on Doerr about that they're not gonna tell me the jokes out. No just happen to the production meeting no worry about it too hot recalled a story board you wouldn't know about that cunard county. Nice descended in my in my mind to your device. I'm one of those I'm more the thing he'd and I stick in the year and I have been in the wire coming outs. Look at all important wicked or rather are going to come slowly with a sports schedules have tailored suits like a dog gone on it goes on TV I'd be able to get accustomed soon have the data showed zero additional entitlement and Osaka and. When that was out would you audition for will man those tell you. I didn't you where we new ideas and overwhelming hasn't dogs you know will showed up all look at his and did. This is television man would you burn penny below first. How's the matter with due any minute. Now there you know soccer game what did you say your goodbyes to John now that you guys are gonna talk anymore. Once and I sent a message last night but I I will notice that Flacco when I sent the message back it came up it didn't the bubble was green not blue. I can't do it in order. Champion four by fours up waters number one Jeep truck SEB customization shots again he said the hottest four by four modifications in town. Called champion for my fourth setter 865023446. Of the champion for export dot com. And by the DJI support the Hydro nerds and when woods and donors elevenths era and pine crest Plano manager owners dot com. That's true owners South Florida supply in the sky is. It is as little poke. Does not funeral tickle. It will tickle. You're Texan. Got something near him give a little poke it's used in the liners with pinkie. I'll let Mel gets elegant thumb. Do you text in the show's 67974. Y a RD retiring joint waited Manu Ginobili can played forty weight Solis won two more seasons. Well it weighs Gumbel we would sell. Or seasons. We also question whether he once you allow old times you'd dictate when he retires rather than him just decide we certainly think Kia stuff left in the take every year is arguably the best player in honor team in these playoffs how. How does what. The last time a guy of his caliber player of his caliber. Rick hired where he is still an effective player like Tim Duncan OK Tim Duncan retired couple years ago. Really wasn't Shalit now you still a useful player for shore always a shell of himself OK wait just finished the post season. Mean team it's okay like not what you want me says more about the team that it. Ninety point game you know I don't you can certainly still very productive player particularly in the politics. You know if I remember correctly Duncan was scored nine points in final year okay Kobe Bryant. Was still scoring the man he wasn't able to shoot anymore okay it was part of what was so amazing his final game we scored sixty points right the final game and helped. We become Bakken won a game and he's got the greatest retirement game now in Dallas Dallas the one degrees and you're gonna see from professional athlete. By one while he was not. You know he wasn't useless. We grind he was it was not it was not the guy that he was of course. Opal were both still useful players of Kobe may be a good example like our our other other guys. When like when Shaq retired man shackle is shackled wash so washed when he finally retired Wade's all lost. Late and a dilate to noble even. And when this rule that he's currently in like five or six years now he's at forty years old and still effective player. Hell he won them game four against the warriors a couple days ago is buried it. So. It's it's not very common that they give if wade does retire. That guy goes out. Without limping to the finish why it happened very often where you go out on your own terms. Normally your body's gonna dictate. Kobe had a bomb team as well write like a boo boo yeah you know the day you're a veteran and I think that's causing him and they found a ball to him a million times not final game too partisan politics a part of the reason is that was implant. Part of recent bad was because of him and it's why it heats. Even though he did offer him the forty million dollars it's morally the heat did not. Totally give Dan. To Wade's demand did not wanna be saddled with the Kobe Bryant can't I mean he comes back he's coming back on either a vet minimum marred midlevel exception is not come back on a prank on her we was in theory points or still use. I think it was close at thirty. Kobe was still a long. Mean you look at the points Kobe averaged eighteen point scheme manned and 66 teams and police fire year. Shot 36%. That's so bad but wasn't he still the first guy to the basketball court every day in the last one believe what would and we have a look a lot of his. His teammates rookies more importantly talking about his. Dedication cook is an editor over again you Simba like Kobe's last two years in granite you know that the year before they deal with an Achilles injury so. His last two years he shot 37%. And 36%. From the floor it's very bad. No one's saying wait a passer retire he's farm having to retire it's a matter it's admit it's been what do you want to do it's just his preferences if he. Once to deal with the grinds. Anymore. He has nothing to be like like he will go outs. His own way if this is the way that he's gonna retire I mean. This year combined Cleveland or Miami averaged eleven point four points which is obviously life for a career low. But by no stretch to embarrass himself OK you shot 44%. This year matter of fact that's a better percentage that he shot last year. OK so EU did not come Laos. Too embarrassing himself he's Kirk 48% guy it but it your if in your final year he shoots 44. That's at Noth and tools and that's a broad enough to kind of get that's that is to combine that's Cleveland and yet I am yet that is nothing to be ashamed of but even a guy like Allen Iverson Iverson all time great color man like he was he was bad. On the way out a lot. There's a hard time hang up but I think with Dowayne that discussion also is that people feel like yes so many options after his careers over. Which is a necessarily true for every dieting people feel like Dwyane Wade into every once he's also true and what of the Stanley or wave. UC program super family oriented but he got a Hollywood of the ones with the way he can go into broadcasting tomorrow if he wanted to he obviously has issue line and think he has. Did a fashion minor just a shoe line is he has other business that's right Sox at the other thing he has so whether he wants to continue to develop. Those extracurricular things or not I mean this is all gonna. It's all in 2000 what he wants to do its dedicating yourself people don't realize the amount of time in Connecticut when he gets harder yes or harder to get our. Him and think about it for him to veto always battled to wait a little bit the last few years I mean. Maybe you want to just be able to enjoy your private south and not just having co Q. You know Rodney I just I just listen to the way that he talks and I think I think the way that he's been talking has that is the selling point for me he's talking more Olympic coach. Like a mentor. You still get the similar kinds of talks from new. The be giving praise to the opposing team. Talking about you know he's earned this he's learned that. The just talking like he's a father figure the team at this point time for the Miami Heat it's. It's more sounding like a secondary coach than it is a player or team may not. That that seals the deal for me that's the writing on the wall for me when I got sorts talking. Like he is. The one trying to teach the game as opposed to when trying to play the game he's he's not be that guy who goes out sitting on the end of the bench you know. Kevin Garnett played twenty years in the league he's going to be a first ballot hall Famer from the all time greats yet there's three points a game in his final year you know. All ears same thing last year he did that completely unnecessary and unwarranted retirement or. Last year the average three points a game. And and only here in 25 games in a funny you mystery like we think and do that at a German in mocking him the apple dessert I mean it's an ankle. Don't love you like Kobe. Like weeds not gonna do that man and at this his final year on out all points game 44% fuels. On a team that was why I made the playoffs. You know he he's gotten he's got nothing like he's he is not the lasting image is not going to be like you know. Is is not going to be you all who wish Willie Mays you know falling out of the batter's box. It's not going to be a guy who who was an all time great and you an awful lot yes Jerry Rice being caught by it was at the Seahawks. Trying to play another year. M it's like yes we will have the good modes and we got those good moments this year but this series is Mario Austin from some dude on the sixth and Marines who is that what point guard who is backing them up. Just blew by Dwyane Wade that's embarrassing policy analysts see that at the all time shot blocking guard. Online wanna see that. And that even want to celebrate. That guy on there with the guns. Goes right to point. It is stupid super cuts haircut. And a point on he does yeah. It's whatever man. What adds. Looks at the Pro Bowl on him and to skim the trim. He's blown by doing many fruit. I don't know it's easier McConnell sits and charities they they say what you like doesn't want the ball. Loves pebble blogs that border tomorrow. That I'd ports Dwyane Wade yesterday. Yeah. Yeah. The Fort Lauderdale air show made it may sixth the ocean bottom Fuller featured. For more info on its smaller hill air show dot com call number five in the contest point 786534. 079 he will say up there if you don't attacks on about my choice in it and soccer teams you know I I can't help woman voiced support. A year do you support again by man man city. Yeah Manchester City has not squander it I support them I'd bought tickets to be history now I've bought tickets at the priest L yesterday for the international champions cup. And hooligans section and no rule against section. It say you go buy tickets and the club seats sigh I was a club of course and you can buy tickets in and the supporters section on how would do that I'm I'm I'm I'm a man city guy. To visit us it's real so I bought the tickets and an ongoing but. One guy said to me while I tax it'd sit down that's in the states to bring my eight to bring my son because. After after the goals are scored guy I would be able to make out with other drunk chicks and man he scores yeah like you son with Myanmar. Not a good idea you don't always good omen. Teacher Mimi is teachers on the bank right out of dealing with. What's the word but we were interviewing Ambrose in the fall ones I'm with Romberg Ellis telling Romberg yeah Amber's pretty hot and my son went totally suits my life you can trust for weeks the police if she's out. You can't can't have hanging out with you man. Noonan yeah Berkeley street address you're gonna gradually do any wrong then and now he's a fix that a woman sitting directly. Look we can't help like I'd look at according to. Your father and son Tripp just expired your done. No more though. Texas writes as is gonna be open the radio area looking down eighty games now look at the floor Ronnie like I want to what they're talking about right now. Irons and those guys who. Not outrageous contracts he'd like four or five device payrolls as in a budget journey and for four year deals here duhawks saturating your seventeenth in the league in payroll. Or not. Borne not by their seventeen openly in payroll analyze contrast in -- Tyler I think that I feel the wind line drag everything that maybe can't move but he's gonna these other ones and not contract was a Contra access one has got jackets. Oh next year dead all I don't know rough I mean right now I'd seventeenth I I just it looked and no you don't look Angela group quicker and in front of me here. Next year the heat payroll as currently consume raw CAD is going to be at a hundred not a 119. Million. So I IE I don't have the raging there. But. This year there at one awaits. Next year will be 119 so it's either this gives us. Or the sweats. When he knows that Tyler Johnson put poison pills common. Not he's got a plan I think he's got a clock of in his office. Now I think we got a plan I think I I think they know what they wanted to do. Think that's all that is the one contract that they probably think it's. It's true very much trouble for. Give it I think the whole thing isn't that what sucks is now urging the accompaniment that has to go with. And we if you. Bass is two or three weeks ago did you think that justice Winslow was going to be staying. Or being accompanied or possibly being more meat on a contractor can be transferred. Do we said no way hell no and then you got to look at the guys like Hassan Whiteside or like while they're not going to be here anymore. Because they were zero contribution and and other guys like Tyler Johnson re going to be able to move that contract during Goran Dragic which was always been talked about as if to remove pattern not. But if you look at the way that this playoffs easily move guards contract right. Yeah we are trying to newswires oh well it's neat you'll you don't wanna build the Eden you'd he thought about euphoria and he's got a good contract. I think we learned a lot about a couple players this this this round tell you the truth a lot of foreseeing stuff. Mullah my my guess is we'll do a little bit more on this tomorrow but rob sued a lot of NFL draft tool will be able released. To get excited about some than Andy at first round draft tomorrow night's vote tomorrow law more about the players and within that Jeter interview last night. Proof where estimates and what you wanna get home I've sales busy you you last night take it as. This thing called on demand new feature and television. All leverage TV shows are available on want to back. Humble and so soft just Mozy as is so childless norm Derek you're asking for patience from a fan base that. As you've noted yourself. Com. Ever seen play out baseball a long time and there are no one can say is that a fair question it is a fair question. Wow. He can definitely gritty like of the stuff that everybody wants to know now he did he gets the nitty gritty that's why we have this and then somebody to do the job. His cousin. Bread double. Stumble yet now Brian Campbell Brett Gumbel got he's the shamed Gumbel is a bit of a decent. We thought turning to Bryant Gumbel was the person to turn to offer and hard hitting questions that's right not so Derek. Now I churn owner. You get more chicks as a player or as an owner actually reverse layup or after this interview just a weird to have your team meetings that Tutsis I don't know if my wife signed up for that but and after a long and I dove in air quotes meetings. What does your YC when you walk in the door. You come home and regardless of what happens at work. She smiles she's happy to see me as a test that's are so working booty pop in on hand stand. Does that stuff really go on in Manhattan have you ever seen any of that before there's a lot to learn and I and I enjoy learning. So you're sitting there you're in the top level at Tutsis your phone surge going off. She's texting you. What are you thinking at that point in time there's no exit strategy career so you're an eight rod city now will you and Alex ever hang out again. I wish I was a fortune teller. I wish I could tell the future Derrick I know you see how smoking hot. Do you wish that she was on your arm I do. I do all I gotta gotta call Alex right now until on the gonna steal this girl. Don't do that. Watch. That would be a lot better. Are hard hitting questions into the bottoms off it too gullible you'll are the real Gumbel. Got the black she be the real one. Not Greg not Bryant the black sheep brother correct. Texas are dead. Immelman went through Comerica scoop or Kenneth. You might have. You might pay my best interview yet until rugs. Say Brett we'd say that the very Jackson we serenity and ignores in positive news. All right. That's gonna do it for us today. Coming up next limits our show.