ZRA Part 3 5-19-17

Zaslow, Romberg & Amber
Friday, May 19th

Future athletes, Shoutouts, Fact Nugget


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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Want to show always always we can. So we yeah. Zoe yeah. I want to chug chug chug chug always only. Showed shuttle is always look at times. I'm not or upon intellectual. We'll be here to the extent that. Yeah saint tonight plus 101 ridiculous and or bond yeah. Did you just say French. You put additional entrench we did do that. He didn't. They kill it. Parents don't always always. Answer the Haitian flag Dale's gonna sounds all my patient friendly speeds us learn Macs are once you're there is an amber didn't. Once the as it is it's. Annaly not a more then as it is a for once yes usually Amber's the victim of the remakes tape today oh you know how we wrap of Friday's Romberg. He's got here he's got effect nuggets and he's got a shout outs or better yet okay I give out again reluctant witness we missed last week shout outs because we ran a time that's right so you know maybe today will be extra BX a saucy I don't know off to wait to see you ought to wait to find out all of two weeks of tolerant of people in army. Will. You know LeBron obviously. Is gonna continue to get compared to Michael Jordan. And and we understand why OK Jordan was the last generation and use it is was is considered the greatest player of all time and LeBron is very clearly. The best player of this generation. Okay. Only going to be les and again in that in one mean. When he five years from now. There's going to be a guy a player who we are going to then compare to Michael Jordan and the brawn G acts like so let's see. I would tend to agree with you yes. Now generation right saying how they are not and the guy by the way the guy you grow up watching is always batter. But everything has batter back in my day the music was better back in my day that kids were better back in my day kids these days don't know what they're talking about everything's always better sports star I watched. That guy was better. He would have beat everybody today this air out of sports is and is day it's it's like that every single Jerry. So don't say that it is there there has to eventually be and 20/20 five years from now. I'll talk about the players who beat the best player of that generation until I met a guy. Who you war going to make eight because you can make a legitimate argument that Ron is the best player ever. Okay I'm not saying the brawn. Is the best player this generation and Michael draw as best lead generation you can make the argument that LeBron. Is the greatest player ever but he's better than Michael Jordan's support I find hard to believe you know it's likely going to happen. The part that I find hard to believe is. There's going to be a player. Who we're gonna be able to make an argument. Is better than LeBron when guys just the beginning and again the guys that you guys can just keep getting bigger faster stronger. To Garrett a sells more sports science supports Zion all I mean if you believe it doesn't raise raise have you believe that the reason not the bronze able to stay in his prime for as long as he has and we obviously apparently aren't seeing a decline in nice yet so I'll have the opportunity and you win more rains possibly adding and maybe even matched jordin that we believe that he can play for as long as it looks play this year that he will be able to play. If you believe that all that has to do win. Him understanding his body and him resting and him understanding sports science more then why wouldn't guys just continue to be come more knowledgeable as time goes on. And bigger faster and stronger. Arthur I think the next major step is obviously that the medical taking care of the body. And on top of that calm. Basically having some kind of medical technology that. You're not going to be hurt like you you you're not gonna be missing time you know so I think that's probably going to be the next massive. Improvement sports is on in guys station having guys being able to never be incher and it gave me a dozen they keep having answering so sophisticated that. You're going to be able to heal that much past dozen or. Find a way to go and keep them on the field play or the bass. Does everything to do this conversation because zoom way in you're talking about Michael Jordan LeBron James the one in the component that you could say Michael Jordan hats on LeBron James is that brings. And it LeBron can sustain his career he may have just as many greens potentially could do it angering chase at the end of his career. Ray and soak in the and the LA it when time progresses guys will be able to. Play longer and sustain. The height of their career and Sarah lettuce of them. Potentially are the only guys are getting bigger physically. And have the same type of skill sets. Doesn't guys have been bigger physically Shaquille O'Neal was bigger visited and I had the skill set as we guys were bigger physically. And had the skill set then LeBron had just adjustment. What's going on in the youth movement rate now with. How many people can go back insert coaching younger players properly whether the development proper diet stop developing proper drills not wasting. I basically being more efficient with the way that they're teaching the game or the next generation that's coming up. Finding ways to have kids maximize their opportunities whether it's. The education of the game you know again you're dealing with x.s and knows and it's the same concept that's been around forever not reinventing anything. But finding a way to get them that information earlier on and I think making those younger players that much more educated about their game. Their body their abilities what's good for them what makes them work as opposed to trying to fit that that's where peg in the round hole. Making it a little bit more cute for those younger players. I I'm not necessarily saying the guys are necessarily going to be a lot bigger faster and stronger than than LeBron but I think that there will be other guys in the future as big fast and as strong as them. I wonder even back in the day if you would have questioned if somebody had told you there will be guys. Might she you know bigger and faster and stronger than Charles Oakley would you have been surprised by that I don't know 'cause that wasn't. My era and it would people have been you know surprise you please at independence as so big back in the mail on speaker them. Use once. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you know. Well the size and strength of these people of human evolution evolution but. The skill says what's that thing and is making everybody else so. Questionable in terms of the way that LeBron can handle a basketball. Men back in the day that baker usually a little bit more clumsy. Not as fleet of foot and don't have the ability to handle the basketball back then they were and Magic Johnson. He was an absolute anomaly that guy that was that's Smoot for being a busy day yet date yet you don't mean guys that are that big arch smooth for the most part they're clumsy that's why they're talking about. Made a big man coming out and trying to defend that's why judge just hurting people's because he's a big man and out of used to being defenders out that four out in space. Guys are gonna be just as big as judge on the going to be moving justice fleet footed as guys like Isaiah Thomas in the future it's crazy. I think you're ME your party seeing an. 61010 and play as a point guard in place single profession he hasn't played in my life for the vitamins that series so I mean like race that's fine and bends Simmons may or may not end up being raped and I think what you are seeing is you are seeing bigger guys who believe that they can develop. A different sort of skill set and then maybe they thought that they could have back in the seventies and east and that's not in the eye and that's not necessarily. Even science or anything like that or it just might also be sort of the mentality where when you're growing up now you were a big guy ate you still make things that you can work on your ball handling skills as well. Yeah I'm excited to Colombo is the guy he's the guy he sees like seven feet tall and he's very he ball handler he's professor. But I mean you know. In a LeBron not yet. These headlines are brought to you by Taco Bell and talk about wrecked this contrast are loaded with eggs bacon meld T cheddar cheese and full hash browns Soviet had a morning before your morning. At Taco Bell make you breath. This has without bacon now is ask our own outlets and I'm about to enter the space between the Michael Jordan LeBron the years the decades. Are gonna be a lot smaller you're going to be seeing guys coming in the league almost a year earlier by yearly. That have that ability not just the one every ten years or twelve years and that's what I think. The NBA announces 20162017. All and be eighteen is a son Whiteside knew was not on any of the teams the first team. James Harden Russell Westbrook LeBron James while Leonard and Anthony Davis. The second team stuck curry Isiah Thomas kept entering and G honest and to. To all. Really are being really good and unexpected. Nation and you put on how nail look at being thirteen John while the martyred president turn on green Jimmy Butler and Dion Andre Jordan. So dream on green was all a spotlight he says it's total total boldly. That Klay Thompson was snubbed OK we play that game who should Klay Thompson replaced let's look at it the first scene obviously not on Harden Westbrook was a stupid. The second team. Obviously not overstep green Isiah Thomas kind thoughts on the thirteenth John Wall DeMar DeRozan. I look to more DeRozan. At a phenomenal season OK I'd say to Marge Rosen is very well deserved on that list simmer John Wall and I have zero problem. Would John Wall whom a big fan of being on that list either so but it's not race. The it would it would play that game loss so and so got some okay it takes them off the list that we take. I don't see any of these guys for him I don't see any of those guys who I would take off for Klay Thompson I don't see how you can make that argument. Your name's did not make the list Paul George and Gordon Hayward that means they won't qualify for that doesn't care player extension and that's part of the new collective bargaining and that he stands all excited now right because that that potentially out of five years and 210 million dollars to George's contract potentially end and so now you expect that I'll hop on 2008 team. Way EA it clears her or not it clears Arlen. AEA clears a hurdle for the heat because one of one of the biggest things and it came to a guy like let's say Gordon Hayward friends is because Paul George. By you got a treat for because he can't opt out of his contract until a year from apple Gordon Hayward can opt out of his contract. Next month or rule in a month and half whatever it is. And the jazz would have to give Gordon Hayward that extension you have to sign an extension. Before he hop ups out OK so that would happen like now and then he wouldn't. Opt out of the contract so. Now would have seriously were for the heat would definitely aren't sitting Gordon Hayward. And he'd been a once gave corny corny were too I don't want to thirty million dollars a year I would not sign that okay. By a duo I would like the heat to find a way to sign Gordon Hayward. You were likely not even be in the discussion. If your team like Miami anyone. With Gordon Hayward if he was eligible for that extension it's a major advantage. Not only because it seems like he has never problem living in Utah all Salt Lake City not a one likes that okay but I can't red hair out there I've never seen him complain okay. And humidity here speaks nicely about the hair fans this city. Prime topic Google team okay they just lost the second on the playoffs are gonna go anywhere as long as gold states alive. But they are nice teams us he's toiling away on you know on a team has always under 500. But it does is open the door rat. If your Miami. Because. The financial difference is a lot less significant so significant but a lot less significant. When he is not now eligible to sign that's super Max deal so oak I've it has the door open a rat. Were a team on the outside like Miami for a guy like corn. James Harden and John while leopard do while Mac fanatic cents a amenable players are eligible bypassed re agency in 2019 out about four years which guys. An approximately 860 million collectively to their contracts James Harden and John Wall on those guys. Yeah I mean here a year you know those seems you're often and that money so fast and and their signing the bold relief teams via a bit. LBJ mates the first team for the eleventh time that ties him at Coby and Karl Malone for the most all time. And of course remember Golden State Warriors made that all NBA teams even though dream on was whining about Klay Thompson's. What up a snub. Game two of the NBA Eastern Conference finals it's tonight at 8:30 PM on TNT the Celtics hope to get one on their home court Isiah Thomas is confident in his team. Why Leonard and without at a practice Thursday in his return now for game three of the Western Conference finals is questionable and yet that's who's been spared my line. Ice. In copyright. Marlin is you billiard known name do you let name DO and they lost to the Dodgers seven due yesterday and he refused to win Torre is now out Los Angeles this week. Bill give it another try at night it's 10:10 PM on the stand up about one. I gotta tell you egg I mean guy in element in your city. God bless you if year if you're watching these Marlins games you know I love the Marlins just as much as the next guy. Bought and I'm not even talking about the games in the West Coast and you Mort you're doing the lord's work if you're staying up near Washington market what it let's users record right now. Let me guess for me yes 'cause I am in paying attention last few days their record he is a we see it is let's go with go with fourteen. And to. Let's go with fourteen and 2814. And twice sold well concludes he nailed it lends looks. Oh smooth third because your both are part while herb. They're above five on her that the white and ordain and when he says. They're very below 500 I would be extremely violent below you in math. Another but there early like not now re also wound that I'm not be. Numbers and our team here is not a big turnout not not hourly union and I but apparently not ready now don't like going on solving wrong right now is left yes you are getting something very wrong right now fourteen of their. Fourteen and 26 again. So it took forty games yes. So that was they wouldn't because they only want to flip obviously in yes I know what you're doing there I don't know I was playing games in my head man abided by either as a roast me. When I got to get built in excuses oh it's okay the man invented the wheel now. NHL Western Conference finals the ducks tied the series up at two games a piece of the 32 overtime win against predators these penguins looked ready even up against the senators who lead that series 21 tonight. At 8 PM. The Atlanta Braves were mad at whose name that he's ever flipping is bad so after home run on Wednesdays so or Batiste was being in the thigh in the first innings while. Unlikable so seeded and a little bit higher in morning right the second time he put this yes but nothing ended up happening was one of those things religious LH Cole don't listen. That general was a whole lot of lord all bark and I'll say they'd they'd been them they threw it at its slide which immunity and David that's the way to do you don't throw the hand yeah. Should throated anybody in dominant selling Domenici be allowed to play out in baseball stopped being a no fund sports so braves. Patriots fans are terrified and I Gisele is trying to get Tom Brady to retire here here's to Zell discussing Tom Brady having concussions. I just Renault. I just have to say as a life. I'm a little bit you know it's as you know is not the most like. Let's say an aggressive sport right football like he had a concussion last year I mean he has concussions pretty much it means we don't talk about making it does have concussions in National Guard I don't you think it's a healthy teens invited to go to like. You know to that kind of aggression like all the time that cannot be tells different irregularly and I am planning on having him. Mean how the into a lot of fun things and like hundred and I hope. Did you just now like this just now occurred or is he not know issue is signing up its visionary and a little higher. Rates. Hundred years old student and 200. Expect we don't know a hundred years old. You think the inning salsa might withdraw under and if Thomas sitting off on the side of the since she said about concussions I think Tom's eyes lit up like really quick pick. And then she pulled it up with you we can't talk about that we don't talk about that put. I just. I just told him she made selling yet competitor cautions in the regular is that every every season is being opposed now opening up investigations you know I think yes they're and they're holding a track record of ten in light they're going to get in trouble I mean they have Dade Dade they have lawless in Massachusetts for. Knowing on patriots actually get away with murder yells hey like that like Osama. Like late the patriots unions into the trouble because Tom Brady. May have suffered a concussion at the pages and report cautions and murder they're not in on the same wave link OK and get away with the. I renting so anything I mean yeah or what it would the patriots not get away with nothing murders the worst. The worst thing right it's lying murderers everywhere that is well the waiting Amare is the get away with of deflating football. I mean. Whatever God's word judge that's where the line is drawn in a way you learn okay deflating a balls. And he got to sit out for four games and be really healthy by the end of the season because of that I I'd say it worked out reverend on. In divas a bright as the man who asked him to all on the tonight I love it. Love that stuff apparently and Tim Tebow all I cited anus that by himself is. As doubled more than doubled attendance for a minor league games how do you even. I decided I am I guess just the addition of him verses I don't I don't. I think he's brought in over a million dollars to the organization. I think anything receive special just to see him. I was surprised not more is don't honestly more organizations weren't interested in him for a person as a serious question. Absentee on assuming comes from money. OK I think that you making a broad assumption their write your slugging is a money went bothers a pastor didn't they go to any private schools grown up was home school. I think he was home schoolers home school or listening to pump money that. I mean I think his family's OK Alan I don't think he had multifamily I don't predict that the ambassador I don't know I'm I'm not sure I know there not horribly op. Oh yeah I guess they're middle of the line you don't ever hear that discussion revolved let me ask browsers is here. You make a living okay Jersey is because. Baseball generally does not item on the SEC network what are you talking about how we can possibly make from the SC network went any odds of that medal and. Or even though I don't know now. I mean he's working. He's working pretty much full time because he's able they are trying to do both with the seized. That much money and now live around very long to me that much money right now how much I think he's any Bradley gets paid pretty well pharmacies talking millions plus we saw on television doing it from an announced worse. The last time he's on he's on consistently brilliant I think he has really go I mean he has a full time during football season of the SEC network he's on. Every single week adding to cover color and every single week for the I'm older. I believe I think he has a huge. Role model and all the bills that's for sure war. That's that's true but they answered your add those and that I mean listen Tim Tebow won and then he talked to any paper and think like Good Morning America one point but. It Tim Tebow won its menu pointer he eating me you know millions I'm really should be valid because a lot of using this in part remarried. But I know he goes with a lot of not only bans but companies and he speaks to a lot of organizations. Timmy Timmy does a lot of the did you sit literally does the lord's work. I mean the whole reason that he ended up going with the mats was so that he continue. His role on the F sixteen hour from from what we understand what I'm pulling out. Tim Tebow now worth Qaeda no team title net worth. This is I'm I'm trying to hear it's not there is articles about his salary Iago or five million seems like conjecture into Iowa five million non the less. Yes less less and five million. He could be were a lot I didn't Brett Romberg network. Put on their god that guy press on and Romberg. Brett Robin and what are up gonna. At its worst threat from a net North Korea and its not give is not give me much to add on supplanting giving you all you can pull up his. His contract you had an 8101000. Dollar base salary in 2011 with the I'll be in that sound right that's an accurate. Eight and 101000 and dragons that's legitimately Izzy the signing bonus is just a guy I mean it's not low low low and it only telling me you dazzle and I mean it doesn't even figure existed when this one minute. This a fun game let's look up rep Robert salary now. And it's a fun show to go to that I heard you like music usually goes Ehrlich himself for three quarters that's the God's. Prime meg Ryan Parent. I don't know of any no steel guts to sing gods is as I agree with him about it the guys that would it would pose a Grateful Dead yet is about their shows and yea he's Grateful Dead guy dancing fish a bunch times have you have you done like you've gone to watch abandoned in south on the second night and wrote to their view government. And jam many times yeah are you say is at the same type of person that does more than eighteen holes and a daily over two rounds of eighteen holes I don't you know that's the same person no I don't think that's the same kind of thing at all. Guy who goes to concerts and a guy who plays sports wise and autumn by the same things golf okay ignorant. All so are fun game are fun games here. Kessel Romberg salary was in the NFL that's our game as a foreign to him it's our and I am wage numbered. Did Cicero quick they're talking about ten dealers networked it's between foreign ten million U and he addresses IE you look out for gunners. I don't put it was a separate record but it is history and he has a big book deal he is a book deal right now he's selling his book and I believe it's doing really well why does he does things like that and there's that obviously make MI is a girl that sold her virginity for a million dollars on the Internet how much do you think Tim Tebow configure all his virginity for. Who coup. You think women would heinous heinous and prosperity is meant only to. There are some very wealthy lady up there that wants to take Tim Tebow is because. I mean it would it would it would be something it would be rag were being but from a sexual respect I think that there's men who have some weird fetish with wanting to have. Intercourse with I guess urgent I don't know of women necessarily feel the same way right of I think and so I think when you tell the Israeli human heard in many parents are well let me ready to emerge in May and I think even inexperience demand some pink in that time and fed may not be that but now we're talking about Tim Tebow specifically. You do I think that you're you're you're holding. Stripper at the moment I says it's on the NA as a liar out there at 30 I got Ashley and I Karzai he's never been that I know I finally bit. Now how conversations solid salary you'll. Go back to you know to make money I wanted to edit it follow up robber in excess of seeming at the pleasure because this is I'm looking at ballot information. You're last year in the NFL when he eleven Atlanta Falcons. Party told them how intimate and 1101000 dollars does that sound right Ian. Now's the year you were stealing money. A lot of money deal. There listening to assert it is not safe signing bonus as a bonus no bull no eight sin city had won that year. The year before. Okay it says that your base salary DeLia base salary was the year before that now on seven hundreds SN right. You had good sign books learn what eating the signing bonus ones I don't know if your base salary was 700 waiting to sign Morris wants. Her programme at 350. There you go for a whole salary of one point 05 million that's on right. Sure yes sounds right what do you or your rookie year your first year in Jacksonville it orient gala any idea and it really made your salary. Not much as I was prior to score for the most part of the year com. Arnold are fifty to 85 cents going to be writers it's who lies has to revive our rigorous regatta remember signing bonus that is also knew he gets the Sutton superintendent has sort of the modern might 1005 yes. I'm glad that I would love to fly down now it's so amazing life and about an hour on the part I gotta love a 5000 dollar signing bonus. As good yet yet another good sign I'm adding it's gonna be another good sign bonus in 2008 year last year at the Rand says you base salary was 605000. Dollars. Do you have any idea we've signing bonus would have been. No says 40000. That's on right. You know how much money may near ground you know how much money and have them. Not known in the bank currently beyond you have a good idea you guessed it says here it's whole salary you made in Internet poker joining guest analyst. Yes. 34. Oh man four point seven. Go to. Right pretty good proud that you feel good about. And that poses a real numbers what do you make it very convenient news I don't know I think he's there to alert you. Inner self it was steadily increasing. Every NYU and you're bound to her every year yourself when I never gone back and you look at all of mom looking at a right now did you think humane moral. You need to see what I have in the bank. So I don't I don't really know how much joining husbands answered no not at all I think well I probably made. Just him out. The same heard so have all that money is what Afghanistan area. Hey hey hey my name on it live on and Romberg and degree and. Right and I've done I've done post NFL career knows what he's doing. Even his own. You're here that couldn't make wanna meet. Anonymous human. I know we all have no idea is that right yeah I think you'll really regulars on here at him. As I kept us really somebody you haven't you make it's you know Roger I think people tell your guns at ordinary juries can really know. As is crazy about broadcasting right I mean it varies so dramatically in broadcasting. Kids always wanna go into broadcasting. Yeah I can be great clear geared Larry King making thirty million dollars a year that's real nice in your area in North Dakota making a teen thousand dollars a year not so nice mom I'm sitting here pretty dramatic and in an even at. It is and one station arranges all over the won't sit there and talking to Joseph Rosen the very beginning of this me venturing into radio and Joes like you know not only right it's sort of 500 I was not the right guy Qaeda. Okay. I. My little cam interest it. You're first on the. An interest that. When I make the same enemy in the NFL and not get it every abuse second is really. The eleventh everywhere you miss it. Lori is kind of deteriorated so that's the I. Some real crazy. Yet that is that is old warped sense of the salaries are or retardant over rooms yeah now why are you talking and let's get to that Joseph nobody on his. But not so United's guy and all right so isn't hasn't set them. Of course. That's. So tonight tonight you got the phone the Easter got response team to its on our air tomorrow night. Guy game three which of course is on our areas well why Leonard he did not. Practice yesterday it was a little jittery in practice practice it was crackdowns practice yes so Weiler was held out and that's. Look that's obviously a year yes there they're not gonna when he game if if that's the case there is in the kind of cool I suppose if he had. Golden State and Cleveland who both going to the NBA finals twelve and no like that's that's kind of a juicy storyline righted load teams are undefeated. Going to the NBA finals that not really no it's not a. These teams that's pretty expected and got it and it Ian it's vigilant again so well against it against a wireless. Spurs team I I don't think it's it's juicy. As you're making it now last year's two NA added more. Handful of the best players in the league are or a New York coming in Europe finals undefeated and I'm never gonna let Obama riddled with injuries. The bronze demagogue full profile you know it's it's never have been and and this would be his. Seventh straight year in the finals he's ever done that so I I certainly did not expect him to go faux faux faux. Expect all state to either. And and they likely would would not if if coli Leonard oh we didn't get her oral or. Returns they likely will not go on defeat I mean San Antonio if choir letter plays I think Santonio is gonna real good shot. I'm not saying I expect oh and winning tomorrow I didn't expect it to happen I certainly would've guessed it would happen I don't think maybe I adds anything to the finals about to happen I think the files are you haven't years between these two teams. Waiting to line is on the game tomorrow night on state and San Antonio and right now quite Lennar of course is a big question mark broad decline as. They're fifth. The real jetliner right out the guys playing know right now he's he's questionable right now CI a factor that in and out yet school ceased there about six. If why Leonard ladies my guests are concurrent. Aperture and Dave. Why letter lays it in gold status still favorites. Country now maybe it's like one or two points. Yeah I know what we need is tonight. Olson owning a must win scenario. Why I'll respect. Cleveland's five now appointee that it. That's a lot of why it just didn't gain and painlessly. Right that factors in. Like data or is there a name for events that does factor and yet to shout outs for us coming up. Cornelius Jones outs and it's Friday he's famous for a shout outs the run dog shadow it's our next. It takes Cox the third annual large about champs of corporate challenge against her team afford to compete against BellSouth bloated corporations. And complete a series of challenges for Chancy on the crown and some cool prizes. It is serie June 10 in Miami marine stating complex part Key Biscayne. All proceeds to escape Big Brother big sister my need is an artful dot org to learn more some go to the airport from here on one New York City for boobs event tonight. And right when when I get the airport I got to change my flight coming back for Sunday because I was originally come back Sunday afternoon. But now I gotta come back early Sunday morning because I got to make it back in time for my son's championship basketball season believing your son I'd known notably mechanically some is gonna win the semi finals you know in Iran same old iBook the stick it. Wait before that on the ending its June semifinals in your gonna make. I can but now he's reunited not they admitted they made a run it's really cool and sort of change my flight but I did I yeah I know that I'm going to. Deal with the airline. Industry. Being the racquet today because I'm to get there and I'm inevitably going to wants to change my flight without Hammond to incur a penalty. And I'm going to have to pay you just call penalties. Are still face some I'm gonna beat their in Howard stood face to face an online. No it's it's easier to this case so I'm I'm gonna talk to merge try and change the flights. But they're gonna want to charge me I'm sure a lot of money. Trying to use this is where the airline and she's a racquet because. China canceled flight I don't want any money back. I just get on a different flight since they know they can they know that you need to now leave at a different time. Money back at you gonna dale. Take any money. And matter of fact all I am happy to pay the difference at the flights are different cost fine obviously I should have to pay that's OK but otherwise like. The defeated change. Why if there's an open seat on the other flights. Great on taken up that seat and now someone else can by the seat on the flight I'm. I'm given up on more than happy to to paid a difference obviously should have to do that. But I'm money back I just wanna you get on a different flights. When men and it's gonna fight rightly gonna pile without. Literally going to be a fight I went through this when I was flying back from Dallas when the gators ran the final four and on the gears lost and didn't make it the championship well I had booked my I have believed and Mikey with Exxon. So I had that might play in a Daze later rounds of the damage him realize violent stayed around for a nonsense. So I tried to change my flight back along with a every other Gator fan in the world. And I ended up losing hundreds of dollars the flood of Akamai hopeful hopefully I was is all yours it's. Armor of the important being that guy YouTube after what would airliner using this today I played delta apparel Dell's I think you might be on YouTube after this weekend because I had a feeling that you're gonna be the guide as saying I need to get home and they're going to be like sir uniquely give up your seat mile WR Sam some of the trips Basilan and I didn't get home I didn't see my. They've got on the earlier flight and he made me give it up here so here and carriers are your sons in the NBA finals not gonna serves at about why you really have my son is LeBron. Sir and I need and you need DD DD DD to remove herself and her baggage from the plague what are you talking about sir did you check any luggage no. Wanted to be easy for video plane just your backpack I would not get up ser Gregor I would Addison yeah crumpled up right now underneath your. Since you know on the you know and and I got up Friday morning and I mean up front of blame it up your year but none search why I have I have a suit what's it called chairman bad Monday I had that don't remember but not sure I got. I got a mobile T shirts and pants man of course. Course are gonna garment bag on fancy Manhattan and not the razor jagged and you're on a gallon. Yes and shout out yes. That's gonna lead me into my shot out is a matter of fact let's do it man. It's going to get. It's. Sheila the moves show on the for giving them bad horrible description from a tire in dress code because there's not only just Jonathan's does lose confuse you hire. There's multiple people that are confused at what am I wearing tonight that are actually currently in new York at the event yeah one of them being his date Allison. Yeah Alison from the lab guitar shows asking me now Alison is out it. Now I'm bug but I'm on the answer is a great meeting hang out at you know so I don't your life going man I'm. Follow you don't we don't like me do someone a speech didn't you without the suit jacket on now don't leave the kids you know so yes. The only because I didn't want to come with me but she is only the kids and. In no problem leaving your kids for our program content notably not. Britain and dragging your life to theirs priorities c'mon now but yet. I'm not the only one who's confused about the tire for tonight's. Next shot on I want to give a shout out to my board Ramon Diaz as butter from Atlanta he's in town visiting you right now but the funny thing is he's not even Latin might. That's the bad part about it is not even Spanish due to his name is actually Ramon DS so. He but he goes by Ramon Diaz and he's not even Spanish. I'm but after saying his name an English you know much like a lot of life jokes are here down here it sounds veteran Spanish. Thumb is you can't be going through life returning being Raymond. Yes can't do okay. Second shot I'm lucky to shut out to all of the professional organizations and teams down here. Mainly the heat the Marlins. The dolphins and the canes are hooking me up I asked for a couple auction items for my buddy's golf term for his wife old school over Naples who I was diagnosed breast cancer some our camera at a very young age shout out to all arm area and she -- went through the surgery as well and is going through. The treatments. And obviously the it's expensive as hell and he's trying to raise money. At the current golf course that he works. And and obviously Trevor money for a little bit of an option I really appreciate. All of sports teams here in the area just always was just a phone call and within within seconds these guys are willing and able to help much like similar to do with amber so big shout out to all of our teams in the area and is held opposing me on my behalf from. Yeah we do we really need to do an amber will. But all pouting. Next on Richard burns mom man. I don't know if you've got to fireworks for more on what are killed keep Colin. I don't gonna fireworks is really for the for the following week and that's coming up here I like to get an early in the fireworks stations just opened up so does Richard and I. We don't know what goes on my column I gone Vicky but you know as fronts column Dick so. They're burns. Great great meeting you and I will definitely mention one or fireworks station to everybody was looking for fire wonder. Convenient bosnians burning how to fire station is weird you any else for you was quick fact nugget number defect. Seven batted second. She Limbaugh. No really. Half a million. It is Friday it is 848. Although. I did get a few facts and earlier on this week numbered effective again on Friday. GMT you ever did it. Now it's one of the strongest drugs on the planet. In this one is released. When you sleep. And when you die in it's even rumored to be released the minute that your born. Released way error it's actually found in the human brain and it's released in large quantities. From the lineal plant during death's approach. I used amount tackling and Daniel Electric's I would typically Camille. But you Centennial and potato potato tomato tomorrow Dionte is naturally occurring it's like a psychedelic drug. And it's been dubbed this your molecule for its in tents. Cycle trophy properties. So is basically like doing the most wicked amounts of LSD is my guess but it only last for short duration of time. It happens when we sleep. You say I haven't only sleeping on diets may and I so I haven't I don't literally enjoying each trip out when you sleep. Moment I didn't understand anything and it is is gone I didn't have a dream about David Beckham and and into today and this time. It's got its own mind you see. And. David Beckham's time Miami Jesse that is correct it looks like David Beckham on Miami and see what really unleashing our own and there's very interesting to me in the trailer. Yeah. There are what's his name again in my music good looking guy. This during her own. And Cleveland. Hello I'm David Beckham. Read only when the yeah yeah I can yield credit. You already orange orange weren't hard. Whether or did you see this in a bikini and then. Not a typical photo shoots and they're not only that now I just I hear Lisa Boyce and that is a crazy all right. It'll cover running under Lothian them their resident panacea of course means and done well rates. Losing anyway. Let it or zero next.