ZRA Part 3 5-16-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Wednesday, May 16th

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NBA conference finals tonight in game two of the west between Golden State Houston. That's right Yani and 79 in FM one a four point three HD student ticket our rights. We meant to get to this store or talk to George tadano and about forty minutes from now on. We are it's what we call fame induction coming up in a little bit as well plus informants from now. You will be 1000 dollars in tickets WTF win thousands three contest. Well we try to get to a story. Like two hours ago. Gutsy incredibly overshadowed by the fact that Robert announcer less. That he's having their daughter waits. Came out of the blue and oh yeah no we did a lot of the announcement was coming to an announcer like we'll we just kind of stumbled on to get so distracted by that but I'm Robert Ellis played so he's our notice. Such a better story cases because it's a sort of life. And love eating the birth of his daughters about her story has. This pregnancy also a story that's got a yes to because. So old Romberg is having a bonus baby OK it's much more you know he. She is a wanna be remembered as a mistake all right so we call it bonus baby right and it's another girl that is have been he's had jokes and Romberg he's having another one OK girls he's Evan a third girl. Do toward the end of this year overly weak and of the month. Every month my house is going to be super Ross went super Ross. What's it gonna be like in like a dozen years from now on and and the all sinking in or I mean let's let's talk about authorities report an act of war that all sing together that's real thing right. There won't be outlets are very real thank there'll be that many years of all of them thinking right because how much older is your oldest daughter now. She's from this war from this once a building or five years or so shall be will be there. So we almost on how we're. Emmitt you know should come home maybe during college break us and saying I guess she might still seeing just how their relationship just keeps on giving one and what a disaster by having free and happy to beautiful disaster. So we we've we've leading get around tool. Roberts adventure yesterday. As rob rob was annoyed and win the east peace got a promotion yesterday okay. Es I can no longer say that he's assistance to the program director exits a big difference the big there's an assistant to the program director and assistant program director. But he officially became. Assistant program director yelled at 790 eon deprive sick or yeah double duty or won't she come true for him he's back at his home 56 he loves QA ams a dream come drill. And and he had a whole contract ceremony yesterday mean taken pictures and you told Aldana cleanly IE snacks contract yeah oh yeah. Although feel like that definition of Max contract here's quite different from what your Renton MBA. And and so beast he he got a little promotion and and and Robert found that to be very annoying. Race is now Romberg spots yes yet zone on and billions yen and he's due to rattle out of brass are not bought QB you can I don't think the. Hierarchy goes beast and then rhymes with Golan. Why you think you don't have a ball I don't have a bust your coach was your balls. Markets and football. Right knee is your cuts here and now open as long as I'm not getting game paid millions of dollars I don't have a boss that. Is not even logical I'm dude I'm I'm the boss. We stumbled on the announcement this morning at around 630 we stumbled on the announcement of rom Berg's Romberg whites being pregnant. Because is Romberg was claiming he doesn't have a boss and his eyes how we asked how many balls does look how many ask how many bosses you have in your own home because he cited to we got two daughters. And now we've learned that he has three daughters as you got one on the way he's got the white. In he's got the mother in law. Offset lower routes so greater access to come and have five women barking at me barking at three weddings. All in in the spirit several years I don't know Arthurs is up early look drummer you may wanna get your life to text in right now Tex in the ward field because you could use the money RA right now WTF win thousands free. That's the contest right now Tex norte field. To 72881. That don't want ran out okay it actually has got the next out to national contest message in Daryn it's may apply don't text and drive. Speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS SS HD true. ARAMARK. So so Romberg was annoyed at the beast thing yesterday but there was also something else that Romberg was annoyed with yesterday. Yes so you know I'm I like to go on. Sales calls for like a lot of like in the commercial break you can hear me talk of a certain companies. I like to get really intimate with the companies that I am a mom helping out representing or or adding four. So I normally like to go and meet everybody at that the sales good spokesman yeah I've I've I need to go and figured out because I wanna I don't wanna commit to a must from getting involved and it's so. But an hour before my meeting. I get an email from one of the account executives copied. To the gentleman that we were meeting with in the company that we were meeting with. But it was a sound Claus stories so goes so I couldn't figure was going on but then I read the description of the sound cloud it's it's audio clip it's an audio clip so I pressed play and I hear this 2724. Square kick just pulled down on it or whatever. No they're gonna travel rule has to the other side of the field this never works public portal there. Which is attractive to want Jones and the Miami thirty delaying the inevitable. We can block just a backwards as many liberals knows there's pass interference penalties on a lesser. Bolton nobody is a doctor Johnson just gonna keep going with this. Plus a black comes another pitch another has at the back to the plumbers Obama and goal line telescope looking for a walk that's one. Definitely not a blocking a black people across the parity. Did an elder they're legal block. The authority had an older housing bubble are still mobile and other TV no authority to. I don't know. Who did not want to do. They. It didn't look right. At this and this. Thing or they could. And in the email it says special guest today. About a half an hour so it's a salesperson is saying that there's going to be so you autos could be used sales guy potentially client and and now you're being told is going to be a special guest that has to do with that clip best clips on the slate wedeman in my grinds on here. And Mike Bryan is. Is that is the person is speaking obviously mocking of mocking dosing Jackie he's an incredible Jozy Jackie impression your religious and that's a good impression mine you know work on forty arena because there are a girl's early. On there since he's so it's Mike Bryan during Jose act team Preston and Mike Ryan is currently on eleven to urge show as a receiving a Seaman. Yes so you need great. Yeah Mike rod is an immigrant you know some. I mean you might diners you know we're doing its thing via the cool. And now that I think that with all of the times that we've talked about. Me and Jozy and the way that he. Basically stab me in the back when asked them to do favor. And when I was ensure that Jozy got he knows Robin likes although we got to assume based on how Romberg had been very transparent in the dislike does Yankee. But if he hasn't heard it himself someone has holt and you got a 100% you've got no doubt it's the circle as small and is as small as a city is. No doubt that you really don't like him this oddities. I mean he had. Her claim Diaz Jozy Duma fever but really. Romberg part a demand apparently at and Jozy because when Jozy declined to which are declining do a favor for somebody it's normally okay. Am so into Roberts treating it like Jozy decline in order it was and asking for kidney. A disaster in the do mean solid and then you also Ted you'll also remember Jersey's greatest moment as a professional robbery had a very large hand in and there's that the plays a role as well. So. Twenty minutes into the interview. I all of a sudden see Joseph Z start walking into the group is walks in. And in how did you ask the sales guy hey will what's going on it for what when you when you read the email do you say hey Laker who's the special guests not. Now the thing is this particular salesperson is is. He's bit of 560. Salesperson because now of course were all murdered so the 79. 79 beaten the it would stand to reason that the 560 sales people haven't been listening to our morning show up. All these years now. Because of course wouldn't they be listening to Joseph rose's morning now Alan Jones powerless and innocent that's true under the got a separate problem that is actually a fact it once or Seles dollars in US but regardless of that. Really the ones at I sixty do you actually listened to by sixty from what I understand. But it would stand to reason they'd be listening to Joseph rugs they may not know that you have this. Issue though not probably has no respect and now there's no reason for that for there's absolutely zero reason for this particular salesperson to now says Jackie walks in what happens I do I was trying to figure what the Angolans are. Why is why it's either. What's the angle to impress. And I impressed acquire. That's because it only want declined to like beyond like hurricanes broadcasters on and on as well it was what do you do my big hurricanes and Mike Moore. Made it neighboring and Robert and they bring in Jersey when gentleman's from Brussels he did dynamic do economy but again he actually so sick act heat that's on board says Jackie walks in okay. And he's got to say hello everyone in the room. Sizzle what are you ride in answer is awkward at eight DEC east and now. Pulled it decreased eons ago it is and you denied him writes it is set high. I give the salute. Well that's eighties given that the two fingers off the bra off the crowd salutes to look up and who I don't know like contact. Right now now were you able to tell one way or the other eighteen if he felt all court as well do. It. It was awkward. Palestinian Taylor the other announces I'm hearing passed out there everything went down two of the more awkward. Adjusted to a USANA the older and the eighty al-Qaeda and has to offer you not saying anything to each other to. Three daughters was to soften your mind. Let me ask you some and need to learn to love now he has his ads and he has some than it was in your situation there. Likely would have handled it exact same way to you do it out of it on comparable. I would have done no talking I would not address the scenario. You would be situation begin with Kobe that you have some random grudge against somebody who. Doesn't just favor. Israel. Like I got I don't care for him and I would not wanna be and a sales called him an out handled exactly the same way the Rama just handled like I would hit the scene where or when I went talk I don't mean to do with the bucks bucks. Robert a big game. Okay and was waiting until the moments that he sees just got to get. What you saw yesterday in San. That told them that. We're gonna Sarah primer to. It's not gonna fight and thinking is about yeah you'd you'd definitely will want to say something that's for sure all our. Well I attempt to clean up the signal that. The main uses rabbits and have periodic. Any different and you OK but I feel like it if we had a conversation two days ago. If you proceed Joe's exactly Anita season two on your answer would have been defiantly yet supports a Mittal the ball. And is enough mr. The same thing you'd it. But it really we ask you drier than yesterday more confrontational. I all I I think you think you would have been more confrontation. They. Or maybe take into account that we're trying to score. Beat Utah can't you I think I've probably had my business. If that meant so outing at the scene we did. A surprise that human in the public arena and fight between you and just attacking. Let's get to listen to Internet have been hurt hurt like would you regret not sing and I think. No knock our our little com. But I did obviously in the meet controller shape that I've ever partners or whatever you call them now as you know me mama. What he would use an athlete. Want to cut what's a competitor it was competitor. In the mine there's no there's no family when it comes with the way I feel about certain but that's. Gotta be awkward for ourselves out because there are probably some of these clients now trying to get them to advertise on what plus. Since there's nothing and then move Romberg goes in and pour ice slide 68. And passionate sports or 79. I think that I think what gets told us in terms about our feedback on our show is totally different that what it's told to. The sales team for the people over at. CBS or whatever that nobody knows outside her home. That we are the number one Sports Radio show this year I am I mean they're very apparent that is that is repaired area where you know when he noticed that is suited. I said yeah you got one that you know future geriatric patient and you don't wanna give up because security you know not now handled the whole god and a all the if you can't move to get up to change it then you have perfect pick that would stir I think the odds would you want the people let's spend the money DT two to five and yet. Home run. It's Auburn's final last night the Celtics handled the cats won a seven and nine before. Jalen brown whether it's money three points and Al Horford does America fifteen points ten rebounds that it is. 42 points twelve assists and ten rebounds yesterday but it was not enough. Dare Smith given 27 minutes also gave him zero points. You what you don't regret. Not giving Joe's again key museum mind you don't regret that right now. Jordan Clarkson was a DNP coaches decision Sarah feel like I'm a methodical kind of guy like you know I read our earlier than George Butler movie. With the law abiding is all part of a grander scheme always talk a lot of birdies and something has date because he spent years and all of his fortune. Buying property all you do more to. To methodically. Planned to cross courts union three daughters common. LeBron James went to the locker room briefly in the second quarter rental so topic because I want to spend it all before they get bad second have a decent heat and so there to the job he scored 21 points in the first quarter LeBron that. Is game two of the Western Conference finals between the warriors and the rockets to buffer to read a Saturn. Is set for 9 PM. Shana digest a big news day today is that it's it is it is a whopper Romberg is having another baby. Robbery he's also mad that beast is his boss not just another baby daughter Robert finally ran into Jozy Jackie did nothing about it. Though very big news today. Surly as. The Marlins doubled up on the Dodgers for detail rail meets it was three for four or an RBI double its hit the honest attendant. Stamps. Time to find out how many people went to the Marlins game yesterday. Which honest attendance. Yesterday's attendance was 6242. Really packed the place didn't. Johnson confirmed to the Palm Beach post that by next year have a full senate seat. Georgia same as my sperm count my beehive. But I was captured a long time ago as which time essentially building. I trust you know you said you got a bigger plan here when it comes Jozy gas yet I trust you trusted. You have any plans anymore. NBA draft lottery was yesterday the suns will have the number one pick in the NBA draft the kings have the second the hawks will have the third. The cavs ended up with the eighth pick Boston did not get a lottery pick for this draft will have on next year Billy gets to keep its take at ten and so. Where you worries you couldn't be more senators like Jim are you what you rooting for anything during the draft lottery yesterday. I was referred to end because I love the draft like I was the only thing I was really rooting for. Was for Cleve wins it not to jump into the top three because men I like it would have been projectile vomit for me. And Cleveland would of jumped into the top three. With that Brooklyn tech that was really the only thing that I was but I was rooting for also. I I'd like that Dallas Dallas was supposed to be number three in order held up. And they dropped to number five because they got jumped by two teams Atlanta and Sacramento. Al liked that because your member Mark Cuban was on record saying that they are tainting their losing gains on purpose as a result here's the fifth overall pick. Like that that that made me happy I liked that that Cuban outscored yesterday. Marc Stein reports of the raptors to be looking to trade the Marta rose in the summer. I'm playing quietly explain option last summer as well. Warriors vs rockets game one was the highest rated game one and TNT history it's there are adamant. While. Newton. Like fur even. All they never the finals so I guess the most important games ever get a conference finals of the highest rated team. One in team history and its highest of any Western Conference finals game one broadcast since 2002. On an kings tells a very big deal later in 2002. Bomb wow that's very impressive look this intelligence it's NBA championship this this is the championship. Team to get the ship tonight. Alex Rodriguez's. Is getting his own interview style talk show with the SPS and love they write everyone loves you rod love a lot more but even brighter outlook in real life. A winning late tech guy. And it somehow Matt has version and squeezes when's that show as well that. And a study has shown that it's men lose in dressed in sex for women when a long term relationship. This. The body again talks. Next the big Newsday continues. The moment has arrived right if you Rhode nominated one of the ten. Finalists were told we called the game away look away. I just on the study and I mean enter up to the Roberts talking about how now that he has three daughters he's going to ensure that one of them gives their husbands. The Romberg last year and it is he doesn't have signs to carry on the name wrote secret is is not view but regardless. Study is suggesting that man with a lesson high school decree are the most likely to take their Weis last name. So you can make your dot com that's the sound. Legs got a B zero super ugly low IQ sounds like you might not have made it past middle school T want your daughter to marry someone who doesn't have a high school education and turner a support at that's a great plan that. Or OpenId or if you nominated one of the ten finalists are tool we call fame we're gonna find out next if you win the 500. Dollar gift certificates of Florida lumber. We have an induction ceremony. But you're not gonna wanna miss its next. According single window that's your chance we think it's an upcoming game concert another great event of course. Mining need technology partner and your local South Florida technology company visit them on line at a court escort dot com. Sponsor Lauderdale BMW of Pembroke Pines and brought you by. Your insurance attorney Anthony Lopez call 305800. Erma Liz and I don't go away when you say you Texan this just 67 nines and what a lousy impression my grind us and our. You're on your mind. Now it's real difficult route that that's an impression that's that that passed her impression now do. It. It's off to George to Donald about tennis analogies and MBA class with him and before the end of the show this morning. Give YouTube called where disable the pair of tickets to see Sebastien mask output BBT senator in December he's really funny when my fever comedian's going right now I've seen a couple times most recent months ago so. You don't want to miss that lead to acute call the next job within the next half hour. But times com is a very big deal. We are about to win docked. The newest member to tool the week hall of fame herbs now we have you don't be nervous he picked and so we have ten and finalists okay here here's the class and you're okay and committee of one we had that ten finalists okay. All these people nominees files 150 dollar gift cards plumber but the widower. 500. Dollar gift card which Robert it probably use build that new bedroom he's gonna need for a new baby new pre and house so addition. Here are the ten nominees. We had Bill Simmons is. Full low Ida. Josh McRoberts. On the row seat Michael will honored nick Satan and the ones built ourselves. Rob may have bread and Stephen A Smith. And from Jonathan. Pretty good case. And as well is it just a good good case of the was given an honorary mayor asked. Ultimately rubbed his last 48 hours yesterday that's right. He's making a push at the stupid affected. So those all or at the ten nominees Qaeda drum roll here as I announced who we are out to win dots. The next tool of the week hall of Famer nominated by no Paul Smith he wins of my budget target card to Florida lumber. The newest member of the tool of the week hall of fame joining Bryant win doors Heath Bell. And Jeffrey Loria hanging from the rafters might there. Underwear. Is none other than Michael will not. Linux is great pool to help teams understand the US RI tool. And analytics I'm not saying it all comes in a lot of big. Joseph close the old John. If I can talk his way to go about it reasonable if problems that come back and I'm not I got good stuff to do you don't want people hate the heat is not complete LeBron people like you guys. Because you feel stupid about fifteen bit about what's basketball needs to be funny. Wife Demi don't don't have me on average. What you're telling the story better don't you guys have been completely disingenuous now about the level of superstar. He had hair he hooked up live we got the Miami. Burris just don't move. There's a little run for years that you like this story better good it's out of mind you after LeBron for years and you're happier now because the somewhere around. Michael he chose them to your goal in the draw. I'm done here so I'm not okay let's switch argument feet short article I wouldn't nobody showed Michael he drew close to overweight and Michael. All Michael he chose those two I really love overweight abolish. It happened. Put its age and where it's clear what they can beat down the line. Michael just adored the Lawrence O'Brien trophy as Joseph Robbie pro player dull the he was somewhat stadium it's been a self. The Miami I don't think will be in support of liberal have a awarded to be here as early in the second quarter. And the other half will be gone with quick committed to play my game even if it's a tie game and I think they'll be back to Miami says they won't even over the gates. They wanted to be sure they are the games after the cannot wait I don't even get you back your battles won't always know how that. Worst sports market in America empty seats bring heat at the worst going head that you. It. Error and does my outlook on. New cast member is in them afterwards. This hall of Famer how much he'd mind and political favor. Raptors did McNamee might well on that one day you bastards. Heath Bell. Brian we endorsed Jeffrey Loria give that it and Michael well on the newest member. Of the tool of the week whole theme that is forever okay. Another sad because Kim Jong-un has really made a pledge see Robin mentioned the is the last 48 hours he's been all over the news didn't do enough in order to try to get into the told the week hall of fame he's now saying he's threatening not to meet with our president you know not getting rid of new X. You know though it's not about what have you done for me lately it's not the entire body of war room okay. And east into an off threatening nuclear war not enough so Michael will on insulting Miami fans know that is enough. What senate chamber. Enshrined forever. In the tool we called him and he can't tell me. That these guys who were in the tool all but two we call fame don't know. That there in the tool we call fame and they know he's now knows Jeffrey Loria knows. Bryant wins horse knows we know for a fact OK these guys they know. That they are in the tool that we call into call fame. Is is a national even international on the I don't wanna pat myself on the back come on hunters on shore but it's it's a national. Okay these guys know when they are inducted into the two all the week hall of fame so congratulations. Michael will bond is immortalized. And he's where he belongs. Right up there with Heath Bell Jeffrey Loria and Brian went totals are rhetoric by his underwear. They're Brothers as a brethren is Michael Willie ray will blown up. They present there. New induct you with a with a fresh pair of underwear to hang from yeah well you don't want a written in Al. So there hang out there from the rafters by their underwear. Michael will bond good for you he's a brief Iraq and now usually brief kind of guy I don't now. But it. He belongs there it's an honor that's well deserved and probably even long overdue so again congratulations to noble noble Smith he wins 500 dollar gift certificates of Florida lumber this has really. Michael Wilbon and noble Smith. Elegant name noble. Goal. You wanna see Saddam notes you receives a Donald thinks that the impression sounds like me Mike Ryan impression of the order you think your. Little bit oblivious to the accuracy of what's going on Coke and our it will talks and and the plants as well George is on next. I'd like hell out of time this line 786534079. You were gonna send you to see Sebastien Max out oh he's great. He's at the AT&T center on December 27 tickets on sale Friday get them at 10 AM at lied nation dot com right now caller number five. We're gonna send you its obedience he Saturn seed Sebastien manna scalp now are right let's talk to George to Don you mergers all right you know he has. Easily and there area and he's on the Ryan feels and downs as convenience stores gas and truly sets beyond convene Miami hasn't forgotten about. George we we just a very big moment on the show we inducted Michael will on as the fourth inductees into the toy all the week hall of fame. What what do you make it that you think it do you think that it's deserving if you think it's an honor that he'll be very proud of. I think you're very disrespectful. On your not respecting your elders. Michael Wolf lot of big killer. The journalistic community and you. As low particularly our rabble route that you are. I ESPN paycheck socket yeah. No matter how I I'm the one who votes okay which he was nominated and then the committee which a committee of one. The committee then inducted him into the hall of fame assuming that it's my doing a but it is not so OK there's a process here George opens. You sound like LeBron at the end of the season when they get eliminated and you know he's gonna sit there and talk about how he doesn't have an upheld. And that way I believe I you're gonna blame everyone else when really you are the core of the problem was last night. The perfect. Explanation as to why LeBron is leading cavaliers next month. Oh my god yeah I mean we've seen this thing well he didn't write like doing this thing would approve group bladder out there in Cleveland. You know Kevin Love. At this stage of his career at least playing what LeBron. On you not even close to being the same guy he was a year or two ago it's just strange out and I don't injuries have played a factor but it's strange how. Much he's regressed playing with the bride and the port is right. Everyone made Chris Bosh when Chris Bosh said hey man stop the it would run that that'd be viewed you'd think. Gonna be a lot harder than you paint. Everyone acknowledges. It's as sour grapes he didn't know what he's talking about Gotti Gotti got will look here's Kevin Love when you look at the roster right. They can't get enough for Erie clearly. Have to trade fiery clearly. And a lot of LeBron and so I had great LeBron is added good he can make guys most of the time. On the court you know but it may guys around him on the court better most of the time. Men like he. Self destructs a giant and a lot of weight because of his lack of commitment and his unwillingness to work the franchise and this is the culmination of all of that. Now I I understand you know give Cleveland credit for trying to do some and the trade deadline they had to do some good teams and a bad way to get a bunch of guys who were given an absolutely nothing and they got rid of them. But you know we we we can look back now when give a grade to that trade OK and we look at Rodney hood. And we look at jordin Clarkson and we look at George Hill and we look like Nancy it's like George that attribute to that I. No question. When Larry did a Doreen Clark and Los Angeles. Beat those guys so it's almost cried every day but all eight players. They're not even great players are good players on a young team that wasn't going to be I wonder there's no way in hell they were gonna help Brian. I mean Jordan margin in a warm and Mario Chalmers and Larry and in big player who. We give you a little bit energy here and there are occasionally but never have a real skill set. In the NBA outside of okay he hustles right like I guess they're going to play two guys. Are sort of make an impact. I'm at and you talk to add were clearly better without Rodney hood out of that. They've codes were rooting go bears' injury but if you just look at the totality of what he would air. Didn't make sense. This rookie GM and Kobe Altman in Cleveland making the decision. And you're right. I did that any debt that deputy at the time bomb people over exaggerated their impact two biggest. You know we do this bidding war oh after two games like god it's the greatest thing and clearly what that you got what you have to give it representative sample size. And you look at the represented examples iturbide guy's career this is more representative of who they are. So George being out there in West Coast you get to see what's going on Golden State and how all these superstars superstars. Can basically gel together overseeing samples everywhere else throughout the country you're seeing what's going on in okay see Russell Westbrook superstar. Nobody can play with a quiet Leonard doesn't want any part of the spurs' organization or his teammates anymore and now LeBron is falling into the same category so what way is the NBA gonna go now in terms of paying these Macs superstar contract. And trying to build these teams when you have. A formula established renowned gold state. Because and what Golden State as you are going to try to find a way to build a super team now. There's a cap restrictions. And not everyone's going to be willing to take less like they did in Miami and numbered years ago and obviously what Iran did. Golden State a big model is. It basically. He would Boston it's okay basically broke off. And Billy game. I just gave them. Talk to explore a broken down Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce so there's some involved. On those and use your cap space on the right players and even seen players but he required either. Via trade or with cap state. The way up the bill franchise or you go the other with Billy in your tank and you write and some guys. I'm a Bill Young core if you build young core you are never going to win. In the war. They are young core with step enclave particularly you know dream and develop later Mark Jackson was gone and then they did Kevin Kevin or haven't or excuse me. Com after the Alec you build or a young core augment the free agency to do it no different than the NFL right now. Already we had yours on your resolve when he wanted to give me some thoughts here on on tonight on rockets and warriors Chris. I don't know what you felt go into this series I felt though that this is going to be a short series that Golden State's been rolled MI obviously still feel that way after just one game. And you know I look at the difference between these two teams in game number one and you got the rockets with iso ball. You've got Golden State displays beautiful basketball or Steve Kerr wants 300 passes OK any game. Anyone can be the guy who scores over the air and on the rockets' side you know old iso ball when he gets to. Great iso players OK in hoarding and Paul. Iso Baltimore fantastic over 82 games mostly against inferior competition. And when you play in the Warner's every single nights we got a chance to be some thoughts. Yeah that's it I would you ordered percent and here's the crazy part. So during the regular seed in the rocket averaged 22 isolation plays a game you know on average about. You know 8590 possession game for the most part. On which. Beat the junk right at 20% of your place. In game wore on good morning. I'd isolation placed. Warriors forced them into it on they basically say okay. More regard you're great isolation players what I want a switch and everything much like the rockets which and everything on defense which by the way the wars all sorts of its during the regular seed and so speed guard Mike Brown. But rocket it to playbook and get Bellic. We don't know is you know you guys nobody audience that though. It's part of brightly tree defensively it's it's schemes are very similar to what he had done in the past. It took a page out of a book and turned it against them they basically right. We're gonna guard your shooters and let you guys go on line. And I want what you guys going one on one more than you normally do because by the end of the game you're gonna be gaps. And that work there comfortably so great warriors are offensively. Deep and did leave where they won that game. Now George you're part of the Miami family for a very long time of course you're very familiar with our friend Jonathan is as low here you're awesome those familiar. Which might I. I don't work I don't know you heard Mike Ryan dude is as low impression that I would hate for you and then you have to rate this is is the latest one this is from yesterday isn't exiles and anyone says doesn't deny this sounds like him weaving this is dead on let's play free and get your thoughts. I'd like to hear what it would satellite give. Is as low was threatening me. Yeah to a foot putt. It's stupid to go to to appoint me on to its. A man. Of god. Tells us. This the same which with you face. It's a war could it be honest Georgia needle in a war. And you now need. To. And and. Oh some. And some merit is enough for you. When you see on television again George. Odd tonight und sport gender out the exports and I would deal Everett and amber Adam glutamate VH cup put them and you know maybe I'll discuss laurel Yani do while I'm there. Not gambled in that and that Internet I gambled that nonsense don't bring that over here okay you keep that yourself but that that's a Los Angeles Hollywood thing all right that's not for. Mean c'mon it's like you know what color dresses now bing bing now. Do not hear Laura Miller did you hear Yani. Yani I heard Arnie elder. It's obviously laurel hole to the ballots. Are. An honor to be dug. Simulated George. You know is talking about. I don't we are talking about I don't know what he's yeah you know it all over the Internet today lawyers and robot voice and it's. It's sad is either repeat some people are hearing that it says the word laurel and some people are hearing that says the word Yani apparently people here is different. Maureen who meets again bald and amass rights you know like dress that was either waiter Blair depending how you are that's the same sort of pact. I mean I didn't show Robert. This people talk Robert is that another baby girls alleged pregnancy have we learned that this morning and I'm her three three's a charm haven't another girl the reason char three little girls in the house. Pretty girls all within five years to reach out and coming up next letter touchdown.