ZRA Part 3 5-18-18

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, May 18th

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Yeah well and I'm glad it's down today two time anywhere. Don't go anywhere about mormons are now we get beauty code word 2000 bucks that's exciting mornings. Plus here in the 8 o'clock hour you can take you to call at some points and win a pair of tickets to see Sebastien man a scout though. The win them before you can buy them he's going to be at convenient T center in December. Think it's one cell line nation dot com this morning at 10 AM. Aren't so we got the playoffs can go on again this weekend Saturday Eastern Conference Sunday Western Conference. To idiotic jokes that are they take an extra days the Western Conference time Winnipeg and and Vegas or the Euronext today because of wanna know what it's who wants to know traveling to point tonight that right. Yeah they're playing tonight it aunts my auction talking. I games and 8 PM tonight. Area you know its wholly forgot to with. With the rockets and the warriors to hold forgot the actions add storyline has has not. Anything been made of this where. 12 long good seed Carlos Mike and Tony false. She grows general manager in Phoenix and Dan's it was coach. Once talked about that that's that's the an interesting. So I'd story to this series isn't Taiwan's it was an hour ago. While ago it was for it's it there was Jim it's secret traded for Shaq OK with Phoenix so that was 200810. Years ago. There's. She grows GM in Phoenix and Andrew's coach. This flyer. Dan Tony. All right I I don't you look not ten years ago I I don't remember specifically but. And Richard and Tony was the coach still in Phoenix when they traded for Shaq thinks so why wouldn't show I talked about that reserve on the panel would Barkley and Ernie in the current. He wouldn't have brought that up. For not and not anything has been made of this. And I I'm not remembering as Walt and Tony was still the coach when she went secret traded for Shaq. But Steve Kerr was absolutely Mike and Tony boss. Was actually the GM their. At some point Saturday because it's is that Phoenix. That did Tony was done in Phoenix. Do doesn't eat want and curse have done Tony's done. So secret secret fired Antonin. As a means stepping down to resign. From coach in Steve Nash. Nothing has been made of that story line I mean is there nothing is there nothing next thing that seems interesting to me. If secret was his ball some points fired Mike and Toni and now Mike and Tony is trying to take down what Steve curry is in now to a lesser extent. In Golden State that seems to juicy story lines meet and I don't know why no one has. On ranking on the so did Tony left Phoenix for New York City he just he does get the deal would be the coach of the knicks. I electric and diamond ten years ago. It was touched a singer they talked about it before game one Yahoo!'s day. Question. Because I mean if I haven't heard about it. And you guys seem to remember I feel like not enough has been made at that it seemed like a juicy story doesn't TNT pregame so that the discuss current yeah and in connection. Was since shacks like. Was Anthony's last year that 2008. Sees what I mean if it is less user does he's human coach great wrath Steve Kerr actually won in the state of the suns but he. Got permission to speak to other teams and the next 124 million dollar they can vote why I so maybe in technically buyer and then. Didn't fire anyone missed although he ought. You gotta consider man. The relationship must not have been great if he decided hey I'm going to leave. Writes it's possible the spurs and how it was on sale of the spots fossil the suns didn't wanna pay that much money. The huge offer but he was boss. Gross stands only ball. It right now you on what a thousand dollars I got you sex and groove. Groove to 72881. And that's because it's it's it is WTF wind. Thousands free contest. It actually as a Dhabi next hour to national contest messaging Jarrett and applied don't tax and dry. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WSS best HD true. Jeremiah. Get you into it. You intuit royal wedding tomorrow you wake it up royal wedding no. You know this may get more coal was eighty. She was one of the briefcase corals and Deal or No Deal yeah man that's how she started out I know that's how she became famous at another passion about the regular princess. What about her father what's going on there daddy man all of a sudden now. He gets paid by paparazzi to turn around suits then on top getting paid now he's having heart troubles another scheduling is hard surgery for the day of the weddings we can't travel. You wanna go to the wedding to zoo and embarrasses family in my being naive to ask all watt at all why is it a big deal that he got paid for China and suits. Well I think it's probably frowned upon it to him except money to try to benefit off of what's going on with the royals I was at the time didn't paparazzi have to do with prince and his death so yes that's sensitive that the open OK maybe that's what but there's also some. Nasty theories out there that Queen Elizabeth had. Diana followed and pressured sober at the point where they they think there's a conspiracy theory between her in the media and actually trying to have her killed. One of the old bags hang on for so long you don't remember all that you were too young for the Princess Diana. I remember Roy was found out that she she died world cried men aren't the stuff I was very big deal. Parts is the I was like. But the ambassador for. Everything that was good about people and who is the boyfriend that she was cheating with Dodi Al fight and right doting Dodi Al fayed. Now is the boyfriend Stan receding yamana ministers slot princess mobile first first and our peers and then I'm with Diana -- haggard you do is a duck they actually Syria house Alex assists they actually had a reporter sit down with Diana in the palace. And she did an interview and asked her is her husband ready to be the king. And she said no he's not ready to be became so when they went ahead and told the queen. What Diana just said. Within like hours. They had that whole interview expunged there were no other word release that and then that's from the whole chase happened. They thought that raid away at that point time is from Queen Elizabeth got little issue with trying to make something happen. With oral Syrian and williams' mom Prince Charles to walk Megan Markel down the aisle 'cause like you said fathers not going to be there. He's got some panel parts Charles walking him wants her arms race there it's on my television right now on all. Prince Charles to walk Megan down the Al is not one thing in the can't count on urgent Roland that you wanna lock your daughter down the aisle. One and here's the thing forget about forget about you know the action curriculars up for the paparazzi in and you know that that he's ups easy embarrass himself that he took money. You know surgery some kind of condition has preventing him from going any other wedding in the world that wedding is getting postponed but Campbell's well. He just can't beat. When there's no scenario where the royal what he's going to people's Boehner. Especially it's silent fan it's set to finish no detonated the queen some happens the queen mab is not the Stanley postponing going. About the spurs shelves is moms won't die are 69 years old still parents. They go to joy very long that's terrible you know. Now. It's. Hers or. So is his leg and use your own alma. My dog is a or is very insulting analysts about. Is this mega Markel not gonna be an actress anymore she allowed to still be an actress is she is why would you want to be eight Brian I understand that. But it is CEO she's gonna be so busy would do in the world tour it has no more actress is not now can I repair the cause but I don't know if she ever in anything other than suits is that the only thing that she's done. I got no I I know very limp little about her. I just found out she was one and a briefcase girls and dealer no deal which is hold auditions down here this weekend. Is there really would love to be a much to if you wanted to commit X princess a B no nada none of you test in Nazi briefcase. Beat contestants they're doing auditions this weekend for dealer an oldie I want to do you know what Tex or Mike emblem Fleischer got a coincidental that amber Wilson. Wilson's. Are off this weekend great points. You're gonna hop over the upon rate points. Colin. And the bags where soccer boy that's who has some sort of all right struggling with my luggage over here. The queen it's great to see you it's been too little sister quit the sins and the and the queen of England put together again. Are we going to hear. Aaron year old jewelry exchange madam should we bring in the C now all relates I. Augusta snow with the best parts of England is don't you the folks. I just boxing in all the world isn't rituals. We bring I don't know from from real Paulus Paulus to the new world. Singapore re great granddaughter got twisted and realize what we met by folks around. You know it's just went let's let's say and when you don't meet the queen. Don't have and she talks bolts for a living please please stick to the holiest. I don't want to quit asking what's kind of sports he's talking about NC basketball. Is. Prince Harry's a fun guy man Prince William looks and her player who'll make it at the pomp and Greg ultimately I believe about that guys cooled the older brother prince joined death and inert. But but this Prince Harry. Is he he sees probably live in and borders and let them ask you to question. Does he look a lot cooler because he's a ginger and he's got a full head of hair well anywhere or written a suit now he what he wears it well. Because I think the fact that William was balding early takes a little bit so that doctoral I think it's it's it's execute. Article factor way could you be terrible awful could you be really really cool and like out ball and have a great time but also be balding at the same can you be. All emboldened. Is that possible you can but AE it. It's part of what makes him look like huge square as is possible that the lakers are only thirty really gets possibly how how old's Williams the 36 yeah he. Do you amp. And elemental look at right now prince area looks it's looking like LeBron ish it's starting at an up. Yet this Prince William has been called for light. Eighteen years speaking of getting them up top views are not penalize you and what he is that British look and yeah like prince. Harry looks cool. Principal analyst and they're now. Top we will talk yes it is as though our parents that hey man. Is it just me or did you see LeBron in game like he let his hair grow long and looks so bad. Because he's got bald spots all over his head I told Romberg that last game a whole as the television one point probably seemed shop the robbers thought about. I've paused the television on point to show my wife sent look at his hair that's so terrible like he does not only have called a second front now he's got like he's got its body spot yeah Hillary is the catch David does the Jordan that that's why it otherwise it would ship too because people say looks like jordin. Just because the ease through Jordan's thing what are the massive year. Now you can't save it it's gonna be a thing he knows it's going to be. Seen as you know he's got a huge number if he goes with the ball look. The shaved look here's the really bad Jordan made that back cool. Short made that coal is a person. That was all to Jordan made the shaved head look cool. That's going to be in part eight John Adams and sad I don't know about that just visually gets our eight of Jordan thirty for thirty you'll find out Jordan may bald cool personal and adding Barkley may have had the bald head before jordin and Kareem obviously and the bald head before Jordan but they weren't they weren't as cool as Jordan. Barkley wasn't cold is not too cool. Jordan made old Cole you're saying absolutely. Obama. On the that would govern now what are you look at majority old cool. Google Michael. Jordan. Made it. Did you go to baldor shaved bald bald. Cool. Yes. Nigerians that quick on Google says yes merit over aren't. Narratives are computer conference in the mind. But tomorrow to set it up the serious to the Dodgers seven nothings and it is not cool to meet its is ala the terrible. Used earliest oh what is school that is not done yet the FBI came and arrested him because he's another one who stealing money. So he's in prison where it belongs. Next weigh in Chan David says so little Marlins though yes they use on CBS sports dot com. Second David Sampson he's an analyst yes he's MLB analyst on CBS sports yes. Of that what do but what does he analyze baseball OK he's but he. He's not. Baseball thought he was the baseball yes in yes what he was the president. Of the business operations for the moral it's. He he's not a baseball guy. Baseball though you know at that table Gloria. Yes because they that's like saying that Lori as a baseball guy. We know Laurie is not a baseball guy he's he's a guy who collects all arts who owned the moral and he's not a baseball got. Like David Simpson to baseball guy in the same sense and they were bald all the decisions because. They were in charge. I would say there a sense that was good insight onto the financials of an organization like that does have that's right so it should be a baseball analyst. Oh yeah but he's not analyze and hey you know. This guy is that and a great game is you know look look at the slider you like like that's what he's doing is these. How many guys you have doing that since some brings this perspective of hey this is how the finances work and organization. Are kind of outlook that I think is interest. Calling. He's calling that you try this and at and hang up the phone. And eat what we're trying to dual radio show under current practice very rude. What do you what is the gate buzzing here and not to the sharks studio I don't know. Anytime on the show's about I forget it causes our studio. At Sloan says wherever overnight people rather that's the answer. So related directly to the studio yeah. Like did not gonna put it in a studio that plays music 55 and a 60 minutes in the morning so it doesn't need somebody to be in a conversation to basically run abort. They're just gonna let him put and ours were it has to be distracting that threat. I'm accents. That makes its answer to the big show. And didn't compete. In the greatest rural Zia hold his leg yeah I told that that was disappoint when all's watching that show last month and he was supposed to compete and he just he wasn't bear. Sure it was darn nice I an extension it's not a big deal of hype and he's a cellular wrestle anymore but he sees he's still with them as is an ambassador someone like that probably. Europe and that's cool it's still seem yesterday walking in the rain whose decades umbrella. What's the big Frankenstein boots that he has on out of I was those who went what is FF custom shoes made. Discuss and everything you orders an area that giant feet. Was crazy that's very it was built for him it was built for a giant. If he had that'd be huge iPhone and it was an irregular sleep a box of cereal with a put duct tape around it put a hole the one candidate cloture. The biggest rate ever seen. Yes it is jerk move the raptors pulled off yes. Finalists were announces their power for the the awards winners and casinos because they they do an award shell and invite finalists and it's a been there and it's holding production at the MBA does so too in case whose name of the finalist for coach of the year. And the raptors. They take a link from NBA dot com that announced this deal maybe wonderment audio anyone coach the year he won the award that the coaches. Vote on the it these are the NBA awards were talking about now right and so they put they the comment to me and they say congrats coach. They called on coach you know they just fired him. We always refer coaches Coach Brown. You think I was a mockery that's not fighting the fire at its port timing you can call coach at duke as a coach that's putting her profession you can call a doctor to doctor go somewhere else or doesn't work anymore you know on doc anymore. I don't even think that they should they should gradually David put even if it's Dwayne congrats to Wayne. Non I don't think he's having knowledge at all coach. Fired and you got that Christopher Columbus and more right after we fired do you. And you want to set its account saying congrats problems that's true. Abby Abby insulting when it you you just won awards for best radio personality. And you were fired has undo that you were fired okay shortly after that by seven knighted ticket. And when you won the award 790 the ticket then the sand between guessing congrats roms EU EUU wanna hear from the day it. Nights ago my shine there you go Diego Diego and that there ago. Are you so are you mad that they refer to must coach or your or you rather than just actually is a precedent either one either not a business. And finally Argentina's World Cup team has been given a manual on how to score with Russian women. OK it's not that hard. Go to the one pilot house downtown in Moscow the minute you get in there it's a it's a nice club they were evening gowns except to pay to be in there be at a cocktail limit the bar. And then later on if you want to him. Were little business you can do that but usually involves going to dinner. It's not the same rates on over here. And if you wanna go to the Banja. You go to the minor. But it tends to be an all day event that's a six hour event you ET drinking asleep. You wake up you watch TV go back in the mineral bass. They don't allow you out of that place a minimum of four hours you know that go to abundant there and you're allowed out for balance yes yes before our minimum and you know that's there have been about him any time. One of the new one of the pieces of advice in this manual says Russian girls hate boring man. Pat. Don't go anywhere at some point is 8 o'clock hour and say able compared to get to do you cute call. To see Sebastien mascot goat that's coming up. What's coming up next now. It's Friday you know what that means our rights there's no basketball tonight we gotta get out the idea undo some then all right. You wonder and as a why you made me wait so long. I need to know what the big movies are. And more than a big movies are as that's where. The mark for cancer follow auto PH. Join us as we march through those who are fighting this disease for more info visit marks for cancer dot or good. Right now caller number five in the contests on 76 by 340790. Organ stadium with a pair of tickets to see Sebastian mask out go. He's a DB and T center on December 27 I've seen in Kabul time he's great to get wants a live nation dot com at 10 AM this morning so. Right now if you caller number five you will win them before you can buy them as a C Sebastian man ask Al go December 27 that Bibi and T center. All right. So we get the hockey Teddy don't watch hockey timing it's Friday me go to you don't out under the weather and I'll probably stuck inside it's all of them would go with some -- trauma cup what's movement game but not going Allah you gotta stay home area I'll be home on -- Arnold don't belong with another couple of other couples have come circuits do so over your house. Now you house and congress that he sees all okay good that doubles on the in my kids read or so now you've got family violence we you can still into the in my there. You're invited it sounds it's elegant nicely or talked about this we're we're gonna we're gonna figure this out I was gonna go down to I think it's going to be better when the kids or school oak. We'll see. Well saint Summers long bull will see if you could fit it in one weekend. All the opens are coming at the and a and a meg yeah that figure has pursued them and those are the Cooley that's just go to the keys and yours latest up on bios of so how do you view that he's got to have desire anniversary finger on next wow that's really studio while I mean I look when US amber yesterday her the other day. And she said no. She's at. You live. And I know other people from work have been too and I mean I'd I think they run as we act as we know you travel. Page or go to Australia keys not travel. Does not trump the hard track not the same as Australia like. Not at all. Although that that one that wrote words the one lane in its balance torture pain in the ass stretch yeah that is a pain in the past. All right hopefully eventually Elliott to see what. Romberg kingdom and really don't like or branding you want something that he wanted this out after the slower good things German everything dessert bars full. So provision of course greats. Blue yellow tail good for you guys. All right it's Friday. You wonder what the big movies are. I want to not big movies or and luckily for you. I got to cut. I want in your mind. Everyone. How big movie not a big movie goes. Tried Cuba. Gonna rattle off some movies that are coming out this weekend or new to the scene. You tell me whether I think it's a big movie. Not a big movie are you ready. I'm ready man starting off. Dead pool to me or did it all part it's him no. Policy adjustment act that is out today. It's an action adventure slash comedy movie but. It's not your average superhero movie it's rated all our. For strong violence and language sexual references. And drug material deliberate come out Waltz who was called affordable all that's that's what separates dead pool from most oh the superhero movies okay he breaks down on the fourth wall. Right you know about that. Medal round that way and why isn't wise at the fourth one he talks to you he talks to the movie itself a waiter and he talks to the audience. Now the movie stars van wilder. You remember him. That used to be Ryan Reynolds name. But then he started taking down the likes of Scarlett Johansson and in Alanis Morissette. And also took them Sandra Bullock and that's impressive so. Also stars that guy TJ Miller company's top. I mean top annoying dude and Hollywood you know at the stupid facial hair and had a reputation meaning huge error here's our silicon this here. I did miss and that'll really in this room. Well the early tomato meter rotten tomatoes. 84%. Audience court. 87%. You know I love superhero movies dead pool to had been moving. Right next up. Sure dogs. Okay. Showed dogs. That's out today it's a comedy it's PG. This gets suggested in rude humor. Language. Global action. Aid stores will our next. He has the world record for most failed sitcoms. Now show dogs. It's a family comedy about the all unlikely pairing of human detective. And his canine partner. Voiced by ludicrous. They go undercover at the world's most exclusive dog show to solve his biggest case yet. I like this movie better was called turn. Tomato meter 33%. Audience school or. Wait 46%. Oh. Show dogs get the hell out of here not a big movie. Of Syria bounced back here a wrinkle in time okay. That came out a couple of months ago but it's still it's still golf all right it's an act. Action adventure it's kids and family side by that kind of deal is paging. All right it's got some dramatic elements. So payroll. There's a hundred people in this flick. Reese Witherspoon. Zach Galifianakis. Funny when he does that mean detailing. Chris pine and all. Romberg Oprah break down you would you would take down Oprah in a heartbeat now the critics describe this movie visually. Gorgeous but. Last I checked it didn't cast Dini Schumer. Mike I'm making love to work but Tom. I'm I'm definitely just gonna get the knots on the penalty it's going to be like and let you does it take down Oprah but not judge booty that are. After a sergeant who has had a here and answer it Rudy might be on the top on the Oprah and the knots what would you rather have paid back and sell because you would make love to keep Beck himself. But but a Judge Judy with the booty. You're late you're you're bringing an IV because again after I think you're one of my life I always Kirk Ellis dollar elsewhere for yourself sweat it out. Or stories like he knows how losses will be for Glen Rice that he can just look at Sarah Palin that that's are now is three times has it that it tree entering so hard for her to win the election yeah just like Nazareth. Dead as yeah I took them that vice president that you would you be intimidated to take hopes down. Or just an all lot of pressure lot of pressure lot of proud are you going to be acrobatic or you try to bring the thunder are you gonna be like trying to be nurturing. Not the reverend sun knowing that you got to just go crazy right well wrinkle in time. Tomato meter 39%. That mitigate crazy audience score 31%. This movie sounds like it disappointments are writes oh wrinkle in time not a big movie. Dublin let's wrap this up with disks obedience socket this movie came out about a month ago is well. To drama. Romance. It's written all are Dow doesn't strong sexual out. It's stars Rachel Weisz. And racial make Adams am and I'm ready shore. The sex scene with two and the you know a lot to help me too big movie goes he disobedience all and that right there. Big movie. That big. Did not flub at all. Who's. Who's not a flow. What would not come home school. They cavs handled the late paying 62 yesterday PJ Tucker interpreted contributed a playoff career high 22 cool to get a medical marijuana license to open a district eatery. Mamie heated granted permission to the. And San possession. Position terms and conditions and quality standards abroad much interest and competition took her Tristan Thompson how do you notice that ship to that Paramount shipped. Going forward Anemia. Text the word 10272881. In your registered text only ON LY. So let's say Hillary Clinton Clinton became president. What does lightning struck water ever. Talk about a contest contest. He's commuted right back it was one of the most popular team doesn't stop there hate about the settings there. And send that. My no. I wanna see. Explicit evidence and according single. It's your chance when things are and. Upcoming game concert or another great event Courtis mining technology partner and your local South Florida technology company. This them on line and Puerto scored dot com sponsored by Lauderdale BMW of Pembroke Pines and brought to buy your insurance attorney Anthony Lopez. Calls the real flight 800 Irma. I gotta find somebody to do tonight she is Meehan kids tonight's got to find something to watch where where is the way to take an outer sister yeah IAEA added to a ended June gross up are supposed to hang out the fiance the husband guy. Now no wrong. They'll take him with them this idea I don't know I don't is doing some sort of rooting them on they're not gonna have a girls like they're gonna put the guy on you. I'm manes. I I do is not our responsibility it is your leader while they don't know this the way to you go about your everyday life. Your three and a half hour naps years. Easily come and go and as your police and you're you're not washing your hands yours your bathroom breaks. Through separation plates. How houses possibly you have people coming to town my future sister in law your mother in law. And then some dude that's coming in and probably having. Premarital sex in your house underneath your roof while he's visiting. You're gonna go and bring him along to the mother daughter. My daughter breakfast brunch afternoon evening that her mother do they're not gonna tell him hey wanna do just hang I would my husband Jonathan. Out of time and I and our responsibilities that thing out there and I I I didn't get. Here is do you not he's gonna go pick up some Beers at the store and he's gonna come and hang out he wants IBA guaranteed. That does not how it goes down gaga I may find and I. Always Australian yeah. I. Got us here on a safari you do double duties are to get a baby sitter. And I would take him to the bar and hasn't talked to the girls look hot dogs are tied for the auto. Not wanting to hang out in that has not been doing nothing it's just that is not my intention it's me and my boys tonight and a dollar. I am not. Not yet as my nose from Australia he'll scrap Li war have she'll wait. I guarantee I don't want to watch over me is a party had a conversation my wife mulled what I should do what my voice and I don't once has it brought us Santa Barbara and all that. I believe may I have seen in the Joey in my couch and only take a peek out. You have taken out with me tonight I that's not the case usually. Tell them. As the only. Isn't on. They jump a lot of little bunch publisher and sent definitely. Yes how how how are you worried he didn't just become good friends than a while ago Australia. Now. Might not even a little bit do you think that movie is just despised in Australia has think about it that make it look back and admit that they come here people go off Tillman. I thought and I. Is it I think Australians like the gimmick not as a member Danny McBride he did that the needs that moved that they were people thought it was a movie that was an ad for we thought it was a movie. They love that. We thought it was a real movie I would seem that movie. It looked funny. He was going to be he was he was Crocodile Dundee son how many times do you think that they've been asked. Are you like an animal whisper or if there's an animal little room can you get out and give from the. Give my horns with the two fingers and make a move mentally. And you guys do that really. What about the originals today hang out would you guys to have originals. What are called into aborigine. But acceptable. Really yes. So again. What are my doing tonight need to find some predicting your future brother in law no out on the town so he can spread that Australian accent. And it did you reduce your Bieber won with a mylan. We'll. We're. They're hard to play they're not there an easier instrument that dice clay. I started to do it many times can he do it meant this element that's only worth as a shock. Dora the Explorer she could do it I saw one episode where she just goes in the back of rumpled deals. Music shop adjusters played all the instruments they have admitted she grabs a did you reduce users plane at like that's not realistic interest is to door get tips from boots. No star star told him you can do it she'd play it play only instruments she grabs did you reduced our planet immediately memo and it brought up when I brought up the spin off show a Diego and Robert thought I was just being insensitive but you can putt a racist. It's fun to his side because the jaguars could hit it. Anwar. Well. The old days as well. Anybody who got a suspect a hostess at this though. That's going to be double what goes over it you're just not Alter the I I think its flaws in my freedom and song. Insists I think there is balls release angry racist a racist OK you're staring at the oval races that we like him and I went someone's house there was blood flies into all you racist racist to. It. Pieces to show up with like they got a summons is bagels are two races to. Racist what do becomes will be you what if he comes over expecting you guys are going to hang out. But the ladies just leave it there he is this policy is appointed what if you go visit him and only puts in the refrigerator is capers. Blocks. And just stuffs the pantry would bagels I mean I would say they do not eat right away. Okay. He got somebody carries into the weekend Iran you know it's going to affect. Seven got a ticket. They brought you my coach Fran round but not only age but nurtured you know such and Yale around that I get my couple all cozy ties in the so situation is has been bothered me all week long internal people are familiar with this but the Cincinnati Reds first baseman. He's Canadian dollar enjoyed bottom Joey bottom yeah. These little outspoken it's kind of a jerk I like his antics I like how much of a group talker he is. He likes today he he he likes user felt he trash he talks trash at the fans you know like when their plane the Phillies he fakes like he's don't ball on the ground and masses of people prepare a day. But but James Paxson. Another Canadian boy as a candidate and later right now for our commanders he threw a no hitter in his hometown against the blue jays today. So you know there's not many Canadians in Major League Baseball it's not exactly the easiest sport to play were literally able to see the sun three months out of the year and growing up in Canada. So he asked the British what when the British Columbia kid Paxton throws a no hitter in Toronto which is obviously bottles home town right. But auto replies with. I could give a rat's ass I don't care about Canadian baseball. I'm happy that he had a personal accomplishment and had a no hitter. But to tell you the truth I really don't care about Canadian baseball I left when I was eighteen basically coming up he and urinate all over my hometown. Which is driving me nuts now because here's the situation. We both left and we are eighteen years old we both spent most of our life now. For the most part are the number one year old over in the United States he's probably approaching a beat even mark rate now open being his age your compared sub Joan Von. Correct Canadian kid is playing in America I'm playing an American professional sport. And he said these nobody the American baseball's campaigned for his life and his lifestyle now for a long time and his family and stuff so I can agree with that a 100%. But there's no way in hell. You're gonna give me talking trash about my country no way. I got a bone to pick them about this and makes you kind of wanna choke amount little bit how common refrain. Arm put anyone ahead and apologized later on he should the reason why. He was so bitter. In his CE. About the response to that reporter. Was because that Toronto overlook them in the draft. So he was drafted by the Cincinnati arrest those sale. Not only that but he never got any attention by the Canadian national team so he's your sworn enemy now to the bottom quark play baseball too I played for team Canada when I was six and couldn't inaccurate. But for team Canada brother Emmett I mean here and I'd lose it and read the same reds that drafted him the same Reza we're looking enemy. While emirates that how big Newsday and so I'm I'm guessing that. A little bit too late because I think he kind of burns bridges at both ends because something about. The American Eagle attacked him as well in some form or fashion so he was Eric Jackson. Was attack Paxton. Well as I would a bit of cutbacks. And then and then all of a sudden. This guy's motto. Boots on his own home country which to engage because he's been supportive in the path he's actually done stuff for Mike. Royal Canadian Mounted Police outfits in Toronto over the world church but he he's claiming he's just been bitter. Only because the red sought. But he's been bitter at the fact that team Canada never showed many low and neither did the Toronto Blue Jays and he apologized so could. But access apology now hustling Normandy came back nine he birdie per. You. I too. Joan yeah. We don't quite make it. Now we've got details like how someone ask. We'll get to get some might say right we don't have any strip clubs in my in my in my place. This week you speak of am going alma boys if you let's go strip club in you're not obliging now my kids are too young to go. You get a million. And my friend's house drop them off the mom and dad's give wondering too you give him another oh my god you guys. Two guys walking into champions. And doesn't get a strip club you want no one else is there ever allowed to admiring so what are you talking about it's I would never allow that's true. Now most of those Summers Summers has taken a trying to raise your building outright on. Tried on. So what are your voice comes over and you're about to have a big night out and you got to ring sitting right eyed a non egos that's not I would normally not do what you want you know not wearing. You're you're. This one watt meant I Wear tonight announcing yes would you mind. He would not. You recruit. Are you serious Internet. Will with David on. Got aids. Generates.