ZRA Part 3 5-15-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Tuesday, May 15th

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Talking about it. Water again. This new deal cleanup hitter busier than some spelled. Though that what are what is it would this guy and his. Always trying to you know put everybody stuff bomb blast whether it's like course and evaluation embers bill and stuff. Where butcher boy Bobby marks bin in the office when the Boston trees and all that's actually. Now gotten out about you know that was no my. That was well this is a move at all and I really let me ask you some you are the guy that brings up the worst stuff in every situation. Has yet he's amid a gay always how. How can I bring up the Boston Celtics then. Ways to outlook. Look this may be understand Bobby Marx was the assistant general manager. For Billy King in the broke Lance looking terrible him. Remarks was he assistant general manager. With the nets at the time that they need and one what ends up being one of the worst raids in the history of the NBA when they are these the Celtics traded Kevin Garnett. And Paul Pierce and Jason Terry to Brooklyn forward just saw a horde. Of unprotected. Draft picks and it's the reason why Boston is in the position they're in OK Amy. Danny Ainge at least Billy King very very badly very very badly. Billy do of course was fired on a mean sports. Am Bob remarks was assistant general manager to that. Team only had to do is talk about the Celtics today. Break out they're letting on then yeah debris like snow is live on the net more than. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. It's always have a good if somebody has. Is about the worst loss in your career what was that like. I was asking the question how they doing this with out country and then after the interview was over with east or astronomy under the bus the paradigm shift. But men annihilation why sheet making up my own stump right now I'm creating my own suck. Tell me it doesn't let it ridiculous Paramount ship doesn't work definitely does not work this dramatically this Leslie technically does not arguing and talking parrot show doesn't work. That's not. He would Paramount I don't like looking for saying I know you know I don't let my child you tried her clothes saying I and I got Heidi I don't beat in my room and I'm not I go to the root of my own drama and it never comes and nearest bills call for nearly one. These builders build yourself why there. Always go lend over listening what are we got Willard Ira and what I was going to be his calls on what it's like. So every time some things are coming into this we have viewers it's awesome facts. Dozens hits Amendola wrote the stone cold soda worse all of your career. Starting interviews like from now on yeah. It may want to talk about all those all those movies that flopped. Don't do it again all on god Agilent now. Coach Butch Davis art and you don't collect this. We're joined here by Johns Siena job. When you've got your heart broken by Nikki delegates. Was that for you. Or do you see doing. You feeling. Experience like Rio Perez struck here haven't had a lot of success through the book is not. Hey coach Tony what do lately many of us. You're not going to TV anymore aria. And there I know that's being stood just love doing gave the line. Coach of the year they get fired. Well as the ball was involved in the the snake pit that rattles in. And right eye when it thousand bucks accident or. Lemon is 72881. Of and it's a chance to win a thousand dollars as its its WTF. Wind thousands breed contest. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS FX HD true. ARAMARK. The Western Conference finals began last night if the warriors grabbed game one beating the Houston Rockets 1192106. Kevin Durant led the way but at 37. Klay Thompson had twenty points he was six of fifteen from three last night. I mean what what a huge difference it's and you're gonna see you tonight local bonds we amazing tonight Clinton went okay forty points or more he's gonna be Olson Clinton went. But you're gonna see if they got no shots if LeBron is not amazed because even sometimes when LeBron is amazing they still lose. They got no shot it will bronze on amazing and last night. I mean you know Doran grant was incredible. But in that debate because he's not then he is still got curry and you got Tom scene and you got a dream on green and I mean they're they're just there's so much going on that would that warriors team. Here's your rants after the game on being attacked. Mode when you're in attack mode what are you looking out Sebastien looking what are you looking to do. I'll decide their aggressive you know try to look to score. We've targeted as much as I was trying to be aggressive very Thomas those people are made up his lead to score but you know it's not a straight something and I'm better when I'm going to. He was he was so good last night's ia can't stop that midrange jumper. He backs it down and there were several times or Chris Paul was stuck on him OK Emmy you just get ya know shot. He's rise above seven feet all. He's seven feet two older aunts. Yet no chance and he just turns around that that that turn around mid range jumper enough they call it a trusting him or injury and I can't work when no longer. These are covered spinal magazines deny eight game two between the cavs in the Celtics tip south from TD garden at 8:30 PM what's off. Tips off on tips yeah man smack you Chris Bosh renewable us outward this. The Miami Marlins starting three game series to the LA Dodgers tonight is. Jenny I don't know is on the mound profession. Alex Larry woods first spent seven and BM. Earned a Judge Judy that the Marlins game because she's Bruce Sherman doesn't. And so when would it and Tobin said Judge Judy can get it. She could be years sugar Burma. Oh my god she could she ever. The Supreme Court overturned a federal ban on sports gambling with a 72 votes. Hell yeah. Let's go let's bet on every game every night. TMZ is reporting that Eagles running back. In a menacing and threatening manner please dies wraps tonight there's no. There's no explanation for her physically assaulting the oh there's the real explanation it's frivolous frivolous lawsuit. It's definitely not requests they denied it. Mobile bullet that case what he said he said at that point. Just like gays vs Jai who sell the truth when guys hold the trophy. Not sure that's the argument that. I think. Debate earlier as far as what makes up a family amber things and when you get married that's the stored about Stanley and gang and this is based off of us interpreting. John C not saying that he wants to marry Nikki bella still wants sort of stand with our. We interpreted that as a guy who originally didn't want trojans now it sounds like he wants and children his he's been very vocal always about not wanting children right amber sings at a family is when you get married Amber's also wrong. But here is here's a great people are married declare writing people who are married to don't have children still feel like they have. A Fam they're wrong but here's a great one by the Tex or okay look on the options when you select your health insurance one. Ewan spouse to UN children three family. Well then that actually would support my arguments at family is somehow different than children know against Andre didn't spouses. Spell out and I don't know the only sounds like children's also a separate option and I think that's next year right you don't Anna McCain mistress is is I don't think that I actually an accurate representation must insert policies that regardless of. That's right you don't need to spouse either you when a spouse you and your children which you know France's what I do. Or you and your entire family. Evidence of that saying that you children doesn't make the male no Ukrainian national doesn't make a family and Chris is an that there is ever category for say. We are reading it may. Should a spouse of the US cellular south you and children all or. I think a line. And forced children alone doesn't make a family which you guys are saying that during the as ambulance. Doesn't make a family and I got Tex Enron's use live insurance as you know spouse you have a child. You know Fam yes was Joseph multiple children it's Fam yes. A child doesn't make a family you are arguing that having a kid makes a failing. Note were ready insurers to spend all conversation. I do think. That people who do don't have children still very much Philip they have their place. I think you guys are in his wayward thinkers who think dogs department of I did I feel very strongly that if you have of course I I'm a I'm a pet owner I very much feel like I have an audio realized I come home to. But they didn't have family instance. They are Wilson's opening. There to support you if I will send it to us and don't support your family I don't understand the problem dogs are already a Stanley and don't meet a family. Also hoard of your theme what I'd need to my only getting me eighteen a family is is made up of of love in the sense of home I don't think. Even being legally married Meeks AM on the European exactly how to birth children have a family has. No you don't adopt adoption pounced. What's. New bu T inning nobody who doesn't have so if you just if you don't have children in life than you just have no family ever gonna have some sort what do you extended family. Course looks at him. You Brothers sisters aunts uncles cousins you family you can you have a family that you're not related to anyway legally. But there a year the only. If you if you if you are married and as you when a spouse. And then you invite people to come over your house say hey coming out there and Allentown and yelling you a lot of pocket and you invite people to come over your house. And coming out your family and then they come over and just you and your spouse that you'd like where's your risk of San. A. So Dell announced that he is making an and that may return against Tito Ortiz later this year just with the though it's like your neighbor John Jones. That's the patriots I don't beat my brother chuck Goodell after he got murdered not like when I'm like for shadowing it. You foreshadowed steadily gonna be the worst courier and. Run to arouse Siena will face needed jacks for raw women's championship. At money in the bank in Chicago. Goodman it's coming just you could match a gut of him goes. The united Jackson handled on them belts lets. It runs around does this match. It really it really stupid that she has this match she's every single match yet additional around The Who has the attacks was her finishing move the arm are small drop a move wasn't fake smile would drop yeah. Niger excuse about maybe merely by disqualification in Leona. I announcing the go ahead and she's really can't see. What may turn back. You never know. No George I don't know Ryan June doesn't give us like we got to Orlando great nick Anderson you're an united front when you're on the free throw line and you miss those. Most of the Texans are writing end. That fast and furious was a family. Who. So great in Jersey Shore. Coleman. They're handling. New home sales mailing. What else is interesting here. You should challenge on store to announce a co headlining comedy tour. Like this you don't like that one I don't rate I would like to go like this because. The headline is Dave Chappelle and Jon Stewart announced to the likes the show us that's all door to door. There you know there plainly to shows and music into shows an LA. It's war now that's two guys to being about opera unite us like Eminem and Jay z.'s like they're doing to chart a New York. It's horror there are scenes and so they spell. Roller cool equal or shows the hang out for a few nights that. It's like a soft open for restaurant. So it works. And rally Christopher Columbus high schools apologized. For bringing a really tiger to the jungle themed on. I heard the they have done things that happened yesterday and I know some of the parents explain what avenue I am so and so over the last weekend's Pryor and Chris. Christopher Columbus tied to its prom. And it was jungle theme and so they brought in performer Ers fired answers. And it's as some Samie animals and. Shooting AEA tiger and the tiger risen at a keen to know what other I'm very Smart kid to monkey. I know I believe it was a monkey that students were able to take pictures wind then and something out quickly are some back. And it's the tiger is a decades and is the problem was of course on social media. Is it like kids were. Were video and what was happening and the tiger was very very clearly agitated I saw Arianna. I'm out and it's out that had fired as as I mean that tiger is clearly in distress and it looks sad very very bad for the tiger. The students were not endangered the tiger was properly and in the it's cajun and hide its handlers around by. The tiger was very very clearly agitated wanting to escape the situation very scared. I don't care about tiger's but it's like it's it's not cool the video it's it's it's clearly not cool uncle I don't know why this school whatever thought this was a good idea I really funny I've heard earlier and they are you all are paying way too much for your kids and there was a mother and her mother and I'm on radio yesterday that is we almost won that when I was just a client saying what the amount of money in the two jobs that I work every day to try to pay for my son to go to private school if they wanna freaking safari at their prom and I'm paying for them put the safari athletes aren't as. Her and there was like there was awesome parents I mean I saw another mother who was all over the news last couple days who's a mother at that school who was not happy not there's nothing like this she does at this time. The very about lesson to kids added that there is a lack of and eat that was being shown for the tiger that she was concerned about. Obviously the safety of of the kids being in close proximity to wild animals but it. More than that she was concerned for the tiger to outright fired a setting it higher looked very very distressed she thought that that was showing the kids like it a lack of empathy for animals and she didn't like I'm Massa I don't know if this came like element or it's gonna rally toga. I don't know if this came from Barnum and Bailey but nobody's ever since Harlem Barnum and Bailey closed down it's an extra circus stores. You could actually rent to these animals for your private parties as well so my weather channel and haven't trapped in this small each man I'm more. The wellbeing of the tiger yes I'm not I don't know what I am also worried about that really. Cool student that thinks it's going to be fun to go apparent try to edit or sickest arm through their. And many handlers around there was handlers around. There was handlers are our guy I mean there is a lesbian ball around like you know so obvious to you that's gonna run and you're right edit your right I got because the you know I mean kids dumb enough to do that you know what you knew it was a survival of the fittest you lose like why would it why would you do that. On the front wall of the. I hi all I know I got to shoot the tiger because he's gonna go kill members you wanna go we tide pods you wanna go put your arm on the burner on this public and Cora pat. Addicts are writes we're gonna weed out. Don't know eat out aren't they yeah okay. We're gonna weed out the stupid okay with that. With. Another hit the Truman the tiger. Almighty I don't care about tigers but it's it's the video's not cool. Are you any else doesn't. Our house voted not enjoyed from the game last night. It was an average is his supporters say it and it's it's. An upcoming game concert and a great and it corners. Mighty technology pointing to local south flawed technology company has been on line at a court escort dot com sponsor a lot of Debian Debian emerald mines. And brought to you by your insurance attorney Andy Lopez called the real 5800 Irma. Dan thanks for joining us Emery know how was Evan your career at six to seven the jaguars. So before the end of the shows today we have a pair of tickets to say yet to see Sebastian menace gal go I've seen a couple times and the hotter comics around right now really funny. And that goes on same old this Friday at 10 AM live nation dot com he's going to be the BB&T center on December 27. But before the end of the shows within the next 25 minutes we will all you duke you to call so make sure you listening if you wanna get those tickets for Sebastian mask Alco. So last house fired at the game a SATA told the Osmond stay up this matter is not a clock. It was it was a really good game again that I never on the second half at least was in doubts for Golden State's. Always felt like they were in control and it went just the intensity level from the stork some in the crowd was so into it you can tell these teams cool. Don't exactly have a history OK we get deals like a rivalry and there's no real history there. Between these scenes meaning got some good side stories with. The rants vs hardy and two teammates which by the way how brutal is that for Oklahoma City fans to watch okay. Yet here according to win the MVP this year so you you had a so you'll. And BP's actually 3M VPs because EU got Westbrook OK. Three NDP's. You didn't know winning with the re MVPs. And you're watching Durant and Harden battled out wallet you're stuck with Connell Anthony. I mean that's Sox who dat Sox. That's that national Rauf watch if your thunder fan. It's been about about remarks and the Russell has produced terrible Romberg. Yet and I don't like that I'm I'm I'm looking forward to seeing what it's gonna happen now going forward with these seals do what he. Sees you all are terrible you know we. Writes me if you've got thirty million dollars in you're not winning like that. Leg what are what are you don't like most easier or terrible but I just don't get why. Just I don't know you know who you know I love me some Russell Westbrook right so. The only thing is I just don't understand. How organizations. Can draft and be part of the superstars. That they had all 11 roster. But just not accomplished anything and continually lose those suits who we're talking Oklahoma City over and yeah over and over and over again the whole thing is the important thing is not exactly fear because if you go with the team for three years and he lets us. Man he wasn't he wasn't the same hard and that are seeing today he wanted to do attorney into the guy that he is today. Playing third fatal to west Bergen drama never would have OK so. I don't know that it's completely okay lasers or another like would you say this could be the clay Thompson. Of the warriors look at placed obstacles to get more than previous who don't look at guys yeah winning that's my point right Howard how was one organization able to keep guys together make things work and one. Basically. It was probably one of what eventually not a Horton wanna turn into an MVP. But the he's okay they have what movie is an important so I didn't have any as they still had a hard Westbrook and Durant do you think they would be the superstar is there would be their home state right now I think they would of eventually want something yes. I I think that it the rants and hearted to block too don't look at him. I think that's right I think they would of a vet and they have Stephen Adams. That was she comes there before or not I don't remember. Date I think it would have eventually. Once something yes I think that would have. I miss Oklahoma City. I have something to do and it. Up at summon and it as slight disadvantage in terms hanging on to people nobody told you re all lesson we've really crazy trade him but haven't granted. I don't know I would have I don't know I would categorize in the west for deal though as bad deal just because. They're not winning championships offer that it is here in a market like Oklahoma City. Aren't you trying to draw. And I mean certainly you are drawing from the get. Did any president does well then you're talking about the viability of a franchise and and I think it's adding it's yet highly guy I understand we do when there and yet you can't slow more okay because you're gonna unit fall into the gutter and and you franchise has been go bankrupt like dinosaurs and so I'm watching a much in the game last night OK and I gotta tie the game was fun 'cause he seems like each other. And it was in tents and it's also the NBA championship. Like let's be missed by. I'm watched that game less than a man I don't. There's such a stark difference between Houston and Golden State and every one season it's okay you watching last night everyone sees it. Golden State's and they got the ball every guys touched the ball their pass and around warn there again the best shot possible. And on the other side of the floor it's hoarded dribble dribble dribble dribble dribble off shot clock to three I'd step back fatally three point. All four other guys are standing in the corner here the corner there the wing here the wind at all watch it hard and dribble dribble dribble dribble step back three that's the entire alt salt all your turn Chris ball okay your turn. Dribble dribble dribble spot up let's shoot a jumper all the rubble that's there in higher all fans is the myself. And jeans horn three pointers which impossible to guard to. But there's such a stork different you know one team which is drivel that was shot clock tripled on the shot clock let's shut up the three and the other team makes it look so. Have you saw one you could see it it's either the certain. Instances of one on one or you know yet Harden on the top with with with Corey guarding him and he blew past. Multiple times bloop he's great he's great Chris Paul same situation more than one below one as I don't you're like oh my god he just worked him tandem the next series down records are there journal an up or put thrown it away or missing a wide open shot. So it's the consistency is not there is so much one on one that you independent the independent ability and going some local fool. Date they definitely have it meant they definitely haven't I I was I wish. But I never got to see a lot of the rockets though the issue in America to see hard and hurt us West Coast team so. I see that on December while men I you don't see that over here in the east you don't see guys can work like that with handles like guys that dribbled a basketball and blow past guys that are the best in the world that Saturday and revered over here in the east you know it's it's crazy. It's physical it's it's it's all its own watch it so homage Harding dribbling at the top of the circle and four guys Washington. And it and it just doesn't do for me. Yes I do you know I had Tony Kallis and I hoarding and particularly brutal watch but but their offense altogether so often. It's just watching him how on the ball pound the ball pound bull and the other end of oracle stately it's beautiful basketball. It's cutting that's pat. Six core talked about the talked of as a pregame last night received Kirk. The barometer for them for good offense is 6300. Passes a game stand how many times passing basketball that is three. Hundred. Passes a game. It's sold much ball movement 300 passes. And and use it it's it's so much isolation and there are high octane offense because a lot of guys who can shoot threes and they got a guys and in the NDP. So they're going to be a great often they get to rest they got to statistically you all the dribbled hard to shoot jumpers all the dribble. And statistically hoarded McChrystal might be the best in the entire league at that. It's really difficult to what they deal. But it's it's not fun offense to meet like you might be its is that what to wash your digits dribble dribble dribble. Shot clocks went down I let me to step back which the release that well. I don't hate it. I don't immediately you don't. But while Abbas want post recruit I'd like that Michael idea like that but after three quarters of watching her after after at least. A quarter and a half watching failure of miss shots in bad passes in turn oversight that kind of got tired of it and sang okay here we go what were the team that. New local state doesn't so much more enjoyable to me. Aides aides also people criticize and state does. What does a good on some people do it well and particularly the arcade these rival hasn't evidently Golden State's reliance on the peso hit it like Seth Curry's game. What I got it wasn't physical enough. It was so new okay what they were doing and where we're just gonna Wear and should haunt us threes in Michigan from 678 feet behind the three point. And I don't love that style play either I prefer the Eastern Conference that grinds it Alley guy I'd. I dig the low scoring games but. Elise when Golden State is chuck you know balled threes I mean they move the ball in their find in the open man. And that's not what Houston is doing. And I I don't think this is a long series reality game Houston had to get last night. And all man as a kind of feel like the sky is falling Colmes they went scheme to use him bounce back game two. But. It's in the sky is more like that's pretty tight crowd in Houston it go see it gets on runs early in that went. They see how hard and plays in game two is very good yesterday. The first nine points I think it was on to gain for. Houston he was great early on he was great all night. But it's to be really easy horn and Paul in particular. Both what pour playoff resume is how they perform any game they obviously have to win you can say game one was a muscle and it. Smaller guy is really a must win for Houston. It's going to be really interesting because the entire season won't we don't for 82 games if they go down 02 to Golden State Lloyd on. Tonight a must win for Cleveland's. Those. I. Most women series and started it's so I mean he. Us the most home yet this season and I are gonna run out. I think only of oddly one win on the road. They can win any in the first round in the second round they must've won him awesome one on the road right blew through Syria. Yes there you go. Anyone wanna room the second round. So they they are not very good on the route. That's why that's why not a must win tonight for clearly it's an old game. Expect Cleveland tonight as well. I wanna do that legalization damning island and how did a lot this is an online form eventually as well go ahead without us. Selling goods pulpit apple. You don't Eagles that whole rig now I know their apps you know right now you do it it's a thousand. The Eagles you'll whole rigmarole again proved analyst overseas nonsense it's a pain in the ass okay it is it's a pain in the ass. He knows real regulation legacy of no real recourse. When is legalized through the states. Then you'll have on some resource Nissan. Go properly Korea. Deseret is that as a moral thing some people believe gambling is more greats on it's you shouldn't do think some moral wonderful. It is like why do what what it you'll Madonna can't can't do it does because you think it's don't. One has always. The conversation a slush particularly in this country don't eat out. Is whether your moral fabric should be placed on the other not. You think sex marriage want it to me you think god drinking more critical to. Except for you know you do not understand that the the idea behind essentially all of our allies and you could argue that they all start from a base of morality rate likened the murders illegal because we find it morally reprehensible. What about a father and not taking money from paparazzi. We're trying hundreds suit for the wedding if I'm at a moral what's that about make a Merkel doesn't knock on the winning because he's afraid of shaming the queen the monarch. And her kids. And we'll seeming his daughter now because there's the big controversy surrounding from our weddings as well picking his picture getting ready for the wedding. So he so ashamed of himself now that he said he's not going to the wedding because it is one embarrassment so Florida. Where the monarch. Become a big impaired mega markets family has become an embarrassment and alert embarrassment girls she has some of family members who you are in part to involved with the press you also had not been invited she is like family members in an invite to the wedding who act groups are showing up anyways. For the custody well there in London. So there this weekend and yeah. Windsor Castle too it's not getting married in the happier and it's at once or pass it this weekend. It's this weekend on Saturday believe it's salmon AM eastern time for a macedon to mind right. Idiom I'm a slick slower ram my time. You've become and I'll have to stay up on to say up to watch the royal pains me me and out burger. On your bread Amy I'm excited about this row winning ones are just now I'm jealous Renault announced. Burger phenomenal just running and never had an operator and in California. A modest so many times the sudden the biggest only hints. Go in and out. Burger. The burger. Let it's archer an ax.