ZRA Part 3 5-18-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Thursday, May 18th

LaVar Ball comments, Zaza gets sued


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. Slug date sports wise. Yeah especially at the basketball game as Pope. And last night the mass wall game was put butts. Butts. I do you think. He is he's likely gonna wind to be in second overall pick in the draft to Los Angeles Lakers. Will more ball was a guest yesterday on count caller's radio show couldn't tell you what channel it's on nobody in. But he was a guest on compounds radio show yesterday and is on office wan. He's been gets right is on Donner on your girls town but he's been all over ESPN and he's been all correct that's one and and say they give them a platform and and finally. Violates this let's not pretend it's okay. FS one a got exactly what they want they got little more ball to and Elise. Perceived or at least who have said something stupid. And now a big talk about stupid being with the extensive stain. And that'll carry us for another few days they're all over social media it's exactly the kind of attention that fox once in the at this one loves that that is a gift from god. Okay is far is that this one is concerned that that does the the stupid thing was said to. On on their air that's why they keypad more OK hoping to eventually get to save stupid thing. So are we played clips are we able played a clip all right well here's what's in question here I know Rahm wants talk about it. I've I've a feeling I'm not feel strongly about is you don't want you. But. So this is this Islam more bowl video match set the scene for you if you don't know what that studio looks like what that. Radio studio looks like so awkward young cop Colin sitting like honest the wrong to strangers sat. And and about fifteen feet below him is what I guess it's on couch and in about ten feet away from them yet and and about. Fifty feet behind the sting. It's it's a really hot and very strange these messenger doesn't start or deliver earnings back for get this far they send ravens NS and the rape and and like fifty feet behind the desk couch. Is the update girls okay beyond any scorer. And and that's and seemingly easy crack Lindsay sitting at a at a desk also sort of elevated. Yeah. Public really fought from the action really bar. It's a it's a weird set. So that that's got a visual what's going on here. So here is. You know which clip to playwright all right here's here's speed the moment in question now is make it all the headlines yesterday. But I guess there's different. Amounts how many stinging only when he went yeah. I'm probably one of my program every time she is the kind of answers Tuesday as she stood at muzzle puzzles to at least just yeah well and look. I said that I wouldn't Wear something goes callers at same thing all due respect your great report just not report. Well I think you an hour to have a successful company I have to have women who like your brand your loved ones come but anyways so I. Marketing consultant Bob Bullock. I'll say. Also a couple things real quick yearning we wouldn't dollars and all of what was controversial. Note can we get we get a little bit more is is there is there more that's worth playing here. Actually I don't think you can come into anything but snacks. Now laugh. That's a little harsh fiscal horse doesn't wanna be or is this what women and people for their best we choose to CNN about mentally just about to meet. I got told I'm in whereabouts are not keeping an and you look. We're not want to scare me to death. Assay double things I don't think it feels eye of the camera feels strongly that when. Number one. Do you Christine Beatty. Is gonna go on television and criticize him being a father and how he's a. Waves and we all have the sound steamy we don't have a son and our rate now we do have the sound of that -- it was a plane that is not what I know but Lavar references in there Morey says you sit in my son is afraid of me so easy recipes she was very tree she was very critical of of him and she did say that it looks like his sons are scared she said that when she speaks. Or when they speak a bid to bring lie and that made. Don't let it seems like he is scared she's speaking generally Kelly says five words or she's sort of implying that he raised his sons or. Leah I suppose I'll I'll I'll let you guys Ali as heavy say you know what I'm seized. On. Yeah I I think he's clearly offended with her. Saying that he's not being a good father or you know saying that he's treating asunder a certain way when maybe he feels that he's not like totally understand. His perspective from now America's look out chino and that's spots bomb. And and don't don't don't blog by the way parents is probably the deep weight he's look at it's like totally. Understands. Him not liking. And and the second part of it now the part that's getting a whole lot of attention. Is that the stain your lane which feels like the man says that's a woman it feels like go make me a sandwich. And I happened to not see it that way. I don't thinking that the guy who uses go mate may seem it's all the time and see how well I cannot see it in this spot that way I think what he's. He's doing there. He's saying that to her. Because she's a woman. The same as her as a her position on the Sao yes so it's interesting you say that because I also have wondered it now listen typically 99.9. Percent of the time when you tell a woman to stay in her lean it is a reference to her sax do you feel like as a woman she should be able to have a voice and that happens by the way all the time and it happened. Constantly. To those of you did that I don't think so but I will say that when I watched the clip. I also wonder if he's still would have sat it in the man had been sitting where she's sitting. Physically can't contributing on Collins snow in the manner in which she contributes because she has an extremely. Limited role not so now she is a much bigger role. On the platform that she was actually critical of him on and and she has a big role in some other act and it shows on campus want but on college cell. Which is what this was taking place on she's got a very very limited role on me she doesn't speak very often this Collins used obviously you never airshow and south but she's just there for updates and choke and she's not like me she's not a whole host of Collins on the cell. So I did wonder if even a man was sitting in that seat if he would have said if he really had a problem with the man senior lane in another words don't. Don't shine in where you're you know you're not you're not part of this conversation I'm having this conversation with a host of the show with the prize not carrying it out it's great I'm not having this conversation with a deeper is that it is true she doesn't normally timings in her everything I I have seen. Love the show which hasn't been that many times but I watched it enjoys on it quite a bit. And the update person tends to not be involved in the interviews that diet does tend to be just a Colin thank. So it's interesting you said that I I can see I could see how maybe that dot that was something he may have even said to Maine and he had a big problem with enough spots but it feels like as a woman it feels like any time you hear it I end. And in in fairness to Christine leahey. If you're in this business unit we probably can't become sensitive to it because we get it every. Weeping day in this business from people and you get it for year after year after year after year and I don't know her background and I'm sure she's been in this business for many years and sir she's had clawed her way out like the rest of us. Analyst at a very annoying is cool and current is likely to do is I'm Sergio how do you many things. So I can understand where maybe she would be a bit sensitive about it in the spot. Oh what highlight the rack they reaction that that I light was actually Jason whitlock sent I don't know we have any sound from wedlock. But he said. Later is they all address the incidents later. And whitlock sad that he actually didn't have any problem with Lavar ball saying that that making the joke about how all the you know the only thing he's focused on is. Is eating or whatever he said in the hot spot that you is a reference obviously two blocks weight and will I said listen. I've put myself into and that position I make fun of people on here I'm critical of yen on the parents if you come back it mean I'd get it in makes cents in and only in whitlock said was that he felt like the way he was treating Christine we he did feel like a consequence of her sacks and that's where whitlock. Found it uncomfortable but in terms of the fact that Lamar had actually personally gone after whitlock wit like your mind that because they have all been critical. And that's sort of how I feel about it we sit here remind these mites and where it's our job like it's her job to have opinions. And you give analysis and to give criticism nom. And to comment on people who we don't frankly know personally and so sometimes that can feel a bit odd in that spot pleasure your being highly critical of war example him as a parent he certainly eriksson's not only an innocent. He put himself in that position. At the end of the day he's put himself a lot of it also lend as much as possible. In he's put his son and the and the limelight so he certainly fair game for it to be to be spoken about on Matt Schaub does. Well let's say money had to headline here along okay. He was once. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right here. Yes but what I was gonna say is. I don't have a big issue though with then the person that your being critical of I'm very critical of somebody on the microphone I don't I wouldn't expect them to then take kindly to that. Now I wouldn't expect them to be inhumane into mere indecent and buy it I wouldn't expect to them it's you also be drilled to me and hot spot I mean that's understandable mall. You she knew damn well what used to in the minute that she tried to plug in and talk about how many of you sold. As it was sensitive subject already going into that considered criticize about the amount issues there were selling. And it's one thing for call in to go in there and ask him directly to his face because he's going on call in show. How many units are we talking about and then in the bald steady EC preface it with saying to me I feel like I sold a lot. To me. And then she's trying to chime in from the peanut gallery in the back regardless of sex gender no matter what. That's not your place to be climbing into rate now because he's having a warm migrant person I agree on top of that I don't care who you are male female transgender. Gay lesbian nobody should tell another pair had a parent their children is undertaken I don't opinion about I don't care what race what nationality you are. You don't want Hendricks down I don't know I don't agree I don't agree with her to hate I don't agree with her previous state. Abouts talking about how long is no balls seem scared and and the fact that longs Obama seems nervous when when reporters talked to him. Assume he's young and most of our service and our national television when they're young and it you know he's not even in the league yet so I can understand why he might have not to do with his appearance. They ya right I think that she made a huge delete their son on the green with Eric take but don't do you think that Lavar ball has put him. Ports. And so that's Donna yeah so your way up and show nobody know it is her job on the show that where she was critical so what he was reacting to was. Her criticism earlier we did not show from a different shout yes and I haven't but he's not they're going he's not a match show he's on call in show where she supposed to sit there give up its. And not go ahead and try to go to insert a fire by asking him although clearly a sensitive subject about his brought. You reference Jason whitlock and Jason whitlock not call in show that's a reference to the show that she hosts with whitlock where they were critical Pam. So he referenced the show was well. I. I don't support being people being unprofessional or inhumane. I don't like how a lot of athletes and coaches treat the media has people are doing their jobs. I in her position or any of us who are hyper critical of somebody of course it they're not going to you know you have to also be able to take it is well. Very hypersensitive because the first thing that she can all automatically go to him is going to be the women male thing it's it's. The male driven industry domino played a female car and missing thing that happened to the race. What I will tell you it's as well it feels like in and again I I actually agree was as here that it in majors beat physically her position on the show when her as a contributor he's. I totally understand where and I like the more more yummy and he's clearly adult. Okay but. He soccer wanna hear. Other people. Great EU may want to criticize the way he's going about it is new AZ me wanna criticize. How outspoken he is. He's gonna wanna hear criticism about being fought because on the outside looking in. Okay and I have as much information was little information say as an as any you'd get in on the outside looking and looks to be pretty tremendous spot okay because now the outspoken stuff all right again these clown. But looks a tremendous spot he's got Israelis and three boys OK one of whom is about the oldest one. Who's about to be extremely successful OK so no matter how party's push that boy wants a ball. He's clearly pushed him in the right direction was the right it's that. On top of that there is there is clearly. A situation going on with the month with the wife okay it looks like there could be some type of illness or something going on there. This heat he refuses to talk about her does one talk about the situation what's going on there. When have they done their bits mandates that it would little ticking bomb the most nowhere to be about does that mean when she didn't. Initiated a picture. She uses only be involved in heat in the limelight he was asked about it recently and said you know that's awesome don't we discuss so there's something going on their. So if you wanna take it step burger. He is doing a lot of this. On his own where he is he is taking care error of his family. To an extent and again. Outspoken stop the business up Anita clout there you're an argument you wanna he's slow you wanna talk about him act. Actually being a father galas and they shot that video little Dickey looked to be their home right now I don't really nice house they live in okay. So at it as a pro fighter. He seems to be a guy who's doing everything the right way. And he doesn't want to hear people on the outside talking about hey you know raising kids the right awakens again. The little information that I have. 9 o'clock put a little information I have looked and outside looks. Eat a father. To her to go. I agree I agree what's interesting about me green is them actually agreeing with essentially both of you guys in this spot about how this went down and thinking that. May be worried that she was attributing things to his meaning that was that was an even they are in that I don't have a huge problem with him being. Upset with her in that spot I even though he was rude. And which I don't condone but it's interesting music and it's interesting because I'm essentially agreeing with both of you and yet the text line Amber's wrong it's not about gender this is this sort of thing when you're a woman even I'm sitting here I'm saying essentially the same things as owner hamburger saint. You guys are automatically assume I guess because I'm a woman. I'm going to do you agree with everything I guess maybe Christine Elise he does. And that's what it that's that is what happens when your you know in this business where everyone's just the you're the woman is so oh you shut up over there you sit down and so right in guessing that's where. That's why she jumps to that conclusion and I think she might have been jumping to a conclusion and I understand that she did seemingly bait him I don't agree with Romberg that she shouldn't have maybe asked how many sold. But I can see coming from where she was sitting again on the show in the fact that she doesn't tend to chime in on interviewers that was weird I think that of if we got him on this show and I asked him how many shoes he sold. As my with my role on the show that wouldn't be. Would that be eating hammer I don't know no know you're early yellow. Post its just beating him he he'd likely doesn't even understand the dynamics of that show you know late he sees she's all the way back there why are you talking on the having a conversation here with the host and he likely doesn't even understand the giants this. Awkwardness of the setup of the show makes it to yeah like these guys. And around. Have a conversation with the other person show and it has to spend all the way back around them again just it just doesn't work. I mean we have 4000 tax on the tax signs telling in China and Adam brown excel you can enter. You're gonna understand that this is the the stand your lane I mean this is every every time. You know always have discussed the ports every time I speak for any Bernie lane on any subject people essentially always tell you and so I'm circus and we he. As experienced that same name by you don't agree you are in this guy's. But that's where she's coming from is because it's trust me after. Decades of this when you deal to this year after year in your industry every single day it you know you've jumped to that includes. Did this couple headlines here in the a one more thing about this story that I wanna add to put it if you wanna give us a few headlines here for people who are just tuning in now. It's austerity of lent her right you've ACC's only SEC's enjoy the five dollar in change unlimited bet they all your favorite pizza pasta salad and dessert all for one great price CC's prices may very. Game one of the NBA Eastern Conference finals was last night have to ask 1172104. Episode picks. Never even close LeBron in Panama combined force. So that it's it's. The Marlins still suck the asterisk set amount Rio to complete the series sweep that Fisher now lost seventeen of their last 21 games. Any and it's really Eastern Conference finals us senators what about penguins five to one and they lead that series two Hawaiian. And finally some sad news this morning Chris Cornell lead singer of sound garden an audio slate has passed away unexpectedly last nine years 52 years old. Yet actually Terrel talk a lot this mourners not much else to say about Chris Cornell would some that is affecting me this morning and is and is going to wind up ruining my day and the rumor. What's going on that fox news channel four in Detroit is reporting. As the saying that they found him in the about term. With with something around his neck so it's possible suicide which is. Shocking to say at least two to us after finishing a show it's all shocking but. But but you know all I go back to Robin Williams again mentioned earlier like. You know we'd expect to hear that Robin Williams a burial man you know off for a long time and maybe we wind up finding that out about Chris Cornell you know. Get a but wasn't Robin Williams he just didn't finish a comedy show late he wasn't coming off of a mass of pioneer I don't know if not not turned what drug but I'm talking about high of being a front man of over of unbelievable band having thousands screaming for you. Hours later you you you're you're in a hotel room possibly hanging herself I just I don't. I can't believe that's more for people emotional rollercoaster that that must be going on with him if this is the case export Yemen while. The at the final thing I'll say about what happened there with with Lamar ball on and I don't think it was an incentive in goes up. He has bootable. Reaction while it. Well listen up us on capitalizing on it oh yeah let's be honest about what this all ash in the early hours so. Happy. I think compound in Puerto. Because if I'm Christine Lee easy. Wants to be offended. About you know that she's been treated that way because she's a woman. Colin comes defense you girl prologue that's all right but instead you know Kono is take this as a guest. Who who ever wants to hear from I don't want rule my relationship with a a potential ratings. Who will. You know assault mock mate could make this a more ball upset Akon when he protected Golub. Prestigious one of them moment I mean if I thought that was weird to maybe he wanted the moment he has. It wasn't a everywhere and say you're letting that moment play offer for reading say maybe what did think was strange by the way is Christine Lee he's eight on. The Boller brands. Where she's very offended that there are marketing to women I get to Maarty Leunen I don't. She was just she was saying that in an industry you need women to also won a purchased off. She's saying I want to talk clip ever saying that. 51%. Of purchases made I guess and I industry or our by a minute I I I was a little confused by that because I wouldn't say. Diet I mean would you say that they air Jordan brand originally marketed to women night. Want to sell male sneakers he loves Sony yeah I I can't I don't I don't quite understand as a that was her whole original thing and that's what Lavar ball. Was referring to various she's been very critical of of big Boller brands not. Marketing to women I mean I would think that something that could come later he's your first run or are zealots whatever you want your first sneaker is to mend and then eventually he became success I'm sure she would make sneakers for women but I was really strange I don't know why you won a market males sneakers to women I don't find that to be some sexist issue. I do think she was inventing one there. And talk to you and she came back and says something about you know not only do you not like women and you're making fun of. Now in women's and on the women's usually talk about yeah. He did a good I thought Lavar did a good job. By telling her look you're good reporter. It's not just knock it on meet the his point eight at a point like you're going bad you do you're putting which is keep whining about your mouth like I get it you don't know what my family that's whiz kid problem. Need to. Say he did say you have something coming. And so then she said are you writing an elite 800 issue really think union Brendan and Eric. It was and a what was strange big collector it wasn't a strange thing to say it nuts. I visited she was she was she was prepared for something like the way that I saw that it was her saying. I got something forum in on a number ready to go I have all my ammunition. Does nominally gosh I went up there and he asked her. And I you know you can just IEE had to be able to even disposition even though it's our job dish out. You're going to upset people. Shot a decent out of that. That is really like you say Hillis always state really is is really good at bout that but all the topic is it's not well no it's our job to necessarily criticize but it's our job to UIE. Analyzing contributes about sometimes you're going to and ray and sometimes your opinions are going to be critical. I mean it's not her job always be heard polish or skip Bayless is always critical but he takes people sit down. On his shows and he takes. Skating comedy as it takes gaga the third annual Orange Bowl have. Panel championship corporate challenge hitters can afford it against fellow South Florida corporations and complete. A series of challenges are chance take on the crowd support prizes. Saturday June 10 the money Marines seem like Sparky Biscayne all proceeds benefit big Brothers big sisters Miami. Is it aren't pulled out or to learn more right now caught fire in the contest Simon say about a pair of tickets actually four pack for packet tickets. Plane ticket available for value of tickets are Marlins and Phillies OK so called the five are now we're going to set you off on now Romberg. You don't do shout outs and a Fries yeah so you rob you're missing those. Armored wouldn't miss them he's Amazon itself and more men or Borger are here to the airport do you. I went on like New York City after after the show norm onto the show us why was whining about downturns in me. Play hurts. Were currently and are you human ago that this. Please your pain under on the show c'mon of course I am I can't miss it. I don't know mr. shout outs on Friday is so while you wait till Fries you shouts I I won't give a shout out here mommy and of K wants shout out because today may eighteenth you know may eighteenth there's. Analysts Haitian Flag Day. Don't know about that. Want to shout out for is people want to shout always always AK Haitians. You know that so well there you go oh and so it's and so he's. It's a zone is so's you know this is though my boss. I'll laws shout those knows AK Haitians all right scenario agent flag I think some Jamaican flag on knowing and not the agent like. Yeah. By day wouldn't it wouldn't what is by dearly. I don't know it's really clean and really when it suited go to whatever is positive. I know a New York City unity is Flag Day parade in right boring day parade Brad imported and they paraded. Oh Johnny brews of the world. On him on the streets so there you go ideal asset is just on the zone as the ranking Haitians feel don't know if you don't you call somebody. Are you still feels good I was around little Haiti there imagine imagine the soap and crew Indian Wells. I'm ex I'm Amanda Brian blue line Duval. And that's right. Says slower got to shift creel right here right outside our star our station and yet they're going up Lance. This again I don't know what they think that's Haitian food too I think that should cruise and I made it is assuming and as it's real food and it's secret don't great. Jeff real loss to double speak real 81 thought it was a we have a lot of Jamaican restaurants room here. Should I not vote. Yeah Iran's Rosie was there I don't I don't know way. Haitian viewed as likely have been Cleo restaurant is. Dealing with French. And the infusion of you know it's similar. Amounts may have that is the truth I know that. Glad your kicks dirt yeah and George on the forgive us or go home to visit my brother Monday. And ever the second day are British are displaced gui among what does it goes to make if Rudy can't. You can't get enough of the Jamaican food he loves all these jerks spices you certainly do a lot of cooking on his on again man curry go. This thing in the world as it were we take retaken Renault words like that the government a little area that would look jamaicans live back home in Canada. And the cool let's go he brings me to a freaking convenience store and the guys are on folding chairs in the back. And unfolds like a little picnic. A sign. I lost my mind I was gonna get sick immediately because those are oberly a muddy here. Don't think he's got places ever can. Barbara was like just trust me just wait wait and sure enough man them little spots behind oh my god are trans. Andre now Iranians aren't. Our. Are people sell if you amber or taxes ultimately I mean come. Nine were discussing a ever went on to set up the smooth as this and every time you oral B bank. Significant title wrangling. Ever happens to you guys. Well who's looking rambled a Pearl Jam her entire assignments really totally dissimilar to do Israelis did send the wheel of an unknown. Oh here might know look at its slim good Iran happen there would we do insulin. Aren't and ignorant statement here Turkey my microphone it's important the shelf my Mike to be don't. It is addressing them because I was I was pretty much. Agreeing. When you grab what really supporting Christine we here in the situation. And yeah people people here with they wanna hear very sensitive on their SS one. They are well. You know I'm not sure I'm not sure I believe that it's legitimate sensitivity and the. It's like here's why like I said I can't counted about job and here's why can't Howard did a bad job okay down purpose I. Yet you don't purposely let it play out. It's good for office aren't exactly he doesn't want in doesn't want to offend the gas is not gonna stand up for his girl she's sure of but he's not to stand up for her. If she's if she's offended or if someone's been rude to her to the very least the moral was being route OK so he's not gonna standup. To attend because he wants nature he keeps coming on the show because the reaction ratings reaction in the the polarizing nature. You just look not a national and what you just look at I'm shore what our tax wine looks like now just talking about this man a and you see the reaction that it gets and that's why can't cal doesn't stick up for his girl which which I think is. You know I I am ready to let us some. IB YEC eaten. Chimed in and why she is at it you know who knows but why she engaged a little bit with the Lavar bomb that's or I don't know I don't know for sure I don't know her. But it even maybe that was even abate calculated as well where she wanted to get a reaction from him like Romberg suggested. I'm not sure I believe that I don't think asking him. How many shoes he sold us out of lion considering. He promotes his product and there on he's on there and they're allowing him the freedom with free advertising to promote his brand and has product which is invaluable to his brand. Ice opposed. From I think it was Darren rebel. On Twitter at yesterday. Where it listed the most mentioned to brands. And I'm trying to accurate at the most of the Twitter mentions just since April 15 the brand so it's a month. 98 million. A dias two million and then next is big Boller brand with 391008. Under armour is a 122000. Significantly last. So of course nineteen ideas or the monsters but big bowler Brandon Twitter mentions. On social media is being under armour big roller brand hasn't done any average I don't think it's how they spent a dollar on advertising. I mean you have to give the barb and my oh my exercise price he does up the prices toward one another new Jersey's Ed. Three billion to become partners right partners. Yet we employ owners from Maria you guiding on that note zero point enough and on and I'm losing you might design and organize a man being very rich man because he's certainly. Certainly has a knack for marketing. Are you like this next you boy Jacques jump actually speed Su and among boy speed sue your boy next. We know from. I'm real quick here and don't wanna get to. When he gets a U boys jobs up actually being sued and being court. In taking a quartz. And it makes me lawyers. Excuse you. A US now aren't yours and colors are good. Automatically on defense of lawyers like if someone told me Unser aids aids aids why hate some radios on too. It also reveals a bad. Yeah may not ever be -- radio host gets you when your lawyer everybody hates a lawyer until they need a lawyer and everybody needs a lawyer and I hate radio host well I'm not really not like you do lawyers I mean lawyers every jokes about lawyer ever getting a look at that pretty everybody acts like lawyers are evil for the majority foods issued a majority of lawyers are not in the huge and in some of them are just doing dare jobs the summer Matt. But is that that's not it some are about of course there's bad apples in every single profession. And there's certainly are about lawyers out there who take advantage of their positions there's a whole lot of lawyers other than who are good. And your just doing their jobs utilizing and that its name. Thankless directory. Right back to it okay because it's it's funny so we'll get right back to that now. I'm talking about this Lavar bald now on any for the most or the world promote on site with with what took place yesterday. Even though I don't care for him pretty much on his side yesterday. Commercials very white we're very very white help us Sony says so very slight. T Barca did we got a text and has Dagmar says so wait a level ten home we are discussing freely Jamaican. Yes it's almost kind of a bizarre we pound the area not so I was mad at that and knows that I'm aware of that because I had the eye of the correct UN yeah momentum Bernie wanted to show operation flag and Amman doubt that. So. Are so very and and there is now mentally a slim one dollar anyways. We had some on the board this week is Tobin is out and our pal is Eric laws and he's helping us out this week also why he's black. And look ball our bowl there's a little bit pushed back. Not just because of color by the way a RE it's been great country and is so Lavar ball. There's some push back there because it's telling a war men and to stay in her place but there's also been an element 88 if it Eric wants stempel wants but I'd like here at the Mike here. There's an element to it where it's late it's in the united it's the big black man. And though white blonde you're all. A lot of it is back on sesame there's a lot of people saying that he's now playing at a white woman sick dumb their role and I. And acts. Had so so laws and is there any of that going on hero Watergate give me a prospective parents who were very. Not a lot of outrunning it and when the black collect revenue just a dead straight in the south I doubt the biggest thing I'd definitely a little Bristol do little rule. It's a bad thing not so nothing offensive is. Large Symbian a unit you know the a big black guy and she being whites. You know grown strong. Slow rob rob title but what's on the line you I don't know who would say stop due to the line because he didn't hurt like I don't know who said harm alleging that. It's gonna happen in the next car didn't think you will get them doing that that could go. Yeah I agree with that I don't injection I don't eat Ratner I housing manner I think that the way he said it it was odd and I think she her and maybe. Heard that I don't think she was understanding what he was saying you be if you listen to it back in context Hague I agree that the laws and here that I think it was he was he was. It was a reference to car. When it's what comes back if we if we need lake lake a black respectively is Cole you in the morning cause honestly call real quick and that's going to be OK you really are black correspondent we need that sometime after a girl via our. Economy. Our theories help all of it the segment Levitt's arch now is yet they call Beaumont in did you ask any adding that's the segment over things. Yes they still suffer Marshal all the time or hell no I don't know if faces up rampant obesity so here so Giuliani getting easier OK and this is these these are these are sample lawyers that he used Diaw is a toddlers need time lawyers in my family but I hate these lawyers okay. AA San Antonio Spurs fan. Has filed the loss. OK and I hate this lawyer was taken its case. A salary or does this person has a lawyer. You don't seem certain nastier I saw your niece you know we know we could file to say. I'm sure. This San Antonio Spurs fan has filed a lawsuit naming a judge job actually out and warriors. As defendants. Alleging that. That his actions against Cole why letter in game one quote. Devastated the quality of the spurs' chances of being competitive. And diminish the value of the tickets purchased by plaintiff subsequent to their purchase. Now seems and I'm not done now Alphonso canard junior lead attorney for the plaintiffs and at. Told the San Antonio express news quote all we are asking from the court is that this type of behavior that can and does cause serious injury to our team. And those that love it. Not be allowed in San Antonio now the lawsuit and has been filed and now whatever corn Texan blah blah blah. And it states that actually acted quote without excuse or justification. Intentionally maliciously invaded landing zone and an opposing athlete Cole why Lennar to. And they are asking for the plaintiffs demands in the lawsuit. Include damages no greater. In 73000. Dollars or a little odd box as theories my locks that go away sedated thousand dollars a temporary restraining order. My ego is it interesting. What is UN to be restrained from not restraining order that requires the defendants restrain the conduct described it. And other relief the plaintiffs are ruled to be just not right. I was hoping that news you wanted to string ordered answer is telling us. For Haiti that lawyer well. It's interesting that you defend the low bar the Lavar ball and that you Blake what he's chewing in the media and bringing all the media attention and then you hate on a lawyer who obviously. Is involved plus he's getting a little high the media attention you just said the name of a lawyer in Texas you would never cries so weak spending that lawyer and that's what I would never file that lawsuit. I understand why people would take issue with that. But that's I assume we really don't get in some pub as we now why why why do. People wanna sue people for stupid things number one. Distillate the first thing that people ask if you're under applying for something. Or trying to get a job doing something one of the first lines as you currently involved in any lawsuits. I can't be a good thing rhetoric appears suing people all the. Hello we Lebanon living is environment I mean the majority in the majority of them are frivolous. That one sounds from what exactly does that with original indigenous. You mean. Literature litigious ludicrous as it litigious social tension maybe current push you. I don't we do and because I'm a boy here we go throw touring around the we went through dope let me just two weeks ago or mistrust I think you may be correct. I. A lawyer. They definitely knowledgeable here. Meetings and games. I I I don't think that there's any bullet we think I paid I don't know can't bond expert Martin I don't know the odds and ends meet in back taxes. But I would imagine but that's a very frivolous case because I would imagine them. That they don't have any obligation that they've made no last contractual. On the Houston to put out. I'm doing it's like fancy suit because pop rest players you know didn't that happen down here. Few years go by us the play or mining scene and had some dopey fan here at the Reno's who's suing the spurs for. Falls some. Yeah that's not. Our rights. You know when to do that is not. They went up at the excel that was this Wednesday when they aren't a rest. Means and done. The limit her show next.